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Dec 9, 2016|

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Good morning folks this is great they'll leave the prosperity through advisors LLC and I have Steve Lewis here this morning he didn't steal him. More folks listen we we we have election we had Thanksgiving. They've Christmas is just around the corner and they didn't even wait for Thanksgiving Day for the Christmas songs to start playing here. Anything like that that folks if you are just tuning in a college you know that are phone lines are actually open during the show. And today show was titled do you wanna pay tax on the seed or the harvests. Let me repeat that. Do you wanna pay tax on the siege Bertha harvests now think about that before you formulated answering your mind. Because it needs to work were heading to a direction and today we're gonna focus. On a higher raise we're gonna show. Folks how to leverage your hiring how to rescue your hire days a lot of people just consider Roth conversions all of the prosperity group. We know how to leverage your hiring and create a potential tax free. Income for you depending on on your situation or potentially passing a chunk of that value of your hire a cheer heirs tax free. Folks you can reach us our phone lines are actually opened during the show. That you can reach his city 649890176. At 664. 990176. If you were out of the area fury in the Florida's Sarasota Tennessee. North Carolina area you can dial us at 1804400434. That's 1804400434. And we are here with you currently every Saturday morning at 7 this Sunday morning at seven so was Steve. You know what do you think about that do you think people wanna pay tax on the cedar the harvests. Well no we're conditioned to do which is pay tax on the harvest. You know and it seems to make agree to a great pitch to the unitary tax is now about them later BR we can defer had to. He always thought Steve is that. Very rarely at least this has been our experience. Very rarely do people retire. And are in a lower tax brackets. When you consider Social Security being being counted towards your. Taxes as a whole different ball game absolutely you know I think that's one thing that's helpful is is that folks if you're listening to to a were saying. If you have not turned 65 theater you haven't had a tax return where your Social Security. He need to talk to us you know lost you're good show you some mockery turns. And show you what the impact of Social Security will be when you start collecting it so you know what we're offering two days part of the show it is is we are offering. To get together and do a Social Security Max musician report. And then hire a 41 K analysis to see if you can change your heart you're you're. Tax free to the harvest average pay tax on the seed rather than harvest. Folks again you can call us at 8649890176. And you can reach us on our website at WWW. Mind money is safe dot com trying to. My money is safe dot com we can contact us through the web. Begin our phone lines are open all those satellite show or fall as rope we have operators. They'll take your call and will set up a time to visit with you either myself Steve or flee should Douglas will meet with you and Stuart good. A Bob Jones graduate in that teaching accounting in north Greenville college for like eleven years is available to help with the tax returns. So that this folks what do you think you wanna pay tax on the cedar the harvest she felt she does still many of the people when when they come and they meet with us. They're completely oblivious to the impact of what Social Security counting towards your taxes is going to do. I absolutely there are also oblivious to a lot of the strategies are we talk about the so security Max report and and the naturalization report. And eat out there they're oblivious to the fact there's a lot of great strategies you can use. To maximize the income from that and also you know minimize the tax impact which is or talking about. Well and then we have a another. Strategy of the prosperity group which can be very valuable where we can show folks how to create NASA. Out of their Social Security we know a lot of takers on that people that are starting to do that they recognized. The benefit of that in some cases created tax free strategy in other cases to create a legacy your or just to create a chunk of money. But they didn't know they have been in the reason for that is many people. You know they might Maxtor Social Security in their plan is to take it it's seven years old. But it date if they start taking in his seven years old and they deferred that they waited you know your current deferred retirement credits between 66. And seven the other getting 8% credited to her Social Security Vick gets who owns that ascent. Writing you know if the government does not exactly your your brain up a great point you know maximizing. Isn't necessarily maximizing. The amount you're getting at a certain time it's maximizing the benefit. For use in your particular situation as it was necessary you know there's a great way chief. Take your social security and turn it into us via leverage it into an asset which is. Is an amazing strategy they really works at a lower. For certain people but those are for a lot of people right right it does and and folks and so again if you. Call upset at the time will meet with you and go over these strategies. This is not something that we can mailed to you because everybody's situation is different so. You know this is not a bait and switch thing we're just trying to get you call or something like that we're trying to get you. Two if you want to educate yourself on this give us a call also at the time it will go over these strategies to two. Maximize the Social Security is Steve you're actually write it. It's not just looks let's go back over that scenario I mentioned earlier let's say the person's got 2000 dollars a month. At their full retirement age which is 66 years old. If they defer it to roughly gonna get about 262700. Dollars a month wonder seventy years old. That's sounds good that's 700 dollars a month more the problem is they dying of the month after they start receiving those payments that sit. There's 200 or 365. Dollar death benefit for the spouse. For social security and guess what. They lost that time and deferral. Whereas if they follow our strategy. Let's see that's 24000. Dollars a year. Times five. That's that's over a 100000 dollars a year of an asset that they own. And there'd be very close to getting near that seven. A hundred dollars a month that they would get a Social Security but the difference now is that they passed away their families got a 100000 dollars. Much better strategies aluminum can and folks. Let me tell you there's a lot of you know this was the hot in in in the business and I'm in you the insurance companies that. Marketing organizations accomplish buzzwords and Social Security was the big buzz word. Two years ago five years ago it was income to reason income specially sir Social Security specialist. Folks in my business. Stephen I have to be specialist for every area and guess what we do and we don't know about something very well we we have a team of advisors that helps a security information and we need to structure of those situations for you were one of the few organizations that do that. So again and take advantage you give us a call. Locally at 8649890176. You can also email me at grade at my money's safe dot com and Steve at my money is safe dot com. You can also go to our website which is the same acronym WWW my money is safe are coming in folks we have great tools. On Social Security we really do. They they work. They can change your your life in the way you go about things. You know Steve I think one of the you know we give a minute left that. I think one of the big mistakes that people make Steve is that they just arbitrarily think our entire hour working they've taken a 62. And look if they are making more was it 151400. Dollars or lose fifty cents on the dollar for everything to make over. That's fifteen for so although it's attractive people get tired it's a busy life so it could be one of the worst mistakes that they make. Absolutely true and go back over the mapping and so you said they lose how much again. They lose fifty cents on the dollar for everything they make over 151400. Dollars while took they're making an. 60000. Dollars a year. 40000. Dollars a year that's fifty cents on each and on let's say. Fifty cents on 181000 civilian 9000 instead of 181000 dollars a year because they're making an extra thirty something thousand dollar. So I'll first off it is very early in the morning I'm impressed that you can do that he thought he threw that off the top of his that is pretty amazing. But. Template that. Most people don't realize that the that impact they just they missed the date they do miss it and until we get the bill you know numbers roll in my brain Steve I have these these Tribune numbers in my brain that the serve actually no purpose but also the fact it's there. Folks are out of time this segment tune in next segment as we go into more detail to show you how you can have a Roth on steroids stay tuned. Okay. So is a beautiful song costs you the truth in my late wife Marie Kelly wrote back in 1990. Very very powerful song and Steve we were we were talking about kind of like a Roth conspiracy. A wrong strategy can be a good strategy but I found in many cases a lot of older couples make mistakes. Converting the Roth because in some instances. You know I I had this was years ago. But I hadn't. Or into somebody to teach in the broker. Heading conferred 400000. Dollars in home client was using 83 mile 400000. Dollars. In to a Roth semi sent them gentleman's got a live at least the five years to get the benefit of the rougher himself. And you know not a Smart strategy at all. But again they were buzzword Terri was here back when the government right after the market crash the government allow people to do conversions. Without taxing them or reducing it greatly and and that was a good opportunity to do that bit. Folks to Yale we can show you wait to get a Roth conversion. But instead of doing actual Roth conversion you're doing a leveraging selling you an example. OK so let's say somebody's got a hundred or 200000 dollars and an IRA okay they've got 200000. If they converted all at once. They're gonna pay taxes that's gonna bring them into huge tax brackets whatever income. They have let's say they make 60000 dollars a year. They're gonna cause or income to go to a 160000. Dollars that's gonna really increase or tax bracket. So that would be an example of of a strategy we news I wanna give a real life story that. Had a a client of ours he's 53. Years old he's on disability. He's got you know sizable hiring. That did we've handled for him for a couple years. And we talked about doing a Roth conversion strategy. Now his disability income is tax free he pays the taxes on it. So what we're doing is we're doing a Roth conversion but none a Roth conversion yet we are Richard Roth conversion. In which were taking 111000 dollars a year. For the first few years he's getting bonuses so he'll he'll make like 20% bonus on that money that's right 20%. And he'll do that for the next three years get the bonus and within ten years he will of converted. The hot at least a 100000 dollars out of his 180000 dollars or he's gonna have a tax free bucket it's going to be growing. Tax deferred and when he takes the money out its taxable. Not a bad way to go is it to use that sorry it's taxed. Deferred when he takes the money out it's tax free tax free did you reloading having Gregory there is the fact that yep I completely tax free. That and I mean that's a great strategy and and see very few advisors are talking about this to people like to see. What what's happening to most of you folks is you take your prior ray you move it over. You roll it over from your company. And there's no tax strategy goes back to our prosperity plan here we got a Social Security strategy Steve we got a tax strategy. We've got a tax free. Roth conversion strategy we've got a legacy strategy we're looking at the whole thing. What happens to most people think park the money into an account that they knew nothing about that typically has way more risk. Then they realize and hope for the best thus it's people's plans that's right. You know the thing has this cool about the thing I loved about working with the prosperity group is that. We work in focus on customization and that's really what you're talking about is with all these different reports and and really with this particular client your retirement. Is there we design strategies they're gonna benefit. The other client to try and I firmly believe then that I live by. Compressor guy's name is skates re now all of assignment anyway there's a famous sub person he says all the time you know if you help enough people do what they want. Then you'll get what you want in return ending you know that's that's the focus of prosperity group is really making sure that your retirement is. Planned out and strategizing customized for your particular situation. You know that's that's exactly right if she gets to the pro which are describing as a one size fits all plan. Most people are sucked into a one size fits all plan for every situation. Is different we met with a couple yesterday. They're very late in planning nurture retirement do you for different reasons in their lifetime. But we gave them some viable ideas and in some you know some plans on what to do. To try to position themselves if they follow that plan and then we'll system we can't. You know the reality they'll be there they'll be much better for them and that's the problem people fail to plan and turn it completely kill the plan and it continues. Folks let me tell you something if you. If you have a 41 K. In your able to consider what's called in in service rule over. Give us a hall. Give us a call at 86498901768649890176. If you're out of the area call 80440. 0434. So so here's here's the thing folks. We're offering a Social Security Mack's position report should exclusively put together for you at no cost. So you give us a call will set up a time to get together and do that will do and hiring analysis for those of you who have converted from before when Katie the irony if you still have the 41 K. Especially if you're over 55. Or at least 59 and a half what you may be old to be able to do what's called it in the surface roll over. And what's the logic of it you know the market is up right now. Which is a good thing you know the market is up but the average person is still has not recouped all of their losses from 2000. They have not read two to oh is that the time to sell when things are high sell high buy low. But you know what we need to talk about next segment Steve the greed factor and human nature has a greed factor let's face it we all. Can occasionally succumb to it because we want more absolutely we want more you know I've I've I've used this quote before but John. He's one of the wealthiest people in the world and a reporter Rasmussen. Mr. Rockefeller archer ready to retire on how much money do you need you know what he said Stevie said just a little with the Portland in America side effects human nature. I wanted to go back to you know would we met with these these people the other day that you were talking about. And you know if a flurry go to. Some financial planners. Even to get in the door and had to pay a fee right. And you know I said Bakken and I mean I was in with you on the column we were talking of two these people and all of that we gave him. Grange. Advice and and great things to do that would really benefit than Brian. And you know it was it was unfortunate for us at the time that that we can really do a whole lot for them where they were in there and they're planning but we gave them a lot of really good step by step here's what you do to benefit your Europe in particular situation this time crunched him we charge them for that. You're the line did you did you charge anything I didn't poll I wasn't I wasn't supposed to know the fifth over but no we are zero that's not true they came in and we spend them like a couple hours within gave us some great their feedback and great strategies these are really gonna help them and they walked out with some really good helpful things. And we charged them nothing right right and it did and the other thing and wanted to point out and over up against the clock the other thing I wanted to point out though was that you know when our clients can man. And we help them initially what we recommend a week we've. Promote every single year they come and we take a look at their particular situation and readjust based on where they are at that time. A lot of planners there are they do what we do don't do that and certainly they do they charge for that is well and so that's a service that we offer for free Q and. And because we are so passionate about helping people and that's what I wanted to bring them well you know the reality Steve your because that's what she says if you help them. Enough people you'll be helped in the process turn you know and in our philosophies are simply create a win win situation. Folks we're out of time this segment tune in. As we talked about some more strategies. To find that you wanna pay tax and proceed further harvests. Yeah. Yeah hey. They are weighing is and so glad handing. That last. Hey. Being in this minutes mean I think. Citizens. And seeing me. Love CNN dot. Folks welcome back. This is great yelling and Steve Lewis of the prosperity and there was a song written on my daughter any telling. And I gotta tell you we you know we had Thanksgiving meal and this was unfortunately her first Thanksgiving with without my wife and my. Much and her mom being there and it was also our anniversary. On the 27 so it was it was tough but we were together in my oldest kids my eldest daughters in Bali. And she's leaving probably as we speak right now for an event that she was doing showing a picture as she's walking in. To Villa a monkey jumped on her. Plus how the hell just randomly jump on your back and replace political. I should you have rabies you don't know this but apparently people used to that's why there's a picture of her with a with a monkey on her back. And then there's such a couple elephants and and it has really cool then his very beautiful people are very friendly was 79 degrees and all that. And she's generating unit to fly back while the suns in Chattanooga and so it was just mean allies share in any. And so they didn't believe I could cook. I see here a second cup commission would never seen you cook a swipe cook breakfast holes I feel that since that's all you can cook is breakfast and now I'm gonna. Prepare the Turkey. And they should and so when I see you do to fix things so she did recipes in my wife who puts he has some really did a great job. And when I do is I mean are needed to Turkey. That's the trick then I marinated to Turkey cooked it in the bank. And when to Turkey came out it was so moist and it just fell off them. Wow yeah I'm impressed not bad. Folks I'll post the west though the recipe on the prosperity drew Patrick FaceBook and and it is it does work I use the bag and I use lemon juice that's part of it. You're interest and levee now that while he does it it came out really well so I told it like it I can get fully cook. And we will marina and actually talked about opening up a restaurant button and then there was something she wanted to it to do we we we didn't do it that. As she buys well opened up restaurant because she set our family anyway I like having a restaurant you know. Thought much of an Alley near family is definitely in our prayers and this is you know any holiday after you lose someone is very difficult obviously the first one. Is it's going to be incredibly difficult so now I do appreciate your your prayers and. Lot of lot of folks have reached out so. You know even people that are finding out that she castle in July so it's been you know external life changing event needless to survey. But I know where she is she's with the lord now and she's in peace and she's no longer in pain so that that gives me a lot of strength and a lot of joy. No it's cool I know this is off topic very very. Your separation for you right now it seems like an eternity until you're back with her trying to affirm her from her perspective because a thousand years is is the poignant and I. You know it will be just a millisecond for her before your with her and that kind of a cool. I don't think about I wish yeah IE you're actually right announced thinking about this the other day you know. Gods guns seeing the future is his past. Think about them. God sees the future in past tense because he's all knowing. Sure there's any ill leave when you try to wrap your brain around that that's that's pretty amazing you know and and that's what people get wrapped up with pre destination and things like that in reality guzzle knowing he's omniscient he's he's you know everywhere. But but he he definitely sees that the beginning from the end so I think is Jeremiah 2911 says under the plans I have free points during prosper. You know to have joy and and you look at jokes life the second part of his life was greater than the first part and hill Lotta loss you know that's right. You know we're playing one other thing and then when we get back to the other topic I'd try to describe that vision sometimes as in this sense you know if you're standing in line. And there's odd thousand people in front of me in a thousand people behind you. All you can see is the head in front of you. Or at least me because I'm sort of course because he's the head in front of you. Or if you turnaround that the person behind you right kit but if you you know how to drone or you got a helicopter now you're you're up above the line now he can see the beginning in the in Asia and so it's it's all contiguous line. So it is that's got perspective is is up above then and he sees that he's at the beginning in the at. All the same right it is it is so it gives us hope that assurance that sort of you know we we were talking about degree factor one of the big problems that we've run into him and we've seen this. A lot of people were kind of felt paralysis by analysis because of the election. Here he's very concern of the election course to market has responded very favorably which we kind of predicted it would. And time will tell if that happens in January that's why we're encouraging people to consider doing safely strategies while the market is high. But the greed factor that goes back to Rockefeller statement just a little bit more where people get hurt is when they start trying to time the market. And what folks don't realize is there and conservative strategies I was looking in my retirement. And I wasn't paying that close attention to swell like everybody else right and I stayed in conservative strategies all through this market going up so I went aggressive. Temporarily right now watching it closely in January to see you know if I can extract some gains if this thing continues to go up. I think it'll continue to grow through January again. It's not very it's not true substance so we know that the fundamentals aren't there to cause it to stay up long term. Right now the way it is but hey stranger things have happened so. A safe money strategy guarantees that their money's going to be there and that's the beauty. And end the thing I would encourage people to do is while your your 401 k.s up. Why you're able to do. 41 K. A roll over or do you weigh in service roll over now it was time for you to look at this folks especially before the holiday. Give us a call if you are getting ready to keep getting your Social Security need to do that. And ending theology comment also what I just said Stephen a Wallach segue into the cash accounts because we have a lot of people talking to us about the us. Are all real quick your retirement time in the market. Most people's version of timing the market. Is while it's moving up there hanging on and then they let it move down. And then they try to get out they serve panic and you know like my scratched up an office ship were you know they they've they wait until there's a drop. And like you said the time is too young and sell high end and I love that that's how you win in the market. That's exactly right truthfully in retirement planning that's exactly how you win as well you have to do you. Begin to take some chips off the table we don't typically recommend that people knew how to percent of the money out of the market. But. Oh who managed to risk you know you have to manage the risk and you have to tell manages towards success and the way you do that is through some of our on our strata. Well there the reality Steve we we don't even recommend people move money out of the market is if they want to move money. They want their money to be saved that's their choice that they get to make and they say okay how this percentage. Of the money be safe what we show them is how much risk exposure they have and they make that decision. Those strangely enough the majority of the people who most if not all of the money out of the market because. Very few people. Have the stomach to sit there and deal with the right and that's the problem they don't have the stomach to deal with it. With the with the market correction therefore if they don't have the stomach for dolby and it. You know if you're buying your fingernails every day looking at the market then you need to be backing down now I have seen that. That happened before Steve went in with this this this portion and and folks again requests are safe money strategy. I mean her Social Security Max report. Give us a call at 86498901766649890176. Close to a 41 K analysis. Let us show you how you can shouldn't change your tax strategy and making potential tax free block of money. You know I've talked in previous shows the last couple weeks about the the the account that is what is a very good CD alternative. And it's done very very well. And need a lot of people think all we focus on it and duties Leo that's actually not true one of the problem with the duties folks and duties of the great income strategy. Okay great income strategy but it's not a great. Beneficiary Sergio resist not a great strategy to pass on your heirs when you die. Now sometimes you have no choice specially your deal with a higher raise its okay because we'll set up what's called a stretch IRA. But folks those of you with cash and you don't know where to put it. You know we've got an account that did 8% last year. You get a tax free death benefit. For example we have a sixty. I had a 66 year old. Put 90000. Dollars into this account there was severe earning less than 1% of the bank. Now she is a death benefits 200000. Dollars she's got access to the money any gross tax deferred. As she can you she can draw income from it and that this is what people don't realize now folks. She he she will get most likely close to a 20%. First year return. Close to a 20%. First year return that's including the bonus by. And she wants to walk away after a couple years she can walk away should give us some of the bonuses to show she will made five or 6% on a running mound not a bad way to go. For people who think there's no safe place to put cash especially considering what you just said which is she's got the legacy beyond that it's over anything happens in between. You know that time period she passes on a significant amount of money to her Ayers in not only that Steve she's got living benefits such as long term care. Chronic illness benefits mile you know we're we're doing a tax free account for Koppel. During their fifties and and listen to me folks if you are in your fifties and you're sitting on some money you know talking if you merely forties. Say you're not sure what to do. Don't just do the status quo in just stick it in the market and hope for the best we can show you some strategies. On a guarantee basis debt that historically have outperformed. The body and hold strategies of the market. They've outperformed the buy and hold strategies of the market we're talking a 68%. Tax free rate of return. 68%. Tax free rate of return you know it's sad and we've run into this before people. That are sold and in come product. When they don't even need the income. They pay a fee for that income and basically all they're doing is they're gonna pay. You know multiple fees on that account and Internet dirt entered not even gonna pass the money that the way they should tutor kids now he we run into this all the time folks. So again the question is posed you wanna pay tax on the seed. Or the harvest. So again folks give us a call 86498. 90176. 8649890176. Request here your Social Security Mack's position report we'll sit down with you can formulate your custom social security and exposition report. We'll show you how to create an asset which Social Security. Steve we're out of time this segment folks stay tuned. Go to our website which is my money is safe dot com this is great millions Steve loosen the prosperity. Folks that is there was a song that my wife and every. Accord of 1988 if you get or FaceBook page have been posting some. Photos of stuff from our. Our line. And hinder prosperity Groupon for as frustrating her on FaceBook you've. In his folks look for some dates. We are going to have some workshops in January. It showed to go to our website which is WWW my money is safe dot com we're also gonna probably announce it on the year we're going to be doing some some. Some seven ours we have not done as any seven arsenal last year mainly because of the election. And the reason people were just they're just sitting there they're there they're not they weren't making a decision as if he was gonna make a big difference in their financial future. And I mean it's it did may make a difference and we hope it does as far as jobs go on things like telling him to be great. But in terms of of their retirement strategies. PO people who just been kind of frozen solid and it that folks we've we've been talking today about Social Security taxation. We've been talked we talked about how to create an asset which Social Security. We can help you with a Roth roll out we talked revenue service roll over for your. 41 K we talked up the cash strategy where you can make double digit returns on your money. We talked about the greed factor where people are just you know trying to make a little bit more on their money but you know Steve. What do you think about the economy mean you know we talk a little bit about the economy preview shows we would wait when you see it going. Well it's. You know we we've pretty well tag it with the whole withdrawn being nominated or are you of the election where the the market tanked the futures market tanked and then in the market pullback. A backup drive and so you know we saw that kind of thing that concerns me that people are missing is that. Other than a man being put in office nothing can change and granite. I think truck has some great. Fiscal. Strategies that are gonna help and clearly he's already saving some American jobs or seen than in the news. I he's make it's a really great pics with his cabinet I think he's doing a lot of wise things but this is a huge huge shipping and no longer is it just. Our ship them but it's the global ship. You know and and so yellen is talking definitely about raising interest rates. I know you and I had a debate yesterday as to whether or not that town. Actual effect any thing that I. I think I mean you you're you're affect your argument was that it's sort of impression of the market Ryan Mya my argument is that that I think that the market is still. Falsely going up then either way we've both done that the fundamentals are such that the market is overpriced. That everything is set up for there to be a correction there has to be a correction at some point. I don't care who's in office and I think there's a lot of a lot of things and you know there's still the direction thing going on there's a big vote coming up this next week imagine there's. In there's just a whole bunch of things that we can sit and talk about for hours right that world you know have an effect on on the market in and one little prick in the though the bubble. And at all blows. Well you're right end is the thing about it is where he Allen could really affect the market as she made a much larger than expected. Interest rate rise you know eighth of a point or quarter points probably you know not get that can have that much impact. The insurance companies are already planning on I don't know if you noticed the rates are her going up a little bit so huge so that's why I'm saying the markets already pulleys to accept that. And I don't think he's gonna have a much impact on on mom and pop there I think what. Could be a problem his issue raised a much higher than anybody anticipates. Would it also trumps not there yet. I mean he's getting ready to be there he's not there I told you this privately you know I'll I'll see it. Be hobbling when I see it right I mean seriously. And that's just my thoughts but did you see she's been everything's been so weird. It would just be auditor everything just went peacefully by the wayside and everything goes hockey door gonna be great. But the reality is nothing's been normal about this it's like all the sudden the recount of votes and this that the other and it's just too bizarre. Time and I think that's what's caused people to be you know skittish there is it's been a bizarre but the reality. Trumps not watching your IRA and she's now watching Obama is not watching your hiring well he might be watching her under Arafat but there ought to and everything else you know that the reality is is there they're not they're they're handling their thing. And it's up to us to to handle our accounts. And who we try to use cell strategies that are Smart that makes sense. Where your exposure to risk is minimized. You know that the best thing is I've seen this before and I won't name combine these two and a lot of companies. He'll sit there and a shift to retirees to break. And the bank will sit there is stick a 100% in the market. Yeah end. I tell you what the two people believe that the majority of the people don't even know what those accounts are right you know unless you're doing analysis on those accounts you don't know. I don't know what the every one of those accounts are less I sit there and do an analysis on it to find out. It was got some great tools to help people do that Steve and they're paying these money managers and a lot of money. Two to make these calls for them and they Mike you said they don't even know where their add a lot of times most of time they don't well you're right Steven you know what's interest thing we have that the particular county has no feast. That's right no fees. When you look at somebody's paying 3% or fees in ten years it's 30% in fees that they paid that's right and if they participate in a correction on top of that. In many ways are safe money strategies can outperform. Those type of strategies now. The yield you'll find the people that tend to do better in the market are the ones that have. A lot of money and can have variation of accounts to use some good solid the first vacation. But the way the average American diversify as is not by different types of accounts it's by a risk within the same account in the market right. So if you tell your broker Richard conservative. You're not gonna make much money in the market because he's been pushing conservative things but you still have exposure. Our clients that are conservative they're gonna make a reasonable rate of return they can make three to five to 6%. On an ongoing basis on on these account. And another one quick question how much if they found with the broker in my diary loses 40% how much of that can I wrote if it's an IRA. How much of that coming right up from a Texas for law zero exactly. Zero Salina where would you put it a risk anyway. We've we've said that to people. Some people get it. Yoshi what he's saying folks is that your IRA he cannot run an awful loss you cannot write off a loss. We'll see were were out of time levee just wind is slow shipped down here. Folks color number 86498901766649890176. You're out of here or call 804400434. Request to get together for Social Security Max report will show you how to create an asset with a we'll do it 41 K irate at analysis. We'll talk you about his service roll over we will show you a tax free. Leveraging strategy to show you how to pay tax on the seed. Rather than the harvest folks we enjoy being with you every weekend on WORD. And these other fine stations. Not this is Craig Kelly it's Stephen Lewis folks god bless you have a great day for those of you go to church hill shared their hope you're good football team wins take care regardless.