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You know I'm not sure gonna spent a lot of time this today factor probably won't. But one of the things that's. Was predicted. The same guy who predicted to. A number of elections the outcome of presidential elections also predicted. This president is going to be impeached. Know whether they succeed in removing him is another story. But one thing she have to consider it looked back in history. I want you to remember Bill Clinton I was thinking about this yesterday evening. What kept. Bill Clinton in office. Obviously yet the media on his side. But the other part of this was. In many ways to. Bill Clinton was a likable guy. I mean sure the guy was a snake we get it. But he was very much a likable guy. And it. What was the big argument back during that time the economy was great so nobody cared. I just wanna give you a heads up so that you are aware. That there are folks gunning for this guy no matter what. Now I and I've taken a lot of heat because I've not been a trump supporter I ultimately voted for him and even to this day. I want him to succeed. At the things that are good. Our won his presidency to be a positive one. But the concerns that I expressed about his character are the same ones that I have two day. And those of the things. That could be is on to win. That's the iron this is so many people criticized me quote you just got by hit Donald Trump I would say go ahead. Do it every beat yourself. Beat yourself. And continue that for four years. Because I know as well as so many people who have watched this man. I think this man. Is subject to implosion. And this is not a matter of what other people will duty and yes their people gunning for cam. But I contended all along he is his own worst enemy and it's what you gotta watch out for. Is you've got to have the humility to recognize. Areas where I am Lackey or I am not strong. And already I'm seeing evidence is some cracks in this didn't indicate. This is biting him in the rear end. By the way the vote is under way for Linda McMahon. You're thinking when this Linda McMahon is that Vince man's wife yes it is. The voters are underway to confirm her. As they have in the Small Business Administration. This will probably be a pretty easy. Votes. Could very well be along party lines that no drama expected there. Some other interesting. Have text that are coming in here. Trouble is going to be ousted by Wright's previous. Working with the GOP establishment to install Mike Pence as bodice. Trump must fire preakness and is stroll Sean Spicer or be deposed. Can I just. You're not far off the mark. I don't the Q are. I think peace establishment people that have been taken in. And embraced. IA I think it was ill advised. Right to free this is a problem. These are some of these people are nothing more than Republican acts. That's what they are. In case. Another text year. Since you sure seem to be at a really happy mood today. I just tear that smile through the microphone. Really. What's it. I'm not sure what the well. I do and there's. Good things going it's fairly tense day for one. Had a great time interacting with wife this morning before our busy days. Just take. Just suck all the time out of the day you know how this happens. You know I certainly recognize that. If we do not connect in the morning. And have the opportunity to talk to visit you know we its distaste gone. I'm sure you experience the same mr. right so although you're a different stage of life with. Older children and that sort of thing it's. Not as intense Hampshire. Well we don't see each other in the morning so we don't get up at different times. So you know exactly what I'm talking about you got to take the time when you get rain. Yeah and the bad part or due in part because we've both worked a whole line it's it's mostly evening time rates. Understandable. Theory much show. Also on the text line. Someone not making reference the impeachment of Bill Clinton Arlen Specter kept Obama in office. Are using Scottish logical not guilty Obama USB. Referring to you about both Clinton. That vote would've made all the difference in the world anyway because it's Democrats were all forms. Not a big problem. Also on the text line. What else we have here then some beside myself I don't know how I can go on in this world. Who once the live in a world where best friends like Chris Jericho and Kevin Rollins don't make it. A bit of Christian Kevin sprint chipped it last. What friendship canned. All I can say is that get over it. He not be okay. That was the first first relative I might add that that's got to be exact. Here's the bad thing Vince tonight neither one solid so no we we did not see it so you've given us a spoiler thanks a lot. Appreciate you. Destroying the opportunity for media you watch less easy homer EG one person I know who would be completely distraught over the breakups. Yeah. Yeah I just you know. I won't say on air what I told him about that whole thing current. That's another story altogether by the way before get a break I want to tease this. Did you have audio that I sent Alonso can we share that's. Briefly before we go to break here. Oh we do not have that. I'm gonna we're gonna share this coming up. I wanna talk a little about the issue of asset forfeiture of America we're gonna spend some time on it's they were gonna come back to this. I reached out suggested a much who is introducing legislation on this issue. I cannot for the life of me. I do not understand why we have not gotten rid of civil asset forfeiture if you don't know what this is we're gonna tell you what it is. And you're gonna be ticked off. It just blows my mind what basically the government is able to do. It's basically legalized theft other than taxation in this goes a step beyond that. We'll talk about this and why I'm concerned about the president's position on this. As we continue to Vince Coakley radio program fifteen after eleven. On the tech slide we need to grab the Soros and Clinton money before getting rid of asset forfeiture. That's a good idea let's take their money first. And then get rid. It's every time I hear the word impeachment thing about all the traders acts of Obama nobody was more deserving of impeachment as from MT. In in the he had everything lined up to protect him everything. Because there's no way on God's earth we were ever going to impeach. The first black president and he knew it. I wanna go into the issue of civil. Asset forfeiture. Now. Before I share review some comments from Donald Trump that really disturbs me and I should also tell you. A big supporter of civil asset forfeiture. Is Jeff Sessions the new attorney general. I wanna take you back to a story that appeared in the Washington Post a new report in tough times police start seizing a lot more stuff from people. These stories are just chilling in fact they've got a chart on this particular story. And I'm sure the numbers would continue to show an increase. It shows the assets. The department of justice and treasury. Has taken in and forfeiture fronts this is the federal government this there's even talk about the county governments. That have taken stuff from people. But from the federal government. In 2001. It was probably you know 700. It was like 700 million dollars worth of stuff. By 2014. Four point five. Billion. Dollars. You may say why it's not a lot of money. Well let's make this story much more personal shall we. Let me give you a couple of examples of the kind of things that happen with civil. Forfeiture. Sizzle civil asset forfeiture it happens every day people. Here's one. A drug task force seized 111000 dollars from a college student at an airport. Because his luggage smelled like marijuana. They've lacked evidence to charge him in the crime but they kept the money. And plan to divvied up between thirteen different law enforcement agencies. Most of which had nothing to do with the actual seizure of cash. Which took its money. In another case the iris emptied a convenience store owners bank account. Has its suspect he was depositing cash and such a ways to avoid reporting requirements for large deposits. He eventually won his money back victory let the court fight made it to fight to get his own money back. Once the property is seized. Owners must navigating confusing complex and often expensive legal process to try to win back. In Illinois for example order to challenges seizure. Property owners must pay a bond of up to 10% of the property's value. So let me get this straight. These pro government authorities take your property. You've got to find. 10% of the value of that property. To post as bond to get it back. It gets worse. If they lose their challenge. You have to pay the full legal costs of the proceedings. Even if they win and they lose 10% of the bond on top of whatever attorney costs they occurred. This is Celek America to you. But there's a lot of shares departments. In addition to federal agencies they are having a blast. They are having a blast. Because they are taken and a whole lot of money here. I'm looking at the figures here. Of how much police are able to keep the sheriff forfeiture money. That police need to get to keep under the law. There are couple places. Where. This kind of behavior is discouraged. By not allowing them to keep the money main. You know is this is ironic to me. Maine the District of Columbia. Maryland Wisconsin New Mexico. With civil forfeiture. The police can't keep any of that money. In South Carolina Vickie keep eighty to 95%. Oddly enough. Just north of the border North Carolina. Zero. You think this is an incentive. An incentive. To do some things that are a little bit shady. I think so. So imagine my horror last week. What I think it was a meeting with shares. But Donald Trump. Made some comments that really cause my skin to crawl. I want you to listen to this exchange. Here it is. We're gonna we're going to make a statement company. Yes it's absolute torture we've got to play senator. And taxes and was talking. And report condition. We it was a beautiful children am I told him that the car they'll build a monument to human Mexico. If you get police senator. When he used it. We destroy his career. Yeah. Did you find it funny. I didn't find it funny. Who is the guy who's who's actually try to get rid of civil forfeiture. Will destroy his career. Ha ha ha ha ha. Fox and and you know how this works when you talk about money. Especially with politicians. With government authorities with power. This is dangerous business. You're talking about taking money red and their pockets. Dexter says Vince what do you think operation rolling thunder is in Spartanburg county every year it's a shakedown. No texture says seems like we're more interested in due process reporters wanted to come to the US than we are for citizens. How concessions be. For this practice. Seems like a slam dunk unconstitutional practice. Can't load. This is pretty. Pretty bad. Dexter says it was funny playing to his audience I agree with you on civil forfeiture ago. This is serious business if you can't understand an issue like this. I don't know what. It will take to help you understand. The constitutional problem with this. I wanna turn though to someone who's planning to do something about the issue here. That I have very frequently on this program. Thomas Massie. My friend from northern Kentucky. Drew is a real stalwart for liberty. One person he's very close to. I've not had on this program yet I'm hoping we will talk to him for the first time this week I have actually met him at the capitol is Justin a much. This is a stand up guy. One of the strongest supporters of liberty you're going to find the US congress. He's promised to build to end civil asset forfeiture. This issue got attention because of the audio that I play if you just minutes ago. Before paying attention to this issue again. In response to president Donald Trump's criticism of lawmakers who dislike civil asset forfeiture. Justin a much. As promised intrusive built into it. It's what he posted on his FaceBook page. President trump today endorsed stealing property from law abiding Americans. Who haven't been charged with let alone convicted of any crime. He also said it will destroy his career about a conservative. Texas State senator who opposes this unconstitutional. Civil asset forfeiture. My staff and I work introduced a bill in the civil asset for richer. I always will stand up for limited government economic freedom and individual liberty. And I always keep my oath to support and defend the constitution. This folks is a patriot. My question is what kind of traction he's going to get with the other members of congress honest. How about the senate Mitch McConnell. The guy who probably has all of these. Back road sheriff's department people behind him. I didn't look at Kentucky by the way well there's a shocker 100% state. I mean this I mean what's amazing when you look at this map. I'm going to post this by the way this is a story. From 2015. On civil asset forfeiture. You I want you to look at this map and look at all of the states. Where law enforcement agencies it looks like about half the states released at third. They can keep all of the money. So there's no incentive at all. For justice in these areas. So god forbid your covered a lot of money and it's you're trying to explain where you got the money at him in May be perfectly legitimate. They can take it. We think you committed a crime. Or they give you the science and sort of documents say hate. Well you know we'll take your money. And we won't charge you that's the condition we won't charged with a crime which you gotta give up your money what are you going to do you. Folks it happens 80347163. Text line 7130730. Minutes after eleven. And we continue to broadcasted 38 minutes after 11 o'clock. We've had to argue about civil forfeiture. On forfeiture there's one thing we can do sue the living daylights out of every officer involved his superiors up and including the governor. Picture asking what are the benefits of Savoy asset forfeiture. Yeah its money they just basically take the money. How many times are doing stories and I'd I'd. I'm just telling you especially when you're a news person you very easily during the Kuwait I remember a story. That was covering when I was back in my TV news days. They had this drug dealer. Who was using this very expensive sports car. To carry out his drug business. So they she's the car. And they souped it up and she. Now use it as C a car for. Propaganda purposes might be good way to use to describe this. They go around and they talked to kids in the dare program. I love it it's a great idea. As long as that person has been convicted. But I remember doing that story. And I don't know that I gave too much thought about. Well way to stick it years this person convicted they commit a crime. So it it's really a if it's a very attractive single law enforcement agencies especially when they're strapped for resources. This is a great place to find money. You'd stop somebody who has a lot of money. And they can't explain it. You've got them. Also in the text line reminds me the sheriff of Nottingham. But worse Robin Hood when you need him yet where is Robin it can be up there somewhere that you think. I support trump I do disagree with this stance on civil asset forfeiture. We need him. We need to let him know we support a marshes bill. But it's not like he has a direct office number. Actually he doubts. I was said talking with a member of congress. Last week. And I know for a fact this person told me every single Republican member of congress. Has Mike since his phone number. They can column directly. So. Do know that. Just keep that in mind political privilege strikes again yes it dies. Civil asset forfeiture is very destructive for polices it takes the focus off for protecting the public puts it on collecting. Revenues. Yep that's a good way to describe it. Where is the rest of this message. There is a drive through Spartanburg every day. During operation rolling thunder they're four times more police watching southbound and north drugs are in the northbound. But money is in the southbound. Wow that's an interesting. Perspective on this. Another text there won't destroy his career to name the guy live TV is what trump said not we will destroy his career they were desist discussed in the fact. They were told not seized cocaine up guy if he has been charged yet. Being noticed letting dealers keep their cocaine would certainly ruin. A career. Well. You got to remember ago. The perspective here. That I shared earlier about supporting this. This is a a policy. That Jeff Sessions as your attorney general and top law enforcement person in the country. He's in support of these policies. And I'm serious when I say against you. I think there's a whole lot of power here in sheriff's department brought across the country and not just picking on them. There's a lot of power there and a lot of political clout. And I have a feeling a lot of politicians do not want to cross. That's my suspicion anyway. As we continue to broadcast 42 minutes after the hour. At 11 o'clock. Let this go out to halt to restore a Pall on the line. Yes I'm good morning how. Actually surprised that you can even ask the question. It's always about money it has the second reason that this is happening is about money and the third one that it happened at about. He went in the army did it in a position that hey I'm Ken I'm getting confused what is it about its. It. But it didn't. If they you know what was starter this sport but it's all it's about Castro article would have. The but the dude you're addiction. In which this all happened it's called admitted to strip and in the district it's sort of like all the checked him out that it's exactly so political. Party. Figured during ahead 08 B eight to pitch and it all happened it's in it's in administrative jurisdiction. It has nothing to do with constitutional. Article three which is common law and its final in its decisions. I wouldn't it is that station that I had a report of a guy that was just busted for something that I seven prompting charges Bubba blah whatever. My question are heard this is why wasn't he charged with anything and put away. Maybe on the third of those you know they're committed securities program that it's working group that's what any local office. They own portrait of you know what the prosecutor. Because that's how they make money off of that so that they've already finds something to begin. And gets so we're just. I potential it's gonna happen though once sent up north said anything and nor can do anything about it because we gave up or jurisdiction in accounting. As solid. I it's pretty amazing isn't it's now what do you think do you think there's going to be attraction just demarche is introducing this legislation. Do you think that he's going to find enough people to support this. Get it or not it. He's up against in either industry. OK it's a good word court system is essentially done designed for non crime long murder victim and slash no. Property damage stop coming at 5% of people this that there haven't done anything to you bought. But they're still in jail on me you know you're here. Do you tell me what's going on over here this could just infuriating essentially the economic obviously tickets hurt by the Jerry. But most people 151000 people that listen to this station will do anything to get out of a period you. And this is the problem. OK because what once the jury speaks in the constitutional court it's over it's done there is no guilt there's no one packaging including Supreme Court. This court is superior to the United States Supreme Court so that it gets. You know it could not continue until we already sitting very ignorant. And you know all of this has happened so other people that's pretty much wire take off. Yet in your read about this until it happens to you it's probably Mecca to be a big concern in this is this is war were up against here they appreciate your call. Action no problem at all and as we continue 80347. What are 63 that's Eagles advantage stock claim number. Common sense retirement planning takes line is 71 preacher 7-Eleven 46. We start up broadcast talking about general Flynn and the fact he's resigned and all of the out permutations of where this story could possibly ago. A listener. And I hope you're still listening right now at the top the broadcast you send a message to Terry and in your race him very very good questions. I forwarded basically I took your text that you sent to me in the top of the hour. The top of the broadcast and I sent it and you Andy McCarthy. Here's his reply. Just few minutes ago I'm writing about this now in McCarthy yeah. Rates can't remember which publication he writes for. But he is doing a more extensive piece on the very questions that you have raised. So. I'll try to be on the lookout for that and I would encourage you do the same. And I hope he's able to answer your question did you raise some really. Good questions that at this point I know I don't have the answer you. Our civil asset forfeiture. Whatever happened to the ten commandments thou shall not steal as from Dave pretty basic as it. Better texture here the money seizures not connected to drugs the seizure of money or other items goes into local governments general fund. And they send that to the PD it used for everything else yeah. What are forever Republican member of congress has co president Stephen bans direct member that's aggregate question. I have is even dress. Have used it since the inauguration. I wonder if he still using him actress. Law enforcement robbing our assets with four richer in congress stealing our cash with taxes nice isn't it. Vince can we the people used asset forfeiture laws when crooked politicians are convicted and sent it federal country clubs I mean prison it's a but but it's a that's who. You know it never seems to be used on. The politicians. You ever notice how all of these things like surveillance doubters of the staff is turned on us on -- us little people. That's the way it always works. Here's another angle for you civil for forfeiture is a great tool to discourage the use of money. You've gotta ask yourself why would government want us to have little money. Think Federal Reserve may and we get to a whole show on this subject. Because I do think there's a concerted effort to get rid of cash. To get rid of cash entirely. You know if you heard talk about getting it a hundred dollar bill. Yes they wanna get rid of the means for you to carry out commerce. Without that financial tracking that financial transaction. Being tracked. I love this next year. Now I feel fortunate to have nothing worth taking. That's pretty sad isn't it. National steel heard of taxes render to Caesar. Civil asset for richer rubs the people due process that alone makes it illegal and should be repealed. Mike at Virginia. Apparently the one who sent the information to me earlier in the show they think you know you are welcome and do you keep an eye out for this. No texture saying Andrew McCarthy writes for PGA media show. You keep an eye out for distinctive story folks. Can before ago and I I want to just tell you I've warned you. I think there's a lot of good things that Donald Trump has the potential to do. But I think there are forces and I think many of you noticed I should share an email from Andy I'm gonna make them and put this in the beginning of our show is an icky. Since the very important. I mean embrace everything he said but I think there are forces. That are working against this country within this government. And I think the forces are so powerful. And I'm talking spiritual forces helping to sustain that power. And this is bigger than any one person can ever. DO. It's gonna require concerted effort and and honestly. Divine help. And I share before we go very briefly a portion of a new post on Babylon be just came out today. Religion is a parasite. Says man living in mom's basement. Local unemployed 28 year old Blake Wheeler who's lived at a makeshift room in his mother's basement for the past ten years. Recently logged on through living room PC to visit a popular online form for skeptics. Worry postal long wind that rant accusing religion of being a blood sucking parasite dragging down society. Religion is a destructive reach that feeds out others resource. But the man who's lived out his religious mothers goodwill for the entirety of his life. We go early show people evils of those freeloading religious institutions. Our society can be free to truly flourish and progress. Can you believe that religious organizations don't pay any tax what we common people struggled opinion polls and each each year. And the man whom his mother claims is dependent otter tax return. That's furthered or it is that income taxes in his life. Publishing time whether it called religion the opiate of the masses before firing up a massive bond. In his mom's car. Is great folks. You testified. About Avalon and the ball or Craig what's. Oh my goodness and enjoy the media circus I'm sure it will continue. For quite some time items Vince Coakley says a great day in guy publisher take care.

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