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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When I was 63 WORD. It's again. Theory year old. And talk to on line and local on what I was 63 to go to WE RG. Our guys will river and hot rods and every now and I'm rub this on god would we don't know about today. Slowing LS things to talk about around. We're gonna talk about what we've done this past weekend for starters. I'll tell you what does what were busy this weekend we were really business we can store where Spartanburg. We were and former world cinema don't know where Aminu and furtherance allegiance whether it's here. You're killing me yeah I want every weekend ever we can't every weekend never get over I'll say one they're here is the date of and critics and hit now it's. And a little bit discuss up Baird Jackson also a special calling is in regards to better Jackson with a very special calling this guy you definitely want to stay tuned for that guys. Our rod. So tell us about sport verbal or doing historical cities look Saturday we haven't been in the Marianne downtown Spartanburg for the annual on moral conscience. But everybody is imminent. This theory of why this is so they are there was a moral or show no longer without its model portion of these guys take this stuff to the next level. This is like Siemens scale. It is this is the same show for these guys in the media think about with the with the scale low hobby and all that stuff. I mean you've got from a year olds to eighty year olds they're competing. Yes that is actually very fierce competition and you guys might remember if you listened a few weeks that we had. The estimate which is south Tehran Malle association president on chuck Cox news here's a phoning guest and discuss this. Bomb is very very showed all the like drugs that man very competitive. Closer look at them you got there about some of the scale morals are so Daytona Brazil spend months even years building. A model Courtney actually put one together in a week Felicia did you win that hockey puck. Let us say it's a bit over the months and years and these things. Yet I mean that they do out bill some that way I mean I think the shortest Tom on a series bill lover has like three or four months involved. I mean wiring the course bombing people actually put fuel lines and bring Klein's. Manson or them the gates is the woodwork in the car oh yeah I mean. No details left unturned in the media people who were you know make him rusted and I mean have you returned to rest plastic. That's very true he had this. It's a little tricky in those small cell but the as a very very tricky actually tell us about what you build it was a blues brother and spa a blues Brothers inspired. Yeah I goalie in helpless vision of an up on on our FaceBook page and everything that. On me it was actually like Robson blues brother inspire or those days for those who know the blues really is actually had that does Monica. A mom and I had I had a Monica line around but I want attitude or caller selective and mark caller for police officers. On such a gay a 76 caprice and rented it out some. As managers on the doors and roughed out. As well reiterated her call me like they even have police car classes that tomorrow OSHA well out that was actually a special class for the show. It was a police car class in like next year. The special special bills will be involving the generally. On a guest several MPC kit of the six and a charger. You do not necessarily have to build a generally but it you have to start from the same gifts are from same kid exactly. You another really cool thing about the show there's a real different amount Ricky can out she passed away a few years back this is a memorial show for him recount was. Probably all the top builders in the area maybe the nation at the time. Yeah and it's really cool lot I never personally enemy Ricky. I've been told that I kind of model will live after rampant as far as my. Ricky was I guess you remind me a lottery to get out (%expletive) in a lot of ways that I mean yeah he re both talented mummers mullet stuff but. Ricky was just they got it did you could be mad. Well now that he was the original water on level if yes he is a you know what I guess he is our and our member probably one of my last memories of him. We're at a cruising in and he had a name Sugar Ray and brought the smaller of the generic PGA rambler. And forcing older slam Dan Olson Dave wills and we use he was a guy that do like the hot rod soda in a lot of ways you do remind me Ricky. In those critical two of the shows that his wife usually tends to shows and that's awesome. But they usually always bring out some of his models that he's built over the years. And like this year they built umbrella model that he was working on winning actually passed away it's really awesome say stuff like that is the level of detail this mantle and his work. It is just unbelievable. In battled showed the president this demand Tomasson make sure I'm coming for the rich until toward tyranny which can restore order now so let me yeah out and you can see you definitely wanna start this year for a night and they make sure Billick is is don't like it. And I think Gary have my model picked doubtful that. But I guys coming Yunnan hop on FaceBook and check of the SE may you know. I encourage anybody who's into a modeling or looking for a hobby for the family mean well and also the great team that your kids involved with you as a family affair and you know like we tell we talked about modeling before the show. What kind of modeling you're talking about low runway of course is how we year old but he's nominee always talk about scale modeling you know on slot cars before. And a I think you know is a budgeted way. To have a good time in this car oddly. Well among those who thing I mean not everybody has the budget to build that 304050000. Dollar show car which you don't want. You can build that 3040 dollar model call or input you the same pride in the same detail that. They compete at these golf course you're like this CMA has. And you check out and they do their run a great show me it's a really doesn't it they had the Mary announce former miss a classy place missiles top notch all the way around. Yeah and then not to mention the vendors there eyeball some several miles there. From the vendors as you have vendors from all over the southeast to sell. Well that's it I mean you from vintage kits and that is why they leave and I guess there's some local parks you know like you know custom made wheels decal kits all kinds of great stuff. Yes it was though Laughlin you know it if you want one more weather is it as CMA highly recommend you just a 1063 W or need to come. And take us and our press podcast some minor and ultimately stole that. Bomb Indians just signal soon there about in give whilom final month FaceBook like him. And talked to him. I think you know also got pictures from the show morals and that there are FaceBook will be out I was gone around thing in his main bridges as I could and they are upload on the side now. I'll refresh those links as well. That's also wrestle some guys let's say you would that we got sunny day. Sunday it was get a also some it was a busy today com as we strolled over to beautiful Greenville, South Carolina to the TV you mentioned senator for the annual. Motor trend issue. Until a vicious kind of neat you know I think a lot of people gonna give the matter because as things just partnered on the motor mile see this there's a lot of callers that they should not Lucille motor mile for a long time and they actually had. Several models are very new things are going be released till next year. So it's gonna coaching their own course analog models that are available mail still. Remember actually my senior high school tell how young and those like two years ago 2000 may. Child here. January 2000 they'd actually getting into the show seeing me a Camaro the new Camaro which. Was the 2010 Camaro that was released in April 2009. Begin to see in a year in advance of those. For school. Icing the ninety three's into Munich amount. Well you know your old sun we bloom. Or not but I live there's a lot of these things there's dodges the new cars and MS does this sort of look at itself. But then you go all the car clothes that are there of like we have the mustang club in the bag close up. The foothills so Muslim club was there the South Carolina prison six in Camaro club the returner Corvette club was there. Upstate minis and you know the Caroline's or workload. I tell you must figure every drawer Korea club while we're talking about there was a gorgeous. 1963. Corbett silver split window black where other guest fuel C 360 or forced recall. Yes and there's a scarlet they explained. If you're one now if you go down the checklist Neeson I want something that's going to be worth the money they checked every bucks for that. Well old days on their car out there is like apple pie I mean that's American me like bald Eagles having this thing is just intensity intensity is Manilow. And it is definitely miss lane is America is as American well they it is America I'm going to. Just a balding wanna Wal-Mart parking lot. That's America. Analog. Front. And a thirds in Tamara meant that killed. That's. Now is duration is there really is in and allows you to get hands on with the new callers can now. You know sit them films if you like him. The analysis is that it's a really eager to show. It out they want Carlyle like rob so in others the Dodge Ram. A power line and remove the power going. Those are cool and I like that I mean I think the show out of the new course I think dodge has some really duplicate vehicles Killen now. Another some just they've always had the real. They've been edgier than most you know gentlemen. And they're like missy million they throw they're not scared to throw power and a new car everything they have as a muscle car. And and they bring looks amassing the students didn't finishes off a little bit on him. But all in all logged dodge brings. Oh god runs a great looking vehicle that got some past ones too oil hillcats stuff coming out. Com an island marketing genius hear me when they brought that back that name that playing at a hearing I mean literally has sold millions of course. Yet dodged. The main game is sold more V6 challengers than anything in the world. Yes absolutely amend the dodges done it. You know but I mean there's a lot of the show Tommy pike was there and now I enjoy seeing what Tommy flag brings out every year. I tell you what Al Lowe local stuff I mean I'm really big about the things in the area talking about stuff like that he's a car guy that really turns on some great looking stuff toll bike if you don't always is shops or rural road toll by customs. Dollar by him on that guy for years a man who we started out and now this guy coming toward Quaker state he's the Sima every year. And he built some great stuff Armenia and 86 seat Taylor. LS power. All will would just breaks it down right there is a great looking drugs slick black. How to sell out as anyone if I can walk into the TD commence its there and money wasn't an object sitting take any car in their take on that amendment horrific. The 63 that becoming only the south have no problem that. And I take the stroke although it. But I mean that's the beauty of Israel seal a similar you know local people are doing NC. You know and I think it highlights the upstate as far as with the car clubs being there you know. It showcases new cars will also showcases the city's best in class. Well that's cool stood out today so about the car club culture we don't have a show actually own the subject here before too awful long but. People get to see these clubs and these guys come enforcement agency small pieces of the clubs. So this company for everybody kind of give an example of what the car communities like here in the state. Yes sir. All right Gaza neediest stay tuned coming up next room to talk about our show season coming up for 2017. On all the things we have planned free as. Here locally and for all. We Jiri years tank Q school. Hot rods and happy hour would drop events and are well on 1063 WOR DC a cool way. Eighty Olympic gold this is worst read in a horse power cool. Bronx Manhattan. Gone wrong and went. I doubt we'll let Carlos have been out our arrived yes sir we're talking about our us and happy are 27 things that really shows we're doing in the spring and summer when he seventeen is going to be big and I love it. Keep enough driver Cruz in on March on nineteenth. Year this whole story here Cuba we have these the third Sunday of every month and they are really fun is so hot rosneft are guys start. You had Isabella through normal cruise in like a till a lot of people it's like callers and certain caffeinated warm breakfast beverage that you would drink. And the look cool something while coffee I'm just sand. I'm I'm not saying it does say executives who it could be hot chocolate can be could be doubtful but could they. It's a fast forward to April. April 16 again is hookers samba April 20 others that are what to a singular whole weekend where a big home. We ought to tell them we hand we travel on the North Carolina beautiful man. Beautiful Maggie valley North Carolina that's for the southeast mini truck in nationals were actually loosens grip for the first time this year. I love my many truckers I won't say something that I mean. We obviously appraisal lower kids I mean I'm I was that guy. You know with a lot of routers analyst at ala many structures mean these are so much for blue answer to these 21 of those men like. Packed up and slammed to the ground I have well yeah of anybody cools don't want Ole Ole days embodied anywhere else. You know I've builds a Muslim classy apartment I would way to consider Saturday class who month. Yes I made it in the southeast and internationals. And John Major. Is worth to go is awesome I mean. They truckers know how to party we just cut to the chase while he's here are there is a lot of adult beverages you know the happy hour is a fulfilled their. Fulfilled those guys that a lot of for a lot of fun this old great show Alexa dental check that out Maggie valley and here's the best part Friday not her arms are Saturday night. On the police and Maggie valley allow we have police mulling a thing too but it's still cool little too over on the volt to overcome. They allow ever by the dragged blocks only charge them street in the world of sports shows is also this great crews in the strip through value that occurs in the strip thrown sparks still number announce all kinds of legal junk is totally illegal because let's face in his mind Noah. Thank bill of the Gaza stiffly dual checking out where we hit a mixed next week off following that when we come back 29 Carolina motor finesse that Greenville Pickens speedway. I guess we'll days on this one right here's our baby within our on this show. Every time when we did the very first hole I sure it was a great show it great Terry edged relegate we came in strong. This year is to be bigger and batter coming into Google Pickens speedway we've got so many big things planned for this year. You know and more organized plan more so. There'll be many many details and I'm sure you'll get tired to hear commercials about this. Oh it's going to be a big one this is when you definitely do not wanna miss were totally swap meets live auctions throughout the best partial railed runs Greenville Pickens speedway. That's sort of may may six Maria high school car show Quaker steak here in Greenville. Parade around the corner from the studio via. A lot of room grown drought that's going to be a fun show how low shows like this help good causes so from the real bulldogs out. And you know some amount I would Britt for a little while Sonoma inevitable logos that are critical. And though they always have really great show great turnout of course quicker studies also placed the Eaton have a caller shorter so that's going to Rufo. So we guess more than slots in July. Which I'm thinking mug on on the hot rod power tour during the month myself. Where you can go our power to buy and within that month will be an Anderson for the gathering ship actually that's the end of July. The other individual. Candidates Angela at a portal that. And July yes there will be at the gathering and I Anderson, South Carolina the threatened down the thing Anderson civics and which is they know the wonderful plus have harsher. And another major that's another medic drug showed there's actually a lot of the we have to show last year's cool a bit they have indoor and outdoor show going at the same time they're vendors there. Super good time segregating this together as a construction schedule if one panel. That would be a gentleman by the name loves. Jerry gal carried out Jerry down that your timing out Buick is probable future reference and a half old Jerry doubt he'll be there I'm sure do some. Also also bistro work almost seen. Some of the best really church whoever COB down and Anderson that we can just definitely thought of its two day Asia. Is there any good problem where there was merchandise sort of sell their miners know mom you know all Kendry vendors. The like he sent him as just a tree showed. Can't wins does a heck of Java malinois airwaves and excel report freely and yes sir yes sir. Our world fast forward in the September another highlight show I knew when we picked up that I love dearly I can labor that. The regular days always a fun show they have the show room. On Labor Day Monday. Fisher's credit and they got the oil actually do always get along with a car shows that Monday. But they have Leo fair rides there they have vendors everywhere great show right here since will softer and as far as making. Bacon everything. Later on September September 30 Carolina motor fest back in Greenville Pickens speedway again this struck two times in one year will be back at the Greenville Pickens speedway all right fast Ford and October October 28 semen Las Vegas we've talked about that enough will cover event. The real fast court in November 11 the southern super heavy shoot SI commerce driveway that's very do we can't see you guys were at their go shorter. And then fast toward December 2 mortal Rebecca Hall motor sports for the second annual Cruz in for Christmas Toys for Tots benefit that's. Always a Kosher kitchens for great golf gods who was in the hot rods at 30106 season. Three WO. I'm 1063 W. Good morning. I guess welcome back to. That Iraq while we recapping and covering things and. Talk about what we had going on this year and you know all the stuff we've done so far. List on what some changes happen there's next. The bidder Jackson auction I'll tell you what I another Ricardo are tailored was glued to the screen this week you a lot from Scottsdale Arizona this is the Super Bowl. 37. Hours. Of love god coverage all velocity discovery this is Lewis crazy I mean literally I'll watch more television this within usually watch a year Malia I don't. I don't watch TV and my as a being glued every night you know more. We're old Theresa this just like amateur it says that comes only in that auctioneer it's over with our love Laguna and jump back and forth. Well I mean this go I went to shop and from the couch. Who plays he went shopping. Bob you know bears Texans also is is more an auction. Let's of production and I mean this is I mean you think about it I mean isn't aware old machine they're 17100. Color to go through this again some best physical or should also closed the course showed you got vendors there in there and they're not the auction just callers. There auction arm of the early off petroleum. Memorabilia. I mean there's all kinds of collectors are all subsequent elks airplanes. And boats there is no telling no telling in half of it never airs on TV but there's no telling which you'll see it cross auction block. Well I go to another really cool thing is all the parties that they have that week in Scottsdale. Edison likes seem a repeated but we still Jung now I'm in parliament this summer when you got people there I mean it's a who's who at Scottsdale at their Jackson and you've got celebrities there you have. Automotive world celebrities there than you have real world celebrities. You know like this year was Floyd Mayweather so it was a began Rivera early appointment with the Justin Bieber and certainly I know had a little get excited and the other side apparently deals. From full disclaimer and access to be sure you don't. Among Wear flat bill careless as well as far as that relationship goes into the prison the fan gloom. In the and I can't even believe I hear they're I'm so glad that's there and playing god. And it now he you know we've talked about same cinema times this close second that. I mean this is something totally different the single but it's a very large event I mean there's hundreds of thousand people hundreds of thousands of people to go through this. And fearless is so much more than just an auction and they need to with the TV coverage in the and then. This is a big thing is a big production action ever heard that the tip they use is the second largest hit. In the world. Only followed up by two of the Disney World oil. I have no problem leave money there a point where you think about we have you row 17100 callers. Very valid that's a good cells to any obstacles this you know not just being auctioned anything exclusive option you can just like go to stores sales a much nor. Note early actually changing their to preview to be in this auction I mean it's not. You know certain days certain you know earlier in the auction your Mondays and Tuesdays is not you know the into the world Gideon and it's a big deal be there. But if you really want those good slots the good times you want us Thursday Friday Saturday pronto spots you've got to be bringing your a game. You know oil and what's called Liz Barrett Jackson until bus for nearly twenty years Orman started down don't speed vision. Yasser OSS twenty years it just click on road you'll. 307. Sevenths twenty years ago I mean your stereo speed vision is started out you will speed network and then. I mean there were there was the speed channel that those bucks more than that oral mad TV for awhile and then they went on discovery Gloucester. You know and uncle claim Albert Jackson. It is the the things they do to raise money for various charities order in the thing is they do auctions for several charities that charge zero commissions on this every dollar goes to maturity and they do for your military. You know the due for lots of Reno charities for kids doing just some great calls is exactly is he wonderful causes. You know I remember. We're told mother soon Baylor I remember this very clearly. Back when numb wounded warrior project was really big. Our policy is like a mosque sayers on their option off the benefit the wounded warrior foundation. And our member of the car going over for well over a million dollars for sale. And the guy bought it actually right there on the auction block gave it back to him to auction off we. So again. And I mean that's the thing there is even more money for this shared enemy is going to about the cause he's got a warning that he'll. Yet at this point if this is no longer regard as the main. They tasted the dollars for Corliss nowhere near worth it bugs the calls is worth. We called it a little tough love it you know with these charities and stuffy of these does I mean you the who's who knew that there are some big rollers there. I mean you got guys that are looking for Corsica on museums yet I was looking for their personal collections. I mean it's just things that you normally would never see. Yeah I mean we talk about all content. The kind of guys you see out there it's inning Agassi who have been looking for the dream car all their lives and their their their buddies in the event few drinks. And they got bank accounts being unfair and they don't mind dropped an 800000 dollars on the travails they want him. Well me do you think about it you know you can't buy time that you can buy that memory that absolutely. And Nestle is sold out there I mean if you give my memories of your child you know if you're you know filing made it lies and you can go there and by the 30 December and bring your own home. Other things really need those Shenzhou the changing times and yet. The mulling mules governing people I know you got the millennial that's what thirty found that now these this morning you'll hear this and you trimmed of of Gaza coping coming. And now you're sort of see those eighties callers get popular. That's clearly you're seeing fox body most things I mean like. How are you discount scores the world record he had Firefox buddies and three S and 95 callers the a five of these goers were records of world records centers and sales over the week they have. Thirty world record holder here as this is by far the base here for project is absolutely amazing. BT we're talking earlier about some of the big names you see other it was so cool to see Steve steaming out today up on stage. This guy for those don't know he is a walking automotive encyclopedia. And he's still on details on everybody's part of the cross of smog was so awesome just to see that. Today tech I have dealt to me sleeping out in he's a super cooled he's wide open. But this guy is so Smart he wrote a book called 1001. Muscle car facts checking down Amazon you know we've actually read as well we've actually read this book and I mean it's very inner essence of things. When I told Stephen I'll still smell alone to book Lisa you actually read and he said there's two mess ups in this book he said. Give me he gave me his personal email just needs that email me. These are fortunate to overlook the two mistakes are in this book. So I know the two mistakes are now so anybody else to solicit other radio in the know the two mistakes in 1001 muscle car fax. You send me an email I got hot rods and have a prospect for could you earned it. Yeah absolutely and it does you're not turn on Google and find the soda UK Google achieved this when Gaza very very few people know this. So yes like Bronson you find it worsened and were looking up on our that are here. As far as that Hilltop and you go yeah we had. They can big day care and he goes out there. This is very first time you don't accommodate. And those kind of need to get hot broader perspective you guessed leaving out there which is the muscle car got the guy Mike joy who's really big in your four cars and the idea of Dave can dig this. Famous famous famous car builder and this guy I mean he spots the details that most people would normally not NC road across auction block yes sir. Our Rob Morrow and little short on time here but I got a question for you money no object you Roth and Embraer jets and you know plug full cash. What car are you don't I don't. I'm won't for an extra six Sherlund who was told to gorge Schwartzel withdrew this week and bring somebody money we I got explicit text. Iso from me you know what I'm promise to you a bit I want to PC chevys well for a wagon you kill me. I'll station wagons are only that. Real women without kids like station wagons RC lamented romo's arm bigger real core outlaw any of animals car but my choice would be amongst our. On I think I'm going when they 71 should they'll assess but I want I want not demand is almost seventy front clip on. We like you others around zealots with the forehead zero hour bomb 396 big block no other option for speed transmission. Com black White Stripes aura silver bullet strikes. Only to me. Classic I guess coming up next we got Jack and Jennifer Weaver was at me Chop Shop in Colorado tells all mother bear Jackson experience and gorgeous because three surely they run across the blog this last week euros and paparazzi have BO 163. Double. The New York. I'm rods and happy our police and on demand. Get the podcast link dad 1063 WORG dot com. Discussion is always high on when I'm hot rods and happy yellow light. Follow and to connect after 1063 WORG dot com. Our job welcome back home runs have come Robb Pitts. This would be Jack in Jennifer from acme Chop Shop. In Grand Junction, Colorado. Jack and Jennifer are you guys doing thanks for calling in today. Keep on tapping at the am so tells a little bit about it let me show. Acme apps app in. Carry an electric Conrad Al Harrington beat LR. Rod. We try to any green in that he and I and you know week you're out of every I and we let people we need a lot of way. And and I'm in front act. It's. That's the thing. And yeah not only. Can we like it the battle arm. You on a lot of ways. It hurts me a little bit with a hobby because she's in the people coming in with a late model callers now. And it in that we may bolt own culture and tickle me when people buy these projects and that only I got this kit. That we can hold the salt nothing bowl full hot rod how they may say that any may potentially bolt onto that you have to fabricated to you get to that apple. How many people I. Day a week on its network rat anyone out hot. Exactly. Exactly what eight ear a bulk RIE. Eight and kick it out. Looking to spend eighty to 88. And I really connect direct to be today. Me. Early every year at a little. Green keeper and hit industry you re. That's our I think I got this job on radio. And I don't. Or. Are. It is an order form a lot of ways and I think in the year they've got Biotech and several schools natural disease called you and has street drug program. And and that's that helps but I think a lot of it is just that timeout in the garage you know where you know the father in the cylinder and you chip the masses I am Bruce's dad those days you still see a lucky used to. How it'll play LA and fortunately. It's our farm and yeah people that don't have outer. You know what they're dealing that we will be trying to rape many people look at you agent Sheila e-book when you. Everybody want it and street that he. Can he you know can you are angry Turkey. At Kerr now MacKey talking unfortunately. All right and not on that topic I'll I wanna ask the 53 ounce and are looking men on the phone actually. You guys did an outstanding job on this caller I mean is absolutely beautiful wants you across to block it Baird Jackson. I heard a little bit about but if you don't mind toast the details on the store. Quote 53 Chevy. You can't door sedan. And we chop that pork in the front it in the rear. But that group that window and it. Which is a little bit of practice to get that look in and out of the air bag of California in the charter to be transmission. Greek week are well. It is turned into working it everywhere. And we probably you know we electrical. Power to crack at it out art in here that aren't we starting yet. You know complete. Restoration and get it they can't get it body Al favorite car the right at. Hot on paper it would. It went to become a bleaker for and. Yeah and like they sent numbers exodus so called Lucy guess six to ten cars that. A virtually on Wednesday it was worthless. And you guys probably built the most valuable one around. Yeah it was only immediately. You know I don't know he called a poor men caller I keep. Well we're back then it would definitely quite eager. We'll show must go for economy humming that was that was the whole thing back in the face especially in the in the early fifties that was all about economy. It is I've always liked your body bodies line the way to well I love their chops and even when it chopped it can make look at it. Yes they're not really you know wanted to but the topic to meet people and why. Well I think you guys Devlin now that for sure for sure. You know he. Can't link at Eric and I went pretty hot and I hear you accomplish that end. Help me get my people to know that we're here at legal. You're what are our own and I'm like you know what African. Or not that there. And I and I again I think he does nail that as well also. Toast a little bit about your Baird Jackson experience. Unfortunately Robyn I'm ever gonna go is some we desperately want to. But you guys have been there you as a solar car there you guys have experienced it tells will be about the. Eric and they'll attack and I can at at at Allard. That you actually look and you and picture that you're barking. At you how your car and eat tire. Or 89. No 180. Yeah where what you are in it and when you got an auction in new York and in every eight. Any didn't you Erik. It extremely hot and and you know probably not. Well would be I or area. They operate at and I am any night what's yeah out you can't play call totally caught a copper you factored in I can't. Yeah and when you are at it and you can't get any better. I absolutely. Oh yeah I had made it cool I'm thinking I had and I beat. Court order saying wreck like how it. I don't know the happy dance when he hung the phone. Currently doing. That trying to play it cool. And Aaron. B comment. At any time detonate you know they they let it prey or. It may likely probably I. I'll make and it worked out kind really. Network we everything and then the man and will not act. Latin name that popped up and the target Elaine artwork and in the future. Who's all the coolest group we met a mayor Jackson. I can't let people read you know black. Ink reads and really yeah you mean alacrity here me. I think and I are behind you you know having an hour at 99. Chart and Newt don't critic. Nicole got. Clearly they put Obama held a little bit and I mean in less than people understanding of putting all auctions one thing when you put on auction like they do it. It's a whole another level. And can eat and I that you like and her. While on our eight or an hour and Ebert on the intellect wit yeah I. Hadn't seen her probably a couple of people read. He had never been there there is so much going on between your hat is you know people. Two. He can. New waiting organize the option in the adult people who walked into cars because there are over what EG undercard bout went out thinking and when he went editor. Action are. In they have they have all outlined to Wear at all blew out the bill the Internet over to Syria to move. I. Can't. Yeah our outlook is it's great what's in this as watching county because. That was of the man knows you're talking about people work and wealth passer you know dedicated hours I watched there's this one camera guy and he was on stage. Any time it was on TV you've seen him there I was like man this has really you know dedicated to his job it's things like everybody there is. You're about to part where eight Turkey and IQ. Are you blocking and air act and January 9 but we here at when he had. Your neighbor Jack. And actually get free why even meet. I am. And let me be legally it I. Can't. They're dirty and bite you again and McRae. Street experience and we get really bad. Oil and less so than this really need about because when you see on television. You know you always see that warm spot than you see a few pan out shots in over the course reporter whose chances are you don't eleventh yet the Gail Lowe they have little Thursday or Friday it narrowed the big party. What actually ending pour it. On Saturday at fourteenth and then you'll like Sunday night at eighteen. That yet like corporate and on anybody not to bear and I'm quite BP and now that night and he. A great sound great and turn. And charity work in capped at their. Act pretty. Most of them both and it's also this is how many charities that actually help out with the zero commissions only any of those cars all that money goes directly to the charity. Yeah eight yeah yeah yeah yeah every day unfortunately. Yeah I think they've got people that you meet are passionate car people encountered you meet Cochrane. And history and meeting people all our people I mean you don't get better people. Own and in and we say it all the time a slow with the same this past year where they're in and just it's so funny it's a world wild thing and we were all the same at the end of the day you we may like different types of colors are different style and whatnot. But at the end of the day we still got like you know older and the door banks. Rarely are we didn't you eagerly read it. I share. Well we'll definitely be back this year so we definitely look force rather grim look yourself one day. I guess Jack did you ever think you got so much from that at me Chop Shop for calling in today and tells Roger Baird Jackson experience a little bit of the hot rod go Reynolds in Grand Junction, Colorado. They would just be sure to check these guys a little FaceBook at me Chop Shop see these guys are billed legs in this gorgeous victory surely they sold last week you and go out there turn up some great work thank you so much for clothing gas. You hear thinking Democrat having never forget that our guys viewers in the hot rods and happy hour here 163 WO. He's listening to hot rounds in he'll be out in Iraq sharing connect to a drop off. Beyond airman. At 1063 WORD dot com scroll too hot rods and happy hour find out more about the shoulda listened on demand headed Iraq's 24/7. Comrades in happy hour super charged comments on what it was 63 WORT.