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Seven minutes after the hour 11 o'clock our number two of the broadcasts. After the break I was just reading a story about the winner of the Westminster dog show in case you haven't watched. And order the spoiler cute dog. Actually one. But I want you anymore you can look at yourself. Interest. I want to delve into the subject of obamacare. Because I have talked about this in recent weeks we have watched in erosion. What is coming out of the Republican Party on this issue. From the latest communications on the subject have suggested we will see a repair of obamacare instead of a replacement. One person who is. On this story. And in the middle of all of the activity. In association with the freedom caucuses are good for encouragement Jeff Duncan who joins us now on the line good mornings here. Good morning that's sums are out at the last with the Westminster dog show Lou. Bitch you know going to be a smaller that was just funny. I'm glad you appreciated and I went. Well look like strata of reality that is great article you can look at. In Politico today where they had messy it has won the largest insurance companies in the and the patients. Has sent an Obama cares about death spiral and that was marked Humberto Laney. And more turtle pull out of government mark run marketplace in the coming weeks and many years what have no insurers. To provide the affordable care coverage or we Doris and that's South Carolina we've seen all the injured pullout except for the cross blue shield which. That's an excellent company provides good product. And is isn't Bob and market with top delegation on the obamacare. Retail and what the market looks like afterwards so come. But we just set the stage for because we're in the pros. Trying to move forward on on obamacare repeal and then an and to do what's right so that the market charge shocked. After the repeal and and that basically what. This future looks like so. Look for the listeners to Republicans were elected to congress on both houses and president trop was elected on November 08. Congress was sworn into office on January the third best house and the senate. And then now trop was not just born and expressed the United States until January the twentieth that's less than four weeks ago. In the meantime we've had this set up committees and that sort of thing that. The work is being done on the repeal of obamacare. The senate is currently mired in. Confirmation. President trumps cabinet positions and I even chopped down on the ball mania is hanging in limbo. Talk on this morning we have to get that confirmed this week but. We are seeing an unprecedented level of obstructionism. From senate Democrats never in the history. Of the nation all the way back to George Washington have we gotten to this point in an administration. And had. Yeah. We've never seen if you were cabinet positions to confirm. This is it is an obstructionism. Chuck Schumer and senate Democrats that we've never seen before and pressed and so. We have an idea what that no in the senate side having hearings on obamacare repealed and I mean hearings. Only thing that I know of other than confirmation hearings. The house's continuing to work so where are quick. Rookie using budget reconciliation events as a vehicle to get the repeal of obamacare. And it seemed like a gimmick but if you think about that is how the Democrats passed obamacare in the first place to get over age sixty vote threshold and the senate. They use budget reconciliation which is a bill that only needs a simple majority. That have to have a cloture vote or a motion to proceed so they don't need sixty goes they just need a simple majority with budget reconciliation so we're used that vehicle. We're gonna do they repealed and and the cause of conservatives like myself in the freedom caucus. House leadership has embraced the 2015. Fiscal year 20s16 but the 2015. But your reconciliation package that we actually had passed out of the house and the senate want to president Obama's desk and he never sat it proceeded wanna repose on. Signature health care law. Or use the same reconciliation package a 2050 package. Which is a good thing it eliminates and individual and employer mandate penalties provide to trillion dollars in relief. Prom obamacare taxes. It repay hills suspending for Medicaid expansion. Side defund Planned Parenthood for one year are transitioning. For community health center which I fully support community outside a concept. Bodily SA way to beat. The needs of the most needy in this country to do a lot of good things that we party passed it is it passed up. Both bodies. Some public dissent gonna. And he has cut sonic has a lot of senators voted for this already and that which struggle not to vote for it again so special reap deal. Now where I think we are is what a replacement plan looks like what do we do for the market the health insurance market to make sure that. The markets aren't shocked and that people know what the future looks like there's a lot of different plans that are floated out by house Republicans. Leadership has not necessarily embraced. One particular plan. Although they've embraced some concepts like restored the premarket. Utilizing health savings account. Concept for a Americans. Personal tax credits so that she went. It'd take a tax reduction. Four armed. Health care premiums just like somebody that works for an industry. What would be able to pay their health insurance premiums boasts four. Taxes taken out there effectively reducing their taxable income. So we're gonna allow that up to a pot everybody bill would reduce their taxable income. By the amount they pay for healthcare. Insurance premiums and in restrictions they control Medicaid reforms and that resigning. High risk pools they programs for that they're there's are concepts that are being talked about in all of the plane. But. House leadership is not settled on one planned to move forward as say about military placement one thing that. Conservatives like you and are very leery of and how stream caucus a very leery. Is gaining some sort of by Obama here 2.0 or obamacare allied Arab accused the different term rip obamacare repair. We don't want to repair obamacare we want and dual anyway and it. It breaks premarket concepts. And so I have cosponsored a bill about represented Mark Sanford South Carolina that Mir is a bill that was on the senate passed senator Rand Paul. And I think it's a conservative solution to be honest with yet and that that is what the frame caucus. Itself has come out and support of a Nokia press conference today at 1 o'clock reference caucus members on this issue but. Look it's gone legalize affordable insurance plans. It'll eliminate Obama cares essential health benefit requirements and other restrictive coverage the coverage and plant requirement supports people purchase plans covering. Services they don't want my having that that is. You're forced to pay for things that you would never years' time might be. Contraception. Country at contraceptive could be plastic surgery. Could be some things like that picture forced to pay for the coverage chilled every year's. So why not typical Olympic accused of things that you play call plodding your family and having young kitten and haven't you know. And you've reached a point that this is about free markets and that that's what was significant things. Where but it's a hard break here I've I've got to ask you what kind of traction do you think you won't get with you or playing with the rest of the Republican conference. I think going to be supportive of this conservative plan. And you know honestly that's what I think what happen it probably march effort Iran pot plant mobile make make that to be the final plan. But I believe that concepts within their plans and then what I embrace will be picked up and made part of a broader package and in the more conservative principles we can get and what the house Republican position out. At the house. The better we're going to be. Granite where where we're not a conservative. Body as house Republicans are a boy in the moderates and and more. Not a conservative yet more liberal Republicans that these are they ready Democrats in South Carolina they just wouldn't fit in and that play in the third congressional district that. They're part of the Republican majority so they do have a seat that they want to have a voice com. We're we wrote we are gonna push as hard as we can to get conservative principles and concepts in any sort. So caught replacement bill that perhaps Republicans put out because I don't want obamacare 2.0 or obamacare lighter up about every player. How would kill obamacare. And I only inject free market post also allow individuals to make the best choices for their Stanley that makes financial sense incensed. With their with the doctoral put they need. I want them to build on that policy carry with them if they change employers are changed. Locations within the Stater across state lines to move to another state to seek and implement opportunity should all map policy interior with. How well policies be sold across state lunch is likely see in cartridge now I don't progressive as cheap because they can. It's so across state lines and spreading the risk of our very large pool. I'd like association of health care plans as part of this where allow members of associations like the realtors association offer health care plans and here association met. You're talking ultimately about free market competition and allowing all these ideas to work and unfortunately got a heart break here very briefly what do people need to do. To be involved in this to try to make sure that we get very conservative solution Davis. Educate themselves on what the plans look like. All their represented until what they like political like. You know this this can be an adult conversation and not one of screaming and and then but not there is going to be a replacement obamacare Republicans controlled. The house and the senate and the presidency and every one of us that have campaigned on this so there will be. The repeal of obamacare and it will be a replacement plan was a true that. We get a plan this conservative and it's an age of American families. Aim and Deke resounding amen to that will Jeff Duncan thinks a lot for your hard work on this and for your integrity. That's so appreciated. Thank you so much. We continue the Vince Coakley radio program 80347163. Or text line 71 threes are seven and Jeff Steve nice to say this. But we've basically got a lot of squish shoes and a lot of wimps. Who really don't wanna follow through on the promises they made let's just be honest will talk about this Morse we continue. Seventeen minutes after eleven. I think it's important that I say this because IE. I just wanna be honest about the fact that there are I'm concerned there are people who do not understand. The difference between conservatives like Jeff Duncan. And what I would call campaign conservatives. Like Paul Ryan. And unfortunately everybody's been broad brushed and gotten a reputation for being the same. They are. Not the same. There is a world of difference between Jeff Duncan. And Paul Ryan. World of difference. I mean these these were RBIs which you. I don't understand why there's why do you understand why they're really shouldn't be discussions. That are that complicated about this. They shouldn't be complicated at all does the word free market the freeze free market meaning anything TU. It's very simple. How can we extricate the federal government from the free market health care system period. And then. Put the pedal to the metal. That's simple. Text and says you're never too much hogwash. Russ castle warned us about that crew leaving here for Washington no repeal no wall. Well honestly this what you're dealing way. These folks have not changed just because Donald Trump got elected. I warned about this last year has had no matter who gets elected the power brokers or Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. And if they behave anything like they did before. Well you're going to be disappointed. We all well. We're gonna have to push changes through and this is where a group like the freedom caucus has some clout. Because you're not going to get anything done if you don't get these thirty some members to go along with a piece of legislation. Legislation done. This is where big conservative presence is so important so do not do not. Put these folks in the same category recognize you dealing with two groups of people you have conservatives. And you have establishment Republicans those are two different groups. Two different agendas that's not obamacare repeal repeal repeal forget replace we don't need to replace one government program with another. Default to a free market to the extent possible given that our whole free enterprise system is encumbered by a huge tumor called the federal government Alan you are correct. Absolutely correct another techsters saying your Ben Stein clean house in the intelligence community my question is this. With the transcript of just one of Obama's staff or cabinet members. Ever released or more to the point whatever intercepted. Kind of makes one saying and Richard Ellis. I would love to Shearson. Transcripts from Ben Ghazi wouldn't you. Anthony good morning welcome the broadcast. Welcome mourning period. You know I'm shocked. That there's not more outrage. From the conservative. Excited about what you think leash in the top administration had only been three and half which. In outdoor shop at. Put aside politics or strictly because you really hit there. This is Russia Russia interfere with our election. There are no reports that. Alms campaign staffers and direct their contract with the Russian. I mean. You are in danger or problem. Well these are allegations that are being made so my question for you is if there's anything to the allegations what should happen. Well. It's in our little bit. This is not a situation where if you change say extreme. Difference. Actual intelligent confirmed by nine intelligence officials to not something that just you know popped up. Core conservatives. War or war. And in my opinion. At the time at least we are in and it really bring it straight with. I don't believe that they love this country in the Reagan conservatives. Put them not to shake infantry. Don't forget about Issa Republican and also as you well hold. At a secular old I just secular entity conservatives are talking about this conservatives. Our have been concerned I've got one friend I'm thinking of right now who's been very concerned about this this is again kind of thing. I was talking earlier about difference between campaign conservatives and real conservatives you need to draw a distinction between trump supporters. And conservatives because they're not necessarily the same people. You know I haven't heard today on a conservative radio and into early but presumably it is. The right just just deploy. And I'm gonna range missiles. In violation LB. Training that ring in ankle which has Charlie 1980 shut yet. Not nothing came out the opening Rockefeller radio. So what should be done about this in getting. Well what I have to beat the Big Apple. Investigation by the partnership open to the public look we actually what I think it's great it's laughable and not gonna happen because obviously don't want local politics and it and Republican opponent almost all that all the way. What are the White House that will try to appeals took about an urgent than it did they have they'll note that are so well. Here's a here's my question Anthony here's one of the questions I wanna ask you. We've got members we've got a significant number of house members. Who are I mean they may as well be Communists I'm I'm just being honest with you this is well documented. Here's my question for you how concerned are you about these house members who have been great buddies with these Communist dictators. In these Third World countries for years and have been undermining American foreign policy for years have you also been concerned about that. Are you concerned we just had a presidents. Who was trained who has essentially meant toward by a Communist. Does that concern wow. No I'm just asking Anthony that they don't school me into Barack Obama what it is but it didn't talk about. It. Will deflect. What's actually you know I don't know how. I'm not deflecting Anthony what I'm saying to you is it's not either or it's both end. I'm concerned about all of these things that you described but I'm saying to you if you as the liberal gonna bring this up. You've got to be consistent not only about trump. You've batted got to be consistent with all the members of congress the leftist members of congress who were in it Fidel Castro. And all of these other Communists and other countries. And how can who cannot and would you agree that. I would I will agree to inserted differently would this and I know I'm in my 47 years well politics. It was a double you know seven years old. Pop it in no time I've been more worried more worried. Well what democracy I mean disagree which you okay we can eagle at the option out there that. What's going on right now last year which. And it. What here's my question here's my question for years ago. What frightens you what is the thing that can happen as a result of what yours yours. The fears that your expressing to me. If our president. Has been compromised by shoring. Machinery. It's such a black actually brought about a pool. There are always at its policy that he is that you've done in instituting. That are for the benefit of the American people for the benefit obvious even if it is changed. Well first of all the short power. They'll in entities talk in totalitarian damp and punching it star becomes he'd be discredited did you guys just don't Echostar disparity congressman who have been looking into is that it is genetic you'd. I am worried that we're always toward it'll tell you carpet totalitarian types. I got news story and think we've been moving that way for years. We've been moving that way for years and this is what I want you to be honest about it to be by the way. I want to encourage you to read about Frank Marshall Davis there's a book called the Communist. Please go read that and call me back. Because we had a president who just left a few weeks ago. Who left office who was meant soared by this man this man was a card carrying Communist. So I'm not going to just be concerned about Donald Trump I've been concerned about the man who was in the White House for eight years. We got to be consistent. Stay with us on Vince Coakley radio program. And I see somewhere. Was just GMA. Had this story bombshell new report on Trump's Russia ties. Senator Lindsey Graham on new allegations that L one skier Lindsey Graham. I mean honestly. I mean I'm just tired this stuff. Can I just tell you. And I and I warn you again folks these next few years they're going to be very tumultuous and I think they're going to get confusing. Let me tell you something. And I'm not saying this to insult anybody. Would you for me refer to Kool Aid drinkers if you're one of those people and you are driven by eight. Unwavering support for Donald Trump no matter what. We're gonna have a problem. I'm just being out last year. We have to remember what are northstar. Is is the constitution of the United States. If we lose sight of that were all in trouble. I wanna go back to Anthony and and I and I say this in. Hopefully a spirit it's understood here by those that might even disagree with me. In Obama's own biography. He says his main mentor from age eight to eighteen was Frank Marshall Davis card carrying Communist Party leader. Party number 47544. And you have to understand something about this this to me was the one on one of the biggest takeaways from me from that book on. The book called the Communist about Barack Obama. You don't really stun me about this. I thoughts climate is support. A an American form of communism with loyalty to America no. These Communists supported the Soviet Union. And they were lovers of the Soviet Union. This is what you have to understand. Do you understand why I'm making this point Anthony. Because I think we've already had the potential of having a double agent in the White House. And there are plenty of things that the man did during his term in office you remember the conversation. Tell Vladimir have more flexibility after the election remember that's. But as Anthony talking about that well of course not. This is why it's important for us to understand but here's the thing we've brought it got to be consistent. And I don't know the full story on Donald Trump and his business ties and people around him and they're a possible connection to Russia. There may be connections. I am not going to stand here are reflexively defend. Donald Trump over these accusations. If it is proven that there something they air. There's something there it has to be dealt with. But I want proof I'm not just going to jump on the bandwagon because the main stream media. Wants to jump on that bandwagon. But I just remind you again. The plum line is not a person it's not a personality it's not a party. It's the constitution of the United States infidelity of that is what I'm looking for. And this is what we have to be careful that we do not allow that to be muddled by Eric devotion to a person. 80347163. Or text line. Is 71307. Let's go to Parker welcomed the broadcaster. Reagan template in a while Dick it has been awhile. Well thank you I got a quick question for you this is some help here you know you start hurt. How many congress people talking about how we can save money. Well frankly I don't I don't understand how this country. Can afford to do. Universal health care per relied soaps so I don't think it dollars and clear without cutting into the horse in the tax. Why didn't hit that I haven't heard the suggestion that. Jeanne why don't we procure a bit drug companies from advertising. Prescription drug. How much every year does that cost. The use usually stretching Brooks to pay for those ads which are. Numerous disable bleached. CNN that there is the end request the free market question then comes in their Parker. Well I think you did you write it in the premarket questioned why wouldn't the benefit one of the benefits for. Advertising. Prescription drugs which which people are powerless. To equality and purchased the director has to prescribe it leads. He knows all the popular type I'm going to my doctor okay dot I just sort commercially perks destroyed and I really would like you'd describe it formed. Mean that's. A lot to do a lot of people do Parker and this is one of the reasons why and you watch the nightly news shows especially at 630. That's all that you see are these commercials. Because they worry that's how it works. Our freedom our way to do this Parker is their free market way to encourage this I changed there how'd you do that that's my question. What did you do you do what we used to do you prohibit that kind of activity over the public airwaves it used to be against the law to do that. But thanks to the efforts of lobbyists it's no longer against the law. Well I understand your point your concern that Heidi. I am very leery about jumping and chew up innings something like that. It's a valid point and I'm annoyed by the use as well as you are you see these commercials. You know it it's a 62 commercial and the last fifteen or twenty seconds. Is basically telling you. Taking this medication may kill you. Other than that. Enjoy our medication. 803 for seven what do 63 or take slide 71 freezers seven coming up we want to get to a story about what's happening to our currency. Will deal with that as we continue its 1145. We continue to broadcast here somebody text I would love to get you'll be able to because of time but. Here's a couple of those Vince you pursue route Anthony he's embarrassed for how dare you challenge him. Where is unbiased analysis. You know he has. Liberal mentally handicapped. UP ports or cruel. Tell your collar entity discussed pas trop trump is our least worry. God forbid anyone say anything about Obama. You've been watching this for eight years. Let's let's. A double agent in the White House while Vince well hello I'm just being honest year. See all of these things of people got caught up in talking about the birthers stuff. I wasn't so much concern about birth certificate with Barack Obama I was to survive who has The Who was this man. And who prepared him and who trained him Wear any come from. And I think those are very valid questions that have absolutely nothing to do with race. We will spend more time on this and another time. But I wanna tell you about a story that a promise to touch on today. I'll set the table will spend more time on another on another occasion factor hope to have Jim Rogers on this program soon. He lives in Singapore. So it's hard getting our times to. Calibrate to. He had an interview interestingly enough. With Russia today. In light of all our discussions recently. He's warning this time is coming you would not be able to buy a couple coffee without being traced. He said control people governments for increasingly seek to hunt down cash spending. Now this ties right in with what we've been talking about but monitoring phone calls about what's happened. To our intelligence community. You notice this at this apparatus that has been built up in the post 9/11 error. It's not designed to focus on government officials now I don't get me wrong. I'm not unsympathetic to what has happened. In recent days. But we need to be more concerned about what is happening to weave the people we are the targets of this most of this surveillance. Don't you understand that. Jim Rogers says governments are always looking out for themselves first it's the same old things been going on for hundreds of years. The Indians recently did the same thing they withdrew 86. Sit down listen this folks they withdrew 86%. Of the currency in circulation. They've now made it illegal to spend more. Than about 4000 dollars in any cash transaction. In France you cannot use. More than about a thousand. Pounds. Many countries are already doing this. Some states in the US. Say you cannot make cash transaction above a certain amount governments love it. Then they can control you. If you wanna buy a cup of coffee they know how many you drink where you buy them. If they can put all that into electronic formats and they will. The world is all going electronic. And it's not for your good it's for fares. This ties in with what I share with you yesterday. About civil asset forfeiture. What is their what is the means by which authorities are stopping people are taking their money well. Where did you get that money. Where did you get that cash you may have done something illegal to get it they are demonizing. Cash. This is why there's been such a move toward direct deposit not saying there's anything wrong with that. But if somebody wants to operate on a cash basis. They're making increasingly difficult for you did you sell this one recent weather even discussing getting rid of a hundred dollar bill. Very ugly stuff folks. Time for a quick caller tube before we go Mike welcome to the broadcaster. Actually the big ol'. Bill is gone as well while I thought. We have some patient people but apparently not. I wanna leave you with this. Mean we need to take care should forward. Do an examination of his license status did you hear about what has happened. My daughter I read about this morning. Involved at an incident with a passenger plane he was landing as private aircraft. Flew dangerously close to it taxiing passenger plane. After mistakenly landing in a taxiway. Instead of the runway that he was cleared to land. By the way Harrison Ford if you don't know he 74 years old piloting a single engine plane. Howard gave him the go ahead to land at John Wayne airport in Orange County California with the actor instead maneuvered. Toward a taxi ways plane flew over an American Airlines departing flight. With 110. Passengers on board any six person crew. They were able to safely land. They were probably safely actually take off minutes after this incident. Don't go to this the actor was captured on air traffic control recorders asking. Was that airliner meant to be underneath me oh my goodness this is not a conversation. You want to be hearing about its air traffic control and inform the actor. That he inadvertently landed on a taxiway with the waiting aircraft instead of a runway he was instructed to head toward. The FAA. Told NBC news controllers gave for the properly and instructions that he actually read the back. So now the FAA is investigating. Was the console can land whenever wherever you gonna. I'll one up. Clearer or that's right before whoever Han Solo is that. Will that be the instruction over the all I can say some people need to be fired at home Guinness. And of course this verdict confirms. Alliance's plans not to be at an airplane in the first place ray never happened. We're gonna work on that this year I'm gonna see if we can get this done so now. I'm I'm gonna think there are some ideas of some incentives. To go to a certain place we can only get their by air. That's to figure out how to shows a great day folks at hand god bless you take care.

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