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Here euros. And on the wrong line and local 11063. All right guys with a nose rubbed his midnight blue. We'll go on all woolly talk about today. Florida my what's going on Ellis from school today so there's a lot of talk on today for any kind of cargo whatsoever you've heard about all things going on in Dallas right now what are zoo and company headed next guest Monday your odds big drama. In the big city. Big drama own Discovery Channel and you then you're and then this crazy talk UN thinking there's a lot of rumors they're in now after me another shot for thirteen years there now. I mean everybody's talking about list. Talk about is there concern is a job other responsible. You know the usual starters all showed but the thing you do have to remember is Nixon had his own shot and still has a shot in Dallas yeah I mean he's doing this long before yes well he. Which we sell Osama overhaul wishlists lol. That's just another such as soon as the snow here there. Blown out. I heard a rumor mayor and working in Austin speed shop. Well I actually have a friend of mine who's in Dallas has told me. Then there are golf instructor has been seen in Austin speed shop then if you don't know awesome speech I was almost Jesse James who happens and hate Richard growing with a passion. So I'm all thank you entertaining and then the thing you think about that when you see things like this. Is this is trump this right here is more than normal drama this is Discovery Channel pilgrims studios problem. Oh yeah amenities of the big dogs and known ratings here's a live well the other thing about the building high grandmother loving this absolutely I mean everybody. Music in the car industry has their eyes toward the yes Monte Rodriguez I think about is so funny now usually you know California is the Mecca of everything Clark ran out there but also nobody that in Dallas all yeah I mean even even richer growing said the web site crashed when they releases information you can email there was an item checked out for myself. You can get of the website was down because of all the traffic. Trying to find out what's going on literally broke the internet's premiere and then you know carnations rather onetime Nortel but we don't comment and go for it may have wondered if it maybe she should brew beer that the ISO. But then there's another rumor that I like to do and coughing and go on and join forces with Casey Matthews. Well this is another one of the case seeing not only through fuel fake fire mugs that being said Casey is built one hello shop oh absolutely he's got a great business going there than actually build a C ten for Siemens was absolutely gorgeous and we'll let you know some great work flows and over remember Casey was actually the original container I guess my heroes the original claim Buddy Guy for just look at. Any news I mean absolutely great entertainer and I think he became even better once he left the shop well once you have guessed wrong I'm I don't think he really had too much pull any any of the bills really uses the greater you have made in bringing me out it makes it. And the hip problem and I think Perry and bill also. And I had an interesting theory. Heard this is this is a hot rods Sears is not you heard it here first folks it runs prediction wartime iron Kaufman leaving guest on your odds in this is our roads clearing. Kind of me into this is just one big marketing ploy and I mean what I'm in other. You know Richard hymns misuse drugs and he started a new TV show was a toll on drugs. That's coming up more risk you touch you and Roger and I just think as I so what's called restart match. So like that kids. They be certain new shop when they aryan to bring you were and all this drama is just to bring the ratings up. It could very possibly be you got to remember folks. Almost hear reality TV that there's not much real reality in any more now. And any other room other room you could go the drone whatever they can't. And you think about this the best marketing tool ever they are people going all over the Internet the people just emailed polls or his wanna get some information on this well it's I mean we're talking about here a local radio station Greenville, South Carolina. And then yet every website there's automotive related every podcast every everybody has got on the subject and it is this big. Well it was a big thing obviously there's not a soul. In the car community that has this thing guess what you grudge fassel oiled. I salute and but I was three missile interesting article as the peak guest funky drugs had. Two million viewers. Two million viewers trumped. Now they're down to one million viewers. Got to do something they've got to do something. But I mean if they are doing new drones got about they are still something absolutely if they are doing Moses a very big Kelsey period if if Bayern is gone if he still. The associated would guess funky. An associate original drawings. And they're doing something big in this is all big ratings ploy. Their key business they very well kept saying to the secret. Is really even richer rallies he said this thing area and he releases on the web site. There's a direct quote from Richard Rollins is as anti air and I would like to sincerely express my appreciation for the thirteen years you've put into guess monkey garage. We worked long and hard from the bottom to lose not every day it was good. And we had our share of disagreements. But is all men are held arrived in I would not change Amanda that neither of us can have achieved through this without the other thank you sir. And I think he's saving grace are out there I think my theory is nothing aaron's got a little fed up with that plumbing honestly when you got a camera phone you around and caller coat. Car culture is changed so much. Out of the last tinian and is because shoes like mix well they've gain in popularity these guys are rock stars these guys are just like. You know just Ursula reuse ceiling in BS NBC or CBS or something like that these guys can go to the grocery. Dave kidding don't go to the grocery store anymore. Candy goes home goes to work because it anywhere else he does he gets blocked. Talent does here Henry Lauren. Never really thought that that will georgians aren't bumper and door but you're absolutely right I mean. There and Kaufman is it and Richard Rollins of course there celebrities everywhere they go to Minnesota nonstop I mean people wanna be around him and everything. Hampshire yields that are open that I mean it is tiring after awhile you give wolf some meets. Exactly. You know we were told him iron copper or don't I'm leaving guess Monty garage and even the Discovery Channel had in this is this is going to. Bring some strength to all these series of thing. Discovery Channel released this statement. There's an error has chosen to make this season a fast allows his last he has been a valued member of the discovery family from over five years. We wish him the best and hope to continue to work with them stay tuned there will stay tuned I like that well. And this is the next thing to. These these aside is his last season Fastenal Altria that's a mile OK so then another thing you're think about it. Leaving me you know Discovery Channel his contract was out well. They did say that yeah this is the thing here leaving. They share of all they're doing a cinema to do something else. Absolutely and who's not go watch it for one you know they dropped the low from a trailer in January 16 you know guest on you'll never be the same. Every guy is going to be on the show January 16 I know I'll be watching it for you so. Ratings through the roof there are warm now all our eyes are over there and competence of first time. You know discovery makes a hint that. He's dropping a show guest book at all eyes on it too so Discovery Channel wins in two directions here. Well it's really hard for Discovery Channel not to win and obviously it went all the contracts again orders and things like that they've put all people. Nobody's really talking about this those all speculation at this point but I won't say some is anybody's guess right now and where he's gonna end up border but I'm truly great Diana and we're only talking about this morning our next segment we had. More more series more speculations become. And a little deeper and guess what begrudge an errant golf and also absolutely and saying you know next we get against the become available later Knight who's looking RAZR because we're going into. On another TV you know reality series street LO. They do this and how. Hot rods at happy hour guarantees than an instant then links and when you see three WORD dot com. Miles to the gallon and love and every minute of it this is not draws in happy hour. Had gone wrong on 1063. WORD. All right guys. IPO we're talking about. The big one. Don't know why iron. I have some speculation of course rumor mills regulations. I think most things and nothing you know us we all spread no rules now numb us never. I think one reason why left I think is tired there's always some made for TV builds. CNN will tell you something you're called a smoking drug drug mountain you wanna go Garcia with a tell you well and that's true. But I mean we've seen it. Bank EU member what was the car he built from social falcons did. Are you do you remember the conversation. You know the TV conversation that iron and Richard Pannemon dark. Rim Richard wanna spend that car is sold you know if you had an ally and a Canon my minarets in mind that. And iron on the card so and came to him soon hey how wanting McConnell lose on Miller from myself. So they get a better treatment than it was going to give. And I think here in the throughout time has one built cars better than what he was allowed to. Given month folks that you know. This is some more TV drama euphoria and bulls supposedly is part of the deal was he was gonna make payments on this car now. They're twelve and has net worth of over three million dollars yeah I'm pretty sure Amdocs usually I'm pretty sure biggest swing a 63 falcon if he needed it yeah. Yeah absolutely but I mean this does this mean this guy. Here's a sound yeah golf is a very very talented guy got a little background story do you know why iron cauldron grows beard I do not come. It wasn't because Doug our instinct and opened up a little bit of trouble for the show can only air faster oil and his thing was while he was on probation they was not gonna shake. So he's on probation no he's actually also probation now that nobody knows and as a beer and water so he keeps it plans to implement. So main man as I could very interesting. You know so wasn't tired of these bills look. They use of these bills this is nothing you got to think about my guess monkey grudge you don't go have a caller building guess looking Desmond grudges is TV show as about privately spin out callers. Now a live and they do a name we still don't know one up and terrorists they moved the he's openness on shore where the fans there and also reported nausea look at the bill also for mobile one of the game away yeah so these are giveaway cars are made he built a Camaro first sonic and many scars just. Depressed among these is like our Spanish government built a childhood he's got easy you see the pasture in the past I. Mean and listen thing that I did you got to remind people you all chorus nobody asked what he garage really good looks Boehner do you want to. Yet analysts say is still Somalia Mary Jones Jr. I grow and every one. So would that be in certain. Do you think that maybe airless tire being the laughing stock of TV shows and you and that's another thing you got to think about when you take pride in your craft. Ultimately you put you being on television when your craft really they really have. Absolutely and now these two therefore he's real causes really helped a great. Or nominee and now the cars and bill it was Oakland terrace in my. It's nice caller who is a nice guys also are there looking to sell. Do you think that 49 Shelley was on the same levels up and their foreign nationals gorgeous ventricle slick as glass. Well awards this for the for a leisurely drove us because you know Mike Coyle is mostly paint him as well but. Forming here and it's it's a great vehicle all right and generals are nice column there's nothing whom and for lieutenant but it's nice caller. But you know and I do listen in what I do for a living minute graphic designer you know there are times I have to compromise. What my capabilities. For the budget or for the timeframe involved. And and he is tiresome it wears you down so. Do you think there was maybe face a woman of that well this is thing you'll think about a lot of that what you see is actually pre fabricated Romo. But there is some stresses well that will think nothing about your run a business your building goers. I mean. Running a shop in general I can tell you firsthand sometimes. You know you'd like to spill more time where you'd like to go the extra mile to the bush is not there for. Yang as abuses in there we're talking about air lay unions monkey garage you know we've all heard about list. Eric O'Malley has speculations around ma'am why he left. You know what I mean another aspect when you look at is here maybe is his time like we talked throughout our last segment that time friend to spread Islam beer and wings. Smack into. I'm really drew a straight face when he's when you do that than just kills me every. Maybe this is a thing I think he's moving on Rich Ross has several other projects has a lot of irons in the fire. Courses gotten his little spin off of misfit garage. And then he's got his new garage rehab spinoff show the crowd and who knows where he's going pop up we were talking earlier about Casey met do you have a web series. And things like that so many different things mobiles we maybe in my we'll take a break here a moment that he does have a shovel in his own in Dallas. Absolutely era we have a little insight and understand newness there and was and is a valuable CVS. Been known to gas money grows fast and loud. And the reason being is that you know it's hard to find the talent searches area and they can also turn around operate from the camera. And B a superstars well wolf. This is something you understand they can on the best car builders in the world. But finding a caller builder than has that personality that's where the catch is. So it you know let me and so we've all men on this you know racers and the money of the operation air in his lewd. I was say he's kind of the coming early plays also the brains of the operation. So do you think Tim Miller of find and replace that only assure you there's a care drought there's already one in his spot and Ali easily replace Barack wells easily replaceable but I'll promise you discovered Joanna wolf I'm in the trees out there. In in richer richer always released a statement on. As web site in I think it's a year and a good wrap up to. Everything involved here. He or she said to our fans want same thing controlled exchange spore all these years. And keep watch him because we are going anywhere. Wishing nothing but good luck to Darren and all past current and future monkeys. So you know maybe it is just that you know maybe there and you know for whatever reason is rages just flew long and start new projects in the you know maybe out from under Richards shadow if you will India's own per. Well I mean Richard say what you want sir Richard really gave him. Some wing Sami really put the focus on his talent are absolutely the man and a little a little background story. Talking about you know the gasoline grudge thing it was so funny actually Ridder drones look I'm pro then won three people have had good. Actually read that book cover to cover its earlier estimate called Richard. All he really set out to do was get a TV show you. And in wind Discovery Channel building serious came through there was no guess my garage had been closed for two months they had two weeks. To start shop where they can start filming so he brought it in bad. Was there were already working together they brought it back and I got a few you know people and you notice those dozen the first episode you'll see him anymore they were just calendar ragtag bunch. But the thing is innocent about it the sign that you see on the front of the green building bound ships automotive front it does sound was actually put up. The night before they started building. Yeah man I love you don't realize you know. They show domain it almost didn't happen yeah well I mean he tried for years he actually these folks in the book that he can't they called Google studios. Every week for two years. Pitching this year to. If you go on YouTube you can actually still see some of the original demo reels but they film forgets my heroes and you know and that's what makes those shows so successful. And a lot of people. Often flat out don't like Pritchard Rollins will still tune into they love to hate him and I love named as they still tennis reasons we would allow Ric Flair he did they love or hate him and but I mean. He is a marketing genius you know he had an idea and he pitched it and he pitched it any news or don't go places well let things cool about the other thing about the put guess what congressional everything I've got that Gene Simmons kiss approach to merchandising now while a similar protest technically aren't that you know and I am not gonna say new words don't say you know today broke don't fix it absolutely domain. But he has to you know he's together you know live guest monkey bar and grill so I don't I don't think barely knows almost like the show was whoever. But the blue light we talk about a four ratings about a mile you'll hear some good through the roof damage your own stocks gonna go through the roof right behind yeah. Yeah I mean this I think it was a great move. You know and I wanna hear our friends of some others see now our listeners we also struggles that's an ailing company canceled for Muslims where. Now we use that term loosely. I think pillows and hey NASA did all right doesn't tell you what those which think about all FaceBook and all the web site one a 63 W ordained I don't know coming up next tournament Chris Becker zoom in here. No Madonna and him a woman doesn't matter build custom now the world's fastest you've fortieth day. The only people who have a whole Walters didn't graduate from hot rods and have we already elusive for. This time runs and happy hour Lincoln. Hit the podcast link get 1063 WORG dot com. Well there's more on the floor more than three on the trees this news. Broad and. And talk on what. The woman money. They are radio call ride what are we talking about a month well I don't think Brandon midwest there were so well what's going on. Oklahoma in the 40 no ministry Elmo straight out also tell you what. If anything in the world has promoted. Street racing. These guys have done it oh yeah William lynch serenading the cool thing to do I in the NH RA pitched a fit about it when the ship first drop Aaliyah woke you know and those are good they're taken money from them hang. And I don't want that following new money took from my adrenaline goes we as a special guest correspondent guess who's. In the studios. And easily shed little light from a local standpoint poultry LO we have mr. Chris Becker will better bill customs. I think human interest so I Allman just hanging out talking about colors. Flows straight allos real face TB germ. If you don't really think you may need to talk to someone if you think it's real. I mean I mean they're real cars and they're really doing now let you know road how England days some trails fake. Senate calls his two kids are so that's heartbreaking. Thing he says Craig Thomas is halfway real Chris please I think. Well I chance they'll racing. Let Israel went by there really raise their guard down there are against people but they're risks. The it is. Projected. I don't think is there are no I think a sanction that smug know some everything's. Sent out newer safer as an ally was. Some of those do. Paula back to say that in the incriminate yourself it's definitely an early Thursday as usual position from day one. President Peres does not support street racing and good. The program. And just let it's. They're really racing I mean they are they put their cars on the road than they are doing their thing this. That's our friend. Say much about it knows that you know there's not like real. Oak street racing well. And I think this is reels it could possibly be exactly and now they physics can be. Well let me go think about the liabilities there and just coverage or smuggled how the result is something we're someone's going to kill exactly don't read they deserve. Yeah are breathing but who does things that kill me about trio also raises a great the coverage is excellent and you know the cameras in the lines and all SO makes this so much better. There's an administrator is in the dark just looking for tell lies yes. But the thing that kills me the most is why when the cultural. Give that is so I think I don't a lot of parts are. Usually. So don't really Atlanta and that's. Well I haven't we had to be showed. As entertainment values one's is a minute. Me and my wife wants what's the moon zombie show on the walk in them yet all those are real know this isn't those are real are really focused group. I have to bring your heart but now I mean I think you for the same value I think this shows some allies the you don't think she's right you know. I mean I'm sorry but I mean these guys and shows good entertainment value you know covers a subject that we love you weren't on my street outlaws here with. It covers a subject that we love you know whether it's real or fake or not isn't this present time volume. Well amaze entertainment and of course you know discover is going Brooke some drama within you gotta. I have the Kazaa because we nobody would want solutions book car guys who wasn't for the drama yet. Okay and and India and united in their defense. Tree dolls when those gaga story when they had cashed as things are gonna close Lejeune as they came they actually really did race stream callers. All the street. For money yet. Armor remain a late season war unlike for an intro was noticed similar names I don't dwell on the he's considered now foreign drug is a character yeah disease easily easily healed and it noted the companies that. He's nothing gate keeper he's foreign Sarah Palin is looked on in gatekeeper you know well you are guessing that the other left thumb hostility Allen said. Oh it's a great show Amanda and once it bit. You know I'm Susan are you re having difficulty. It's our Internet. The fittest men drag races held at some of the ruling Jeremiah since mounted. Less than a minute it's. I raised into a racing season I don't know innocent completely cars and yeah definitely needs a hard for the hell that is into the story. Things on the dock mode for the so low lowest unload cars I mean you've seen some of these cars in person constantly double myself. Are you think Nader ours France's. Do you remake smoked beer oh yeah these things up when they have to be with what they have invest in those cars on. Where if you are until we hear them say something personal and those things are legit they really are as there's so much money you know him I mean is isn't pres and a normal person can do. Brad Wright you have to have some serious sponsors back up money. Out of guarantee a couple 100000 dollars easily start one of those things I Chris in my ask you this question. Do you think the days since four has anything for the for a five. Now I feel like if we lose it's a load them to a spot where I know word against these things enough. I can't talk about that I'm glad we have it stands out of the trailer. And who has got off the trailer OSS. And you know our guys know they don't burn out pribor well we would and we had a thing on the street Louis they got. This residential units that are computers over. Tell the car hook no matter what serves they give us cause so can they probably will win but outside you'll be better than you think you can take on the bottom. A lot of Chara. When my cars out and I think Jimmy Fund oh yes thank you. Well the bottom five what are your yellow the death trap amid the most out of season now. They're rough. Say hello there are normal I guess here Hank did well yeah a bit cocky individual here in the is coming from a guy with a 4500 pounds station wagon. But I'll only guy. He wants a VA six for his guess improve profile about they were guessing contenders this fast cars everywhere and they have some really fast cars and the man really fast race callers let me let me clarify that. You know pro modified drag car is not a street car made sure her imagination. That's caller does not have a towel it was mourn F five gallon bucket of Brazzaville and I miss not it's not a sixty. And DuPont AG GO they pulled out named bill drag car out of it. Are you that that is they drag cars for a milk you have Jeff looks. This is a thing of singles me the most. And I'm I'm sure my age a little bit but there we had just looks when he's mr. pro mod two home on our street car drowsy cross country. And just kills more contractually scholars Khamenei he's actually run the Ira drag weeks several times over is what I wanted to I guess he's just thank god. I mean famous for his car building built beautiful callers. And he's working his way up the list into me in jail plus should be able to. Not about one by one Mullen. So I ran out almost editorial on TV growing thinker. Do you think I mean you think Joseph blow they have games out of Colin Mac Pro quo as far as I'm part of they have been trying to keep him primaries I think you may think he's just looks back Gomez shows he's not a character. Yes he's just quiet he's a little bit the mayor for everybody. Hey thanks guys dollar request on it you know he's a lot of trash talker he's not do that stuff you know he's pulls had a little bit lower and wall to boost. Wallace some because they were talking about chemistry and outlaws any other TV show real thing made for TV drama. But I must say this this Asia has done some great. This allows people like you Chris is start VA six forecasts say is young and make his main uses becoming. And as they use is going to get. This show has really opened the doors for that. I completely agree with the I mean you're seeing no preparation has buffalo are hopelessly there even token amount of one just recently. On the show down in Texas is offering the Sony Foss does not pop yes you have people from around those amino around the country kimono. That wasn't around what 34 years ago and I know. Well you gotta think the money is going Lou this and you got to think about do you have sponsors turning their ways through this bit. And somebody other times change you see your contingency sponsors on son your car. Now you Wear your seizure yet. Because our guys. Twice buzzer zone and he shares that pay as much as well as well I'm almost out of McCarty stint just know a sponsor that blows mum on this but I've never seen T shirts. We'll lighten holly Systemax and so big in my life yup. Ali if there you know when you turn around the scene exactly if but when you tell us. When you finish your round murder and I was on the back everybody's gone yet so. It you know it's a no brainer for someone like annexed there's just major money but Saturn are precision on their dormitory residents. Living yep pretty easy precision term it was all over everything yeah I mean you can't look. You can't watch this show doesn't precision term Mozilla so crews through quick who's your favorite driver Israel's. Agents. Well I honestly that's Andre favorite is my favorite chair near nowadays is lower and I think if you met that guy a person that's a few Beers who is in Russia. Things like good genuine guy exactly he's gonna are generally a very sorry sorry as I must on the act to raise an industrial loss they're cheesy hooks. You know I'm talking amount it takes five miseries of 32 race. And I don't from Louie Louie is buildings is this so this is television show this thanks production. Bill but I mean come on every time his liking seeing come and Connolly who Korman to deliver. Possibly slow the total Chris Snyder went on chemistry and Al all screws but you're also has. They think four good days. State do not frozen embryo was going to be interviewing him pitch to about its exporters lose guys they do in order 63. Drove for Jiri years tank is full one. Frauds and happy hour would drop dead and odd two on 1063 WOR DP. Boy to grab your radio Leno holes on this his worst read in horse power rule OK on runs and happy hour. In normal withdrawn and on the wrong on when things breathe. All right guys well. Welcome back to. And I may be other runs. I'd say well we got a real special guest in studio tonight we got Chris Becker will better bill customs. You know McChrystal and you just until you look I mean you're talking about the whole street racing seems really old guys and how popular is made that I mean. You've got people go away from NH RA and brag erase all day and go in to these no Brett style races and things like that so. Giving your local gas we really wanna bring that out there and you actually hosts a race a year earlier restroom that. Also tells about tells basics for cash that is. Oh what started out as no progress. Our souls roots. Bazardo doesn't know very sellers souls. And where's that had ever doesn't sorry NASA for an hour and when another one now and had a pretty good turnout and expect him to be as good as it was on slick. A home so and I'm not doing that ourselves again. And now where is French now we'll start taking it all over the place you know I take it like Donna commerce and in the next room. How would do it there would start with basics for aren't that way would try to get everybody around makes its four involved with it. Amber and more people out to racing because loses in bid to local checks were well. It's something I think Breckenridge. This for bracket racers. Yeah I mean if they may bring their wife and his looming that's about it BA younger following for you don't get spectator Schourek Harrison and yet this is the same thing never never never Irish Setter. But are still of this a little bit more word crazy never know what's gonna happen or who's not uncommon. Mitt money in other against us you have we will bid money only Israelis is also Malia and a person yet. Menace wells tells classes alum myself that we do is pretty basic this small tire does balls are being tired. Always started and a case class because I never heard of him they'll have in the heavens people was slower cars the can't really compete with the fast small tire cars because everything got so advanced now. So is our one dollar nikkei's grass which limits them to a seven or 7397. Or you most. Palms and that's the way of figuring he's there whatever cars that Palestinians said Katie Graham on a bone stock car but it as fast enough to compete for. You know was. Some cars are trapped men not live there by this Indian erasing some some you can actually take wrote you broke basically yeah home is all is not faster 730 and has some forty NASCAR's that you can John to attract a daily drivers you know that people seem vote to John we're gonna purses for the class home no Alley is are all the personally done we don't think the dollar buying. And then that says there's ten people that's 500 dollars of a putt and and we add another 500 on top of that and they race for thousand dollars. So I think I become Israelis vintage books that they win believe it thousand dollars a pocket and just in Israel is actually better than you would render this car exactly. Aren't any Illinois. There's got to prepare forward dejudder earlier. Brace and if you NUM continue basic dollars after their consulates or is there always curse home yeah on not only can have a home. Well both rules are tired on a case just because there Tomlin it's the car. Thank you confess that I had enough about Vegas is called exactly so the record racers as it would benefit. They know to come around this class because a third to now in the seventh and ask. They could turn their bracket card run its best. But those below him there's more designed for daily drivers. But in my Dresser could benefit from it makes my it would have been there since new get this 740 consistent cartoon yet you'll vessels missiles although I guess we're talking to Chris Baker game here in the studio is. And Chris I want a little bit more another estimate of Atalanta okay home. Pretty much sewage is doing another little luggage a bigger facility somewhere nice in food someday it. Don't look really you only get there is more presentable us and sorry track so safer. A home there's a lot more safety going all that trash then. Any of those around here right home and Mike savage he's a gathering place he's doing really you were printed. It's all plays out down the loss my horror a lot of moose can hook. You know I've normally can never hit it hard L anywhere else to spend another blue murder and meant little light drizzle birdies I shoot down an airline does. He's a cool guy we actually call some rest on the commerce and we got the main reason really super cool yeah he is indeed yes does enough. I'll let other simplest thing in my car wants Iran. Still in place and never did launch after launch blew up Balkans stuff at the moment. Now I don't won't they launch launch lesson launch close they aren't making those those cute little wedge into the at the gates was left that component is an excellent producer less legitimate and all right so do lookers but I think the biggest question I was clear some questions and you ask Chris Becker with the juggernaut. First home. Words come all that thing. Home nicely nobody Austin sentinel kimono that. A home he's big into comics and video games and stuff like that. I just made a post on FaceBook and I couldn't figure out what a lot of color governments people there's a buzz is that. One name's my car was saga. Walker's death wish the good thing that matters is fast two furious is. That's appropriate military did. So this race it's so there's a lot of as various fans just don't rent out there's you. Throw Ellison also easily more so than anyone there's somebody American eclipse is so manage your health benefit cuts that plays Bubba begin a second here this. Yeah. And then I'll bet but. The juggernaut they came for home. The marbles and is that is that the marble. Bug companies they're little indeed he's bright orange and he's done stuff click on the unstoppable juggernaut. And Iran through all it has always just he's well obviously here early and hopefully you know Arabs during. Let's let that out there a steeler between the wall all the walls of the people and owners with good guys events. And yet our agencies we channel that I don't know a lot about comic book sells come more there's civilian Ellen yeah schools I don't know anything about that. Hey bill when most people who are primarily a definite at this. Those little bit about guard Chris. It's well there's got to dark for a way to block hadn't listened. A trick play into 45 is twins are grown. The set out in the cars Giffords went out on horsepower but. I'll got it nowhere near that amount hog fuel forward a fuel for about 1518100. Transmission from us thanks so we're keep it around that power thinking the mind. Everybody humor is the goma the juggernaut this is an a wanton mid ninety's to forty yes and I vowed to Korea since 1995. To forty years is that caller your girlfriend drove to high school or may not I'm more elusive. Ron Ron does it just there that is on his guys drag racing them yeah desolate OnStar golf pretty much of that car. Our inability Carmona just I don't so I made a 700 horsepower caller. But up an automatic transmission I would say mama knows that it was cheap little sixty go to all the powers. At a town so I can take out 89 non hours balloon tires also is apparent and Basilan it was fun for awhile that necessary some people. So those are some people I got in the that part of it. And then did snowballed for years later and what it does not just lost his all out drag on a lot of middle is listening to any other common misconceptions of foreign cars will drive this coroner actually rule drama from the batter's. You know then there. I'm perfect car for pinellas while. Yes it did torn up pretty didn't I mean it's pedestrian right now but I don't yet but right now. That's going for a balance weighs fit in the mirror our own. Toys sell them when it's complete and then less than 3000 on the end. And then right at 2000 horsepower so it should be pretty nasty that is insane yeah 8240. S six you have an honest. You're Fisher's agent thinks the only instrument to forty yep. They wanted to hurt lower but it her name because there's so much on my record that I can't put into a time of home amid her name Miller did you have another look at Adam is now I'm not gonna happen so we saw that we don't burn down and is known for a job. Let's get coverage through the love I love it. All right Chris we'll tell you look. Tell us a little bit Wii is 86 forecasters newcomers more sway fifth 2007 to own a home. The gates will be open to public around 1 o'clock percent to racers 10 o'clock that morning though we may need menu set up. A home Laura have anchors that day from people there racing industry car classes aren't they don't want crews out of the state laws to combat from the state lines. A home made us more songs is. And we now have a website it's better protest song well organized medical productions not come. Where you can purchase tickets if you are registered car headed down or Nazis for the race you can get more mayor. Column then that should be up and go. And as distance sounds great assailant Chris thank you so much for middle legitimate. All right guys you listen I love to have bill 1003 does Bo thanks for listening to high. Happy hour in Iraq and sharing can actually draw bad off. Beyond their bud and when I think three WORD done come. Scroll through hot rods and happy hour find out more about the show listen on demand and interact. 24/7 five runs in happy hour hubris can iron on its own 1063 WORT.