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Hello Beautiful - Melt Away Weight Loss - 050816

May 8, 2016|

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The best you. Hello beautiful. I made sure Matthews and I Cindy Jackson and move it back to thirty rejuvenation senators and we're here to talk about tips tricks the celebrity secret. And cancel this topic today I think is on. Everyone's mind at least one time in their life. How'd you get rid of the weight. At least two ones are a million times and it. How does it mean let's face it it's like you try to eat healthy and sometimes even when you try to eat healthy or you try to work out your weight goes up. Blake is one of those things that can be extremely frustrating for people he deal with it. Eating and we know we've talked about this report with weight loss class for a long time I'm Jennifer really long time. He ended the one thing that I have told people. A million times it scenes is that you know let's imagine tactics set that life's not fair. In its way is something that you struggle went. Then SOK there's a lot of people here also and struggle and are there which you pianist Anthony can be me managed. Ian it's something that you probably will never be able to not think about it if you happen but it's an issue don't think about it what's gonna happen is your help will suffer. And so will your waistline absolutely hip Brian absolutely. And lie where your action line where nearly client. Privilege. No it we've developed a back to 30 am a really good program a factory called our melts away weight loss program. We love it it's really there's a couple of things going on in new Dick spring can achieve weight loss people. Say that it's calories in calories out and is fairly simple as that well that's a tree. Did that issue is is that how quickly calories are going out. To hand on a lot of things and cleaned mormons somebody is a very extreme example a person that has a thyroid disorder. Can eat very little and still gain weigh eight. So if you think about that that doesn't really make sense how are they anyway. Yet they're not eating very much. Is because hormones affect the brain it which. Keep the energy expenditure by the amount of calories that you're using sit there are a lot of things and actors that candidate that. One at back to thirty and we get a couple of different options for people he wireless play. With debt you know what the cause more balanced plane and we have a plane or reduce restrict grains. The more we often have some nice supplements and can help to accelerate your weight loss and doing what kind of player trying to open. Everything that we have. In our program back at thirty there's things are designed to either help you control your appetite. Boy they're designed to help you accelerate weight loss if you're doing their right things to lose weight. Says it perfect examples going to be like complex injections love those like complex judgments in the fast they are in fact region as a walk in basis if you've never have won before yes your first time there's a little bit paperwork. But other than mine you can just stop in have injection done it's. A 22 process and be underway. The SF fast yes it is the best part about happiness too is you feel more arm. Alive and balanced. And I and done I usually feel like my energy level stays stable I don't feel a high in the low budget. And I also think that it does help contribute towards my weight loss. I don't agree with that new fantastic by the way and thank you city you you have got a ton of Chad do actual test it and I love it and I said that's my. And that's my sanity pill is to exercise ready keeps me saying there you go and and mine is to walk the docs. Except and that's funny yeah. The some of those about these marketplace injections what reasons why you feel like your energy is bounce is because it's. And B twelve is in there like a place injections and by the way we do have just between Abbas and B twelve injections. Or B twelve itself. Will help us cheese. Beat war our bodies become more efficient. Okay which creates energy and it's not a stimulus energy that you're gonna get from monster drink from taken tons of caffeine. Or drinking a lot of coffee has caffeine and a B twelve is gonna help you with mental clarity is gonna help behalf clear skin and it's gonna help you just not feel sick ET eight. And this is awesome now if you couple that with our lack a place injection with to be twelfth you're also gonna get a ton of amino acids. Me on the marketplace injections have a meal latches that are fans and I'm nick injection. Assignment means and I asked Alex refiner and asked tone calling a packets that ad out today but does. They streaming eyes are really dead and helping to facilitate. Fat metabolism does a letter and they're really get to facilitate toxin in Middleton a letter. We additionally. Have other male classes and I like the place injections that are hostages trying to help you which York maintain your muscle mass. Which also helps to keep our metabolism and I. Says basically what that means is within like a place injection UK and around. No you can't absolutely and as someone that you can take you know on a weekly basis for terrestrial life if you want to. Just put it that simple feel good from eating for the muscle mass. And meanness or so good for you. And another me and we had people ask assists at the time while. From happy look reminiscent Latin and then be twelve excellent. Aaron in why can't I just take it in a pill form. Within that issue with a lot of that he'll match who really pill forms of B twelve is. That the big twelve is do you eat decently. In our cats in pay debts are really ascetic and they're supposed to be sent Keenan on a stomach and intestinal and they've Pappas and the city of like cheap. What that does is allow us to break in and get to a lot of nutrients however be tallest affected by that. Said that such a small percentage is actually absorbed into the system. Cynic he would do an injectable B twelve. In New York chances than being able to increase our elevate your B twelve levels are dramatically different because they're not even same. Ballpark. Down then hit it it does it makes a difference between the water soluble meaning that your not an anti. And so if you have too much of it and you know if he needed to to feel you can feel the difference that he had too much of that than the next I mean and get a restaurant. And it'll be eliminated in the carnation. Absolutely. And incorporate in that one simple thing into a diet program will help boost. Your metabolism and hope district energy. You will feel good about it what I also liked about our notes when weight loss plan is you can slice and dice it. So many different ways and really customize it for each person. So it with a plan itself financial in you were a large factor with doctor Connie in writing that. Do you put in there's something about fasting. And I think that that was actually really brilliant because a lot of people are now talking about fasting about G saying. And some people think that it's very hard to do one other people find it very easy. So there's a few things it that are grown on and in in our weight loss program. We're gonna have recommendations relative team how many calories you need it. Paint send people like to have little tiny mammals spread now out about the day. Since apple conference he worked at a press conference can actually compete in my body competitions and that type thing and they eat these little tiny announced. We're tight to their calories or something like that out throughout the day while. Patients mainly Matt yes I I I I can't she act when it really stop to think what 200 calories is it's not much it's not much assistant captain. At set you. He then adds that I'd laugh and I tell people all the time and really at end of the day what matters. Is he is what the calories worth that you cut in an equality of calories. Say what a lot of people do you in this have been great right now I scholar intern minutes past team came does that mean you're starving yourself to death what it means is that. He cheese to eat the CD and eat any smaller window of time. Now ideological and Claire Titus. A little bit and say that if you are an insulin dependent insulin dependent diabetic and told diabetic. This is probably not going to be something that you contain OK because your blustery there's help this year this is for healthy adults. Bet if you are. Healthy adult you can cheese and he went and that's that Smart maybe it's four hours or six hours or eight hours. So what that means is that if you're eating Satan and down went okay did he have sixteen hours that you are not eating. And anytime you go more than fourteen hours without you mean. You're not actually going in tune starvation and lack of life people have mistakenly told Bensonhurst Hines and tons and tons and tons in terms of research to back this. K that's not gonna happen militia once per day east without eating. OK but if you keep yourself fourteen hours even say without eating in your body is gonna increase the current government. It is easily it is going to be able to easily access your fat stores. Ian you're gonna be more fast track when he beauty beat KG get it he allot more calories at a tying. And you dean if you spend opting out the day stand with our pride grand duke it achieves. We really don't care when he. Meeting in four hours if you want and six hours and hours or you can she suspended I'll think long and grades. That it's in the day day's calories. Are going to be. Drew clay since same is about serving sizes and we have with us to have achieved we had. And that's pop guy we have prescription pap test process. In some cases we have nonprescription. Appetite suppressants we do if I kept her out some they are well in it really gives you an all round. Weight loss program it's not something where. Again you kind of walk into some places and it's really here's the program this is where you have to do. And it's the same for everyone and even like your body in my body or bodies are so different how they react to different industry. And I've noticed since you know getting B twelve shots with the lack of blacks. I can I know the weeks that I do that I feel really going to be my accounts are a little bit. Yes that's and I can feel the difference I also know the difference when I eat healthier. Like chicken and sweet potatoes vs doing McDonald's hamburgers and French are so that is a big difference and this guarantee you it really does make a difference in their engines and that obviously. You know what is it means and that we Austin and it says that many people eat. For national reasons yes a lot of testing that I'm guilty of that. And the eat you know when we eat we do you really still got department who really serotonin and then things and it makes a steal AdSense for a lot of fast it is our friend. In the week Q have some supplements at the office and in particular types of capsules or nonprescription. Appetite suppress sense that they work in that they help the body to release serotonin. It Ethiopian government. And having that feel good feeling already. Deep creases that urged to gang and and eat polar ice cream bars and other games say we we've got some theory. Off some options for parents who are not going to happen jitters from the prescription appetite depressant and wanna do an unnatural way we have that option. Absolutely and remember we to complimentary consultations at all of our clinics in the upstate we have army be stationed clinic are highly fourteen clinic. And our skin care clinic com which is a division back to thirty and you can reach any of those clinics with one easy phone number. That's 244873. Or you can always honest on the Internet act back to thirty dot com that's back. T and the number thirty dot com. Sinister messages and then act Atari dot com. Or on ice pack and work for YouTube channel is absolutely and if you happen to be along the coastline we just opened up admirals and so. If you wanna talk about weight loss or anything that we do feel free to cull up in schedule that consultation. With the cloud to help with. Going back to weight loss. It's not only what we eat but it's also what we drink. As well as. It really is what wagering is say one thing is we do want teacher ain't enough water. Now there are a lot of people leaning in you'll hear me action piece on mass in the post that you don't need a lot of water some people say to you need a lot of water here's the thing K. He can't get it wrong drink enough water. They're often in the body or we missed day. First pains or. Thirst inflation for being hungry Payne says it will. Drink enough water and that's gonna curb that dot as state and pay for many cases in many cases. And the thing that happens is we can easily flush out action toxins when we drink it for console in drinking something and then we don't have time. To eat it's true very true lots of reasons why we want to drink enough water. Well and was watered it doesn't matter if it's carbonated water or regular Weiner doesn't it doesn't matter now you know I always like to GE news. I try to do at least half a gallon of regular water a day but you know about a ton and in my coffee and my copy him. Coffee. Cup of water and yeah it says that you qualify did she can't you. But you can also do carbonated the next time you can do and sweet teas that speak. The shaker that many people put their drinks that can pack on the panel threw quickly absolutely. You know it's interesting because in January I cut out ulcers are processed is all carves. If something how alcohol guess that was tough for the month that had a that it was the sugar I did not realize how many singers are hidden in different suits and that was the thing that changed. The weight for me. Well she is she she hit the pain and this is gonna sound kind of silly when asked it this way that a lot of people don't really realize how sugar affects the body so I'm gonna take it TT extreme and think about it like this. We need our body messed up our bodies run option irked the cake and off he tends to you that my testimony and we run on sugar. And there is a level action that the body needs to maintain order to be helped in extreme cases it publishers too high. That it's literally life threatening to ax okay. Also if far. Blood sugar is too low that is liked her in backing Killen simply part of people wanna diabetic cannons and all the time assisting assessed a real pain. Since for that reason. Amy turn name that something happens that takes our blood sugar to either fixed either extreme too tired to land or potentially is getting this question that. That our body tends to ever react to use an example. Our bodies can handle certain amount checker but let's say we decide never been in whole part. Drink a hole to later cat or something like that a Payer have to two later with all that sugar and it it's gonna spiked the blood sugar really high now. I understand that high blood sugar can literally kill us so what happens when there's a little special that we get to. Is that insulin his job is to make them start paying Koreans whose job is to make insulin. K insulin guess initiator eight grabs it and Canon carries at the house at stores and fat cells can. That the patriot center says that apple chickens now a little guy but it's a really high and it's really clenched teeth. That threshold it's scary for the body because it's not say so ever reacts and it makes a way to matches and when you have to images and and we crap too much of missionary and we store to match up against that. Wouldn't and we get to that threshold on the alignment. And neon the body. Saying an owner and you know here's a problem on our you know if we're going to the other and that's frustrating not says. So we start to get really tired fatigue is the body telling us to conserve energy. And I and we start to get Craig means we're one more checker more of what emperor. McCain win we can't chipper and their glad we're in a currency idea and how I Atlanta hi lives in one of the postings that we can deal for help. These two women are minimized the amount. Shaker that we have a ton and there's a few tricks to the minute he won't like it he checkered went missing G continues at eleven format and eleven cyber. Super silent. An apple. Sugar and apple yet and attempt bishop Rick and has piper it's got Byron said he could add ten or twelve. Comments to that comments have a little bit fat fiber also says that will slowdown half past the shooter came into the bloodstream. That's not really good point because what you just talked about she isn't easy snap to walk around with. It's gone so you are getting that creep you take care of the creeping that you're having something taste detail we know I remember in is slim and with a favorite weight loss crisis unit that I have ever had experience of narrowing in at the pleasure of knowing. It she's the cutest thing and I remember a day each he loved IndyCar. That's and my favorite Halloween came Howard Qaeda. What she candy corn semis she literally dressed up like a candy corn or how Wayne just did she wants a lot of weight issue was having trouble with that last 1012 ounce. He and one of the problems what's she would get without Kenny are without King Kong without Kenny cornyn they had this network and then shooting halfback one time. It is see it doesn't matter how you looked almonds react to that you know there's not enough tricks to stabilize the blood sugar at that point. And we're gonna store a lot of fat so we had Sheehan coming to deal. An accident okay so we know as she McCain corn we need to find a way to incorporate that and your black city can still enjoy that that Italy's way. Sent our compromise while she went in and she. Had little set pot acts as she can now team candy corns intend amen sister coming back together and the skinny on shorter comments that fiber says they partition now that it's not an excess for the massacre. Passage you can have won it as every day and twice a week he could have continued to stop having that same time so every six says the only thing she changed and she dropped her campaign announced Jia and spy stabilized in much better. I total believer in the black checkered in fact. I'm known for loving desserts if you're going out to dinner of course cram for other such favorite team I just can't turn down crumble if it's on the menu yes and my husband often joked with me about the fact that he thought I had a huge trigger creating because I too you reflect the client. Yes let's canned corn they're certainly has theories. Fall in love with the sweetened. Dead what was interesting is he actually started to change has died in January with me as well. And I have the bigger laugh because he was telling me that I was addicted to sugar. And he was drinking three to four Gatorade today. And talk about sugar even though is lower shorter than a Saturday is still high sugar. It's real high sugar because then when he was looking at how many tablespoons of sugar were in the Gatorade he freaked out. He's like I thought I never it chipper ever. And it turned out that calls for his hidden stickers were in those bottles of Gatorade. Since he lost way too then he did this. Quite Airways actually in the most important thing is when he's gone actors doctor just for regular check up. All his vital signs came back great blood pressure was down cholesterol was down. On he had dropped about ten pounds. On thought he would drop more but he looked like he had dropped more simply because he's got rid of some of that toxins in the senators in the junk in your substance isn't it amazing what I can do for you. He what are the other things it's interesting in talking about what he journey is alcohol. Kate alcohol does affect the liver in that it sets stand on testosterone production for a period of time. In Munich to stash an innocent thing helps you still can't keep people man that suffer from like to susteren can often be depressed. Firm they have happened less muscle mass they have more fat accumulation. And now I can haul although a small amount can make it three year it still that shut down to Sasha production in the liver for at least appeared at times says. Jerry keen a lie it is Canon making more susceptible to you wake Cain. That's true and they say everything in moderation that's right now you can do without vodka with water. If we do consultation I think in all three of our clinics we've got make the station that's scary how good highway fourteen and we got skin care division of back to thirty. And the great thing as you can reach all three of those clinics with one easy phone number and that's 244873. Out. And guys you can always read to some and a net asset backed at thirty dot com that's bad tee and then number thirty dot com. So going back to wait of course for coming upon bikini season and swimsuit season and showing more skin season and so insulin your opinion. If someone wants to get started. How to go about the process. And how long does it take the music for the body to kick into a subtle change. Says. The first thing you wanna do it of course is can then have a consultation done. That the next seat. You've got to do that you know he you can think about doing something not long until you actually make that first debt to do it. You're not gonna change its Burress caught that dots to make. So did anything that you need to do is coming realistic and we can do all types of things we could start with something in simplest of B twelve injection. You know if that's what you need to. Or we can do a whole program where we help find out what's right for years. And it can also be finisher Clint through the weight loss. Program that you have some areas. Of concern. Are saying that you have. Would like to have your thigh smaller applicants that we can sculpt her body using option shape or east scene. Aren't that cool sculpting or we can help tightness and why you're on the sway lost her niece in the bell chain. All while you're losing way you don't have to do one in India they're now some cases we may recommend nap. But if the few isolated areas of fat we can help shaky why you wanted to process tenacious in theory reward lean and quick it is very quick. In fact we incorporate this program the weight loss program along with doing the conjuring and shaping and all Fermi covers if we do this on and it's really important city really it's -- telling you well wait until you lose X amount of pounds. Maybe that's true maybe that's not that we can actually look at you and if there's pockets of fact as well we say if you could squeeze it. Weakens praise that we can go ahead and take care that not one simple thing to do while you're starting your weight loss journey its debt that keeps you motivated. And this B twelve so keeping they keep you motivated TH sin cannot talk about where we can sculpt absolutely. Sue we can deal arms yes we can DU. Abdomen. Stomach we can do you love handle not such a great name fork in us MSF funny at net. Brower rolls yes Kate we can indeed. Mandated Snee and they use yes I'm just trash man rock that's eight. That's. A big problem is of there's men out there that you suffer from the mountains of guys know that you don't have to suffer from now on you don't pay in shape. Ankles coming back to work. Phenomenally well on that and dancer's neck surgery nine times there's no downtime truly NS is permanent guys and it's wonderful results. Really great results we cannot said he and or die. Yes and we can GA outer attacked. Yes no there's much all areas of the body if you're feeling a little bit fatter pockets fat. And then we can go ahead into cash now ought to show it can constitute the little fat pocket some insanity and me. That's true and then actually for tightening we have all there are so if you are her tennis player and your lady and you're looking down and see those. Brinkley lines right above your knees. Knowing that you we run across that course or court really hard. And thinking at that exercise is gonna get rid of them well it may not but we do have something that can't. So yes here's the thing you have to know and what treatment that you want that's the job of our experts in the clinics cake. And as those consultations are free are you need to know instantly you'd like to praise. And it's our expert stopped and let you know what options are there for years and is really may seen what we can indeed not surgically. You know it back to thirty. We train train and retrain so our practitioners are cannon and exactly what you need to teen and the technology they we have as the best of the best like we only have things that market back at thirty and pretty much everything that our. That's very true we spend a lot of time looking at the technology that we bring him and so we have proven technology. But you come back to the practitioners and truly that is the difference because there is a touch there is a skills that involved. In doing all the treatments that we talked about. And if you for practitioners that really is involved in the treatment. And passionate about what they do which I can say all of our team members really you know we've got the best group of tea and team members that I have ever seen absolutely we do and that alone there are there for your journey so whether it's. You know when he to look great by summer you know losing a few pounds whether it's sculpting an area. Or getting Botox even because we are the number one provider Botox in the upstate. We're in the top 1% nationally. And we're in actually the top twenty accounts in the southeast and that sort of four regions rises on a four regions so were we to a lot of Botox and a in March to be at that level it's not just about the amount you inject while we to inject a lot it's also about the training. And that's really important because there are new techniques that come out. All the time regarding how to inject or how to make the look soft like I'll relax look not like. How do you say it Angeles duck in among key. Well that certainly don't want a light daddy was a dad and mom was a month year or the reverse you know and what that means says is that to take me. Then okay sure may be filled in some lines of spent amount. That would there have been a better way to do it well. Certainly if you don't wanna look like one in animals in this age hobbies and really we get back at thirty specialize in giving you a very natural young look. Today is. Everyone's gonna medicine no I don't I absolutely. And don't forget you can always. And then just to have a look at your products we use him. You can change your attitude that product regiment. Remember we have three convenient locations in the upstate home consultations. Always complimentary. Station we have I reports and skin care decisions about security and all of them can be reached out one number two for four. 8730. Die yet both.