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Hello Beautiful - Summer Skin - 070316

Jul 3, 2016|

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The best. You both. Financial Nancy Skinner in Sydney Jackson Emery after thirty rejuvenation cents in here to talk about tips tricks and celebrity secret. An end of this week it's great because we're gonna talk about how to how soft sand. So apple summer skin and it smell that is about well. Soft summer supple skin exactly exactly because most times in the summer you can either overdo it by name. Becoming. Like a I have a reason because you're not using sunscreen. Great serve dead razor survey have order you can try to Wear too much make up because your hiding the sun damage that you're getting when they're on the beach Trisha not doing the right thing. Even if it's interesting. Oh in the senate where allies today at the epic has I don't wanna risk. Send an anyone but I remember how men really nice conversation with a very beautiful woman. And I was looking at her and how pretty she as in she's she is a little older and am I imagining that she's probably safeties. Are they extremely people however that being said I cannot say talent that she's probably used to be very attractive. And and she's made she's probably continue to add Jamaica eat darker I make more face make up. And doesn't realize that she can do a few key teens to not need to. More beautiful eyes I totally agree Angela. And in fact that is one of the things as we start. Try to cover back. Try to cover some damage or lines we think that try to cover up blinds the first thing that as women we do is we go to make account arm. And then were told from a great salesperson. By the east primer is by these bases by these powders bye bye bye but all your doing is you're not addressing the problem you're covering it up. So we can get it to a whole different power of make up a lot less that you would be looked. Just just fine using if you adjust to some simple trick answer we'll talk about. And then some simple prop changes as a list just a moment this guys now things are being pulled and helps scanned true very true and sit if we had healthy skin. And you know and we Jason they're simple things and we Annette today were really talk gonna talk about mainly product. The kids are some things we continued even server slicing at that time external suites skin pants to help keep healthy skin. And then you so right type of products to keep that healthy we will need easily match count no you really down. Let's start off with Dervis accuses you know that's one of my favorite gadgets. And generous with his out of California com we are the first to bring it they upstate com and we are the only place pretty much that you can get it done here in the upstate. On dirt this it was great has it has literally replaced facials and my secretary reparation ways better than backed it is better than that. So in the olden times you know the best thing to do for skin. Was to look at official. And oftentimes people we catch you AD's stock. Where they would have official John and yes you would leave in your skin won't feel soft spent there would be no change to that scanned has or not he's in products that create change. The other thing we came along was Mike returned reparations and that was a big caught word and basically those are crystals that were being. Striking the face at a very high intensity and they were actually. Using it on skin types that really could not tolerate that. So the risk with micro germ reparation is it does make your fish read it does explode defaced but if you've got. Thin skin if you covers Asia if you've got an act makes canned you're going to make your skin look worse before it looks better. So with German sweep but they did as they've patented ahead at that actually it's clearly it's a skin that's a rubber piece. So that you can get all latch on coffee or scam which she won a jail. And then from there they have several different infusions that you can go ahead and use and infuse those. Whatever type of confusion you need back in your skin to give yourself a Cologne should help brighten skin to help with packed me. But it's just amazing it's really one of those treatments where you can have a time. Walk out in in fact you don't even need make up after that is your skin glows. It is where they Seamus truly low and it's you had a more that you. In Alice looking and one of our doctors. For the weekend teen and her skin and when she started what else she's beautiful and you rank but am I imagine she's in her fifties close to sixteen yes and Ian. She looks her skin executioner. It does and then enter received this morning her favorite things it is that. A lot of people love marketer reparation yet people eleven OK. Either is get a free. And you get really good results or isn't some things that have cost challenges street ever come out to to scant. The German sweep it sent for OSCON times. And what she got through an installing it that scanned. But there's infusions with a suction walking right into an external layer and putting messing around into the journal layer there's infusions. The difference it makes it teach you that it makes you want to have one now I know it does it does. No it is it's a great treatment an ounce you can do this is a standalone treatment once or you can go ahead and do it as a series. The A Lister in Hollywood always do this treatment before any awards ceremony. And let's talk about it because there are different patients says a lot of people on Highlander now and forget and something caught the red carpet ready yes. In the red carpet ready. Gotta hide ironic accident so it's gonna help with fine minds and pumping up the stand it's got a bit of a bright parents say you're gonna actually have your skin. Look a little more bright get rid of some of the redness may be some of the browns that are in the scanned and then a Scotch. On us something to stimulate collagen C gonna get the after effects as well. I love red carpet ready so that is my choice AVG red carpet ready your new cell whenever I get them. And if you wanna think about German sweep if you're on a budget. Look at it this way from taking care of your skin has a vision calling card you really do wanna focus on not. I would. Recommend a journalist with at least once a month however. If you're just getting started and you are concerned a budget do it once a season. Every time we change seasons so when you going to summer which were going into now. Do a German sweep is it going to fall to Dervis sweet it's gonna get rid of all that sun damage that you accumulated. Over the summer months. As we go into winner to a German sweep it's gonna prepare your skin because we're gonna need to start to talk about more Easter rising at that point. Really through the summer her arms her through the winter. And then as the go into spring again who's who's not taken a trip in the spring I mean we know there's a lot of spring breaks dude German sweep. On best case scenario though is once a month or did you amid a series of three with. Complementing them with another treatment such as our famous stint country passed which I'm in love. And and I know you are. Tonight it was a talk about that too after their weekend in arms what the differences between skin penned like a fractional laser and so the reality is they're really the same premise. Fractional lasers burn little tiny. Channels are holed from the scan and help the cause him Philip then. The difference said is with that there's a burner with burning there is always easy kick to grab burning skin and eighteen cent that core likes he. Changing the skin yes. Downtime yes yes yes absolutely week one week two weeks or something like that. Skin and doesn't it with them later we now on the skin citizen very comfortable procedure pure and armed. But it does it's physically mechanically create since little channels and scan and it. Genius like twelve for thirteen my cranial thing happened family tree create thousands older channels and the skin. That the concession to burnish an eighteen and that means that you're gonna look really sunburn that they get it done in the next day. Mineral Macon maybe you just have a little bit Keller exactly exactly no downtime really know there's not and so both these things are great to do in the summer or year round but specifically in the summer so that you can. Have healthy supple summer skin and guess what guys when your scandalous dead you don't still light. Hi Eileen on that then I got. That's very true and yet got ice for the U guys journalist shameless talk about that and then it in a nice guys don't wreck out. Now can I have found that gave MS isn't down. And you guys eat that's a problem without like you know Latin Alec a little older I look a little gray are actually out like it looked younger in half some. Send supple summer Scania man won a college you know like that masculine summer scant but you know let. These tickets will help you guys to. They will in fact 40% of our mail clients dude get get Dervis sweeps on a regular basis and they do skin pants on a regular basis. So you're never too young to start with either of those treatments and you're never too we'll start with either of those two treatments you just want to get started. So remember we do have three convenient locations in the upstate we've got McBee station. Highway fourteen and Pelham road. We also have a location at the beach morals and let. And to reach any of those locations it's one easy phone number to remember and that's 37230. Three. And you can always find is on the Internet at back to thirty dot com that's back. T and the number thirty dot com and as YouTube channel and I'm the son faced back. Yes we're always posting stuff out there just knew things in the industry in fact one of the post we recently did was on mine used favorite product HA fives. And say in this as well we want you to remember when you think about H excited and we want eater remember the phrase that raises your bad. And during surrogate and a great circuit had cancer better than racism against a scan anyway exactly great are again well and interestingly enough and I. Know financially you go and kind of explain the parameters around HE five. But one of the unique things about this project as well as for those of you out there who are getting Botox if you use this product immediately after you get per talks. You see the difference hit. And that's like he said Brad Todd set we we called it broke ties when you if you're we chairman and yes we do culprit toxic app that talks for girls Brett talks about ways. And it does one product is just amazing so Angela do you want to explain to them how they came up with the teaching fun Leavitt said HK five HJ stands for how ironic access. I stand for fat tight so declare hasn't been real quickly. Asked how acid is huge that's work right now it is so you'll see up on the products have HAR how to tacitly tonight. Says. Marist lab current gases are a song. The molecule size is too large to penetrate. The lip of layers of skin and take folic acid by the way and I need to clarify that. Hatchet job as how your pellet mean it loves water. And so is gonna hole depending taken out ten times a hundred times a thousand times its way and water. So we'd lose a lot of water or moisture or hydration to the scans we age you know because we nationally happy how I cast that in this scan but as we age we quick look at some mention it. Can release and it fashion and in Macon. Laments peace prize to have parent Katz said he penetrated Atlanta player at the paddling skiing in. So what happens is it sits on top of the scan an iPad products to do this to me. Says think about what happens if it's Patrick Celek and it's gonna hold its a lot of water. Cain get into this unit sitting on top of that skin what do you think is tapping into the water and moisture inside the scan and. Pick me let me answer any do you have a guess a lot of my guess is it's going to suck the water and the moisture from your skin. And you know look like I'm in very send a payment pencils and anonymous reason don't we always be perfect grips just try yes then sharp pain it's no sharp pains. Send armed. The interesting being with HI flag is a scan Matt Kemp. Am product skin mannequin does more research in about that pretty much anybody in and actually it's part of Alcan which is the largest since that company in the world can. Has partnered with Kaiser. So it means you can trust a research and development he meant that the science is there. What HA pat past five different types of panic cast and has carrier molecules they carry it. NT to scan which parents again so most of the second out it's gonna draw moisture and so we're gonna do other things it even has time released. Armed Karen Cassidy meaning we're gonna get and send hydration from senate then we're gonna hats on their release a silent and the next an hour and the coolest part about sending. Sent excited about this particular technology and is. I liked it. Refer to as chit chatting that the how ironic acid molecules in that they take sigh chit chat whether on how to run a cast and producers. And tell us and teaches ourselves. How to make more there and how ironic accent says the longer you use it then more. Results in improved that you're gonna see because not only are we adding I think that the longer we used at the more American in my car and she's gonna start to see that nice plot hydration and I'm gonna have to tell you guys I noticed it and sandy says he's got great skin any length armed. But I did see a difference he's sending and I specifically said okay. What eighty changed and I I know you did and you know me I'm one of those people if something comes out of when I learned about it. Yes and I want to test it because if it is something that's gonna work I will sing praises for if it's something that I truly. Don't see that it's not gonna work I don't wanna use and I don't wanna suggest to anyone and when my static background. It's important for me to continue to understand how good skin should feel and look in the best way to get there and I am in love. In love them love them love with HA five while I'm in love with it cheap because it first cents. I have some and I like him in a statement that. But when south to rescind your scanned and you realize what a wise at K so this Howard has a proud. Really does work he does say that I strategies and and I can see the difference in my scanned and have had people comment on my skin cents. Love it guys love Atlanta this is a game changer product. It really does work and how would be dairy upset to not habit and my medicine cabinet that's absolutely the well and it just alien. Up one of the things that I've done with teaching five. As I've also paired it with my tee and that's essential singer and and I'm one of those I kind of like to be my own little camp most. So I'd sell for a minute I oftentimes go to bed at night without washing my phase and take you might make a pop. Guilty. It's just you know it's one of those things that is a habit I'm gonna try to parade in 2006 team. But in the meantime because I'm using my halfway there at a certain point that out I'd show I just I've got about six Mets again. I because amusing game changer products it helps me forgive. The areas where I'm not taking care of my skin to the extent that I probably should be. So in the morning miles per routine as a wake up I will use them once Turks as Mitt cleanser and on my case I have a particular ice cream that I like that helps open up the it's the youth eyes from his clinical I'll take the channels essential serum because it is a goatee product it's got four products and one. It has the growth factors the anti oxidant that peptides. One public and it's got enough slip and it that I can actually apply it to my face then use my fingers to drag it down through mine act. And then I put the H a five right on top about honestly right now by doing those two things. I sometimes don't even need a boisterous or because those two game changer isn't so mall in this. I'll look to is shinning eSATA and an even Ali skin can you say guys that can just say non greasy moisturizer because. AJ fact remember just holds water yes so hydrates the skin without degrees. Bet but also addressed can you can use it because I tend to be giant. And I don't is a moisturizer I their won Emmys in these products like asthma skin of San. Moist yes it does love it. And in a point that with the teen Nantes in and you say Greg factor a lot of products do the same thing than saying we had a great actors we have apple growth factor or. Whatever it might be you know and clever wreck factor and I'm they'll silly here. A couple of things that are important to remember not medical grade products may have some good ingredients and then that they are gonna have. To be effective it. K but tenacious enough to say that it's in the air but it won't make change pay everything homes. Thirteen an aspirin factor is not a plant growth factor it is human growth factor yes it was developed. To Iran for burn victims to repair. The damage that was done to burn victim scanned. And what they found is anti aging benefits that come with that because Greg factors happens to Greg content in a cadillacs and other things and anxiously young preening. And supple exactly silly in hand that summer supple. Skin and skin and I think I missed a word in there. I am but they really does happen net of one thing that I remember. You know from knowledge trains that we didn't. Is we believe should growth factors in our skin and after we hit twenty plus contaminant when means we lose to growth factors fashion that we can make them. And we can use plant growth factors and all kinds of things if we want team that nothing is better than human growth factor is just not that's very true. And the cheap price. That we're talking about the T Ennis essential serum for me it's that Gucci product if you're on the go you don't wanna have. Tons of products on your count are re going through complete regiment. That is a one stop shop game changer. HA five I believe everyone needs to have that especially as we go into the summer because again you're gonna be outside in the sun and we want to prevent being racist who wanna be grapes. On but also because their skin medical products if you joined there brilliant distinctions. Which is free you will accrue points and with those points he will then be able to go ahead and use those points to convert to dollars off. Not only on your skin care products but also on Botox and on G that term on kind bella. And unlike cheeks switches helps make your eyelashes longer Dirk or learn learn darker Specter in fact. But we're talking about summer skin the T should be something that we talked about because. How many times have you seen someone put on mascara that has not been waterproof the decides to go in lake go into an ocean colonists maple. And they get out and they look very scary like they're preparing for Halloween with all the black dripping down a day. So it says this. Did back and that is how. It's such a thing it's true waterproof mascara because I just have to cast I changed that a patent mascara on its gonna run. It is I've never found one that's I think true I think that they do a lot of good advertising. In all the conditions it's very hard to make a waterproof anything can you are gonna get smudges and they have ever been alike Connecticut mom are you OK yes like what he had done an exciting. But expertise. Actually tees is so simple to use if he's start using hand mom once a day com and days. In four weeks you're gonna start to notice at eight weeks some of the people that surround you. On at ninety days really you're going to be full correction with your eyelashes but they're longer they're darker and thicker. And the cool thing is once you get your eyelashes longer darker sticker he don't need to use it every day even just use it as maintenance. Com you can actually use was tees on your eye perhaps so oftentimes have anyone been out there you go to have your proud assigned an eyebrow wax. It is very easy for someone to. Over lacks a certain area or near brow and so people tend to want to date that they do tend to want to do that and so lift he's actually is secure for helping you grow your eyebrows back. So that you have more full listener brown. I actually even seen some of our clients utilities. For their hair line. Blue ball in spots because they're aging and need from pulling their hair back when they were younger. Or their hair is thinning they've actually used a little cheese there and it started stimulant. The aircraft was silly ink that's what he does is it actually extends the guy psychological clashes. To our lashes or they grab that fallout they grow they follow and that's the weather's kinda work what looked like teach status is it extends that Greg times say when that flash would typically fallout is gonna continue to grad. And during that process said new latched this coming into replace old latched. Is coming in Steve got the all blacks at Stanley complex for new latched chicken have to girl action smaller volume. They're going to be longer. In fact when I used a taste like I am supposed to ease Ortiz I'll have to trim my eyelashes and has an acoustic kind of touched my arm sunglasses I know. It is a wonderful product. You know one of the things that we have set up in all of our clinics is we have the ability to do a consultation just on products. So we actually we encourage you to bring in your products or take a picture of them. If you do bring them and we do have beens and our clinics for the broken promise and risk is a lot of products they make promises they can't keep. There will sit down with you in we'll go through your regiment and if it's something that you're using. Omelets it's a cleanser on and it's guide me equal PH balance we're not gonna tell you to go up by new concert we're gonna work with what you have however. We will share we TD game changer products that you're gonna need to incorporate into your regiment so that your skin can look the best. And just remember we do complimentary consultations. And our three upstate clinics make peace station highly fourteen and Pelham road. As well some are also went and you can reach those by calling one convenient number that's 37233. I guy she can always find a son and then add back to thirty dot com that's back tee and number thirty dot com. So a product that we have had out now for a couple years that I think it's still a wonderful product is like terror. And my terror was developed actually to help get rid of redness and brown marks in the Stan. And there's another product line out there we won't completely say what it is that search within though. And they have chemical Linux on hydra calm down. I'm how scary stuff to me it's very scary stuff fist and they ended five states it's been blamed in here it is standing here at that place. It it is and the way from the president this link to cancer if you wanna it is linked to cancer and so a lot of people through using his own product. They don't realize that you need to be on it for temporary short period of time knew more than ninety days and then confident. Well Steve medica started to see dead people were staying on that particle longer and of course there's a concern anytime we talk about cancer that's that's a scary work now days is huge what they say that two out of three. Women are gonna have cancer and at 50% amend. Yes they do so. They started developing like terra in order to do two things one is for those individuals that. Need a product that can help them get rid of brightness so slight rose should. Com my heritage I have read notes on I'm Dutch. Mostly at got some English and French and sort of a Heinz 57. From Europe. Bennett because of that IG tend to get red and black she and so let terror works great for me because it helps control those capillaries and helps without redness. It also I used a lifeguard arms so I was the baby oil queen I sat outside from the day. School let out to the days school started and I was at a pool. From sunrise to sunset using baby oil so I created a lot of sun damaged thinking that I was looking very. Great with my hot dark suntan. Now it doesn't look cotton dark. Anymore because I don't do the hat. That like terrorist perfect because what it does is it helps take this brown marks that are deep in the skin brings them to the top surface and then you can X fully at those away. Sit yeah a lot of people don't realize how much imperfections in the scale and share day each. Yes absolutely and and they really Catholic if you look at someone and when they have really clear scanned to an Italian name like I said the person that comes to mind for me as Gwen Stefani yes OK if you look at her I think she's got. That measure the time bleached blond hair at least on the top of the how hot it is a well. First of all people can Wear bleach blond hair and without having perfect skin very chairs and because otherwise it looks ridiculous and you look older. But she has perfect skin and she really does that what like terror dad's is to help get to bring about that even Nance. Nampa Pesci has such perfect skin chip expansion than she is she better forties I think she's 45% of my tax. Look at her skin he'd never get. No you wouldn't she's got them that porcelain look it's very very snooze and the color is just completely even a lot of love to have that you know now I understand of course that when you lose like he used like Tara. On everyone's gonna get that senate as an example I have Irish heritage Cain Irish heritage comes when tackles yes saint. State and a half estimate that. I don't have skin that looks like Gwen Stefani however. It is not Smith Eric. And brighter. And even and younger than it would be if I did not have my Tara. Exactly and with like Terry if you are one of those people who are using the move product. We can of corporately Terry and help you get off of the heidrick and down. And that way you don't have to be worried about the pigmentation coming down because that is part of the problem. If you using a hijacker known product right now and you stop it that hyper pigmentation is gonna come back with a vengeance among. Worse for listing on dancing and we wanna let nice and we wanna have and smooth skin and that not at the risk of cancer. He absolutely any central not just not worth it they really aren't so we know we have so many more products to talk about that I guess at the last thing that we should talk about is. Having some sun protection soak. Yes you do when he use and asked Piaf the one that I know hands on my boat club is our total defense and repair. So what that means is and we bank typically attention. One senate descent she was sent strain and it actually repairs to skin and it's tainted and that's if you had that summer supple beautiful skin and then. I didn't need his attendance and exactly and says. It's not that takes place and using those have been hiccups to return to cover up by just using the total defense and and you don't like younger you're gonna let that does pretty. We'll look back to. And you'll be able to have that soft supple summer and he did it I did it and so everyone looks forward to talking too soon. Inside beautiful.