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Hello Beautiful - The Gift Of Lift - 052216

May 22, 2016|

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The best you. Hello beautiful all. I made Matthews and I'm Cindy Jackson and went back to thirty rejuvenation sinners and we hear talk about tips tricks and celebrity secrets. And cancel we've got an exciting showed today today we're gonna talk about the gift of lifts. Why hasn't wanna be lifted absolutely everywhere everywhere her. So what are the things that we have been doing calm that we brought to the upstate. Three years ago was all there. While he's -- an awesome treatment and that and then that you and I and that love that this treatment because it is they weighing eighteen. Give the scan. The scan on the face on the neck. On the deck Taylor chest area or at the area about the brown. Results similar to us I slept without the needle without the ninth this is a needle less lift. It is and I liked the term that you just used and needless lift because a lot of times when you think about sagging skin. The first thing you think about is do I need surgery. I mean a lot of times you kind of touch your face and pulled back and you see oh that's sagging for ordered me own and maybe I need to go under the knife. But still the panel orbit Yunnan. It just Imus says a couple of things Tina surgery it would not be at the top my list I'm not grow fond of having people chase me around and I Cindy how about you. New cup but not all nodded off that this is apple. That just doesn't sound fun. That eat it even if you are person that would be acting and you have seen eat and Nike Sony and other places. When it is he your face scan Eisner need to think about that. Yunnan. Okay says nanny 5% at a time listen in to scan really well what about the at a 5% because this is your face decisions pays. And that's a big deal said that this beautiful thing about all they're beat McCain not AP is an ultrasound device. Without needles without and I. They can tighten a muscle. He can tighten the skin on the face. On the net deck of about the rally LC since and other areas that will talk about. Thank Rick it's FDA cleared to lift it gives you incredible results Ian a lot of celebrities. He's history. They do with one of the wonderful things about golf therapy is that there's really no down time. And that's the great thing it's a treatment that you can come men have done. And you'll start to seize it Grachev results of thirty days sixty days ninety days and then full results release at six months. But it truly does give you your tone back your skin and most importantly the texture. If we use that certain transducers so. Even around the lips if you have those little smoker lions common or strong lines for this if you happen and never smacked a exact starlight passed alliance exactly all of those to be taken away very very easily. The I was reading it was sitting here thinking about all the celebrities she now than I've seen that I had the east will there be. In L had a magazine article out not long ago that was talking about how often people do will there be you know what the results are because that's an Italian desk. If you look at the stars on TV or you watch people walk on the red carpet in your life how in the world did they look like that maybe you dollar or your neighbor doesn't Eric. Am there's a lot of things you can see an all there is not the only thing that these stars Steve but he is one of the things today. Mention the Hollywood people. And give shape and I'm on a yearly basis. For others he may not necessarily wanna work that into their budget yearly there and and about every eighteen months to two years to keep once again. Yeah earned. Try to come back the eight that's right that's rate. You know your apps they write downs on fact on this as one of the biggest celebrity secrets around and we'll kind of share some names with everyone today. But you know when we look at the industry itself on more people are actually looking at non indecent programs and vs going under surgical procedures in fact. What's the thought about that sandy handed but I mean let's let's be honest if you have the option to get very similar results with now and times. Okay not getting to sleep. In peaking at the same results and you can get back to work the same day and the Israeli no brainer it it absolutely is a no brainer and that's why these stats make sense to me I know. This is huge so 468%. Was the increase over 2015 of people doing nonsurgical procedures first surgery. And your obsolete rate Angela there's a large reason for that because of a safety. And if you are going under surgery Braly those results will only last for about ten years because. No matter what you do you still continue to aides see muscle choose something that has a great safe treatment something they can give you results. But he can also do touch ups and that's exactly what these celebrities do. And if you look at you know and our web site back at thirty dot com and take a look at some that are not eating make ever since it to germanic changed they've had. On the everyone and as a panel camped out on guys absolutely. You know before we get into you know coup in that celebrity world has done and we are gonna share a lot of names with you. Let's talk a little bit about the procedure itself on. Angelo you know let's walk Everett went through what it would be like if you came in today to have renal therapy treatment. What happens after thirty that. Well first thing is we're gonna take a like AT&T. Evaluate EU to see if you are indeed take it day in the unity candidate for all their peak. Means that she has some content there in the scanned to work what it's an endorsement that. Pretty decent scan quade but it doesn't mean that we don't have a lot of talent guys are. Since sagging pants that's the reason you're gonna lumpiness or for those of you who were just starting to show. The aging Mike into their began mean you'd be a great candidate okay. And because you're going to be able to really maintain that youthful neck jaw line and really nice brown from the start. And a couple of things I I would like to clarify is this ad Biden really talk about what happened if I slept really means sure can't. A lot of people and Dick Elena had a face plant. Because they weren't tied donegan again it here's what I have to realize. Did the surgeon is live at gonna take a nice course apple is gonna cut to you. I'm your skin around the edge of the hairline around the ear and they're gonna separate that scanned from an airline fashion our muscle pain. In then weathered Hannity used take a Connery tool and that little burns I'll have a Hamas they reason and they do you match. Is that cancer in each and keep it little color points or burns on a muscle you're gonna draw the tissue in its gonna essentially tighten a muscle. Within the analyzing skin back over the muscle and they're gonna cut the extra off. There and so what happened then and the next few months the skin is gonna reattached it and a line faction out. Sounds like fun right it's not at all. Here's his biggest gain and that this Israeli siege and match people would never even consider that yes. But OK great you've pulled up the skin and pulled at the skin and you cut the extra copycat these beautiful well hidden scars have fully in adult pool has actually. Cain and and I'm gonna tell you is very typical. To have a surgeon that doesn't have ears that she. In my opinion that there there's been surgery there have seen a couple that nicer than the scar school I was a year they do. Earned that it is another thing that I think about is Dennis disc cameras left behind. It's still a healthy skin. Nothing has been done to improve the health of the skin and stares at that skin is gonna continue to paint. An even more celebrated read and it ray Bennett. QB. The refinance. Decay is a week we can take it transducer. Came as an understanding that we can see the muscle. And they weakened homes sell ultrasound went to cross right on the muscle and Collison is covering points without ever having to take cannot separate the scanned into law that funds after. Okay. The other thing is we come back into the sad Accutane Yasushi with the collagen lands and we do that again and says if you can imagine what we're essentially dealing gangs is wartime in the muscle in my make in the skin is scare help peer. Can healthier skin detonators past healthier skin response but at the next time and he and then the next time that if he got a facelift you're just still align asking and to be. Damon is in if you think about arts and H very quickly any. It really just doesn't make a lot of sense to me when there's other options. Absolutely. So before we can live. Branch into the celebrity suck sector right now also remember we do complimentary consultations and all of our locations and we have three that are here in the upstate. We have to be station which is located downtown we have highway fourteen. And then we have a location on Pelham road. And an order to schedule any of those locations you just simply call 86437233. And don't forget we also just out of want to beached. Clinton and he doesn't wanna get to the beach absolutely think it'd be beautiful and see a little son absolutely an essential elements and you can always on our web site. And as you can sign is set back to thirty dot com that's back TN has the number thirty dot com or he can find us some like this on. They strike and catch check out our ET channel yes we have a lot of stuff out there are new chip in fact while therapy will be out there shortly. You know one other thing I did when he mentions relative to the treatment in the offense this just had treatment and it literally can be performed in about two hours two and half hours depending on. How much are being treated so full fakes and medical care treatment is going to be about a two and have our treatment. And a beautiful thing in mysterious and damn time and you can get back to work that same day you want you may have a little bit smiling he could have a little brief scene. I managed people have very minimal. And racing announced that maybe canyons and the people don't edit and occasionally a little more this. This is just an amazing excellent treatment. It is and with with the people that we. How odd how this treatment which have both been men and women here in the upstate. It's great because over the last three years we have seen someone have a full treatment and then come back in May be at the two year mark. And do a little touch up and it gives you that instant freshness. So one of the stars that actually had all therapy and and I'm quite a fan of hers 'cause she was a child actor growing up and you would never suspected but I always wondered how she kept that look good looking so young. Was true Berry mark. And can you believe that Angela I mean she's she's in her. Her thirties I believe right now and she still looks fantastic films like she's in her twenties what I'm here look Kean and her. John line ringing out. And it is it's amazing it really is amazing. It is. Well and you wouldn't think that someone that young would wanna have a therapy but again look at how high pressure Hollywood is to maintain public use and if you're going for parts and things like that. But there's not a line on her face so it's helped with the tone the texture. And then just also the left. Well you know here's a thing which is in growth factors in college in their twenties. Where illicit faster than we make the only way to change that used to tease some dean. To force the body to make new content channel therapy as a way to Jean app. Indus. So. With that magazine article and now what do they say anything specific about all therapy. With just sitting here. I was acting Davis and that's what it is the way they describe it is all their fees since their Peta on Tristan to inflict thermal injury after four and half millimeters deep in the skin thanks now forty millimeters guys in the face. For residents is actually a muscle that. And to connect and to the deck pertain to stimulate collagen production which tempers op as you get older thicker skins vaccine. In this recess the clock within and without happened to have surgery. And this this guy is sent and his name is William cast and he's a medical doctor. He causal keeping the holy Koran all of these. I hit like that I it would agree with that I would too I think it's a basic for what you actually need to do this sort of your foundational treatment and now faces increased content causes the skin to tighten up. The plot and here's the best part lift itself. Back to the last two sea levels from sun air and you're younger past. Time for full practice during the six month you're gonna like it 1 morning and say wow now I'm gonna have to share this story Darren speaking at this. And I can dance man mattered had district and Candace has been a couple of years and I remember that she's let's talk about this in and day. And we had a conversation had an accident came on and another Arabic clients can she tournament that's France. And we talk every bank and asset now lit mountain. You're not gonna notice to results for about three months and I don't wanna have a conversation about your results until three months from now we're just gonna like one day we're gonna sadness today and talk about it. Now before the treatment she says Schorr actor he. But the every day. Essentially for six weeks. Assortment discount mark I don't know this is gonna work I can't see it today and I like. We talk about this Wright says from about six weeks on it was exact opposite. Every single day it was like Allen better today Alec better today and her results were dramatic. In an act and that you are saying without their be a Debbie as an uncomfortable procedure in it as. Now not a comfortable compared to surgery in the Israeli nothing if you think about it he'd have to get to sleep for. But it is what tracks are for he and we we Medicaid for that and it's fine. Issue is telling me and her neighbor and her friend and now she says you know what that is rooted deep mess things that ever done for methane ice. And I wouldn't care attack and take medicine I would do it against Marin. Absolutely no it is that's that great experiences and you know and speaking of another celebrity that gets a lot done Khloe Kardashian in a clip Kardashian doesn't that they she may be the spokesperson for Kyle bell lab which is the nonsurgical. Chin and reduction that we do is permanent reduction. And she was featured in women's health recently talking about nonsocial first nonsurgical procedures. Long day and that issue also and talk about all the AP and how many stars get that done. They did Europe's right in fact they had a great article that was just all about the next and the regeneration of the knack. Because just such an important area if you look at women or even men. We may tighten the face that are next in our hands never lie. That's true is now meticulous I think about a modest Jennifer instant K to talk about her Jennifer Aniston to me represents neither girl next door. She's very beautiful she looks they're very natural she looks like the type of person he's never had surgery has perfect skin and he just doesn't change. Well guess one of her fake tickets cents. I'll therapy not fair be had I guys really guys think girls yes well she said in an article that it was important for her a look at and Herm. Husband and boyfriend Justin the room I think is how you pronounce his last name he actually did the treatment as well. Well you know I mean a lot of men get that done in fact in. The opposites in Greenville we have a high percentage and then he. Yeah you have to Wear. I'm button up shirts you have to Wear ties aren't really firm that happened to gobble Iannetta hit a Turkey neck that's true or can I. Connect back Thanksgiving is far away. What you know he can get ready your Turkey and by Thanksgiving easily hit piece start and is now absolutely cam. And ever won do you remember that we do complimentary consultations and all of our clinics and then we have a location on Pelham road. We also have a location at the beach generals and so if you're going to the coast you can have your treatment system there. But you can reach all three locations with one convenient phone number and that's 86437233. Beacon now it's on some Internet ads back to thirty dot com that back tee and the number thirty dot com. Now I did read something in this Andy Allen and his friends and L magazine. And this is talking about their results in the reason and we wanna talk about that is. You know Alter your peak is where they sayings that causes the body to react in a way that the body's gonna linked to make healthier skin. Right correct and this person went to a medical doctor in New York. And here's her take on the after Cain and we took place at south time just like I tell my mother that is just one of those things it's really hard to look to list twenty. Is it's gonna take three to six months to see final change that one dynamic open. Holy can count. You know Alex image younger and this doctor that unity she was seen he calls all their PD holy Grail which are really not at peace. Says she says in the immediate aftermath Matt thanks what's attached touch plunged in swollen. I look like I just worked out for two weeks Madden my. Mind pancaked and then no understandable change in place and off. I'm a little sad it had not whine to us I was thinking holy Grail polish now this is not gonna work. That one day about three and a half months and people began to beat San shocked when October and that that was the key line. I had a jaw line no channels. It really did happen and it was honest and overnight so one piece of advise. Opt out Fisher's double their B that's the brand name for this equipment used are not equal don't do will there be on a Greek prime. Kasten says if you're daughter has been to an all therapy advanced users meaning that NASA gets sign. And not expand on that little bit I think that's a great Indians because she just touched on something where why would you bargain shop with your face. Well gee he really. I can't imagine that you would want to you I certainly would not want to Ian in this ticket point if you have a practitioner who's really done with the therapy in particular. They're not gonna need to do coupons for that. A QB is it does require a special skill set to keep it to. Incredible results. Cain. David there's a lot of one non union is common shell are you on the target Aggies to their rights and Steve Sergey have their right technique. It is heavy space and measured out everything properly. And the ancient honest it's gonna depend on whether or not your practitioner never want as long train in Retief gets darn. Absolutely does and and that sincerity. Any practitioner Hughes has it been advanced to appointed day can be an all therapy practitioner. It means that they are exceptional. It does well yeah out back to their to always say we trained trained and retrained which we do. We really do an an attorney in in the practitioners in any of the opposite sit back to thirty who do you ultimately I would trust with math makes. Absolutely I would. Well as you know I've had a therapy done as well and I did it when we initially got it and and I just to to read touched up and it is dramatic the difference between happiness. The first time and then the touch up action was just like a freshener. It just gave me a little bit more of a definition right around job lined into it you really young Indian in you much younger. Well there are it. I would love to say I'm very proud of the fact that I'm going back to thirty even nine going to be fifty plus plus this year. He'd never and I'm really wouldn't. And but you hit it editing and cases so there is at TA cleared to beast on the banks. On the neck on the deck what I would just chats about the route if she says that's great however additionally. We can use nominees. On the panic. On the inner thighs or out of guys or on the abdomen. Absolutely can't. And niece that's that's. Theory in theory popular in drained out Amare and tennis players particularly absolutely I mean we have a huge tennis community here but on top of that women in general as we age you know one or younger it's nice because we can put on a cute little skirt. And we have via a nice tone laying eggs and even if we work out as we age skin right about the need to seems to always become creepy. In fact what I hear a lot of women saying and it's typically they started Aniston in their forties they do okay. I have Lotto in the say even. I've never really worried about the front and how lax the fork in nice kind of looked at them. That area last hit that never thought about the president elect and Apatow shorts and I was like where to those old lady black's not that's true that is accurate. Said they sneak up on all the skies and here's the kidneys we can tie that up and that's something very quick procedure nominees you're going to be there at like an hour. Yes it is very very fast. And nothing that other most popular treatment former talking about body is actually the attic as well we've talked in the past about the Brazilian diamonds using another technology that we have. But I think with all therapy if you combine the two together you're just gonna get that extra little lift on that you may have had when you're younger. Which is really to add add just the technology that we have available to us today as we are so I am thankful for. And you know we can manage it back to thirty from the varied began pain. Anything that we haven't gonna bark and we are gonna have the best not technology out there. In all the earpiece is the best technology out there for these tax treatment. And actor thirty does more treatments than anybody in the area and fat we're the largest in about 8 states on the eastern coastline absolutely. And remember everyone we offer complimentary consultations at all of our clinics we have three community clinics in the upstate we've got to be station which is located downtown. We have our highway fourteen location. We'll also have a location on talent around and if you happen to go to the beach we just opened a clinic admirals and my. And all dislocations can be scheduled by one can mean a phone number that's 86437233. And as she announced and is on the Internet ad back to thirty dot com that's back tee and the number thirty dot com. As an app that pattern. A magazine article here and now this what is. From South Florida and you now and in South Florida it really matters right line it does matter how you look. And this is on the South Florida luxury. Not just the mention dance this is electric got in there is an article that talks about all therapy can. The best part is that all the AP is a luxury treatment it really works that you don't have to have a luxury budget to be able to afford it absolutely right. Love and this is called stop the sag. One of the telltale signs an eighteen is that leaves sagging skin that happens it's especially around the chin and neck. Now for me I'm gonna tell you Alec in Maryland and love my grandma and their man without a lot like. Well that was lurching kind of one except that and thank goodness for actor thirty yes can we get a we were able to address that issue. But there's a nature man come off they're Pete designed to combat exactly that and as little as one treatment. It's the best noninvasive lifting device we have as a starter Jeremy green he is a board certified. Miami cosmetic dermatologists. It's not a facelift that is the best noninvasive clicking device on the market with no down time. And it's the only device where we can actually see the different levels that the scan and and I'll there be allows very very precise delivery of energy so we can customize treatment. Here's the thing guys. That's what we want Kate in order to get it get treatment you have to be allowed customize it. Age you have to be able to be precise. He have to have a practitioner he's how a lot of experience. Can it really doesn't matter if you're in what either practitioner as I've. Medical practitioner if they are you know registered nurse and nurse practitioner act. The physician's assistant medical doctor war. Can't imagine most doctors don't actually performed the procedures it's going to be windy Extenders. What you want is people he's had experience and gonna tell Angelina just like impact at thirty we're the largest. Provider for this like eight states he really in Larry King get more experience than. No you can't too well and we've done the most experienced a number of treatments in the upstate and that's also helped. But you're right with this there is to create divide that needs to come into play it's not like you can just sit down and do the treatment. So you know interestingly enough Marie Claire back in August of last year actually had a whole article on off all therapy. And it was about chin up getting chiseled jaw lines. Com if you think about it that's probably the first areas like you said when you looked in the near and you saw your grandma I know for me out to the mayor and I saw my mom. He and so we wanna change that heredity. And go ahead and make sure that we do retain that youthful look and when we're younger we do have tighter job. We really did in the great skiing and it's he knew you can combine healthier people with type bella which is permanent fat reduction and at the channel that's an area. And in that without greatly sought. I tell you one of the things we got excellent practitioners and came we pride ourselves on had seen. The best of the best practitioners OK they are trained trained and retrain. Ian and they've been another opportunity and we got. That practitioners from plastic surgeon's office as and other medical spas in their. One being that we will say and what your reason why it back to thirty we have such a practitioners that really don't leave. And we are able to continue to retain. High level professionalism that we have with our staff members have. The the other reason in this week you're the south timings and actor thirty they don't just have to use some of the treatments that work we have. All of the treatments that work. So. And we do have a great team we have a lot of options com in fact she brought up cabello that's something that we are definitely partnering with the putting was not therapy that helps get rid of that double Chan. On so it's it's a great dual treatment to have any Q how well it works it's usually gadget a look up Khloe Kardashian because. She doesn't even look close at the same no she doesn't give him credit that Chan makes a world. Of difference. Well and in fact look at a lot of the eight masters if they've got a tight Chan if their in their thirties 40s50s or older and they've got a tight chant. Touch on line no wrinkles around enact. Chances are they've got a smile other paste smile on if this had chances are that they have done all therapy and yes that is a hidden secret that's no longer a secret. So as we always talk about saying tips tricks and let these secrets is that something you definitely want to try and look into it. Because it is easy for manageable to go ahead maintain and do it like you say. Ninety days. Neck surgery drill results so come in for one of those consultations that complimentary. Give us five minutes would you be that ten years from the port of talking kissing and about idea at all.