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When I was 63 WORD. Through issues together. Interior holes rob hit sand box raw and live and local 11063. Just WORG. Yahoo! and morals and I bear I've. We're talking about today well rapids we have big show planned for everybody we're always on amount shop class where home at school but if we're going back to school moreover we're talking about a vocational schools slaps trade schools and stuff so much for the industrial arts and we are a couple special calling yes and those are calling yes well on. I am given away a rare and began going to tease our listeners will members of the show notes over the melody but in terms I mean you wouldn't want you we Jose oil mr. comedian at this is someone I have do you get along angry your hair through life really need to serve them well I guess and we'll stay tuned for that yen and Owens as Lucius from the TV show we all my nose car physics really connect into you which one is GM wanted to. One of the two sources jeered Zimmerman broke loose in the. Then and now what do you do this weekend. Let's say hello how they will Marmol almost past weekend technically Taiwan wants them. This past week a little holiday Momo Brasilia the code does the typical stuff you know. Mothers you know went out to a nice dinner went to a Italian restaurant. The science and business that is would you go after it to a monster truck rally where you from Greenville, South Carolina born and raised six point DaJuan they know I'm just really competent. So I don't know it under the much GM we had a great time monster Jim worries hanging out chicken all the monster trucks walker LC besides we've got to meet some of the drivers cool did you. Lol did you need to me actually get to meet Pablo half Tucker. Pablo and I know I just screw his last name Lovie was actually the driver for great dinner ice film ever Minnesota Minnesota this is actually doing a lot better you're hitting terribly he got really messed up in Orlando. But he's or actually it was little little. Tampa Tampa and he was supposed to go to Orlando next. I'll pick up list W there's the walk around to look really good some from the boys pictures assault us carry our rob let's get in talking about the shop classes. Shop classes. Give us some gun near Miramar horror the trade school thing. I'll industrial arts well we'll sneak you know every wasn't mile if you lose it looked at as a way to get our school. But the thing that was thought about it thrills Egyptian border so let me get to work with a period. Well stub your analogy imagine Pullman to look cool change place UG nine year old changing car and no one's lack talent does that. Exchange mobile or elements are no hair money easy only hear jokes that. No I am Acer's limousine pull up. And no one's there to change your for you when you're talking about. I mean that's the void left if we don't have Sharpless. Well this is the thing you know I think a lot of people don't wanna get their hands dirty anymore let's say another problem with a is there but it won't sit here that posh job here these trade jobs are still out there let me. When I would have vocational school we had drafting classes we had he Nader we had 'cause we told you for the gals wearing Gaza threw that I mean. We are the candidates are Jacques saying. Well being you know so and there's two Utica Anderson really Barber's how you think Hillary. But early this thing everywhere would shop when they used to build the portables for all the schools right behind our careers that are. Yeah I'm very interesting you know made 2015 time magazine wrote did they issued an order article. Titled why schools should bring back then shut us. Yeah I think I promise the schools are focusing too much on academics. And out on the employers' ability of their children you know remain close thing is they may escort thing that they were true numbers yeah I mean that there are worried about the almighty. Was that has yet today I guess that's it SAT test these little prelude I don't know what I fail obviously. But the word about that when I mean. It's great to be academically you know gifted without show does great in college student. But if you can't take those you know things in applied to your day to day life this kind useless old days on the malaise won't pay the bills exactly view this is the thing up a man he become like a you know rocket scientist the main reason will learn how would you know what I mean isn't that what grades you may know that your school isn't a matter about your pages when you you know how school. You know and it's funny have often heard you know people talk about Eleanor Roosevelt room alana no reason why why entities regiment taxes to less important will tell you were awarded to general changes tire and it blows my mind now ms. grove middle or change is turning more you're coming you're absolutely Craig GM change tire change join car. We have changed our politicians found out and you only simple jobs a main Somalia teach us well listen things become of those dying thing that'll surely caller. You take it sort had to deal. You know and not only that I think shop class gives gives children a sense of accomplishment. You know it gives them a self worth if you will if you will. Maybe it's a little of everything I mean they're learning a trade to me you're you know so we don't have to go that career. But you know how it works. We not armor we're going to school and subsite got ourselves is like two years ago easy Louisiana army on children but I actually your hand and actually print to in about ten years the other money you know other. Beno is an all seriousness you know a lot gives you as a school day and masks on the strong sue you know his socialism strong suit. But you know they really adapt to the hands on they really give it any -- a sense of accomplishment. Ones are still well and a I understand that you are wrinkled some kids don't looks more so kids are better weather and isn't this is whether clinics sales and vocational program absolutely. It's all you know watch his maybe maybe not feeling Smart in class. And -- going over to vocational school they find their senses of Smart as if you will mean they found their skill they found what they're good at their strong suit which is working whether it's only people are different army know all this can be a daughter owner cal. On some of marijuana being thereof. I don't I've never it's never even remotely cross my mind. To be anything that corridor I mean every aspect of my life has been around drilling auto bill. Yeah it and I remember all through school in now out as a thousand math genius honestly I'd numbers were my strong suit. But I think here glad wanna do that wants a man this conclusion pencil Maine I knew were my life so let's please say about it this conclusion pencil drawing logo. He Linux on her Montclair residents and have been through the prison terms cal lawyer Trish pencil close mounts. As little weird. But you know seriously I know I wanna learn hands on trading nose in new model ramps and things of that and it keeps me involved with the automotive industry. And plus I'm Maggie your hands on with the car as well. Well obviously this is the thing with it you know I mean you have to be a mechanic to be hands on what your car no not at all and that's something that you know. I think a lot of people like well I'm really corridor subtleties and no this is something everybody needs an you know how to jump off your car change a battery in your car. In job always served three years and to my knowledge don't think any high school program doesn't. They need a class and troubleshooting. Data class and everything that but remain as they can singularly eerie drone of Brooks and you've done your car make in just a slight noise and you don't know what's up. It's nice drill hole for me knowledge mangan and no your problem. It is nice coming they got we got Google will now. Drew is the fix for everything what is this Pena who. What's this pinging sounds policy mocha madness. Turn the radio and key drug an ally. I think there's a big need for the shop class clearly you know the element of class. You know. All those classes would shop I mean a whole listening in May not necessarily be automotive related by. We were we a criminal justice and each VAC class with these were. I mean I mean I remember I know several people that I went to school with that actually got a job and owns a business in the field now from what they learned in our school. Well for years that's why I want to do I want an auto mechanics ticket actually wanna go to pain body that's what I wanna do a wanna go national all of diesel and learn how do airbrushed word didn't. I want that was my career path Allison is that way and young stars didn't line and went different directions and he's for the better in the long run but. That was my career press. Well and that's the thing I mean you know. A lot of ways you know when you come from a caller fairway Carl Becker like I did my my future was predestined to be with a caller. But I mean you have kids that I have several friends that did they can do auto body at the vocational senility. Just because I thought it would be cool and now they have a career in that field. Capsule to correct Matt Aaron hammer Emeril on the school of several kids it pay money was want to be able to your liberal school several youths several kids pardon upon origination unit to hundreds of kid ally there is late. Several hundred actually map until her assistant even in union you have hundreds of kids hundreds of them that's just mind boggle or not there. Let's say what goes we're going over the subject a little more this mixer exit segment. And we also have. A very special calling guested on grumbled not so that we have two special code is sure. And admit I'm our next segment were only give more stories of our shop class that is cool so we go we we do a little shop talk about. But yeah okay little shop talk walk the dog. Gas station. A 1063 WORD. From. Bad look invites to. Drury look. I'm rides and after you on 1063. WOR DE. Whether or on the floor or three on the treated. Please rise and have. Every hour. Rod yeah will go with the vocational school we had a great we were so much stuff oh here's some stories about you I personally I'll just docile enough when you learn a thing enough thank. Not a thing now you know I did learn actually learn how to weld best skillet you will do this together now has a puzzle that's it's great things didn't go awfully serious note. If juvenile halls probably invented I agree that they've actually if you want is some desk welded together I'm your guy he really your coming lies. 33 of them I'd come together that's talent I'm telling me out of them are as men outside Amanda dear parent company. There more than meals from. Him but saw buddy Aaron six or got a cult like helical C knows the long term vocational student actually went from three years sided you know when three and a half years a first half I actually once firstly there both skipped mother classes and came Manning now so let's go I don't think yours should be saying things like that while winning on a pro black market mullah college strips or whatever you're pulling your polluting young migrants and can know him on this news don't skip class is. And if that's bad I took auto body took every course of auto body can take will buy that someone somewhere for three years well two and a half years and I can take got to buy it more there's no more on the body courses and a half semester. But other recent study hall so this tool your thought about taking something they'll seared the vocational center well let's say hey take auto mechanics looking amount I have a very automotive background I grew up finish up I mean. A no stranger to tools were gonna show or from your car while it was so funny thousands no idea beginner class for auto mechanics the teacher he was kind of funny undersea by mechanical tiled this guy did. And always got to meet him didn't hit it off rocked back and actually a real good how school friend among Travis Hawkins was in their living. Comedian can always find trouble they can afford to Orson that are there was donated by the Ford Motor Co. It was so funny because accorded run carbon sitting for a couple years and were taken spark plugs out Ochoa after a why did run discussed more plugs in the car has no miles on it that's not the problem. You know we'll forwards euro's well you know that label for seven version switch just in case they get hit in the back what's called magma pursuing an awful lot of zone levels of reason while the score was donated so what others are take the kick panel Ronald pastor side and guess what the little buttons popped up a push it down and called our drug you know that was fun Mel's great will shop teacher was nowhere around for me to show him so I drove to launch. I mean I think that's absolutely what you should do they didn't think that because interest do you do for low week. I'm sure you pick a blood there. Did you. A lot studio donated cars willow tree and deter cell that was so also and maybe in the artist and Smart Alec I was it was a shot project you know we've been up to quarters in the fenders and ongoing repair them and we will team that's along pretty good with bond and we got our quarter and I just like Philip. That was my thing is Phil let's move that pain it house pain when everybody else was still working metal. You're killing your children although there's several body and Immelt is still use that technique once great technique coming via Russian through internationals absolutely not. The snow should it that's the metal embodied in this match nothing stretched plus hundred that is true now aren't I great on a jail today another rule funny story about -- vocational school this bat or in the body shop class nobody Tressel constituents to discover a big we just painted a Nissan Max lowered rolled out papers I just wants a unit Travis probably should and hung out you know. You know what we probably should have been separated crew pretty early in the game but we never got separated we were always in trouble together so it always worked out so we roll the scorer out of favor for me it was freshly grated I mean it was. Dry enough to get it and move it. Crash and we pulled in the body shop in the car turned out good from bush accused the page that it turned out great in terms league's up and gets us out of it and there's is why I'd leave us but pretty solid as an hour and a half. They kill I mean just things like that over and over there's not unlike a maximum will butt crack. I'll promise you that are still around the day it's got a substitute to leave us both previous so I. I and a good one in different mind Mike mountaineers. Made in my you know as as young men do. We have and will scuffle and shot glass in a scuffle where it would had a difference of opinions and lit tool scuffle Willis Sean clutching only you do that you menu make via a carry on any notice and make a remake I mean you're not so it would handle scuffle we're under lift working all would have meant well but won only know one of the administrative things the administrative walked in and dumb CNET so obviously we listen to the office was as good punishment vice principal Fabio great idea for us to write an essay as why is not safe for us we horse around underneath the list and that's. An essay. On that and most of you know me being who I am being the 21 that I was so well ma'am messes us save the you know under lifted many times she similar can fall on you wired horse around semantic upon slower market. Higher than us they better do some today and I SS. Others say out of billions they had a good post reporter yes so then nicest thing about it. Moon and known as newsprint fun. The another another funny funny funny body shot moment and there again we were sitting there in this guy had a 68 Serena and you don't front you know was killed Carl's wreck and he looked all over firfer offender for well given my and we had a class doubles mixed aware of some intra little Gaza were just starting and they we have the guys there were more we have been in several auto body classes mixed together class and terms was so proud he felt the standard for his car. You know we looked everywhere to file a bill this did free fitter means school strip at noon. You get rid of panic and he walks away and execute those I want the ten. Spenders. So it to the body hammered just sinner that thing around the literally. That kid could have died that day. A free phone that is pretty good stick he still gets meant to this day when you mentioned that story so. Oh so they've fixed under period we fixed it. Phillies did you go down them as a load dribbles cars because one of my buddies will never forget and they are 74 MCG. Jeep Wrangler and PSI play you know better side by some as VA Jeep and no one more thing is do it. -- three goals we know embolden the site myself mentally local matters we take the doors off the slain just hide them and where we decline in jobless with a woman other cars and everything they can while there are no doors on the Jeep started up open handers we don't a lot of dumb stuff limits of our favorite thing to do was rewiring the sparkle Osama any teacher scoreless dial back this horrible there we were fans your bag kids and I'm given that that is us in those closing your polluting your loans. Men and whatever my. So we have some good times like that we yourself a lot of job class I think is good we'll do that but also built my first small block engine in there and Iran. We'll tell you something I mean I did not. First. Order of any kind that the injury vocational center I mean literally there's things I learned from my shop teacher that I still used to this day. Absolutely away I built LS motor mile wagon you know and I took my knowledge from child plus imply that to mullahs now. And I still do that on aspects young troubleshoot the car so I think you know show class lush no doubt. Is a great things you know Porsche politicized yells fine us jury thing. Well it was scum like class but you have a thermal and you don't and you actually can enjoy yourself and learn something that same exactly are you as an eighty estate's interest MMX. We special calling guests that talk rob how jealous there. And then after that Lucent Tiago resuming join a story here on the show. Already we got we will move forward Leo yeah he's gone and utilities goes reported books from Vegas judge Lewis in the hot rocks and happy hour right here at 1063 WORD. High performance radio you're listening to hot rods and happy hour with rock band and on. When it was 63 WOR GC EO. I Verizon. I'm 1063 WORG. After all 163 WO our producer. It's hot rod yes they're going government calling yesterday would have various bush calling yes mister Harold hall. My high school body jugs injured yes or mental Jim and I know Bob Griese you're right here the reason why we're treated teach me how to make some pretty mean products holds them together live. Mr. Ohio you do loser you're well. It's a well we've been told a vocational schools and all the programs this trade partners in every dime off. Delusion interstate or get trained storage. There's a big problem. Willis thing these Trey Jones still out there that I mean these Johnson went away. The job should hurt just trying to prod people a plumber is part park. Well I mean this is the thing I mean will unleash trade programs solve the contests this stuff I mean you actually talk about that earlier this week I don't it I mean it's not about content section about a learning something that you can take review then they can actually make money with that. Lot of it. They you know you've you've got to teach what's out there you go and teach them what. I don't should get a job can't can't store or anything else job that's to mankind. Well honestly think you're teaching them life skills that I mean I know things I'll learn from you that I still used to this day. And that's been handling of twenty years ago now this just aren't there is crazy and I mean just you think that kids are still warm because I mean you know I mean adding grow old though somebody shot but I was you know all's interested in that era and I mean like you said you got me started. In that career. Right now there are. That was a long time ago I did earlier it would permit me to give consideration now stall problem are they used to teach computers are calling you everything is buttoned. Push button italics it's different habits you and certain with a camera or something. Harold knows a little bit about Robin how he was back in school. Now Robbie Rosen a better kid he was good kids are they can't eat. Rumored that he was grief like dressed up my camera without any direction that like Jack and he's just so ready to restart. Our dude my Kevin guys sitting pretty certainly. And I was probably what you are. So what does father I know you also tell him as well. Right and proper. Little quieter than Robby are stood he watched a lot to do he did not in say a lot to do it we're supposed to. He'd just watched a lot. No I diddley got all the told her skills in the same way heavily. So there you have the seeds I mean obviously to generation's worth of bids but you have seen several students are probably hundreds decisions over the years. You know what was Samir Al biggest accomplishments are you may proudest moments in these kinsey on throughout life. Well you know what would they come back in general how they both put doron shopped or they've done mr. and that's. And I would stall once it makes you can't record you're proud of what she's done not so I'm fortunate W arch present deputy clerk. Well that's what it's all about I know it's got to be so rewarding you actually started the auto body program angry look on. Rightly unscrew this street when apple well they are. I talked a woman to coach Shoppach got personnel people years ago in that they basically all we ought to do this will do that. And to make probably what they've from the district opposites up maybe job crisis or you I don't know I think about it I had that would have done about it. And I can't tell racial don't say no just come and talk doors and please don't call us you know object president truck output electorate. They're known as move. Best career move ever made student teacher who objects. You know around an hour talking earlier on. You know about shop class in how it gives a lot of students a sense of pride and you know you know I might not be the mast mast suited in the best science student. But it it gives a sense prizes they're actually able look at plea something men and I think that's what's so great emotional pleasant actually. Allows student who put their hands on some rank of police on them that they may have not been able to do inside the classroom. Right could get you one student help from Korea wants it. At eight YouTube. Really good my class acts in recent intelligence sources. It never got to be a model I think so get your class is so all the years I've been I'd stroll we're problem originally now. Is that I had never going to be more and more than a minute let speak out or before. Sort that your class a that's what you carnage that. Well you know I this think this kids learn differently you know I mean. You're afternoon shoppers a big difference between your shall know Mitchell boredom on the shot shown themselves. Well it's probably get your results you've got a DJ am so let that's. I decide what you do don't you tell me elder at all let me get my hands government issue effective sol delta. Well now remember coming in this is and how schools are army armor would fix this between eight your members who did the 93 Malek was my first wife's caller. The other residual AA we fixed and a school by a shot where little referring machine and everything. Yeah operates out Iran to give. Maybe it's easier things like that I mean we were doing that and high school. Some measure called give us a little flashback further beyond you're teaching. What do you do before. Austin and a classroom you know we'll get you start in the auto body industry. What do you luddite white robe degree roll back in 1961. I I want to look correction restraint off. Are you might hurt and it's time I'll work correct sir distinction and that went where it's GOP didn't vulture like it's it from the Arabic called me back. I came scooters get so I got pretty experienced before god in there and enact. It was everything was new I was like something's new now and now there are Nadal worked out how I would just. Split architect can teach what I learned just other people. It was a very it was a very personally helped you get into auto body was it a favorite singer was is something that just. Now I was always ready student she knew what I executed our school. And now we're gonna score gonna work and home and in the first sort of you know large doses what are jeopardized. I would I want to school where we're doing the same problem Carson nationalist that was my goal right there is to do some sort course. Well speaking of Carson what's what you've ever gotten. A lot government team 33 Ford pickup truck that there are eight down and pick as you know who's down and a big old jumped out back to 1970 dirty and our I talked we are ordered to let me Everett and we appreciate it and that's all Muqtada students look at art so. It's just I achieved certain victory that might keep certain victory for. And as I know how to bigger tournaments a good looking drug black tipped the blue the blue ghostly little Bruno and I mean that's I mean let's have a cool rush who shopped usually cruise around it. Outlaw show really drive triggered yeah luckily I really old school were Irish. Gonna have reliability. You have something new speed about those gotta cool your there's like you know I've been you know win in honor shuttle for all that stuff. But you know is always goma bodies jumped visuals are broader and your use talking about like you you've always been harassing callers. That's the thing that brings all scarred us again you know we didn't play football yeah we were in sports were colored just as I lose today I mean like I still see your caller shares even all these years later. Yeah right yeah. I'll probably be there till today and our. Usually those Imus drug and the question is something we asked there everyone calls end. Are we tried to at least money no object if you could go on buying any carve your dreams what car we diva. Oh. Take what I would like 54 mark recruit Florida while it's good golf. There Jen what else were lighted my younger Brothers worked for our. Fourteen gas station. And the guy tell me station had a victory for mark quicker portable flat dirt. Comment on kit at bank not always just produced car that were never made fools sit not a result. What legal body issue that was one that's what order. Until others are gorgeous car you'll see this course. Now seem warning to call or shut crew and several clubs over the years and and and just absolute beautiful. Mr. whole run out of Time Warner thank you so much colonials you're gonna go back down memory lane about them on show days and I'll legacy stuff and thank you so emotionally orasure. Thank you heard much caught mr. you'd take your sir we'll see you Kosher is okay right like I. I guys who was in the hot rods and every hour stick around as we got a very special calling gives up next you'll miss it you're listened to 1063 didn't reward being. From custom car shows and swap meets are racing at Fort Myers, Florida it's all about rods and rides on how. Hot rods at happy hour a lot of local and 1063 WORT. No hold on this is where speed and horsepower. And rocks Manhattan. Thought wrong on when. I'm just looking back. They are knows how foolish you guys today we have a very special guest I'll drive would you tell about our special guests are very special guest is the doctor professor Lucent did it. He is mr. not yet mr. anything to roles and blow smoke out Luke welcome our president Barack you don't look. And well do you live now you guys do it. That's all you can do world's announcement has had a trip deploy you know I think you're demographic so good merit you if you look at on this other dirt you're in the game already aren't exactly Ireland so slow to about central Piedmont community tells would you guys go Obama. They tell me a year ago they actually actually the Communist and and help them out they have this class called restoration right now you're gonna be an awesome I'm glad you got to sit down 222. Dollars. Sixteen weeks Ukrainian your project the basic can't tools we supply this break loose the welding machines still lives in knowledge say. What is that has given it a lot to them. And it doesn't it and it doesn't matter what you wanna do. If you wanna do a full blown restoration. Cat if you wanna just do it Scotland shoot you can't. Jumped out snowman yet no matter puzzles where you edit the missile means schools UK mobile decided you know I don't know. If they had it's been going on for years. From what I understand that it's been going on like 1520 years from what I understand yet. So how popular is this what they're. Well it was a it was it was dot it would slow it down and it wasn't dying but it was slowing down because they had some people who dismiss manage it. And then let January I got in there and I was actually working with it move. Detained by the teacher and youth getting ready to retire so he showed me the ropes and then what we turned it dune would you start to get it back together. Because people start finding out that I was in there because you know use the -- body guy actually got a lot of just full blown paint jobs like guy stripping their cars down to bare steel and paint them so now and I'm there would do more chat work I got a guy do and I have a guy binge in the class it's fifty years old he's never built a car reform. Never showed up what 47 should be truck in the picture chicken and make it like it is. OK I don't look at is. The running towards the running board to six inches off the ground. On I actually build the cross member from the front end so when I'm gonna go and in the little bit and help them out because we need to treat my day off but I have so many guys do it stopped like this week. I didn't need to be here to help so what we've got is he would net the team player activity section just up the ground custom front then we're gonna put more for bar and reroute and I got another guy who's doing what should you should just before Chevy truck 71 years old and he's never built a car before we're replacing. Firewall the rocker's before the cap corners understand. Maybe. With a lower six inches in the firewall we're blazing. I got a guy doing if 68 shelved due to guide you're 68 Ford truck I mean there's all kinds there's there's one guy who comes into this is. You got your life if you picked up by thirteen challenger this guy basically made it to its own version of hell look at the camera and he had that the other forty dodge coup so this guy Rick by just racked. Home go to a home villain in a guy like Anderson head gonna meet in a lot of good parked on an PD by this wrecked challenger turns around gives him forty dodge to your crew. Perimeter cut production more added a challenger drops the true bodyguard wheelbase is an age difference DeWitt is Hussein so he can use that she eats the dashboard that drive train everything they'll be able to go to Chrysler dealership and plug it in and they can diagnose the car. So mostly just re skin re skin the new challenger yet. That's current jumping way cool it would put something we call so. You see you know forty dodge in the act like Jack put. Mean that's awesome coming for the money you guys you can't buy that sort talent the U guys are offering you know the knowledge in everything you can't buy you can write you can go rent a Booth for the price forgive what sake. Exactly exactly. Which they're good guys they're good guys who come didn't he he he does well he he does although the prep work in his house like I guess mr. Carter brought do whatever we go to all the prep work in the house and like you show like you'll come in on Monday. We've got forcefully Jews. So like you comment on Monday and he'll get a reboot to get the car all white down match dot stuff like that do come in on Tuesday chief to car went today he takes you know he he takes all the paper tape off taking home. Would like to recall a semester. That's also please get so he's got to figure out there than any LO hospital that attended it but we bothers me though because you're actually not doing it for the people there didn't Ernie is dirty in this. Why I really feel like I I show the guy that's what I want done I you know I explain why we're doing it this way I even actually empress suggestions but I'll ask him what do you think about this how would you do it is so what then I think about it I want him I want them to turn around and go what about this dual underneath so we do that and then we come to come to a conclusion how I want it done and indeed they turn around and they do it. And I tell you something else is really cool about this and and this is the cool thing about meter below one of the coolest color celeb Gaza government mullah I'd like -- Jim banks your elect a real guy you don't meter is a real car guy you know TV Gloria you're the real deal caller and that's something else and how cool to be beating your shop teacher person they'd be all Biloxi channel all caller fix them that's pretty amazing. It you know. We received yet I'm not trying I'm not trying to do it did get beat anybody gonna not be kept simple you know immunology I'm doing my own thing if you don't like you want to read I'm not politically correct. I'm. You don't want the other day the world's enough of that already. What are. And that's the thing about this really cool I mean because you're just a laid back guy and so often. They can go to your head you don't me and you don't even lose your skill because you're so wrapped up in all the motions. Well I think I think a lot of it is another go on let me just say it. Most guys. In my opinion they are there there there egocentric these guys that hit you go to meet the world to them and their tour and they're doing TV. Because they're eager requires it. Oh yeah that dead however look at your dreams for the love of the hobbies. You can definitely and quite a few of them actually right. So you don't know when I'm when I'm doing something that I'm doing TV I'm not I'm not motivated these recommend you go on a motivated you know like illness stuff. We and carved face is probably one of my favorite shows a watch on Sunday because you guys teach things on Larry you know he is not just a show where you you. How actions brings the lower cardinals and you actually teach people how to do things on the ship. Well if you got a car that the way it worked out important when it's funny because you don't need charity muscle car they didn't they didn't say okay this is the way we wanted to do basic you got to build these cars and there you go. Have a blast. I mean literally that's how it happened none of us know who wanted to get to deny TV before nothing nothing so. We just figured well let's just do what we do we tell people what we're doing. That's literally how it came about and the numbers just continually went up when we came back together through this jerk for car fixed it's just turn it gives you the same thing. All right into the network let you know why you got why you guys do and don't let that we do we're not good enough. We're not gonna sit there and actually drama when I consider and yell at each other people don't wanna see dad and we just teach and numbers continue to go lot. And they don't mind you the network doesn't advertisements you know I mean you'll see you'll see any ad for a son on the discovery or velocity you're giving you don't see any trust. That's the thing of me is their drew her to be is trying to push the drop there they're pushing them they're selling that and hero caller Brian's gonna pick that up every time. Yeah Khamenei EC you watched you know fast and loud their bus tire fast everybody wants to learn something not see two people are you know what color car should be right. Well it's it's it's almost like a drama factories that they would buy about probably based pick ourselves. Well the thing you do you got to understand something guys they don't do this show true you don't they do the show that they do these shows few large and girl transit that's what they do a little joy. There's cars involved they'll want to because there's your right. All right I'm not only that not only that when you stop what you don't stop and think about it they're gonna by the teacher used the they're gonna live action you noted saying they're gonna get you're not gonna do that you're not gonna what I think I need to get trapped in the latter half. And Z yeah. You know whatever aims to show what happened it'd be vetoed because you. Because the network owns all that stuff they owned the web sites and all that's up they're generating more income that's what they're doing at all it's all about the dollars so they're not gonna they don't want to put something that they're not really gonna make any money on. Mostly outerwear car fix I'm just saying. Will with a hit like that you need to head in other countries have equipment that. OK. I. Should the and that's only really around here because you are too don't you did you get a job and reasonably confident that the my out of there are no good job in Britain who doesn't these important go to job openings and we are very good yeah on the again it gives an army is. Yeah. No lord did it compel you good you feel this is done we're gonna happen so what are you plan and be announcing the next year. More than likely I come I don't know I really I don't go to about sixty days out church would. I'm just depends on if anyone wants to have me come out there and hang out near boot record trouble just it's one of those things. You cultural war what I could never see that. I do you find that hard to believe I I understand that the future. A. Just gave Iran bomb under that could happen. Ironically I've run a three ring circus and it's okay if the ringleader. Backwards aren't accurate. I live for those looking to get a hold because of their central Piedmont Telus some information on you guys how we told you how to enlist in the class and how you guys and help. Check you Piedmont community college and just Americana campus in the matter Shaq. I'm gonna do next I'm gonna go online real quick being an achievement for my computer to connect car porn. That's okay. What we do and I hope you'll see exactly that and more and I'm gonna. Do a minute do if it's even better unlimited go to greater Israeli Air Canada kept the murkiness camping contact information she's not 7043304100. That the general information number. How would you want to be the restoration clash which is a UX 9300. You think that is the class you basically you X 9300. And if there is they want they can go to garage insider TV dot com it's my form and only have like a hundred members but if they join didn't shoot me and magic Johnson and whatever determination DB. So garage insider TV dot go dot com I tell you I'm sure you got a FaceBook page and all that for garage insider. You have good but but I don't I got a friend of mine that takes care of that for me I'm I'm did he do so much other stuff. Honestly guys I don't go wanted to I don't want it once in awhile but I I have to make a decision long long time ago do I do the whole social media can do it keeps building you know. I mean it's just yeah from your hobby now those familiar knew what we're given up. With clear that this you know what I what I realized was I can jump into with both -- end and you do the TV thing and all that but one day to keep things we're gonna end and if you stop and think about it if you stop building cars like ten years when you try to go back and at one nobody knows who you are true you -- -- -- power curve as far as whatever we build it you know what I mean so accused each year been accused each year for me just do an ambulance and then a friend of mine helps he would veto the FaceBook stopped in particular question and you begin to enjoy it until they'll let me know how to answer and the other thing I do and I also answer a lot of questions Thursday nights from 9 at 10 eastern time we -- do you call playing in traffic and it's a podcast and I get in people's questions -- -- -- -- -- That's got a cool I mean did you isn't crazy questions sometimes or. But most most most armored guy who wanna know they want a large auto much doing well we we were all my one bit. To Jason the dumb things of them of the automobile over the years. What are the book up. Horrible no things all done dump it is important every win nice cars until the this is I don't look. It was ruining not ruining them I look at their midst modifications. Beautify the galactic admit though that didn't hurt and I'll cut it up to try to get need to be lowered. Anybody can put together among caller yeah political. Nothing yeah. Luke thanks so much for Conan and I made it was so great here but she was central Piedmont technical college and car fix all the good stuff and hearing your insight also the court TV stuff I mean. I think it's going to hear it from somebody is actually in the nothing. I appreciate guys you haven't. It is time made some will you take care but they won't go much going up that way we gotta come see him tomorrow about 200 bucks don't go by McCord oh all right Luke take your foot. All right your list not run Matt Guerrier 1063 W rewarded. The hour in Iraq sharing can act in Iraq better off. The on air button and when I was 63 WORD done some liberal too hot rods and happy hour find out more about the show listen on demand that it Iraq's 24/7. I'm glad and happy hour supreme yardage on talent 1063 WORG's.