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Dec 9, 2016|

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Good morning folks this is great to delete the prosperity group advisors LLC. We're here with few every Saturday and Sunday at 7 o'clock in the morning. On the view or 16 point three. And that's when welcome all of our listeners today is. We talked today. About what your real cost. Of investing news which are real cost of investing as and we're gonna talk about source some strategies we're gonna talk about what you're really making to make sure that you understand what's going on. There's been a lot of uncertainty out there's been the election nears spend. Returns on money though the market's been really flat and two day I have my my guessing colleague Steve Lewis with me and we're going to be talking. You know about some of these things were talking about some of the tools that we have to help you. Understand exactly what you're making because many people don't realize that Steve how you do on this morning. Doing well or you're Greg Noel not dead you know I'm convinced of something and you know to show is recorded and we drive in the mornings to get every year to the studio and I think the population has somehow doubled or tripled over the last. Three or four months seems like traffic is slower but Lester Billy I mean it's doesn't seem now waiting and you along drive though I absolutely and and kind of seems that way maybe for the election to your people voting that maybe 23 times are people that are gutter it's congress think. Then maybe there's a truckload of voters being dragged to a voting Booth I've got this entry for. I don't know about the good you know the reality Steve is he we've been talking we've been talking about this fit. There's been a lot of indecisiveness people right now I think they know what they should do they know they should be gravitating to safety. But that somehow they say well we're gonna wait and see what happens with the election like that's gonna make that much difference because. You know I I did the show last week. About you know what's gonna happen if we have a trove victory what happens if we have a Hillary victory in just three to remind our listeners. I feel we have a Hillary victory them the market's gonna go up initially. Pretty well because Wall Street will be happy I think it'll be short lived I think if trump wins it's gonna be a little bit unsteady at first because they're not sure what to expect. And and then I think if he's able to implement his plans and then things will start. Working out pretty well and we think about that I mean he you know he can agree or disagree. No I think you're right in you know what people on this is that. At some point the piper has to be paid and you know we've we've done the the analogy of kicking the can down the road for so long that and it doesn't matter who gets them at some point. We're gonna have to pay for the things that we've done so all the money that's. Flooded into the market from the government and all the other things that they've done artificially support this market it has to correct itself at some point while I felt this free money free okay I just like TO Affordable Care Act is she should be called the un Affordable Care Act exactly. And we probably need to do a show on that that I can I can tell you firsthand from experience with my wife's illness. That the Affordable Care Act was anything but affordable I mean it's we don't wanna go there right now that. You know there is no free money there is no free ride at some point like you say the piper has to be paid. Remind your listeners it. Our although this is no light show not a liberian the show we do you have life operators and you can call us locally at 8649890176. We've been in the upstate. For 25 years in the prosperity group is been on the radio for the last six years. And again you can reach is hitting 649890176. And if you're out of the area call 1800. 44004341804400434. If you have any emails. Questions or comments you can email me at Greg at my money is safe dot com or you can email Steve at Steve at my money is safe dot com. So I wonder wireless or she or offices and twenty parkway commons way. Greer South Carolina and so folks if you have a question if you want to look at some of these strategies are going to be talking about. Steve's been in May himself every. Knowledgeable of some of these different strategies that. We have they can really help you determine. What's sure truly making on your money and I would venture to say Steve that very few people really understand some of their statements I had a client look at me. Today effect of seeing him this week they should Greg we can't make heads or tails out of the State's net interest and I mean it is and I hear that all the time and yet people put blind faith. Like there's some magic wand it's gonna make that money stays the same until there's something dramatic that happens. You wanna comment on any of the tools to just come to mind right now that might be really hopeful people trying to figure out what the ruling making on the running. Well sure I actually before their second I drop back and punt for many you know one of the things that we do is in the beginning is. A summary report and so. It's amazing you know people have money all over the place they have different accounts they have different things going on and just really give them something where they can look in one place. And one picture and see their portfolio. I found this is really helpful for our clients that you know they did they don't have to look at fifteen different statements to find out where they're currently. We know what Steve use made me think of something. We can actually and we can offer this to you folks if you wanna come and set up a time to get together with us we will put it on a secured line and we'll show you how to do that how we can go to our our vault. And whether you do business or not what those will be glad to share that with few. At no cost. Where you can put yourself on their and you have access to it and so it's important that you understand. What's going on its free as far as its went through as far as what's happening. Right now so so folks it's important that. We use do you think about this do you know where your money's Jeanne know what you're earning. And and Steve that is amazing to me that people really don't get it sometimes. What they're making sure that they're not Smart that they are stupid or anything like that it's just these statements are I think designed to be complicated plot salute it because of compliance. But folks we can actually help you with us so if you want a report to see exactly what you're making if you wanna bring in your statements will sit down and go over with you will show you some strategies and that's at no cost to you the second thing that we can offer today is a Social Security naturalization report. Did do we get to date set up yet for the FaceBook thing you can we get our listeners not a 100% yes not a 100%. Tentative date is what the fifties and throw all right so we're looking at the fifteenth in fact I want to remind our listeners said to we are going to sponsor. The of voting thing that's going on and on WORG. And it's it's called a ballot bash election. And that's on Election Day and it set on bid when he wrote it some bitter and he's which is the a look the seafood place. On a hundred Ville road and it's from 5 o'clock to 7 PM. And so I just wanna invite all of our listeners if you wanna come and meet us the prosperity group we will be sponsoring that event at the the ballot bash there. And I I believe they have sued a north Jersey get to meet some of the other does W or. Terra and and and Bob and so folks. Take advantage of this give us a call at 8649890176. 8649890176. ST what's the first report to assure you were just talking about again. Which one bush wanted the summary report just something thing is that the clients can have a picture of their whole portfolio on one piece of paper because. Most people don't have that. And as you said the public she offers that as well so that you know we give them a fiscal report that they also. Currently going along and see every count they have if they if they put it into the vault which is really cool to secure way. For them to have sort of low of one touched. Operation for them to see their account. You know from what I understand liquid our client vault. It is social security and and folks this isn't a national. Platform that we have that we can actually help secure that we can show you those things. You can make this he can give us access to whatever you want to if you don't want us to have access will still give it to you. As as the as as an invite T from the radio station right now on this radio show so give us a call again the phone lines are open he can call 98901769890176. If you're out of here it's 1804400434. So to be clear were were offering a summary report tilt summarizing put all of your accounts under one umbrella for you to look at. And we'll take it a step further and offer you the ability to have a secure platform on blinding you have access to. You know what's amazing Steve is I know that this thing is so secured there I've been told it's. Are secure and some of the government sites. That they try to get hacked on a regular basis on the killing. That's what they said this it's more secure so the government so it's not like I was saying much that's what I was smiling the world and allies around here they are well that's that's what point in so folks were out of time this segment I want you to tune in as we talked about. Some of the strategies we can help you understand what you're making them your money this is Craig LE ST Louis of the prosperity grew. Welcome back folks this Australian Steve Lewis of the prosperity grew thin and that was a song written by Randy stone stone pastor Bradenton Florida. That my wife and I saying well in this thirty years ago where is the time gone. Used to say 28 years ago a couple of years ago here now it's thirty years ago in. It's amazing that. If it says we've got the music if we sing for the king Jesus so. Folks here here's here's the thing we're talking what you're really earning on your money okay well you're really earning an irony do you understand that fully. You know many of you who have 41 case. And in this is a big mistake that people would have 41 case make that they wage it because they don't really notice that they've lost money. Until there's a major correction in the market because they don't. Discern the difference between. After new contributions what they're really making some people do but a lot of people don't pay that close attention to it because it's money that's pouring in. And so what happens if you start losing money on a 41 K then easier losing more than your putting in and the companies putting and so that can be a drastic effect and one of the things that we are offering. Many people been waiting till the election were your offering. To help you do what's called an in service roll over on your 401K. If you have money in a 41 K if it's the most Expos money right now if you're in a position where you're working in you've got money. Folks do you know you can still contribute to that 41 K. Lou the majority of that help if we can help you make it safe. And we can help them money be guaranteed. So again folks give us a call at 9890176. And that's local. It 8649890176. If you're out of here if you're in the Clemson. Spartanburg area your out of the call area call 1804400434. That's 180440. 0434. All right Steve. You don't we were talking about you know putting a summary report so the first step would be for us to do a summary report for them we can do it. You know online. We can do a summary that we print form whatever they like what's the next tool that you wanna go into that that if you think would be really help. Ultra listeners. Well another tool that can actually. If you're into specific funds or even if your 401 k.s in specific funds which can go in and actually look at the performance. We we go into Morningstar which is sort of the high watermark for evaluating funds and why not and we put a report together that shows you the actual performance of those individual funds over a period of time. So I that's something that typically you don't you don't get to see very much are you see it is buried in a pro forma somewhere that's our perspectives so. So this is just be clear. This is something that is a software. That plugs any uses these things. So therefore what it does is it puts together these things so he ought to see EG the person is able to punch in the information and don't give more real time. The value of what they've done absolutely we put in the actual ticker symbol how many shares they have and it tells us you know how it's done how it's doing. And how it's done over you know whatever period of time 13510 years whatever and what's it called. Boats on the news report actually Vince to Newt report yet. I thought. It isn't a Newt is that some type of amphibian. It's actually a former speaker of the house to. Gingrich on down and usher. You can't treat everytime I think of their record that's what I think about his experiences dislikes click fraud or something but no this is stints this thing we'll help you pop right up there you know you make sure you get good returns it. So it'll they'll actually he show you the real time return on your money. And deeper into considers the fees and everything built into that it does there there's actually another report though that we Iran that is that that. All those cheesy or talk about that are buried into the statements that you yet. This report actually pulls all that out and extracts all that the fees that are inside the funded the fees from the actual broker the management fees. And it puts it into a dollar amount shows you again over one year five years ten years. How much you paid for the services that you were found. Taking out you know I think he ran that report for one of my clients and he was very very surprised. To find out that over ten year period ten year period he averaged three point 15%. And it's taking a 100%. Of the risk himself didn't. If he would have used are safe money strategy. Believe he would have made like three point 6%. And on the income side which is also real money. In this case it he would of made like five point 35%. So he would have outperform. What he's on the market and with our meant that he would if he can none of the risk. That's exactly so. I mean if that's really valuable will go head talk a little bit more about that if if you like. Well armed the slowly you know the and the idea by the way these reports that we put together. Are the same reports the same type her reports that you you were paying people pay thousands of dollars for those reports and we do it. For our clients and you know on have been just because. We wanna make sure that we get the information to them and they were as helpful to them as soon as we possibly can be. So we go on and we analyze we give them a summary report give them access to the mall and then we do the new reports and the new Gingrich report. And and then the other report that does the other risk and performance. You know tests and everything. And then the other big part of what we do is we do an income forecasts are so yes people are moving into retirement. You know. And having a steady stream having come having a known steady string come like Social Security or like this things is really really important. And and so what we do as we take all of their assets and we put them in order and we say OK well here's. Here's the income that you can expect and here's what you were wanting and here's the difference somehow we're gonna make up the difference in its or it's a really great report gives him a roadmap. For what they can expect over the next you know ten or twenty years of their retirement. Well you know tentatively right now we have a date of November 15. That worry you're going to be the peddler or another local restaurant in fact if you wanna go to the FaceBook page on the prosperity group. And it's centrist think folks we are getting a lot of views on our FaceBook page we probably have more views in the last month that we've had combined. And so a lot of people are starting to pay attention to some of the things were talking about I know many of you listen to the radio show religiously. Many of you've called and I know there's many V who have not call. I would encourage you to give us a call this week. And we can give you we can put together Social Security Max was issue report now again the operators are available. Can call 1804400434. 1804400434. Search your driving right now calling your cell phone and leave your name and information and will will follow up with a call. And now will be glad to set up the time to review. These type of things that we're talking about that the summary report the news the raft he income forecaster. In the other thing to do income forecast reminds me of Steve disaffected. Let's say somebody's gonna be getting 3000 dollars a month from Hearst combined social security. And they've got investments may be toll for 500000. Dollars. But that till live according to lifestyle that they want to live. They want another 2000 dollars so let me see what live off 5000 dollars a month they've got to be able to get that money safely and if they do that to traditional thing to go in the market as long as your money's making money there okay but they've got no income guarantees. Their their spouse is not protected it's so basically what they're doing is they're flipping have a point. And hoping that it's gonna land on heads of that's what they called so that their money's guaranteed to go forward. But in and and showed the people that are very very. Vulnerable in my opinion are the ones that do what I called applying whole strategy and they hope for the best. But it's it's kind of like going underwater you hold your nose can only hold your nose so long. Before you have to get out of water and breed that's what happens to one of those folks. Folks were already on time this segment tune into in the next segment as we go a little more in debt which some of these strategies this is Greg Kelly and Steve Lewis of the prosperity group. If there are. Need. Yeah. Okay okay. Yeah. Eight games. Okay. Okay. On. Folks we are back again and we've been talking to you today about what you're really earning on your money. And that was a does the song you just heard it I think you're driving by that's my lovely daughter Annie LE. Music songwriter. And she wrote the song called lavender honey and I'm hoping and I've said this you before we understand when it comes to computers and electronics. I AM I am hampered. By AM completely hampered with with my abilities on that field so. I depend on other people like Steve right now who's who's a lot better at it that I am. And he's helping us get into the modern age but for a baby so that he can relate to it. To some of my shortcomings when it comes to these things that the amazing thing is I have to to be. Straight with you that I don't wanna be a dinosaur because we've got some phenomenal tools at our disposal they can really be helpful to you. And this discos to existing clients secure existing client you hear this and you say hey wait she told me about this well because we're just implementing some of these tools now. And still give us a call to get our phone number's 180440434. Locally he called to Greenville Spartanburg Clemson area. Linemen 8649890176. 8649890176. Or office is located at twenty parkway commons way we are about a block and a half southeast of the parkway. And we've been there for the last eight years now. Been a degree of lawyer for two for 20/20 five years twice could destroy five years' time keeps I keep adding one digits every every time I turn around. And then. Also we've been in our location for about eight here's again twenty parkway comments way. If folks we are offering you a free consultation if you want to look at this to see exactly what you really earning on your money. You know Steve always she expo which you were just talking to me off fair it and remind me we're going to be I wanna talk about the cost of investing to taxes and fees and so forth. Okay I just wanted to ask your question actually before I get into the and so are the beer probably one of those that you prefer. If you could still get a flip phone you probably you have a foot upon them all right. No Steve if I could prefer I would have no phone no photo game with a lot more peaceful I remember when I was first in this business in 1990 I thought. I better get a big phones final loses because those relate I would lose my wallet sometimes. It's I guess the biggest phone I can get in looked like a walkie talkie for John well he and had a big antenna right and I remember it was court don't get goes far enough for Wall Street our landlord you know Netanyahu and I think I would or pistols were today man you know but committee had an antenna and we had this phone and I remember that there were days. That I would be driving to an appointment and if I had time between employers like to pull over. Sit down go violate. Pray sleep take five minutes. Now I try to do that usually you call him fat or colorfully should calls we hear her story calls I get a call from somebody or actually you and calls me my kids there and it has a call me three times it'll say hey dad forty Dylan. Why I was trying to relax a little bit. Well we need this this is just so I don't think but he feels that way if you do great he's here eight under treatment of type I remember watching Wall Street at the theater and just thinking how impressed I was discuss on the beach. With a phone how cool is that yeah he's issuing buy and sell orders on the phone. Well anyway com. You so we were talking about different Palmer reports and whatnot and wanted to go back to one of the reports that we do which is a performance and and risk assessment report. And what that does is it done not only shows you the performance of your portfolio and as specific funds. Over a period of time. But it also shows you the risk inside there so for example if if that that particular find your portfolio. Has Mike in 2008 lost thirty or forty or 50%. Then it's gonna show you that that's your risk level. And so it gives you a really good feel for if the market does another herb when the market doesn't have a correction. What you can likely expect to win that correction takes place because it's done that in the past so it's a fair picture of what might happen in the future ways taking you mean you mean to tell me that you want our listeners believe that. The markets not just gonna keep going up. In all this money that the parents putting in just everything's hunky dory and mark is gonna go up humanitarian correction now and now we're fine. Nothing missing here folks gave them up but. Yes so. When the market does take a correction that these he gives you an idea what your portfolio can expect. Walt. You know. Well what's amazing to me like you said is I don't know people. There are some people right now they just have the blinders on and I understand that there is a a big change coming with the election either way. But. Like you said like we talked about earlier the piper has to be paid at some point and so it makes sense to me if I'm moving into retirement. That I wanna make sure. I know what I know and and if I need X amount to live. Then it's time for me to take some more innings off the table take it out of the Wall Street casino. And put it in my other pockets and so that I know that that's gonna generate an income for me no matter what happens when he got no matter what happens in the market no matter what happens anywhere. I've got a guaranteed lifetime income. Just like my Social Security that I cannot live. And to me that's the foundation of a retirement plan is. Knowing what's solid what is my foundation right to me we can't have money in the market doesn't mean we can't have money in other places but what it means is as the foundation. We've got to have that steady stream of income you have to will. Here's the thing. The money did you speculate with you have to be willing to lose that's exactly right and see the problem is that many of the retirees that are listening to us right now they don't realize this. You know they'll tell their their person hate just make sure of is safe accountable to telling them that. They don't need to be in the Wall Street casino because the reality is they can be and things will give a reasonable rate of return like I said that ten year example. We outperformed the market. Because that the policy gave a bonus for any income and it that he will come also serves. As the death benefit so this is money that solid. That is there so it's it's important that that people realize how this stuff works. You know and and the other aspect of it too we don't talk a lot about the tax deferral advantage. I knew laser talk a lot about annuities or don't talk about the tax deferral advantage so you know if it's not qualify and money and you put it into you an annuity into an account. Then. You know paying taxes on that as it grows and into it it's money that continues to compound on itself which is agreed and it just that's so true because the reality is is and this is why tell people not to put a hiring money in the market. Because they can't write off a loss but I think god if they've got don't qualify money. You know I see some instances where we do tax returns or get Stuart good at the office suite we get. Here's our CPA the office. He's Bob Jones graduate and taught in Greenville. And north Greenville College. University for I don't know 1718. Years. And you know he says he says Greg has some of these people we reduced or taxes by 345000. Dollars. Because they weren't in deferred accounts they know they can take advantage of that and we can all we can also show them how to rescue. The deferred accounts and how to further deferred by creating tax free buckets form. Down the road for their family and for themselves. So folks these are strategies that are tremendous right now so you were talking about risk gets so many of our. People would come to see us. Surely our listeners are really. Havel they have a lot more risk than realists and so it's important that we can show you this so folks. Give us a call they get a phone lines are open during the show if you just tuned day and you can call us at 8649890176. 8649890176. You can email us at great. At my money's safe dot com or Steve at my money is safe dot com. Folks go to our website which is WWW. My money is safe dot com. And you can look at the website and in look at so we got some great tools that she knew right on the website and request some things. I think there's a video for the client halt that we've been talking about today so listen folks. We are offering. Hey hey. They eat. Summary report to help summarize all of your accounts. We will run it then it's called a Newt to Ralph. How your accounts have done how much risk you have and how you can get. Eight a guaranteed income. For life not only for you but for your spouse. So these rituals that are available and we are also offering a Social Security nationalization report so I have to just to not make you confusing call and request a summary report. There with a summary report will be able to put all of these things together for you. And requesting Social Security Mack's position report that when you do that folks here to call an operator. It in one of us is gonna call you back it will set up the time to go over this. Because of the security issues we are not having people's Social Security's. Go through the Internet this is too much risk with that so we do you ask you to call us get together with social will will be glad to go over this. We got up two minutes left in this segment Steve. So we got the risk assessment. You know I'm looking at the Internet right now and most of the experts. Therefore smarter than 9 AM or or you are maybe they are. Absolutely. Predicting that the market is on the pinnacle of a serious serious correction. It regardless of who gets elected and you don't people have a short memory here. The market crash before election in 2008. It crashed in September October. EL a month before an election and and the governor started students scrambling to get stuff done. But to really the same practices that were prior to 2008 have been put back in place now. So I think you know what the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting it differs all in fact I think what what you know what are. Economy economic policies are right now as a nation isn't saying. Because at some point they're gonna blow. But just because the markets are staying around 181000. Everybody thinks that's okay. But the average person did the people that are listening to us they're not cross breed like these big companies. You're exactly right Gammon effect there was an article recently. In the business insider. This is October the twelfth and HH SBC came out and said that they've issued a red alert on the markets they've had it I guess what they called orange or yellow for awhile which was. You know be cautious things don't look good. And then as they started analyzing it and and seen what exactly was going on the compared it to you. They're read to readjustment in the 1980s and 1987 crashed and if you look at the two charts. It's called Elliot wave analyzer according to and announce its code dealing with it looks exactly the same as. That that chart did them back in 97. And so. You know there's a lot of a lot of people that are saying we're right there. Well folks Steve don't talk about that in the next thing that we Gilmore segment folks give us a call. Page 649890176. This is great he'll leave the prosperity hurt. Folks welcome back this is great telling the prosperity through that was a beautiful song that was made famous by didn't do that my wife saying back in 1986. Unfortunately we we lost my wife to a five year battle of branch of breast cancer in July of 2015. And I've I'm trying to immortalized her voice she had a tremendous tremendous voice we've made some CDs and stuff and as soon as I can get this worked out I'm going to be able to get people to download some of our music. It directly from our website or online so that something like truth to offer folks. Just one reminder listeners that we have the ballot dash to election which is coming up next week. On Election Day and it's going to be abilities and his could be from five to seven you'll be able to meet us to get it Timmy Steve. Lou is here the prosperity groups you'll get to be fully share of the prosperity group restaurant could Hershey PA will be there. And and I will be there as well I might even bring my little dog with him a little Lola actually saw my dogs my son's targets a little. Jack Russell mix that's she smiles at you Stephen Rotella goes here she saw she get a little smiles can we greeted me yesterday. But listen we don't have a lot of time to save and I want it to jump on things. Quickly on this. Go ahead what you mentioned a couple things actually on a drop back on one other thing and that is that you mentioned on our website if you go to my money is safe dot com. We have a ton of great videos on there that are talk a lot lot more about what we and talk about all the time right some real interest seeing him professionally put together videos. And also would have and we'll invite you all to go to FaceBook and and like our page you can keep up with us there as well. That be great but. We've been talking in this whole show will be having a seven hour. Advertise on the FaceBook that's your short shows the only one look at the sound so early on our website in on FaceBook that is correct. We've been talking about different individual. Reports that we put together and actually we call the prosperity plan that's really the whole picture and we this sort of remember he'd done and too little segments. But the idea is when somebody comes and we want them to leave wedge. What their prosperity plan looks like what does that look like for you via a prosper through your retirement. And so we've talked about different individual things one of the other reports that we put together. It's called a bucket report and again you know. Unfortunately the way things are with retirement with the with social security and with other investments and different things. It's hard to you forecasts out what your income is going to be in make it all streamlined and so what we do is. We take a look at what it is that you are. Looking to make in retirement. And then we fill those holes with different buckets and so the I need some money immediately and so we make sure that the say that there's a gap in your won their five for whatever reason before a pension kicks in or before your Social Security kicks in or whatever. We make sure that that you got income in that time period and then New Year's five to ten and intended twenties so we really do you break it down. And the year by year literally make sure that all those gaps are filled in in the everything is taken care of com one other thing on the Social Security Max report I wanted to make sure that people know. That there's but 567. I think different ways that you can file is about 20000 different calculations. They can go into that filing. To make sure they are you guess right most out of your social security and so that's what the Social Security Max has this report does it says. When is the best time to file what is the best strategy what's gonna be them the optimum for you to make sure that you get the most out of social security and it's amazing how when we run those reports some of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Difference in filing earlier verses filing you know later well and I wanna. Say this to folks we do a strategy that's little wouldn't be used by a lot of folks were we can show you. How to create an asset by using some your Social Security income. And and folks if you want to look at that there's many of you who don't need your Social Security. And in so we can show you street a strategy that when you're 66. How you can create an asset that you control instead of the government controlling new assets so if you wanna find out about that then again give us a call. At 8649890176. Against a local number folks for those of you out of the area. You can call the 800 number which is 1804400434. And so we can show you these strategies. And it was Steve is talking about is your keywords your bucket of money coming for your IRA were your bucket of money coming from your risk accounts here what your risk accounts money in mutual funds money in stocks money in bonds. Lot of people thinks bonds still have any risk. But who you know at the prosperity group what we focus on as we allow the insurance company. To take the ball at risk for you see they are taking the barbers were because that's how insurance companies are protected. In what's uninteresting Steve is that. You don't think about two in the scheme earlier in the segment say it bit. In 2008. When people lost a ton of money our clients did not lose a dime that's where that followed are safe funny strategies. They were insulated they were protected. In fact I've got clients that since 2008. They've been making 8% a year on a guarantee basis because we had a window. That was available at the time that they're they're going to be getting that they percent guarantee for the next sixteen years. I don't have a bill hunt which we did it you know we can get pretty close to that folks at times. If you listen to us and we end and these are safe money strategies that here's a problem Steve we have a million have to go but here's the thing we. People have been brain washing conditioned to thinking the only place to put their money is of the casino in the Wall Street casino. And it's just like a real casino in brain washes you think that your gonna come in there spend 5000 dollars walk out with ten usually spent five. You we want you to get close to winning fond of that committee spent another two. If you're gambler and an outlaw gambler so it's not anything that I ever deal with bit but I know a lot of people they like to go in there and they spend money that. You know the money in the market as much as well be casino money. That's right and I was thinking the boil the frog slowly concept you know the idea I think it's been proven that it's not true about the old adage that if you put a frog in cool water and you you turn up the temperature slowly than election boiled to death. How they won't jump out but if you put a frog in hot water you know immediately coming out religion that's the concept anyway and so you know where people are now like you said they've been conditioned and so they you know even though that that the threat is getting more and more the water's warmer warmer thing Ornstein is a little bit longer run checking get a little bit more out of it. And then by the time the water boiling it's over well and that's why they need to see exactly what they're earning folks she teaches she said there's no surprises for you we talked about a lot of things. This show I think we covered a lot of ground to do next week and it went again we're on at 7 o'clock in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays. During football season we went from twelve to two I think people want waddle who. Get prepared for their football games on Sunday so we're here earlier so. For those of you get up early he wanna listen to this. Go to our website my money's sake dot com and give us a call 8649890176. I want to thank you Steve. For being my guests on the show today in this they don't have you on the show and sweep the toss things alright folks thank you so much have a great day god bless you. Take care this is great millions Steve Lewis of the prosperity here.