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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view advantage there hill. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host doctor Joshua would there. Welcome everyone here with them maximized living radio show we're change in the way people view him as a help I'm your host talked to Josh were there at DC. And you cut CT scan guys this week we are continuing. Our holiday stress series on maximize living on last week's topic we talked about dot sleet being in aides to Tom and stress and all those things how it affects in sleep apnea and all the stress of the holidays that brings on the so should continue and in in in the holiday stress a world going through this week we're actually we'll talk about depression. This Tommy year depression is a very very common. And if you are depressed individual and you take unfortunately take any depresses it's really hard this time of year deal with the family in the get togethers in the memories of loss loans and all those things have depression can be a pretty serious thing it's time Mir and people let's talk about it because we wanna be happy for Christmas Fannie and trust and our goal is is to make you happy and feel better but we need to talk about it so we can show you how to. Deal with things like depression this army here how to act she reversed depression actually with Al Bain he depresses yes there's always out there where you don't take any press is a year or depression. Because if you're taking Gator presence right now and you know you still have depression in Dayton get rid of anything numb you out a little bit and now we don't want that we don't want you to be number all the holidays we want to be vibrant full life and I didn't enjoy your god given potential lead that he's given you Billy's take does a depressants is sort closes all that it only makes things worse we were not so. We're we'll talk about. Eight presses and depression but if you are somebody is currently do with depression are taking Nader presses or any type of psychotropic drugs and you we see a lot of people with that are bipolar that this telomeres they really act out what with that disease. And so its uranium by this experience is that are going through that or has a fairly nervous going through anything like that only top us psychotropic drugs. Please give us a call right now. Right right this is airplane neckline that membranes eight takes more actively teach 6290. And nine. I'm just hanging in the first plane innings 45 guys has to consultation. And eight and and that everything went after Darrent as the 45 dollars and then never again say 643 T sixteen and seed and yeah. High and so that's when it comes to data press is that the major thing that people take for depression our country and what we caught SS RIs are these are the this this these are drugs actually make your brain to force your brain to make serotonin. Non and by no means a psychiatrists. Are never claimed to be in and that's not my my field or my feel it is is in the nervous system and someone that's how this since they're nervous system and how. Issues with the nurses and actually affects chemicals in the brains of before we get to that. Let's talk well people take they take these scenes caught SS RIs which are serotonin. That Sarah turns its territory ambitious sort of speak and they work by stimulating certain parts of the brain so your body makes more serotonin whats is the feel good hormone and now sort by numbing other parts of your body out and so we take these medications but the problem these medications if you were taken them you know or Fuhrman it's taken a long time you know this the major side effects of all these SS RIs are this. They cause migraine headaches. They cause weight gain I know people that were wooten. Normal size normal weight for their age in in in their their life in their height is are taking these medications in they've gained like twenty pounds a year just taking these medications on I've seen guys come in the clinic 800 pounds overweight. In the old thing that changed was they sort of taking these medications and it is blew up like a whale and so these these medications cause weight gain suicidal thoughts and suicide. Since we've been prescribing these these medications at a alarming fast rate suicide rates have actually doubled in our country it's our policy is not helping anything it's made it twice is worse than were actually gets the data here shortly about that. Next thing I sexual side effects I mean women it makes you know wanna have any in its intimacy with your spouse at all. Many causes impotence is a way it affects both you guys. Sleep this service is meaning yes they may put you to sleep which you were a wake up several times throughout the night in you can never get a good restful sleep and that's why a lot of people end up going on sleep medications after they're going depressant medications or some doctors actually prescribe a depressants which will get to later for sleeping conditions. Because this sort of slows things down but the problem is disclosure day all right makes you tarts you go to bed but she wake up continuously throughout the not because of the side effects which will get to later. I daytime sleeplessness. Some people just walk around a fog all the time right they don't know where they are there in their their eyes are half shot blocked it I just woke up 'cause of the side effects of these medications. The physical symptoms are taking these medications they caused joint pain muscle aches nausea. Differ rashes. And they didn't cause diarrhea and some people in this sad reality is. Six I was looking up the numbers for this 60%. 60%. It's. Of Americans. Take some type of a depression drug is the most prescribed drug in our country and I. It's prescribe more they all the other drugs combined almost 60% of Americans at one time or are right now are taking an aide a precedent for something that is just shocking to me thank. I am disappointed that links fatigue is TARP and that has meaning to sound like it helped pinging off that it's not. Here are taken those medic. You know but but the saying is what do you do right you get scared because you rely on the medication when you try to come off the medication like a lot of people didn't they sort of follow -- or and they go right back where they weren't so they they scares and they go right back on the medication makes fantastic care it's so the bottom line is what do you do there is ways there's things you need to do safely wean yourself off these medications were sure we get to shortly and then throughout the show. You cannot stop these medications cold Turkey and by no means there'd addictive you'll have withdrawals are seeing people have the shakes throw up liked coming off vote either crack or something in there that addictive it's a you have to do it safely one of the things that I'd like to tell people they're taking data crisis is sort of started that process before we actually fix what's causing it which will get to later one of the things you actually can take naturally a natural supplement that does the exact same thing as the SSR I today eight pressing you're taking. That whatever it is a good quarterback I don't care they work by increasing serotonin in the brain. There is to natural supplements you can actually take that do the exact same thing and I have no side effects whatsoever so if you have a paper and that's right this down right now these Bluetooth things you take in conjunction. Together that does exact same thing is the they assist our eyes duke and that is right the sound. A subway or B which is a it's four nights in his what is the active ingredient someone will be is niacin. I we sell this and are playing but you can purchases some routes on shirt but it's called sub lingual B it's your B vitamins. Heavy in the niacin. It's a liquid form you stick it under your tongue in use orbit that way so that's the first one is sub one will be just Google search sub link will be if you need a person or you can come by the clinic can get it the second thing you take within the exact same time is a whole seeds chew bubble tablets. It's got to DH Kubel tablet and it's got to be whole scene not partial CO OK so is this whole C on the label meeting is just the vitamin C didn't have much junky and it has got to be actual tablets so you're your your body absorbed are really quickly vs taking a pill and I have to digested cica spa Leach out that way so. When you take a whole C to mobile tablets. And you take someone will be at the same time list actor green is nice now we take both of those at the same time the sub lingual in the chill below it's fast acting gets absorbed really quickly in the mouth and digest the system it actually send a signal so the brain that causes your Serra Tarlow single. Naturally does the exact same thing as an oppression does and doesn't cost excuse me doesn't have any side effects whatsoever exact same thing as an impressive. CIA says he like every search that he can get on. He can purchase they supplements carrying come our office our office is only give Fred Graham behind me niece Japanese steak cast yes they had the option to dealer to make a planet. An hour clinic and that number is 8643262909. Tests are planned in mind. He wanted to make a playmate and an again basics for a three to sixteen and zero and nine. And gas is bright now our country looking at these numbers are extra tell you right where is that to Brady yes I have these fat these quick facts later presses here. Odd. Like that's our usage of some Americans actually take dimmer taken them at some point. We spent 200 in eighty gimmicks from Tony this rights where a certain number. Murders and number here got 280. Billion dollars is what we spend our prescription medications 280 billion with a B. To treat a disease that is completely correct sort out any depressants. That earlier also assassin soften our past we got a Garrett though we had his forgiveness I mean that's what the biggest problem they would studies of forgiving him right. How we hold these these these old sins are or these things that people are harmed us physically emotionally abuse this whatever throughout life in and I get that that's a bad thing. But you have to learn forgiveness because if you never forgive that person as a matter what you do you have to forgive that person to get through that if not they are abusing you your whole entire life that is that is happening with depression. Forgive the people that abuse you physically or emotionally or whatever you went through it was a horrible thing I understand that but that the got our should tells me to forgive her my regards what they do rank. It's a you have to forgive that person even if you don't want to because without doing that subconsciously you can't release any of that and no matter what you do you're still one of the battle with that so a's starter forgiving people that's wire first essential it in the five essentials is maxed mine forgive the people that have hurt you. You have physically emotionally whatever. Spiritually whatever forgive those people figure of those organizations so you can move always your life so they don't suppress and cause problems do you like they did when you're younger because if yours had to forgive us people you're arguing that your whole entire life you will take its in the grave which you do not need to do. And number one it is is forgiveness people and then you can do these things that we talk about us take this up miceli recommend that helps you get through that. Now we're not saying stop your your. Prescriptions immediately and take what we we recommend that it's a process right. We we tell people start taking these items right now and there is about 46 weeks and you begin to wean yourself off those many cases that is the protocol we use our patients we start them when we first clear the nervous system which will talk about after the break who I'm literally won't say that the nerve tracks in the the nuclear guide all that scientific data sup this summer you guys need to hear which I wrote let's talk about as boring but some people need to hear the data in the U surtax. Outside that you like the facts. I'm just an emotion is a guy go to motion but I'll give all that after the break that the it but before we do anything we clearly nervous system that we starts you're almost certain sub mr. recommended and then in six weeks who begin to slowly wean you off those eight to press some within you know six to twelve weeks is when you get off that stuff after you start to pack patient us and you get your life back. So the Andersen knew you need to give us a Collison is toss. Ryan look fairly start right meal I mean even typically most people even if you not depressed now we alleys. Tennis hasn't sentencing in science even after the holidays his qualities and one at playing get started. Many out. And make a plane at 86432629. CNN Manchester claim that time. He just want more from I Cheney can get high enough green bullet that com that if you raid the senate appointment. An amber again SA 643 T sixty nines yamana offices located. I only different racquet behind manes Japanese take caps. We deep just and is on insurance companies get angry Medicare Brad including many campaign afraid prestigious kind of be 45 times can that member. 86 where at 318169. CNN. It's a move forward go to break else coolness research article off it was published October 194016. Surges this is there any sense yet just another month to soar ago. Poured off now after news.com. Doctor Isabel Z is the the author this. And baseless says this this is doctors are now prescribing antidepressants for all sorts of medical problems. With one recent study finding that only half of the a depressant prescriptions written. In the last decade were actually for depression so half of the medications written in the last decade were only four that the depression the other half of the depression medication was written for something else right. His doctors to allow these drugs for chronic pain insomnia migraines fibromyalgia. And they are also regularly prescribe them for off label conditions that they have not even gain approval to treats in fact two thirds of eight oppressed is described priests are for something other than depression. So two thirds of any impressions are actually prescribe something other than depression not good we're gonna take a quick commercial break your Cinemax must. Radio will we change the way people view and manage your health and we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximized living gold validate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're listen. And maximizing your radio show we are changing the way people view inmates or else I'm your host doctor Joshua Derek DC and here 'cause this case he can't. This week guys if you're just tuning in we are talking about any depressants are one of the big things out or her depression. Rather one of the big things that up plagues us this Tommy year. This is December we're talking about all the different holiday stresses in life. Last week he was asleep being from from from stress lack of sleep rather in the in this week is all about depression so if you're taking depression medications are. Like antidepressants SSR arises we column all these different things you wanna make sure you stay tuned two this week show if you missed segment go back and look it up on the web and listen to it on the web site. But I app out I don't know if you guys noticed is not let them they're in the last segment. I was side describing what some other you know policy on you now half full depression medications the last ten years have been described for things other than depression. And two thirds of depression medications are actually described this year this past year for things other than depression so that's that's a big problem it's the things they beast they prescribed. People didn't get things a priest he prescribed. Depression medications for other than a pressure valves talking about cronies is chronic pain insomnia migraines have far browser are the four big things that they prescribe people depression medication other than if they're depressed or not. But what I did know if you guys realized not before that house talk about all the major side effects have a list of the top seven side effects for all depression medications. And they were migraines weight gain suicide sexual side effects sleep the services. In physical symptoms like joint pain muscle pain is so when you go back and look. They're prescribing. Patients in our country depression medications. For chronic pain insomnia migraines if farm alliger which is four out of the seven top. Side effects of depression medication. Where is this MIC how that's an insane to me I mean am I the only one seeing this paper describing people medications that caused the problem they actually have. Right and and that's it reiterates gains and depression have already. XP eighteen maybe even some weight Gainer since exactly what are not turned it. Sarah is not helping any points if anything this is making it became more aware sir adding time teammates aches and pains and and no weight gain won't erase gains and I had cancer and Stephanie. When I sainthood is paying him been made her very rash not fail at the coliseum things. And actually get here IMAX Nashville won't give way to make an appointment an hour clinic that number is 8643262909. Our office is okay only different. Brandon behind manes tap any steak house I can't he's 64326290. And I. And what we didn't talk about was only we soared briefly mention is. People that are bipolar depressed hat also have suicidal thoughts and they get prescribing to presses because of their seuss how Tennessee's but the number warden I mean if you were taking aim to press I challenge you I dare you if you don't. You're you're you're just doesn't make sense to me but I challenge you endear you to look up the prescription medication you're having simply go to drugs dot com don't take my word for get a drugstore com type in the name of your prescription medication and anti been so up packs all side effects so whatever you're taking a historic side effects on drugs dot com or just on Google if you don't want to drug dot com. And see what all the side effects are the normal side effect for all these medications is suicide. And so that is why are suicide rates have actually doubled in our country cents over the past ten years when these any person and actually taken off they start prescribing all of these 'cause of suicide going up and next is is it coming down is actually double the research shows it has doubled. The mass suicides in our press you more people die from suicides. In our courage now than it did accidents and in some cases from taking his medication so why are we due east it's insane we're doing the exact same thing you keep doing the same thing over and over gained in the same results that is the definition of insanity you have to do something different that is why maximizing we take a completely different approach were completely off the law something you never experience and tried before and that's how we actually get the results you have a problem. We wanna be a solution. If you have a problem you're taking medications that is not the solution you still have the disease think about it we want to be the solution do so. Think different we're gonna take a quick commercial break and listen to maximize the new radio we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living golden holiday 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living up maximize life. Welcome back everyone Uranus is the maximizes radio show more or change the way people view administer health I'm your host doctor Joshua Derek DC. Nanny at 'cause the states he can't. As this week we are talking about eight depressants are continuing our series on holiday stresses last week was sleeping this week is depression. A lot of people were going through this system your horrible thing to deal with during the holidays. And top quality seizing causes this to flare a lot of people. 60% of our countries actually taken a depression drug to deal with depression or something related to that which is not good. So we wanna give you guys are resources in the hope sexy changed that. You do not need to get through this holiday season dealing with depression. Or dealing with something similar to that. There's other ways out there if if you missed the first part of this the show we were talking about you could actually take. Takes doubling will be which has lot of niacin in it. Us sub lingual B which is a liquid form you can earn your tongue which is your B vitamins you put on your tongue it's best to do under the tongs he quickly absorb it. And take a Tubal whole C tablet with that. Chu will seek to chew it up so it absorbs really quickly with a with a liquid supplement will be that actually raises serotonin levels in the brain almost incidentally just like the medications do for depression so does that same thing well the side effects and probably a fraction of the costs as well but I know someone will be we have our offices slight. What eighteen dollars for two months supply resting a sore right on nine dollars a month to do that guy is crazy. That take you with some it's a whole seats you'll look tablets makes air toting youth go open the brain makes you feel gives you energy does I think depression medications the only this stupid jump right so so get right to this the beginning of the show I talked about als actually will give you guys the science in the data behind. What what causes the that that the serotonin to come down and and a decrease in the brain that actually causal we call the chemical imbalance of depression. I yes thoughts in our history in our ally physical emotional all listings a fact that's. But that it but it fit it affects it more than others when there's an issue there and so we wanna do what I wanna do for those our view that like the heady stuff for the the data behind in sort of the the brainy nerdy stuff which I'm already getting into but I wanna give that for those listeners that do I want to go through the pathways and actually how law. How the nervous system actually affects the chemicals and hormones in the brain because if she knows what if you shoot me not knows if you know what actually causes. Depression. Are chemically that's how would you get the solution to correct it. So when you have your serotonin levels go low four from stress physically emotionally whatever we call that depression. And it's brought on by physical or emotional response from our history or work won't be right now. And so the brains makes this drug called core resolve this Huskies you know the brain but the body makes this thing called cortisol which is a stress hormone when it goes up it affects all these things like serotonin don't mean testosterone session everything it's a stress hormone. So are you wanna bring that stress hormone down but the way this happens is this so now some of these words or are very big and ask them sort of announce some but what happens is. There is a nerve tracked in the brains them right at the base your brain regulars into the net for your so region that actually controls and regulates all these chemicals in the brain including serotonin right. This part of your and assists or more your automatic speech is here you are numbing nervous system that is the part of the nervous system that controls everything automatically based on the body's needs your responses we got you have to think about it. So you don't sit there and think of to make this chemicals it doesn't cause and an assist summer are not nervous system. This thing called up parent ventricular new Equus which is a big long or an out it's called a pair of ventricular Nicklaus this is the nucleus just like sort of the the gateway you are the intersection like OID five that sort of puts all the traffic in different directions. And this thing directly affects who we call the dorsal motor nucleus of the Vegas nerve which regulates everything in the body from hormones. To your heartbeat to your breeding rates are sleeping conditions. Impetus I mean all these different things are controlled by the Vegas nerve that is part of the crate and are just sit on your brains and so if you're putting pressure. On that pair ventricular Nicklaus it affects we call the dorsal motor nucleus of the Vegas nerve. Which actually affects the dorsal want to chuckle for six dealers or the DL left which actually says the signal from the base of the brain to the part of the brain that regulate in makes the serotonin. Right and so. Long story short in English. When you put pressure on the the Nuremburg in your brains down because of trauma stuff to toxins. It affects the signaled quote from that part of the bio that tells that the brain to make serotonin it cuts it off and so the brain does that make enough serotonin in the in the dorsal part of the middle of the front and actually make you feel good so long story short I'm pinching the nerve in the basic your neck that is affecting how much body how much serotonin your body makes makes you feel good. Why is that important that actually ten this is why that actually tells you the pathway in Howell sub station or pressure Ohman are resistant and actually effect that par on the brains. So if you are somebody has stressing your life is clear emotional from a past or current future you're going to be more apt to develop what we call depression because the brain is not communicating and I never say it's a chemical imbalance because of that nerve tract issue it's a chemical problem sonar country retreat with the whites. At cannot uphill or another chemical and bounces it out I. For those you that you know won't treat a chemical imbalance with the chemical which I don't blame you we can simply take the pressure off that part of your nervous system so there's no interfered so your body can then do it needs to do naturally regulate its own chemicals without the assistance of an SS RI or a depressant medications so if you're so might this depressed. It is never had that nerve nervous system looked or never had that nucleus looked at by your doctor to a scant or a common extra they actually an extra that areas show where that pressure on the nervous into the spine then you need to do this that is what we do on day one what are are depressed patients we look at that. Part of a nervous system that could controls and effects that. Track that controls intelligent Biden makes territory not if there's interferes there we released that in a fierce to a series of adjustments are treatments of the upper circle part of the spine it takes the pressure off that nerve root for the body can do what he's due in then you can safely wean yourself off as a depressant so if you never had that test done or that procedure done a wanna know more about that please schedule poll me me as soon as possible. And this makes him as much chance to be able to figure out what's causing it persons is getting and then native of the problem to begin with and not really fixing it. And having stemming eSATA fan access. They said this is just sat at fat free is only UConn 8643262909. This is our plane that mind he had mark questions seeking our web site and Allan green bullet that com. But if you re making a playmate had drawn a line in the sane insane enough is enough attacking Ellis cause senior. He probably had in a depression. You depression year event it's in his step and forget Nancy thinks thinks that they start and an affecting the nervous system and we have ticket is Claire wind and that member again as a 643 T 169 CNN nine. And as if you're somebody that wants more proof for. You wanna hear some stories are cease and testimonies or videos from people please go to YouTube and type in maximize living. And you depression or maximize living depression so so type incipient YouTube on the video section typed in maximize living. In the word depression. And there's hundreds of videos from patients from Mike -- other Macs guzzling planes in the air around the country that have gotten off -- depression medications and tell me if it now this crazies if you're somebody has farm out to type in Max Muslim fibromyalgia if it's high blood pressure -- was living high blood pressure if this type two diabetes type in Maxima as living type two diabetes on YouTube and you can see that tens of thousands of videos from testimony is from my office other offices all around the country that do the exact same things you can hear from real people not just from my voice on the radio but seeing people and faces and test -- hear stories of people that share their testimony is what what we do -- -- living right there on YouTube so if you need more. Candidates are you wanna hear from people that actually go through it typed in maximize living plus the word depression or whatever your deal with right now and you can see all the testimony is out there of people that are going up the medications completed our five essentials programs and actually are getting better the right way vs the wrong way. So I snapped limit line that number again is a successful learnt to week T 6909. That's chair claimant on. Out this is suffocating her only different ran behind manes Japanese take cas hearing queen full. And a half first minus 45 times the typical state in the selling insurance companies. I including Medicare that's may first is today's 45 times again to make up point 886 foyer 318169. Scene and down. And in getting guys when it comes a dog depression we're actually getting to the cause of that. From that big long than that that net very deep sex and just talked about how the depression actually affects the brain and what what causes and things like that where those nerve tracks. We're simply. Looking at that part of that the spine that pre texting controls that area take the pressure off their through a series of treatments we're doing our office noninvasive non surgical that plus some things are gonna have to do a home on a regular basis to rehab those errors and guess what they mean within six to twelve weeks no more depression no more medications you can enjoys going into the springtime guess what you're not gonna be depressed come Easter you're going to be on top of the world. Yes you're right now people like to wait and say well wanna wait till the beginning of the year. Everybody's excuses this time Mir was it's a holiday so it's busy always the first of the year. I had always heard here. First years this is Steve's for it not to happen and then the first a year guest list are to ever again. Can't cherry ensures a doctoral I also actually cost you more money in the beginning of the year verses is does this time here where you boarding major deductibles right. Do it now he ordered major deductible seeing got to pay a stupid deductible in vs way until January at the pay deductible or arrogant do it now dinner with vs weights again a year so wartime that number. 8643. T sixteen and as you and I miss our plane mind taking an 864. Three T sixteen and CNN has and has sent their phone landscape. And a cloud that I feed Arab once someplace is hit and I say Cilic if you can't back this current team again a 643 T sixteen times here and I. If you just need more information always go to our website ML green will dot com and this ML Greenwood dot com. Or go to YouTube and type in maximize living Pletcher conditioning you can see all the people that when winter condition we've actually help there's tens of thousand videos up there obviously it so. This talk about depression this week guys in our holiday stress series. Owner did some quick facts not pulled this off flow of the user. Is that the name is article is making money from addiction. Thirty million Americans donated presents an assist point facts on America's big pharma nightmare and I'm Michael go through all twenty of these we don't have time but I wanna go to him for him to give the highlights at pulled this off. Our global research on dot com is what it is global research dot com if you are look at this article. It's called making money from addictions thirty million Americans on a depressant so. This is according to the New York Times. More than thirty million Americans are actually currently taking any depressant which is Al the roof price another they were here says this is on average. One point this is on average teens and our country these are teenagers on average one point it seemed to know what to on average. Teenagers are taking 1 point 2 north central nervous system drugs meaning you'll averaged. They take over 11 to two medications. Her team in our country so if your team doesn't take any medications that means your friends your teen's friends the schools are taken to a three to cover the once your and your son or daughter's not taking so on average for every team in our country one point two medications are actually prescribed. A that's more medications prescribed in teens and our country. 48 depressants for things like ADHD. Offer things like a depression anxiety bipolar. I mean this is self and it's actually through the roof trying to. And it employers CNN SR next generation and their current already starting and a younger. Aids and now having it Haiti's communications. What is let SF feature kind of bureaucrat neon. Yeah I was actually he's floored room read this it says here this says. Not not all school systems mother certain school systems in in our country. Now I checked degree will cow eyes include this or Laura skies inclusion on our Anderson but there is certain school systems our country that get actually money from the government so the more people the more children that actually take medication for ADHD this the government gives us certain school districts in grants based on how many kids take ADHD medications or if you're a school system wow. It's it's in business says for you to push these ADHD medications on your kids because you're gonna get more money from the government for your school system. So the more kids are taking ADHD drugs or schools means the more that that the more amount of money that the government actually gives that school district system because of the monarchy is on ADHD medications that we wonder why you're you're your kids are coming home when your teachers are saying maybe seemed particularly ADHD medication now I'm not market teachers follow TU SC locker teachers in my practice and emotional ones I know take these ADHD medications because they've put that make their students in the zombies really can't learning thing. But there is the teachers out there that say well we just put this kid on medication that they're acting now maybe it's not some Lester acting out maybe there's something else going on and so a lot of kids are taking these ADHD medications and that the school targeting money from the government because of that so that's that's a huge thing one point two kids are actually taking part she's me every teen takes an hour to one point two prescription medications for ADHD in our country. Not just that there. I another one. Us is a very disturbing Government Accountability Office report found that approximate 13 of all children in Foster care actually take a psych interpret drug. 13 of all the kids in Foster care actually taken these drugs. And that sometimes they're the Guinea pig which is sad comment yes they have behavioral issues yes and oppressed because there orphans and their work was that there are no moma and Obama to make the problems worse and we wonder why they never make it into the system is a that make it back into the system which is the prison system when they get out. It's a horrible thing they're doing to these these Q is that everybody else's abandoned already. Haas is one it's one study discovered that mothers who took Ain depressants during pregnancy were four times more likely. To have a baby that developed autism spectrum disorder so fury when a mother or woman taking a depressants. In your pregnant or you to gain oppressed as before your pregnancy. Guess what accordance to the research your your baby is four times more prevalent to developing a certain type autism spectrum disorders. That that's scary right there in his self right and guess who were the guess what looks percent of the population takes the most amount of an impressive it's. Women. If they women ages 25 to 45. That is the biggest segment of women that take any depressants women ages 2.5 to like forty Farrah fifty and that is a segment of the population has the most baby's liver and this camp crying in times have you -- enjoying last India and Pakistan student does this somebody an American dies from unintentional overdose from these medications every nineteen minutes in our country every ninety minutes somebody dies from these drugs every ninety minutes someone dies from these drugs. Going or about her time as says. And it presents as been willing to all the mash so the Tony over the last forty years the single common thing in all these g.s of mass shootings had across the country in schools holes guess what's. Eight depressants now I'll have times are about out of time and it's one saves up but I haven't aren't we hear that list every mass shooting over the past twenty years and every single one on this link by the same common thing that the shooter was either on antidepressants during the shooting or slightly before the when he come off of rallied so yeah that. You don't hear that to me because guess what that's for meeting its other advertising some anonymous is that. But we'll take a quick commercial break you listen to maximizing radio or retains the way people view him as her health and we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximized living gold validate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're as the maximize living radio show where changed the way people. Be remiss or else I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC and here 'cause state seeking. Guys on this week we had a long so we're talking about the eight oppressive problem in our country Indian depressing going into holiday season this Tommy here we talked about you know that that. The 60% of our society it actually takes these medications. The 280 billion dollars are spent every year on prescription medications rated depressants all the side affects all of that the issues with it. I mean all these things in. And to continue to make this. You know. If this is. A fortune this is a normal thing that's occurring our society that we almost some I mean I personally have fame immersed family members myself that are all later presses and I ask see their lies before they go all the medications innocent lives after their on the Medicare I. Some towns are gold aura spot paralyzed and so we get a doctor and they prescribe this Gator presence it was like OK what is take a temporary help me get do this stressful situation I'm going in ending in it getting. Destroyed about these drugs I've I've seen people's faces and their livelihood completely change when they sort of these medications and they took them thinking that it was gonna help with that's what they're told. And estimate they had no hope so they fell to this unfortunate fell victim to this. And they started taking these medications he of people my own family and then within six months are completely different person. Years down the road there there will worse now than they were before the start of the medications and they're battling trying to get off these medications they heard ticked of they day they destroy your whole entire life and unfortunately it affects my family dislike it affects everybody else's family so if you were somebody is going through this. And you don't want to see this anymore give them some hope or if you need hope and give yourself some hope. Give us a call a maximize living do your research Tribune do you recall we give us a call so we can get you off these medications and we can. I'll give you back your god given potential we don't walk around like a zombie in the fog anymore we won't express health not suppress it these medications do nothing but suppress your health. In your livelihood let's get you off those are you actually can experience can help. Not suffer because of your your poor health and so that's as always you are this is a maximizing radio what we are changed the way people view in Mansur health and remember this is our ministry is our businesses is what we do as we're called to do. We would love to chairman issue with you or your church your organization or union division so until next week. Remember the yourself as everyone else is taking. Thank you for listening to maximize Libby. We're we're changing the way people view and manage their health. Caldwell an 8643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living a maximize life. Join us again next time for another edition of maximize living.