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Dec 9, 2016|

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The prosperity group then we are here today with few on WORG 16 point three we're here every Saturday and Sundays at 7 AM. And The Today Show is procrastinating can be a problem. Many of you have. Procrastinated. Because you were waiting for election happened the election has happened in inches we're recording this before the results we don't know who won. We either have Donald Trump all of this to running the show here in this country here we got Hillary Clinton and I'm gonna reserve my opinion right bill other than to say that. We want the right person for our nation and you know. And because of my beliefs as a Christian. I'd have to say I want the right man for our nation's if I can say it any other way but I trust the it's that folks I got Steve Lewis today is my guest and you know today we're gonna talk about progressing and Steve. You know this we've seen. How people have been procrastinating health it's almost been pro us as by analysis because number one this whole process has been bizarre. I'm not fully convinced were even gonna have a winner come Election Day so we'll find out for right or wrong. Or there's going to be some contested results. There is legislation now legislation there is an executive order signed by George Bush. If she can look up what's called executive order 51 that says that the existing president. Has under arrest. Riots war some type of the event he could actually stay in office so that the transition of power. Goes he goes smoothly. And so one of the scenarios that I thought about is that. If Donald Trump would gut the popular election and Hillary won the Electoral College. That trump would probably sue. And claim that its range. Which he's probably gonna be right and if that is that event occurred. And so I honestly don't know Steven pull out of oh winner declared by that I hope we do I hope everything works out good. But who would've thought that wind and Al Gore and George Bush ran against each other he was four months. Before there was declared winner people thought Clinton was gonna stay in but there was no executive order to allow the stand that he could have constitutionally done it. Because they had been solid and it wasn't until. After 9/11 in George W. Bush was in there that he signed the order I believe it was 2006. It was either may have 2006 or may have 2007. So check out for yourself executive order 51 very interesting to read the order. But that folks we are talking today about how probe crashing can be a problem Steve we've talked about this how many people have. Completely been progressing they're not sure what to do there waiting for their money to be safe but in actuality. In many cases it's not. Yes just back up 12 I wanted to tell you I read an article yesterday no we're still before the election so we don't know whose election won by. You know the Democrats have already told teams. Attorneys. And key states and there already ready to contest if Donald Trump plans so I don't know what basis. Who on on whatever basis they choose at the point I mean there they're already ready and an employed and got ready you know. The contracts and they're ready to do what they need to do to to fight those results so I mean I've I've heard that on the radio about metro that's got his lawyer oh sure. So I think he got on either side we may be and for an interest seeing bumpy ride until the twentieth and a January and then he knows what's gonna happen yeah. Yeah I mean even yeah even the inauguration I mean until he's there he's not a controller she's trailed could be interesting to see what happens you know. And I talked about the need of this though that affected each one would win how things might go put it to the world of politics has been rocked by this it. I think that that the bad part of it is that many of the folks that we've talked to. Are just freezing not sure what to do and it in actuality. I don't think there's a bad time to gravitate towards safety never know especially in retirement yeah that's that's what's going to using your time progressed I think we meet people all the time. That are heading to you or into retirement. And in. They. Had like you said they think conditions in LA if you. The only way that you can really win in the casinos if you get really really lucky. Or if you're Smart enough to take some of your winnings off the table and then you play with with other money right right did you take what you need off and really the rest seven on the table. And why the reason why there's so many huge casino we talked about this before is that because they don't typically lose because the greed factor comes in well. You know moving into retirement you gotta think degree factor. Offer on the table and now it's as will Rogers said famously. You know announce the return of your money now the return on your money now's the time when you protect what you have. Because if we win we have another 2000 Nader another big for me a massive correction. And you lose 3040% of your portfolio. What are you gonna do now the other events that's the problem is that people are unprepared to deal with them. It in the and that's the thing they ignore it I think they ignore it. Don't you mean they just they act like they don't. Like it's not gonna happen you know what it is Steve it's fear of change. It's fear change. People would rather continue the poison that they know. Then the promise of safety that they don't know and I hate that term at like that would surely the truth the truth because when you look back in the last ten or fifteen years and you look at actual returns. All of the market. When you throw in between 2000. In 2011. There were five negative years that's the first ten year period we had five and eight years and in quite a long time since the depression. And so we had 20012002. And three. And in 2008. And nine. There were negative returns. And are safe money strategies outperformed the market during this period of times why because we didn't participate in a loss. But but people are sold a bit bill could Il analysts think about this yesterday Steve. We are such a consumer nations that advertising. Works you know this negative avatar tell Xena went on during the election. It works the clintons prove that the first time we go around when they had James carry the master of negative negative politics. An I mean now he's like happy go lucky guy because he's collecting his his he was collecting his money you know. And but the reality is he started the big influx of negative politics we have it before but it was a few shocking things that came out a river. I think was Lyndon Johnson and I don't know if he was running against George McGovern or was mixing it's a government there was one in which shares an advertising an atomic bomb. It removes his picture speaks a thousand words and it was basically effective you bring this guy's gonna blow heaters and blow the world. And it worked because he'll recover lost by a landslide I think it was was it to Nixon that he was running against Nixon for Johnson to I don't know if you remember. Alison well he knows now wasn't around I was a fight Russia I should actually whoever that is why doesn't look at all of that stuff. But that people have a short memory. You know I don't know if you know this but Gina that Burt Reynolds. Did a nude centerfold of Playgirl magazine. I. Would know that and don't really cared enough to go well I didn't Syria just to make clear I didn't see it. But the reason I knew about it I was watching the Johnny Carson show. And Johnny Carson had Burt Reynolds on the show and I could this a must have been. Thirteen fourteen years old staying a couple of watching Johnny Carson and he's talking about this course killing attention and he and Burt Reynolds says something I'll never forget. Jim Carson asked Burt Reynolds do you think this will hurt your career. Here's were Burt Reynolds that he said Johnny the reality is most Americans will forget I did this and six months about it because I don't think it'll hurt my career at all. And they didn't bell was the right thing to do lie you know you decide I don't think so but that the reality. Is very few people even remembered that he did that that's how little impact it had of his career. Vanessa Williams he ran he was dethroned as Miss America for for pictures and stuff and yet she may or may not have knowledge of that centerfold I don't know I I thought I think I didn't see it I can like you plead the fifth trip. The reality is is the fat milk the fleet and a fifth is that the right. Politics isn't that self incrimination self incriminating so that are not asleep under the I didn't see if they let us. So show folks we are talking about procrastinate. He and the reality. Is don't be procrastinate you need to make a decision and let us help you put together your prosperity plan. Let us help together. You were prosperity plan to make sure that you know eight. Exactly. What you need to do that you haven't income strategy at a Social Security strategy that the state. Muddy strategy. That you have 88 manage money strategy. So you have all of these type of strategies that are available at your disposal in the tax strategy folks. We're out of time this segment called city 649890176. This is great LE ST Louis of the prosperity or. That I feel. They are weighing me and so glad handing. That. Yeah and does this mean. And citizens of this thing he's so funny and. If this chronic heroin spirited group Boone. Yeah we're curious Sony at 7 o'clock in the morning. Must charities and on Sundays on W gore team and we are talking to your stress free retirement chance talking about strategies to. Help you protect your retirement truly have a stress for your retirement. Today we're talking about procrastinating can be a problem that's so true I got as my guess Steve Lewis who works with into prosperity group and folks. Our phone lines are actually opened during the show so you can call us at 8649890176. Older external like show you can call. Set up the time will be will be glad to get together and folks we're offering today. Be it prosperity plan for you. The prosperity plan we'll show you a tax strategy. An ill show you an income strategy and hiring strategy. Assess safe money strategy. Management strategy. That that tax free strategy so we've got a lot of tools that are. At our disposal. And we've been talking earlier today about how the election this happened we don't know the results as were recording this ahead of time. But you know everybody's been wondering about listeners that so many people have been waiting to see what's going to happen. But I will say this that there's never a bad time to gravitate towards safety with your accounts. There's never a bad time because. He can't go wrong with safety having a segment of your your money needs to be safe there. We talked up buckets of money buckets of strategy and things like that we're gonna be expanding on that a little bit more. I wanna give credit to my daughter who wrote that that song that it's called second favorite and she was that was playing at the the onset of this segment. But we are offering across you know a prosperity plan for you in the it can get has a Social Security strategy which we checking your Social Security report. Many of view we we talked about this I think I'm the last show but many of you who have 41 case you don't notice that. Your accounts going down because you've got additional contributions. So it's important to understand that she can do what's called an in service roll over dole just roll it over into the market don't just roll it over somebody that skill and be putting it well you kind of want trick ponies putting in just one account. We can look at identify celts they're going to be very specific. To your income planning strategies and you're safe money strategies. You know Steve. I've talked about this before you know it had I had agility called me up. And this was before the market correction in 2002. He was vice president of the very big company into Charlotte Greenville area and he had about a million dollar heiress. And I remember they said to me he he loved the plan. His wife didn't really want to do anything and so he calling back NBC great I wanna do anything which would want as well it was sort of can't understand. I so why don't you move half of the money. So at least half of it is safe. He goes great she suspected a bunch thing okay. They should each year procedure prior nature money he was 67 at the time. Call me a year and a half later two great did you read the abuse your wallet and he goes my company to stocks were down 50%. And I said are you ready to do the strategy don't think it was great I gotta wait till it comes back. And here's the reality it never came back he came back 25%. He needed a 100% gain to make up the 50% loss that he had. So he never had as much money in the account if you followed our strategy. That 25%. Gain. Would have made him profitable he would had one point 25 million instead of 750000. Mile says appeal that's a huge difference. That's an example of real help for crossing can be a problem with us and we've talked about. His a lot of the folks. Then we're very close to making a decision or close to making a decision you or been waiting for this election like it's gonna make an immediate difference. Exactly you know we've we've. A lot about by the way to prosperity plan. That the it is different segments you're talking about the certainly we make those personalize for each individual in your individual portfolio fits right so it's it's very specific tear situation. And it's something that you would pay thousands of dollars for other people to put together we do it is that as a complementary service and he you know we talk a lot about. Don't the rule of 100 we've mentioned that I think several times on the show as well and the bottom line is you have to have a foundation your portfolio you have that's something that you know is secure you don't build a house on sinking sand right you build it on. A firm foundation in the that I foundation. Has to be at a steady stream of ink on this that you're looking for all the rule 100 talks about. You know take your age minus a hundred and that's sort of a general rule of thumb. How much money you can can have a risk map obviously there's a lot of situations where that's not exactly true but it's it's at least a starting point so. For example if you're sixty and you got more than 40% of your portfolio and in the market. Bomb he might wanna do drug Bakken and rethink that and if your if your finances or even tighter than it then that then you may wanna think that that. 40% is way too much but we're not at a post here having money in the market we're not opposed because of we have considered definitely in the markets that we wanna make sure that that foundation is there in the you have. That steady stream moving come through out your retirement as we know people living longer and longer. And you know it's harder and harder to predict in the market it's harder and harder to predict he's you know your age of death and everything else you're likely agent obviously. And so the one thing that we can't predict is the income that you get throughout that and also making sure that you get increases every year in that amount. Well so has. You know you're actually right she if you we're we're talking about procrastinating and and Mark Twain famously quit never put off until tomorrow which you can do the day after tomorrow. And that's what's happened to a lot of foreign investors she'd go in and I've seen that happens so much you know I had a million. And this was 2008. He moved everything we he came to a similar that we did. I think it was a city range he did he had about an 800000 dollar earnings. They have done. He decided to listen and he had been advised by his company. To her by the bank to go with the American AIG variable annuity group. And I showed him the risk of what the variable annuities hand and he said he didn't want to see any risk he was told it was on a percent safe. Pick a long story short had he gone forward would dedicate all of this is a reflection it's the company was the type of product using. Is that he would lost 200000. Dollars per day. He got an 80000 dollar bonus with us he's got that money guaranteed. And you know he's way ahead of the game. He's way ahead of the game so this is money that he would have lost the U massively in in 2008 and he didn't have to you. You know on the flip side Heather the children that was in his eighties and he said well to talk to myself and I listen my son because my son's very successful executive. And his son made way more money that this channel that made all his life. And and when I spoke to his son decides to build or if something happens. Articulate. That's OK that's fine well guess what 2008 happened to dad had 80000 dollars a 100%. Of the market and loss at all. So I talked added that later and he said he nor should listen to you Greg and I said it was your son now being used. You don't want to sort of not taken so so because all this friction and all of this problem that stuff you what the problem was his dad were provided good color. Your education to his son. Felt because he was as educated son that he you know as much of his son he'll just because somebody makes a lot of money doesn't mean they're smarter. It might be lucky they might have had good training. You know doesn't mean they're smarter. Folks at this resonates with you make sure you give us a call 989017690. Billion won 76 this is great guilty of the prosperity grew from target Stephen Lewis is like yesterday. My. It's it's. You tell me they say oh so. She understands. This father's diet can. It's dollars and six. There's not. Welcome back this is great I only have the prosperity group and I have Steve Louis as my guest today and it's also works for the prosperity group. We were talking today about how her craft and be a problem with your retirement. Here we talked about people have and just waited waited for election and elections happened. Hopefully we have a president in place and then we've got some semblance of normality. Although I think the new normal is there's nothing normal anymore and they're really do just wanna remind our listeners. That's. That we are offering of prosperity plan for you to say. In the prosperity plan is is a strategy. That is going to show you tax strategy safe money strategy and in fact. You're listening to this and you would like to attend our seven are. It's scheduled to be on the fifteenth. At this point the date may very EC need to check out our FaceBook page of our website give us a call at 18044004341804400434. If you'd like to attend the seminar. You know you are again asking can need to give us a call. He can not show up you need to RSVP. So again it's on our FaceBook page prosperity. The prosperity Groupon on FaceBook and also here at our website which is WWW. My money. Is safe dot com. Now most likely to several be at 630 and it's going to be a Social Security Mack's position report Irish Social Security seven army so we're gonna talk about status strategy so basically it's for people that are between. The ages of 57 and 69 years old. So if you're between the ages of 57 and 69 years old and you would like to attend this. Then again give us a call. That tell you can calls locally they 649890176. But if you're if he get our phone lines are open during the show. So make sure you give your name will give you more information will confirm any actual date. And and it will make sure that we can have a place for you so again make sure you give us a call. 990176. Seating is limited so if you are interest and income and than me because right away so that we can reserve your spot yeah that's right the church or we are this is going to be a smaller group right here will. So I think what's what the first twenty people are still feeling the exact okay all right so folks again reader remember this they will have a post similar web site and it will. Will also on our FaceBook page. Don't we've been talking about how procrastinating. Can be a problem for folks. You don't all of the clients. That did not procrastinated they moved into safe money strategies with B 20062007. Are thrilled that they did. They are thrilled that they did they are so happy that they did they did not lose. Any money whatsoever. You know they did very very well so so the reality. Is this folks. If you don't procrastinate if you take action you take some form of action specially if you gravitate towards safety. That's a Smart move if you are doing a if you are in the forward Cain you have an opportunity of doing in his service roll over. Which typically have to be about 59 did have to do that. You we can move that money it was safe. Account. And that's safer account can give you were reasonable rate of return now what's a reasonable rate of return you'd ask. What would you say reasonable rate of return in this market is Steve why in this market well we're telling people typically is somewhere between two and 6% somewhere in there. Yeah yeah and and I would say the majority of her cloture or substantially doing. Much better than. Each other doing much better than did in 2% a hero for the reality of either sir I look at some of the statements. He over your right to 6% Sonata battery to return to this market I would say most of our clients. It'll last you years are doing between three and 5%. Yeah I think that's right and I mean even the fixed account there that we offers pin at one and a half so right at the worst you're gonna do one and a half percent and that's if the market totally tank you're so many in the one and a half percent as opposed to. A negative twenty or thirty or 40% right right yeah that's so true. And and that's the problem is that people. He'll. People are concerned about interest rates and this is where a lot of people make mistakes I remember back in the nineties when interest rates are going lower. There's a lot of scams that came up because people were looking for 78%. Interest rates. It took people lost millions of dollars by going into these scams and it's one of the reasons. We use. Annuities as a main strategy. Is because of the fact relating the insurance company take the risk and we're talking about the safe type of a new lease for access to money that you cannot lose. In the market you're talking your fixed index annuities which it really performed well. I think last year Steve I read it was like twenty billion dollars. Went into into fixed indexed annuities. It was a high twenty billion dollars he would've thought. It wasn't. So some people are just meant that some people understand that what was it last year I don't know what it's doing this year. But I yeah young people are getting union you know we had it we had a great year last year I mean. The people that followed our strategy stated well you its interest in one of the strategies that we use as they re balancing bond strategy. And I had a recent client looked at their state from it's 6% last year this must reset on strategy. And that means after Inco account grew 9%. That's right folks we're talking 6% 9% for some people that's. 34 years of interest returns based on the market so we're talking about safe money strategies and you know one of the things that dealt a big believer in is. Taking people's diaries and creating a pension like income. What I mean by that is skewed Ichi the problems he is when you have here. Your money in the market. He or strictly at the mercy of weather goes up Purdue. You have no income strategy. You have mill pension like income strategy for you and your wife so he got 300000 dollars. A 100% of the market goes up to 500 you're happy camper for goes over 200 you're not so happy. The reality is that person passes away the wife gets a spousal rollover which users are tax. But what happens is what passes over stale but 40%. Who exactly and guess what and in many cases. The this Dallas isn't privy to what the husband strategy is with the market so we're talking about our strategy is seamless. She doesn't have to be rocket scientist to figure out what's going on of let's say the husband was a 100% of the market she wasn't. Because we know it was step in the helper. But these accounts to get one statement the year because there's no volatility there are not going up and down every month where people are losing thirty or 40% that's right. You know there's just a simple file like you said there's really three. Options with any investment account three options three things that can happen the account can stay the same. Account can go up. Any county go down right right that's right and so with our strategy. We eliminate the downside we do below the downside is completely eliminated so the worse you do is nothing you you gain you don't lose anything mature castings right where it is right so you bureau is our hero that's right you control when the count goes down by whatever you take out of that account to try it doesn't go down otherwise well he always interest in many cases. So over Chelsea have guarantees they do better zero. That's right just depending on what you what the person is looking for so at the very least you're right that's what if folks what do we say by zeros are hero what does that mean. I mean it simply this if you lost 40%. Would you rather made 0% return than here still losing 40%. I think you're down getting to picture so folks give us a call at 8649890176. 8649890176. Will be glad to set up a time to go over your prosperity plan and what that consist of he's will go over. Walk over safe money strategy. And won't go over an income strategy for you and if you'd like to order the Social Security Max was issued a report. Give us a call will put that together for you. Any pure interest in the little little strategy where we can show you how to create an asset as Social Security. Give us a call and he if you want it if you're out of your caller 800 number 180440. 0434. Now if you want to do where officers that we are located twenty parkway comments away. Indexing career addressed rumors about a mile and a half south east of the Michelin building. Now we have offices in Tennessee Florida and also North Carolina. End and so just she's should not bring confusion to things you can call us locally here. And if you're out of theory you wanna call are 800 number call 180440. 0434. You don't say this people had a client. In Tennessee recently and they they went ahead and moved. About 200000. Dollars out of an account that they have a lot of risky and we look tended to analysis of this thing. He was not making as much but he is he thought he didn't realize. It here's the kicker he says to me on getting geared she 5%. Sure who told you there. Well we're broker trillion figure chief 5% you know it was Steve yet and income. He had an income writer that should keep your fund pursue them and it's not a guarantee. There's so many people that are confused about this I hear this all the time. And to me it's a misrepresentation. Because it's it's. It's a hard thing to explain but I think we do a good job of explaining it to people so they know the difference. But some of these people think you're getting to guarantee 5% guaranteed 7% of their money. And they look at you in there were 100% convinced of that. Hey you have to burst their bubble that show there's not a guaranteed rate and here's a reality they have a variable annuities are not gonna triggered the income Ryder lest they lose money. Right which Ulster triggered the income writer if they want that lifetime income so they're not doing that because they're losing money they're just doing it because they want to lifetime income. But in reality very few people even trigger income writers so that's why it's important that they go into the right ones. Exactly and I are exactly right well folks out were winding down this segment and oh X one reminder listeners. That we're offering a Social Security virtualization report. And the Social Security virtualization report. It costs you nothing Ali did do is give us a call will set up the time to get together with you we can't caller phone lines. At 8649890176. 8649890176. And will be glad to sit at the time to get together with your phone lines are open during the show you can email me at Greg Lemond is safe dot com. Or you can email Steve at Steve if at my ability is safe dot com. Also we have fully should Douglas Stewart do the better part of a company that that are available at. Hopefully she's been focusing on the Medicare. Folks were out of time this segment tune it for one more segment as we talked you about safe equity strategist. Okay. I. So I. Okay. It folks welcome back this is great toll of the prosperity group is we are you can't talk teach you about. How procrastinating can be a problem. Which your retirement accounts held a lot of people. I have been procrastinating waiting for the election the results of the election to occur and does so these are things that are very very important that you need to deal with. We can show you how to do some of these things in. Here we we offer reports from week to we can end a little Steve talk about. He the credibility of how these reports are originated this is something we just put together. You wanna win this is stuff that's been well researched. That compliant. That that has things that are. Realistic credible in true with the reports that she you're talking about that you know. We have a team of players that really Barack has so we've got a pretty strong support group that stats nationally base. We do. Using reader. We have accountants and attorneys that better help us to strategize so when we sit down and and get together formation from you. And work on putting these reports together it's not something that we can do and in you know five or ten minute. Session it's something that takes so long that we put a lot of work into putting that prosperity plan together but even more so. We actually I guess they have a team of attorneys and accountants so we strategize. With then four on your behalf to really make sure that. You know from a legal aspect and from you know for dealing with trust and that kind of paying or with accounts are free if there's a tax issue or tax concern we make sure that we're doing. The absolute best or we are presenting the absolute best programmer opportunity. For arm our clients. And so we really do you have a lot of them. A lot of access to a lot of really cool tools and and this offer by the way is very sophisticated software we we talked about last week and I wants and a lot of time talking about it now but we can actually go into your portfolio and analyze the risk. That's inside there how it's done in the past. Which is likely to you know give you an idea how volatility is moving into the future and if there is a correction Hamachi and you know how much the percentage that you're actually taking in the risk. We do an income forecasters so if you know that you need. And 506070000. Dollars a year in retirement. We can show you where you are in and where you're deficient that have we can also say strategies that will help you get there. And we use sort of the budget planning concept where you have there's gaps in Manning can't then we can show you ways whether it's in the beginning the middle or the end. We can show you ways to fill that with different strategies that we have we have so many strategies that are available for you. That. Can help you really put the puzzle together for your retirement. We also do so security Macs which you talked a lot about us on on what a waste much time on that but that's making sure the U maximize your Social Security opportunities and there's so many different strategy sound any different ways that you can file what's the most advantageous for you in your situation. And we don't talk very much about the volunteer bent the vault is something that we offer to you to clients and and prosperity of people that are they're disinterested and and the idea is there. If you got a lot of different accounts we give you a client summary sheet that shows you everything that you have on one piece of paper which most people that don't have so it's a nice picture. But we also give you the very security incredibly secured access to. A software where you can go and input all of your accounts in there. And monitor them on a daily or weekly basis. And you control the access that's not something that we can see necessarily if you don't wanna shoot exactly so we can have so many tools that are available. That will really play out here helping you retire by. The trick is as we've been talking about this show is he can't procrastinate the and he got to do something now. Because of retirement is imminent correction is imminent so it's just a matter question of when and how and so why not go now. And take a look at your portfolio and take a look at warrior had so you can know where you'll be when that time comes. You know it's very true Steven in the C here's here's the thing TOI you don't. There's a lot of people that are that are cash per crescent usually a bunch of money in the bank earning less than 1% earning less than half a percent. And I'm I was thinking about one of the clients last year I think we looked at the statement. She she got a 12% bonus this was really not hire a cash account. And she basically the ended up making about 15%. Her first cheer on her cash. But her death benefit went from 503000. Dollars she's 84 years old Steve. Baby she is 84 years old this is an 84 year old client. That made that much William on the account how much would she have to to err on the CD that your along whichever it fifteen years. Just tee to get anywhere close to that issue and have you know left a tax free return. So for those of you who are procrastinating in cash we can help you. For those of you who are in the market you weren't sure what to do the election has happened. You need to make a decision. Let us talk Cuba to safe money decision as safely strategy okay she's talking about these reports we can we can tailor to your specific situation that's the beauty of what were able to do were able to tailor these things to your specific situations. Goes if you want Medicare you need help with Medicare you still have some time before. You make changes okay. Give us a call it will help you with the Medicare. We very full service firm OK you need help with taxes we got Stewart. We got fully issue with the Medicare so folks you can call us at 18044004341804400434. If you work out of the area. You can call. Treasury and here you can call me at 8649890176. That is 8649890176. If you want to email us go to. Greg my money's safe dot com to email earlier Steven my money's safe dot com and our website by the same name. So folks we are here every Saturday and Sunday from 7 o'clock. And now we're on every meal for an hour and we talk about stress free retirement how to make your retirement stress free. So folks we have a team behind us that can actually like it should help us prepare these reports. We're here for you. Existing clients that are hearing the showing you wanna get some additional information on some of the stuff we have an even. Discussed then that's something that we can talk about for you. Social Security naturalization those of you who were turning on social social security and not sure what to do give us a call. We can put together a report for you that'll show you the best strategy for your Social Security. We can even show you tax free strategy where you can actually use Social Security to create tax free money I just wanted to reiterate that none or almost out of time but tax free. I'm not tax deferred nod nod tax free we have ways that we can tell you their tax free and it's amazing thing we've had some cloistered and actually done the and their first real honey what is this what engineer he's gonna have more wins his tax free company does with his diaries in the upper. Fifteen years has been hit six kids six waits while the all girls. Folks thank you again god bless you have a great day we enjoyed being with you every Saturday Sunday this is Greg alien Steve Lewis of the prosperity here. Take care regardless.