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Hello Beautiful - #Carolina Strong - 060516

Jun 5, 2016|

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The best you. Oviedo folk. I mean sure Matthews and I'm Cindy Jackson and were with back to thirty rejuvenation senators and we're here to talk about tips tricks and celebrity secrets. And this except says it is. Hash tack our you Carolina strong finish what I care honest John. And I Carolina strong so are you as Carolina shop. So we want to talk a little bit about what Carolina strong hands. Carolina's trying is an events that we put together to support the American Red Cross. And you may Red Cross act and I have to say this is such. An amazing. Degree of wonderful kid Maine big hearted people it really as. It's personal for the Red Cross. I didn't realize that it is all funded by donations speeches you always sit them miss first responders. Bright on the scene after a fire right on the scene after a flat. And then of course you've got to politician or someone standing there mean on the Mike from her on TV with the Red Cross working in the background. And for me it was really important to understand that it's individuals like you and I Angela and com ever you know anyone Hughes in the community that can help contribute in give back to Carolina strong. That you're exactly right in with the American Red Cross says who. I always thought it was government and it really dead units. That's cents or whether it be on the state level or federal level and it's not in says it's amazing ten mean billable commitment these volunteers had and their. They are again volunteers at. I think is what not any 1%. Volunteers and UN percent as volunteers and it's about ninety to use cents of every dollar immediate little higher now but I know it was at least 92 cents of every dollar donated. Goes directly into hope being someone. From a flat a fire or his haven't. He's a victim of a natural disaster he people ask me questions about that before and you know why can't opener percent and I'm thinking to myself can you imagine being able to run a business. An only cults. In and it was seven to ten cents out of every dollar to run that business such incredible. Grass and Whitney Cindy on our board meeting in I was watching these people from the community that were talking about how how. They had their plans set for phone calls and actions and sciences and they really hate the job seriously even us volunteer. To really protect the response is that they duke. Tee to people who need them and that is dairy powerful. It was and let's first of all let's check the story about why back to thirty and the Red Cross PX so. As a company when we formed back to 31 of the things we wanted to do was really do you some give back part to the community and it was important for us. As a growing business to take care of community members. So we started looking at. All the community organizations out there on. And Red Cross seemed to be a perfect fit because one of the things that they do as they protect and they prevent so if you think on simple terms. They prevent fires by doing a fire canvassing they go around to homes. They knock on doors with the fire department and then they will check to see if fewer. Fire alarm is working Ernie smoke detector if it's not the day will provide one for free for you. An album chair homes so that you are protected. On the back end they will also protect you from the standpoint that if you have a natural disaster happened a flood of fire something else. They will supply you with closing. Where its money sometimes to get a hotel. With a toothbrush the simple things that we don't realize they lose EU are we use some much. And for back to thirty reaching the same thing we protect and we prevent and ours may be sound a little super special times. That we prevent our using sunscreen bomb our skin is the largest organ on our body and so we prevent that was some screen. And we protect we protect against AJ we protect against getting other skin diseases based on getting good treatments. So because of that it seemed like a very good pairing with the red cross and we put together our very first Carolina strong event in six weeks can you believe it was six weeks I can't and I mean it's even more amazed and made it has our third year I know it's incredible so back in 2014. We created Carolina strong. And we had our first events on down exam which is a wonderful place to have an event. I'd love to send it back haven't there's incredible allocations are really easy to get to. Parking is pretty easy their team it is great and that first year based on our sponsors. Based on donations that came in based on ticket sales we had. Under 300 people total. That we were able to raise 101000 dollars for the Audi that's. And then we flash forward to year to answer 2015. Little more time to plan because when you're doing it. That we were actually able to raise 25000 dollars for the Red Cross. And it just. To me. Center. He just can't explain how good it tilts to. And nano. A lot of people said that to me even by at ten dean. To participate in again back if you if you aren't sure how he can get back to the community is to be a great way to do it. And I remember. Cindy here in a story out of Leslie Kimelman. And let's talking about. She's really active in the red cross and and she's here in Greenville and what she said with very powerful Grameen Bank has as she was describing and and Leslie if you're listening I'm sure that I don't have the story exactly. Good or. But here's what I heard. Yunnan. There Red Cross has something caught puppy the puppy okay and pack for the peppy as they sat scandal. And if you just hear okay great Red Cross gets a second lot of kids you know it really isn't their powerful but if you really stop. And you think about what that really means it's okay. If you have just imagine being attacked outer look our our little boy came in your house has just earned at the ground and year. Parents are devastated to have lost everything in the and me your siblings if you got them have lost everything in there and he don't have closure have achieved fresh you don't have. Yeah a blanket she you'll have your bed to Pawlenty. In it everything they use managed literally gone and claims Howell lost he would feel. And to be able to use to have. You know app pack for the peppy our little stuffed animal to get cheap that's Kyle he's lost everything. We have to really know an idea without going to that what that means to that child out. Even something as simple as that says powerful. And what a blessing you know that we have the opportunity to help in some way you know Red Cross a senate thinks he's from climbing to toothbrushes. You know to blanket switcher really Israeli import it. That really there are some theory and national aspects to your Red Cross that I had never considered until hearing and Leslie tell me the story about this little boy he got the pack in a puppy in it Democrat oh. Absolutely. I agree chancellor of the organization and the way it's set up and run is really well efficient and quite honestly we could not live without it. If you think about the amount of flooding that Carolina south Carolina's a state has had this past year. And about the amount of fires and unfortunately a lot of those things go hand in hand. They too need our support. Come out all of our clinics we do have donation site so if you have. To achieve brush or you have a blanket or you have the gloves or you have so. If you bring that hand we do give you a dollar off your treatment that day simply in support of the Red Cross because we. How the Red Cross tick those pins up at least once a month if not more often. To take and make those kids for all of these disasters. And it is something where it's a fire is non discriminating eight can affect someone whose home. Quite honestly may cost 20000 dollars or it could affect someone who's got a million dollar home. Fighters don't look at how much a home cost or where it's located. A fire happens. Everywhere and it happens every day. And you idiot Hussein and a and I think about this quite often and we've heard lots of stories now I have the last three years relative to the American wrecked Costa it makes us feel better. Every day day that we've chosen that charity to alignments. That one of the things I think about this massive blasts are allotted EU in the area probably has keenly here our friends here. And we have support in even with that support if something would happen then to have to mention a lap you know. The day of the night it's a disaster we never know in this economy. Would make us feel better that I imagine and if you are one of those people. And there's a lot of them of course on that happening support they don't have family or friends that kid helped them. He had this is where. Is there red cross and to be able to help support the organization and be part of that because we can't all day to every home in every disaster. That we can help to support Asus term that has been put in place that can't provide that. Absolutely. So what Carolina strong is about as it is a fun night comedy is held at them and this year it is going to be on June 9. We do have a VIP on ticket which starts at 5 o'clock and then we have general mission which starts at 630. We have a lot of exciting things lined up for them so. First and foremost. Let's talk about food because I can't get if I can accept it talk about they'd biggest crush it and number one reason why he would attend some place so. We are being on thrilled to announce that halls chop house has signed on to be. Our premier sponsor and they are doing all the perfect. So what that may skies is that you if you have a ticket and Carolina strong in the thick from house not house is pretty. Absolutely seer eating very well that night is cut the Internet we've got some my patients cheese that we do and of course we'll have our Carolina strong cocktail. We also have dark corner distillery that will be there. That is set on the taste of it isn't it's sevenths and it is and then it looks like we're gonna have a cigar rollers there as well so it's gonna be catered to both men and women. We've got me is that we're gonna have music at him now and for this sports fans out there we've got a very special treat this is actually his second year campaign yes at us we have. Hey it's Sam why it's. Sit tell us hate. So China met cities out there listener and I hit it says that just in case she now what do you tell us a little bit about Sam watched and he will coach Sam Hornish is. Actually. It's a really great football player himself but he also as a coach you went to the Super Bowl. And he is someone here knows how to motivate teams he's taught at the college level he's taught at the pro level. Com he uses the type of person you knows how to get everyone rallied together because it's not just about one person. It's about team and it truly does take a team to move the mountain to win a super ball. Or to do something where you are getting back to your own communities such as Carolina strong. And how often do you week angry now have the opportunity to personally meet someone here has cased a super ball. Not that often and he's he is such a nice guy in fact she was sharing with me. That he is so glad to be part Carolina strong again for second year. On because his family is actually very involved in church activities and did go down to the areas of flooding and helped people. As part of the Red Cross when their house has had flooded. And helps calm the children you know gets supplies so that they can also take care of their homes and stay in school and do the things he needed to do. So it's a very near and dear to his heart from the standpoint that. Slip dollar over on his charities chosen Greeneville is his home. And he's very passionate about what the Red Cross does and he loves the fact that this is such a great organization and we've created a great event. To really give back. Chip in it senate stand and we're gonna have am music this year and case and why we see we got trains we happen. Am all taxes vendors are gonna have a Saturday they care and just a lot of fine and we have silent auction items. We do will is another lesson that things we had last year so Lester silent auction wise we have a maker of her of course 'cause we're back to thirty. We didn't have that we also to bomb. We had a different group. On actually sponsor. Doing some braces frantic let's care content alliance that did that and we optioned up the senate braces and says and I think. What added that to 600 odds were abrasives went for less in 2000 dollars they do in the agent is incredible keep in mind all those dollars again go directly to the Red Cross. We had several food vendors that actually gave out gift certificates to their restaurants are funds sports packages. There was of Beers sampling package that I remember 'cause it was like beer around the world for a year and then have to sell that that was package was sent him terms or about I remember that they can we had. Jewelry jury dare we had joint air Sharma was there I think last year for that we had. Corvallis was there are greeted with such a cute little thing news that the bar in court balance does a lot of bark classes snake is a lot these bar and yet look at and I think for everyone that team. You know and and came back her ad it was Jennifer's. Everybody who came back her bar area. God am I get to picket to determine I think they had a three week with her training with her stance on like that he did. We had a Porsche was there last year they were and who doesn't like to sit inside a Porsche took a bit I can't imagine many people and he wouldn't love that. Exactly and you're also very grateful because they also do our ballet so there is an area where you can ballet. I am and hockey and a Range Rover. And Beecher agendas and an engine and your car I. The other thing that's really cool that we're doing this year is we are going to have an award. And it is going to be the Carolina strong award. So the resource sharing this now is we want all of you think about Hugh represents Carolina's Strom. So core value wise she wants someone who gives back to communities someone who's got a big heart. Someone you obviously loves the upstate. Com someone you beaten falls in line with wanting to protect and prevent. And so this a war on the organ handout we're gonna pick a couple people it's not gonna be just one so it can be a man and woman a combination of boats. I'm that we will be awarding a couple people out tonight in the event our very first Carolina strong award. And so yeah should get a trophy. And yes look at some fun stuff with that. But if you do one and nominate someone on the share with you right now what you need to do so first thing issue wanna contact one of our clinics and you can do that by calling them. On sending and via social media writing an email to us which would be it in thought back to thirty dot com. Just a little bowler and if you want to nominate yourself go for it. It I mean a lot of people know they do well it's hard for them to brag about that that this is something where we want to brag about it. You can reach out to our highway fourteen clinic at 2448730. Or our skin care which is a division of back to thirty clinic in 2347900. Or any peace station at 663193. Out. Forty incited sunny and a net pat back to thirty dot com that's back. T and the number thirty dot com and he can reach is thereby innings that INS and pat back to thirty dot com. Fourth time this some like it someplace that format social media. Sit together at this and we are set excited about this you know. When we say Hachette are you Carolina strong we really want to find that person and land you know I can even think now of a couple of people that I know and Cindy hit. Are very selfless he always get an hour son who rarely recognized for that and they deserve to be. Faked. They do. And so this is for everyone who's either currently have volunteered the Red Cross or someone who just gives it time in other ways that. Falls under that hash tag very Carolina strong because we're very proud of the Carolinas and all the funds that are raised go to the Red Cross but the Red Cross uses those fans in Carolina and a large portion of downstate and upstate. So. It is a fun event we're gonna do fund awards. Com we did as we mentioned before give 25000 dollars last year circles to hopefully match that. And if we can exceeded great bet every dollar no matter how big or how small really does coach Schwartz at great cost. So let's just recap this again and they child title construction in Afghanistan and they're actually don't accept that this year they are in such a great fan of this roster because they have those little mustaches. And the Dakotas and the hats. I in fact I think there was some funny pictures that were taken their last shares I recall that they got to intimidate CH. But just Issa summit sign and they hit it doesn't like to eat. There have a couple of carrying solicit some great music bed on December. Off some things and now everything near Darren has offered brick house exactly and make sure marking your date so. It is a Thursday night so it's June 9. There will be a VIP ticket and that will start at 5 o'clock and then general mission at 630 it just about 930. We additional model lot at the events things going on angering not in Jeanne this is like in the and then to Dick attitude and the summer it is the event to get to it. And as far as stress yes if you wanna dress up and make united it feel free to you if you wanna come comfortable you can do that as well takes to get an NC town is an instance Andy oh the MC is wonderful so. Everyone probably knows were on your Carolina every other week and we are focusing on on a make over which were revealing in April so it'll be after. Just short time from now that we're going to be announcing now that meek and high alert is going to be RMC. Said he'd like meg and I mean that it's wonderful she's first she's pedophile. Yes she's very down to her teenage she seems set time NetSuite and badly on air lap we can tell you she is exactly the same off air. The issue we just can't say enough wonderful things about her and this is her third year to an antsy to have Red Cross it is she's a full believer in it in your capsule in right she's a native of Greeneville. And were so thrilled to have her this is one of the causes that's near and dear to her heart so. She will be there as well and I know knowing you and Diane we'll also have a few other surprises it's it's not worth the ticket ago. If you wanna purchase tickets we will be starting a shortly so just reach out to the clinics and again we'll give you the phone numbers. We can add your name to the list of weird dream printed tickets we will have an event bright site that will open soon probably by April 1. And it is something that you should come to address had alleged teacher there. Any it's comfortable I mean last year I think in fact last year I believe I wore black and I wanted to be in more pants and a top. The year before that I was dulled and address with heels you know I don't Wear heels on offense fess up for a few hours wearing heels that was enough. On that it is we have some lady's attention you know go for the nine so they've got on the fancy party drafts. But she doesn't come from work absolutely absolutely work attire is totally great this is more about showing support of the community. It's a great opportunity again to learn about Red Cross learn about everything we do. May disagree I'll connection meet a suitable candidates have some great my patients and delicious delicious in the senate side and a hospice is fairly new to drain down and Yunnan Haas is incredible while halts those voted one of the top five restaurants nationally so. It's it's a big deal on great state house great spam going on I've been to the went down in Charleston several times in fact I am I'm getting hungry just talk about that slowed their state they're lobster has their chicken we go on and on but yes if it is delicious so to be able to sample that and all for ticket pricing goes to the Red Cross is going to be wonderful. So tickets honored if we should talk about that tickets for the VIP or 75 dollars or. On if he tickets for the general mission are fifty dollars but it is to you for the general admission you can get two tickets for 75 dollars a pair that's what we're saying that's pair. Yes great evening great time. Great food now and music to share which we didn't have last year which would be a lot of fun as well. Which says adding tag Goldman's candidate that dress that she air I think so yes. And don't forget you'll be part of eaters submitting your own name or submitting someone's name he was gonna win an award at the event. For Carolina strong as I can't wait to see these nominations this year I really can't wait senate side it will we are Greeneville. A great area of getting this is it great benefits. We have a lot of stuff happen again from fires to floods you turn on the TV in the morning and you see what's happened overnight on can be everything from an apartment building to a single house. On the flooding and you last year was really devastating in fact on back to thirty participated in the telephone that they had at W Wyeth that few again. Com we have a lot of other sponsors on our communications side will be rolling those out and announcing those. And it seems like that the community just comes together for this event. So once again if you would like to find out more information about tickets or submit your name or someone else's name as far as. Winning the Carolina strong award. Please feel free to contact one of our three convenience clinics the first one is at highway fourteen and that is 244. 87 trio. The second his skin care which is a division of back to thirty and that's at 23479. Sarah Sarah. Or an army be station which is 663193. Out. And has if you don't wanna make a song called. You can stop by the clinic Yunnan that your recommendation and she won the award in mind too sketchy and why that an opulent. Drop off that went the clinics that says attentions Indian Angela. He can also and stand and message sent an. That's back tee as the number thirty dot com all our he can send us a message on thanks stack and packed thirty rejuvenation senators. And if you are one and to get to know and backed thirtieth out of bed a little more and snatch clean and water that's faces at backed at thirty you know what are that. He knows things that we do from day today. Check our YouTube channel. Because we're due to manage these are very impromptu news you know and there's next to make up and stuff like that we've got our team on the area says it's a lot of fun it's a way to get to Nellis. And is a light learn. What we're day. Exactly because there's a lot of great things to do you take care of yourself from the inside to the outside TX. So just to. Remind everyone again this year there's a war so it's gonna be a big deal submit your name's submit some money is really deserving do you think he has hash tag Carolina strong. And also end. The dates. The date is June 9 Thursday night what a great night to god she is a wanna be on on Thursday night and it that's right June 9 Thursday night as and counting down. So a lot of great things and then Cindy I do want to mention before we get off to back decrease growing again he has density NAND that week a lady did of enlisting now we have a admirals and rent had clinic that we're growing even more and we have explained it to. To now offer aid paint division aback at thirty bang and these are there crests and painful bank insist is an insurance type scenario it is it is and so I veins are exciting for us we know there's a lot of people who but problems and you can't help those by standing. Yes Tom doctor Bob was strolls are doctor was thrilled to have him we're so excited and this is a president that I say you wheat we knew we have the best about thirty we do so anything that you need taken care of whether it's in a steady temperature in hand so that you feel better look better. Or if it's something where it's like beings where there is a real issue for that and it's painful. We can now help you with that and how lesson that a candidate she is you know even our. Last week's. Have restless legs syndrome you may have a lane and she'd not. Chile restless like him that's true because I didn't realize that there were several I of course have heard of Erica Spain's because they're big blob could pompey's and you see the house. But I didn't realize anything about the restaurants or the spider veins and with candy you know who he is doing a lot of community outreach write me now says he will Conte organization to your church your place of work and do free educational seminars relative cheap pains which is exciting absolutely we do complimentary consultations at all of our locations we can give you as much detailed knowledge is you want. You can reach us at our high with fourteen clinic at 244873. Out. Four and our skin care clinic which is a division about 230 at 2347900. Or army beast issued clinic at 663193. Or you can Regis on the Internet at back to thirty dot com. That's back tee and what the number thirty dot com. Sport's finest and black is something static get in on some of the competitions and contest that we've got to look for our YouTube chain on our pinch dressed added. Our ants green and mean and we got to draw so just remember we're at Carolina strong is coming up. Really great crimes in supportive the Red Cross the Red Cross gives back. On chip our community in several ways arms that this is not just a partnership. For fact that this is a partnership for all of us. So here we have a question ASCII bags. Pass tag are you Carolina's John. Know the answer yes so we're looking forward to hearing from you. And we're looking to forward to seeing Andrew when it comes to the event which again will be on June 9 at that. Until then. But I you folk.