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Feb 15, 2017|

Under Armor and Trump; Boycotts; Beer; Companies against Trump; Shadow government

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They've got 8:6 this well I am happy to report thanks to folks just like you rural. Do you have tune and they upstaged most listened to afternoon talk show unfair. And certainly unbalanced. And what advice are surely Bobby Mack. The Al blow hard in chief as the Al left. Likes to I'll refer to mam every time progressives. Turn on the radio on there I am on the search screaming at the radio things like death not hear the lights come Boeing pay no attention to hum. We're here for four hours everyday to argue against the ill logical. Teachings of the progressive left which we like to refer to as verbal coo coo precisely correct great to have you along. It is all day. Wednesday we have made and we're on the downhill slide from this point. And as all the way is your input is invited to encourage and welcome here is valued join me. And be a part of the conversation this afternoon Ingles advantage chalk line number told free from wherever you may be. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. And my email address Bob. At 1063. WL RD dot com. In on the tax line already at Graham mistake I may panty waist. And I'm gonna tell your mom. So. Pretty much out L rush blow. As he was in the process of closing out. An ant banks were a warming the audience up forming for three hours or rush appreciate that. Always always talk about how show prep for the other shows you know turnabout is fair point. L rush well as he was wrapping up today was mentioning how the under armour CEO. Has been catching heat from the left. Because he had me on Sunday. The temerity done nerve. Say something pleasant about presidential. And now and as you can imagine the unhinged a loony left. As out attack came. Like bill. Indians went after castor. Dateline Baltimore the disassociated. Press. The CE a goal of Baltimore based sports apparel company I'm under armour. Is responding to criticism he received after calling president Donald Trump and ascent. To the country. Kevin plank that's slim guy that runs under armor and they they make a lot of sports gear you're not familiar with the company. And they have on a big sports stars. In all night DN. A deed SR I DDoS is a colony in Europe. And and under armour and and several other companies are always busy competing. You have their products on display you know they want to a college football teams and basketball teams to Wear the uniforms made by them. NFL same way NBA the same. I. Even extended into London the golf arena. Because name then there's big big exposure. For their brands from from all the TV kept. I Jordan speak for instances they have standard bearer for under. Seven point the CEO of the company wrote an open letter to Baltimore. Published as a full page ad in the Baltimore Sun. Today. He wrote that his choice of words during an interview with CNBC last week quote did not accurately reflect my intent. And quote. See this is what the left is hoping for they hope to pressure. All these companies into. Not having any nerve gas speak out saying anything approvingly. Of president trump. Three celebrity is which the company sponsors. Basketball star Stephen Curry. Actor Dwayne the rock Johnson and battle arena misty Copeland. Were among those voicing concerns about his prey is the president. Plank says the company stands for equal rights. Job creation and believes quote. Immigration. Is a source of strength diversity there's that word again and innovation. For a global companies based in America. He says they company opposes. The president's travel ban even know the president travel ban is perfectly constitutional. And if you read the note the language. Of on the law under which the issue. Actor travelled and you see it's very straightforward so. As just the latest example of the loony left going after him and the reason. This is this kind of interest it is because there was a big piece today. Act on the web site Bloomberg. Dot com boycott culture forces CEOs to walk tight rope in trump error and I mentioned. I think it was just yesterday on the show on several times previously. About Pepsi and some of these other county welcome and most recently of course the Nordstrom. Blow up with up evocative trump on her clothing line Sears and Kmart and others. Wanting to disassociate. Themselves from that evil. Trump brand. I'm Jennifer Kaplan. Writing at Bloomberg won the Budweiser brand prepared to release a potentially controversial commercial two weeks ago. It's social media monitoring team got to work. Even though these companies have a social media monitoring came Uga. Pelican and everything that's out. The ad tackled the hot button subject of immigration. By depicting foundering de office bush coming to America in the nineteenth century by the way it's fictional everything was an analyst fictional. Other than the fact that he did come to America on the nineteenth century. The company wasn't sure how customers would or would react so attract. Tens of thousands of post to see how the commercial was received. And took solace when 78% of online conversations or neutral. Or positive. Doesn't break down wishers which. Despite some pleased to boycott Budweiser. Misspelled and a Twitter hash tag as bud wiser WYSER. Managers decided they had made the right decision or the and besides that. You know it was kind of tacit endorsement I guess of all things and he trump. Those types of deliberation are increasingly common for companies and America's polarized culture. Which presents a damned if you do damned if you don't dilemma and dilemma. Advertise on bright Barton usually find yourself boycott it. Stop advertising on bright part and find yourself boycotted cooperate with trump and get boycotted. Don't cooperate with trump again boycotted. In other words it heads I win tails you lose it's no longer possible for US companies to avoid controversy of course and it's. Good told any of these companies they had to dip their toe into the waters of politics. Selling your year. So they often have to decide what groups are less risky to offend. I would suggest that people that supported Donald Trump. Probably have a bunch more money. Than me Occupy Wall Street crowd at the other end of the political spectrum. Meego spraying head of global corporate practice at Weber share and wake. Eight PR firm that handles crisis management said consumers are holding branch accountable. As though they were political candidates and their voting again and again. No kidding look at all the people that chopped up their Nordstrom guards. And now mailed him back told them the put him when the sun don't Cha. A web Hirsch and wait study set to be released today. Found that 57%. Of top executives believe the boycotts can effect the company's bottom line. Are you listening. So of accompany. Does the end he trumped stopping you don't like him. Column up send him an email don't buy what they're selling. And tell them why you're not buying it. Aziz executives are right. Left it is a very simple equation here actions do have consequences. The survey polled more than a thousand eggs next 2100 consumers around the globe last year. Justice trump was wrapping up the Republican nomination the president himself. Urged consumers to boycott brands while on the campaign trail including Macy's and Oreo Cookies more recently he operated Nordstrom. For dropping the product line of daughter Yvonne got. Opening another front. In the boycott war there's more on this. And it's and it's worth here. So while not share that with you now when we come right back. All emergency alert cut you off as I government censorship now it's was up the regular month of the monthly test. What do we have in the area we have an alert for. Oh yeah that's right defense also do their own monthly sorry about that we have no control over it. Liked outer limits for years ago. We've only just the vertical we will adjust the horse. Bob I'm just gonna start a preemptive boycott of everybody. You know. You know why can't okay sixteen after three your curve or them. Sixteen after three here in the money match you'll be right back. Over the seats. Well you can't be too careful. 21 after three here in the bombing Mac show hump day Wednesday edition so all these CEOs are kind of nervous sent these days uncertain. About and they're running affecting their sale Holst. And I Coca-Cola. And a blue bird technologies. Under armour Kellogg company and just some of the companies that have faced the wrath. Of infuriated. Consumers on both sides in the past here. Their reactions have included direct challenges to the president's policies. Attempts to stay above the per the fray by appearing nonpolitical. And silence. Why why did they even want to venture. And as. As polarized as things are right now why would you even run the risk. And if it's 5050 alike get hate it. Or even 6048. Why do you wanna go there why not just tout the benefits of whatever we did your shelling. It's more important than ever for companies to understand who they are in the value though they contribute to society. To their employees of their communities and to their consumers. Said this guy with a PR firm. Because those values need to be the platform upon which they decide whether or not to respond to current events. Do Y really care. About the Budweiser is contributions to society are under armour show that manner or pants series. Anheuser-Busch. Inbounds. Which owns the broad Budweiser brand is a case in point its immigration themed commercial which aired during the Super Bowl. I included a man shouting go back home and they companies immigrant founder. And by the way this result fictionalized nobody knows this actually happened back in the seventeen hundreds. Even the New York Times wasn't there to cover it. Though Abe though Anheuser-Busch InBev marketing had Marcel Marco Monday as said the piece wasn't meant to set off a controversy. You can't reference the American dream today without being part of the conversation. Luck. The American dream is still alive and well. For those who come to this country through legal. Immigration channels. What's clear from me Weber show and wait survey is an executives must figure out how to walked a tight rope findings include. 41% of shoppers 46% of executives. Say company should express an opinion or take action on controversial issues department gotta sneeze. Aspect. Now fortunately it turned out the micro mounting not to worry about an inning coming on your radio. 40% of consumers regularly or frequently talk about how honest and ethical. Companies are do you ever talk about how honest are ethical companies now when you're thinking about buying a product. 34%. Said they're buying more for companies or brands chair there Bill Ayers yes their values of diversity. Inclusiveness. Yadda ya ya. When people wanna learn more about a company 64%. Say they care what they find about the brand on social media. Yeah that's on the Internet it's got to be real right. Coca-Cola chief executive. Month Clark Kent. Moved tar Kent sari in UH TAR mood art can't. Join the debate after trump signed an executive order banning immigrants from seven predominately Muslim countries now they happened to be. Predominantly Muslim countries Bloomberg author but date they are banning. Immigrants from those countries because they are countries that are well known for sponsoring terror result. Mr. can't shed trumps ban which has been blocked by the courts. Was against the company's core values also are for open borders. Coca-Cola was subject to a subsequent boycott hash tag the day after the super ball. One of coach advertisements during the game was a three year old dad. Featuring people singing America the beautiful in their various native languages. You know if there was a time when immigrants coming to America. Parents. Of small children. Insisted no matter what language was spoken in the house. They spoke English the rest of the time so they could assimilate. Into the culture. And have a greater two chance of success and opportunity in deal land of opportunity. I made a public statement quote I made a public statement because of our resolute belief and commitment. As one of the largest employers in the world is a system here we go with a global stuffy. 770000. Associates around the world to more than 200. 200 countries how resolute we are in our commitment to diversity our belief and fairness and inclusion. Said mr. camp on a call with media anything like that proposal would be contrary to our core values and core beliefs. So I'm me and he said it there for open borders. What what makes these people believe. That conservatives. Don't have a commitment to diversity. Able we've been fairness and inclusion of course we do Americans always been a melting pot. We are nation of immigrants but not. People who as their First Act of love is Jeb Bush called it. Break a law by coming here illegally. Meanwhile rival PepsiCo stayed silent on the man. Even so the company has remained on pro trumped boycott west due to CEO. In Barack new east previous comments. Two days after trumps election victory in November knew ye born in India talked about the reaction of her family and employees. Quote our employee is world crying on the questions of their ass getting especially those who were not life are we say if women are asking are we save LG BTV gore SE always say if she said at an event sponsored by the New York Times. There's a neutral sponsor I never thought I'd have to answer those questions the first thing that we all have to do is assure everybody in the united states of their safe. Nothing has changed because in this election what we heard was election talk and we will all come together and unify the country. Since making those comments knew ye a Clinton supporter. Join the president strategic and policy forum she has remained publicly silent. On his various executive order. Even of boycotts don't affect sales eight tarnished reputation. Can hurt a brand or hinder a company's ability to hire and retain. Talent and employ its. That's proved to be the case for under armor they Baltimore based athletic brand was downgraded. By an analyst at Susquehanna international group. After CEO Kevin plank called trump any real asset to the US now what an. What does this one analyst downgrade their recommendation. Two by under armour shot golf. Personal ideology. He didn't like what Kevin plank said so he's gonna. Damage that guy's business by downgrading him. Some professional analyst. The comments drew rebukes from under farmers own spokesman including basketball star staff curry. And could take control on the company's stock price and reputation. Sent analyst Sam poser. In a report it's certainly a time of uncertainty and it's a time when you have to weigh actions and reactions in a very turbulent environment. They out PR flax said the brands that know who they are and stand on principle. Are gaining. Yeah and brands like Nordstrom and Sears. And Kmart and Macy's and bell. Are losing. Lou's name. By the way as a out brief aside and to this story you. I made a stop at a store on the way and today. And bought and under armour golf visor. Now 330 here on the body Mac show when we come back not on the other side. At this this whole business. With Michael Flynn. Really concerning that the Intel community in this country's. Up to what they're up to apparently. And also has an email to share when they're so stay right there. Paul thank you I appreciate that 337. 23 before floor here and AM Bobby Mack show coming up quickly catch up with a text line before I get too far behind on that. This afternoon 71 threes are seven Bob is under armor make rubber underwear. Four win as CEO you get your butt Jews. As soon. Fairly or not Bob the fully and deal has Obama written all overrated he and his minions still in the government. Have to a marginalize. And then not imprison. We will seizing amount diesel weeks and must stop before there is a real. Real threat. Bob freedom of speech should not mean we have the right to negatively attacked cause armor spread lies about another what about slander. Slander unfortunately the way the laws are written in in this country. And I is extremely difficult to prove because you have to show in court that there was malicious intent. Intentional. I desire to damage. The individual. When you go after Intel they say trump I have you get what you deserve Obama both Bush's Clinton Reagan or Carter. Would carry on like that could wrists. Add deep state. Yeah I never thought I would see the day went Limbaugh and Clyde Lewis. Were in sync on Trump's problem. However they both use the term shadow government and deep state. And it's obvious to both of them as well as you and I trump is under attack by the progressive global deal leads and misses it if he loses. We all do. Bob would make commitment to fairness the against. Illegal immigration I mean it seems that some of are required to follow a process to citizenship and others there's walk across a nonexistent border. It's only fair. If everyone is required to follow the process agree. Bobby and referenced in the under armour stock has already taken a beating the past few weeks I own some stock in accompanied downed over 25%. Just since early January jet. In Greer Bob if Coke is our open borders and I'm will no longer purchase any of their products from Clinton. And Clinton. I don't drink Pepsi's anymore. Bobby the Muslim employees are allowed safer than when India invaded east Pakistan. Turned it into Bangladesh and throughout all the Muslims as atrocities we're taking place. Ali I just wish everyone can see these progressives were what they really are global list. Anti business thugs on the payroll and George Soros and Barack Obama's super pac. These people don't care about the US only their agenda of a one world socialist government to corporations they are bullying. Need to tell him. Stick hit. Bobby I was there in the seventeen hundreds of my guy was he yelling at the founder of Budweiser to go home. I turned out a da office bush was drunk and he really meant a native to go home to bed. Drag our money. Bob I know somebody who works for 84 lumber they caught absolute HE double L from customers. About their Super Bowl and they're stupid CEO said it wasn't about the wall. So why was aim was there a border wall and yeah. Companies need to wise up. We buy their products to meet our needs not to hear their politics. So. She got out. Yeah same with the folks in Hollywood saying would the folks in the music business. I don't care of their feelings are hurt. Bob my thing on my Spanish friends still bias six back everyday above wiser so their ad. Ineffective. Bobby word in the ad community as any fortune 500 company is about to launch a TV campaign where their CEO sobbing into the camera begging. The employees don't have play. Bonnie Budweiser really screwed up. Why and they just stay with a Clyde scales or haven't sank. I wonder. Have they ever said maybe from Pete. And just thinking it if Budweiser ever received a complaint. About declined to Dale's the Budweiser horses. Maybe from Peta about that that would be about it. Bobbie you better care about underwear no I think your. Just. Not quite getting it. Acts under armour. And not to underwear. What you just said. It is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard it could see everyone in this room. Is now dumber for having listened to well thank you for pointing that out but they Budweiser zone by company in Belgium. So why is it matter whether they think about America's immigration policies both Pepsi and Budweiser. Have lost my business for taking a stand against my president. Alvin. And not found. So there were caught up on the attacks climbed 71 threes are seven and a time now for error. Into the eight mailed back. Okay yeah. Even cleanly and I. You can see a veritable plethora of guys even today. Do and a lot of maintenance. The non DM it's. Our show should. I think you. It. Thank you really go at the end the only. AM writing Bob. I worked in residential construction for almost twenty years around legal and illegal. Hispanics. There is a cottage industry in fraudulent. Forged green cards. Common knowledge in the construction sector. If you want to know if say a Mexican is a legal asked to see their passport. And see if it agrees with the supposed. Legal green card since 9/11. Every visitor to the USA is required. To have a passport. No exceptions. Including Canadians Mexicans as before nine elevenths. The legitimate. Legal green card immigrants and I worked with would never. Go on strike for the illegals who threaten their jobs and their pay rate militias and right were talking yesterday. About the Hispanic day off that sack coming up tomorrow and exposed respect sickout or something. Others guys in Ireland who would take their jobs and a minute but for the lottery they must wait for years to come in from and thank sandy. Appreciate that. Bob in not reaction to Anthony Snowe RD hyperventilating. Call about the Russians and trump. And seal laps up liberal talking points like a thirsty buff ruined a couple of inquiries for the school. Where was Anthony when Hillary gave Russia a reset button. And Obama in talking with their president was pointing out that after the election he was going to be flexible. And Obama pulled the missile shield for Eastern Europe if they're so dangerous and evil. And of course remember Obama mocked Romney about his position. That Russia was our number one GO polar political adversary while wages it. Is Romney wrong or is Barack Obama wrong you can't have it both ways Anthony. President Obama and secretary of state Hillary. This is about emailing on an unsecured server President Obama and the secretary of state Hillary Clinton and knowing the evil of Putin's. Was exposing. Secured classified information to our rush giants. LL and to name. Why was Obama so grossly negligent. When the Russians hovering nearby. If trump is guilty of treason Obama and Hillary are guilty of high treason what the trials begin. And now this one also an email Bob I used to be amid global ultra fanned. After the bush BS immigration commercial but found her body bush and his offspring. Would be horrified about as all he senior was a huge Reagan supporter. I bought cold Coors Light. Official sponsor of the New England Patriots for the super wal instead to make global draw. Two can play this foolish. Boycott game why do you do you suppose has more spin on the boycott game trump sixty million taxpaying voters or move that lefties who need table scraps from Soros and Obama again but. Isn't an obvious by now the deal lame stream media is simply talking to themselves and Hillary supporters who watches are listened still. Not the sixty million trump supporters who couldn't care less about their propaganda. And fake news. 347. Thirteen before four. Whole being is from she. Okay okay. Harry remembered. How he unsure. Which you know when I was in Asia is that if you're wondering when I was a youngster by the way. It was not right after electricity and tennis. Just before radio. As a matter of I jag I can still remember standing over a Marconi shoulder sent to moderate up way up. I got this breaking news story. At a share. Anybody Mac regarding boycotts are supporting businesses I just realized that I use six businesses and all advertise on WORD. Carolina heating and air then Franklin plumbing Gosling electrical all exterior hired killers and terrorists. Every one of them. Excellent. Could you know thank you. I'm Bob today president trump stated these leaks are illegal so how long before some of these political Intel folks trial logging and and now they're codes are no longer valid. And they are arrested. The president. As we previewed yesterday with Mike Rubin. The Middle East expert from American Enterprise Institute president meeting today with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House and the president said that she lead to crank the volume up pretty highness money Tennis Channel and the president. Defending. I his former national security advisor. Michael Flynn general Flynn is a wonderful man I think he's been treated. Very very unfairly by the media. As I call it the fake medium many concerns. And I think it's really a sad thing that he was treated so badly. The president also. Made Desormeaux marks an about all these leaks. That have been coming out of Atlanta this is nothing new I'm and we hearkened back to the day when not President Nixon. Form the plumbers unit to try and determine where all the leaks are coming from so it's it's hardly new but it's been. Ramp up these days here's president trump talking about on the lakers. Papers are being leaked things are being leaked. Criminal action criminal act. And it's been going on for a long time before me. But now it's really going on. And people are trying to cover up for a terrible loss. That the Democrats had a under. Hillary Clinton. And now Soros and the rest of the global us our. On steroids a good texture asked earlier one of the world's Obama forming a shadow government. And there's a simple answer to that one minute and it is not to make trouble. For his successor or in the White House and. To try and remain relevant and you know he's gonna get coverage from the media. Because they L lap up everything that he has to say. Just a heads up to the coerce a white editor Bob both Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors. Our own. By idea that set in Bell's corporate really. Another course charisma still still owned by him at death family income are just not. I'm Bob if you were ever around me Budweiser horses declined to nails they live better. Then now we deal I stood security forum several years ago they are pampered. Peta should also use Imus as poster children EL. You know I did have a chance to had a couple of opportunities to see the Budweiser clash they are beautiful horses and their drain horse or so. You know there are few coach they are huge now about the business of these weeks. And DeVon pneumonia is a Republican California congressman who's the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said and yesterday. Those who lack the cut a leaked rather the contents a former NSA advisor Michael whence phone calls quote. The along in jail. That's nine only occurs they all belong in jail. Nunez said those nine people broke the law clearly. By leaking classified information to anybody. Mr. Flint resigned late Monday night after he Washington Post report. Said he had privately discussed. US sanctions against Russia with the Russian ambassador during phone calls in December despite assertions by trump officials that he had never done so. The post report cited nine. Anonymous current and former officials who were in senior positions at multiple agencies. That would be Langley and NSA amongst others. And who had access to reports from US intelligence and law enforcement agencies. That routinely monitor the communications of Russian diplomats there's another aspect of this as well. Why do you wanna. Tell the people that your spying on Pei were spying on yet. Great trade craft. More on this coming up in that our number two of the Bobby Mack show here on Wednesday be right back.