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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When I was 63 WORD. Juiciest again. Hearing your old. And hog broad line global on what I was 63 to go to WORG. All right guys will provide hot rods and then bill. You know what we're doing a little different today yes we are routed to a redundant. You know what when and it's real world. Today. You mean like. Trevor years and now. Are in dire we'll still still talking about double into a differ away book however I don't know. We're doing with high voltage high voltage here you don't know interest and aren't you yes sir we're taught electric cars in general. But it local boy can jump into it until about all the cool colors coming in. And all that stuff and all the things are delusional if you motors notice. I do what we need a little history lesson but before if you listen the however remind everybody about a very special calling guess we have today a very special would that be routed to you know only be guessing you for just a little while we'll give you three words about this calling guest. Give them world. Record holder those are three great words I want to say something if the mayor was described to me like that. You be a critical. Well I'll never happens away or about that moving brush. Movie and so our only real history lesson of electric caller immoral step back before the actual car. Oral step back to 1828. When a Hungarian man first invented the electric motor. And this would power a small model call or. But the car was in the actual. Actual target of that time. Moving for a little bit the first anyone electric car would be. Wouldn't come around until. 1837. When Robert Davidson who was accused us of our name a scout the Scotland city. He created this car. Powered by galvanic cells. Or better as we known today as batteries batteries. Coal to electric callers for a thousand Alex well yeah hopefully milk. Ari semester and that was the market here trains yesterday was to build a larger car which we were known as the locomotive. And named at the go up Manny. And this was exhibited disease. Exhibited. At the royal Scottish society of arts exhibition in 1841. Long term weight seven total servant on Google's move with a electric power it was there was movement to direct drive reluctant motors. With fix electromagnetic. Am magnetics acting on iron bars attached it wouldn't some owners on a jet each axle. Civil commentators is one again movement. Was commentators you know there around since then and that's what we season now nowadays in the Al Snyder's and things. Well is fiscal two motors appears in GA exactly commentator yen. That is the heart of electric motor. Mrs. Kerry is that we're talking 1840s. Yeah I mean mid eighteen hundreds and and this is some serious advancement in technology. So 1842. This train. Called a load of six tons. At four miles an hour for a distance of a mile and a half and has got to feel there's gonna pro government. There is well first of all the subtlety is nowhere quick. At all you know as a menace not really. You know. A brilliant no not at all because our workers actually destroy this thing. Yes they did they saw it as a threat. And I don't play among these is nowadays you know robotics that an end of things. Having viewed as a threat to minimizes that Lou we had McMahon. Monday though much of a threat form is not our concern he had steam power and all during this time period but it was a threat. You know so it was a struggle railway workers. On the and then in 1984 in better Thomas Parker in this as you may very important. Thomas Parker was the man responsible for innovations such as London Underground. Overhead tram weighs in Liverpool Birmingham. And smokeless feel windows cola. And just fueled agro Colin in this. It's a brand of lieutenant coat and on the totem of leadership we will now never know we're not talking about that. This is coconut it will that were referred to as he used as a smokeless fuel and coaches residue left behind by the coal. This car arise that 640. Degrees Celsius. That's pretty well so as a resident. On Thomas Parker in 1984 built the first production a lecture call our. This is very important and it was on the effects of smoke and pollution in London Andrew Parker to actually. Finding more viable fuel source in Q on this man took that upon himself there was no EPA and no it was nothing like that at the time. No other absolutely nothing there was zero Andy in the late tuners there is. Syrian government regulations and said the EPA no one martyr emissions of you there was no catalytic converter. Hmmm so you go these. All these you know it's very few guest Howard courses time all the steam powered cars insulin pollution in the air so. It was a major issue in Haiti was at that time looking for a solution well that's I'm officially wasn't really a problem gorgeous site it worked out a Maine to someone's excited you know who you know from a horse and buddy to a vehicle that you know they then have to propel themselves vehicle they defeating. Well it was feeding in different ways yes. But you're absolutely right and I want. Trevor by listening and I want tell them if you haven't heard the beginning of the ship it in into the podcast that we have loaded later on. On because of the show we are talking about you know everything worked on now is going to be very important. Two is should defer future shares comes. You don't want catch everything in this Aniston's. Justice this is also the ground you don't learn how we want you weren't we're building a story here and absolutely. So fast forwarding me for the pre eminence of internal combustion engines before me you know they start breaking rounds. Electoral automobiles actually hailed Somalis being distant records real one of these wounds. Probably most notable. Was breaking the hundred kilometers an hour. Speeds or 6620. Lose 62 miles an hour and that was done by Camille Jim not seen in 1899. And why is you know why is that so important will look to that point no one has gone on this flat. Closely you understand about electric power and people back then really did understand it compared to internal combustion do not give Miro. This is disclaimer Robb Pitts loves internal combustion absolutely but we'll tell you something about electric power its instant torque. There's no slackers note anything you lose your drop one with the electric power there's advantages to Electric's. Oh absolutely amazing you know like you said it's instant torque and and you know especially when you cross over to worlds drag race and you know horsepower is important. Torque is by far more important torque is what moves the caller absolutely. Horsepower so for a period crowd once you hit him that's him that's free muscling yes NE ZEZE. We just had them in their last weekend and move it. Any help so an analyst jokes become a drug take shell only fair. Anyhow and 1890s. Electric cars came to America. William Morrison the de Moines Iowa created six passenger wagon they you know my announcement. Capable of reaching speeds at fourteen miles an hour though about the movement. Movement fourteen well over yes sir and 1895 ale riker would building you know electric bicycle also rebuilt electric tricycle later some electrical hours. But thus turning Americans onto the idea of electric transportation. Well and at this point you really you'll start seeing a boom in the US. No absolutely. Orgasm Khryapa decide marry here is we still get tons of things to talk about. This gets us up to the nineteen hundreds as it's as the electric coerced him to America. We got a lot coming up next we're going to be tone about hybrid cars first hybrid cars and light as a month among mistresses. The week before that we don't look go to your illness known to a users not yet. I'll borrow me talking about that man now we got some discrepancy in the electrical field and we're only talking about that too. Material that would do that that's going to be interesting conversation guys you do have little stitching for mountain one more thing you know stay tuned for a run you're in the Guinness book of world records have a have a room I got a good I got a good friend that sent it and you're going to talk to a mixed hero how. Doesn't that feel. Caller 1063 if you. Used to handling. 63 day. Feel went cold on this is worse speed and horsepower in the I run. Don't hundred. We'll movement in the IPO our life so. We knew Doolittle school moments electric stuff you let this thing and right here early nineteen hundreds he says about some hybrids and other may Prius is back then. Well it and put them and 1911. The first gasoline electric. Gasoline electric Mondrian average. Was released by woods motor company. In Chicago and analysts say gas. Slash electric power caller in 1911. By definition that would mean a hybrid and yes the year would be 1911 and the city would be Chicago Chicago. The windy city has got loose thing to go now and in bed the secular era. The hybrid though was commercial failure actually proven to be too slow for its price and too difficult service basically known Smart for that Oscars this is 1911. Now the singles 18100 dollars. Yeah in nineteen it'll. Yeah in my on the Maltese reporters and the flow books you know Mary Ford had it figured out we'll get them outside at the turn of the century. Does the cool FLAC 40% of the US automobiles. Were our bus name. 38% were actually electric while only 22%. We're gasoline that means the 33842. Electric power is registered in the US during the peak time of 191019. Tending the peak time of electrical automobiles. This is usually the peak time for electric cars is nineteen tears yeah I mean it obviously is victim. More later in the 2000 here but yeah up until now the peak time was 1910 and more. Let your callers were on the rooming canceling our alleges that actually astonishing. Consider and you know how our money hates but by the 1920s. The US route system and grown worldwide petroleum reserves led to affordable and readily available gasoline and this would make gas powered cars cheaper to operate and especially over long distances sleet you know and I guess our car take off cross country Williams no way to the neutral person and a sport that remotely think. There was houses that power in the much less electrical. This is absolutely I mean you know you can just drive to California electric car expect pulling him along the way I mean. That option was not there. Now you can pretty much did that. And the Rangers on electric cars are much farther army took my back in the nineteen hundred's sixty miles money tops so which is still impressive very impressive in them and as a city commuter coming. In so bad if that's all you're doing mr. rooms and blogs. You know drug in the war can worm might be a couple of miles away. Doesn't really know that that it will be in trouble that it means the days of cross country trip that we're really wasn't thinking yeah I mean that that was an adventure back absolutely the you know the tennis as usual history decide history now traveling to rotate off to the fifties I mean that's what people really started mobile and you know you're cross country trips here you know you route 66 true assessment that's when that really picked up his and your argument late forties and even an early sixties I was when I was relieved me so it wasn't an issue than you can have a core only had a range of sixty miles on it and you know no big deal so along with the invention of lectured a lecture course we had electric starters bomb Biden. And guy named Charles Kettering Charles Kettering in Vinod and then at the starter in 1912 in this added to the ease of automobile operations because as we know. You had a prank caller for the time. Well yes they know how banks was cranking these cars up when there was only compression stroke if your name was in the wrong place odds are you're gonna lose it. Absolutely and you know you don't want senior wide treat her for another start car up and they give thrower cross ER dumbing. Nobody wanted that so you know the invention of the starter was a great thing. And let me will keep them named Charles Kettering in your mind because he's going to play an important role later on. But don't ruin your story and interesting tidbit of information on this only. If you ever notice any calls from your thirty's and forty's you'll notice at the bottom of the grilled every one of those callers. There's going to be able Purcell the not a place that's actually called a quarry hole cover yes sir you're playing that all the way to the four as we could crank your collar about Hinsdale. This is absolutely true. But that's actually very interesting thing though not many people mount so. Less continue in the year 1912 via the electric starter wheelers and other invention in 1912 that was also very very important was that. A man by the name of Henry Ford never go home never well. Hatred towards automobile ever butt off now it's just a little yes there yes sure it's it's a few loaded question their Henry Ford traded the assembly line building cars and mass production. Well that's the thing though certain mass producing this look calls all the build roads on gasoline and you know the 9204 was available and a variety of colors as long he won in black never heard that before hadn't been pregnant and this week. Fair trial so yes Henry Ford crippled. Owens I crippled I say he destroyed The Who dominated yet he'd be absolutely crushed electrical car. For the time being. You know decade later. Electrical car was gone to about nineteen young men 191930s. There was no more electrical power. But for those to an end. And PM Tom Al logical course. There's hope for the future well your starters electric cars like that come back and mysteries we'll talk about today we've got a very special guest and they were talking to this. Probably want this brightest does all electric power in our area well it was the death of the electrical car that made him a viable person in our future because he had all this technology and people and I want Lego. Go to waste so what they do with a in 1923 year old begin production. Of electric powered forklifts which we still see him today and still made by Yale and just a few years later use or see electric powered golf cart yes sir in 1954 accompanying by the name of lecturer let true. What produced the first electric golf cart and with Erica we usually Cushman and that he's ago there were all stepping in capsule that and saying you know. That's a field a market business. Absolutely taken off for electrical. Powered vehicles oh it is boot. Yet as and that ties and our guest actually. Because he's all about electric golf courts. Is all about invincible. Apple loaded him all the more or later. So after the 1960s your Big Three and even in 67 Nancy would jump on board and have their own electrical car program AMC had electric car little harder time that I guess car that was there it's over there or Malaysia or loser while he knows the company is no longer Willis. So now. Was that we see where that we're so yes they. All the Big Three in a you know evening candidate there's Alicia car program and it really do a whole lot when you see a couple that your car's pop up GM had won back in 71 dismal horn might have won Indy member our Brian Brian had won how far down those role. Role as the city Colorado thing you think you have anything to do that those things. There were made an email vehicles I think originally yeah GM had a similar models was it was like it was brutal as. He's pretty much on July 31 1971. Electric car would receive a unique distinction of becoming the first man vehicle to drive on the moon. This is very important salute her over as the winner over. The quote moon buggy was developed by Boeing and a GM subsidiary Delco electronics. Remember a name I told you remember early on mr. Kettering yet deck company. Delco electronics was founded by cantor and again today you still see Delco electronics absolutely. Many of the board's. Especially starters made by delta. So Jerry was a very important person in and the whole history of luxury home. Bills but a lot of I think that's a good time snowball write your schedule is in the hot rods and happy hour homeless and street that authorities. Happy hour is an on demand. Lastly get 1063 WORG dot com. He's always high on the I'm bronze and happy yellow light. 1063 WORT. A little bits. And I am honor. There are popular story. A story on its story about deceit mean conspiracy. Big companies who they were still talking about the electric car. I'll market. Did you give us. We're talking about electrical as we brought all the way through eighteen dollars nineteen dollars don't order in 19201990s. Los Angeles on Asia General Motors president Roger Smith unveils. The GM impact electric counts. In these names the car the impact. GM you know that the GM collision olive GMT down. Or prefer the GM or render you know I mean who names a caller that. I'm is out of his great name of thing you know it speaks volumes and speaks than her. And they have the California air resource board also in his car. The government of California is clean air agency begins to push for a full more fuel efficient lower emissions vehicle. The raw mango goal was to be zero emissions of vehicle. So that one no emissions electric car. Well think what chemicals that 10%. Oval course produced after a certain do nestled in the electric. Zero emissions. So this is the birds or rather. Rebirth of electric cars was the birth for many models including. The Chrysler team and the Ford Ranger EB pick up BS to any viewpoint yeah that's right Pakistan and for ranger. Electric production units are a lot of of local county course Wilkinson actually had these electric trucks the answer might want or servers things that nature. But or what one caller in particular the impact. Or is that later came in GM EV one. Jim's program came under a particular scrutiny. In an unusual move consumers now allowed to purchase the view the only least amount it was a closed at least it was closed only stuff. So you have a corporation builds cars to sell them but won't sell lease. Know that I mean it's crazy that they were bill little silly Gortat these collateral at least at least we'll go round with a hooker that's right 11117. GM EV one's were ever made. And to our knowledge only three of those exists today. And you know. This is crazy it is you know you mentioned there close and lease or what happens after at least GM would repossess these things are bigger cornerback. Absolutely so the only one was made available to residents only in LA. Phoenix and Tucson Arizona. Later this. And those that are also underscores is the salespeople news that this was something that was little more Tom already. But Atlanta if they put these cars in the right answer a lot of celebrities leasing scores data via Tom Hanks. Mel Gibson had one of these cars. Well GM passes offers a real world engineering yet valuation. And a marketing study to to save the feasibility of producing. And I marketing a commuter electric car in the US that's what they said Manning now. A year after launch a limited program was available in Georgia so there was a couple there on the if you want them. Pardon me the new one can only be our service. As solid Saturn dealerships was very interesting fact. Wielded clout under the Saturn nameplate. Columnist never GM car there all GO callers it was actually a Saturn brilliant caller for a palm that thing that was crazy was there really was no service and maintenance Cisco media think about the only movement horse's head was. Sealed bearings for the wheels are no moving parts and you're only. They change it can filtered check tire pressures on you didn't do any old change you as a maintenance free callers General Motors wheels losing money there yet another reason why the EV 11 way. So what happened in 2002 program was halted and all cars were on the road repossessed and despite proved a protesting. They're crushed well it's kind of funny the story about these cars on elaborate on a little bit there actually Brawley's course to one big party won a storeroom for six months those people protest and so long about the scores they want him back they love to. It's got a 140 mile range. And it was a totally clean car I mean listen I mean you plug it up to know the power he put it the silly really cost you. Ohm everybody loved their fast we've got a little room 300 ZX which was impressive. For an economy caller. But in a required course zero emissions. But this is the thing. Do you want these sort of threat actually put these courses PowerPoint they stay there for six most people purchase for six months straight even after six months the crown dug up there were still people protest and every day about these callers. They drove these colors below normal car haulers and they drove him to Arizona. This orgy of test rounds were. They. And there's pictures on line you can actually get up if you topping EV one all lining election pull the pictures of overhead shot. And it crushed every one of them there's only three it exists the middle 11170. Of these cars they crushed mauled three and three or disabled. So what happened while all the wonders does all wars is certainly got another side story won the commercial actually donated to a school. And school got it back run and they took it back. They want this caller dead. And the reason me and as GM over engineered. GM build a car and the like he said earlier. You didn't have to maintenance is saying this I mean you buys and you know we're down the road you know we changed tires and batteries mother that you have a car that govern. GM built this caller to make caller happy. Exemplary search for more happy but the thing was about making them happy they made. Big goal very mad they don't like this this partisan usual doesn't use gasoline and they did not like that. Another side note these these cars actually came out what led us batters. You know General Motors had these better tax form will they were going to lithium batteries and they bet it'll let us better in. The EV one was a lithium battery the company was in Detroit where they've built these scholars. And it was a smaller mom puck over the made about it actually scholars and GM execs came to them and said listen you will never be able to keep up. With the demand this caller over the next big thing and they bought this little small battery company on the made the batters for the EV one. Thinking that they are making the right move further expansion of the electric car. Well GM sold that company to another company. Chevron hole and they closed it down well now we can't get batteries no more for the TV wants it that's and one reason why the EV one. And you know I mean jammed and one this other it was a day ache or those don't last forever if you will. And I mean what's the point that Creighton Carly never after employ some additional money in the absolutely solution now. The initial crushing forty cars would actually survive this twenty were shipped overseas to museums and educational institutions as we talked about. And they were under the agreement to not get a run well what happened is everybody wanted him back crying. And as you said they were pulled me out so GMs are slowly finally stormed back and crushing them. And that leaves us with the three we know of an existence today. Very interesting fact is in 2016. TV show Jay Leno Jay wells garage. He actually presented the only intact the still functioning EV one. Part of a collection of famous filmmaker Francis Ford a couple of to the Smithsonian Institution a local couple. Bias in this facility and there's one of the Petersen museum and there's a museum in Detroit it's got one but as these are your non functional. Exactly and I mean that's the thing about this car. And you can argue about it all along about big comedy killer bug government you could argue about that you can argue about the reliability of the caller. But at the end of the day this material electric collar. A home. To this country cleans up their power grid. It's always going to be an emissions caller. I mean this is the thing it's almost like the culture you know the Gaza the hustlers mystery has got to three cups in your where's the ball. Well no matter what you do the ball's gonna move and what it isn't just moved the ball around all right so you get your gasoline caller all right we'll burns gas and make smoke. Will this electrical Arnold burned guess it'll make smoke but where is that power come from what do you think of power you think a big water like you the warm water wheels and you know big Hydro plants and things like that are the big fans of them out in the plains into the desert stuff. Well that's about 4% of the nation's energy. The thing is crazy do you know whether the 96% come from coal burning coal burning power plants so basically collector car just has a really home tailpipe if you wanna look at it like that. So that's the thing about it but I mean GM has tinkered with solar technology. They have ticket was so mean different things in this car was a very great corridors leaks in Strauss beyond Evey thing that's come out. Obviously if it wasn't for the 81 UNC the Tesla today. Absolutely and that's why met earlier on in the show when. Talk about this goal opened the door for many east conversations come. You know talking about the Tesla and all the investments or make him talking about the electric car advancements outside of the automotive industry. And the conspiracy wrapped around the you know GM and the conspiracies and throughout time them and rafter on the automotive industry. But we're gonna rest this segment up right now very coming up next very special guest Robbie Steve going to be here. These guys are not going to wanna miss a break here 163. WORD. There was some. Drove for Jiri years tank is full one hot rods and happy hour would drop beds and all 52 on 1063 WOR DEZ boy. Miles to the gallon. And every minute of this it is hot rods and happy hour with my office and on the wrong on 1063. Don't you want me or. Seattle woman right back hot routes and happy hour is rough hits plus a designer I guess we got a very special guests all honor I'm now everybody all layered issues to the Guinness book of world record holder for the world's. Masters golf cart how fresh they the world's best golf cart is I'm now I'm Sam are on any 65 Malibu and the answered all or any now anyone can pretty station wagon now. Man I don't know I tell you what we're talking about a high. 118. Mile an hour golf cart must prove pretty good thirty miles Laura golf cart is white knuckles Libyan initiative mr. Ruddy stained a plume quick racing in Fort Mill South Carolina running how do you do embody. Don't try back home. Home and doing great doing great I'll tell you what would you tell us about how you guys into electric golf course how you got into the electric motors. Right well we got a company. Some quick motors. Here in Fort Mill South Carolina we've been doing I have to former DC golf part mower for about eighteen years and now I'm basically. I was looking for a way to promote the motors is who we felt what better way to invest they'll drag car we started back about ten years ago about 2007. And they are perched drag car. And our goal look at that I'm disturbed look on eighty miles an hour an 84 mom. And we built the car to get down there it a contract win but I think South Carolina and effect if asked returned 86 miles per hour. And so we had to bribe idyllic she's she's 400 and that's what launch the installation figure out faith she could go on the no. So now we've we went through several different car different matters actually. Some. You know things we know what they wouldn't be awarded Guinness world record. And 2013. And then broke our our. Our original Guinness world record in 2014. And honored me eighteen point seven shake. And so now world Milton when you golf cart to. Break that record and you know we're trying to shoot for a hundred feet in the course mouth. And this is that they only remind everybody were total rubbish steam plume quick racing guys were talking about electric golf cart that you are building that's going around a 150. Miles an hour yeah. A lot of people will. The out how you can get out of DC motor really you're union is an old technologies. Do you see bush motors but we're cup format where if the newest technology. And lithium batteries and it shifts from Marmol you know if you keep very tight together it's phenomenal what you can get out of it. Robby got I got a question what kind of power are you actually look at media the golf cart itself out and I was a little different then you know like internal combustion horsepower but Brian does have a translation want to empower you look in media. Well be the battery pack and analogue this now this particular part. And you know what god knows the last car about four years ago that I had almost actual our data. It all these he had the lead acid battery sir you can't compare this is that. That one's own a car nano Ford 291 horsepower. Now what I'm doing today looked lithium ion. Basically you're looking at around 14100 horsepower battery pack and. And I can say you know pretty surely they if we should put around close to a thousand forced power to the legal. And the cart should weigh in between a 100211. Are I don't. This is something this crazy I mean I mean I'll go caller Salma life do you know how large of a feat it is to build a caller I'm going internal combustion LeBron thousands of rear wheel horsepower. Bribes bribes and and the fight about is the electric vs jazz. Oh or maybe do. Dear Libby go through drag strip immediately see the cars involved but it'll no limits. IR PM from the staging and there haven't been. They're older rpm to build. Force powered full force electrical and when apple approval and cannot stop not a blue. And so it it just touch the pedal you've got its stand toward. And horsepower from the very commercial revolutions all electric drag racing you you've got it geared. Totally opposite from gasoline gasoline has asked bill rpm to develop or are important. Electorate you've got it from the very start and as you start and can open about 6000 rpm. It hurt struck dropping like a rock I think he had apparently and she'd say if so if you look at a bottom chart of an electric. Dragster horses started again actually fractured the chore will go all the way. They would just make it kind of paid tribute from close together but probably just they're totally opposite. I'd say that's that's really that's great just blows my money that you're not actually read some of those days the power of you ever heard of the quit stretchers Dong goalless wanna go yeah yeah this question is for 200 miles an -- an injustice to pay a picture for you don't know it's is one the most famous drag races of all times sure he's been out of the for a little while now he's actually don't know electric dragster team is called their buildings up. Full size total fuel dragster. It's electric and or go over to learn Mona right ladies German were told to amend is going go a 150 mile an hour on the electric golf cart does say something I mean I just came wrap my mind around that. Variety if I mean you know some amazing stuff out there. Well off before exporting that still lie. If Cali are hard to explain but you can hold your breath for greater concerted and it goes about so fast you really don't have time to thank about it in the moment. Your main concern me is you start morneau would afford yet. You know warn it could turn this way wanted to turn that way you know worked breaks don't four quarter if you know work acceleration hangs you start. I think about a lot of stuff and eight seconds. Exactly what occupies in you're not really like about how fast you go when you think about. How quick can actually what I want far offline yeah it it's a lot of fun you know what you're seeing in your blood like I'm sure you have notes you know once you get getting your blood on peer to peer you know elation about six schools trot fiscal small socket that matter in shifts. You know you get that compared if you wanna you wanna do bad you wanna put stricter limits if they just exactly what you can you do that if something foolish if it's just competitive nature. This is everybody as everyday and do whatever they do you know. Absolutely Robbie so it's a little bit more about plum quake and what she has actually do their outside a building these high performance drag. Browns sure well what we do we have several different motors are way excited. Form quick dot com and you can go to school and just type in palm quick did come up for attracting world special golf cart it you know it comes maybe through what we do we do for dealers and we also do. Online Internet failed fell basic package is called the bandit what debate it is necessary you've got a 2012. Club car precedent 48 oldest person card player blonde. Seventy miles per hour I can take that motor. All for your car for 225. Dollars they do a performance submarine don't it's completely tore down week and you ban on me. Completely don't truth you put it back on the car and you pick up roughly ten miles per hour for 225 dollars and ten miles per hour in a car doesn't sound like much of the increased film golf cart. This big in Korea yeah. Think about we only go seventy mum are to be got a you just got an opinion on our. And then we go from bad to we have hacked former. Actually generally got shattered gulf it. Roughly between forty to fifty miles per hour for package for the street and that's for. Club crawl our egos yum are we try to you know keep it at that level I don't do any. Prefer a great packages per put people number one liability issues but they're the biggest find is the we hold the Guinness world record. Look at boy can again this for the record I will defend begin actual record. So I'm not going let something go out to the war years and do and obviously the war and it owns it and if it. If not not the worst smarter. People in the world but wouldn't work a lot of years to develop our process our gear and our motor builder and home and it's for marketing tool absolutely stole from me. You have to fail this type stuff to. Lol oh yeah I mean I mean just like you know some cells and those are shot to go before machine gun and use dry as that it would back the thing that's cool about this so a and you do this I mean this is these are stuck. Golf carts makes already and it appears it looks like something wrong you amid the pain is up and you go several different things woo stuff like that Iran is still just looking at the golf course you've ever seen. I'll let you know for the record our call which would say quote quality of small is Manning pursuing him. Don't want to win utterly pinpoint certain fixed its stock chair I think stock exchange and stock Leary and stocks are plastic kind of caps. Only thing that was added to it are apple Ford Motor and gear change. I am control or lithium battery pack and play feel live in this this kind of work but I don't know why we didn't look back at safety wise that got a four point ourselves no cage no nothing like this really cool great. The fate dealt with keeping in Kosovo without too much body that's not always be good for. That's the only safety part about it. Right the one we're doing now I feel that for the easy group art teacher I think it's that standard check C standard suspension and golf are William in Paris on the front. Drag grilled on the fact it has had a roll cage installed about John Gibbons. Give Detroit car that I guess don't you super super good Fella and DNA. Sort of like a pro mod dropped known for being put owned by -- league out of fuel truck very talented and that is more the location actually first say do you start again this can't see the Indians the drop in the ocean Friday and is the key player to push down the front of the gulf were having problems from last in the war record are accused of Cronin if the. Or mile mark and air would get them fired and now that's what I love tighten bridges that. Thank you so much for being malicious or does you'll learn more about -- put Grayson and make your golf cart lesson will you give Ronnie stinnett cult plume quick Grayson you collect a mobile FaceBook military nor what some rouge coach got his YouTube videos tell him plump with Grayson world's fastest golf course this guy. Really is the real deal right here for real salt go out Robbie thank you get from their Borussia. All right hey operation that don't have really haven't gotten bug you listen hot rods and FBR was extremely important. Thanks for listening to hot isn't happy hour in Iraq sharing can actually drop bad odd I. Beyond their button at 1063 WOID does come strolled to hot rods and happy hour find out more about the show listen on demand that it Iraq's 24/7 hundred lives in happy hour supercharged economy it's not 1063 WORG.