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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When I was 63 WORD. Through issues together. Here you're always. And hog broad minded local 11063. Just WORG. All right guys will be hot rods and happy hour I'm Ron Wood OW medal today we're talking about Tony George from polling callers gonna go or you don't love the short lived live in the lol good would come on most things in challengers. And Wellington Mara as if they mirrors there or a moment you know it ML there were some other well the birth of the Connie Karr or talk about the history the funny car and we also have a couple. Special guests are roomy and. Right this right we've got Allen and Mike from the mustangs shot today seemed angrier South Carolina girl you were poorer ignorant. So yeah let's kick this off listen about the birth of tonic. 64. The term describes an affordable compact highly styled caller. Well this forty year performance oriented image. Well I mean anything ya think about it Lee Iacocca knocked it out of the park with the first must absolutely it was a great idea I mean you're you got that classic style and the short little bit longer let you know it was a car that independent house option on some forms caller or could be a daily driver you know a lot of mustangs actually targeted like female drivers. Absolutely you know the term was coined a first buy out car lot magazine editor Dennis Chilo demand on saying that wrong Clinton Dennis Cornett for reason to start coming in you know that was the name please call hours and it and it stuck over the years even even today. Well I mean it's a whole special class and even win the pony course kind of surge will move a muscle cars a little bit there's still a pony cars class Clark. It's a very popular car across the board you know we even had crushing her in due course General Motors junk and it'll mortal man Tony. AMC's to made him say yes you know end and like he says there's qualifications should Connie Karr there was a stylish and sporty long nose short deck Andy the open mouth grill was vague you know UCLA's own cars from the six seasons these big grill sub and I want iron and he gets his list of room and you must of course absolutely I mean you lose the styling at least cars and said the pace for not only trying cars were muscle car surround years and years to come. And they're affordable based caller of the you know 2500 dollars back in 1960 foul of course. Twice 500 dollars and under Susan affordable car she generalize young people are out bind these cars now. Actually it was a funny story the very first mustang ever sold it was only by accident checks are multi core two days before we released. It was a over gay rule Miguel wise hill lies in Dearborn Michigan she was looking for a convertible. And your shoes looking the falcons which the most singles loosely based on a home. The Jews live and convertibles and the salesman showed her the very first must and they are received and it was in the back. If she bought it sold two or two days early so she actually. Everything is crazy is she can't just call there was a daily driver to 1979. And didn't realize that she had the very first mustering sold yet. And 2002 in the course 77 and 2010. And they ran the numbers on it and they are that was the very first mustang so she's been interviewed all of the world. Yes this car was actually is purchase of the New York world's fair back in 64. Analyze and you know it was literally before anybody that no one had sing along these cars and time it was. I'm brand new zodiac consulate. Anything you heard register new car exactly and and then you know what fifteen years or forty years later she finds out. That this car is the very first mustang and that is so aren't she still owns its in this state. And and what's funny is you know a lot of people are realizes there's there wasn't that pretty of call hearts and gum it was blue on blue I mean it was a skylight blue blue interior Lewis. I Manges is basically as a comes but yet it was number one. Well Romeo is the first one immediately think about meg there and you know these course like to show they were auctioned off for different purposes you know there were doing you know not all six must just be sure the course and things like that also army of some drivel like an old Jason in the sixties like blues were very very popular. Very true if guerrillas listen now we're talking about the pony car or another Bertha must night alone all the birds muscling also with the birth of the front door of the Iannetta Mondale was among the first one and eat. The stars are so amazing is one of those things a man opponent are front doors. The also show home off the shelf mass production of components made the aftermarket world was huge form. You clearly not buying anything from this course and you can buy these cars will any kind of options the mustang and the you know straight six or VA. Well and that's the cool thing about is how they're Russian economy you can order 1960 Thomas or six format must say actually when we first came out. Euros Korea within 106 if you look to 89 and then they had a vast array of two longitudinal juveniles all have to be enough for her all good solid Kia Motors. Yeah it any options you know you can you know you G teaser Shelley's them there is anything you cornyn let loose in the aftermarket loses their form. And they year they ever does these funny cars you know especially muscling him this time. They advertise these cars you know to a youth orient in market that's you know you get younger more my course of the time they're affordable. And there give them some room that was stylish does someone you know I was in my age one drives. Well don't think you'll think about there was nothing on the market quite like it absolutely not mean you got to think your wasn't really considers force coroner wasn't what commits us collect most of Carl deal of course was then we was a full sauce coroner really wasn't a compact car. Now it really is a nice blend of all these things and it really is it actually shares spin room is shares portal all right you know it Lee Iacocca he has. Being the father of the muscling you not know parking is a. He actually worked for for all the way up into the early 80s80 pitched a four will drop me an idea to afford it or actually left him out the board room. Yeah and he'd sit this idea and actually went to dodge within it really became the gentleman became the CEO of Chrysler corporation well you know I'm Carla he saved Chrysler. He did the care of SA Christmas the pro wardrobe made of in this forward. Three years later left about. Is the best selling although probably of all time especially Chrysler without a shadow now wolf across or your marble smooth there's more Carroll's release. Absolutely. Give Aaliyah OK okay need. He's the godfather to the most famous man he created some that now him think he realized what he created when he done it. I think you know he had the idea he knew it would be popular with. I don't think he saw it coming neither the real lesson to two years later still like him at Sola and you know the sales. They had a projected sales are you know. Big motor companies don't take risk like this well looking into it and they looked into the print up predicted sales Lee scores and they're expecting itself I think the numbers were around a 100000 the first year. The first day they released these ads the New York. World's fair. They had sales like people ordered 22000. Really scorched right there on the spot. 22000 which they knew was so smashed a record sales for the year. Ended up in the first years Sony over 600000. Walton is something else is that corals marketed extremely well you know obviously being called the most saying. If they always tell the pony into immune system as early commercials from the sixties while others were teaser personally seen the score for travel across the desert with a pack of horses running behind it. I mean it was exciting caller some totally new. As facility other marketing was there everything was there police coerced. The time was trying you know union as a post war era. Chance she got people others spend money on insured GM bill came Daniel people have money to buy them a sports car you know some people are getting older from the war era. In other retire and they want all sports car driver around. Convertible absolutely it could buckle verbal is a perfect answer all the lists. You know it into an Indian listen and we are talking about the birth of pony car in. Williams is on the must thing right now because. And that was the birth of the funny car but like we city you know you and does come and play for the challenger he had a General Motors stepped. Myra we'll think you'll think about. Your forehead hole. It all the more. It for years. And then in 67 your General Motors stepping. Dahlia and and the vs Clara Khamenei. My god does probably one million iconic Caldwell is an icon car for GM and you know even a show fell a little bit bigger carbonneau has that same pony car field. Well above Israel's goals in the south south caller was considered a muscle car and this is something totally different in myrtle talk about how the other manufactures followed suit in the pony car market. In our next segment. You know we like him of the talk about rubble yet you know like so we're only told him about the pony car history. You know pass Ford you know all the other company seven and and the precursor to is funny car what was leading up to it in and later my Mattel another 21 century revival in 200514. And a missing in. Moments another. New here especially just come out seeing. Never lost a different you don't we will certainly got a real great especially on the subject casualty in the home runs and had PLO 63. Bad look in the likes to grade look at custom car. Yeah I'm 1063. WORD. Whether it's four on the floor board three on the treaty this these high. Paparazzi and I've gone wrong when. All right guys welcome back there hot rods and happy everyone was 63 New York the mom around. I wrote this. Now had you haven't may imam known for awhile now. Our guys were talking about the pony car history were don't talk about. Actually real history lesson precursor leading up to the mood of the invention of the pony car. The idea of the pony car dates back. Always too late fifties and who isn't and Ford had a hearing in the original two seater Ford Thunderbird great car in a fit every week. Every design aspect to the pony car. But at this time these were not political horse. Now in 1958 the transformation to a larger foresee luxury car pru do to be a sale success for Ford. Both but both Ford dealers and consumers. They were said the they're the loss of loved sports car here and there were looking you know looking to fill a void. Well you think about it you know the two receivers. Those cars were very popular but they were not very practical. Exactly and it was it to compete with the Corvette especially when there was VA in the fifties he was it up hassle blue claim success. The score real performing callers. There and you Cheever was a V8 Cora but it was Kelly is he and you know the poor away from the main T burner more luxurious car. Yeah it and I always lean toward that even even your to cedars are very luxurious goers Aaliyah with a loaded out there's there's there's things like a based eager to see exactly. So over GM. They saw some needs here. Oh win with that happening they saw needs so in 1960 this year really core -- was more. Now that as you might remember that corner is a rear engine setting call or very odd ball Korb is a very popular Cold War. So in nineteen in 1951. And there are 61 I'm sorry. The core prayers up trimmed this of course there was a Mans a package. You know the Mann's it would sell a 144000. Units in 1961. And this lit a fire up under Ford's tale yeah. Well I mean in the core rare it was a very interesting car course was a pony car enough. You rear engine air cooled yeah forebears were very very very. Very very different callers come there and obviously corporate collectors are different you know this. There are traveled well you know I was like man out that I was actually offered a core very entry for another car and almost took it. Because my Yahoo! my outer unless. As a satellite and to read the biggest issue weigh in each well is there a little less visionary chorus enjoying an excellent then they're making our spotter yeah. But the core mayor and the thunder were they were there are catalysts for the Tony caller I mean they were what led up to it in the core rare in the month of package. And some very unique features ahead bucket season and have a format Shuster. And that started a trend that we proceed you know the guy who serve all phases caller you know from here. Pulls us car steer you know your luxury car shoots four scorers. You European goers this was. This was an option that would stay around him but his CC your floor shifter urged. Essar right wants even today. I mean that was the big thing but do they fear the most seasoned occult soldier for street. Your business. Boy you near automatic Corzine in new human you know I'm off I am hard for me about a car even cinnamon in 96 BL Kampala. Services but it sees abortions church where you see your latest move in the trucks are you seem like pickup trucks with. Consoles and Porsche if there's little trust absolutely I mean this was a trend and it of course it bled over into the pony car. And the pony car embraced it has always embraced it coming. Very few times or history DC come shift growing car. In the early sixties and income earners and Samir must exist or not to mostly socially should compare those you salt call just to where you didn't mean it. Bomb mean number afford they answered back to the score mayor. Mino and an error thunderbird so they had international Ford. Their initial response was the future or futures sprint. Which was versions of the Ford falcon. What she later became the must think that. The falcon was a really neat little collar bone meal falcon actually is hung around after the mustang which is on the same platform. Always in the 1970 a bully have to look the thing about the falcon there was really cool about it was. Is they have these different models and keep them I wasn't Cody caller yeah this is the persons to the article. The thing this cool about it this is seed. The car. Ear you can get a baseball six or falcon or you can get you know what to 89 VH sprint falcons. They were neat callers who skeleton must staying in sheep's clothes. Absolutely. And as a Regis and ending in we're talking about the history of the clinic or the predecessors of the pony car. And at this time you know fortunately I was falcon Chrysler followed up with a with the Plymouth valiant Signet and also they had the Dodge Dart GT. Two great cars iconic horror smooth these are not yet Tony Norris he's everything easily numb to everything was all American to a pony car. In any have American motors name seeing this symptom of the full forty dash four and then they had room versions of there ever popular rambler. Well there is some remain the AMC MX that was a wild caller but it was just crazy compared to anything else you can marriage challengers. You and your crew is all this course. Trends and whatever that was just dug a Caldwell political hurdles ahead this time. Absolute. And you know auto executives led by Lee Iacocca. They believe they had just scratched the surface slowly scorched they've hurling your midsize to compact cars and it. You know then there are several more than word when I even mentioning here. But they believe they just stretch the service young people were buying cars. And you know this led to the mustang being mourned the pony car remorse. Well the pony career more than two years under the Camilla the Kruger which is mostly a loaded down version of the most you know just trimmed yeah those same. An idea almost since limbo luxury must thank you belittle what a classy must. And now you had General Motors stepping in 1960 similar tomorrow well that the firebird that it is it's it's everybody cousins coming in how. Earlier this is the thing that we will scuttle the cougar. And the mustangs the Camaro and firebird fibrosis a little question little courtroom a little more. You know a lot of it is so weird that. If you like farmers typically you don't like Maris primary goes north Farber a central jury and that bleeds on into the ninety's and early two thousands when you're WS six cars was just really ashamed caller but they're just like totally is what I'm not a GMC Mandela who surely drugs exactly a year either can't fish rendered WS six ram coming. I've won him WS six for twelve days of the trans ams is just always said the dollar strings and these elements is some Obama like a well I mean I think have been there upscale model and now. Well it is I mean this is just. It's a little more loaded Al yeah I mean there's nothing they've been particularly true pieces is the big thing will them. They are maybe a little remorseful worsen things like that but deadly you're looking caller. Until somebody else they came in swinging. In night. She means. Sixty another false 69. Mope or Cayman swinging swinging swinging with a luxurious. Dodge Challenger Google gears to our children also had a Plymouth true. Yet I don't want to easily could who's been around you before 1960 number. They had performed smiles analog given to a hot rods okay is Drucker is okay newsletter email to glass things like that 66869. But. In the fall 69 that Sydney Molly you're caught that seventy children the save in the cute those scores on the set anyone could have probably one of the U rarest mosque while Tony Carson all around you got to show you what you the truth. You've got something absolutely. All right guys we get more to talk about with pony cars coming up next we're talking about the 20s21. Century revitalization right here high for us that bill. 1063 W or do you. High performance radio you're listening to a high. I'm frauds and happy hour withdrawn picks and a bond run 1063 WOR DP up states. She's got she's always high off. Hot rods and I'm the alike should follow and connect at 1063 WORG dot com all right guys welcome back to haul routes and. Failure one was 63 W already all right what are we talking about again man which some of them put occur still we're still talking militia funny cars always agree subject to talk about com. And we're Tomas are pony cars in my lifetime. You know the revitalization 21 century reap revitalization. Partygoers and I'll go as far as to say the revitalization. Of cholera parts factory hot rods back factory and Ozzie you got to think about a you know the ninety's the late eighty's the ninety's were. Hole well there's a horse already killed Khamenei for twenty years or one of the Silverado SS trucks we're talking Harlem their horrible leg and PL O'Leary widens and things like that I mean even their vests were still down on horsepower we have similar horsepower most current laws similar horsepower pony caller now on the factory. Absolutely I -- and I think you know 2005 this is a revitalized there was a dilemma faced by auto makers in offering credit scores or their equivalent I'm going for developing a suitable platform that was affordable incapable amounts to be viable you know unlike the mid sixties largely a majority of modern complex horrors and from will drive with four and six cylinder engines and the widespread use of the unibody construction MA and engineering. I specialized body here inexpensive proposition so move they had to solve this problem men in that came in 2005 were for once again stepped in and made a unique platform for the mustang. Well we'll take some low profile modest almost say is a gorgeous car and it really really mimics the original fast actually for a 65 must thanks. Yeah I mean they're not gonna par here is they announcing the you know who the buyer I think they get the consumer you know. Looking again you know as well as corporate unmistakably you know what's the most and absolutely to a showdown you know and then 2009 dodge being inspired run Ford of course brought back the Dodge Challenger and probably the greatest decision doesn't have remains. Probably want they want is really help Chrysler through the years old Cecil mills in my personal opinion probably the best looking of the new generation political person I was going to say two words in my mouth and dodge and not develop part of the design of that coast gorgeous. The charger you know they came around and Amanda needs a new midsize sedans are fools us that yes she's and the other charger answered that the way come don't pony car but they may not to challenge or a park and it's only gotten better look him. Yeah it's a good looking go to hell delegates in the years with a now you're the 2002 n.'s election Munich in 1970 challenger and your new myself look like a 71 in the back with a tell us and all that stuff so they're really good looking callers and kind of keeping to that classic form. Yeah NN Houston and then Warner -- -- my challengers because we're drum up on the course portal mother revitalization of the burning car inning you know to deal with Ford in April 2009. The last ones jump on board Chevrolet released her 2010 model of the Camaro will they released to the public for sale because in 2008. I actually was at the TD can mentioned senator here in Greenville, South Carolina where they actually had the Camaro there on display ads the our show. You know and Cabrera was very different it was almost. A futuristic looking version of they'd see she's nightmare yes you know honestly when it except there's only tell us into his life normal Vegas. Yeah AMA and GM tennis not for me to say because in 2000 NATO's senior in high school and Goosen yes absolutely but cars have always been a passion in my and it does our show is so and its merits being unveiled here and they tell let me down mayor really look like hot wheels car. It's a good looking caller I think they've missed two more with a little bit it's gotten better over the years shallow the dash and the scholars and the international drive I mean none of the gauges you know the big thing like 67 had a 67 RSS this Camaro and you're the cool thing about those is that in Nash tightly called a ticket top tech at a clock in the center of the attack and actually mimic that in the 2002 camera gold as set up actually look at 69 career. We have Fort Dodge Chevy Nestle have done a good job with the Lusitania. In lineage chevys. There mentioning the trans am coming Magnum mentioning the show and welcome back on the same platform that's I dream yet now I'll think he'll ever have. Well this is they wanna put Barney or gal on X gone there Donald bring back one opponent extortion little branded under well cool thing is you can by the kids can tell you and there's a gorgeous colors they knew about I think it makes it pretty Cora to rap artists on around sports on the right is it when actually it's a long scars has lost aliases same yeah we actually assume the brew Reynolds has officials that they were 77 of them yet. They're gorge watching golden mean looks just like the smoky the -- -- trans am bush kind of morphed into that new Voice of America can look cartoonish look to it isn't but it's a good looking car that you know talking about high cars man they saying -- our economy cars and more and there are amend their full sized cars these and is now all the pigs are headed in huge cost me like you're from the Tony corporate event in high school in your clocks but most of what 2800 pounds all boxed in you thought that was a hit because which unlike those cars are -- busload must include twittering twit 200 pale slim lined up now you've got you know challengers was 4800. Sales Tamara is it way right there edit and the most things their brother Florian. Oh yeah these are heavy cars and mother moving on their friends and make you know forward horsepower exactly there's a lesson earlier when I think this revitalize. And you know how the Bucs are running Peter O'Malley does and challenger help kept 770 horsepower. Tells you don't want Americans that's so hot coming these things are crazy that you go you know all these dozens of them almost what you should they must do fusion idea of the ship sank in this. He won't tell you something he's called her platform and then you've got people there modify the hillcats making even more power what do you know it's funny hats off to all of our good friends Joseph -- over foreign camera and he's yelling he's okay courses here locally and they say is actually sent off and talk about numbers are real and their engine 900 and some horsepower on this car this is guarding him earlier she sorrento and is zero was actually got two keys you set a black keys that you can put a new drug and -- without a little two dollar and you have -- -- key in a similar set yet he actually tells me Theresa as a well depends on key you have with you and they'll be -- so resilient -- -- was in Madrid usually you do exactly but he remained ahead in any other -- -- toreros certainly offered -- -- and they -- convertible platform which -- tackle. Children it's a nap and those muscles in the lower body style challengers I didn't really care for the global back in the bowl oh that's a hard tough issues bracelets. Looking call you look funnies squirrel I think and they I think they have less of remote remembering Magglio computer though because a true Judah and a convertible was rather popular and the body styling is not too far off. Well this is only problem occurred it was a real clue to turn when that's not around anymore just like opponent in the trends and some guys say they can be a special addition they actually make kids to do merger challenger to Likud have blown up did say it's it's a good looking caller. But it's. I think a logistical challenge of producing a convertible in the future look but the thing that course so why why why from the rocker panel so the top of the divorce is so well I think you look funny without top talents like chopped up car but it works Italy is actually gets a good look at rob and as it broke almost figured look a little funny what's cool simply scarred Jonah. Those things are cool there's two black and white. Now super cool and our deficit you work out a couple of Madeira traveling down I 77 and be careful of his era marked my you know and that's a cool thing is to see that Justin. And even back in the early nineties you had the South Carolina no patrol must thanks a couple of groups and had the moral person and an outside the god in marriage or aren't. We do they actually did have a few commercial real cultural and those girls are highly sought after from TV stick. Yeah I mean the patrol cars that are huge market actually own one myself but is very decision Tony cars you usually get in our net pay Amish afford here for a second I'm not for ego whatsoever but the fact that Ford has kept the mustang throughout all the years swallow Dodgers dropped off the challenger Chevrolet dropped off McNamara for awhile Ford stayed true to get that car throughout the years old. I saw you think the most thing people disagree Leo in the senate 4078 years of the mustang and don't assume that real moral. It was a nail McCain coverage to the Muslim Jew and have been thousands tiger but it was a necessary evil has led to the fox while at it diddley the fox muddy era. Don't want to face on the fox while it was a very very important golfer must think you're so are not united three that caller a little rubber nose in some interior pieces was virtually unchanged and 86 and went to the fuel injected found leader. Yeah and it and it finally demand solution also mother for its time and even now people are still uses them well you know as a real horsepower sell books motor therefore you still do the fix that problem absolutely in the end that's a great base that was what was so cool but fox was is that the how much was out there for them and most things have always been that way and pony cars and that and that is one of those things and doesn't make a funny car trying to cars the F Margaret capability. Syria where I'm glad that something you actually it doesn't restoring fox Monday most things like 88 mustangs and eighty none most things are flight factory restore and put them back original coming armor rouge closure you know for five years old civil car lot they actually make an extra feel pretty old but I'm is really cool suit this course coming back. Today Rihanna zero born Arabs now that you're killing the small stuff. But yeah I mean it's great to see today and in you know. I do like just saying today Denis Collins numb and Texas him tell trilogy and yes don't guess Monday he he's actually sell off the mustang collection. You know it police are all extremely low mile course extreme low miles yet he's guess five fox bodies and then three S via listen honey Cincinnati for the body forth there won't be able stunts and he had just see that someone has done at least horror she you know the pony cars so much to keep a -- won the course of seven miles on this cruise Sammy and there's cars are layered dating back from the 64 and a half so you know must things they're like that to people saw the value may stores and that put Marvin cap room look collectible. Absolutely bomb you know it. Am I think another cool thing into the pony cars on the revitalization. Of the growing chorus of who we're talking about the revitalization is open up our running market more than ever Coleman in the morning is how they feel there was too little showers and almost absolutely ME meet all these new platform you know murders the other 61 hammy the EL 57 hammy he has new coyote motors fail us motor which is Merrill for a little while but I mean all these you know motors turner. Performance powerhouses. Will easily lose these really deal locked absolutely guys we especially just coming up next don't want you stay to inform. There from the muscling shopping and careers you have Mike and Allan great guys are coming up next your list. 1063. The New York. For your years. Hot rods and happy hour would drop their kids and all right we're on what was extra. Boy. Hot rods and happy yeah I'm 1063 WORG. Steve's talk station all right guys your listener Ralph hits a home runs and that we are are run what are we talking about died. Well we have a couple special guest in here tonight we have Alomar man I'm Mike usual muscling Shelton the mustangs shot just doesn't must excel we just don't know their career. We are complete warmest stuff we work on everything from 1970000. In 1964 passed through a 1201718. Must things we do everything from matters to anything you think just a car for a couple restorations and coastal restoration to an old saying Easter breaks whatever you wanna do just come seriously to take care. Some form smog things like that you got a government doesn't know the Boris and installed and a solemn so one stop shopping for your pony don't Boris Diaw today we're talking about the political or any amount of horse stable car they are and you be important so you does this is your livelihood is the pony car so I mean that's important he goes for sure. So what's your favorite mustang through the years what are you draft. Drought between twelve balls real cities Tom Lawrence. Must favorite ones is say 97 you see here is my very first car it was more than a 72 Olympics masks what actually I'm a white sand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's awesome you know where total there earlier in just a layman has loosening and we got Alan Martin in my accused in from the Muslim shopping herself Carolina. And we're talking about earlier in the show about the Tony Garza we mention that. We know those distant cars throughout time you know what you would turn you guys on to the mustang would would main that the Corley you wanna choose. I'm very first car was like there was a 72 must say that I met a wise for him and we battled my dad about the car for me when I was nine years old and now we just I've always loved cars and I guess you say my dad's real and I got an almost turns the car suit I mean actually terrier Lena Dunham and. Well we'll bring you always notice when the most grandma I was the most in general and and it's a family affair with a lot of this stuff he knows how you get into the hobby is you know you have a father or brother or local. Ursula brings you into it. The most thing is as stable call through the years. Is the one call that blows my mind. And every day that's an important sending molesting two years and you're actually got people building these callers now are mega beautiful customs out level. But these Garcia and there's no baggage you're in these mustangs is crazy we get the 64 and I have to say I need to lose. And then you know let's let's forty bucks was sitting on the united three course. Which they will always be a major clash that caller still to this day they were all 1000 high schooler Roma's new U. And then all you've got teenage gas warning these callers now and then you got the guys my age or Warner Warner restore them and that's currency guessing a lot of fox isn't job. It was quite a few stocks bodies psalm we got several working on currently we did I actually did pretty cool modification no one was a charity swapped from fox body pretty Ricky carcass car slot to begin with so used to look nasal coyote and they're serious. Well available initially is gonna cool would that you filed leader Amin feel better today with a whole roller motors filed later and they were fine but you got to carry slot the newfound liter mustang murder in that light must thing I think order history be sure enough name is this pretty wanna get away from an army. Yet nothing was so awesome about a fox bodies everybody I ever I can relate to one of these cars and everybody had wanted to. They released red wine and I myself you know Warner and Manny one Alex cute car got pulled over Lowell and they aren't Jeff Fuller I want. But Khamenei noted even so you see him once he says there either me and restore order there some time around are there big for race course a main point you guys are there light weight knowing you can throw anything in them and they're quick especially Hillis McGrath well he single and. All right this is really big enough of this but I love how. More look got a bigger hungrier when the mezzaluna. It's. How do you guess build up bomb that I hired you got him one time and I think it is a funny statement he told me that kid you know stuck to minimize light devoured every kid when they grow up there don't think they ever must thank him with a Shimmy motor that he does feel about that because as it comes won't. Well you know and certainly don't like a body that I'll handle the horsepower. Atalanta met analysts' I'm coming and use it just ordinary and affords sassy is gonna differ hard and make you go fast. Oh yeah it's some people according to some people DO whereby a degraded Israel and Colorado did the rest knuckle down but it actually. Discuss his Nelson Vanilla school they don't make them bad people okay. Week you know I think this is actually very topics talk about because I always say in this way the course junior were talking about us is gonna do well you know I always says this way in the forward especially the fox body is such a great platform and it's you know ice. I'm using this technology but just cheap there's there's course for another there where and it's the same way it was a Shimmy motors is chief beat him thrown together. So state leg taken the best of both worlds smash them together he say anyone who's the you know who's Mullen on the budget you can have a amazing performance machine do in this setup learning. Agree though takes on the prices of these fox bodies are and how they've gotten very popular very very popular usually sees co wrote the better Jackson he's our seat you know these entourage Graham Paul filed leader Felix troops coming through you know flow master while we're which. Under our shall always OK okay with a because there won't happen I don't know it's exactly like everybody -- -- -- will lose but casual thing lightly you know turned Reynolds what just got tilt also in the sling but that doesn't have those first let's go to bringing crazy money this unmolested just pure box body must think ML won't tell you something in the eighties and early ninety's when not a great usual performance for callers in a power down across the board for surely everywhere will always been that notch but you know what I'm saying. It's never really been -- the Jerusalem and and that's the thing about this doesn't things called the bucks closes after more stepped in there and I think that what -- do more for those callers the native to the commanders really think I mean you can buy anything for fox money must and you didn't pay you still can you got a more parks for fox my W could be an. You can give up for the Sox but as you get any parts and eating dinner restored only to Corwin has always been the hardest part of I'm almost an hour. Adam and that's a big thing Jesus sills around the wind is all get real Republican here and you can always doubles been repaid and it'll wind it's an album right. They make news to a release form now let's don't think you get. Australian semi American morning instead doing it does your listening in got a glass shove you McElroy and as for Alex must think you might have a good market later. There have been more and I am a serious thing like we've played we've said many times you have to market is their food stores you know the torture plentiful. And I think the mustang is kind of pave the way for the aftermarket world the united muscling his slave a lot of ways you like we're told mount earlier in the show that paves the way from Tony caller and then magnified when my brother knew rendition of the muscling out they pave the way again and I really think that revitalized top running. Yeah I agree with numbing we saw a lot of people look a little soft bodies formed a got a different items done and this is just amazing what these cars have been through since since 1960 for a house David evolution should be evolutionary change of the cars I mean you got one six for a house which is this like drowned when a horse in Syria do you got a 2017 out there right now that's there's like you Rodney and I hate to say about it. Oh absolutely equal Mike Allen Gaza wants thank you yes so much for coming in you know sellers list and if you need to must things hooked up on these are you guys he had to their neighbors South Carolina and Craig. Reviewed we shall go mobile FaceBook the most thing shop these guys do some euphoric down there and do some great work for some great calls as guzzle thank you both for coming out appreciate your listen hot rods and happy are 1063 W order. Thanks for listening to hot rounds in happy hour in Iraq sharing can actually drop dead on the. Beyond their button and when it was 63 WO. OID dot com broke too hot rods and happy hour find out more about the show lose it on demand that it Iraq's 24/7 continents in happy hour super exciting. And a son 1063 WORG.