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Dec 9, 2016|

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Good morning folks this is great goalie of the poster we advisors LLC. And I'm here with you this morning with us Steve Lewis. My associate at the prosperity through there and we're we're here to talk to you about a stress free retirement today to. A show. Is titled what's next. The others we've had this. Very fatiguing election that we've had. You know we have protests going on and so forth and so the question is what's next what do you do financially. Most people have been paralyzed into inaction for last. Three to four months and I I think that could have been a mistake. But nevertheless things have kind of gone like we expected them to go. But just wanna remind her listeners that are phones or phone lines are open during the show you can call us at 8649890176. A 649890176. In miniature out of here you call 1804400434. What they ought to remind. Our listeners you know as soon as we go into this. Donald Trump has made it very plain that he he likes low interest rates why because it keeps the debt under control. And and so don't expect interest rates to go up that much in fact. By the time we aired this probably in the following week the feds will be announcing. Maybe an eighth two point increase or quarter point increase or no increase whatsoever. It's going to be interesting to see how plays out either way I I don't think it'll have much significant. Impact on the markets. But as far as your retirement goes you know that the plans still stays the same you have to have some of your money and safety well Steve it's been. Quite. Interest seeing election and it I think got everybody. This kept people going in in and does he does seem like it's slowed down at all and as people await. Donald Trump true arrival in Washington DC. You're right it's crazy everything seems to be keep in the same pace served in our bodies wondered what's gonna happen knows it you're seeing and we were at the the ballot bash and then the Yemeni and we were on target about the election and actually you're on air. They're talking about how the everything was going on the market was gonna drop and then it was gonna you know return and we we certainly both of us expected to see that happen and we certainly concede that they expected to happen and within a matter of 24 hours 24 hours a fifth grader to drop some 800 something points and then bounced back in. Now it's down on terror and so that's been pretty crazy. Well it it's really what we predicted and and so I still think the fundamentals are the same that this. The potential of corrections still lies ahead I don't think it's going to be just an easy path for the Donald Trump I think he's gonna have. You know the Washington insiders pulling near their stuff because it no one's gonna wanna give up control. The question is what you're retirees do. Eight began I believe that. You know the old adage sell high buy low you know the problem is the reality we we talked about this off the year that the folks. The human nature has agreed factor. And everybody likes to make more money everybody wants more and that's normal. That's human nature of the problem is a lot of people get in trouble that way and and it's like that that the better on Wall Street that that's ahead and he's ahead of any think she's gonna keep getting more. And then he loses what he gets so so the fact is you wanna be put into the same position with your retirement. The good news is that our clients are OK the way because of the market comes up to to make reasonable rate of return. Last year we had told her clients that the rates would be low and I had discussions because. You know the rates weren't great in the last year mean the market. Although it's hit high as it's been back and forth up and down it's been it feels like the turtle in the head or that we discussed around it keeps going up down up down. You know we watched a slow concise. Measuring and and I think that the chart we need to be focused on folks is that. In Big Ten years between 2000. I believe it's 2005. And 2016. The growth that took place with the market with a correction in 2008. Was less in most cases than what. You are safe money strategies. So so the fact is I think that that people need to consider some of these things oh she can email me at grey get my money is safe duck commerce Steve. Had my money is safe dot com. It was interest seeing Steve to see the way the election went in fact after we left the boot the voting bash. I was watching I was shift over to watch CNN MSNBC. It was like watching cute three different countries I would watch fox. Which was one country now we're like look at the other thing and it was like. Different realities and shows you. How rigged if you will the media is without a doubt and how they're trying to formulate people's opinion. The thing I do you realize I think the election shows that at least half of the people. Still haven't lost. Does that does that show where I stand maybe I don't know but. At least half of would have been influenced by that you know and I I was reading an article today said that does the schools. The teachers are instructing her are recommending their kids in college to vote do these protests things. Never seen anything like it so that the problem. I think lies in the couple factors Steve. I think that as soon is he's pitched tested internationally. That's gonna change in dynamic. As soon as is our assist shows up for her does anything like that. I think that that's going to be a factor and so. You know our strategies don't change we look it's safe money strategies to see exactly. What we think the markets are gonna do so people can get a good direction. Of a return. Now we had our our Social Security meeting effect had a couple we will talk to me about that. Few weeks ago. And and so today folks. If you wanna see the best Social Security strategy and I believe it's even more important. Today than ever before that should you give us a call beginning at 8649890176. And it's Steve you know what's interesting is that they still have strategies that they can do especially first 6664. Year old. They can make the right decisions on the social security and so again calls up the phone lines are open during the show we have operators and will be able to. Get together with you and put together a Social Security strategy the other thing. As for those of you who have 401 case. We've talked about this before previous shows but you may wanna consider. You may wanna consider. You know a safe money strategy for. Your 41 kid and a means consider doing eighty in service rollover. Definitely consider doing that is service roll over. But I mean what are you seeing out there Steve well a couple of things I wanted to mention you were talking about the workshops that we've done in and we're continuing to do. If your interest in doing those we have dates gone about her close to the holiday so. We recommend that you check so don't FaceBook like our page you can look at some for the prosperity group or I go to our website at my money is safe dot com will post updates there and now give you instructions on how you can come and sign up for a of the workshops that we have we find we got a lot of really positive feedback on those and find that it's really helpful for people gives them a lot of clarity. In social security and no long term care and and you know just basic retirement planning questions that that people have we've focus on trying to answer those so. Again go to our FaceBook page or website and you'll see updates there or you can policy has guards that are or email us and we'll be happy to get you in touch with IBM assign you upping that you. In two or something. Absolutely and another thing folks you've got till December 7. For the Medicare if any if you are not sure about the Medicare right now are you think you might have made the wrong decision you still have till December 7 give us a call which in touch with Felicia. And we've been you know we've been doing now for quite a number of years like I personally Bechtel for the the last couple years were all of the government intrusion on it that. It's it's interesting to see what's going on with the Medicare and in many of her clients we put back on traditional supplements. You know some of the major companies have backed out of the area and so forth so it's it's interesting to see what's going on as far as that goes so. Again folks she can give us a call at 8649890176. If you're out of the Erie pure and us air soda. Tennessee and North Carolina area you can call 1804400434. Also remind her listeners. That we are twenty parkway commons way Greer mailing address. We're just down the road from Michelin building next debates you Rhode. In Steve next segment you know I wanna talk about some things I've had a lot of people that have contacted us another rainy day strategy or CD replacement. And that's something that's worked really well. Especially with folks who have not qualified money so. Listen folks we're out of time this segment if you want to have a stress free retirement tune in as we talk to you. Feel. Yeah hey. They all weighing his and so let me. Savannah not a and I. Is this man I mean I think. The citizens of this thing he's so funny bit on. Well folks welcome back to show. Only in Stephen Lewis of the prosperity and the advisors LLC and that was a song written on my daughter. Any LE hill it's a centrist and a lot of clients that his. Met her over at the office right there and she's quite a prolific songwriter and a it has a great voice and non biased but it it is the truth so Lola. You know hopefully enjoy that that listen Steve we've been talking Yahoo! had a lot Hedo I talked to other CD alternative type plan. And heavily beaten yesterday and she hasn't unqualified money she had to receive the death benefit from her late husband. And she has a duty of this money sitting in there. Her income is good. So you know she thought that we are gonna talk about an annuity and and I said to her look why don't you look at this right here. He had the opportunity of making good returns I mean you're talking anywhere affecting cash and got to 9% there. So folks what we're talking about caps. We're talking that we Arnold low interest rate environment. In a low interest rate environments even the insurance companies give you look capsule we're talking about a reasonable rate of return we're talking about three to 5% typically on average with the way the caps are. They halves do you have some double digit earnings potential occasionally but that's that's not the norm but. For those of you have money just sitting in the bank doing nothing. And I mean literally mean nothing she was getting point 121%. On point 11%. I mean. You can even pay for the post cartoon it to say thank you to the banquet at that point 11%. I can't tell. She was shocked we're giving her we're giving her double digit upfront bonus over 10% so she's making more. Brought up front than she would do you know the next ten years on the account. And she gets a tax free death benefit. And so once she once I explain this sure that she realized that this stuff is actually existing and it's not risky. She was for adult and it's it's it's a win situation as explainer. If it three or four years her situation changes and she says hey you know I need income one need to change strategies we can move her. Out of the cal painlessly put her in something it's gonna give her guaranteed income. And you know it's so it's a win win situation that. I think many of her listeners are lists are listening and are paying attention this because we've got a lot of interest that's been evoked by this especially in the slow interest rate environment. You know its interest thing and each and we talk about risk group we set with a gentleman the other day. Who has a couple 100000 dollars sitting in the banking and he jokes but even he was serious but he was joking said in I think he's that he made like three and a half dollars. And in the first quarter or whatever and then last quarter they had. You know he talked about risk obviously there's there's zero risk or where we can we get argue that point with a being in the bank but Alexis Collin -- sake of argument right now as he were risks to the so there's zero risk. And really zero return. Or you could as he told us his broker because he did have some funds in the market to corporate told them. That Iran has broker can get them eleven or 12%. On the idea that that he was he was confident the he get in that amount or even if that were true which we certainly argue that point as well in this market but if you were to get eleven or 12%. He's taking pay as we we did an analysis on his on his portfolio branding is taking at least H 125%. Risk in that corporal it's up even if he can get 11% he's also has a torn this 1% risk losing it at least brag about losing twenty to 25% so. You know then you look at what oil we talk about all the time which is a reasonable rate of return three to 5%. And it truly is 100% zero risk and as you said there are bonuses that are involved upfront and it's it's real money so 10% was where you sit right with O'Reilly your talking so you know there's actually more than us double digits yeah. Yes so. It's kind of a no brainer. Well you would think you would think that you know. What is it people are bird creatures of habit in in sometimes. Here they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. And I injured I see that the public. Has truly been conditioned Elway I think getting back to the election and seeing all of that I think people think that you know they're afraid of change. We we as human beings are afraid of change. The reality. Is intelligent change makes cents. You know I I take people back to Warren Buffett it and this is interest and Warren Buffett. Ended up being pro trump. There when that funny guys and uninteresting you know he's gonna be okay with the markets and all that you know. After being a strong Hillary supporter well and Warren Buffett's no dummy in in what did he say he said the number one rule his number one rule of investing is never lose money. And a rule number two is C rule number one. And and this is the difference between somebody like Warren Buffett and the rest of us out there is Warren Buffett's not it's losing money. More than you do the same guy that right before the election was about so much over that he that he put a good corner on the market there for a little bit always yet you couldn't buy silver. Just he'd made such huge order silver that's right and if he was hedging because he didn't throw until the results and so. Either way he's gonna come out okay within reason to lose money on NASA has its not. It's not a flip investment that he's gonna turn around and flip right away in fact I do think all the silvers a good strategy but to. You know as I've told many of our listeners are saying you know wanna go heavy into gold silver said wait. I should wait right now. I should I don't think he's seen the bottom recruitment of the pricing yet wait who you know went when we have a direction T I think part of the problem Steve. And I think this is what's caused a lot of procrastination. Out there effect. You know why I titled you know we titled show what's next at soldier thought. I thought it titled show or you don't procrastinating now. Because that's what she that's what's happened a lot of people people were procrastinating kind of not sure what to do and I think part of them. Is there's no clear cut direction with the economy right now. There's been a lack of leadership pitcher in terms of the direction. So whether to directions up down or wherever. I think there once there is a clear cut direction I think it's gonna make people. A little bit more prone to being more decisive. Ten and that's why. Worse saying to people right now don't don't wait you can still gravitate some of your money into safety he could still take advantage of this rainy day account folks if you go to our website which is WWW. My money is safe dot com you can look at our video on a rainy day account. Band aid again it's it doesn't go into detail on the rates of return but this is easily counted we've got many many of her clients in and it works really really well. We had a a client the other day they had been over 400000. Dollars to just stay at they had collected and you know somebody showed them an income account well the reality seated need a lot of income. And I think putting 400000 dollars gave to me 650000. Dollar death benefit at their current ages. And sixty some 250000. Dollar game. And they have access to the account they wanna walk away in three or four years ago walkway in three or four is effect after two years. They can walk away but this is an account that works really really well so it's important to understand. How this stuff. How does still Fella who works so folks you don't give us a call. 8649890176. Or 1804400434. Well Steve we're almost out of time to segment you don't wanna remind her listeners that the phone lines are open. That. If you have a 401K. This might be the perfect time to consider before one K rollover effect. We could talk about that some in the next segment because. I think people need to understand that because the forward Kaczur risk no question about it. So again folks go to my money is safe dot com or web site. Look at some of the tools that we have to go to our FaceBook page as well is great believe the prosperity grew. Yeah we'll. Yeah. Well folks that was a beautiful song that I tell my late wife Marie always wrote in saying it's called see the truth there. Very very powerful song. And here's here's something that you know we want we wanna talk about what we know we've we return mountain 41 K rollovers and you don't wanna talk about the safe money strategies. You know like I told many of our clients last year that I didn't expect much interest rate returns and I declined to say Greg you know I expected to get the. Eighty ADU a reasonable rate of return actually yeah I should but that comes. On an average it doesn't mean every year gonna make two reasonable rate of return this year looking for an average so he might have one year where you make 01 year remake 10%. So that would is that to your average it's 5% so. The fact of the matter is when you're going to a safe money strategy. With the perks that you have a just kinda wanna outlined these perks because. Those if you wish forward in case right now you have a lot of exposure to market risk. And one of the things we've talked about is for those of you typically who were either 55 or 59 and a half. Might be in a position to do what's called a 41 K roll over so the reality is. That you can move those accounts AM and you can move those accounts into safety. And so therefore you're able to chew. Take those accounts to make essentially giving example Steve is so he's got a 200000 dollars and therefore one can't. All right. In the the 41 K if the market takes a 40% hit. You know they lost a chunk of money such that such a chunk of money under 41 K. If there able to move that 41 K now and make the majority of that safe some some accounts to look through all the money some of the accounts from able to move part of the money. They're able to insulate them money and make it safe and the only thing that's exposed as the other ballot so for instance if they had 200000 dollars and they're able to move a 190. Market takes a 50% hit the only thing that should risk is the 101000 dollars as opposed to the whole entire count. And and that's a strategy I think that's highly intelligent. It and many people that are retiring should consider don't you. I absolutely get some safety. And it also gives them control so. You know the the one thing you have inside of the 401K the only really choice you have is as what types of funds and even that you're limited to whatever they have. But you also have control and you move it over to us we can we change the strategies around every year based on where we see the economy going and you know we have you have a financial consultant to sit down with you every year and talk about. Where you are and and I think that that stability unity were talking about the volatility of the for a long cake. The last thing you want and we talk about this over and over and over in the last thing you want inside your retirement plan is risk I mean you've worked all this time. To build this nest day the last thing you want is some terrorists to strike or. You know some global event or something weird happened even a weather event my gonna CC ninety. You know anything's happened where. Also the market tanks as a result of that and now you've got to wait to try to rebuild from the news starting point while I do that rush to make sense well. It doesn't see what people don't realize is that to win 41 k.'s. In in and I would say President Bush was the big you have proponent of this. You know he gave the wind fall too many companies because it let them off the hook for pensions. Many of the pensions went away and the reason regulation and the fight do you share relationship with pensions was much stiffer. Then a 41 K. It's a with a 41 K the numbers look better on their books. It it's not necessarily a liability like pension was his you know pensions a future liability that they got to deal with for the rest of nearly company's lines 41 K you're basically taking the work current making them their own money manager and turn it in many of those. You know the employees if you will they have no experience in managing money so what do they do. So they'll go pick a firm up percent. To look at the fees that they have or I or origin or they do water cooler management they talked their bodies of the watercolors say hey John. What what strategy are using it and so forth in and that can be a very very disaster strategy and I have talked about this at seven ours it. We have some folks that we met they belong to an investment club. This was you know several years ago and I asked him I said you know well. Wait do you would you all advising each other you what they said Steve and we think Carolina investors is the way to go. And the Carolina investors you know went bankrupt and all people lost money and so forth terrorist. Fraud and then it and unfortunately. A lot of fresh as can be ruined with that type of investment advice so it helps to have a second site strategy. And it is fact folks if you want to take advantage of our prosperity plan we will set up your personal prosperity planned for you. So give us a call will look at the street a tax strategy will look at the Social Security strategy. We'll look at an income strategy will look at a legacy strategy for you end. If you're able to use this we'll look at the tax free strategy for you or your family. And if so folks don't procrastinate. Because this is what's been going on people have been. Paralyzed into inactivity. You know it's not identical when you said that you do you sense a bit about the water cooler on strategy and app and you're gonna say waterboarding I don't know why bill. A I've got the waterboarding is from some of the F financial consultants well then and now they're crazy that's going to be that's being accused of secretly we don't know if you know how I wanted to bring the sport as we don't talk a lot about this I mean we did talk about the fact that you know if you come to us in and we do it's a security Max is a reporter we do. The prosperity plan we don't charge for that and you mentioned a minute ago with regards to the financial consultants. Most money managers that are out there. They charge fees every single year on your portfolio correct whether you make money or not and what they usually run. Anywhere from one to 2% so 12% of your account that's a single year that's first 65. So the brokerage houses returning as high as 3% while yeah every single year you pay that sheet right forever Brian never goes away. And and how much exactly do we charge again forget what's the number I think it's zero it is your right it is. Sorry I'm a little sarcastic. Bumbling yes so we don't charge and the approach that we have there there's no fee there's no mention of feet for you to contact us and for us to you sit down and make sure that your retirement. He's taking care of and you have a stream of income for the rest of your life. 100% Gary. Teed zero risk real and it you made me think of something with that that that's a good point kill many people. Are concerned with liquidity and and and and you know they'll say well. Greg I got my money in the market I can move down any where I want to mention here I should but it has to majorities of your moneys in higher array. You see can switch accounts whoopee do the but the fact is. Where you gonna put church help. To get a reasonable rate of return and show the liquidity and IRAs is way overrated because why if they take a chunk of that money out there gonna get taxed. Concerns so beetle the cash. I like to liquidity for cash as well like the rainy day strategy but the reality is for IRA money you want a good concise plan and so what we do at our firm. As we show you how to create a pension like. It become almost like your personal pension with that account. It seemed people don't think about that play like one of the gentlemen we spoke to the other day they said well you know we'd lose. We lose money. You don't mind my wife loses my pension. If something happens to right. And so it's a well you know in your current stress urinary you're in the market so it makes money. And you or your happy if it loses when you're not so happy but there's no pension replacement for your wife. I think we can take your ire and make it safe for you believe either that money and they are so. Il did just boggles my mind when I see. The decision process. That goes to show you the power of consumerism and in the United States with the advertising how these companies it's been a million why do they spend billions of dollars. Because it works because it works in any you know when you're watching the gulf terminal when you're watching Tiger Woods try to come back for your watching. He. You know whoever Ian Poulter winner or her what is he Rory McIlroy. You know what they did the they flash on it and it EC one of these brokerage firms and they they show you a nice couple sailing away you know it is due in two. Blue horizons with with you know with what do. A negative 3% or can build other than your 3% return a 12% return that's what they promise you that seems to be the number of choice but the reality folks. If you go back and we can run this analysis for you. Steve's really got a grip on this software that we can actually do an analysis to see. How much exposure. Or how much you've actually made or how much fees you paid you would be shocked. He wouldn't Wear that hat when the house makes more money than you do do you think that's a fair exchange. You'll understand what we just said. If if the retirement company makes more money than the Klein I don't think that's a fair exchange however minor blisters folks are phone lines are open. 86498901768649890176. You're out of the area call 1804400434. You can email said gray get my money is safe dot com. Or Steve that my money is safe to our comp but Steve. Kitty back to what we were saying people are really really conditioned into this mindset to think that this is the only place to put their money. It's true and you know we've seen the market take a jumper we're talking about this and you know that you made the comment. But I I wanted to go back and make sure that it there we reiterated it. The fundamentals haven't changed so I think there are a lot of people com. That that they were caught talking to right now they're probably happy that trump is in there that would be mean you actually the part we're happy that that child it is in the office. And certainly we have a greater hope for. The future of our economy and everything else. But don't forget that our national debt is at a ridiculous number that that we can't managed. The deficit every year is a ridiculous number that we can't manager for those either done others are two different numbers. You know they got a existing what the deficit adds to the debt so the deficit is how much debt or tarring every single year right for so you know where where I'm far behind were falling as we correct. Consumers after almost one trillion in debt bad if were a trillion every year behind in reading enter into that dead every single year. So those numbers haven't change that det still exists. The interest rates are. Are low and the government is in a position where they raised them. And then we have to another have to pay on that debt he almost at a time and so and I'm gonna have to thank you okay no no worries you will talk about that because she folks that debt. Is crucial. So that's why long term need good safe long term strategy again. Too did his we have one more segment of the show we're here with you every Saturday and Sunday at 7 PM on WORG. My. It's. You tell me they say oh it's. Done this year and seeing defense. Yes father's diet can sand. Just mom is adding it's. You know his stance and. Sorry folks welcome back to since Greg telling Steve Lewis of the prosperity group and we hear her talking to you about. What's next. You know what happens next we have the present we have the president elect. I guess I won't. They won't totally sink in until he's actually inaugurated to see when things start that way but I won't really opened a can of worms right now but the the fact is folks you people have been kind of frozen. In Chu inaction and I mean they really have been people weren't sure what to do. And so they've done nothing. And I would say that people have caught a break because the reality. Is that we know what is next. You know what's gonna happen so so the point is it lets lets think about this for second. Markets could go up for a little bit we we actually predicted this has he was saying at the beginning of the show we didn't predict who's gonna happen in 24 hours. But it did that was a weird this turnaround ever seen it crude dropped 800 points and then it started coming back up. It's so people are really happy that the market is coming back up. But. What folks are grasping. Steve is the affected that. The market's been going up Purdue and Purdue out for so long. That it's been the market's been without direction. It showed that doesn't mean people are making money yet that did were hitting highs means that the companies. Are making profits. But the average person. You don't. I I don't know what factor we could call it that there's a noncore relations between how successful companies are in the average investors. So just because the market's hitting hovering near 191000. Doesn't mean that everybody's making a ton of money. Has what's happened is as the market is seesaw back and forth you know if you lose 50%. You need a 100% to come back. So when he sees markets dropped 10%. You know once they catch up to 10% they've got to go up another twenty to be profitable because you're you're you're catching up with all the money. And that's you know that's a factor that people don't take into account it's a big mistake but they don't take into account so. You know there's there's things that you can do all of that that. That's the problem that exists would a lot of folks they don't understand. How that applies to them. Your eyes and Kenya the other thing that they myths is that. Do you remember in 2001 the market wanted tenant. It was 700 and asking different numbers but I'm one of almost 777. Points which for is the perfect number in the Bible and we can talk about the significance of that but there are 700 almost 800 points right right and that was a catastrophe for our economy it was an absolute devastation to our economy. And we saw 800 points. Shaved off the Dow industrial average. In in futures trading the night of the election. And people don't see them about that that is a significant volatility we will have from 800 down tick but where we are now which is is several hundred points up. Com if nothing else that ought to scare you to death you're on the winning side of at the moment but might get as they can drop 800 points again in a heartbeat. Well I think it speaks to Trump's brilliance because if you notice he started speaking a very. Partisan viewpoint. For the next week after that. You know he's talking to. All of the insiders and everything assert thing myself disguise not gonna shift Thomas. So he let the market panic relax a little bit and then he started expelling a little bit more on his views to the man is very intelligent. No he's he's put himself the team of people. If he's truly gonna drain the swamp as he claims. He's he's got to do a little bit at a time because of injuries all of it you know. To me puberty yet what and that's faster but I hope people don't miss the fact that as we talked about what next. Now the market is and now's the time to take advantage if you're living under a term you're getting close to retirement. Now's the time to take some of your kids off the table now's the time to do something because. As we've said over and over in the show the fundamentals haven't changed now they have this the derivatives just. A lot there we can talk about that we talked about it before but I mean if there's terrorist act is that the market is that was overpriced. Before the election. You know fundamentally was overpriced and there's a bubble and now we're even that much more overpriced. And we can talk about that and what that means. But it did that and the volatility though I mean over the price of oil or B into pegged to the dollar the value of the dollar PC what's going on in Australia. And in China they're actually trying to take currency out of you know out of circulation either dish all kinds of crazy things. And one global event or one terrorist attack or one hiccup here or there. And and we're right back in 2000 name which is wounded talking about we're going to be anyway so now's the time to act now's the time to do something make your money safe well. Steve you know you bring up a good point and one of the interesting things I had a conversation with the gentleman that owns a French restaurant this was in Florida. Last week and we were talking with the economy in France and Italy and he said how horrific. The economy is usually said to me he said. All of the socialistic economies are failing. He said he's and I can't understand how this country was even considering this he said. He said inflation is I mean everything is going down in Italy there's no jobs and it'll. There's no jobs and friends. He said that he he can United States five years ago that the French restaurant he's doing great in July and siesta key Florida he was packed. And so folks. You know because of the fact we truly have a global economy. It's not gonna be overnight that we can get out of a global economy that's not gonna have an effect on us. Now I do you think you've been at the corporate tax goes down to 15%. I think it's going to be aware of all going to be windfall for small businesses can you windfall. Pretty average American out there that I would tell you this. The next couple weeks before Christmas are very important. Can't win thus should look at doing a 41 K and service roll over right now. I'll look at it right now before the market deals takes a turn. It will the question is wind so take advantage is some of these things those of you harboring and cash right now. Make sure you give us a call taught you about the rainy day account where you can make a double digit upfront. Bonus in kitty Carol and end and have a very very good read every turn tax free death benefit if fact he really to talk about it our tax free strategies are leveraging strategies for those people. Who have fire raise right now they don't really need the money from anyone leave a tutor kids let us show you where how we can leave it tax free for your children folks. Go to our FaceBook page how did they go to the FaceBook page they just go through to remain website Steve. Just go to FaceBook and type in the prosperity grouped and it'll pop up and when you see the little tree that's our logo. Mutant like that page there and you'll see we post articles we post them. I'll cut the different things you know from the radiation and and for more than one and from seminars and things were doing okay graded folks you can listen to previous radio shows and thank you can go on our FaceBook page and listen to what we said. The night of the election to see if we don't we're talking about. Folks take care have a great day we'll catch you next week this is Greg alien seed lose the prosperity group. Published.