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Feb 15, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I. Here we go getting under way where the busiest part of the Wednesday afternoon commute. AF 5 o'clock folly liberals on here on the body Mac show. And as always deal or input is invited to encourage and welcome here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation today. Just grab your eye on news the Ingles advantage top line number 800. 347. 1063. It's free golf from wherever you locked. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address bomb. And 1063. WORD data how do we get on the topic of beer anyway. Today what it would not say that they're prompted in the topic of a Beers it's kind of the gadget just like top seed grew as we've. How long lives after them know that I don't even remember now how the whole thing started oh Liam Aaron show our allowed time about there are I don't know. To still eminently. Bob remember. Mabel black label. Carling black label beer and three rings Valentine. Owen let me correct myself to again an email. Unless I got a text message as well caller ripe for the news was talking about Billy beer and I'm Imus spoke on my memory failed. Which. That's been awhile since I've had a tiger was the last time that happened listening 1968. Summer on. I'd at least I'm not Billy beer. And I inadvertently sent down that it was a slick well it was Jimmy Carter's. Brother Billy that that had the Billy beer. I remember we were talking about a beer company in America. Saying bad things about our president. Alia and so it struck out status round and I'll trumps fault absolutely. Bob Bob planned and funded violent protests. Ridiculous court ruling is not based on the constitution. And intelligence leaks just all this just proves how deep subversive groups have infiltrated our government. I don't agree. Bump up. Bob in many times in which we will what constitutes. Sedition. To me. It's widespread. Bob you remember pearl beer. It was a good beer if you were dead broke out of it's it was rot gut. It's her wrath on sincere early eighties and the money that he now retired the malt liquors. The news. Just just the mention now. Above all I enjoy as red stripe. You know money can and where we're. Batting him back and forth once you remembered brought up the red stripe as well. I'm Bob RJ rockers great local brewing company in Spartanburg. Bob Billy was Jimmy Carter's broad enough slick Willy can't correct yet thank you. I'm Bob I Schmidt beer with a I'm Bob that you're talking beer producer Chris can make some rocket meant I'd bet again. Bob I work at chick filet somebody came through the drive through drinking a Mikell. Yesterday I was shocked. Shocked. Yeah. And bumped up from. Yep I'm Billy beer was brewed by the Utica. Called brewing company Utica, New York. Got you. Bob I need me some Billy beer. From dean NP ma. Hard up. Billy beer. By yeah they had they should brewer you mentioned in Winston-Salem. You can go by get free samples same thing in Pennsylvania. Free samples EA. Finally a price we can afford a duck at that age. Al Bob these new Beers are for wimps gimme a stroh's. Fire birth fire brewed in Detroit the Astros is back date the company broke up a like 2000 or sound like dampened down there they're back now boy. Bobby I grew up in Erie Pennsylvania. A billionaire. Then there went to visit the guys that jet radio WJ ET ready and my mother used to buy my dad the cheapest bear she can find it wheels old Milwaukee. Is that stuff still around yeah believe cell. Think old Milwaukee is still around. Does that go catch me up. Bob remember hams and false death yet I do remember about. Bob how about Jenny cream ale from the Genesee brewery and Rochester. New York good stuff. Bonnie back in the sixties my dear grandma drank black labeled him yet Carling black label. Members. Bob I saw they Bob Bob bass fastest come on back to town next spring I'm sure they outdoor idiots are on cloud nine U bad. Between that. Between that news. And the airliner hitting the deer taking a shot but and today. It's been. It's him the riches are overflowing. For India outdoor guest to the phones we go let's bring in rain in my stomping grounds of Taylor's Connie ray Howard yeah you do so far so good. Yes but first it and I think it is taking it day at a time that's a good man about a minute stuff to be too careful. I was so I took this fight. Adidas from the law enforcement and went four for their annual. Was sound and peca Kansas surround Nigeria. Wolf creek and since they were built a lead or plan out there. It. Has had to go into the beautiful pink and and meet some of the folks they have had a great time that Billy was there are not addressed. And promote his beer. So you know there wasn't really a long long time in Kansas. City in this dance yeah and then not. Eight minutes later there obviously Secret Service people there but when I doubt there. Nextel. 22 did it with Billy is as somebody Iran have been hit him with a power and the fact I'll GE's. Well the Secret Service people jump start the chase together Billy kind over the table started out the door please. The Secret Service is trying to tackle Billy because I think bill that would strangled and of course there could hitch of course not. But probably I would rather hilarious. What I heard you talk about their of course would help football staff falls flat rock when I was young and but. Outrageous and do some serious OK this thing with. The same with Obama in this this these 250 server support groups. I mean we've got to wake up realize they're trying to basically poll. I couldn't on the our government from the consent. Yup they know well and it was in effect a soft coup. Other than that took out Mike Flynn. It exactly and I'm just so afraid. We get so many people unfortunately. Who Toronto's. You know some hell diet you know that they have and one judge then three judges stop present that states. Good question especially when when they have. No constitutional grounds to do so I mean if you read the lie you know that. And the standing right Nadal ranked but. Anyway Bob always a pleasure to listen to the. My pleasure thanks very much ram two crates or. And just imagine Billy. Baltic over the table with a written into the apartment. It's fixed it's that chased the guy doubt especially if he had previously been shadowing his own way airs. Before all transpire. I'm Bob your welder friend here. New orleans' own and that says and quotes. Or Nash the and Jack's beer they both terrible. I'm Bob remember nick her blocker GAAP as scenic a doctor there. We don't man. Olympia yet remember Olympia and a little kings was a little kings a one you're talking about money penny that was in the little bottles or something. Oh that's right it was Mickey it's the dumb money penny was shot and a Bob remember black bear. Sounds like the day after effect of the beer. A quarter after five here in the image and show on Wednesday. Take me a quick break here and more of this frivolity continues momentarily. I mean I don't need it now and I'm sure he would welcome back five Tony you're the mommy match on Wednesday. There dollar amount somehow we got on the topic of the various Beers. This afternoon and on the tax line 71 threes are seven Bob beer thirtieth is so close but your conversation makes it seem so far away. Bob remember Schaefer beer and their slogan Schaefer the one now have when your having more than one. And here. Bob ever have an old frothing slosh bear. With a foam on the bottom. Years ago. The guy that did the morning show at KDK. Radio in Pittsburgh. And as one of his sponsors old frothing slosh the year the foam is on the bottom. There was a gag of course but you know became a running joke in Pittsburgh I can run Katie KA's ratings. Were so huge. I can remember. When I was across the street at thirteen Q. And and ironically a rush when law using a different name was had done the number two rock station in the market KETV. I was you in the morning show. And we had a party because for the first time. In like recorded history. Might ratings were high enough that KDK EA had slipped below a fifty. Share. To help yourself and about. How well they did to Rihanna and we have a party to celebrate it. Bob my buddy in high schools and dad owned a bar it was great sterling and sterling lied and Olympia. Bob any better remember hopping Gator it was fruit flavored beer is certainly. Bob we have a six pack of Billy beer. But it's still good dodge and thank. Bob remember shape first bear yet. Bob my hope stroh's Doug didn't use any of that bad water in nine Detroit. Bob any better remember Ryan gold and Ballantine and I still remember the jingle. About how about a little kings cream ale. Yeah it's a money also mentioned Schaefer the appear to have when your Hammond more than one good coach and your imaginary and had slowed and today. Good luck. But I mean you know we are kids we drank out of the garden house all right we ran behind the mosquito spraying truck in the summer to cool off. Somehow we survived we were didn't car seats. As Joseph. I'm Bob reading your premium and Harley dear boy there's two new intimate. I'm Bob PBR. Only thing I can afford in college candy in Taylor's got you. About Milwaukee's best 299812. Pack at each settlement. Perfect for they wallet is empty kind of guy like me back in the day. Bob an airplane hit a deer. When springer the pilot. That you might assume so. Well let's let's go to the let's go let's go to the horse's mouth here and find out it isn't as it turns out springer is on the phone springer you worked at the stick. In that PSA airliner in Charlotte this. Knew or didn't expel Arafat could be a negative girls. Is much crazy thank got they do other work going on don't do it not don't block. Okay here it and I can help. I'm glad we cleared that have you have you binges Charlotte. Two to accumulate the remnants for dear hash from the circle this just happened. Well I have a little bit of you'll screw that they no longer. Hello I'm sure I'm going to strain in doubt you've got well I'll let you know map obviously I had thought champ bookkeeping in here Atlanta I don't like having the lord I have in my and that but. I can't. Well hole what like nine cents a adultery to. Well I won't run mark quick drying out a belt Barbara at greater undertakes first they had all it it wherever I don't know how many million dollar revenue it brought to this area that's an uncle said that's bass fishing contest right do we can't yeah yeah. In that western classic inability Guillen. And it's only an idiot serving out the oracle managed to come on down to the studio better to nearly as big or it's spit cup what is would this Rangers so we'll tell you don't and you may be taking your life in your hands and doing so I should point. You know coming at the topic Cuba without and it was a priority in my office will go on the right amount and it could not at all to remain there to let you can be a lot. Did you did this I guess you did a bad picture of the rattlesnake. That I century era messenger. Yes sir Huckabee did not kick it out they might be a little that's subtle point that night was quite bad at Loma steel nevertheless it was this year rattles and I can't yeah pocket of cooler turned it into every stop. Proportions as light. Illness. There's this guy down this was a guy in Georgia all right and he was in an owner he was in a duck blind is that what a lot. Is you'd call it minute by minute thing that would be a mayor and now what is it. Yes I think so like that's going to detonate them you know they're out there and always remember anything about like Dexter gonna give it always like chicken. I have I have heard a rumor to that effect I just aren't. Our product you know you Bannan now will be looking for every you guys you and Phil and gentry. When the upstate outdoor shall come up on Saturday at noon. Others boys are not right there are definitely off their medication to the phones Leo Rosalie I had the fountain and extend bring in Jim. Here on the Wednesday about a Mac show hello Jim. I don't know you got a lot bigger. Idea which we want to leave out. Gerri arguing but here. Really. Now what made network. And Jerry Hart picture on it is that at that time I checked out coupon they can't coordinate. That's funny because. You know the of these kinds of marketing things marketing things happen. Something out gets hot and get some buzzer as they say and not say now goes viral yell money penny brought up a picture. I hear from the web and it's gut. Larry Hagman there was a a glance. I'm assuming. Of blood JR Kirk in his hand did you ever have one. They expect and after they quit so there. So that profiled a hundred dollars. Holy cow. Paul Allen that entrepreneurial spirit is America a great country or what Jim. Sure that it will not appear that Al Narragansett. At least I'd bet that the New England will not let them may be able we'll probably take my. Wasn't I'm assuming from a name it was brewed in Rhode Island Al. Oh I don't know terrible. M a lot of those some back in the day we're not so good thank you Jim I appreciate your share and I have never heard. I'm JR this year. And I'm not mentioned from time to time I've not met Hagman because I was in a couple of episodes of Dallas. When I was working at different channel four. There and not. I know you're not supposed to speak ill of the dead so I won't. David is a long and now wants to chime in with some Beers from mop the out shade of Maryland hello David and welcome to the show. Are are you doing now that you know I'm 1982. I I was and I drove a tractor construction company and we we rent these. Awful vehicles and and I broke down why age on the Baltimore harbor total root out jeez. In almost exactly the same place well get to told so we don't want you break down and their business before. You know also work. Were prevalent right you know you break down in there you have a long long walk out and gotten. Noticed this car ticked me. And there was that two women in the car get in the car they got to crawl into the backseat. And there are drinking Schaefer beer hat. Which. And I get rid Dirk a certain amount of it and number. Which shape are rare to made it pretty big blue label on the inside the bottle for that extra. Effort he. And then it turned out all right I figure out that there's drivers in only sixteen. And Kurt younger sister was eleven. And man I've been without actually going 0202. Who is. A good thing Shonn. Art and like jet while they're at the back. All right are you actually get out. And I got to act are so I. Argued that they are already way up the Euro electric does the media headlights yeah newspaper. Yeah that would have been all you needed now I think she knew it would have been now so it's a different go forward. Right I can never ever shape earlier I'm well based on that experience like and I I think you exercised a great judgment. A incredible well thanks a lot for the Al Davis it's true. She is. One of 530 here on the conventional take a break any standing by on the news center in the right back here on Wednesday. Well I'll drink to last. Think my game welcome back is up 539 here in the volley match I have so many serious topics in oriented talk about today and it will work her way back around him that somehow. We we gallant topic of the various Beers and now. And it's gone viral on me this afternoon in on the tax line 71 threes are seven Bob we have an autographed six pack. Oh Billy beer in storage. Do you think it might be worth some money. Absolutely. Without a doubt it's horse I don't know how much I wouldn't speculate. But did not caller earlier say they had no also had an autographed. Delegates so refer like 500 dollars. I think. Always JR beard crucial for 500. Now Bobby what has me really riled up as he Obama action group pushing on the same agenda of climate change obamacare and gun control. And asking for donations and supporters. Bob anybody remember red white and blue it was a ot Pabst Blue Ribbon knock off back in the 3.2 days. Bob how about here's one that I remember from a kit national bohemian beer brewed on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and I remember. National bohemian because they wouldn't say a word or radio sponsor for the old the original Washington senators. Other once it ended up being them becoming the Minnesota Twins. And then the Washington senators have a Roy receivers and those test. Al Bobby got to give a shout out for dogs burger beer and allow one brow and for pure rot gut. Mickey's big mouth malt liquor the king of under aged dad plastered cheaply beer. Bob after years of loyalty to ice shelves. They change from five point five to six point nine just last month needless to say. I know I'm I'm I'm now Google another goggle another who would mess with a band went I'll switch to another area just. Who would mess with a man's beer sand. Sand. Sent. Bob iron city beer yet member of that from Pennsylvania. Now Bob where is a shouldn't there be a Hillary beer cheap and tasteless. Sucks. My dear remember writing golden year my dad used to drink and it. Bob looking for a great local brewery Thomas creek. Camp. Bob MacKey remember the short lived a mall. Malt liquor I believe hopping Gator yes somebody else mentioned that earlier. Bump up. I don't forget national bohemian from Baltimore than it was also a drum. And beer Drummond beer and one of my favorites was shot out of Redding Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania dumb moves. There's there's one and ever. Bob the narrative generic beer came in a white can with a black away at a black lettering simply said beer. On the and this is somebody Kroger. For two dollars. I when I was in high school back in the late eighties worked on a budget but if you can believe it Milwaukee's best light. Actually tasted better. Bob anybody remember pull tabs before pop tops they can pull tab folded around 108. Now you have a Jimmy Carter dollar in a Billy Carter money clip out. You out and then. Those of a certain vintage no matter for opening all variety of cans 38. It opened a mop and an Arctic to the homes we dollar civil warrants next Dan and and joined ray. Here on the mound in my show hey ray how are you okay. Are pretty good turnout that airlift volunteer program and that's I think about my game biker days back in New Jersey would head the Pennsylvania. To get rolling rock beer from butch probe Pennsylvania. At the homo Arnold Palmer. You know surprise nobody has mentioned rolling rock and a and a. They just sent out just that it's a welcome marketed didn't New Jersey to Abacha the head out in the pants saying get it. And I didn't and did not come and no little green bottles. Yeah little grade debt cap. Bubbles right. Yeah it says those kind of prompted do we still always call our. Motorcycles. TT bikes because they're cavern a cavern. A. I don't know but at least you knew where your goal and. Ali evident on time. What I it's good same real quickly is that Ballantine used to do the Yankee games. In New York did not Mel Allen got. More than once what's hip. What they call it appreciate it when they're all gay because it didn't drink the beer on it. On the air. I tried baseball announcers used to him sample the product of their sponsor. During a broadcast and not occasionally they would especially. An extra innings to take it. Turning. Make real great bail you out and it was it was easy for the announcer to get over served. He got it it does have a real quick story for you where over in Ireland where they do a lot of beer. The other Hebrew but there's a story about one of the Irish are one date now on Nevada beer. Each round. But the other workers tried to save them but they did a report saying that. He did deluge round need to get out three times elsewhere. There. Always a tragedy plan actually crawled out a couple of tap. Thanks thanks for the color appreciated and the memories 545 its corner before sixth ride back with more on the balmy night show on Wednesday. No momentum. Like to toss in the last thing you dollars off. Welcome back great to have you on 550 it's at ten before six. Here in the body Mac show Bob talking about the baseball announcers Kerry Kerry sounded over served every night. Now money not the worst whipping my sister ever received was for singing we three rings Ballantine beer jingles. In front of the church once they didn't shoot just about five years old. About talking about down baseball and beer hugged pole beer HE DE PO wake up hug poll. Beer sponsor of the big red machine Cincinnati Reds radio broadcast listened to him for years as a kid. In the sixties and seventies. Bob little kings some work to for a buck. On Sunday night in Winston-Salem don't remember the name of the bar but the bartenders name was blue lives. Got you. Here's one that hasn't been mentioned at Pauli girl bill beer Polly girl PAU ally. Bump up but oh yeah and all of blast smear. I remember that. I shown Elaine served in Cincinnati Reds games. Bob the generic beer and food lion was brewed by fall staff I got my dad hooked on Milwaukee's best and I was in college. Because that's what I would buy when I was home. A bog you should try V twelve by victory brewing you only need one as its 12%. Cheers. Catcher. Bob my grandfather used to drink PBR and a beer called blacks. I still haven't unopened cans. Bobby Mack remember the a commercial for hams. A bear dressed like an Indian dancing and singing from the land of sky blue waters hams refreshing beer I do. To the cons Leo let's get Yemeni air he is in quarter of hi Jim and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Hey Bobby I appreciate that in my car and we India I'm aware and beer can't get his story okay. I. 1000 ROTC. They would say. They had carnal there was little regard to say anything mr. Davies came home big golf but just fantastic human. And so I admit pretty in my wouldn't read it out though that he can you tell me about this year around pencil by you know. Bit the patriarch of all staff. His last name was far and it was GR. You know the he's CK well that day. And he was pronounced Griese didn't. She is so. They each signature brood behead. Would Pol Pot but you're going to get high. And the slocum was I'll have a very cute yeah. Chicken coops. We have a beer outweighed the beer and and also they had too much information. So look at this. As well Tim Cook. Moussa who do militants are. No I'm sure you mommy and you did have to that would be a stretch to even make that out thank you demy appreciated I think. We still have our licensed buy back and Yancy seasons were so good ago. Ahmad money Ira is on this afternoon to chime on this hello Ira tough act to follow. They are yet thank you put an epidemic take as much as our health out OK cupid at the and there's always a price to be for it except at you know. That your plate to a caller I call forego the beer and Russia Europe called agenda BP Teddy bear items from. Ruben what are the get a big no that would be hit only point to me that what it would. Now supplied the future and out from Contra mock. Now what still awake they caught on fire repeatedly in the river that caught on fire in Cleveland. Whatever was dead the one that was a memorializing. And now a Major League in my with Randy Newman when it's on a burn on big river. I have to accept anybody they made open to what it would cut the net but wait here they did I'm calling about out during commercial some beer. They were brewing since 1875. Prone to taking sixty. Now there's something wrong with that in their probation got the ball would review and I'll let the court they work and find out. Many years later that. They were debating between nonstop. Yeah they they do they didn't mention. On the temporary halt in the brewing process furlough as an about a decade there if after injuring prohibition. And a. Or open Bruton 1930 yet again but knowing what the I don't think they very well get let the incredible we're dug in that when you need them anyway. You got it thanks arrogant to hear from him and I appreciate it that you say assail or your brother Bernie forming our widow I will thank you Matt. Now Bob up pearl beer every can handle some history of the USA. On really. Bob film city beer brewed in New Haven, Connecticut. Over the dailies. Nothing like a cold stroh's I told a story earlier about heroes. Culp 45 elders and other malt liquor. A money many to compliment the malt liquors earlier L band manulife experienced. I keystone beer commercial with bitter beer face him. Genesee and Jenny Ira just mentioned in red white and black cancer not the same CA. Bump up. It's in my in my content appear. Yup the Cuyahoga. Thank you that's what us trying to think of the Cuyahoga River and Cleve. Caught a fly care. Brood just pure water. I don't think so. As stand by the a bonus hour is coming up on the other side of the new zero on Wednesday.