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Hello Beautiful - You Asked We Listened - 061916

Jun 19, 2016|

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The best. Beautiful I mentioned Nazis and I'm Cindy Jackson. But after thirty rejuvenation centers and we're here to talk about the tips tricks and let these things. Think Angeles is excited because we have had let. On the people writing and calling and emailing him or destructive by the clinics with questions. So right now we're gonna say you last week lessons and we're gonna break up some of those miss on services out there. What that's exciting it's a -- first question from today Cindy. So our first question is actually from shelf to listen Greer. And Jeff is talking about a double chin he says he keeps hearing us mention stuff about double sessions he's a little confused about what you can do. But he is tired of having his double chin. So Jeff we're here to solve your problem. Say is there's a couple of things relative achieved double chance. K double chance can be from a couple of things it can be from having to manage that Andrea church and which is the match common. Complain when people study wanna get Rana templates and we can additionally have issues with leaves skin and position. It's different this that this question where Gannett parish says. They sign if it were fact and addition. Cake. A couple of games in the past that she could do to get read a double chins he wanted to get in now is teasing they say if you get chased around with a 91 apple you know and of course there's things that they can because that. They cut that off Jeff yes they can. And send announced that they can do its ads check out and that would be again another surgery with liposuction and of course downtime and from what I understand. This little head brat that you have to Wear an audit log for T weeks and then at night for about six weeks. Or are. It back to pretty sweetie you. Something that it's not surgery in hand debt has very little downtime in fact deacon can get it and still work the next day. In its com hi Al. Yes cabello came down few years ago but it has a lot of our deep behind and it's action Allergan product. And back to thirty was one of the first actually bring it to the upstate actually win for the very first Indian state and we were surprised TP the first of each train them. Because of the extensive. Amount of experience that we have an other areas areas for Al and Mike back toxin dialer and nice types of things sent. We were really happy to. What had ballot is is a permanent solution for reducing fat cells. Under the chance specifically. Me and it's a big board is Conti Osce collect acid that what that essentially is this up file stopped. M I L. Is what is held in about otter said basically here's how this works. Our liver makes bile out on it trip tech sector it's it's NT. House this call the gob latter and the gob latter are the law house looks like a bullet in exit strategy to deliver and making it bigger and smaller. And as a week eat fatty fate. What they've got higher than in scores that a naff mild to help to break down fat that's my house job by house job mr. bright note that some leaking music it can be if that they. It can be that sizable vitamins like a that help to make this healthy maker Scania up in those types of things well what it. And tighten their which is the campaign that a racially ballot this. Had like treatment. Discovered is OK with bottle right in fact what we hate. So what if we take that injected under the chin and and what they found is when they did that you can get. Results as permanent at sacking and now are cutting him off Ian the results are. Amazing they are amazing. In fact Jeff we do a lot of treatments I've had bella on men in particular time just because you want that chiseled on line. Yes and that's something when you pages seems like everything seems default. And then you also notice maybe if you're guy who wears the suit your shirt shirts are getting a little bit tighter when your pre not time ion. Could elements a world of difference. And huge crazy gaining are the great thing is not crazy it's it's crazy that we can do it this now that technology has got to the point that we don't have to have surgery very often at all. And that that teachers also permanent that he can guarantee the opposite halve that 1520 minute appointment. You can indeed that once a month for. One man team that three months it depends on how much happening. And then you're Pat's gone. It is it's it's absolutely incredible it's one of the most amazing new treatments out there and a Teddy and I tell. They looked dead these pitchers are up on the website yet and harassment and this time. So again if you listing pediatric talk and I you'd have a chance. But Alice teasing him for quite awhile and Alec and I am an and the panic gravest of Shannon yes and we really need to do something about it. Because he's hands on me and then as you stand it he started C then that fat farm and at the chain. Since he has had three sessions. Kind ballot he did them about a month apart. And here's the cells are and maintain and I think that he even realized how much he changed from when he was in college but now he's got that. Two more chiseled Allen and he's definitely the dairy happy. Absolutely will and eventually you and I both do this with our husbands how look at America have it affect. Because my husband H is also had a Johnny's on around them to you that even from the first to the second that before and after it was just. Really really amazing. And if you guys check the Internet we're going to be cutting these before an actor pitchers on our web site. And I can't wait to shape as they are dramatic and I'm gonna go head into the question now people accidents about that about the time has he lost way. The answer is day and he's actually had on a couple of payments he just looks thinner and thanks. There you can so we felt. Just there is great research behind this Cabela's definitely the way to go for double chant it is super easy to do and our experienced practitioners. Would love to go ahead and talk to you and and when just remember we always do free consultations. We've got three convenient locations here in upstate are may be station location our highway fourteen. And then our Pelham road location we have one EC found a birther remember and that's 37233. And also peered down at the beach with got a location. Admiral's son. And I she can always find this on the Internet ad back to thirty dot com that back tee and the number thirty dot com or. Finest Micah son's face that at that thirty rejuvenation senators finest and like it's on our follow some pay interest on Twitter. And check out our YouTube channel and we got more to come that lots and lots of information on absolutely. So I think you just for the great question and answer our next question and this is actually a really good question. Com Tonya from Greeneville is interested in laser hair removal and she wanted to know if that is appropriate for her to do in the summer because it's a laser. That is a good question says it dependence and then. Answers get in the heat fewer gaining sign on the area and that you want to have laser hair removal done. Then that's not appropriate. If you are learning lesson maybe the year under our area done. Or your bikini area and done he chances are high eight. Tonya and that an army areas not exposed to sun and probably the bikini area is not access dissent either. So in that case it would probably be fine. Here's the pain aren't delayed lasers work and we. In what it dad says it targets hair sales are hair follicles. Where the hair is an actively Carolina managed. Says hair has three different cycles of cedar growing. And reset sync or it's dormant and it doesn't matter what kind of lazy you have. And none of these lasers to work on hair follicles that aren't an active growing. Psyched mattered that ciresi have to do says many it is like five or six chick list thanks you know certain number of weeks apart a pin on the buy part of our body area. Senate it is very possible. That it sunscreen she used to precautions are used as you can have a treatment and during the summer because you're gonna have to wake decide to eight weeks for the second treatment anyway. But there are areas tiny ES that she can do it absolutely. And that's a great hand eye it was a really good question because with the summer months coming up and sun most people don't think about. Using a self tanner commit to with a self tanner says the answer to that is now you see lace work because they are attracted teen. Pavement and came out their college credit forests and then it's picnic aching need picnic in the scan. They meet Peyton and hair follicle. They can even be the iron on picnic this in oblige silicon Brecht and capillaries and that that type of thing and if we're paying on it we have makeup on -- scanned. If we had. And self tanner that is a pigment in that relations been attracted to pick me and it can actually burn the skin. Mean is really important and it. We tell you guys themes because it's for protection we don't want you to have any batteries don't. Brown each treatment that you had to back to 3019. And a lot of people. You think Glavine on the sun just a little bit it's not gonna manner. It's in theory important he share that with your practitioner because the last what we want SPD hair free and beautiful the last thing we want is to have. Why spot so brown spots they aren't gonna go way that can she do it modest Nike ran the sun. Yeah exactly exactly so Tonya there's your answer and again if you want more information and best thing to do is come in for consultation. Talk with one of the practitioners. Let them know what your exposure is going to be for the sun. Bombed an action what you're trying to do fear and resolve and they'll come up with a great plan for you to make sure you can become carefree. And I do and then write me now we've got up by one area I get to area free. We do have a buy one get two free sodas a perfect time if you're exploring. Laser hair removal should definitely look into it. On May look a script that plan would just wanna deal with some safety and that's always at the first and fourth thought of what we do it back to thirty. So I next question Angela is about Paul therapy and this is from Susan and Simpson bill. She said that she's heard a lot of metal therapy. She really needs to understand a little bit more about how what works and at what age do we think you need it. And I guess I'm gonna answer it lately when you think you need it is when you're looking in the Mir and you're seeing yourself states that. So I don't think that you necessarily have a young starting age or an old starting age it's really when you're starting to see the change in your skin. And off their B and all you explain the science behind it because you do does so well. Well thank you for that compliment Cindy I do you mentioned a couple of things because I'm an agreement which he that'll therapy is when you first start to see the signs an aging. It I I have heard a school of thought. He knew war language you wanna get that done you don't need it yet or you're not a ripe yet say here's the answer to that. Why would you want a way until the damage since severe. And it's very difficult teed. And improve on the block without looking fake. Sometimes you know EEE king get where you won again and totally agree any huge star and a younger age right when he first start to see that you did she conceded the collagen is. You know it is. Going away that the the last since gone when he started see less firmness. Or the muscles tense on his good. That's a beautiful time to do at the console the earpiece something that doesn't have to be redone that they can be redone and course and how it led these people do it once a year. People that aren't Hollywood tend to do it every two to five years. But they treat this incredible it is an ultrasound treatment it works very similarly TT way and thanks slips would work. So moniker explain now Bennett in a bracelet to traditional thanks let that is the good kind eskolaste. Payday looked at the surgeon is gonna take a knife or a scalpel. And cut the skin around your year around your hairline and I'm separate this scanned from Anaheim ash. King once said Sturm and muscled six days to Caylee taught that that's mass labor that hybrid slayer. What they dean is they didn't take cake pottery tool which is something that causes little parents. And I can get thousands hundreds of thousands of little Tyree points on the muscle or that smash slayer. There reason for that. Is any time you called little who turns on a muscle or any type of tissue is gonna cost to she should Charl up which caused her some muscle to get tighter which is an important part. At that could facelift. And then they're now laying the skin Mac ever. And then they're gonna cut off tea extract and then it takes time for the Skinner reattach a muscle layer. Now if that sounds painful you're right that is a painful process in it takes months for this find it oh months and months paint. And happily and ended that. You don't look like he got caught in a wind tunnel absolutely I've seen and I have to fill felt someone not to lie against Andy in it it really. It reminded man got a dog bit love cystic is Hannah the Wednesday and get for the air yes and I literally that's when a man a man. Well and also the bruising that can come with that yeah star behind it and. Realistically. Going under the knife first facelift that is only gonna last you ten years. So we played this out and we talk about when you perceive the sign of aging. You could be in year late twenties and see the sign yes in so let's say hypothetically here twenty years old. And you decide to go in and have. A facelift that this let's just gonna last 238 and then are you really and I wanted to go under the knife again. Is chances are as we age also will notice. Any type the surgery and becomes more and different calls the older we get because there's more things involved like amnesty Zia. And maybe health issues. So all there is a great alternative arm I agree with you and nick can start off fusing it looks at 28. Maybe you're gonna come back and do a touch up. Three to five years later maybe you'll come back again and just to a certain area that the great thing is you don't have to wait to look cold. In order to have something done you can maintain your Ricci. They can see what LT appetizer Sinatra singing around and we can take the ultrasound device and look at the muscle he. Once we see where the level of the muscle we're gonna cost ultrasound waves across and we get the Connery points on the muscle without ever have to change your on the opposite and I didn't announce adopt. He gets you go back door at the same day if you like came minimal swelling. Minimum breezing in most cases now we do come back what's been done the muscle apple. We do come back in the such pain it's tissue which is where the college Allen's image is a current points they air. Ian went by do you lean man that collagen fibers and subsequent shorten which makes skin tight tank. And is also gonna cause the body can make new collagen. See you gonna tighten the skin and the muscle mean I'll KP is the only noninvasive device to set DA cleared to. To lift the skin on the face and neck about the brown the deck with K. And by the way banks back to thirty is the largest provider animal therapy in like 8 states Obama's eastern past. Yes and on top of that we're also gonna start to dual therapy on that creepy to some of the need to appear tennis player possessed who really whereas we see that a lot. Or someone and lady is always had nice slice and starting to an end to your legs look a little older. And if you really look at because that's skin's starting the sag we can tight not at and I spoke out absolutely we can. So again just a reminder for one we've got three convenient locations in the upstate and we do complimentary consultations at each we have one in BP station. One highway fourteen and one on Pelham round. One easy phone numbers are members 37233. And a fear at the beach visit us at our morals their location. And check a sour on the Internet had back to thirty dot com that's Mac T yes and number thirty. Dot com and get jury YouTube channel. In it there's something that you would like to see if it's not an on air. Send instant message in pilot back to thirty dot com and we would do our best to get it if you make feet nice. Absolutely. Who think cute and. Out for asking about the double chin so we all know how to solve that that's with Ky Della. Om thank you Tonya for asking about laser hair removal and the summer and whether or not he can do it. On that really is a great question because a lot of people don't think that through before they try to do laser hair removal and remember we do a great offered going. And then relative to all their. I have done it twice. I did it several years ago when we first started back to thirty and then I recently did it again. On it's something where you do start to see the lifting and tightening and if you don't underground mom happens to hand on the heredity Jinan Giles well that's what you needle therapy and that's what I did as good. So into our next question is actually from Brenda from Anderson. And this is a Christian as well she has a seventeen year old son Hugh has acne and she is asking for help. And quite often as we search to go through adolescence. You know our oil plants produce more on the same playing sports and so if he Gator football player you have that helmet on you're sweating. Of course your pores are gonna become more royally and congested. It can even happen on your back on in knots if you're washing your hair and you have shampoo residue. And I and opposite you're gonna start to notice a breakdown on your back is because you're not rinsing the champagne off of your hair. And I think as a caterer and a young adult I'm growing up I know happy to be very very embarrassing. So. And can we get rid of that and we really teen and it cent interest in east say it has not won a day. We've got four boys in the house says Otis is Keaton. And he suffers when it adult acne in which had a challenge and seventeenth on such an awesome can't. We've had it's not time ever giving him to do he's been told relative to acme in and what was Alice forehand circuit treatment under its managed to keep an analyst Qian. In and it says he's excited that he's gonna start on their writings. And there are things we can do how I am and their and which it is important. There additional things that we continued in the off a sit there's a lot and product wise. He knew you really do want you say medical great product that is. Net to help the skin not dried out accuse some of these acne products other than you may work temporarily are actually gonna create more of a problem as a deterrent effect yes. Am in office we have some great treatments we have certain types sent. He holds chemical peels that will help to pin on how severe acne and or it can be Internet suite. That is meant to help its belly skin and then come back with a niche in infusion and meant to help declared the acting all kinds of things we can date. Absolutely and even as simple as having bombed your son command and just held analysis and media facial. Because often with acne you'll notice your pores to just what you wanna do the first thing you want to do in pardon me for saying this latest pop president. You wanna squeeze it and of course what you're doing major damage in the tissue around that poor vs getting the stuff out of it. Which is gonna cause further problems and then if you join in on your own you're actually getting it contaminant. The dirt that's him there. And your hat on her fingers and you're touching other parts of your scan which is and creating more and more. A problem it is so funny and we had done some things work Keaton and we have certain products that we have ten means. In average Harrison and then to table an on again and counsel connect and he had this white in Greenstock. Silent respects until what is on your face. He gets toothpaste. And our way and tanks to some energy that cheat I sunset at amnesia held me and machined something and the tank. So what are your friends are probably still has that color of their face this tiny piece toothpaste. Or you know I knew that Ian media hang with these wonderful product exit she can use that we know works their medical grip price and you and he's a toothpaste. Says he family Saturday he went about a school is that it is in his like you're right he does Kansas Cyrus banks have since he needed taken by essentially he has what you want nothing has what you don't want to exactly. Exactly. Well it isn't old wives' tale about two case. Because a lot of people think being organic if you take the toothpaste it'll dry it out and it doesn't work it's a temporary effects of fact it actually causes more problems fully. You'll hear about sponsors say we do this. Actually facial. Yes they may but it's not medical grade they may have tea tree oil in there which yes is good to use on aches skin. But it's not gonna solve the problem what interestingly enough he's been doing the things now he's supposed to use to set up easy steps. And it says much better. But I will tell you that I do have plans to get an in with Becky yes and Everett may be station and. And let her work her magic she's great she is great and she has worked with so of rule Tom and young adults. Ages 161718. Relative to their acne. And just kind of flip the conversation around Brenda. On acne is not only for young adults on hockey does come back sometimes with a vengeance as an adult which is even harder to get rid. And our latest like ever was an adult acne client he. Got amazing results. She was and that's why if you have acting when you're younger chances are you could be crowned when you're older. And if it does come back it's not an easy easy fix although it back to thirty we do have essential said several things that can help that. He just need to first start with your products at home and making sure that you're doing the right thing not touched and scan. And most importantly I guess is also nutrition because the reality he has that he wanted to have clear skin you can't go eat. Hamburger at a fast food joint. With all the grease and the Fries even though that may sound wonderful and it asked him on how it's then expect to have super clear skin. If if that's in the world that are prone to eating that and having their skin of the gesture is special isn't he doing a regular basis. It had you have to mention and stick is of course not and I just love rat tail there there's things on the on the Iranian say Keaton. If you're listening to this summer in contaminate let me set the cut that that's awesome the so dead friend hope we gave me great information and again on complimentary consultations we have done a lot of training. We train train and retrain. In an edgy which you mentioned cents and T because people a little overwhelmed sometimes a week we have pretty much everything that works at back to thirty units on medical grade we. Medical practitioners and air on site. Medical doctors on cited every location nurse practitioners nurses necklace petitions the works. And then like he just do a lot and I am just not sure what I need well you don't need to net you need to bring message your problem and will help you with insulation. Exactly and talking about problems. On one of the great things that we do is to bring your products sent. I'm which got a big bin and broken promises so products that you views that either haven't helped. Or may be actually creating a bigger issue and we'll walk you through what those are. His presidential mentioned mom especially with our medical institutions I think we need to brag on them for a second on their awesome they are awesome end of one of the skin care lines that we carry his skin medica. And schematic hasn't elegant product scan medica is known for their research and development. You spend a lot of time focusing on what is gonna work increase in the game changer products. And we in fact have been so honored the last couple years. That our institutions have been invited to a national conference. For us petitions to learn more about the research and development and be able to bring that knowledge back to the team. So that when they're looking at you in their analyzing their scanned. They're not just saying OK are you Fitz Patrick when she threw for five which is really based on pigmentation. They're looking at try to start looking at boiling are still looking at lifestyle they're looking at nutrition. So they can make some suggestions and they're also looking at what you're willing to do this. You coming here 100% correct we just can't say enough about the team that we have it back to thirty we are sang. Proud of them Ian. The difference between if if some site that different single into our institutions and just just any S attention. It would be on the difference and driving deeper routine are going to have you know halftime dining. Experience there's just there's a huge difference in the level of training a level of professionals on the level of experience that they've had. In just you know. Just can't say enough great things about them and in and then this is abundant amount Becky. And it is a wait to get him apparent mess that time the summer months sometimes are a little easier people detained at travelers are really get time. This summer's a great time to start just because it's gonna be easy to get in and get on their regiment app. Salute me and you bring up the great plane insular relative to the regiment once you start on a regiment it's easier to keep up with how your skin as looking. And whether that be you know the skin that you learn your face or like we're talking about on your back with acting on because that is a problem as well. And really with all of our institutions if you can come and once a month or once every six weeks. Or if you think about it this way if you're really busy at least come in once the season to have a deep cleaning of your skin. That's gonna keep your skin on track and it's really can help prevent a lot of other issues and chemistry is an awesome Wednesday as and a lot of people have probably part of my return preparation and I used to be the best technology she. In to get that X delegation and in the American deep cleaning. And my bed. Dermot sweeps or what Hollywood he says a lot. Absolutely that's the Bayless treatment that's one of my favorites they do it's in Hollywood before events I say we do it monthly so we always look like we're going to have a great. Well there are a lot of great events a lot of great things to do here in Greenville on bits definitely Dervis sweep this one of those that is more advanced easy to do zero downtime can be done on a seventeen year old. A thirty year old a forty year old or just someone here is perfectly aging fine. So Brenda thank you so much for writing and com and asking about the seventeen year old. Your son on the afternoon and remember there were. We do complimentary consultations at all we have our location from upstate we have one in May be one I'm. Number next week 1730. Entry. I appreciate you writing and emailing. Festive food and a goodbye ID a full.