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And good morning welcome to the broadcasts. It is winds today. Is this week Gordon by quickly or why. Is this whole year court I quickly. It is pretty amazing CO. Times slipping away. There's a song in there we should cruise. And excellence with. Into the future. It has the ring to shore yeah that's the work on the seeping through music that in goal. Good to be back with you want a sixty degree orgy. 803471063. That's Eagles advantage toppling number of counts its retirement planning text line. 713 years haven't I am still really. From the conversation a few minutes ago. I was listening yen as terra was talking about. What is happening a long millennial X if I heard that correctly. I mean before you hear talk about well when do people actually have sex second day third day whatever. Not having sex before a first date to figure out whether they want to date. Did you hear this one's a few minutes ago. I did I heard it on my way into work as listened to it the whole way it does this surprise you at all. Not really but it is a concern as a parent of millennial. Yes see picture issues and I read that story in we're gonna talk about this later on and not necessarily today. But a lot of what grabbed me there and I really liked the way article was written. Because it doesn't just talk and this goes into the broader issue when I've tried to do you on this program. Especially in our faith focus Friday segments because I was it 'cause meter flicked and some of the things that we've talked about before. How so many people approach. Christianity and spirituality as a Indy is a matter of rules. And rituals. I mean for instance in this area how many people look at this this must have sex outside of marriage it's a noon you're gonna go to hold you do. And that's really. At least that's not the point I communicate to my children. There is an aspect of this that require spiritual accountability. But there's some very real reasons in this life why you don't do that and they are relational in nature. Which I was really glad to see that the article addressed those. It causes. Relational upheaval. And unfortunately we've got a society that's. Real the he is an upheaval. Because of this very reason. And this kind of behavior certainly. Adds to the chaos which is the last thing that we need more chaos. Any case we'll talk more about this. On this program probably later in the week because I wanna put some time Davis. It is a very important issue in fact. Is this related reference Steve day's posted this on social meeting yesterday. Because this definitely ties in to this very subject we've just mentioned. He raises this question how do you know your culture is in trouble. 60% of adults eighteen to 29 were married in 1960. Think about that a moment. 60%. Of adults eighteen to 29 were married in 1960 U I guess line's newest with that figure is now. How many of those adults are married. 35%. It's worse it's 20%. Only 20% of adults eighteen between a married. And this tell issue all kinds of things about what's going on. Germany said about relationship. Here's further which Steve said prolonged adolescence. Plus low birth rate plus low marriage rates. Equals systemic cultural decline. And I would say resounding amen to that that's exactly what's taking place emerge said Europe before. The things that we're dealing with. Are not according to be resolved with legislation that will not be resolved with an executive order. It doesn't matter who's in office. What matters it's. Who we are is of people. Trends like this. Will doom. This country it doesn't matter who's in office. And we also have this. Our good friend just cite a Magnus and Magnus no way understand. Was on that are sure earlier this morning. Posted this from John Witherspoon. One of the signers of the Decker were decked what is wrong with me today. My tongue is tied. It needs to be on tides and how to do. It's my fault has to do with my suggestion before we went on the air now you're considering it. Dicey now you're thinking about it if you get your tone implied. A. A at a rate. You say so think about this same for the Chicago. Here's what John Witherspoon said to promote True Religion. Is the best and most effective way of making a virtuous and regular people. Love to god. And love to man is the substance of religion when these prevail. And here's the key thing folks. Civil laws will have little to do. And you want to think about this moment if you have these virtues and operation people are compelled in their motivated by love for god look for people. You don't need law. Every sound crazy to a lot of people. But this is what ends up happening you end up multiplying law into multiplying government. To try to rein in people. Because their passions are out of control. To a machine changed the heart you haven't really fixed anything all you're doing. Is your putting a band aid on something. Great quote fair job Witherspoon again posted by French aside Magnuson. Let's Google take a look at the day in history the date is February 15 27 team this go back to 1898. This particular war that I made reference to just a few days ago months ago. Which triggered as the USS Maine was blown up in Savannah in Havana harbor. This particular war triggered as the USS Maine load up in Havana harbor. What is the war. That was started in 1988. Only. Caught up. And you've been bombarded with all kinds of things the past few days. Yes it's it sees he saved a week's gone by really quick on things go viral flow. First American war. Around country Spanish from Spanish American war there you go or vandalism. You have a way yes it wise their other possibilities here 1965. This particular country announces the meat full leak may. I'm I'm gonna turn this bike off near along maple leaf foods Canada. You've got it I don't even need to finish this the official flag of our neighbors to the north. Add on the last would know he knew it if I am losing my mind. 1998. On his fifth try. This person won his first Daytona 500. I can give you another hint if you need it 1998. Yes. Where does the other famous father. By the. Well and. And if it's no limbs not McConnell well you may have these are first I I can give you they can also does when his father. If you need to you know our heart you are correct senior. You are correct he won his first Daytona 500 and they can't was he was also killed at that same track February 18. 2001. Through it right on the very last. Go learn to not cut you off what you continue and then you know I'm actually be able to get some of the now writes. Perfectly fine you did well I think I'm playing Trivial Pursuit and or some game like that I've got to answer first before somebody else jumps and yeah there's no other contestants over older brother contestants trust me. Yes and you'll see them on the tech slide very shortly Canada as we continue. Vince Coakley radio program 80347163. Arctic slides that one preachers seven. Any comments on the cultural things that I shared the top of the broadcast. Coming up we're gonna talk about Obama care. Even though the wimpy Republicans. Are not interested in repealing obamacare. We've got some conservatives. That are ready to fight the battle will talk about this as we continue sixteen after eleven. I'm just not appreciated it all currently some one doesn't like my. The possibility media rating songs. Veronica says keep your day job. It. A listener correctly pointed out. The lyrics quoted. Come from fly like an eagle by Steve Miller of course there as being silly. No big deal with sex they're plenty of Portuguese and orgies today. It's no different than media been playing tennis or golf that's from Carl and you know that it's it's really true it's been. Really turned from being something secret in Q something beyond casual it's great point. It's got to tell you it's hard being trumps support with all this going on every time trump does something left puts out. Some of the liberals I work with think it's my fault is I support trot. A pre everyday. They would put out real news report which really going on. I know and it's and not gonna happen looks and I'm going to have to gear ready and rifle loaded enjoy the other protecting our president and country Lou he's serious. It's not that bad yet and Gerald writes sand inside a preacher that worked with me. That would preacher funeral or revival to get laid. I can't say that surprised me ape you're gonna do it for money why not do it for sex. No. Way and probably get people riled up with that one but it's true. Also heard the low birth rate is concerned for future Social Security recipients none of people working to attribute to the future yep there's a byproduct is net. Miss the city of Greeneville is added again cutting down the trees downtown they cut down the four huge. Crate murder rolls next the Greenville news building and this week they're going to descend trees in front wild wing all in the name of progress. He retired city doing this. Please call the parks and recreation department let them know you think that's Jim out of Easley. I'm 35 not to sound conceded but I am. Pretty never rumor never married men don't wanna get married especially black men. They don't even take you on real dates. They just come over and she'll it sucks. You know I am not surprised. I see this all the time. I don't want soap box. I'm serious one of the things I'm gonna and I am especially with my daughter was the youngest. I'm gonna be very very. For about this message encouraging her to be picky do not settle for some guy that you're gonna you're gonna have to support. This is a lot of what's happening I see this all the time. And I'm just speaking right now for instance in the black community this goes on a lot. With a woman is out there working like a dog. And the man is. Not doing much of anything. And women will settle for these men. You know in this is one of the things I'll tell you all this nonsense the liberals are promoting about the war on women you know is really in danger. It's not just men especially it's black men it black man are really struggling. And there's generational reasons why this is not getting any better and so this has an impact. On the mend that you're gonna have to choose from if you were a woman. So I absolutely understand the point she made here. You. I hope that you succeed finding someone. Someone that you deserve. They Q Vince the team for being spot on you talk like people whether eyes open in the mines clear belief before starting. To understand it's not an issue of godless and is it's an issue of the substitute god that's good. The god of grace and truth the prince of peace is being substituted by the got a popular liberal culture. Every nation its ballots that god is no more remember there's no such thing as an atheist. Every one. Every one has a god even if they make themselves their own god and you are right on the money with this. Another text you're saying a great website for your your listeners wall builders with founder David Barton excellent regional source site he has actual letters and documents from the founders. Much said about how to keep America godly moral country it's Jun out of opens. Really. Good guy I've had the opportunity to interact with that David a couple of times getting your thoughts already. Commenting abouts what's happening with the morals of our society. Mary good morning welcome. How are you. Yeah have a little caveat for all list this panic moral breakdown. I've worked in manufacturing for decades. And time and time again this year at state like in the past five years. A fellow employee would come up to me and say well. I got my daughter down India's says she's in a row didn't. That Medicare and which can now that we got that taken care of him in the big piece porn chilled qualified for Christmas up guard. There's never ever any conversation about the father. About marriage. About his responsibility. Garrett has done their part by getting them on the road. In you know social welfare. And that's that's the mind that we have. And yes. Set the child is going to be award in this state from here on now. Cash Mary. That's heartbreaking and ID IC and and recognize the very thing that you've talked about because I know someone who's had these conversations. And she's actually raised this question with women. Where are the man why are you letting these men op so easy. You know where it's what's their responsibility in their role in this. And it and they just glaze over they have no concept whatsoever. It's never even crossed their minds to think that men ought to be accountable here. I'm I'm I'm not a a competitive. And an aberration it aberration. You know global war you know why would say and be concerned about the male condom counterpart might. I'm all. It didn't have a Mary I appreciate your call and that your observation here which is absolutely spot on. Cristina good morning and welcome. And yes what are you've got force this morning. Well I guess. And what I opt whit about the whole deal and the first day like it. Are not our Ed right footed shot out what they're not a date and time. That week and woods story without our ally. Jean HE. GG late go. Jerry the IER. Yeah quite a cure. But they choose. Activity on 812 A agent. As schools are teaching. And it just recreational. Activity. Aren't you need it do it they cure it where I'm. And and it that the right recreational like it. They eat that college guys EE. I and and now. I get he'd be great you look up going up because the out expected to. It became a teenager it be tracked it he's. Eight bank. And Jack bait cult. Completely. Or aren't you. Oh. You're absolutely rights and this has been part of problem appreciate your crawler Christina ended its. This is what's so unfortunate about it. Is that. The school knows are basically doing what parents used to do what church issues to do. And as a result we're losing generations of children this way it it shouldn't be surprising at all 80347163. I takes like 713 years seven as we continue on the Vince Coakley radio program it's 49 after 10 o'clock. 38 after 10 o'clock in this issue of what's happened with the new sexual. Morality or lack thereof is really resonated with people this morning. The big blue trucker joining us on the line hey good morning. Morning via tape new and sewer. A bit let that they ever secure assailant in person and I thank you are not some. Act like. Out ram truck outlook time and I got that enter an app I use the start with George orient Ramona and in that Bob enact it and I'll let you got loud at all. At our go scuba strap our pursuit cheers as my first year out of this dome district. And I'd bet a lot. There and then almost no buses so I'll have cameras. Have three cameras that. But let somebody complaints that are sent some in that fact that but he did not release. Now and AD. The activity investors. Don't have camp outs. And marijuana not really big issues all the middle school buses that are being involved. Embrace the packs that the city about six or 78 years. All I was anchored the. Particularly in the matter of sect he. Eat objectives. But it should also restricts the driver. Making eight he would know or don't know they. You reason to believe something has been going on those seats. A lot have proved. So hard at. It. Anyway. A lot of time out in a girl seemed like those top ball game where a process and now girl pretty. The problem is that girls. That barrels and then it states they comment. Her money list in the western out and about. But there at night sit there and talk about you know more gambles or use. Him. And I'm note two girls that went bad experience. For ever. And till. One song at a board screen. In a bigger program head coach he would let her. Leonard on in. Let's let turner board storage. You've got in the town there. Now there and it eats. In his how old are we talking about here. We're tarmac metal screw up all now. You've got to be kidding and. And I am not. I'm that's neat story back pocket big old show. Let pat did see a camera review. Of one girl. Went sport nitric. On the bursts. And of course somebody says it's not necessary in the Soviet parity but it was wrong camera. With this well disciplinary action taken in that situation. Make column the end of school resource officer act yes and an innate talent. I cannot get real tight lipped that they and administrative level of what they do manner what they gonna do. But it. Is it's bigger roles and kiss the girls who just yeah it changed. You know. You've made you've made an interesting point here I've heard this repeatedly people and I see and certainly social media and media confirms this. Many times they're the aggressors and they you know it's it's interesting what all the talk about sexual harassment for men. IC women who are just as aggressive. And you know probably justice complicit in that kind of activity Whitney's sake. Yeah and it just vote Rahman has two girl become enemies because. And when am I hate saying that Tariq banking. Yeah I I get it I definitely get it I appreciate your call there and be safer on the road there. Makes you follow those instructions. From the GPS. If you that there in the background and patted daddy is one of the things that I find really striking. You know what I've seen is certainly certainly the time I was growing up my biggest win some of this turn started and you can call it correctly from wrong. You know before it is it's the nature staying. This whole idea of women's equality. And what what is really happen as a result is. The morality has reflected this so called equality to the point where women are just as predatory as men. Plenty of evidence in this. Where shall I pick up on the tech slime because there's this is a minefield. And believe me folks. Some of these text I cannot read on the air. Once techsters saying Vince marriages like buying a car you have to test drive at first. Yet in bed that's the way to start brilliant. Not just the black community when I was saying earlier bouts. Some of the standards that taken place my head is spinning around it should be. That person. Who said they were pretty. Mean I'd be concede it sure sounds convinced LO well. It's better stop talking about the black community like that you're going to start getting the uncle Toms were hurled towards you would not be the start believe me heard plenty of times. Don't be so easy on the black males there'd be a struggle has been effort. Those that don't succeed or not trying largely they are lazy. On its part of the equation. Great book on the topic of this hookup culture unprotected by anonymous. And by campus psychologist described all the psychological. And physical maladies of casual hookups you this would be interest in the author with called her name because she's employed by a well known university. Oh she would be absolutely pilloried if it became known who she was how dare she put out something like this. Check this would now many more of your text on this subject which Israeli resonating this morning as we continue to Vince Coakley radio program also coming up. Conservatives making sure Republicans do something about a body care congressman Jeff Duncan joins us. Just a few minutes from now right here one of 63 WORG. Were you his disturbed by that call from our trek her friend as I was. Middle school children were talking about. Middle school. And you know one of these I know I've observed a lot of these things these kids don't just learn from their peers. They learn from their parents. I mean if you have the the morals of an Alley cat. It was pretty good chance your children are gonna pick those up to. This becomes generational. Also in the text line. The moral breakdown that began yesterday I blame Hollywood and music industry. All of these sorry my role models like Madonna achieves mild. Compared to some of the people out today. Ought to Spartanburg study shows America's the most board country in the world entertainment price tag is gigantic our young people are bored. That's what they have nothing to do. But think of pursues sexual relationships. That are destroying their hearts and minds and families in the future. That's a really good observation how much do you see this and you see besides social media. I talked with a parent trying to remember who it is. But I remember her posting on social media. That she bands this for her kids they are not allowed to say they are bored there's always something to do. And there's a really good the point to this. This issue of fog not having anything to do. It it really opens up the door all kinds of problems what does that line and trained her remember about. About time idleness. It's something. I wore member that perhaps at some point. Some parents need to go back to teaching their children right and wrong they also need to live that to you that's important. LO while these old people saying we will radios are sexually problematic colonials have less six out of wedlock the their parents did. Not that Barry being married really matters. Just make sure she's on birth control. Who. Degradation of our society where to begin this would require complete dissertation the courts the access to welfare the attacked and christianity. Education systems have made marriage or disadvantage to success in life attitudes expressed the cinema popular music. Destroying relationships free men and women. On and on and on and on and it's so many factors you notice as well as I view. Pat's good morning welcome the broadcast. Yeah there are. Years sooner. You. I want to Wear my mother and my husband went to work within the football but same factory where he works out right. For over here. And now we weren't going to be hearing it and it looked like we had a pre nine. Outlet we got married everybody was telling the court since nineteen. And and it kept our goal or two we don't we were so Mickey. Mantle. We didn't fight. That's good that it's absolutely awesome what advice would you give to people today. Especially for someone to have the longevity that you experienced. I want to say you're trying. Mallet that you don't. Don't what you can go to bat met. But don't lead the house met. That's good keep short accounts of what you're saying very important. Piece of advice from somebody who's been there pat thanks for calling fifty years. In that awesome. It's it's always great when you hear these stores. Especially in the atmosphere that we're dealing with now. Try to get to more of your text year for the top of the hour mentioned Jeff don't it's gonna join us talk about. How the three and caucus. He scored come out with a plan and they are working with Rand Paul and others do. Q basically stay on point on this obamacare issue you've heard how. The leadership the Republican Party is trying to back away and talk about repair of obamacare. Kind of insane what you think. After all a babbling we've heard for years. And tired of the excuses. Also on the text line. All this one sided talk as a single man it's nearly impossible to find a woman willing to invest emotionally in a man. Well that's an interest in perspective. How many people what would think I wouldn't be interested in it. Emotional investment. Novel idea. And someone reminded me of phrase by the way and I don't mind is the devil's workshop that's the one I was looking for. Then sex is. Worst today. Because people always been crazy for a moral state South Carolina ranked sixth in STDs. Weickel Californians. Are around eighteen that is from Brian how does that happen. South Carolina. Being married doesn't matter what kind of thinking that's the kind of thinking that's wrong with our society godly values are nonexistent. And that is from anymore meals saying this. Part of this could really tell the kids socialize the curiously if not co overtly over their phones yet. A lot of that going. Lot of people or. Reminding me about the idle hands. And I don't mind the doubles workshop. Michael morality endangers our country with the intelligence agencies take it upon themselves destroyed executive branch our country. How we hold our young kids morally responsible well it just. Top to bottom it's corrupt right. Is that we're talking about. It's the pin and Nazis or teach young girls that sex is power. And these mindless tarts believe it. I love this say because my dad used to say this. Can deal saying why by the cal with a milk is free. A a that is so general. And hate. The milk is just throwing flowing very freely in our society right now Whitney's say. Coming up next our Jeff Duncan's gonna join us to talk Obama cares they were this.

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