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When I was 63 WORD. Through issues together. Hearing year old Ron hits and hog broad line of local 11063. Just don't you'll RG. I guess we'll LaRon Landry our auto wardrobe and about. Today well we got a lot to talk about say oh yes filthy plan now we actually have him come. We do have a new Zambrano early so you're listening right now you're listening at 7 AM until it's crazy. We region the more we got in the afternoon alumnus of 7 AM 4 PM ran down calendar you know where right now. So we talk about that and then we're going to talk him out a drag strips. Drag strip well Noah Drake ships Marie stretch your local both itself and this area is like. The racing holy land all of it together. Everything is right here if you whatever generates annual new year new ray units that. Boldin I mean this is the thing about this area it's got wheels on it its hot here absolutely sort of not a little bit further we're gonna talk about the old Spartanburg dragway. The Spartanburg drew and that's a blast from the past are clear. I think it was a total Brothers Rory as a director was closed for using the fault the street address your maps actually closed in 1983. And yes I come on don't mind and immunize and your right. Kids say at I of the diamonds in the history books on this one this will screw we got a lot of a lot of good stuff coming up but you're talking about racing in general here absolutely end though especially listed. Who's that I can't say that what looked Moses special yes and he's local one. I want to listen via secret incidences and yes while built speculation. Muslims and build suspense and it's like a hook only did you must seek to. All right are those the shoulder wrote let's talk about some risen here they'll stay Obama rounded edges shake his. Sosa is euros killing me yeah puck well I want you go bankrupt us his. We might have some new listeners tuning in at 7 AM to surely got out of never wake of the list in the Manson and I am so I'm sure there's someone up who hasn't ever listened to us before. So all you cool history and us always I so we're also our proceeds. All right. Tom well you are rockets. Last summit check yes sir I am I drive my stomach checked and also Robert. Him going military confusing so. We'll stick with that arm and we know we birth tolerance that yeah I know realize how you worded that can. Can you say we came out with hot rods and that they'll double and we had the thought we will we rode down I met him one day and we've we've thought about. Are exactly yes that's that's a four shot from birthing something vote you know we conceived them out yet failing that that's a little bit. I had a highly recommend everyone jump on the 1063 W or. Oh yes really you're just sources say some of the show as we've done we've covered a lot of great subjects Iran rosneft after another great way to learn more about this is OSHA also JR muzzle on a 63 and you can also look at color doesn't happen don't FaceBook mr. Graham. Yes follow some air sea or up to see what we do our off time. Just see what we're all well and you know. Are all flies away from here this right here we do cor shares alternate on the southeast from march to September every year. And yet and no real quick and we'll give you a quick backdrop Obama's march of 2015 harrah's is that there was nothing more than just the thought. June 2015 we actually have surfer show the other show almost didn't happen that's true says situation that you Bynum and of the bio about us. That show almost clearly did not happen but did. And very thankful it did happen yeah I mean leaps and bounds you're. Torre must later next thing you know oh yes throughout 25 saying we grew we learned we listen bill all he does and what you want to see from shows. It was sixteen we grew more and we actually were able to raise of between thousand dollars for very various charities or they'll actually. Well that's the big thing dollars in after hours we were actually able to help with our hobby. You know we love course record does that is so great to be over his life for so many great charities and organizations all really upstate blows a whole premise when we start is billion bags and use of them we love to give back. And we've been able to do that in May and December 4 we broke browns. Became the first southeastern. Radio show talking all automotive the slow cinema is groundbreaking always around the stuff for radio. So as your automotive voice trillion state is our goal I think two on entertain and then a full inform our listeners about everything automotive. Locally and even bigger than that. Will miss a thing car doesn't have bearer covers a lot of bases amiss not just color total gross so my new caller from Roosevelt Woods Hole caller for total about everything automotive. Yeah like I said earlier. To a friend of ours from I 92 bank here and tiger to have 57 Chevrolet we want cover mall Aaliyah that's for sure the main thing is a little thing for all our listeners do. Are you have friends or out of state or even overseas we have blisters all over the country. Do is awesome we have listeners from California from Michigan from Texas orient the listened to podcasts all the time. And you know moot or stream live for on the web site. And you know all over the or you know fifty states and an outside that we are listeners in Canada the UK. Different Nigel over an Australian. And we wanna hear from the stable well here's the thing we wanna hear what you think what you wanna listen to it. Give wimp we won't hear what's going on in your area you know what's going on UK we won't cover that do we want camera. What's going on Australia Australia is a big automotive following lol you can't just sit there. Yeah I mean are good friends and cards ever their nasal and down from the automotive realm and as treasurer Mears is really like everything is there and you can't mills of the fall's gonna release. Adding an eight year. All right now everybody should be up to speed was what we're talking mouth. But there are only 21 thing for get old rule of what we're talking about today only give a big show everybody that this in the Pereira this imposed this post is Dennis Anderson he's the driver of the grave digger monster truck. Yes then as for those who don't know was down in South Florida and is hospitalized. I actually taken that he's going tried to do a back back flip in the grave digger. And he's just an internal bleeding so want keep in my thoughts and yes she did we award given your thoughts and prayers kids do this Anderson to take care man. All right so today like we talked about earlier we're only human history lesson on the upstate and just how cool isn't. With the all its automotive history and in drag racing and circle track racing and Hal this is a major auto region on the map. From a land Georgia there Charlotte, North Carolina this is them main stomping grounds for anything automotive. And if you're an independent of them motorsports does voice debate. Both for sure we think about this is the hole on the sport burden when NASCAR got to start me that was like the main place. That was the home of an escort for the longest yes sir in only melody have all these great tracks but I mean you have all these great legends that. Came rain out of Spartanburg and adrenal. You know all over the upstate area. You know both past and even some now we're seeing who are become intelligence presently you know like you Crist backers Iran Morse is not all these guys. When these guys are mill Maine for themselves now. Hum athletes awesome so where are we discussing its former drive window flip we talked about in and also are very special guest who's also a mystery as. Currently at this point she's super special super special mystery gets superstructure. Well don't tell us understood little moral some of the tracks and some of the things a lot two million and over here in the upstate. You know what I mean we say it's the Mecca motorsports well I mean obviously we're here we go Grier right when we go where shall shady side. And as discovering drag strips then we got a course you're you're in the dirt track racing until you're speedway. You know if you gonna go glories and we've got to go Kart tracks all push a particular court tracking crawl sinker downloads and soon go cards. And Abbas last fall actually got grouping in speedway we got Anderson merged it. Speak angry hoping it's been one word meant there very San. It will Torre not able to point nine Carolina manifest Carolina motor for this doesn't tell you what we're we're not only touch or to order a low voltage so low as one caller sure you do not wanna miss apps I mean we're bill mr. mayor matter. You know we'd on the inaugural. Carolina motor fest last year and it was a hit nothing is very successful. Had a lot of great response office and the whole goal and Aaron Thomas we on this heavily and I think that's awesome. And all know just Maine is bigger and better every year Leo Mehl says something but this this show right here is something that's needed to come grew for a long time and it's going to be a great event for everybody. Yeah I mean you get Charlotte motor speedway has you know our affair and then. You know other Manny editor here on the Sunday town over the drew is nothing like that race here in the area. We'll miss the swap meet its until it's auctioned I mean it's a caller carruthers is a big car show at the historic Greenville Pickens speedway. What better way to spend your. Primary here in the upstate celebrate the love fest will have of course. But that's all the time we have great the second. Come next roomy tough enough local tracks and local legends on the right here around Colorado dementieva 401063. Didn't. Look in bikes to grey look at custom colors yeah it is hot rods and on 1063. WOR DE. Miles to the gallon and and every minute of this. On broad and happy hour we dropped on the wrong on one hole. Under us we'll saw you say. That the most days he may go motor sport I do say this tells what. Well it also that's around Spartanburg hub city. NASCAR's former home for fourteen years from 1953. In 1966. Way before a lot rob was even a thought. Spartanburg hosted NASCAR then known as the grand national. Bomb had the half mile motor speedway. This where they actually have a map we all religions don't know that you leave pity her Thomas mid jeered Richard Petty mean these are like NASCAR hall of fame people and these guys all warm and the tracks here in Spartanburg, South Carolina that's crazy. So NASCAR died here immensely to anyone wanting ES watch what in this current. So in 1960. Trauma hospital was built. Charlotte motor speedway this is before Bruton Smith during the picture. Yes so and what does NASCAR made that slow shift over the next six years in Madrid up by 85 to Charlotte blaming spoke murdered beyond. Tundra tundra. Interesting fact that Talladega motor speedway deal that I heard that they actually wanted to build Talladega in Spartanburg they wanna build elegance farmer you're absolutely correct but there were clues much firmer tanning. And that wind is trying to sell some Birmingham Alabama. A little funny side story to our rush or burn Smith. Know that it was so funny when Bruce Smith won't builds Ebanks dragway. Evolves shown mercy when Bruce Smith and bill charmer speedway it was already there you you acquired that. They want to build C Max driveway. And Concord didn't warn him the town of Concord didn't want him to do dredge refusal that's well close but Andre are closed contract. And I focus or rule we build a drag strip and have around threat at the same place. Needless say Nigeria's image dragway Concord. Well power sharing interesting fun facts about Marie Smith I'll leave you want a lot of I don't feel though this one. All right so we don't know if you've been out on birds purple heart. Rick Kendrick has a pleasure love car lots are across the street Cornelius every car dealership. No no may end run down Bruton Smith. Parkway closed you've ever paid attention none of them are facing Bruton Smith that's right you won't there's actress Deborah Smith's name no wonder why it's matter of fact Rick Hendrick actually hate experts. That's hilarious that this may espanola is a bodybuilder these dunes backwards on the busiest road rail and Ali ever Americans are created roads. For his state of lovers spent. That's crazy let's talk about him. Today with Charl for now Ezra. We're on we're gonna next farmer would go from the queen city back to sparkle city and a half. Mean others a lot of motor sports in this industry in this catalog there's a lot tracts of capitalize even though NASCAR moved his way out. But when mentioned the last segment mania Greer driveway. You get gassed me up chair he speedway. Yet Anderson motor speedway. Media Ware Shoals TR speedway sugar tends to go Kart track. You know you can driveway in their sink in a lot of money in them there you this doesn't any jury sanction trek hits it right in our union tyrannies were in the top five eighths mile tracks in that country gal in their their porn a lot new this tractor really of the motor sports an area a managed just became under new ownership be. New people around the track and their pour money into his home in great facility I can't wait to see which -- and neighboring for the got to feel what we talk a lot of oh yeah absolute lemon you know they've been working with us a year you're definitely a weird from Munich manager anyway. And then yeah of course Greenville Pickens relentless storm grew bigger speedway you think all the things we're talking about they erased agreeable Pickens stood. Yeah I mean every even to the stores today or still threaten disagreeable bit delicate you know a lot legends racing around here I mean like Chris man for one. Big name in the circle track you know field a lot human criticism and then that's where he got a story and still races today rain here I am angry vote against Cleveland. Our children alone local legend Syrian discouraging to women that's corridor into taught looked dire rings don't necessarily mean you're you're a legend in this town. We have several multiple track championships or they are champions or other room here. Yeah and then you get across Anchorage where which is another go Kart track and you know a lot of people there together starting go Carissa erase Terry and the upstate Trevor remains one of exactly what we don't think about I mean that's the steppingstone. Is junior treasures are under the Georgia go courts yet I mean Jeff Gordon was in no one knew all. Plan has risen give courage up and I'm not mistaking up to here recently stilled on a well we'll think about Ringo tourism is big for Dole's two noses just not for kids. He you know as somebody RC speedway over MP month. He you know free offer a day CA goals is offering part how Lawrence you know we talk for eleven for double cylinder I would Pickens junior slot chorus and I'm totally salute if it's got wheels on it. We've got some to accommodate each year in the upstate shady side. Train trip another drag strip. Atlanta Dragway. The land motor speedway earlier or being viewed donated a mean girl or they're quiet and even. It doesn't have tires on and they even if he would add to the commerce area there's but racing complex or there'll flows less automated five let's go. Summing yet anything motor sports. It's right here. You know and in. Beaten up past the track Chia builders you know engineers. People build stuff for the racing industry get Griffin radiator in pima. EST Emery is the worst toll Moody's. Tommy is a legend himself a real legends drag racing community I mean he's still probably wounded this car rumors around by far and not to mention full competition Jeanne foam to evil in this former South Carolina another absolute legend Alan Pittman is another very good car builder very have you porous and vengeance yells got dug in Zeller coming put together these monster might lead nearly 600 cubic inch motors. Just the maximum motors that are blown away the competition. Right here in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Then you know you're builders they had to be building for someone so you have your local listings that we are talking when you get cotton Owens. David Pearson David there's a bond more. Tell your world I mean who doesn't that mails a lunch boxes and who doesn't know the name of kale Yarborough or Terry some material girl was the man. You know and EU was a little dukes of hazard yet a new insane people like. Dale Earnhardt senior we get down here Ralph Earnhardt. Was down here well let me you think about a arming their or name means Dale Junior has been angry will vigorously when Prentice the enemy will present for short tracks the apprentice and Greenville Pickens speedway. Summing it all these very legends that you know we've come to know. I mean a lot of them have gamma basis special in NASCAR race here in a state now France as such awesome thing. To be living here and be a part of the. Well nothing really cool thing is a lot of people. You're easily when they think about NASCAR they'll show immersed BWAY heirloom or stay where Bristol. Whatever these big tracks and their gripe don't give you Roma want to listen if you wanna get a feel for race and you go to group that it's be like you go to Anderson murders too eager children speedway. That rice there's rice it on the local level but the thing you don't listen guys it's. I hear the prize. And twice the action. Oh yeah I remember growing up as a kid we scared them though buffalo. I can't remember with a called the buffalo SP two a thing as what was woeful history when buffalo South Carolina which is suburb Freeney can elude their track. He knows long gone but it's been all for import before. Since then but man that was that was where my windows Friday Saturday night action Larry you know we always say you know unified and open erase breaks out. That's where happens a buffalo speedway. Well win another thing about the small tracks is a mean. That's where interest. The seat of interest gets planted are out there that's hired new racers. Develop you know you get the bug the next thing you know you're out of traffic and slow things really cool that you can actually do. As you can you can actually let you drag troops remaining to listen to nest you can actually bring your street car and driver. I can't say how many times contestants in nine of the them angrier driveway or appreciate besides you know and just. Having a blast but around the you know we're gonna mourn let's come we're gonna double mouse or merger wave coming up next and our. Very special call on disc two is. Is the chief and editor for doctors plus magazine full days so guys can stay tuned for. You're was in the hot rods and happy hour here on 1063 WORD. Performance radio you're listening to hot frauds at happy hour with. On Ron when it was 63 WOR TZ. Verizon. I'm 1063 WORG. Happy hour here on 163 W a Lordi. Robb Pitts what are we discussing now we're talking about spore we're driveway the Spartanburg dragway actually it was previously located. About file mouse house that you this crazy of me as 100 was Cain in drought of one hunting and 110 and draft it's like. When I land my backyard tonight during the summer. I can hear a small little Franco roar of engines from the past. Does this kind of neat and in it. Outlook directors a low drag strips like this but the thing about sport or cared it was so many people who knew even existed. So it's gone nor the fact that here engines roaring from before Osborne. You can display but the only thing you hear those legendary tracks and you know. And back and fool me. Yes only three to ensure years like he said this trend would host many legends as we talked about before you know but it's legal would be there. He replied Ronnie Sox Roy hill Roy hill that hill literally he'll quote serious his legal Gregory schools things like that. He's a real big that is a little schooled in a match race would don't garlic and surely shot shoveled down. Surely Chechen Ramon that the first lady of drag racing the very First Amendment ailment it is skill or like a wheel and you've never heard of these pockets the Blu-ray. They have kids. Kill me and it's armor journal it was a hung firm you know like thirty world champions the people as world champions are the well you think there's a lot of big names this Trenton a lot of local guys that got their start right Hewlett points taught you course you Quayle's promote world champion. But also quizzed on those indignities and note the sell these cancers which is things dropping Caribbean X 64 callers. In the southeast gestured racing all of them SE well yeah I may not breakaway too far from a boat. There even breaking out holding at Texas chapter now that's crazy Imus who is literally just as things go strong hold true in the stout race. You know his begin a style to this track itself was in the styles and it was it was legendary most racers. And the track itself were legendary am but sadly my which says they closed in 1983. But I mean you know that during that time they fill up publicity stuff you know are jittery you know once performed there. Jerry rig site and Jerry reed himself cheering at a concert it's farmer driveway in his luggage area say they were talking smokey and the bandit days. He was their performance of that so we gotta be exposure for the straight extra close friend and there. I don't know Fred made or not my slam for Fred was extra. Hole robbed Giannone cool story and it's that close come to you. A little bit a lot of you know my dad raced my dad drag race for years I grew up at a drag racing family the legendary camp and it's legendary Kim hits. Went through through the years my dad purist house forced to improve on eccentric senators to through all this and he had a 71 he was actually moved Oregon for all of us are piles up there is a memorial when I first got to drag race and then he had a 71 dodged cult. Will it for forty and it. A lot of engine and a very little color very little caller totaling 84 and 84 it will is sore thumb. There was a stunt man that they hired on to come up the sport or cared dribble his name is Jim bullet Bailey if you'll see some crazy stuff does he need to Google Jim bullet Bailey. We actually built to his death do an airplane is still not long after you did this to studied it as we're working in the driveway. But the start was there were going to drag him down the track holding onto the Willie borrowers would Rezko. Well nobody was dumb enough to doable Monday at halftime at a much then took on the challenge you know with the shortest fastest car there. Being drawn down the threat dragging Amanda on the track any handle as soon that would post bars on the track. Alien to you that the whole thing was what do I need to do special about it I've heard the story a million times. It took a grip on my dad and I think that was crazy about it was he said just don't stop because of his stops diesel slaughter the caller. So basically he's just make a pass slip fuel. A year as Vanessa could even do his back big east you can actually feel him pull. You could you dragging it to oracle to a plus pound man down the drag strip. So we don't really interests and learning courses still went just like planned and everything went great. But I mean how praises that means something and dragging Amanda the direction that we do all these things bring people out is a Republican driveway. That's awesome. The rugged and has no more let's assume two over on my local legends and everything. Didn't you know have a little bomb our lives. My dad had the first power book or the win the sevenths. The first power Roderick hills a few years later that's back when mr. ray's journalists. And gets more and relentless man that's quarter mile disk quarter mile it was the first part look corridor service which at the time we're talking 1980. For earth run clear that was virtually unheard of he actually did that at Darlington. That's awesome. I guess these are just part of the legends become great have to Spartanburg area that Wrangler in the know and Arab state Amin and the Spartanburg driveway it was that hope of all of this. We'll spur repair dragged away was hope for so many things coming your bracket racers put on hold school classes here I mean it was this is like touch portrait of pro modest afford any of us have existed. Your whole school bracket classes modified classes in your lawyers have more from that Miller really special guest we have coming up next. Don't want to blow that by Emma having kind of secretive about mr. Butler now we're giving details of her oh were only able all the details. Mr. Bobby Ben is who don't have Colin and Bobby. Spartanburg drag. It's armor driveway change public men's life forever. From a young man and well and tell a story. But I mean for me young man spar in her driveway mould as him and made him who he is today and let him down a career path that would lead. What I'll always say is turning your passion into your paycheck Worrell armor driveway did that for him agree that that eighth mile asphalt changed his life. Absolutely. And you know for those who don't know about it men's local guys are great guys being in motorsports. I actually met him many years ago probably around eight or ten years ago. When I was part of the camera sports association. He came down and join us and you know the intent of motor sports association. It was there along when you cadre what was bill's so I was actually pork. You know I had nothing to do with a million the track of course but I was there for all of that and come to fruition meaning candy sent. I've seen that Trenton me born. And union and grow and now see in the rebirth of it. Salute is been really excited and Bobby minute hand assembly strange was a spark merger anyway. Well and missiles in this state contreras as a family affair and I really can't wait to hear from Bobbie yes and you go onstage and. He is he's coming up next guys on Tuesday afternoon and this man right here on not losing streak of people are being. I want to have no radio. A test firing on all eight cylinders. You're Julie Elwood hot. Happy hour with Iran and our crime when it was 63 WORG. Yeah he's talked issues. Ideal way to hold on this is where speed and horsepower rules on rocks and half. Withdrawn and gone wrong Monday when news. All right guys. After almost 63 WORD. Oh god yes sir you tell us about this special gifts you've been tease us about all more than. What happens being different mind Bobby minister mr. Bobby Witt from competition plus dot com. But I don't there. Doing great doing great out in the middle of a no hair and Dell tech year. That the issue of documentary stuff shouldn't get it back the sparkle so you know. Us hello sailor sourcing gas are really appreciate you give us a column in talking to us today and they are busy out there in Dallas. But we're Tomas former dragged away and honest harbor drive way is near and dear to your heart. So what do you tell us when when this former driveways mission what pops in your head and how how it's affected your life. Well I can tell you this. I am forty learn year old man and I still have dreamed that night to drag strips and opens that he had. I had that much of an impact on my life and I actually talked to people who who were true. In willow what that strip. Beginning and that was how much of a part of their arms. That they told me yet other groups that the place locally here. Greg when I lose Hulu would lower sand bar. Are able Laura will we learn how other dramatic race there in my case learn how to thwart other. How they're writing articles there is well learn how to do this you know it's what thank you displaced since I like. You know Derek Jeter marine unit zionist baseball players. Remembering the Little League field where they certainly embraced all of that that's what's more most read story. I tell you about a tale about the very first time he came as former dragged away and how old you were on how you got it in particular. You don't want another one. And act. Yeah they're that it polygamy and so much trouble. Trend in my. Glued and back from skating wearing down there a little book. And your grandmother decided to just stop the big eight let look at the course. And everything and out of the man front gate and we found out. It children eleven and under god it's free that's what a year road salt well. I had durst terror in the next week twelve years old but I kept eskimo mom and edit public spirited drag strip Ali. Own motives Carolina country club limited. We just go about three quarters of the mile to remove the extra. And I've always hear the cars and know what to my mom. The master earth concert maholm. Yeah yeah I can go to the drag strip and she says. Lord no opinion on my mom was little Bob cheering and clearing. She says that they're still blessed during Kim. That beer drinking and fight them they're so I don't want you around laughed a little OK thank you love. It and I'd be according to have any. Kids my age would do that wanted to do you somehow work out today. That's. Like a father son thing out of this community and the the dragster. And he says poll how much account getting out. And are called Bob gold and so god that's too much book. This is back in 1970 not my bit to take a premium strategy it you know transport Merkel also Angela. But he grew up in the depression era that's what my dad was always wanted or more the merrier. Well the next Saturday. Waited and I applauded more start this year are relevant. Pop Belmont by a circle and wrote three quarters of the mile. Yeah O'Neal took extra. And how much differently mayors of men there and Paul Johnson knew the gatekeeper. And he says you won't come apparently actually yes. And so it was stopped all of us sit up all eleven and under god included. And he's had how old are yet process. The way up at the fact that I was. And I rode my bike down the down the heel and settlement grandstand. And I thank only mood award. From met face to go out in the pits for a look at the course. But there were about you know four mid sixty's Corvette stingray is global law how why didn't hear you amend. Well look it's a modified cars purchased in process. My gosh I'm a mental. Lol does this beer. Will I didn't really aren't heard the rumor held that bench for two hours. It's been my mom Margaret got to messing nation has monitored since. At the same release that are thank I have feel worried yeah. Can't sit there right in the middle of booby Hornaday is how one in their motto proper direction and I hear this sound. Arif. Who on the go home. They are cold shield and here's Carl Lewis Souter who did man walker. And there's very long can you an idea do you explain and all your ear and he pictured. Order a heretic rarely hear. What I've already spent mile island truly concerned. Or two when you're you're usually full. He made me go out there and tell what mr. Skinner to hold our laws. Tears streaming Belmont for all the next hour remember ask and there are many are sent one culture just. Our our people disorder stay in my bed to know. He says I'm going to gently with a Q don't get through our slimy cheat and steal it. We don't need to get on that might get that run back up the road so it was the first quarter look tomorrow a lot Il. The actual moment he does actually had little or galaxy than any more elite. Oh yeah so. What did for maybe give it there's an hour after it looked but he waited to meet you get home. And that not able to sit and talk we should. Or. Certain. Were you little limb could be dishonest. I don't then. After that I don't wanna be dishonest just nobody would give me Richard Neer. So but actually eastern will look cool Michael father's son dale that Boogaard Dexter well little bit on merit in almost all of the rotten com. It brokered a deal mr. Johnson. Then it how we get to clean up the drag strip on Monday it would be imminent screwing it to come in three every Saturday night. Mr. Tata car payment top dollars. And they don't. I started running. Sheets back and forth from that those state you know I'm still the two hour. And galloped at least five dollars and then our our guys how to become liberal magazine are never anti terrorist. That outsourced or regret I learned a lot started soon publishing my own low magazine. Blood bank about forty companies looser and so certainly substance during each tour Beverly. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah okay and some Canadian there aren't by the time I was thirteen and then Lumia announcing global aren't. And they're round. I'm David duke turnouts in the holy day on the water you relay route in particular how announcer Rory Stewart. Sort of not any and then the placing eventually closed earned their. In 1983. In one of the darkest terms of my online reassure. There they look just a place that welcomed him a little cheered. I was I was searching your soul group twelve your little. The Myanmar also retain your mother died of cancer. And it in the US welcomed me here is a camera out pestered everybody in the pits. You know they never really lit me don't they just come out. Can't answer my question that I know full questions. Well that's the thing about the Gregory is community it's a family. Yes. Yes there and and then all of I add to that story. Under passed away and 2000 curry. We've got to win 2003 cancer as well. If you're concerned you know I'm I was or ivory accepted by the edge there and not the gym who really sure to let. I went to the funeral home to meet with the funeral director. It is god is not a witness saw a lot of there was mr. Johnson. What they had seen other older thicker. This sang god. They'll let you in the gates. Then let me in the UK. And for our merit not because my dad had are gonna open well that we're two years I had tears streaming did not. My cheeks. Grow old here you know harp on third street root out these. You know look they're not sure you'll never know the impact you have on my own life. Hey hey minister has. We all look at its former graduate that the gene pool with Tom Lehman least. Either. A flying start to all of that went to that drag strip. Went there that what you're saying a lot. And that's why it had such an impact on our art that's swapped every year just follow up FaceBook FaceBook page. We get about 300 at 350 people come out guns or hurt good order reunion every year. Just to get the other at all. Because they didn't like it people just it's much that impacted me how morrow who is on the race and so I'd like wind stop but so many. I look on the meaning it's time to India and if you look at sport heard drag. Former county alone. I cannot believe the tour marine. 33. Floor champion's crown from meg L mail all. And that's quite impressive and and I think what's so awesome is Spartanburg dragway in pave the way for your life I'm not as I'm sure it is for sure many people. And it you know now you're with competition close social world about your role Blair what you do. Well prepared in the park port and airport bringing. Competitor and loved things are all well our. There were my career. If there is somebody who wouldn't give you can't have made sure you're. What I mean by that is when I was eighteen years old and none of the magazines would ever give me a chance rights warm. Always embarks 15100 dollars from one in the NBA at the time which is now Bank of America. I'm more treating them restored in my landed them. And I think we need. We need to think about coming and that's why you know don't give Manchester director will also borrowed money bill already scarred you know. There and that's what I did admin and after the I lasted about eight. Eight marks over 800 subscribers. But I just want broke back I couldn't afford to do a noble one man but then you know. And the magic things are beginning that shot like you superstar dragging Australian drag race me. Imagine playing in another man and you think you. But he went back down on the do things which we all competition plus which is a 48 sports on black and one imagined doing. Gore could afford solar. A certain amount sort of profile ever come back with a managers are now co competition gloat. Culminated not. I'll I'll make it successful this time. And Obama in LA can afford to Hawaii nineteen man he's well it started to drop food until freelance work. No I was prepositioned only Internet Mahmoud. You talk only worries no word relevant period. Why don't we just make a magazine only Internet free for everybody Hillary. Won't fool you're brutality. And that old and every point and finally got loud here's a term first alternate. That and that got my first pick. That seventeen years ago. Never never stopped and now we have a staff of about eleven. We're in the process of launching our Forbes magazine and it's just been an incredible bring. That's also multi. But they don't think you can produce a color or morals and happy hour to share your former dragway experience in tells all about competition plus. Where do we find out more must former Dre will like your legends gathered what you have this past weekend. How well you have a FaceBook page which is titled remembering the old Spartanburg drag wake up thank you community easily keywords armored regulations you know and now up to record if you are. I'm videos on YouTube. There is one mayor I'm particularly proud out of thin air and actually sound great video Marshall as a teenager downloadable extra and total Crandall footage of the former great work that's also on that page so would encourage everybody the other check it out. That's for sure that's for sure Bobby thank you so what you get for being our guest. Thank you I guess thing Youkilis in the high Iran's happy hour here when I was 63 WORD. Thanks for listening to hot now. Happy hour in Iraq sharing connect with Iraq better off. Beyond their button and when I was 63 WORD dot comes draw too hot rods and have. Happy hour find out more about the show listen on demand that it Iraq's 24/7 continents in happy hour supercharged. On a hotel on 1063 WORT.