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Dec 9, 2016|

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Good morning folks this is great Kelly live and prosperity and advisors LLC. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week he we are here today to talk about safe money strategies for your hiring your retirement. Now folks we're we're two weeks speed behind the election. And so what's happening now folks is we need to focus on safe money strategies because the markets are going to do what they're going to do. And are safe money strategies work whether the market is up down or whatever. It's a great place for you put your money. And so we're gonna talk about that today to make sure you you go to our website which is WWW. My money is safe dot com you can listen. To preview shows that we did we did I show on the election a couple weeks ago. We talked about what you really earning on your money we talked about different strategies and what we try to do. Is. Go ahead and title this so then if you have a specific period for interest he knew you know wasting time shuffling through you know to listen every show itching to how to go right to the mean if things and try it till Felicia about this. Steve. I've got Steve Lewis today he's he's in my right hand man at the prosperity group and we're talking about safe money strategies. We also have had the prosperity group and probably need to get the whole group it here hit Stewart. Could sure gives our in house CPA worked to north Greenville College seventeen years. Fully should Douglas really. She handles a lot of the Medicare also lose the financial things but she's been really busy with all of this Medicare folks we can actually help you with the Medicare. I believe he got till December 7. Show. We can still help you with this and it's important that you understand the the the right thing to do there. Okay folks. For so Steve how you doing today to a great thank you. Well we're here recording early as sick as usual here on. In any info she can reach us store our phone lines are open during the show 18044004341804400434. He can also reach us locally at 8649890176864. 9890176. You can email me at grey get my money is safe dot com. Where you can email Steve at Steve asked my money's safe stark honesty at symbol on money is safe dot com which is. Also our web site. You know Steve always kind of amaze me how how are you doing today. You just asked me then I'm doing great okay well I just from usher had changed and how does say is that as thirty footer for patella. Here here's here's the thing that always amazes me is that people with diaries. Take undue risk where diaries and from a logical standpoint that doesn't make that much sense to me because they don't even get a tax write off with their IRAs. But I'll see people playing roulette. If you will what I call retirement roulette with there were there iris. I mean what do you think about that. Now I I am actually just singing thinking exactly that thing you know it's it's interesting to me that. You know the strategies that we from are are. No no risk grade I mean that's that's the whole point here is our hero. And so. People have this since I guess it's the greed factor I'm not really sure. We talked last week about you know your broker. Making broker and this is listening to bad advice and android not but. I think some of it has to do with degrees factor and if you really sit down and looked at the upside opportunity vs the downside risk. You know with the strategies that we promote but you know are you gonna get -- near 30% return more of course not we would be wrong and and sir that's not our way we we are not unethical we're not gonna promote something that we can't that we haven't seen or haven't been able to produce. But on the same token the downside risk whether it's zero. He of the the upside opportunities not too far off from where you would be inside of the market but the downside is zero or in the market. You know maybe I would get at 1015%. Our return on my money. But I also have the downside risk twenty to thirty to 40% we've seen that yet we've seen it over and over I've had a we have people every week come in and say boy in 2008. I lost 35 hours 40% and man did that hurt. What made you what you come to the right place because we can think that thing away from you. And it's amazing to me how many people. The fact that it's I don't know we what do you think the only thing I can see is that is just that reason that greed factor. I think I can make a little bit more it's it's the route that Wheeler that. The table and in Vegas where. If only the chips on their one more time forgo all in one more time I can double my money I can make all this money. As opposed to taken some chips off the table the market tie now's the time that it takes and take some profits off the table she you're actually right and and you know it's sell high. By low honey we've heard that before right there yes certainly didn't coin a phrase but the reality is it makes sense. Especially while things are up you know most people Visanthe we talked about the salon show that. That. People are saying a lot of the experts are saying sell out of socks get out of the market either right before he election. Or within the first couple weeks after the election because something is is is a looming ahead. I think one of the big problems. No one's really talked about this later. I mean lately is derailed. We've basically he quit and handed Iran. An economy we've handed them an economy and he basically wanna beat the top dog in the Middle East their position to do that. With the money that they have. And and and of course their mission is very clear they want to eliminate Israel I mean I think the leaders have made that abundantly clear. What the world happens it's something volatile happens there what happens to the economy here. How quickly are we gonna respond how quickly are we gonna react. And and what's gonna happen to the markets. This is what we're sitting in your right about the greed factor. I think human nature is human nature we all want you know what we all have to be careful to not cope with which not ours. I mean that's just a human nature that's one of the ten commandments thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife what is it may have servant. What we will whatever it it totally says at that point in the reason is because. We always think the grass is greener on the other signed me on the other side many times you find out that the grass is really not greener on the other side. It's the same color should yet simple so the whole point is it is look for reasonable rate of return you know. On I'm proud of this in 2008 our clients should not lose a penny within any of the correction that took place did not lose a penny. And the reality is is. If something happens again they're not gonna lose any money because of the market as well. It is you said zeros my hero and we asked the question often would you rather of a 40% loss or 0% return that year and zero. Becomes much more attractive. Then he was you know before so so what we're talking about as a reasonable rate of return that they can make with their money. And this reasonable rate of return can be anywhere from Hedo. Two to 6%. You know relative usually three to 5%. That's a reasonable rate of return it's not bad. Deborah Brett do the seminar about Sheila. We talk in 2002. And Ira Bryant and I made no it was actually 2000. It was right before the market corrected died eleven. And I said to tell them what happens if the market takes a 50% lost. It may have stood opposite what are you talking about a 50% loss Rivera had a 50% loss what he said there and the toll you know he called me a year and a half later and apologize. While you remember saying that he said he never dreamed that we're talking about that just like. Effective interest rates you know we're 56%. We never thought the interest rates would drop the slope that we were talking a 3% rate of return that that's actually pretty good return in today's market. So folks if if you want to find a reasonable rate of return. He won a safe place for yours your ire array in your retirement that you can trigger money that you cannot help live or your wife. Cannot outlive. Give us a call at 8649890176864. 9890176. Let's show you. How to make a reasonable rate of return and will show you how to use insurance companies to mitigate your risk. That's right using insurance it was if you ever wondered what happens when there's a hurricane. When there's automobile accident there's a death. Who's there ten have the money it's insurance companies. Now you might not like some of the health insurance company you know that's a whole different animal. We're talking life insurance companies happy. Historical record even during the Great Depression. That they've been there for our country our citizens and their clients. This is great Elliott the prosperity grew chewed it is we come back with you the next segment. He's. Smile. Yeah. Welcome back folks this is Craig I'll leave the prosperity for advisors LLC and today we are discussing her safely stretches from your. Hiring 41 K and the retirement and I'm here with Steve Lewis. But the prosperity group in the song that you've heard as the song written by Randy is still who's a pastor Nolan. Bring to the floor he's been traveling a concert. Contemporary Christian pianist and a song he wrote that my wife and I saying back in 1986. 1986. Boy where were you in 1986. Do you remember what was going on in 1986. I think. President Reagan was president 1980s. You know I think he was president 1986. Interest rates were dropping. I was in my first home I was I was I was so excited Steve there when I bought my first home. I got it interest rates ten point 4% who yeah let's say that was doing well that. Ten point 4%. I was actually. Working three jobs and college at that time turn them myself through school while you know I was working I was working three jobs here at that time I was in college. I was out of college by it and that I was a tennis pro. We were in music ministry traveling so is involved than that. And I was working at night in a restaurant and we can't mom him. You do what you have to do concert special at ten point four percentage return. That they'll tell you what the cost of living I I looked the other day in the I had at one of buying. Little monthly budget things. When we were first married in 1980. Chew. We were living off of 12100 dollars and allow. 12100 dollars well those were the days they have that let let Eric college. 600 dollars lasted me the whole summer. Really 600 dollars yeah. And just ahead my apartment paid for because lieutenant tennis scholarships and anyway there is going he's talking I can imagine a baby boomers to younger. People who like Han. Very you know that my cell phone cost well under dollars you know or whatever you can have. Have cellphones back that. At the yes we didn't boy that was nice. That so folks we're talking about a reasonable rate of return on your money what to do this. That's safe we use insurance. Products. And we can create a pension like income by using these these products for you. You know I was thinking we had a great company. I won't mention name but there on our side you know and and should do. They have a great growth product now folks it's it's pretty simple. If you could be forty to 50% return of the S&P overtime we gonna do well. OK we had a Jill that I talked about this few years ago that well bill last year on the show. And Steve he has speed he said Greg if you could give me 50% with the market makes with none of the losses. If I put in a half million dollars run the numbers forming shall we ran it then this is related between 2006. To 2005. In 2015. And now as many. And pick a long story short if you took the 500000. Dollars and he stuck in the market just rode the S&P. By the end of the tents here. He had about 621000. Dollars and Q how much he had ruler safely strategy no idea. 924000. Dollars you know why we captured two games. We captured against folks who. Who do you need to choose to ask for this folks that. We are offering and hire me for one K review and higher rate for one K review if you want us to look at this. We'll do the Social Security Mack's position report and we won't put you into a prosperity plan. Hey this prosperity plan. We'll show you a safe money strategy. So what we're talking about to Dayton who can discuss and and folks are phone lines are open during the show right now you can cultivate 649890176. 8649890176. The phone lines are open now. Call set up a time will do the Social Security Mack's position report just part of the prosperity plan. Will do a safe money strategies to show you how to mitigate your risk. From this market and folks it's not wind it's not if it's. Shut its its wind there's going to be a correction folks and there will be there is going to be a correction soon. If it doesn't happen by the time the show airs. So you need to give us a call at 864989176. Com saw a couple of things that you know those reports that we do. You you could go to. Certain people and and pay lots of money for those reports. We do those as a part of our service or complimentary reports right truck and thousands of dollars out of these reports and they're they're very sophisticated software in there and the booklet that you get when you walk out of there we called the prosperity plan. Is truly a road map for you and your retirement so. If you're not taken advantage of that here you're really missing out on an opportunity. You mentioned something and and passing I wanted to make sure that the listeners understood what it was you were saying you said that. The difference between the gentleman's account. The 900000 or 600000. You know we we were basically quoting half of the S&P that's a that's where we were right as opposed to him being in the S&P. So he sits on the about capturing the gains in you know what happens in our that the strategies that we used. If you put a 100000 dollars in the market. And that year just for these numbers on when promoting the you're gonna get 10% malicious that he got 10% and that account that one year see your account is now at a 1101000. Dollars. All that next year that's where you start. So we went zero is our hero it you never leaves you can only gain so you've gained and now you've locked in. That 1101000. So the market tanks you're still at a 1101000. If I put that same 100000 in the market. And and it lost. Mostly though the market dropped 40% so my counts down to 60000 dollars now so. When the markets are gaining again I'm a 60000. As opposed to clients that cars are at a 1101000. Her say a 100000 just for the use of it from my point is that they're winning games it locks and and when it loses you only lose if you're in the market you know lose with our strategies. So correct and accurate that's how the 900000 vs the 600000 play him because if he was in the market he's up and down all over the place and he's having their recoup the lost this right and you know our strategy you don't have to do that. No you're actually right Steve because look this is what ends up happening is is. If if somebody loses I think about while asking folks. Anything you can reach us at 8649890176864. And any kind of 176 if you're out of here you call 1800. 4400434. You can also go to our website is WWW my money is safe dot com. Operators are opened during the show give us a call. He knows Steve Moore we're talking you were talking about these concepts. That are safe concepts. And we are the turtle we want our clients have finished the race we're not about jumping all over the place again that's why we call the show the stress for your retirement show. We want people to be stress free. You know client asked me the other day we won't win like you see how should I get my statement said. A year whose aunt. Particularly for years that nothing. His maybe nothing's happened lemon has that they won't critic sure interest. LSU got some money to fix account pretty much until next year here's killer look at it alone this year crisis can like watching paint dry because of by all means. So you can do all of this stuff that he won I think we should do next segment Steve let's talk about. Let's talk about the claim fault some of the tools that we have that we can actually have people and look at their accounts look at all of their. If you will retire right on line through our website. Folks we almost out of time this segment this is great yelling and Steve Lewis of the prosperity through. If there are. I mean. Yeah. Okay okay. It's. Games. Okay. Saying it's not okay. Welcome back folks this is great billion Steve Lewis of the prosperity group advisors LLC that was a full song written by my daughter. And older honey. And she is a singer songwriter you can find your music it in the Eliot sound club dot com in death. I hopefully he sued will be able to get our stuff online where people can actually. Give our pursue her music on their they'd like to get it. You know against some of it is stated I mean if you look at my stuff I'm only young 56 year old man and Della. That was stuff that we did back in the eighties and my daughter's old computer stuff is that she's a little last year to end. She's written some very powerful songs and so well we're we're glad to share those with you as are our bumper music if you will during the show. Steve you know. We've talked about safe money strategies. I think can't begin to goes back to what you said earlier you talked about how the casino. There's agreed factor we don't wanna sell we don't want to lose what we meek. It is so. It's it's hard to convince baby boomers. When they've been brainwashed every time they look at television and it's not Eliot's life it's not nationwide it's not one of these companies security benefit disk that's you know. Out there it's it's Raymond James it's Morgan Stanley its Pacific Life all of the brokerage commercial. There are the ones that advertising they spend millions of dollars advertising and it pays off form. Absolutely. Because people think this is you linked to put their money that in many cases Steve they pay a lot of fees for the money having it done a lot of analysis for many of our clients. And some of them are our what do what do I called dirtier. Their fees. Heard her feet impaired. Are literally fee impaired are paying too many feast perfect example is we looked at a variable annuity. Can folks. A very able and duties in the duty to typically. Has market risk chew it they may have income writers but they tend to be very very expensive. I personally don't like that because of the fact that. The hill you can make you gain yet you can make more forgave each cable affixed to do and they tend to be more expensive. In many cases. In order outperform a fix and duty they've got to earn at least 7% to make up the feast tell performance 3% of the duties. What do you think about all these fees these people are play our our pay. Well. It's stunning in and. I don't I'm actually speechless I mean you know when you start thinking about. The the money that they're spending and he is either they don't realize it or they realize that and it's just sort of status quo it's that. I use the analogy Al it's on the boiling frog slowly in and if they've been oil for so long. They're known to the pain in the discount they just don't pay attention to it. You know it's it's it's kind of like we we are comfortable with the poison that we know yeah. As opposed to what we don't know exactly and especially against a fear factor. I think we've watched it with the politics in recent years pin and I think. It's almost people go into this paralysis smoke and they do financially now you're exactly right I wanted to bring out. Point maybe I'm I'm veering off a little bit bit. We talk a lot about about safe money strategies. And and I wanted to make sure that people understand that we're not a one trick pony there there are so many different. Strategies that we can do and and we actually personalize it Q. Your specific situation in and I think that's really important for people understand that. So it's not a one size fits all it is not an end we have different different products different companies. That meet different needs whether it's you need as you think he'll immediately or you're looking to tuck away money I mean on a tax deferred basis or you watch extreme com or. Yeah I mean you know on and on and on and on the F super wealthy where we're dealing with a lot of you'll have a lot of wealth and some really creative and an unbelievable strategies. Where they can leverage. Their money in and take a tax free come off of that so there's all kinds of different strategies and that's why it's really important for people to come in and so that's an and the topic this because. We do customize their prosperity plan. To their situation well either you bring up a good point I was thinking about this with the diary leveraging strategy. Leading example folks if if you are taking your required minimum distribution commonly known as an R&D. Which trees that you've got to take it within typically one year after you turn seventy and a half. What happens is many of you don't need that money. And there's music gifting strategy we can show you to save some taxes on there. There is a strategy where you can take that money you can create a tax free account. For either yourself or your family effects Steve. You know you're getting younger Koppel that's why it's important that these folks. Considering his service roll over because they can come to see this is 59 and a half and they're young enough and healthy enough in many cases she used to save money. To use the tax free strategy for in the income for themselves. People are living longer can you imagine how many have you could. Would like to get an extra twenty years 30000 dollars a year tax free at 7071 and it. Your soul. Instead of getting maybe. 50000 with your IRA and you're paying about your taxes on it pelican 20000 with your hiring have another relatively regain 25 or 30000. Tax free. Tax free now. We're not talking about municipal bonds either folks we're talking about a strategy that. We're proud to use its part of the prosperity plan perfect strategy for business owners you know but that's why Steve they'd meet with us at that point. That's the ideal time because we can help them really implement this early. Now even if they come in later we can still help of deployment gravitate to a safe when he strategy. You know we we've been doing a lot of seven arsenal that effect. Steve how if they want access so staking go to WWW money is safe dot com but that they can also go what to FaceBook and prosperity group. Do we have that link to on the website yet you know I believe that it is and if it's not you can just. Under the search warrant FaceBook and and look at some but it's the prosperity group. And we definitely there we've post all kinds of cool stuff videos and and now article updates and whatnot. Com one of the things that we don't talk about a lot. Is big because pensions aren't aren't that big of a deal anymore because there are so many of them around anymore but I was just talking actually to my sister last night. She's in a situation where her husband is retiring he's got a pension. And there is a strategy also known as pension naturalization where you know you eat you know when you go to retire. They give you several different options on what it is that you wanna do so I can take a 100% of my money. And if I die then my spouse gets nothing. Or there are a different strategies they're very is some of our 5050 so what they 50% now and then if I dire when I've done my spouse gets 50% so that the streaming Congo's for a lifetime. Anyway there there's different strategies that go into that my point is. There we have ways and actually maximizing. That so that you can go a 100% zero and still make a lot more money in and benefit a lot more. On the other side of it so. Going back to the whole customization thing we have so many different strategies that meet so many different needs for retirement. And that's why it's important come CS. Well he's still looking at our web site right here you know and in the folks can go to the generational fault and I think yours have videos they click on there. And you know folks just generational fault his way free to have. Real time in real time information pertaining to your accounts. So as is part of that folks if you would like your own generational fault. I have never offered this before on the show we're offering you two. To participating get our generational ball the doesn't even have to be client. Are we don't offer that for a period of time right here we will make the generational fault available for you now understand something it's secure so. The only thing you would give us access choose whatever you want to give us access to. So if your client typically you give us access to hear your stuff pertaining to us but if you don't wanna do that that's okay. Because we will absolutely be able to help you. With this and and folks it's a it's a place for you to actually have a vault secured vault Steve it's safer than the government's. Vaults I don't know. I can say that I don't really care how I know I listen I don't know what a benchmark that is well in the first half that's how much of an art accredited but are you could sort of point it is incredibly say let. Oh what. Exactly is the generational ball I mean yeah if you're you're telling me which is actually a great benefit you're telling me that this is something that we can ever offered to people that Arnie declines for free. We'll we'll see if they come to meet with us because we have to actually set it up to show you do it over read online threats that they have to come in. Call us what is it okay is so it's up it's the places to storage place where they can store their policies. They can have a real time access to their financial. It did in any format that makes sense to them part of the problems and we hear this all the time we don't understand or statements the statements are complicating. To complicate seem to complicated for us and many times we double check. It's so what happens we can actually look at her report to see exactly. Where they stand so they have. They have a real time value of their accounts for all their account all of their accounts. Speaking even put their life insurance under the can put their homeowner's insurance it would their automobile insurance. It is a phenomenal tool. That were one of the few people that offers this folks so it's it's sick it's a great way to get some benefits on this in India and put there. Put got to count out there you know what happens is somebody has a fire okay. They have a fire they can lose that benefit so what would they do in many cases. Who goes to. Do go to the bank in the open a safety deposit box to do it. Well this is like having your own safety deposit box that you can go look at it online yet a picture of what's in the box right pin in the clear hope portfolio from you know any kind of insurance that kind of investment. All in one place one stop one. And and we might offer for the next month that give us a call. At 8649890176. Sets 8649890176. If you're out of the area it's what 800. 440043418. 104400434. So folks it given we're almost out of time this segment. You give us a call Astros Social Security next century pork requests your prosperity planet and it's for today we are offering. Be safe money strategy plan if you wanna see them in the future risk from the market. And it. Use of these strategies that we are talking about give us a call this is great millions Steve loosen the prosperity. Of being his very next time I. Many. Okay. Yeah I mean it's okay I'm. Welcome back folks this is great Elliott the cross community group of advisors LLC. Again we're talking today about safe money strategy for your hiring 41 K. It's Steve we're almost at the time this thing was let's jump right in the first villages. That's salute a song to my wife Marie wrote and it's as it's called I need you in and that was written in 1990s. It talks about how we need Jesus and our lives folks so. Folks we need a good retirement. We need good spiritual. And we need to get our act together as much as possible so folks so we are here with you every Saturday and Sunday from. 7 AM in the morning to 8 o'clock I mean she got 78 every Saturday and Sunday more feisty we're talking a safe money strategies. You know what your your what your fellow everything here let's let's bring this Plano. Well I. You know I mean. We've talked a lot about the fact that that people have this sort casino minds there that they greed factor comes in and you gotta keep that mind you were talking earlier about the fact that. In then the big broker or brokerage houses and why not sitting millions of dollars talking about how great the market is and I need to be in the market and how you can retire with billions of dollars and all that kind of stuff. And it's just like in the casinos. When you're going to casino. You know you don't you don't go to some rickety shack somewhere you've gone this big opulence. Crazy amazing place and and they didn't get that way because that they were paying out all these winning streak right helps always win the house always wins. And so again we're not telling you there's not wise to be in the market but what we're saying is that as you get into retirement it's wise to begin T take. That certainly takes some of those profits a good portion of the profits away from the market and protect them still having growth still having that the growth opportunity. But getting away from the risk factor because of the fact. The you need the return of your money not their return on your money Israel and a retirement that's right in the NF. Still think it. To see Steve when we talk about a pension like income. We're taking our safe money strategy. And we are creating. There are higher rate in this sense it's it's almost like becoming her own personal pension. Has that money will last so long is is the hospital as long as a wife lives. And that money that pitch is still been conversing goes to the kids payable. In in different ways so the fact is. We're creating a potential contender taking their hiring under converting it to their own private pension so if you think about it it's kind of like having a 41 K. You know we've had the volatility you have to risk in there you're able to convert it to something safe predictable so it's truly becomes like a pension. As some officially a pension but it it's very similar to it because of those tools that are built in and that's because of the safeguards. That the company has to use. He'll people often ask me Steve if so how is the money protected. It's very simple insurance companies have the majority of their money long term. Corporate and long term go government bonds so they're able to hold those bonds to terms again predictable rate of return. And what they also doing a portion of their money is to use indexes indices that gives them such as US and such is the G. What's the other one oh I can't even think of the one that nation. The other company has. The national whatever. Anyway oh it's JT Morgan index Sosa we have JPMorgan index up. The fact is we have these different strategies that are available folks. And the dirt able to give you pay decent rate of return even in this low interest rate environment. Many people in need of one of the big mistakes people make Steve is a hunch for returns. Yeah that's the people would get burnt the ones that hunts for return I met with a client last week. He set their met with peace I don't want anything to do with the market I wanna go through this again. Take care of exceeding that renewed he's averaged three and a half percent with our count you know what he did. Then he jumped in the market with the other running the audience. You know what she's in and two point 6%. 100% of the risk. 100% of the risk he made more with us but he got convinced into thinking so he ran right back. To that well. That he got burned out before is she got stepped goes back to what your saying to me that's the greed factor absolutely because you what he's talking interest rates. And I should tell him I told myself flat out I said do you want. He goes great we trust you we believe viewed as soon as it has nothing to do with that they're being greedy that they don't get it. People to get greedy they get burned that's that's. My experience here is that the right I think we've quoted this on the show before but I quoted all the time the firm Rockefeller you know they. There was and then you're you're that was talking in my time anything how is it that you got to gather all this well what is it that you did to become so wealthy and so rich. And he said well. It's a what I do as I watch what everybody else is doing and I do exactly the opposite. Think there's so if they're via an ISL and if there's someone out by a while and oh boy it isn't that. A great strategy from the standpoint. You know getting out of the market and in making you know making common sense that if things well if it does and you know like Warren Buffett's number one who has. Don't lose money and number two a C rule number one very well mean it it it it makes cents. Folks give us a call at 86498901768649890176. Request. But time together so we can put together your prosperity plan will do a Social Security Max was nation report. And if you have if if we can help you if you have a pension if you're retiring. If you have a 41 K. And it's Steve talked to me she talked about this earlier steeper than they have a there. 41 K. And there with an old company don't roll to the U 41 K because you still have the same exposure. Go head to get that turned into a diary will make it safe for you will guarantee the money there. You get a reasonable rate of return will create your own pension like income. Your money becomes safe. Business owners give us a call if you want to look for 88 strategy as Steve just something that we don't talk about enough. All these strategies. Are pretty much insulated against creditors in the statehood. So he go a doctor a lawyer these are great strategies for them because you want to can't get it's very difficult to get to those asked. Assets sister recently during the. Ever client and one other thing we don't talk about an hour up against the clock but we don't talk about the fact that. Most of the time when you when you have put your money in these strategies. There are upfront and ongoing bonuses in depending on which strategy would that we used there are bonuses and so you get eight different T. Automatic bumping your county just by putting in your. It's amazing. We had a client that put in billion dollars he got the 22%. Bonus that we the company had 220000. Dollars folks. We're out of time. Thank you so much for joining us Steve thinks she'll be my guest today. Folks god bless you have a great day this is great Gilead the prosperity group with Steve lips.