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Dec 9, 2016|

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Good morning folks this is Craig will lead to prosperity who could. Advisors LLC and hi welcome you this Saturday and Sunday and and abuse or deep as we talk about today. The election in your retirement. How do you think the election might affect your retirement we we haven't talked a whole lot about it I've been talking a different strategies and it's really interest seeing how people do pay attention I had a gentleman the other day haul me. In regards to a show that I did on variable annuities and in. You know we are able to explain to him exactly why he's made money the fees and all of that stuff and and it's great our listeners here in W or do they do pay attention. But I believe this is an important shown it's something we need to consider and I don't know too many other talking shows that it actually tackle this bit. I wanna go in tackling because I believe this is one of the most. Important presidential elections in our history. I've never seen anything like this. In all my 56 years in in. You know I'm expecting more shocks if you will and so people need to be prepared to. For what's gonna happen how it's gonna affect your retirement because the reality is it will I I do believe it will. On one hand you've got Hillary Clinton that's running and the question is you know how is he gonna affect the average person. Locating you have Donald Trump running very unorthodox non politician. Successful businessman. And and so a lot of people aren't sure what's gonna happen. Now if you heard preview shows that I talked about I've been telling people to to go to safety. I've been saying go to safety all of this time because I do believe that there is a correction looming I think a lot of it to me hinge. On how this thing unfolds and and and you know what happens during the elections so the question is folks how is he going to affect your retirement wanna I wanna address that today. So again I want you to tune in as as if if you just turning into this. Show. Listen all we have to say personally you can reach mean. At 8649890176. In the Greenville area 8649890176. And if you're out of the area if you're in another listening Jiri can call 180440. 0434. That's 1804400434. Now I'm located at between parkway commons way we've been India. Greer area that the at least this office has been there's been there since 2000. Seven. Actually 2006. I've been in that area there were parkway commons. And a game give us a call. If you like what we're talking about if you want and discuss some of the things they were talking about you can calling get a complimentary consultation. And we kin. You know we can talk about things in and see exactly how we might be able to help you now. For today. I am offering a Social Security naturalization report the decision you make on your Social Security is crucial. And and so it's important to understand. Exactly what's going on as far as the Social Security's concerned. So give us a call again that's. 8649890176. 8649890176. So folks. He also email me at grey get at my money is safe dot com that's Greg at my money is safe dot com. All right let's let's talk a little bit. One of the things I've been telling you is again that I think there's a correction looming. I think the market's overvalued. I don't think it's a reflection on how you know jobs are doing you you look at the jobs reports. You know he got Washington tell us how great were doing I don't see it. I don't see you personally were people that I see I don't see personally. With with the availability. I'm working twice as hard to make the same dollar that I made ten years ago. Does that resonate when anybody there you know it especially pure self employed person. The one of the big issues I believe is that. Let's look if if Hillary gets elected. I believe that the decision that she make. On your retirement crucial more than ever before in fact in most likely she's going to raise the taxes if she raises the taxes. Then the tax free retirement strategies that we talk about are going to be crucial for it. That's right where you can make you know something it's have a 25 year average of nearly seven and a half percent. That's on a tax free basis. It's ideal for people that are less than sixty years old but some of you who were healthy might be able to benefit from that. The the other ones right now you're gonna have to have a guaranteed income. Indian complaining is crucial which means a decision you make for Social Security. Is going to be pair month the decision that you make four. You're your retirement accounts the days of taking a twenty year 30% loss. I think we're gonna be calm pounded. If Hillary wins because here's what I think's gonna happen I think. I initially in short term the market will increase. Because I think she is a friend of Wall Street I think. All of that points out that that's the case and so I believe that your gonna see. Raise in the market. Initially now depends how she wins and Paul Paul elaborate on that. You know and another segment of the show but that does the reality is if she wins it taxes are gonna go up. We're gonna have a new form of obamacare call it Clinton care whatever you want to call it. And the problem with this folks. Is I believe it's going to affect. Us severely because of the taxes health care costs have risen greatly they've risen greatly right now. Then again you can call mine and mine number. Then the operators are open during a show and it's one it's 86498901768649890176. And then the other thing that she can you can emailing a gray get my money is safe dot com request your Social Security now organization report the other thing there were. Offering isn't a higher rate for one K analysis. If you weren't a position to do an in service roll over in your get a ready to retire. You need to consider a safe account. Now I mentioned this on the show the other day I had a person had about two million dollars in their count very high net worth person. And we did a steady as she what she was actually making. If she'd been in the market. Hurt ten year average was three point 15% so she made three point 15%. To take a 100% of the risk. That's just unbelievable. Needless to say when we ran our numbers. If she would've done the exact same thing except we would have been an to an account that had no fee issue and averaged three point 65% and she would have taken none of the risk. So folks. You've heard the adage sell high buy low sell high buy low this is the time to consider this now. What happens if trump gets elected. You may see the market correct early. Because he's not a friend of Wall Street in the in the context of of what's going on so I believe there will be a honeymoon period. And I I think depth entrepreneurs and business people are going to do much better because the taxes would be reduced corporate taxes would be reduced. And I think he'll put together a team that'll really help. The so. I think if Hillary wins we've got more of this of of votes saying that we've had the last eight years. If trump wins were on uncharted territory. Has so they'll be some resistance and and then of course through the rest remains to be seen. Because what these people always promised while their running doesn't always pan out to be what happens when they get elected. So I'm not seen you know I'm preaching to the choir here. So I want you be thinking about this and and as we run out of time the segment I want you listen because if your business person yourself employed. I've got a tax free strategy that's available for you and the reason it's tax streets were the last tax free vehicles. That the IRS allows success section six I believe is 7702. Of the IRS code. And you could certainly talked to Stuart good our our in house CPA. And folks if you give us a call you I'll either be speaking with Q were you get a chance to speak to Steve Stephen Lewis are fully should Douglas. And who worked with our firm as well Stuart good. And we've got a team of experts here that are national experts that are able to put together these plans. But if you wanna stress free retirement you wanna save money strategy. We've got that for you. So that if the market corrects that if I'm right the market takes a correction. You're going to be in a position. That you're going to be OK either way. And so the decision makes important folks. Very very important. And folks were almost out of time to segment call me. That's 86498901768649890176. Or call 800 number 1804400434. Okay. And yeah. I mean. I. Okay. Good strokes that song that you heard was a beautiful song sung by my late wife Marie Elie in a cold he is able. Made popular by truth back in the eighties a contemporary Christian. Traveling group. We were talking about the election you retirement. Can you know I gave two scenarios I gave Hillary scenario and trump scenario. And I I believe it again this is crucial because I think there's a lot of things can happen I think. It's very possible that you could see trump win the popular vote and Hillary win the electoral vote. And that there could be some delays and if that happens I think we're gonna see the market affected. I think that's a very potential. Scenario especially if there's lawsuits are contestants and and content stations and all that stuff so that the fact is folks. We are in uncharted territory we we really are. We are witnessing things that we've never witnessed in our history. And I think as a result of that that when you're looking at your retirement when you're looking at the end game when you're trying to prepare. For life. You know the unemployed lifestyle and what I mean by unemployed life so when you retire you're basically unemployed your living off of your nest egg you're living off of your investments. Me ask yourself this question folks. If the market takes a forty or 50% hit. How is that going to affect you or you have the energy to health to go back to war to make up that loss. So what we encourage people of the prosperity group is that. The foundation of your money is going to be your hiring money because that's in most cases as were people have the majority of their money. Is in our area counts especially they've worked in the corporate world. It's tiring money so we believe that the prosperity group that that's foundational money that she should not exposed to risk. It's very very simple it because you can't the you can't write awful lawsuits them lift the market. Makes you lose money you can not right awful loss. Now for those of you were sitting on cash. This is interest him talking on hiring money. We've got an account a phenomenal account. I declined to put in 200000 dollars last year. And she made 14%. On the money and she safe. In other words. He she's got a death benefit she's got long term care benefit and she's got liquidity. Now you she's getting your cake you needed to she wanted to walk who of right now her count went from 200000 dollars to 228000. Dollars and one year. She is a death benefit debt increase from. 2503101000. Dollars she's 84 years old. Where is an 84 year old woman that's healthy going to be able to give an account like that. She she's got now 250000. Dollars a long term care. So the question is you know we've got to the cash availability for people so again if you call me at 1804400434. That's for those of you out of the area or you call me and in Greenville area Spartanburg very Anderson that 86498901768649890176. You can also go to our website in our Wesley can actually read request. Information for months and that's WWW. My money is safe dot com we've got a wealth of videos articles and different things like that we're also offering a Social Security Max was a sure report when assay were offerings will be very clear call us call the operators are open during the show even though some light show and set up the time will get together will be gathered the information we dole. Do pass social securities or anything over the Internet anymore it's just too risky so you do have to swing by the office. Will get together will will go over some information will put together that this for you will will give UConn player consultation to go over your retirement. And talk about the safe money strategies. I was talking earlier in the show about. An account that outperformed the market in the last ten years it did three and a half percent where I didn't tell you is on the income side it did five and a quarter percent. So that means it outperformed the market from the this this person I was a 100% in the market. By two points. And she's got a guaranteed income for her in her family in the money can get passed under kids. So the so again folks this is a way to preserve your retirement. Again if you take a twenty or 30% hit hell's gonna flip housing going to affect you. And those of you would for one case you're able to do an in service roll over your able to move that I had a client he just moved. 400000. Dollars from his 41 K. Dan EC Graham very concerned about what lies ahead I want this money to be safe I don't wanna go back to work I don't have the energy forward. A more reasonable rate of return and folks were able to provide that. With one of the largest companies in the world one of the top fifty. Companies in the world so these are companies that that your money is security I'm using this from oil strategies so so again. Give us a call. 8649890176. Derived from requested time to get together. We'll put together Social Security Macs as they should report to show you howl when you know what to do so again we're talking about the election folks. How is it going to affect you in many ways it doesn't affect Cuba. These last eight years we've we've witnessed a lot of changes actually last sixteen years we started the trend when George Bush was president. Then Barack Obama's president and in need a win. People are not saving as much money. And and honestly I don't think it's mean there's been a much difference and in some of you may not agree with me. There hasn't been that much difference between what bush did in O and President Obama has done because. And they basically did the same things the only difference is that. From a tax vantage point in the Affordable Care Act. Which is proving not very affordable. That's cause the debt to increase. Significantly so really the big significant difference is the last eight years we've seen the debt double like never before so the choice she make. But policy wise that I believe the policy was very similar were both regimes if you. But the the reality folks. Is what you gonna do power you positioned to deal with this how are you positioned if Hillary wins curry position if trump wins. OK these are things that you need to ask yourself. Do you have a reasonable rate of return do you have guaranteed income for you in your wife. Can you converge sure higher rain to a pension like. Strategy so that you cannot outlive your money nor your wife. And leave something for your kids so these are things that were able to help you with McCain business owners. I'm telling you we've got the tax free strategy that is one of the last things available to you. Now I am I met with a business or last week you said Greg I'm doing X amounted to a set. I shook his how much she putting into the set. 40000 dollars. I should do you realize if you could put the 40000 to the tax free. What it's going to do and and when I asked rice had you wanna pay tax on the seed where you wanna pay tax on the harvest. He thought a little bit he said well shoot I only wanna pay tax on the seed to harvest should be greater Maceda say exactly. I should what do you think you're doing and an IRA. To your paying tax on the harvest. You know we've been told we'd be lower tax bracket. Folks. Those have you who are retiring listen to me this is why you need to do a Social Security Max musician report you're gonna be a higher tax bracket most likely. After you retire because now there and culture Social Security. Towards your income that's right so like a double tax doesn't it. So we get folks were out of time this segment. Tune in as we talked about these strategies he safe money strategies were you can sleep at night even if the market crashes you know your money you save. This is Greg L leave the prosperity group giving or call 864990176. My. It's. It's time these days sale and it's. And she understands. Yes father's diet can. This mom is adding it's. You sense it. Sorry cultural practices ranging goalie of the prosperity her advisors tell little scene. He can call me an 864989176. She also million Greg. My money's dot com. Which is also my money website. Mind WWW my money is safe dot com I'm talking today about. How the election will affect your retirement you know if we have a trump victory if we have a Hillary victory. How it's gonna effect and it's really interesting you know I'm an it. If if you look at the Wall Street bus. OK if you look at the stuff coming from Wall Street. And you see what's going on and delude the prevalent. Consensus. From the Wall Street block is that if trump wins it's going to be a disaster for the global economy. Okay now what that means is can be corporate push wrecked because corporate profits are gonna go down. And and I believe that in order to. Ito kicked a monster overeat you do have to go through some corrections. If. If Hillary wins the prevalent view from Wall Street is that it's gonna be great for Wall Street because she's gonna continue to same. Things that are going on and so Wall Street will prosper. But I believe individuals. Will you will get more taxes and and it'll be more repressive from that regard. So either way you were on. They're nice. Regardless of who wins from an economic standpoint. And in so this line is this lays more credibility. To what I've been saying that I believe there's going to be a correction. The economy is a bowl. In the bubble will burst and at some point. It has been sustained by QE1 2345. All of this government infusion of capital T Connolly we've never seen it in our nation's history. We're witnessing debt to think about this for a logical standpoint it's debt goes up. If if people's income goes down. Something's gonna have to give. Something's gonna have to gift. And so housing come to go down well. If taxes are increased. And people are making less money. If your retirement in and you are not in the right strategy. You're gonna have to that you didn't you're gonna have to deal. With making less money means you're paying more in taxes. So the question each you have to ask yourself is key how many have you can sustain a 203040. Or 50% hit tier retirement account. And live the lifestyle that your accustomed to living. You don't mind mantra has been ever since I've been doing the show for last five years. Is. Go into safety. Have a foundation. Of your money. And I've been telling you that the foundation of of your money should typically be your diary money. Because there's no advantage to losing on that. When you realize. That. You're getting promises for Wall Street issue to make all this money. Which you've got to keep in mind is that the average American this follows the buying and hold strategy is at the mercy of the of Wall Street you are at the mercy of the economy and Wall Street. Now if everything cycles the same and we go through hitting you catch it right based on your aged in great. You'll be okay. But if you catch it the wrong time if if you're. Shaken up about what to do. Then the question is well what do you do OK now I have a solution for UK and and it it's it's part of our prosperity plan. And that's solution is very very simple and by the way the phone lines are open during the show so if if I'm saying anything that resonates with you give us a call at 9890176. Nestle local 864. 9890176. Secure out of the year you can call 1804400434. We've got to show airing in different cities throughout the nation. So rather ninety everything just go hitting caller 800 number right now. If you're out of the area. Again 1804400434. We have offices in Florida in the Sarasota. Area we have offices in Tennessee and also. And Greenville, South Carolina in North Carolina so so folks. Our company keeps growing we've been very blessed. Despite a lot of challenges we've been blessed and which you've got to realize folks is that the idea of safe money. Is its foundation money and very simple we use a strategy called rule of 100. And and this is just a basic strategy even if you're seven years old. He shouldn't have more than 30% of your money exposed to risk which release attracts seventy from a hundred at least thirty. 70% of your money should be safe and sound 30%. At the motion be exposed to risk. Now like I touched earlier alas. The subject about two or last segment. About those of you with cash. I had that this client that put in 200000 dollars. Her count went to 228000. Dollars after one year. She could walk away if she wanted to with 208000. Dollars or three sheep sheep walks away with at least 4%. Great for. For cash for those he who were sitting there are saying what do I do with this money I don't like the market adult like the risk I don't want the exposure. You know this is what we're talking about so. So again when we aren't talking about the election. If you talk to Wall Street people that they want nothing to do with trump. Because their lifestyles can change it's not business as usual so they lay all of the stuff as to why it won't work. I think it's trump wins. I think he has steer some pain getting out of the global economy but I think the job situation may be improved at home. Taxes would go down I think it taxes go down we're gonna see something that happens solar when Ronald Reagan was president. The question is. Is. Is the monster too big in other words is the global this monster so big that we can't go back in the push back in the pain is going to be so great that we in turn into a spiraling. Economic setback. You know I wanna remind people who was. I think it was Herbert Hoover who was a prominent businessman. Who took to country over and then do you know it led into the depression he was graded running the business. But they didn't like him because he wasn't you know he was in the global stem I don't know that much historically other than the fact he was a prominent businessman and we went to the Great Depression. It may be that it's imminent there we go to a depression anyway regardless of who gets elected. The question is how are you and I get to be affected how are you buying power re our retirement house are retiring going to be affected. What's going to happen how will life change as we know it. So mine Mon church do you is. Take a chunk of your money and make it safe regardless of who gets elected. Take a chunk of the money and make it safe because. If you jolt. Either way I think there's going to be. Some problems with the economy. And and so. I believe they cheer going to see a correction. So it's important. Now here's another scenario that I that I wanna point out. Let's say trump wins the he wins the popular vote Hillary wins Electoral College which I think is a very strong possibility. Trumps Suze. And President Obama says you know what to you guys get your act together on Gannett invoke executive order 51 and I'm staying until you guys get this together. I think that's a potential plan. Are ranked. I think that's a potential plan sill a again I wanting courage all all over luster to go vote for the candidate of your choice. Go vote. Apparently this year they're seeing 200. Million people registered to vote I think it's probably that the greatest amount we've ever seen. 200 million people. OK so. This is definitely very very bizarre when you look at what's going on. So. The gear you look at the Spin Doctors. They're trying to tell you what's gonna happen in any again depending on who you wanna be swayed by. If you if you listen to this just to traditional secular media they're gonna tell you you know trump is the worst thing that's ever happened. The conservative. True concern me is gonna tell you Hillary's worst thing to do it's gonna happen. I don't think he either one is perfect by any means but you've got to vote your conscious and you got to use common sense and logic. For your retirement though. He'll have to wade free elections so many people are in limbo they're gonna wait and see what's gonna happen I wanna remind her listeners. That the market crashed in September. Of 20082. Months before the election. Two months before the election. I don't know if that's gonna happen again but if it happened once before it can it can happen again so you need to understand. What your options are. He need to understand what your options are it's it's very very important that you understand us now the politicians especially the the the Republicans who have not backed. Trump. They're all global us. So there all signing on on you know the same strategies that have brought our country into. You go higher taxes. Lower wages. And they want to globalism just as well as the Democrats to. So the question is folks. How do we protect ourselves. How to we protect yourself. Call us at 18044004341804400434. In the Greenville, South Carolina area can only an 8649890176. Per office is located twenty parkway comments Wayne career just outside agree it's really. Almost in Greenville it's write off of Bates mill road in the parkway where one block southeast of the parkway. I have been there for about. Seven to almost it's almost nine years now. And but the reality folks is we're here. Were available we have safe money strategies we can show you how to create attention like income folks were already out of time this segment so again go to my website WWW mind when you say dark on the phone lines are open during the show call and set up the time we can get together and go over your account justice is great LE. Obviously gave us. Okay. Okay. What it's okay to make me this lady in the and MTV. And. Folks though are already winding down this is the final segment of the show in and we're talking today the election in your retirement. How will it affect you you know. It's so interesting to read the press. And to see how Wall Street is definitely behind Hillary Clinton. And how trump seems to be more populist minded. And so on talking about the possibility of trump winning the popular vote Hillary winning the Electoral College. And I think that might prove very interest seeing scenario. If if that happens. I would say this we need to be praying for our nation. In fact if you heard the song that was a song to my late wife Marie Ali wrote called I need you and it talks among our need for Jesus Christ. And I believe that that's where we need to be focusing on in and doing. Especially leading up to the selection because I believe it's very very crucial. But you know we don't half to sit here and and not have excelled strategy not knowing what to do. Because they're ourselves strategies there are safe money strategies such things that you can do to protect your account to protect your retirement. Again if you call ocean and you can email me gray get my money is safe dot com next year he GT apt symbol. My money is I ascended safe SA FEE dot com. And we are available for you. You go over these strategies. Those if you would for one k.'s IRAs. You want to make those accounts safe give us a call will show you great strategies. That that will. Really. Positioning yourself to to be safe in the event that this economic correction I think I do believe it's it's it's looming. You know I said it's probably gonna happen September October. Weren't we weren't October. But it's very very important. That you understand what's available for that. What's available for that so so again folks. Give me a call. At 86498901768649890176. Now folks we are available during the show I mean it's not like show but. Our operators are available and will be glad to set up a time to get together with Kia. To go over this. Were offering a Social Security maxim is nation report. And this Social Security next position report strokes. Is crucial because what it'll do it'll show you the best way for you to take your Social Security. And that's very very important. So the way you take your Social Security is is is going to be important many of you who were planning on working I'll show you strategy that probably know the advisors are using. And and so we can really just set up very concise plan. Until the best way if you take Social Security again I talked about IRAs have talked about 41 case. I recommend you consider safe money strategies for your 401 k.s. And your IRA. It's it's very very important folks. You'd need to do that he need a safe money strategy for your 41 K for your IRA. Don't think about this. If I'm right and there's a major correction that occurs and I think it's it's looming regardless of who gets elected. How are you prepared to deal with it. What about those of you billion cash for the last five years making less than 1%. Your your your sinking slowly you're you're going broke safely. Okay. Don't do that led as she you show you our CD alternative strategy. To show you ways that you can have a tax free death benefit with your money long term care protection terrible illness protection. Access to your money liquidity and very very good rates have returned. All of that while maintaining safety. Not at risk not subject to the whims of a Wall Street if you will okay so it's important to understand. What your options are what you can do. This is crucial folks. They'll were already running out of time this this segment that to begin call me at 86498901768649890176. And you can requested time to get together with me from not available you commute which Steve are fully shown Steve Lewis are fully should Douglas. And we'll show you the strategies. That'll make your money safe they'll give you a stress free retirement that'll help Hugh. Know that you don't have to worry of the market crashes tomorrow your money is safe your moneys with. But insurance company in the church carrier with plenty of surplus. Plenty of money available to it to back up the and to that the money that you have set aside with them. These are strategies that we news. Folks you need to act any need to act quickly. The elections can be about ten days away when they show airs ten days away. And you know a lot of Michael folks should have listened to the shows they've called they've authority moved money into safe strategies. Mean we are doing this. This is important folksy need to understand it. This is a wise strategy you're not getting get hurt by doing that. Do you view are trying to make a decision on your Social Security what to do. Will help you make that decision will show you things that you can't even get. From the Social Security the software the things that we have with the Social Security Mack's position report. You know there was a big hot button a couple of years ago and it's kinda cooled lately but if you were about to get on Social Security. You need to make the right decision. Folks she can reach me at 86498901766864. 9890176. You can also call me 180440. 04341804400434. If you are out of the area. The folks. If you go to my website which is WWW. My money is safe dot com he can actually click on to the icon. Of I things get a photo of me or W Ortiz logo and it'll take you to the W or. And you can listen to preview shows which we've title. Also on election you're going to be sponsoring the election. And that's coming up on November 8 we're gonna be the sponsor for. For the election there and you know I'd love to hear from me a lefty here emails he can email me Gregg of my money is safe. Dot com he knew Paul I'd love to sit down with Q and go over strategies to show you how to make your money safe. Business owners how to protect your business. Yet have tax free money. And these are things are a little bit different than the norm that they worked folks were out of time this segment it's snuck up on us. Thank you god bless you pray for our nation and we'll talk to you next week this is Greg Elliott the prosperity group.