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Hello Beautiful - Sunsational Treatments - 052916

May 29, 2016|

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The best. Hello beautiful old. I made that peace and I'm Cindy Jackson and with back to thirty rejuvenation senators and we're here to talk about tips tricks and celebrity secrets. Financial this week is an exciting topic we're gonna talk about sensational. Treatments. Cities shipments that she can get in the summer with its and absolutely because a lot of times people think oh I need to stop my entire regiment has I'm gonna go lay out in the sun. When the most beautiful part is there are a lot of treatments that she can do for anti eighteen to maintain your east maintain the beauty of your skin and and still pay your son. Absolutely. So the first treatment that we're gonna talk about and this is one of your favorite treatments is skin patent. I'm glad the scanned and treatment are really keen and pat Ellis thinking about that everything we can and Alex talking to some people. Dan delay and one of them is in school institutions school and she was talking about micro needling which is what skin and is and how it can dramatically change the help that the skin. Ian we love it to hit at back to thirty weak U eight and a skin and treatments we do a ton a scan and treatments and the best part is it's not just for the face. He can use it on a space on the neck on the chance on the hands on the arms on the lags on the spam. It helps with stretch marks it helps with creepiest and act mean if you've got this pock marks either perhaps acne before. What Pete about it eat and you Wheatley is Greg factors in our scan in their twenty's. Faster than and we make them pay great actors helped us to grow and make college and laugh at it lasts an op types of things that make the skin looks young and healthy. Said the only way to change that institution than to force the body to make great actors in skin and insolent deep best way to. With honest men and downtime. That's very true because the treatment takes about an hour. Yes and you come in and we actually do some numbing so that it does take some of the pain away it's not what I would call extremely painful and I say it's not even painful leg from my perspective skip doesn't hurt. Can't the Kathleen on the scan. Says it's hip and hurts then need to certainly the numbing cream on long enough and then afterwards serious neck pain it feels like a mild sunburn it's not to say. And that's it on the beauty of it to other than doing a laser is you can go all the way to the last. Which is great seat could take care that creeping us right around the eyes it just really easy it says if you think about it a lot of people have heard and lasers like. More than popular name brands as a fractional laser he sees what it actually user is as a CIT pixel answer. Pixel simply means it does little dots it doesn't take the whole layer of skin off ages it treat treat treats the scan and little dots can make our columns. In the creates little holes essentially in the healthy continent on the pulse will fill in the with healthy new skin and there's holes and you have their little downtime with now bears are downtime for a fractal. Blazer is going to be twenty weeks can now I don't know about you but to have to. Blog one to two weeks. Out of my schedule is there to quantity it is well in this new fractional it reminds me of that episode of sex on the city where Samantha went haven't done and the had a good plan and had to Wear the big black out. That have the veil over it. Plus also racers who really don't wanna be in the sun if you're having a laser treatment you need to stay out of the -- what not to mention you know one of the reasons why people wanna get this done is because they get that creepy and that I and blazers can't Elin and I we're skit you know I skinned in candy that. In cows think about this at I take one to two weeks off. It's not going to be second hand eye expects that when economic Haitian it happened during being and that that action or something and you know and and you don't need to keep that he can and then to back to thirty. Have a skin treatment aren't the very next day to make up on it you'll look a little hole. That's what people are gonna think that you're in the sound at it before in exactly. And one of the great things about 230 is we've got amazing products that we partner with the skin can win. So we have eighteen in us recovery that we use. We can also use a tennis essential few days after it and then we have the newest product at HK five with a how to run accounts to talk about that as permanent Cindy because we have a real critical and then a time to make him. The area accelerating change after his skin and and the products that we he has. Are essential to maximize that change absolutely. So one of the lines that we curious can medica and scan medica is a fantastic line because they do a lot of research and development. And there are signature product that we actually used during the treatment is the T Ennis recover. Well let's talk about that. We've said earlier. Ayman research as the Washington twenty's it and we lose growth factors action that we can make them now we can cause the body to start mechanism and great actors and we. Skin and treatments and other treatments similar to that. That these products to your talk and a half human. Growth factor. And then they absolutely do and the way the packaging assassinate cylinder. Which is a sealed containers that you don't get ear into container. It means that efficacy is going to be better it's gonna last longer but it will create change in your skin. And let's face it if you're going to use products at home you wanna use something that's gonna create change you don't just want something that's gonna sit on top of the scam well and that's island Puerto. In these products were actually developed for burn back to subpoena the whole reason that this recovery sample was ever eaten. Created was scientists were trying to found a way to help our burn victims heal without that. And major scarring that typically comes Wednesday and said they they did the growth. Factor in it was from skin that was donated it to lap nobody that I did you know to harvest this scanned. But the skinless and nominal and the naked pool the current Packers now what that is not only does help our front burner that counts. But it also helps with. Then anti eighteen. Cade says wow it is a wow. In fact the well product that we would continue to happy uses the tennis essentials there and that's as you know when my favorites. What's what for our products and one is 45 products and once so it's got antioxidants. Got peptides it's that growth factors senate. It's really one of those products if you don't like to apply a lot of things your face if you don't have time or if you're like me. On you sometimes forget to wash your face and you wanna make up for by using great products Tina's essential is like liquid coal. And it really does create a change in the skin not only in the deeper journalist that you will start to notice the top surface of your skin and the texture change say here's the gain Ian and any hint and my hats and gloves on them on the air unit that that it. He's just not when he's just not panic at this gonna notice if not scans X Canada as a cat the cat that's just not his pained. But I will tell you there was appeared to turn about a year and a half and that I stopped he's in the T announced a central Sierra for awhile. And I started decency and announced. A and in this very same week I had my husband saying you know maybe you need to get a lot about it rationally tired well. Honey I wasn't hired. K I had just copies in the Tina's essential to your knowledge trying something different I'm an atlas and writing answer. Why not only did that happen that one Nike practitioner specialist Rebecca and asking Karen location. Asked me she's Angela are used in different products that can is on archenemy reaping your skin doesn't look askance at. This two comments in the same way we're very powerful because I had changed. Am product line and I have gone back to the to the essential Sam and I am not changing again because it makes a huge difference in the scan it does. And then the latest product that we had mentioned was the AG five and what's important without as you'll hear how Le'Ron accounts and highly ironic house that highly ironic asset. It's the newest buzzword out there and I think every every skin care company is trying to market it. That this is really the only one that will penetrate the liquid layer of the skin. Sue so let's talk that about lack what town and I can't sit it is and how chronic accidents were in deep messed up on things that you having your body and we had our bodies. Kate and how acid holds moisture holds it it depends. You know how it's eleven together what type that is that holds like 800 times its weight in water or more cake. And when we're young we have a lot of time I guess it under the skin and skin which plot and beautiful and nice. As we age weak start to Lee's house like that said. And we stop stop making so much so we start to get that dehydrated to its plan. Well as you just said sandy. A lot of the current Catholic products on the market will not punishment elect a player at the skin so let's think about that for a minute. If you think panic ascent on top of your skin and we never ended hold them on chino a hundred times its weight in water or more. That is gonna start to take water in areas and hold it. What it's not penetrate the skin and it's in the top of the scanned what you think it's due to skin it's pulling in the water out of the scheme. Meal if you ever used an inch if I product I mean empower cast a product and I Hansen yes thank you have I have two and and it's an extra hire him. It's because it's not congress has to. We'll skin medic that which is an American company came out and is the largest the senate and in the world they partner with I answer. And I asked him that talks of filler tons of research and development. They have 85 means five different pentagon said with a nanny steers or carrier molecules that can actually take time acid where statistic and it cool part about it is is not only does half back different hats a panic content that can actually get worse as he. But they have found that he's not killed they want Lebanon particularly. Actually communicates with you ourselves. Detonate currently sit in it starts to cause your body to make its own again. Says that more usage and more hydrated and a year under your scans analyst and we need to then chip products together. He's that. Magic absolutely magic Nader capsule in right. And in fact we have out there YouTube video about the HE five C should check it out. About that because that was the cuteness. Because that's your better product right when that ever that is my product I actually mix that with the tennis essential and I use that daily so let's. Eight is too. A lot of elated that Cindy Hughes we're talking about the difference between. Young's game and an olive skin. You wore comparing that to agree can erase and absolutely and it's just an example you gave us were younger we look like a creep reply imports news you know I train it hydrated. As UH and especially since we're talking about sun in the sub percent. Most times you get wrinkling little dehydrated and you look like a reason one thing that OK so heady ever bitten into your grade and gotten geez. No and everywhere. Yes look at that as a happily their race and no it doesn't Anderson Jason you know she's not saying we laugh and say that if you want to look like a great not a race and then you need you say. The reasons or not. Not for skin anyway guys absolutely so remember we do complimentary consultations at all our clinics and we had a clinic at may be station which is located downtown we have one highway fourteen we have a third one on Pelham road. And we have a fourth location at the beach admirals and you can scheduled a consultation with one easy phone numbers that's 86437233. Our guys you can always find his son and a net add back to thirty dot com that back tee and then number thirty dot com. Or find it from like a silent thanks that I dislike some pent just. I'd guess and not the last on ETI is absolutely. So our next treatment organist talk about briefly com which is a some safe treatment. Is all therapy and we've talked a lot about all there keep being your foundation treatment. But it's important to note that you can't do all their. In this great treatment as well it is the only. FDA cleared of ice that's noninvasive tilt and it lets the skin on the face of the neck about the brown on the deck home can additionally be east about to meet on the panic on the adamant anti outer thigh. That what it does is tighten the skin and it lets the skin no needles no and I. Absolutely. And we also. Aren't the largest provider of therapy in the upstate I think it's one of the greatest greatest treatments out there for both men and women. Well as a weeping and then sediments in the stars in Hollywood absolutely they do so if you didn't catch an earlier episode we were talking about that that is an A list treatment secret. And treatment that they do at Ali texts if you are considering had seen me they slipped a lower facelift or a piece pat wanted to cheap things and has now he just outlook is brash. Consider all they're becoming perk for consultation. Let us take a lucky and see what we can days absolutely. Okay my favorite that is the son safe treatment Botox. And you know I add that you can have backups and a lunch absolutely count it's a walk in appointments are very easy to do. On the difference though with Botox as you really wanna make sure you've got a great ejector. Because not only doctors are allies who we netted faster and it back to thirty. We train train and retrain consistently. Year round. We people ask is this all the time at K Angela K sending would you rather had. Pass search and editor ties dancer regular medical doctor. And barring. And am a nurse practitioner PAT your back tot sent answers I was going to be the same. We don't care what your title is with care Hamachi do and how could you are packed it in exactly. And EP you are dead at and you do it all the time then chances are. Day you're gonna be better than someone with that. And greater degree he doesn't do about the time and let's be honest mr. Richards are really great anti lean surgery. Detonated an audit that talks on the time with it back thirty aren't doctors and our practitioners. He. They are in fact Angela we are in the top 1% nationally for. Com doing Botox and that means that were compared to hospital systems. Plastic surgeon's office dermatology officers other medical spas and were actually in the top twenty here and the east. Says that means when we're talking in the top twenty for about talks in the east assists in four quadrant. That is comparing last cheese. Rally to Charlotte to Atlanta. To my team me he east think about that but over time it's it's huge and part of it is we do the largest amount of Botox but also comes down to the creativity in the training behind it. Full petitioners are simply amazing they really are we are so proud of the team. In eat I always think in this one is painful. Yeah we have at client became an assistant a few years again now in severe pretty woman and she had me going toe plastic surgeon to get back talks for five years. In she decided she wanted to tie back to thirty. One and you know back at thirty convenient. With got three oppresses in Greenbelt in their op. All the petitions are trying the same says you can add to wherever is convenient for years and a great thing about it is Kiki in an apartment at one location and -- properly on your time in another and that's one of the great things about it says she set up franchise that's more convenient for me. In she came and and when she was talking to me you know I notice it bit she had been getting back talks only between her banks can. Well one important thing institute meant as a practitioner is when you get that LaBelle area. Okay which is the area in between your eyebrows treated at the antagonist muscles too that are different counts muscles. Our muscle that just happened forehead area and city peach tree line and not the other and you have strong French council forehead muscles. In what happens when you talk that he had an extremely animated. Lack. In what her because she had been doing that for fat years are now and never told her and she didn't talk herself and then Mir okay. She didn't realize when she taught her eyebrows went to her hairline in violent. Kind of funny it came. And I remember when analysts talk into the practitioner and highway fourteen in a city name. One NYPD it helped her realize you know hold Amir and partner banks and that's what she did when she was talking. Jennifer just kind of slid the Mary Ann in front her thanks and when she saw herself talk she kind of I didn't well here's the beautiful thing if you practitioner he's really skilled. They're gonna know how to fix that even. As important. As understanding that you need to inject correctly from the beginning. Izzy lost you need to communicate effectively. Cain. Now maybe she never master classes search entity her front counts muscle that if she had come back to thirty she would Apache because it back to thirty. In unison Helen message giants and can't understand that you don't like new wrinkles on your fourteenth here's what we need to. Kate she's not gonna and then assistance is probably not and in fact meaning. It practitioner about it thirties then and it is and it had been trained to communicate that T catch it immediately won it absolutely. One there's a lot of things. About those toxic music around terrorized for the crow's feet com you can use it right on the sides of your nose when when I was say smelling stinky cheese sentenced him it is banning lines. Actually a little bit right on the top of the lip we'll hopefully appear little little little just relax muscles so your lips to look a little bit Fuller. On the even Botox and this was a great thing and more talking about son is to use it for hyper headdresses which basically means sweaty and arms. It says is that it's funny because we've had matched to the team members are back at thirty hyper high dresses down and he and we had a card that we saw recited the team members percent excited that you go hiking down onto radiator and I'm gonna sweat. And that favorite favorite thing flag as. I have wanted to partition drab that nine and problems that. Matt pits our lines so that was so funny you it actually. Works of this recently I did have a ton bomb I was gonna do an event with you and it was warm outside and I put on my beautiful new silk blouse that I had yet to war in fact I just recently took the tack off to put it on. And I was walking out of the house and took one look down and saw that I was sweating profusely. Because of the heat we don't silky and and sweat that much what it look ridiculous you don't idol I I was a joke I would running back in the house I took that thing off. And was more upset because nineteen for dry cleaning or something I hadn't even had a chance to really dirty long. That went and had the treatment for however Hydro assist and it is amazing it just changed my life. Is awesome in this at that Kidman and appointing allies in went hot actress suspense happen says. Your making them muscle around this wetland knots and strong. Okay and and said basically it can't push the sweat out. Al sick kids pitched that oils out in when you can't do that then you don't Seattle's way you know it's not that. You don't and the best thing about those is that last anywhere from six to nine months sometimes a little bit longer. So it's worth the investment especially if weeks starts CR Heaton crease and all of that going through the humidity. This the perfect time fifteen minutes twice a year and then at it you know what add that to what Thomas Menino said India parent and dry cleaning bills start kind of bills out an embarrassment and embarrassment for sure if you're themselves. If he our personal trainer if he or just someone who doesn't might they'll let people see you sweat. And it backed a thirty week we've got a situation free. Absolutely. So remember consultations are always free we have three convenient locations we have our make peace station location which is in downtown Greenville. Are highly fourteen location are Pelham revocation and a fourth location at the beach which is admirals a month. And you can schedule those with when he sits on number that's 86437233. Our guys you can always find this on the Internet at back to thirty dot com that's back tee and the number thirty dot com. So another treatment that we can do that's wonderful is German tellers so. Let's talk about lines and wrinkles come with lines and wrinkles he won a smooth out the wrinkles and that's a Botox is for. And with lines she won a pump them up or fill them up. I'm really use Juba germ what else sees aluminum and I can say that we have got the best and actors because they generally start by looking at your face. Talking to you about what you want to achieve which is generally adjust a little more useful you look little more rested. The first place they will talk to about his most likely your cheeks. Because as we age our skin starts to sag from the cheek area and unfortunately it just goes south it goes right to under that top line. So we actually have our objectors trains that they will look and analyze what you used to look like. What amount of filling you'll need to starting in the cheek area if that's appropriate to help you regain that used but Angela like give the saying that is just so funny well. Eat it here's a thing there's people you are trying to date things CNN like in the dinosaur agents. And they think that once they've learned I don't have to continue with education and that's just simply not the case and I can tell you for me. And for mass of the people that I Nan and little people hit keep up today with the next. Advanced techniques for you and whatever they're gonna give a special feature thanks absolutely disgusting demand that. So useless about the dinosaur age of injecting the does agent injecting and hang out that these lines between from that they get from my nice to my mouth now. We can't say is now as a like feel faults. Well that's great rush still that's up ten best that I SRH. Okay. We see a probably can't fix the problem. Well here's the thing we are seen a manifestation of a different problem when we say things lines and Ned says led real bulbs from the now and to the corner of the mouth. Actually the 'cause their man mark pat pat which is the sad and then she's to be hack and it Bosnia it cost and we see lines. We sell our minds and we. Don't have the lines airing more on that we don't have a look at Spain natural. Said my jet is always that if you look like. Mama some marquee and daddy was and keep probably went to somebody he was trained all school way in never learn how to do it differently. That is not gonna happen back to thirty. What would be a more natural look like OK if you don't wanna like momma so Mikey that he wasn't that. Who is she actually think what was the concert this one this problem manifest in it manifest to the custom mailer that pat felt pain on. So what's the most logical solution. Let's let the man like that pat back. That means that we Canon Hamachi client and we we keep you deny support to cheat to lift it back up. What you an athletic as a useful like that often happens to be buried natural. And that is aware. Even in people have been a lucky and think they easily young and that he'd look rested and they're gonna Ned is that you look nice and now we're Cincinnati have worked on and let's face it. If you look the other way in a year and a headlines but governments Internet guys itchy pat worked on and I cannot say no that wasn't Beckett that's true. And that's not to say you would do filler in those locations that's correct he would do it after Easter with the number one cause of why it occurred since it in in this important that you say that. There are some people who really needed even just bear. But here's fifteen you want to make sure that the practitioners that you're going T have a new list trained. Mindset. Actually since they understand. If he truly need Paterson. And now it's absolutely. And facts you talk about training and Angela we bring in someone from the West Coast almost on an annual basis that specifically does tons of injections. Knows the new style of injection even the off label areas that. Were able to and jacked and we put our entire team through training and we do that so that. Here in the upstate you'll be able to talk to an expert because that's really what we're focused on is making sure that we give you the most amount of information. See you can make the best choice for you. Now with filler there's many areas besides the cheeks he can also do and then easily go folds you can do to Marion now alliance which guff from the mouth to the chin so I think the puppet. You can do the lips which. We have got some great and actors that do beautiful lips because if you think about it when your age the first thing that you lose is that cupid spelt which of those two little lines bright point three knows cheered lips. So were able to recreate that can give her lips a little fullness now we can make you look like cancel. Naturally if you want but that it's not recommended. Six and that's what you wanna do is you only get yourself back you are a list vacation team believes that in the lips as you say H and Hank. In it this is just enough to keep you back Erie youthful lip then tech is what I prefer are without looking ninety pats up and down and absolutely. Another area that we can do is right underneath the chance. Mom there's a little lines some people have a more prominent action line that most kind of poke out search and down little poke out. As we age you get more holiday air seat could actually go in there and we can add filler to that which is gonna softened that so you won't look so pointed. Says as an example OK for women and particularly in that area like in the chin they'll send mind. That's Dave masculine. Yes. And says it fuel that is a lot of women as HD ten to get more masculine and one of the reasons is because the cheap bounce on man I have more weight in the chain and and then they get back how the public they're still weakened to some very subtle things to. To make usually younger and more feminine. And what are my favorite areas and I'm gonna have to tidy you know we've we've got some practitioners and it will noticeable I York's socks off on this. Is send doing filler around the jaw line we have and then that would do it to get the Lamar mashed your mark and women he'd do it to get on the chisel. In a young John sign in with some practitioners is amazing what they can do absolutely. Very very creative. You know we've talked about a lot of things that we can do in the sun while the beautiful skies out there we can do skin panel therapy Botox filler. We also have some body treatments so we can do as well. So if UN if you particle thought they'd wanna know what that's about or Alter shake if he had heard that it's a new this technology out there for stat permit that reduction. We also have skin tightening. And guys these can be done in the summertime says Q a wearing a bikini and while that bikini body to look Cuban batter coming back to thirty. And don't forget paring all those treatments you need to use good products. So when he used the game changer products if you're gonna spend money spent on now he when he used a tennis essential to and that's recoveries and teaching side. I'm most importantly it also used the sun block we've got a great product and hope to be it's just total defense and repair so we'll protect your skin could assignments. So we've enjoyed talking with you and educating you if you have any questions he knew where to reach us. Nice beautiful.