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Open House Upstate - 5/1/16

May 1, 2016|

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Welcome to open house upstate when it's time to sit home builder by your dream home we have the information you need with your host Arthur wrote a number of homes Berkshire Hathaway home services seem to enjoy your realtors and county bank mortgage check out open house upstate not come. Good afternoon and welcome to open house the state radio this is JD Nelson with Johnny Maine mortgage we appreciate our listeners out there. On this Sunday afternoon. Hope everything is going well. Today. They just been a couple months is a done the show Chris Roberts is actually Al today. So I JD Nelson sitting in for accounting bank him. Sort of the driver in the boat here but I have two very talented. Most people want with me today we have Matthew threats. Brokerage charged with Berkshire Hathaway home services seated Joyner realtors. And Simpson villain Matthews did a major how are you great to have brings great to be here and it's wonderful to meet you as well absolutely so another good day of course the Cold War. From our the red bird I was in color or even great to call as a glad to have you back that's right is a seasoned veteran team radio and we're gonna have her just talk for the entire hour and then now we're just sit listen and learn right now how I'm not your best tonight. I always appreciate down our listeners out there today we got some. Good topic to talk about. Take the market has been really good here deer in the first quarter and end no we don't have the exact numbers but. Matthew I'm sure you guys heard or seen out there is Simpson's bill as well. Say it really seems like the you know we had year over year increases for the last four or five years. And of course 2016. Is off to a great start. A lot of homes selling in a lot of buyers out there right. It has that I just matter of fact looked up the march numbers and is some of the numbers I came across roughly and and and these may not exactly in the green normal lesser Hsiung approximately 460 homes sold in. Save a home sold in March from march 1 march 31. And what an average stay is a market of 61. That was amazing. And the average price ranges of right around one nanny 1757007. En us we know that's about how the exact percentage but. I personally know yes definitely and of course they saw a market basically for our listeners out there means from the time. That guy and egos on the market or on to the MLS. Salute Tommy closes is that correct. The loan closes or or or when they closed maybe I get a one maybe paying cash for a way to represents the the at a time when he closes from the mistake in the tigers and a contract. I'm not I'm not exactly sure I thought it was when it's time when it went to pending but I kind of guy I'm sure EMI besides just curious sex in any way anyway I still have very short time period I think that dated days on market has been as high. I can remember three or four years ago maybe ever been a hundred day so oh yeah I've seen a 13040. A lot of time especially back when we. Have a crash back in 20082009. To show Roth back manager sir. Anyway so how are things over there right merit no and yes still at the end motto hmmm I'm sure in Acadia and everything going well over there. We do have a model home Acadia and we'd love for everybody to command CS there and we will be in Nashville which is the name of the floor plan that we're in case until December. And we are breaking ground on a new model next. Probably four to six weeks I exercise habits start. NIK get Ellen yeah you as well okay just a couple lots down actually read them parked herself their furlough day it's going to be a basement plans it was pretty exciting you don't often get. Hello how models you know we have a lot of lots in this market that have the topography for basements. I'm yet basements are not necessarily favored in most markets or doing something a little bit different. Come so I'm excited about that. Yeah that is exciting so I know. Allow us assault birdies. Away from the show. Couple weeks ago I guess that he was talking about how many dumb tones that you guys have under contract right now and all the different things that are kind going on you know radar for a number releasing pretty excited for sure we've been. Really dizzy blast yeah trying to escape escape. Well listen I just a quick interest rates update as well. Com for those that don't know interest rates have been absolutely outstanding. As we've entered into 2016. And you we there's if continued I think does T and fifteen your face still hovering right around 3% which is really good day. You can actually just south of 3% into the cities if you're willing maybe Taylor points or something like that. Twenty year picture and in the mid threes. Which is outstanding of course a thirty year fixed. Really in a higher threes on conventional lines but on FHA and some of the government products. It is down into the mid threes and even the low threes and some instances while on FHA you know VAN USDA Sarah managed just. It's really unbelievable when I don't think people realize how good interest rates are right now. On Danielle I think there was a lot of you know pent up demand and people get into the game seem like a lot of first time homebuyers getting in there. And we're really seeing them take advantage of the low rates you know and assorted things we've we've moved through and of course refinance business has been pretty get as well so. Anyway we'll sort of enjoy our first break. And remember you can always email us at questions at an open house of state dot com. You like gap have a question for is that you like addressed on the show would be glad to answer that for you that's questions at open house of state dot com. When we come back or talk a little bit about Europe buyer you're looking for her maybe drive around this afternoon. We're gonna give me some tips or maybe a way that you can differentiate yourself. As you head into the markets as is very competitive out there so this is over some state radio will be back right after this. You're listening to open how so it's. Do you have questions about selling your home and ask the other states number one real estate company Berkshire Hathaway home services seem to enjoy inner realtors email your questions to questions at an open house upstate. 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When you're ready to buy or sell your home wouldn't you were work with the leader it's Berkshire Hathaway seated Joyner realtor sales more houses than any other company in the upstate. Since 1964. Our commitment to quality and integrity has set us apart and earned us the upstage trust what nine offices in nearly 300 real estate professionals. We'll help you sell your current home and find your dream. Check out our book of dreams magazines and he'd enjoy a dot com search thousands of listings trustee of State's leader to make your real estate dreams come true. Berkshire Hathaway's he'd enjoy the real. You're listening to open house upstate. You have questions about building your dream home ask our host Bruce passed guerrilla from author Rotenberg homes email Bruce at open house upstate dot com Arthur Rotenberg homes your custom luxury home builder. Welcome back you're listening to open up. Open house upstate radio there's no good way to do it every. I'm glad to get it out late for the show that this is JD Nelson from county bank mortgage cheering Greeneville we appreciate our listeners we have Matthew thrift. Brokerage charges Simpson bill for Berkshire Hathaway have services scene in Joyner realtors and of course Nicole Moore is here from Arthur red bird comes in we appreciate. Our listeners out there and appreciate you listen and into the show this afternoon. And I'm Matthew I know what we just met here today for the first time in the end and now on your brokerage charge deficit Seville to calm things are. Obviously have a whole lot of respect for the Berkshire Hathaway group and and you might guess that allows us here in Greenville and all that how long have you been his sense of villains are also a bit about yourself. I came almost Berkshire Hathaway home services the end of October of last year 2015. And so they can their broker charged then. As as a real answer I've been in the grim market about ten years. Obama asserted with another company a little larger company and and I actually create my own company. For three years handled distress and foreclosure properties set and I just recently sold that company when I came almost Berkshire Hathaway so a federally wore out a well rounded career in realist. Yeah absolutely you know it's always gives you sort of have there's some feathers in your cap for lack of a better word and of course a foreclosure market can be a very. Can be a very challenging market they can be very rewarding as well and yet have its a real professional if you're a buyer or even a seller whatever. You have I professional agent is probably one the most important things for it furthers there are kind of looking for maybe one other distressed. And it is this absolutely key I had seven years of of in the distressed market and there's so many differences between that and and a typical. What I would color retail sale chair so many more documents that need to be filled it's not a difficult. This thing to do but there's a lot of things that go along into being a buyer's agent for one that wants a look at. Find did you is probably absolutely of course you know the short sale. Mark it was wind that was some you very active BF 34 or five years ago I can remember when it was first coming around in 200789. You know as as a lender we were here short sale and it was just she bury your head in your hands in the I don't like gosh is she gonna take forever. You know and that sort of thing if you had a buyer who has maybe targeting a short sale. But they really streamline that process and they get a lot easier they you have a net buyers agent works for Ian in knowing how to navigate that. Transaction is obviously very important for sure he. It absolutely was I worked for a local bank here and in the AFC in May never had a short so before and I was actually their very first agent that. Did a short sell with them and and I had some information from another larger bank can help them out and that actually was a good thing for me because it actually helped me to get them when they sort of haven't some foreclosures try that out they knew that I knew what I was doing in the distressed market so it actually helped. There was interest thing. The end of gin so have you found that in the end brokerage charge for your listeners a kind of don't know the difference between your typical real estate agent or broker in charge. Tell us a little bit about maybe what the difference is in your day to day life and no yelling your real estate AGU got a client say your servicing your looking for new client you're doing math but the brokerage charge role maybe a little bit different. It's completely different Ayman non competing broker which means I'm no longer an act of sales and marketing enlisting much how I like to say my client now. Is my agent pitcher Aaron and I got 22 awesome agents or work for me Donna Simpson bill and down. But I've my main job is to make sure that there. Riding their documents up correctly that there handling their clients correctly. And to make sure that there handling us South Carolina agency law correctly Rose Law correctly and can also make sure their follow the rules a code of ethics among very very much into the code of ethics and wanna make sure that my agents animus ethical out there. Well that's great has been testing you know one of the things that we talk about in the first segment was. Knew just how busy. The market has been right now of course you know it seems like to may from its own sort of an outside perspective. The if you're selling a home especially in the median price point. In a good neighbor quality house boy he really doesn't take long for those houses again I see they have a lot of foot traffic in and moves pretty quick. Yeah they are some of my agents have to have informed me that when they put a proper in a market that within just a few short days there and a multiple offer situation. And you know the sellers are saying wow this is fantastic. But you got a lot of buyers out there that are saying OK what a wine need to do how to wanted to get this house send right and what is what's gonna differentiate my offer as opposed all the other offers that are in the. You know that's a great point I had you know I'm not probably worked with the anywhere between ten and fifteen buyers at any given time just yell at some point to process are either just entering the the search stage here there or their you are really targeting specific neighborhoods are looking for houses are. But I would almost say you know at this point it seems like maybe half a mind buyers at least. Typically don't get the first Hal says there are making an offer on. For whatever reason on a different if sometimes inspection comes back and maybe something on under you know maybe area a gay guy contract down. You know multiple offer situation they don't maybe go tired don't want this maybe some money out to whatever situation might be. But it just seems like there's a lot of people out there right now that. Yeah I have to go to the second third fourth house or whatever might be sometimes us again thanks sometimes is not a good thing whatever. But I thought that might be a gay guys topic fresh maybe today and that we probably have a lot of lists are driving around right now look and houses you know most people do that on the weekends and and down yeah I think 13 of the homes nationwide are red are now selling in under thirty days. And of course you know we always talk about real estate is very local one into ten on it can be neighborhood to neighborhood you know some neighborhoods. I know it I don't know the Simpsons don't market probably as well as you do that I know. On the east side you know he's in in in May be in a guest erode to some of these areas. You know there are certain places where I mean how does get quick you know they sure endowment yeah I'm sure sensibility exact same way. And you know that is nationwide if a third of the homes are selling. You know I think one of the most important things that buyers can do is make sure their financing is rock solid. Yeah I'm sure you guys see Internet lenders and then everybody else and you know it seems to me that having a good pre qualification letter written well from a local lender probably carries over that's par the first step in in in carrying us. You know a big stake in the tables are sitting. That is definitely one of the things don't always recommend to a buyers to. It do their very best if not that's the only way to go was to a local lender nothing against Internet lenders but nowadays you absolutely want that. Face to face contact with your lender because of what's going on in the markets. Yes sure you know one of the things I encourage you know and and oh look you know buy it in the mortgage guess talent Dennis a sings like nobody really wants to come in and get the root canal done. It's sort of things and Alex Taylor just not that bad you have you be amazed what I forget we have. How much the most important person for thirty or forty days that your life and after that he'd have yet you origami and then I'm not worried about you sort of saying that. This is really you know the more we get more information we get up front I love getting tax returns paste. Yeah because summer I poisoned look infinitely and mandate that pops up three weeks into the deal or whatever might be and it seems like to get professional. You know mortgage bankers are the winds that are looking for those problems down the road whatever it might be sometimes are not first saint but the more information you can get up front. During that pre qualification process here the better off you're going to be in not had a lot of instances where you are real estate agent may call me and say okay. You know we're a multiple offer situation what can you tell me about the thing users might be a listing agent what can you tell me about the financing for this guy in of course for more information that we know. The more confidently we can speak to you listen to this deal as a slam done this guy solid. Yeah we've looked it is financial we've done this we've done that he's got money in the medium in the bank you know there's nothing funny going on in and sometimes that might be the difference between getting the contract or not he. Sure I think that's a great thing for us for a listing agent to do and a lot of unfortunate lot of listening agents don't don't go that next step because there are handling this seller. But he as testing a multiple offer situation I definitely think that's one of the ways that. A listing agent can can benefit their sellers by looking at that end and talking with the Lennar and right and like you said a lot of lenders will absolutely go above and beyond to help. As a CI know UN and you begin in you guys over there kind of bank would definitely go above and beyond help. Yet that's exactly right yeah one of the things I thought about two bombs you know. I new homes are great I mean you know obviously Nicole estate does that mean any yet there are a lot of buyers out there that want they may want a bill. Or they may want that new hone that in the end they don't want have to deal having a redo the end of floors are. Player carpet the Dow Harwood Gerry Davis shall sank the sound the bathroom mirror I. Yeah Michelle saying you know or whatever might make things look so people kind of have that sounds ability to go into a house and even if the walls are purple on saint. Say you know what I concede. You know division so to speak Gillick going and but there's others that won't they've you know and that sort of thing and sometimes. I mean what percentage I mean eight I know it's all over the board there hundred different types of buyers. But does it feel like many more people are more and hey I wanna see a finished product what I'm buying and more so than maybe at TLC Europe fixer upper something like that what do you think. I think you were seeing more people because that aren't building the 'cause lack of inventory. And the 'cause what they're looking for is not available right inventory that is avail perfect but yeah. So BEC people come in the end. And maybe coming to you guys have to look at in the market and then we've we've we haven't talked about this but I know inventory levels right now are at historic lawyers almost for Greeneville compared to think there's maybe four months of inventory your forehand for something like this current. So you know. We're Siena they are people not finding what they won't say you know what hey let's consider just building. And losses and you know approaching a lot of different ways some people say in their house. And until the builds done and then put their house on the market as some people go ahead and sell a house and then you know move into the billing process. I'm pat you know did traffic there were seeing any input though we're getting right now. Is more that people aren't. Necessarily excited about building all the time you move and it's that they're going to build because they're committed to getting what they want with this purchase and the product we sell is pretty much it for the most part not. You know informally but for the most part our step up product right and we're typically not a person's first house. How men so that you know that is the point where people really are trying to get more. Of what they want. Share your. Yeah I think you know first time homebuyers you know a lot of times depending on the price point like you say. Are looking for the perfect house you know if I had a nickel for every time I told a first time homebuyer look. You know making a thirty year decision here guy you know the most of the time first time homebuyers are gonna stay in a house anywhere between four and 278 years maybe. Some delight dad Michener of families grow yet kids yell group the house she won removed to a different area you find that your life is evolving in this out of town or whatever might be. Relocation mean MP four million companies are moving people around people change jobs. You know there's a lot of different factors that go into that. Playing Greenhill and you know just from the gross that we had. Know where it may have one point and great to live on the east side what we're seeing is that now the east side can be a traffic nightmare depending upon where you work an apple learn new name. To a location that better suits you know what's going on their life so they can use their time wisely. Yeah absolutely you know a traffic is coming as a variant especially here in the green Roy areas are very important factor for sure. You know it some. My whole life kind of evolves Lou two mile radius of my house you know I got publics and our work I got knocked in their yeah yeah whatever you have to have a very boring guy I. Yeah I think dealer trafficked bridge every time I end up going to you know quote unquote a little bit different area. I'm always like wow man traffic's bad today hidden. Quite yet how well the deal this all the time you know whatever so but you know that's a very has a very valid point. You know that you make daresay it's been you know one of the things it on I heard somebody say in and down had a customer do this. They wrote a personal letter. To the cellar with their offer and I'm not sure what the letter say and but I don't know if there was a desire dream how we've been looking for houses and neighborhoods are trying to pull a heart strings. Yeah I'll just kind of curious what you guys thought about I mean maybe not for your situation. Yeah Phil Andrews is not gonna get it. I did you know wondered about the seller I received a letter like that when all they can we don't know if you've never heard something like Dan that. Access how I've heard it both ways I've heard of buyers writing to sellers and effort of sellers putting a personal letter on the counter and kitchen to say why they love this house so they are both ways. Buying a house is an emotional. Thing yeah sure people get eight attached to their house is when when you win a Stanley walks in and the kids sir. Putting their toe ways that you know that it's visual and visualizing their toys in their. Room that they wanna sleep ban saying I'm an apple might lead here and and the white for saying oh I can't wait to have a TV OV here. That is an emotional thing and shares matter of fact it is not that it's a bad thing but that is a very very high stress. Portion that goes on in your life and so yes it may be stressful but it's also do what they call you stress are good stress in your life for so yeah but they're writing a letter to a seller. Lies she said playing on their heart strings that's a great thing because then that helps the seller realized listen it's not. It's it's not just a block house this is somebody's dream PS is children's dreams or vice Versa the seller says. I moved here seven years ago when it was my dream and I've had three kids in this house and I would love to pass it onto the next people to take it over or just totally an emotional. Process it is you know I not say that's one of the things that probably stresses me out the most is is as they mortgage lender. Is. You know when defending us and make your sideways or we're trying to get everything back on track. You don't people's lives here I mean people are moving trucks people as you say there they've they've you know what say contrary gets agreed on energy get inspections and all going on. But you Verity visualizing themselves in that town to get hamburgers on Friday night you know. Haven't neighbors are over whatever might be kids playing in the yard I mean the dream is a here. And yet anything they can yet there was sideways a little bit always distresses me out you have a diverse want to yet we want them to have the dreamy on main and so. Nothing that's where having a good team of experts you have and get real estate agent you have a good mortgage lender. Have a good inspector termite inspector and all that kind of thing. All of those things kind of go along with it have a good team of experts working for you can make a huge difference there very very much established to drain so anyway but listen even listen to. But also state radio we're talking a little bit today about the real estate market here and not Greeneville. Along with. Just given you some tips or maybe Europe buyer and you're out there look an his sometimes. As we mentioned the real estate market is is very hot right now. On inventories stay on the selection is done not. Is ties it has men and end it's a good chance to maybe try to differentiate yourself if you're getting ready to make an offer. You might be frustrating because you mister homer to an end. You are ready dancers realize a dream of homeownership so when we come back we're gonna continue this discussion and maybe talk a little bit about what building might be a a better option for you if you can't find the right house that you want. Aren't their right Merv would love to talk to you about that they've got some great models and things looked at as well. We'll be back right after this on open house of state radio this is JD Nelson with county may mortgage. 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And no subsidy not come all month. Welcome back your listen to open up. Open house of state radio and hey. They always nicer a year ago at the end. Nobody tells us they re your JD Nelson here from county bank we appreciate you. Listen and then today we have meant deep threat from Berkshire Hathaway have services seed in Joyner realtors. He Izzy brokering charge of the Simpsons the office for a seat and join your group and of course the coal more with Arthur Rotenberg Holmes is here as well. And talk at a state like we do every Sunday afternoon in and just wanted to thank you offer I'll listen and and today in the topic that we were hitting on was. You know make you might be a buyer might be driving around listened to the show right now and trying to find the right now so when you do find the right house how can you differentiate yourself for. Help yourself insure that you're going to be able to get the edge that I dream come that you want for sure so. You know we talk about not having good solid pre qualification letter from a local lender. Knew we talk about personal letters and and you know working with. A team of experts yeah I guess the last thing that maybe Alan mentioned is some. Haven't they did buyer's agent. Yeah I still see buyers going in and going out there and trying to make a run at a themselves. You know that sort of thing and it's always a nightmare Omar sat for any buyer that. Goes out about how many now I say you know I know what buyer's agent or what real estate agent you working with Yale I think we're just gonna kind of make Iran and a ourself you know and it's like. It's like oh my gosh headaches centralize edited. Goes back to people not understanding. The buyers agency and don't understand is that. Yet most of the time it's not a 100% but most of the time. The commission is paid by the seller brightest there's not actually a costs. Are not always a cost to the buyer to have that representation. Come and so I think did that a lot of times I can deal lack of information to PM and just like a seller you know sometimes sellers want to do for sale by owner and there's a lot of things did you have to follow to get that done successfully and from a days on market. Know your willingness to lengthen your days on market yet because you don't have the marketing that you know had. Good buyers listing agents gonna have right time you don't have. The contacts and more than network to be able to kind of push information varieties of the needed and you don't get to see and I think one thing that people don't understand about wheelers. Is that whirling contact with one another chair and so it may not be eat. You know I might know somebody this looking for the house that your selling and can shorten your listings sure because of that. Well I think that's very important to us young listing side of course for the buyer like you say now I think a lot of people understand buyer agency. But you know if no matter what the C has. Via the sellers paying it or if the buyers paying it. You know I mean good buyers aging can save you a lot more money than what their fee would be you know involved in a transaction. Either send. Time is not always dollars that you have to look at you have to boot. What's your time right right right and so that's I I think my personal opinion that's probably a bigger point in the valuation. And the dollars well I can remember this and in math DR kind of put this one Retief for our member. You know when I first moved to Greeneville. After blew away from high school and all that it was probably 1516 years again you are remember we when he and and went into this seat and join our office and we're looking at a house and they put out this huge book with pictures coming waiver not minimizing you don't line Alice right. So you think about that this crazy one nowadays. Dom and I haven't bought a home in ten years okay. But I think nowadays you when you going and it to seat and join our office. I mean all the stuff sole line to get digital pictures I mean I think there's even if they can even push houses to you maybe you're interested in sugar creek let's just say. Yet I don't have a good idea maybe of a listing coming home before it even goes on the market. Yeah border it says it does come on the market you can get an email I believe it says take this house just came on the market and in isn't fisted piano. Criteria that you're looking for. That that is correct and and I would say that I owed. As a high percentage of buyers and never even come into the office nowadays it's a phone call and it's email. And it's a push from however the Asian sentiment be addicted to MO last sore through our own I DX website guy that does that information district of the fire. Yeah that's exactly right I'm memory in my brother mayors town about three or four years ago he launcher creek. And he actually bought a house before it went on the market mean that the listing agent you know into this kind of one of those neighborhoods in the listing agent. His buyer's agent and the listing agent for this house we're basically worked in the same office they knew they were looking for how she set out by the way this was get rating on the market. Then they whenever they air the day before went on the market next thing you know they're negotiating a contract today it. When I mean yes or sometimes they kind of things can really help you have to get buyers agents probably won the most important things I would say for a buyer. I would definitely say that and I've known buyers agency even in my office that will go into a neighborhood that. Does not have any mentor for so at all and because they have a buyer just looking for specific house. We've gone back door knocking yeah gone back to realtors going to people's houses and saying. Are you intercity and any time selling your house because for so long inventory and have a buyer right now that's looking for us type of Al. All slow like after a lot to how are real difference my house is always for safe. You can always salvage our you can always knowledge can always sell it I guess is or Whalen and it says the right price I promise you we will exit stage left on my wife for probably kill me for us this year we say a man. We love where we are now promise you that you're exactly right meanest I have heard they're they're usually we see notes on doors or you know whatever might be announced probably get things do you know if you're if your view is singers like most real estate agents kind of have their sweet spot in a specific neighborhoods they do you know sort of thing I mean they know the neighbors are they make your school or be involved in the PGA or unity they had their circle of influence a certain area. And you have an agent my dad. Two is very familiar with the neighborhood you know they may have a neighbor that might be moving three months from now or whatever it might be. And can have their fear hand on the pulse of the market so to speak in that particular. Yeah neighborhood is sometimes those are the kind of things they can make a difference for yeah yeah especially in this kind of via competitive environment. Gasoline it's it's it's called the real terse farm so to speak and so they've been cultivating that soil so to speak they planted seeds and they've been watering with. With all sorts of communication and and they get these they get the most up to date intelligence and attic. Yes sure why yes the last thing I'll mention as far as buyers go is. Yeah tell me a little bit about your opinion in and Morgan doesn't tally into our last segment we'll talk about new homes. But yet how to have TLC is the emotional ones it. And you probably had a lot of experience with this in the foreclosure and maybe those are a little bit more capital T capital. Take it. Does not all the time but yet they're suppose out there that are if there's people that don't have that vision. They want to and they see the purple and pink walls are just not the floor plan or whatever situation might be is the end it might be a functional from. But sometimes just done. Making opening their. His idea of what their home is going to be. Sometime maybe expanding a little bit you. Buyers tend to you know exactly maybe what they think they want it but you know being able to have that vision maybe sometimes we're helping funnel right else's way Oscar. Would do well that's true and I think it do what did being a seller's market right now. A buyers have had to open up their minds completely and other than any other time as seems like in a long time around here. You see is there would be fifteen houses of the same type of cal would he be looking for my and the one that had the best paint job and the most up to date. Bathrooms and kitchens check HVAC system in the roof that's the one I got it any other sat on the market. Nowadays it's. Yahoo! look past that pink or purple wall or whatever full dollars in I remember early isn't there right so I can take care of that with no issue whatsoever even. IBC its extreme than the seller may need to do something about that sure to get buyers into the property just based upon the pictures on the Internet right but. When a fired as the when there are these big I think they're much more looking passer than ever before. Had he sings sellers have you seen any resistance from sellers maybe bombed. You're not going neutral colors or maybe not doing the landscaping is it is it maybe maybe would be if it wasn't an ex competitor marketer you guessing in any. Any push back and Eric are you hear about a push back Ernie thank you now. Actually almost quite the opposite I think sellers know that is a seller's market and because of that they can actually get top price yeah so therefore they're saying. I'm gonna make sure that I do get top price because now's a perfect time to do it some animation and I've done everything to do. Right yes probably that's probably very. Very good point there you know and I think too that health Zach Nelson buyers have the confidence that they've got to sell a home before they can move into the next place. Yeah I hear a lot of the mob buyers that are out there and calm you know they have an extreme confidence in their ability to be able to sell their current terms of their. A lot more aggressive than actively looking. You know Indy and look at for their hand nail yet because they are they they know they're not gonna get stuck Tampa Bay Contra to our contingency -- right now minnows other current and so. Anyway well listen we're gonna head into our power breaking the shadow you're lists into an open house assay radio remember our email us questions. That open house upstate dot com you may have a guy question or comment you might force to talk about on the air next week. Feel free to judge issues an email they are this is JD Nelson with county bank mortgage we appreciate our listeners out there. And will be back right after this talk more real estate here in the upstate. You're listening to open house upstate. You have questions about building your dream home ask our host Bruce passed gorilla from author Rotenberg homes email Bruce an open house upstate dot com. Arthur Rotenberg homes your custom luxury home builder. Are you in the market for a first home a step up and downsize or do you have questions about refinancing. Now's the time to call. The homeowner experts at county bank mortgage will help you through the maze of options to find the best solution for you. 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We'll help you sell your current home and find your dream. Check out our book of dreams magazines and he'd enjoy a dot com search thousands of listings trustee of State's leader to make your real estate dreams come true. Berkshire Hathaway's you can join the wheels. You're listening to open house upstate. You have questions about building your dream home ask our host Bruce passed guerrilla from author Rotenberg homes email Bruce at open house upstate dot com. Arthur rug burn homes your custom luxury home builder. Welcome back you listen to open house state radio this is JD Nelson with Johnnie Mae mortgage we appreciate you listen in today. You've got a question memory email is questions at open house of state dot com. As a reminder we have Matthew threats tear from Berkshire Hathaway seeded Joyner realtors incessant bill. Appreciate him joining us here today and of course Nicole more firm Arthur red amber comes in. And we appreciate the Colby in here today as well you know to call wanted to talk a little bit about you know we really not first two or three segments here we talked a lot about. Near the buyers how the buyers can differentiate themselves and of course she know I think that. You guess have an absolutely outstanding product that you guys are selling. In Arthur red bird I think there's nine or ten houses you guys are working on right now on you guys are always looking for lies maybe more than that. So there's a lot of different things going on in and downs you have your. Model home at Acadia another one on the way. But you know a lot of buyers tend think they know what they want they get into the market is very competitive they miss on a couple houses. In a maybe some frustration sets in and that kind of thing in and you mentioned that maybe a lot of you guys. Contracts a year writing. Are with that people let us say you know what what we just build what we want and and you know I think that's a viable option for. For people by and that's what we're seeing more and more yet people are a lot of people that were billing whether very committed to a scale location regardless of where that location is they're committed to a location. You know a lot of locations your ability to find what it is that you're looking for us from my house perspective isn't necessarily good. And so people are committed to building because of that a lot of times Woolsey people a few times before they. We'll jump then. You know what most people are times you're not just talking Nasser track until a number of builders to kind of figure out you know Hugh lost because our friend what. It's we have designed service this we have architectural services. I'm and we have a process so we have processed. That is to keep things moving along. We like to get all the details but together out front so once we you know break ground did you hit the ground running. How much is a little bit different don't want a lot of custom filters do. I'm and we have the ability to customize as little or as much as you want and so we just have a lot of different ways that we can get to an end product. You know one of the things to that thing down that I really admire about you guys not only is the construction process can be very overwhelming and intimidating to you. You know today average buyer. You know I mean this is a lot of information people to understand the construction process. Omnia financing we have taken out on sort of thing. And you guys really do a fantastic job of sort hold their opinion for lack of a better word through the process from start to finish and make it an easy. While I can I work really hard like my goal is to make sure that they understand. They need to talk she'd get the information they need. Burial later I can tell you a lot about our product and our process I can tell you a lot about the market. But I can't tell you other financing products I'm Manny and I had you know this and I'm gonna send them to you every daily to get other finance you know all those questions asked. Answered excuse right because. I think and giving them the person with the information that they need his very important and that's services them better. And then meet trying to provide data from right. And I also think too you know from the building perspective. You know when you guys are sitting down with someone and yet there's a lot of different things that need to be taught about. Me all the different things that you guys are cheese and obviously this is not done it the very first meeting but yet there's there's price point there's you know there's everything that you're talking about location or whatever remind me. And down you haven't there's meetings I think you guys have periodic meetings maybe with with clients some you know and I'll tell us a little bit about how that worked. We do to the build process they appear periodic meetings and so we're starting in the planning process you know much like. You talked about Matthew with real error when trying tank and you're trying to figure out what exactly the priorities are you know isn't the location is that the house is it. You know having met outside party to be able listen town hall of the people making a decision because usually there's more than one person making a decision on that. In a purchase price. You know we very much did that same thing to you but we're doing in a way that we can lead GU. Maybe to the products that is gonna best at that whereas you know signing it. Choosing to build it is a little easier finding getting to it getting to then dole now what she finding it maybe he had we have you know online status updates throughout the entire bill process say who you work with the project manager and a construction manager construction managers. On site every day project managers usually on site once a week maybe twice a week. Come and those two people near project managers your primary plant contact so you all always have somebody. How am available Lou who come once young of the construction process those two people are managing your. Processed through the entire built. I'm and that really does not return opportunity. To make sure that were key to tracking your concerns and because you're always sharing them with one person you know sometimes you go into it. Any work environments he gives. Yeah too many Indians right tyrannies. She's innocent and out of any use half and so we really have a process since streamline that. I'm and that that is good for you because it keeps us suns schedule with the builds. Trying to get everything picked out you know we have to daisy style with the design studio before you start building in isn't Charlotte. And the got two days allows you to take out all the pretty south of fits in the finishing sandwich especially fun and I mean yeah yeah so are we getting great feedback I have never had bad feedback relative to that experience and so that's just an opportunity to. I'm go through and take care of all those deet tails so that you can no bacteria like you can manage your kids can manage China commands we work with a lot of people littered you know. Two income. Families and I'm more and more when you have a lot you know a husband and a wife that are both working are both committed to things not necessarily gain full employment to have commandments. Not having Ted you know go to fifteen different places and take out everything ranked can be a weight off special worst. Yet you find Messi then there's I easily one party get a husband wife there's usually. Maybe one party this kind of making those decisions as opposed to another maybe some eyes more making decisions on the front meander whatever is that what you guessed typically found. It's all mixed up. Never wanna make an assumption of what that's gonna be grind to a conversation yeah. Yeah let me ask you this amino. From some of my builder relationships. You know season biggest challenge. For builders right now Aisling and you have you we we don't see there's not as me lie cheat on SR thing I think if yeah I haven't been out to Acadia allow that I think there's there's you have. Several out there obviously in his season the you know not not playful demeanor seems to be enough. Don't think they have started to date opened an introduced a new phase in the Canada and said the third phases time. Their pre selling those lines now that's the roads aren't in yet. You know dead. Infrastructures not there right and that they are selling the lots of killed is great about taken people out and Ken you know tell you. What is that you're trying your buying because it's a lot easier when you stand on a piece of property turned what it is an it is when you're looking at a flat piece of paper are high. And all of us here don't they ever pay unless you're. I think you get out there and there's you know forty if you fall guy or I right. I might changing yet might be what you look good for IQ set for the basement or something I mean I absolutely just pretty easy to fall is not her. And I. Sad to say yeah. Like very you know I'd steal in the basement you know on a basement nation he picked a lot it is what you're looking for and make sure the person you're talking to me and that's where I had a buyer's agent. Even an arm you know or even where we are is very helpful. Because we can work without buyer's agent and make sure. That you know you are picking a lot appropriate for house that he not come our model home is you know 75 feet deep. 75 feet deep is not the ideal basement Chrysler's 2600 square feet you've cut the 2600 square foot basement on that. I'm and you're gonna have a huge house right you know I never promised to 6000 square foot house is a vicious a lot of planning a lot of communication it's gonna go on being in the planning process. And if you have a buyer's agent they can represented because you're gonna give them a lot more information and then you may do is meet. I'm and that allows them to an Indian media very. Yes sure and of course she gets a note that you mentioned earlier in the show yeah most of your buyers are step up buyers scene emotionally down. Four point hands and and done different you know options that you guys have typically. Is targeted more towards maybe the second home buyer third time home buyer Truby who order you want college. But news you guys have a variety of different. If four point Anson. 18100 square feet all the way to 8000 square feet we also do custom plans with architectural services. And the way that that's a little bit of her for us is if you use our staff architects. And that allows us to credit the cost her the C associated with the design process back at the time of the dealt him. And I men so that's I can be a huge savings. From a design perspective share because we go out on Pei architect here architects like sure are you filter attack here. I never right right I am and so that's just an opportunity for rest kept it to some provide better service yes sure. Well I know you know I've been to the mile out of Acadia and I think it's say is a fantastic. Home has a lot of live features now I think that the buyers are really wish to the end and and you know I thought it was a gray and just try and keep my wife out of there McConnell. He had it but this thing about Acadia is you know. Yeah and talent people say yeah so I ran a lot of our dorm blade in their right I'll lay out dorm way you know whatever you neck and not always like Acadia. I always think Acadia you know way out Acadia but you know she just let's not mention downtown in new you know I mean it's five minutes you know your own aside if you need Garret Anderson if you're working maybe if you work any Anderson or something like death. You know it's very centrally located really when you think about it I'll tell you take. Me less time to get the casket at some cost Kentucky and takes me less time to get the costs go from the model and it does from my house and five X wow so. You know it's just travel time. PS starts and so you really don't realize before you go out there how close chart everything right on that you really can just it's. You know what's the traffic pattern in the past that you're taking aim which I think we see in a lot of different places here and chair against the population has increased yeah I don't. Eight miles to floor field and so you know obviously time today but it's going to be ten minutes yeah. Yes and throw any other guests that I think is becoming more and more important the people. You agree voice really coming name becoming a destination location for people I talked to so many people that. Yeah well Orman and appear for Florida were ruined now from Ohio where remind me and they are we looked at Charlotte you know we looked at Atlanta you know then we saw Greenville. And all of a sudden we decide the agreement was where we need to be. And I think a lot of that has do with traffic you know. Yeah housing costs in yesterday for taking care when my and my daughter's ticket. And we talk about that when the show but I notice one mouse coming up 85 I guess south coming back towards grieve over around 3 or 4 o'clock. And down near the traffic early was it that bad and I noticed you know when I passed by the exit right near exit 3040. You know now it's coming. Yeah I sit while you listen this isn't half bad you know I mean I was just they can house like you know the traffic's moving well you know there's they're probably knows probably people screaming literati Iranian money you kidding me. Yeah I thought it like did they or whatever but. Let but it really is very convenient it is to be out there and and downs I definitely. Tarlow surge maybe if they wanna come out check out the our motto where one and learn more about our direct murder what's the best way they can find out more from my. You are always welcome to call our numbers 86 or 6557702. At that's a model number here either get myself or Becky. And she's there and helps me out a lot. And the other way to get us is to just stop I we're open from nine to five Monday through Saturday. Twelve to five on Sunday I'm always happy to accommodate your schedule Sophia you know need to make an appointment because those times don't work frail I mean now I'm more than happy to deduct. Awesome that's great blessing as as did show good show hopefully. That would rise some great information for for our listeners out there and and now hopefully you know if you wanna go out and check out on Arthur Rosenberg times have to Acadia not gonna see Nicole it's a great property and a great. Opportunity for sure serve. Matthews I may yet to pleasure being here thanks for Hannity guess has some great agents is so Seville some of the yes it tell for our listeners out there maybe they need to buyers Ager get greater put their house on the market what's the best way to reach you guys who first go to CDN Joyner dot com. And right up that the offices you can get Simpson bill calls and 6496 threes you're an answer is are we gonna kill. Awesome well listen this is JD Nelson with Johnny Maine we do appreciate all our listeners out there again I'll deviate email one more Thomas questions that open house of state dot com. That's questions at open house of state dot com shoot us an email will be glad to talk to your answer that question for you on the air. Addressing they would get a lot of harsh or topics from the questions that you gas sending end. We'll be back next week here on open house of state radio thanks so why don't have a good weekend and we'll talk TSA. Thank you for listening to open house upstate. Remember when it's time to sell builder by your dream home we have the information you need brought to you by author wrote a number of homes Berkshire Hathaway home services Sedin joined her realtors and county bank mortgage be sure to check out open house upstate dot com. 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