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Dec 9, 2016|

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Morning folks who sees great hell yeah and prosperity through advisors LLC and we are here with you every Saturday and Sunday at 7 AM on. Stress free retirement hour with and with myself and today I have as my guest. Stephen Lewis Steve works with three of the prosperity group then Steve Perry you do today tomorrow and undo oil thank you fantastic. Well our listeners don't know this well yeah actually they do because you're actually up. Early after listening to the show on Saturday spoke to we are actually recording this folks on Tuesday the morning of the election. And today were going to be talking about renewed talk about things in light of the potential winner of the election which we actually don't physically no yet. So today show is maximizing your social security and 41 K I area strategies. And or gonna talk about folks is we believe it's extremely extremely important that the decisions you make on Social Security. He gets considered. And we can help you with that so for those of you who were. Ten years thinking okay. What do I need to do about Social Security. What do I need to do about my 41 K my tirade and you need to tune into the show folks are phone lines are actually opened during the hour you can call an operator lever leave your name and number questions and will definitely get back with you immediately and set up a time to get together. We're gonna try to just flip things around very very quickly because we got Thanksgiving coming a few weeks. But so are number locally is 86498901768649890176. For those of you out of the area either out of the calling area or in Florida North Carolina or Tennessee he can call 1804400434. That's 1804400434. Well Steve were up bright and early this election morning in decision on an early Percy looks pretty bright eyed bushy tailed it's all on the outside our assets and asleep on the NF having a better coffees yen. My goodness. Well ha what do you think Steve well I tell you what you don't know I feel compelled to do. Since some pain further that hours of the show with the prosperity group. I guess it's still a free country and we don't totally know for sure after the election how free were going to be let's let's open with a word of prayer for her election is that okay absolutely. Lord Jesus we just come together right now and and just ask you to bless this election. To bring your person your man in there lord god. You bring the right person for this nation your forces that you bring in the powers in the authorities. So lord you're in control. We ask you to have mercy on our nation and to bless our nation in Jesus precious thing. And then. All right well Steve it's nice to be able to prey on a radio show this in particular radio show that was until we don't pray so far. So well what's your thoughts because you know it's funny like I did a show a couple of weeks ago. You know asking Ian talking about what we thought would happen if we have a trump. Or Hillary. The winner and I saw these two guys on fox TV Fox News and they said the exact same thing so either. I was very lucky with what was said or or we know maybe a little bit of what we're talking about the way what's yours your thought and we and we didn't talk about that we were going to to do that bit. For those people who want to tune into that show that was aired on August 6 and seven assists Howell will be if the election affect your retirement. So that might be a good show for you to tune in to segue into a we're talking about Steve which your thoughts on the on this thing. Or at I think you're you're definitely right you definitely know what you're talking about there's no question about that but even the last week or so has been. From NASA the last week or so again remembering that the election I think in place today. So you know there were coming came out and said that he was gunnery investigate because this 630000 emails came out. And if you noticed for eight days in a row the market dropped every single day because it was looking better and better Charlton and worse and worse for Hillary and then. He came out I was the yesterday or actually over the weekend and said that there's nothing nothing to see nothing new here that that he was gonna investigate. And then the market went after energy to three point yesterday trying so. You know it definitely proves your theory that you were right in that you know them the market definitely wants or at least firth for a temporary period the market wants I'm Hillary in place. I think either way and we've talked about this I think either way we're looking at a situation where even if the market takes a bomb from her. We're still in a situation where the piper has to be paid in and you know what we have a lot of things that we have put kicked down the road that we're gonna have to pay for at some point. No no I I agree with you in and I think that she is a friend of Wall Street's. I think it's clear I think the amount of money she gets paid on Wall Street. The fact that she invested in cattle futures and had tremendous returns. Maybe she should be writing a book about. Her her career. Investment acumen. But. I don't know in my being and I being too partisan here right leaning one way or the other I don't you all figured out. I don't really care folks I'm just being honest with you I think that that if if Hillary wins. I think he's absolutely right that the market goes up for short period of time. And then there's going to be some steady unsteady things ahead you know again I predicted a correction is gonna happen before election. Last year I hit it right this year I hit it wrong bit. What I don't think anyone's figured into his all of this quantitative easing money that's been pouring into the economy. I would say this in light of the week he leaks and stuff we've been talking about. It would appear to mean that. The country's. International countries that obviously have dialogue would all of this corruption and all the stuff going on. Would be cooperative. To keep things going the way they are so that they can get their desired result I think the end thing that concerns me. As as a patriot of this nation is the fact it's that the average middle class American is being drowned out. And I think folks you need to listen to some of the strategies there were talking about today. You know our goal is to talk about Social Security. President Obama says he was going to change the rules on the Social Security he did. And and shows some of the strategies that you had where the the spouse can turn on the husband let's say can turn on Social Security. And the wife can take a spousal benefit on him. Well it used to be that the spouse could turn could would have to apply for Social Security. Stop it. Earned deferred retirement credits on his while the wife got her as well now you can't do that the wife has to turn hers on in order. But I mean a husband has determined that his only start taking an order for the spouse to be able to. Take a spousal benefit so folks these are strategies that that we talk about that I believe. Are very very important that that she need to understand. So so folks calm it's important that you. Understand what's going on in relationship to this Steve what do what's the thing to achieve noticed if you will bounce. What people don't know when they're about to get into Social Security. While one of the back of Peru quick one more thing you know you were talking about we are found at the uncertainty in the market about what happened with the elections and wanted to bring out one other point if Hillary actually is elected as president she will be the first president that's under investigation by the FBI. She's under federal investigation for four different charges there was five and then and then coming drop the other. But I'm think about the uncertainty just in the economy and in the global economy that that's gonna bring about I mean there's certainly. A lot of concern and question about it she's in power what that's gonna do to. Our government but that's gonna do our economy so there's definitely a lot of inserting even though the market likes her. It's gonna bring about some real issues. Well I think two weeks in charge in light of truth of the trump victory and that the next segment Pitt I wanna remind our listeners today. That if you call she can reach us at 86498901768649890176. If you're in the Florida Tennessee and North Carolina air you can call 804400434180440434. You can go to our web site my money is safe dot com also we have an expanded FaceBook we I think it's going on that we had a great Social Security seminar that we discussed this had a Social Security seminar last week folks. And you know we're expecting some good results with. That's an area where we've been able to help a lot of people. But folks were almost out of time this segment and and I would encourage you need a gust not bound by time. So even though we're praying in past tense he hears our prayers and he answers and since he's not confined to this clock like we are. But folks I want you to tune in again our number 6649890176. This is Greg aliens Steve Lewis of the Proscar. I. Snow mix. Is so. Welcome back folks this is Greg LE of the prosperity group in that song that you heard was actually be singing a song hole somewhere it's snowing made. Written by Willie swinging back I don't know 3040 years ago and is one of these songs I found accidentally. And it talks about how old. The grace of Jesus make assertions as white as snow it's pretty amazing song. If you get a chance to hear. We are working on getting the music put online to people can download it and so force or world will be working on some of that as well. I keep telling you that but you've really got to bear with me I'm very. Computer challenged folks as Steve wolf will tell you since he's all the more the guru and an area there I kinda hand over that arraigned this Steve. Steve don't tell the truth about my computer knows comments I have not not a good answer executives are. Okay. I won't we are talking about something that a lot of folks aren't aware of and and again folks. He can reach us at 8649890176. It's 649890176. And today we're offering and get our phone lines are open during the show also calls while this is fresh in your mind. Set up a time to get together with us and we will go in Jewish Social Security Mack's position report folks we are the only group in the upstate new uses some very very unique. And strategies of Social Security is very I don't think any other groups I know an eerie we're using. We've got a great support team on getting these these strategies to know exactly the way for you to take it. Secondly folks if you have a 401K if you were about to retire your being bombarded. With stuff a lot of these people a lot of the Talking Heads to come out there still set you opened to a product they'll ship you over into this. And they're using a status quo strategy. And you know I had client they went to. A school thing the other day it and and at a college you're locally and in the purses have diversity diversity diversity. He ever heard of diluting yourself to nothing. You have to be careful. Some of you be you don't have the opportunity to diversify their much regional of them much. Assets what I mean by that if you have a half million a million dollars in today's terms. That's not that great to retire that's better than did not having it. He don't put many of our class they have three to 400000 up to a million dollars in we have some with with higher net worth definitely. But they're the people that should diversify more of the ones were higher net worth because they have us as has to do it. Steve I've seen it that the people with a lower net worth to delude themselves basically they get no return some of the statements we look after making point five. Percent return in up in the market. And then you look at their overall gains it's like two and a half 3%. And the problem that people don't realize is if if you go in the marketing you tell the broker that your conservative. You're not gonna make more money than you do with us. The difference is you're taking a 100% of the risk with us you don't have to pay take any of the risk because of the strategies we used. It you've got no fees and most of the accounts we news. That's what's and just it's my. Numbing to me than the you know people listen to their broker in and talk about. You know the fact that we're gonna diverse time we're gonna we're gonna do it down and everything and yet the risk they forget the risk and so. If if there there's an opportunity for them to lose 45 to 40% in their account. Which happened in no way which happened in the you know in 2000 I mean it's happened over and over and over again so history does repeat itself so when you're coming into retirement and you're looking at the potential of losing 25 to 40% of your account. Forty years actually going to do what. What is what is going to be the end result where you going to be when your account is down 40%. You're you're in trouble you don't have time to read invigorate that account well does. It's a perfect segue because of the affected if trump wins OK we're talking earlier that you know we are recording this on the morning of the elections we don't know who won yet. But if trump wins I think that Richard you have as the markets can get very choppy it's gonna react negatively initially. And then eventually it'll it'll get it'll get regulated. All right it'll get regulated because of the fact that. What's going on is the fact that Wall Street. Doesn't know how to react with trump. Now I think he's a shrewd businessman I think he'll make things work I think you'll give corporate incentives like he says he's going to do. But I think what's gonna what's going to be heard his the globe if he's gonna put the wood. The countries outside of our nation in a position where they're going to have to stop surrender bit kind of succumbed to. Our philosophies and if they adult and he's gonna put amount he's just say what were designed to do business with you. And I think the difference is that if Hillary wins she's gonna do whatever is expedient. I guess whoever foundation which now we won't. That's. Of the the point being Steve is is I think either way there's got to be a correction. That's going to occur you know I don't think we've had. In the last thirty years eight years. Of this. Positive market if you will. Not positive solely for the individuals at least for the companies are companies are raking it in right now right clear profitable to top thirty Dow companies. Mean you know we're talking about an index to covers the top thirty companies S&P 500 the 500 top companies. But there's no gauge if you will for the for Joseph public there's no gauge for for Joseph public now I was asking you. Before about the impact of taxation of Social Security. And and as you know Steve. The reality is that many of our listeners they don't know that when they retired they Peter Mueller tax bracket. In many cases there are not special they have a file pension. Because of the fact it close to 85%. Of their Social Security's gonna count towards surtax. That's one of the things I've noticed like when we go over tax returns for clients they were shocked that they're going to be looking at that time. But the thing. Yeah absolutely I mean that you don't you you've paid into this this your whole life and you certainly don't expect to have to turn around and pay taxes on it. When your receiving that benefit. The other thing that this really a part of this I don't know if this is really answer your question you ask me before but you know there there's a lot of confusion and I know there's the real kind of a deer in the headlights. When people get to that stage. When do I file for so the security of way and what level and what strategy and what's the best for me there are so many the other report that we use I think we came up with something like 20000 different calculation writer friend that there's over 550 different strategies that you can you know different forms of the strategy can use so there's a lot of opportunity T do a lot of different things in which one is going to be most beneficial for you it's overwhelming because. It's written in tax code it's written in and then the you know the government legalese stuff so it's really hard to understand the good thing about what we provide the Social Security Max report is it's a very. The very simple it's very personalized it's very targeted to the individuals that were working right. Well he's Steve you're absolutely right and I think that's where you know they can request. To get together so we can actually put together a prosperity plan form. It prosperity plan includes your here. Your tax plan and includes it includes you're you're what your investment strategy so you know what you need to do on your best frustration which are safe money strategy. What what's your Social Security strategy is what your legacy strategy is and what your tax free strategy is. You know another thing Steve did you know wanna touch only just can't go a little bit of time before we run out of this segment. Business owners. Business owners need to give us a call there not maximizing what we can help with. Folks we should be getting floods of calls from business owners you know why we don't drop busy working. They don't take the time I mean we went in with a top realtor the other day and they are not even taking the time to go over there at camp. You know they're gonna keep doing the same old single. And guess what happens they're the ones that are most vulnerable is your senior managing the business market goes haywire ridiculously funny strategy. Hey we are at a time this segment. Tune in next segment folks as we talk about this this is great billion Steve Lewis of the prosperity. Welcome back folks this is great deluge the prosperity group advisors LLC and that was a song hall with you I'm born again made popular by Billy Preston and Serena are back in the eighties. That's when money late wife and nine marine. LE recorded that song those are first actually for song we recorded when we were in Christian music ministry should travel as saying there. You know. Which interest seeing Steve is is the EC which going on with this market he knew people are uncertain. They're not sure what to do. I want to look at it article that I pulled will just briefly just so we'll just kind of see exactly how this is. Going about your stock market volatility cold in the election. News by Peter tenant bear. Ten a prayer room. This has before this Monday the S&P 500 went down nine days in a row Aldous is almost unprecedented. Or in any case a very rare event to decline was quite small overall. The timing of the pullback in the subsequent strong rebound on Monday suggested mr. Kohn he's letter. To congress regarding the FBI investigation into official emails by Hillary Clinton. Which are found her way into her computer on by Anthony. Weiner the former husband of Clinton's right hander woman who were Abbott dean. Where the trigger for these moves. At FBI chief going in the trio infertile who Aberdeen Anthony Weiner hilly Clinton. Wiener is embroiled in the rather unsavory scandal allegedly he has incher. Okay only can go through all of that stuff here here's here's the point folks. It shows to the fact of what we've talked about how emotional this market. Is what's happened. Is this. You know Steve this global economy it's it's almost like the Internet. You know a lot of times we say we'll have earthquake's gone up. Well maybe maybe not it's just the fact we find out about them so much quicker. He used to be years ago well we hear about an earthquake in Italy might it might take to the end of the day to hear it now if something happens you hear about and you know ten seconds micro circuits as you got a bunch of money in the market. Where you're gonna hear about a quick release these corporations. And my son was pestering questions about the Internet and it's it's really interest you folks I would challenge you. To see would WWW. Means in the Hebrew I won't go into that bit. Look it to give mantra which means look at the letter what the numbers at W represents in the Hebrew. It sees them maybe that might make you think twice here here's the point. There's a lot of good that's come out of the Internet without a doubt. But there's also a lot of bad news child porn thing pornography. Things of that nature and the a slew of other things I mean you can go on the Internet. You could sit and sit there are drowning yourself and information some of its legitimate some of its false. If you wanna look on a Christian subjecting you wanna see. About the rapture from Jesus has an example. He was steady about reasons about the rapture you see you go to the Internet can he find reasons not about to rapture and you look at reasons here for all this so. You can drowning confusion and I think this is what happens to many of our customers. Many of our our seniors. They get a mountain of information and and I used to have a saying that I should tell people. When I first got in the business of lending to repeated you know what it is now. Be aware educating yourself dumb. There. Could be where educating yourself don't. I mean if fight right now tried to read. Engineering manual on how to build a bridge. I might learn a few things but for the most part if I don't have somebody guiding me through the floor plan. I'm not gonna be able to really you know accomplish a lot by that and I think that's what happens. In the financial field is these people are educating themselves dumb because they have a mountain of information. Folks listen to me call us at 86498901768649890176. And we are offering today time to get together to get your Social Security Mack's position report. Higher rate for one case strategy you have an opportunity did you hire eight I'm sorry 41 K is service roll over you need to give us a call right now. 8649890176. I mean what do you think about that Steve. I have another one actually you have a beware of dumb educators. Should. I. I'm amazed at how many people I talk to you and they've been you know they've been deal with their broker for twenty years who's been who's been making them broker. Among the you know should broker they're making them broker and they go back to the person that's making them broker and the guy says none -- now and you know this is the right thing if they don't come back going to be fine it'll come back down and then here we are you know since atrocious I wanted to talk about the and you mentioned about the Internet actually a few years ago I think it was two or three years ago we were sitting at home one night. And all of a sudden. Our house started shake and I live a little ways away from Greenville I'm I'm out towards the union area that way. And there are happy to hear your buffalo. Hyman the the big metropolis of buffalo that's our buffalo when he should buffalo thought that was upstate New York Steve Nunn and I think there is a city and fans show up and handle the but mom yeah our house started shaking and though the walls rattle and everything in my what in the world I thought maybe of the jetted flown over. And so no we within a matter of a minute or two we got on FaceBook and and all of a sudden you start to see in the buzz we have an earthquake. And that's how we learned that we had an earthquake was actually through FaceBook and we and then it was about what about ten minutes later so there was a blurb that came over the news and said that we had an earthquake really was amazing how quickly. I came about Hong Kong that the Internet and while you know the knees had to kind of catch up to all that some pretty. Just think you know last time we had an earthquake I I care where I think it was a South Carolina I slipped promptly threw it didn't and I was disappoint us vote on never. That I slipped through three earthquakes so we'll have been very fortunate if that's never been in one and so you know I moved to South Carolina I think in there where. We're in a safe place that generals that we are on a major fault line that's that's great you know there's just some people move on to get weird but there's some people that think that eventually. The coast will be dead will be selling oceanfront property from Columbia south and the American investment for. Well here here's the thing folks you know what. We can help you with the Social Security naturalization report you know it's amazing Steve is is. People are hitting her miss it one of the common mistakes they make a lot of times that they don't take into account are tax situation. One of the spouses search taking the Social Security is 62 under forever penalized. For the rest of their life on the money. And that has an impact on your taxes. In some cases now understand silly folks if you make over 151000 dollars a year. 151000 I think it's 400 dollars a year you'll lose fifty cents for every dollar Social Security that you take until you're 66 years old. So you need to look at this you need to get together with us and get this Social Security Mack's position report. The other problem folks is with what's going on with. With the election their post election results and everything there is a correction. And it's not if if it's win. OK there are article countless articles that are saying get out of the stock market now I'm at which saw one last week. That wanted to react before the obviously before the market has corrected. And and the other worried because of what's going on with the election you know. You know what's weird Steve you know turn of the Internet were talking about all the stuff. It's almost like the world is becoming like a reality show when you look at the news is like watching a reality shows like a soap opera. You know these emails that told me that Hillary the trump and all that. I think trumps timing you know do you having his show what is the apprentice. I think his timing was brilliant if he comes it out here's where this gets centrist think if trump wins. Again I look for better things but there's going to be an adjustment because the power brokers have been. Are going to be replaced. Or at least they're going to be out of work for awhile you don't need to be better there ought to work a cent of the Joseph public out there absolutely. You know and and that. The symbol we we talked a lot about quantitative easing we talked about a lot of things and I would encourage or the listeners to. Google that and do some research on it because. Probably one of the biggest com. The things that are held up the market is quantitative easing how is that you know. I stock goes up to our stock prices go up because there's a buyer right and there's a buyer because there's cash that involves so. You you've bed and I sell it based on that did. Well if money is moving out of the market and there are there are countless articles talking about how much hedge funds in and you know all these. Other countries and everybody is pulling money out of the market how is it if that if money is flooding out of the market. How to prices continue to go up if there's no money it costs the price to go up. Then the prices should be going down to run and they're going up is because of quantitative easing because the government is coming and and funding and basically flooding the market where if with money. And so. That being the case if you understand and you understand that that can't continue that can't be something that goes on indefinitely there has to be a correction at some point again where they're Hillary or are chopper and it doesn't matter they're correction is coming it's just a matter of it's not if it's winterize it will be it will be sooner rather than later. Well that's absolutely true and that's why I think the safe money strategies I mean Steve. When you ran that report for one of our clients to think they have like a couple of million dollars in the market and her ten year average. Was three point 15%. In the company didn't they can 3% in fees so the company made as much as a client. And are safe money strategy was three point 65%. Believed. And the income. Pensions strategy was five point 25%. We out performed it during that same ten year period that blows my mind. A lot of people are so truly brainwash is so conditioned into thinking the only place to put the monies in the market. Then they don't even consider some of these safe money strategies and and I often tell people either unite here ritual of harsh off of our strategies. But you're not getting hit poor you're not gonna be in the situation that's why we call this the stress free retirement now she's they don't understand I grew up on the beach. Molecule kick back enjoy the sun and relax so I want my retirement to work for me is certainly worked for fiery. Everywhere I think of that I just have this vision you going gonna catch some early wave it is if you don't have them you'll certainly stepped into the there was the day Kelly you know I tried I was down there couple weeks ago I tried it. I am I mean he's definitely a fifty penalty try to try that again the innocent at the but definitely we'll listen we're almost out of time the segment folks. We are with you every Saturday and Sunday morning at 7 PM tune into our website WWW my money is safe dot com this is Craig tell you the prosperity. My. Two. It's time these days sale and it's. Done and she understands. This father's diet instead old this mom is adding it's. You know a sense. Sorry our coach we're almost out of time and I just first of all want to wish all of her listeners because later this week is Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving and don't over eat don't reach too much Turkey. You know I always eat too much of the the fixing. So I'm a fix things done only a little bit of the Turkey and the next day you make it too cold Turkey sandwich. Which stuffing my wife she's a stuffy and Kramer on the sandwich and interest in sandwich making hungry now I know I don't that that sounds very good. Steve you know we're we're talking about the his service roll over in the and things like that. He won issued discuss some of the the benefits of that because people. Don't catch the weakness that they help with a 41 case sir yes so if you're in a 401K. And Europe. In most cases 59 and a half most plans will allow you to do what's called an end service throw over. And basically what that does is that puts you use and control your plan as opposed to the company that's in control your plan. So they gave you know while you have options inside of your car 401K. You're only limited to the options that they have inside of that plan. So if you roll it over into another program then then you take full control. And you get to do with it what you want and of course we have some great strategies. That will that are safe money strategies that will have great returns and and you know great opportunity for you. Q a set of potential like income that will last for the risk your life and so that's what we promote is. Having that states you're having come and really creating I mean the 401K. Kinda has taken place the pension because most pensions don't exist anymore. And so. You know the pension was this was an annuity that was set up for a stream of income and so really what we were promoting it you're taking your borrowing came out putting in into a situation where you've got a steady stream of income for the rest of your life much like your pension would have been for you and it's also safe you know. You're you're actually writing. And into one of the things you know President Bush George W. Bush signed a couple of pieces of legislation that. That. Finding care for one of those executive order 51. That means that if something goes wrong with the current. Whoever the president is elected if assuming population went through we shall we did. So that people are experts on that executive order at this moment yes exactly and an executive order allows a sitting president to stand. Because of unrest turmoil natural disaster war etc. And and I understand the logic of that after 9/11. All right but he also signed a bankruptcy laws where you file bankruptcy but she can't eliminate the debt totally have to liquidate debt. End and the other thing that that he did is he appease. The companies buying basically. Favoring for one k.'s and doing away with pensions. And the rules for the 41 K or so much more favorable for the companies because it it absolves them as so much of the responsibility. Close look at the example you up a mill worker. He's out there working in in the middle and only if you know there's any open mills and South Carolina anymore but if there were. He's out there working and he's doing a textile thing he's not sure how to handle his 41 K what strategies to get is he getting used. With the pension the company had a fight do you share responsibility to make sure. That there workers were taking care of the couldn't be frivolous with with the pension but with a 41 K it's almost like buyer beware. Console to meet the biggest potential looming too many of our listeners hear hear what we're saying folks. Is that if we have a correction here not only your view on prepared to deal with the correction here not even sure what to do it for correction happens. It's one of the big problems seat is as they make contributions to company makes contributions. They can be losing value under 41 K. But they don't see it until that that. That threshold happens written by sex where all the sudden. The contributions. And losses the losses outweigh the contributions and that's when they see the impact of the fact they lost value on a 41 K yeah that's why we recommend. People to duty and service stroll over which again which he was saying is actually correct. Do you comment your typically 59 years old Europe position that you're able to move that money and make it safe. Then go. And give us a call at 8649890176864989. 0176. And all she can call us out of the area at 1804400434. Are offices located twenty parkway commons way that's Greer South Carolina. And just to be clear we don't recommend that anybody you know the company's matching a 100% we never recommend. Then you are very apparently do recommend that somebody. Not continue to put in at the absolute matching a mean that's a 100% gain on and I everybody you know what you're saying was that you know when you're looking at your statement it's hard to understand you're losing because if I put a dollar and the company put the dollar and it looks like a gain a 100% and I have. But I may have actually lost twenty or 30% on the dollar that I put him plus there dollar for exile it's a little bit deceiving so yeah we're very careful to make sure that when you're doing an in service roller that you maintain. You know a certain portion of the plan the so that that whatever the company's matching that your putting an end because. That's that's just common sense well and you don't choose Steve this is where I think the business owners comment. They knew the business owners are told to get set simple wire rays and different things like that. And in the end there's value to death but honestly our tax free strategy for business owner. Is much more effective. I think goes back to the question we've often ass on the show you wanna pay tax on the seed forty wanna pay tax on the harvest. And lastly we have a minute left. Folks. Those of you who were still in the bank who has been parking to money because you were afraid about the election and all love. You need to give us a call because our. Our. CD alternative if you will has really really performed well. Last year I think we mentioned it again. Client put in 200000. Dollars her first year. Account value this is to gain 228000. Dollars that's a 14%. Gain. 14%. Gain that's safe her death benefit because she is a death benefit and long term care benefit increase from 250. Dollars. Choose 250000. Dollars to 303000. Dollar so Steve this is for 83. Year old female. That was fairly healthy she is able to take advantage of this and she was just having that money sit at the bank earning less than 1%. He can't beat that how can you not say wild that even in in any economy much less this economy how can you know be well I think you know what we hear almost too good to be true and it's not folks it's right here. Folks we we enjoyed being with you you know we just pray that god blesses our country god bless the USA. God rest bless the president of the United States Steve enjoy having you as always them and look forward to seeing you next week and next year next week will be talking about some. Stress free retirement strategies so you can be at the beach enjoying your retirement and the stress free way. This is great Ellie and Steve Lewis of the prosperity.