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Hello Beautiful - Train, Train And Re-Train - 062616

Jun 26, 2016|

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The best. Oh beautiful oh I make sure that the news and I'm Cindy Jackson and we after the incentives in here to talk about tips tricks and celebrity secrets. And insulin this week is very exciting because we always have a saying it back to thirty witches train train. In retrain and so we actually have been doing a time of training that were so excited about and we wanted to share with every. Well this one being about. Back to thirty even when it was they owned it back at thirty was panel to main principles is Cindy Sheehan and and that is to be the Catholic best at what we DH. And to get back to the community. And part of being the best at what we dean means that we hire the best and brightest team members. And then additionally that we continue to develop the skills that they team members. Ian we are told on a consistent basis from the team members that they had never been and an environment where. They are offered sentenced training aid and we've had some of our doctors tell us that we keep returning in the hospital system absolutely and you're right and that is important because. In our industry technology moves pretty fast so there's always something new out there. We spent a lot of time doing our priority research and development development that's really make sure that we understand what is the best on the market because not every new laser is the past not every new. Thing that comes out is the best so we really cherry picker for a lack of better way of saying it the items we bring in and then with that. We constantly want our team members to train train in retrain and learn a new techniques so as an example. I mean we to a lot of Botox we are the number one provider. I'm in the upstate we are with the largest and yet stay the second largest in the state of South Carolina and that we're in that top 1% nationally for about talks which is heat it is huge and we're in the top 20 in the south eastern quadrant which is just amazing when you think about the sad that your little brain Val which is that says smile but it is small. Compared to Charlotte is small compared to new York at smile compared to a lot of places in Florida. Yet we are still in the top twenty. In managed just amazing if he think about it. It is an inert it to have that status yes we do it injections a lot of objections but also part of being in that category of best of the past is also the training that's involved. You know in and that this where I say this Botox is not just Bangkok's. No it's not. I Hansen recently and that when we were to where we are intervening. And I remember you and Ambac were talking to you one of the nurse practitioners that we are in Evian and he made a comment that. When you get back talks down and you get rid of wrinkles in one area that you create them in another and you un I about flipped a little perplexed. And I was thinking went would know then that's not how that works and what that means is that that don't but I expectation that he had seen in the past. Was a very. For forgiving person this way simple minded when it came to Bangkok because you don't have to hand app can and that he he spent time to do. A number of different things absolutely. And sue with and starting off with Botox mom and pound injection technique curiously right Angela if there is. Different styles and it's ever evolving so. Hypothetically if you have a doctor a nurse doesn't matter I'm if they learned how to do Botox 510 years ago. And they have not re educate themselves chances are there during that same old way. But they're not doing it in the more advanced modern way to get that creative look. Who we talked about creative looker full correction. It's really so that you could see how you can look real useful relax like you've been on vacation. Not like. He'd be a Hollywood nightmare took us and we you know we ski we just saying a lot that we want everyone to notice and know when to match. Ian we G spent a lot of time an Africa back to thirty making sure that we can we can't deliver that promise T guys so. Just in that you know we had an ejector that we flew in from the west cast. We Flickr in about a year ago Austin you'd have to get when she's on the west can screen out the starship on the west candidate. And that is with the latest and greatest comes. Adam comes from really in she as a trainer for arrogant but on top of that she educate herself. Unbelievable Lee at all of the best seminars that you can get a tune she's costly training and theory guessing we were sent fortunate to have her. And I would be surprised. If there were any other areas around us how that advanced global knowledge at this point. That's very true button in that produce up the good point because yes we do bring her and most trying innings that take place are generally four hour training storage actors. Ours was actually two full eight hour plus days of tree placid leader like eight hours plus plus for two full days. Mean Keenan are predators were so excited they get up and Friday in new production on Friday. Any and all day Saturday. To cabinet had this training and we're so thankful to have that. And we took a little bit about some things that they'd learned absolutely. He is so first thing we did as widget brick everyone into grips so we have our advanced objectors and those orange actors that have been with us a long time and also how to advance training. And then we hound our other instructors that we were teaching them tips and tricks to become an advance and actor. In we broke it in there that two days so on day one with the advanced training. The first thing that they really learned about was how to look at the face. How to identifying where the muscle mass is our. Where you have bone loss what you would have looked like more useful so they really started it baby step one. An even edit some of the things that may and nailing NAND it was actually verbalize so that they can consciously realize what they're accessing. Sit sit here a couple of things are saying a connection Bangkok's because that was one thing that that she had really haw are. Analysis super impression been in this industry for along time and in in thinking that you pretty much know what can be done and I'm gonna tell you I didn't. Ian watching her work you know sit and listen to her accent she's Russian Asia China Ukraine anyways at. She could tell you to do anything and you would say yes man and love listening to her talk that is stretched it. But she. So I talked little about that talks say typical that talks and payments every doctor that I ever been to it prior to back to thirty. Pretty much we deemed that. Area right between the eyebrows content that LaBelle area. Usually where they say you get your number eleven that's right. They also will do your forehead. And typically around and I says the Christie its cars feet ten. Pretty sensitive every now and then you'll get someone who would do a tiny little ball. Around the plant for you can look around the nanny is the city here's the same. Well it was really showing. The practitioners Howard Dean since special things as an example as we age our lips curve going yes. And what a lot of people will dean is strictly gang to filler for the area and I'll bet that is Mary. That is it not that plane and KV addition to that really would be to do a tiny. But I AME file be next year and phony sound a little but at that talks they're seeking collecting. If you don't have a muscle car certainly pulling it can't they do not create the lines that come with a frown. And you have a much more youthful appearance Ian delay will kind. Roll out naturally and very can't. Says theory inexpensive way to have a nice and I changing your life that looks more youthful absolutely. And just the start of really when you're licking your lips if you see that you can't find answers your lives are thinning. That is the place if you don't wanna commit to fill right on Medicaid you can at least start with Botox and that area and then later in Q filler. 'cause we all do lose volume and lips that's one of the first places to use it and it makes it really does agents if you think about. You know as we editing my grandfather again talk about under their lot locked my grandmother. And facility that she's not witness the average member hurt her lips on his bullet theory small on Geary. Hearst against its EU EUs that work for that in issues because she was agent and that's what happens that we have to have that. The teen that was really interesting with all that growth in the rain is the she taught the practitioners. Have to not just get a simple brow lift. How you can look at him brown and really truly shake it had happened from Nance says that that talks in a way. To keep you around Ireland caloric. A more pointed arch the war and they're shopping cart that's what you want and something else Cindy semi people they get for him ticket they're like people he'll go in and get back for the market. In. What you'll see it as a silent on. Lebanese anchors dominant political check it over the weekend. It is an eerie light hot happening to an end to their four. And there spit out what to Napoli and in my hairline he sluggish wrinkles yes and so how do you correct. Instant she went to had a cracked that loaned you one thing that really stack up to me is. If you look at people as they age. And to be honest with T you know am I am parlay it really became independent suspiciously she pointed to me to share what Beckett cracked. And that's my first player. And depth look tense the muscles and the neck if you look on the side of the neck particularly in women as we age. Will happen is we'll get that ball land and it kind of sticks out I'm anxious for scan tore. Yes it does cake and says they can actually inland and little that toxic to relax and it says that leak in and a youthful. Neck absolutely easy easy fixes Scott did you like 1015 minute appointments in. It truly is and Botox you know let's also what we're talking about Botox there's a lot of myths about the talks and the fact that it's like keep botulism. And that it can cause someone to be paralyzed. That is only if you're doing it as a medicinal treatment using a very very high dosage picky eating guys and it can be yeah he's got to eat it that's like yes that's one at never went things that would have to app meant exactly so Botox is extremely extremely safe in fact it's the number one cosmetic treatment in the world so it's actually the first thing that most people do. When they start to see the signs of aging. And in our industry one of the things we do get back to thirty is we also do what we call full correction. Because if you're coming in and you're noticing something we're gonna be very honest with you and tell you. What you would need to do is like filling up your gas tank you don't drive to the casting their gas station just to put it. A quarter of attention if you're driving and you wanna fill that tank up. Then as you continue driving you don't wait to earlier on EEE in the light is going off to put more gas. Same thing with Botox so Botox used it last anywhere from three to four months cosmetically in the face. If you're doing your under arms for her for her interest so so obviously lost a lot longer at that can be 69 months sometimes up to a year depending on your body. That we will schedule out here next treatments so that you're never going back to that initial baseline you're always gonna maintain that natural. Youthful look and that's the key guys it's natural soul food when you have a great practitioner. Here is truly as skilled. Artist. What's gonna happen in Asia gonna have a varied germanic change that no one really and knowing telling us what you've done. You're not gonna look like a deer in the headlights you're not going to be I am not able to me at all. That you're gonna have natural expressions. And that's what an actor it's very neat that's what we do we really gave. And I just can't tell you how how proud we work. Of the team. And the feedback that we got about the skill level at our team we already named but we've loved hearing that when we've got the cream of the crop in the nation training them. Absolutely. Absolutely. So we did get through full Botox we did it in all the areas that you mentioned also. Talked about bunny lines the lips actually in the Chan. Just really doing a thorough constant consultation and on and looking at the aging face because everyone age is a little bit differently. On she was great because she also used as tools that you always talk about. That would work much younger were like an upside down triangle in the face so our cheekbones are higher our action is a little more appointee John Linus more straight. As we age that triangle reverses itself. Then march and drops and so that triangles. Really on the bottom and then up at the top where the noses mark the point that spot so you end up seeing the jolly. And just going through that one thing made such a difference in how our practitioners started really viewing each other. Yes you're assessing people walking down the street in the seventh they are so excited well. Yet as we age we get that are out spit in the face it starts to restart Italy's and it starts separate. And we start seeing lines and that's when that outside arm triangle hasn't missed. Ian says there's a couple of place sets up really like to address relative T even the filler. Ian Anita as Ian made listen to us every week but if you don't just really quickly ciller is how ironic asset can't. Vicious wasn't togetherness certain mind that how ironic ascent is when the match up on net things in our body and it's Patrick silica laden squad car. So it's gonna hold it. Moisture and depend on house living together man held a hundred times its weight in water can hold a thousand times its weight in monarchs. In morally injecting it into the face of the body what happened is we're able to change the shape. Our option to shape you seen. And the body's ability to tap water in and it just leaves an area set an example we can on the cheeks the connect and lips with you do it. And then days Layfield phoned negative for now and let them for let Saddam on between the net names and let. Anywhere in chin chow line it is amazing salmon and he's a couple of singles. That we saw and when our practitioners. Is actually people. Piano while our practitioners are beautiful really yes they are an Abbott and this particular. She's beautiful all night against as I was liking her even though she. If we weren't a different and street. Never would have crossed our mind if I can tell he did it she's Lexus or maybe a little owner that still actually gorgeous. That she did this time last year that I had come in as there was some dark in under her case. Well I never of course that anything that she brought a bat. To the trainer and she said yes I feel like I cannot gather without makeup. Because when I don't want to make about them like how channel is that it's not really Shaq but it is actually shot and it's not the dark skin especially Shannon. And what happened is it's in that chair talking area and that area and in the orbit around Hank. We start at least that fat pads the year yes and you saw Stan in creation science and it makes let's look older banks to slip tired. And again like Scott yes it does. Says I watched. Her get that area and Jack did with a particular type of filler made for the area. Mean it was. Absolutely. Amazing. The difference that seminal change. Makes and doesn't tell you did that technique in our practitioners learned and for that area is saying natural and senate campaign next. I eight. I've seen passing backward in the area there with this technique you really can't even tell except she really didn't look at the apprehension here. That's suture an action with the new techniques. That she was training my biggest aha this prize was. Sometimes when you come in to get filler done and get your cheeks done that you're flips on. There's always a chance overs and that's just me and comment that comes with it or swelling a little bit. But I would say 99%. Of the time every person that they worked on. Did not have any swelling to not have an increasing your rank and suit you could literally walk out of the office. Re apply your make up and no one's gonna know what you had done. Which is amazing this technique. Was absolutely amazing what other things that I found really interesting in. Yes serve lets surveyed deal came. And have a ballots. Then censor age I have nationally you know that you have and Lance. Am Bangladesh age however. If you get back flip killer. And an energy paradigm. Yes and it looks shouldn't kill us it does did you end up looking like a duck that's at least and we always say. Even you know you had that filler and cadaver sucked at it people like cute pat I. Mikey for that and a dot for a moms and exactly that's not that's not what we intend I think it's so does not and a former. Chief far into the lip essential let's remind everyone you know we have three convenient locations here in upstate we do complimentary consultations every single day. And there's one easy phone number to remember to get tennis through their three locations and that's 37233. We also have a location Emeril somewhat so if you're headed to the beach and you still wanna go in and get Botox done or filler done. You can do while you were at the beach and he can still call that one number guys that 31730. At three exactly. He can always reaches some Internet add back to thirty dot com. That smack tee and the number thirty dot com. Or look for our ET channel find some contest where all of recession media yes we are. So talking about lips because this is that we Spence I did four hours or more longer just on lips. Because most people don't realize that there are so many variations in how your lips are shapes. And again on the say let pillars not let seller and it. They're not out created equal so I would like to touch owner a couple of things in this us that they how moment for me and again I'm sameness. Being an Industrie as he went out our for the number of years that we've been in and history gets to choose. For asked to have an aha moment should let you guys now how advanced our protestors rallied are absolutely. He and Clinton think about it lips for a minute a lot of times when we start early usefulness in the lower left. Arm and then what you got to realize is. Or what you've been thinking is uncanny to commence at volume just try to limit while may gang. Violence is not really where you need it. Maybe send a chain area under in that lower leg. Okay and you can how many can create a little phone it's there right under the Chan because we lose the fat their team to keep Regis no from the top car. Two in Spain natural but it's gonna make Hewlett much younger than just toughen up the lower left and looking lie can he should be on a comic strip page. That's very very trio. Because a lot of people like you said they don't guerrillas have been lost for the fountain there Fred into the ocean area between the lip and the vision. And if it does look concave tonight encourage everyone when you have time if you're not driving the look at the mayor and if you started to see a shadow of their reports concave are looking your mom. Or your grandfather or grandmother. Dotson heredity that's how your aging so if you don't have that pointed chin which shows aging. It is such a quick fix to come in and our team is so those skilled and changing your jaw line here Jan. And then even going to act were to talk about lipstick. Com gives you can't really mess someone's lips up bombs initially. A lot of times and actors whether they've been doing it for short timer a long time. They will just follow the line it'll and that used to be the training that was out there so they're basically just putting on like a lip pencil that's how when it looks like. That's not how you Phillips proper. Let me say as if Hewitt about you know and it's got you let's turn picketed and that way persona he. He has that mindset because everyone's got an act and it's not correlate very Nash no it's not. Because you actually need to look at on the balancing of the lips. And how much fat should be in the lower lip vs the top let it sit asymmetry of certain outlets talk about that you know because. For that natural there's also a that you have to really consider a person's nationality yet she heritage. Says as an example. Typically what's gonna happen if you have someone of Asian descent K typically the top clip and then my or leopard and be equal and by his semi. If you have come out Caucasian am coolant typically you're gonna have about 13 at the top plant and about teachers for the Lola. If you're African American dissent and you can actually eat or be equal all. Or you can have higher volume in the top player. And you got to understand the person slick in you has got to understand what your heritage is to that making gave you a natural look for years. Because even as your neighbor may not know what I just OG relative to heritage and what the balance is. We in the clean and civilly look at someone and again since often tracked Plaxico pat something done it they've had to do. Incorrectly absolutely it does and you know we also there are some extremes out there if you are the type of person let's say. Who has very thin lips com and you wanna come in because you are madly in love with Angie and Angelina Jolie and you want her lips. You may or may not be able to get those it depends on your bone structure because big lips telegram everyone. Com but if you're bound structure can handle it if it's something you wanna do will be very frank with you would tell you how to get there. On and then it's such huge maintain that in our our style is really should make that enhancement look like is if you were much younger. And the best when. Yes he wanted to have a man little and hands and then he can and to an anti cheat and again from a disease now African art and cinema. An incident as I was watching. Botched the other day do that show sending my love botched I'm Leavitt to announce what you did today and there was a lot on there. And she says she was at sets of golf and she was grown to chasing this when I did not. Well. You know I'm just gonna tell you she was very then. Acts she was quite pretty for at all. And the issue really did look like it a lot in she went indicate she had the largest. Breasts. I think I've ever seen a relative TT. Be an obvious that they birthday okay it looked like that she had Q basketball's. With skin stretched. On hand and she wanted to better. By the way I'll take it. And remember how once dominated she had 18100 CC's or something like and she was warning to be larger than. That's crazy but her lips maxed. That's crazy K issuing more Ireland to not she turned him down. You know a day is they Wear their eyes kind of make it by a parliament said that we can do that if he disparate tip I ever. Like face are fat and see what's gonna hit first your lives let's say. That's too I think other we'll get to the artistry. No we down pull in when need to lips also especially if you're new B two clips. You are going to have some swelling initially and so at this state technique it's very little is very little that you wanna get used to what that looks looks like because oftentimes when you start on my ups. You're gonna love them immediately and they may be a little swollen and in two weeks after that when the swelling has gone down you're gonna want to have those. The same look and generally we find if you start them by doing it step by step. You can build into that and you'll understand what the perfect look as for you for your face for your frame and they just just an hands all your features. Week we also learned and the practitioners learned sends special technique again for the John line. And for the chowing if you if he had d'alene we also as we may start to get Halloween. The cheeks. And we don't Russ how much that agents so agents parents without holing an attempt oral area. The chance I as we do you want to I'll say make you. I'm aware of how important and it's you have a practitioner. He's very skills such as the wants it back to thirty. And as an example. I'm Doug LaBelle area. Can a lot of people want and then they say allow one had a serious note. Well you better make sure that the person is to recognize that their Q mean because is set best aired between now browns because as simple as that experience changed. You know he can get Phillip there and the 'cause of the way the masculinity is in the like a nurse went through. You can actually cause. Tactician a crisis or you can cause blindness actually and is set a prayer to happen. And I can tell you add back to turn our pressure trained you know and they're not Kenny doing crazy things that they donated DNS such a safe procedure to have. But as safe as any procedure and it's important to make sure that you can someone him and what they're doing absolutely. And the best thing I think that. One of the best things that came out of our training was also the fact that. Our practitioners truly learned how to be even more creative than they work using the products that we use. And combining them together so it's not just one thing there's no silver bullet in doing filler Botox. It's really mapping out a creative plan. Understanding what you wanna create for the look how to soften certain areas how to get British shadow lean how to present it to be more useful look. Com and then long term what the client really their expectations are what do they wanna look by. And that was really wonderful to see how much everyone grew just based on the fact that we were able to bring him bullpen how this amazing two day training. It's trenches and I shared this with my husband and to weaken an advanced level of training and he asked me. He says Angel if you couldn't time to get back to thirty team member he would you see. Pass it on my gosh if I couldn't get back to thirty in Thailand and I literally have to fly to the west tested by an Alka. Because I would not trust my thanks to anyone else I totally agree no she is wonderful and everywhere and this is something that we do to see now on every year we bring a specialized. Highly trained person and to work with our team members so that Hume Greeneville the upstate or admirals and like. You all are getting the best treatment possible and the most advanced. Techniques because again if someone's been injecting for awhile but they haven't updated their credentialing thank you need additional training. The kind of giving it the old style kind of soared into the problem we do Collins dinosaur. So our goal is always make sure that you've got the best of the best and remember you've got to reach convenient locations one he's a member. 31730. And three. Good bye beautiful.