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Hello Beautiful - Makeover #6 - 050116

May 1, 2016|

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The best you. A beautiful well. I meant to want that peace and I'm Cindy Jackson and with back to thirty rejuvenation senators and we're here to talk about tips tricks and celebrity secrets. It's hands this is so exciting we have done yet again another make over. Actually add delete mrs. make ever number six it is make over number sex and it's been really great to be able to meet people in the upstate. And really help them find themselves in ninety days with no surgery and real results. You know when things Israeli Exide. And about our make Evers says she is are we got back and look at the candidates that which hasn't is that they're all saying different because our purpose really. With the make Evers is to show you guys what we can do in ninety days. And that it doesn't have to be one certain type of person. We had an older person and we planned. And many and we Denny middle aged person and this time we change it vary young person. There we can say get back to thirty can also be for someone in the air twenty east. Absolutely. And the personally chose this time. Part of the reason we chose her was she didn't suffer from adult acne. And a lot of people really don't understand that adult acne can be very humiliating. It's hard because you go through with adolescents and you think you finally get your skin clear. And then all of a sudden it comes back and it's harder it is hard in its you know I just think about this my sister and I look similar. Am one of the things is though when she was going through high school and it's not adult acne but I remember her going to high school. Having issues with acne and how much it bothered her and I never really had issued an. And then how much she struggled with her skin after. That and how much it always was at par and her mind in in you don't realize that and let she'd experienced it or have had so much client you experience it. That even now. The scars of the discoloration that you hand. Are really bothersome and their embarrassing percent people the great news however is that it back to thirty. We can truly. Help take care of the issue free absolutely. So we attacked me in general even if you have let's say a son or daughter who has acne and bring him into back to thirty. All of our consultations are always free and we can start them on a regiment to help correct apt. There's a lot of mistakes are made because you will go online. And you'll buy a popular. Over the counter product that's on May auto ship that you get once a month in the mail which is a cleanser and and a stringent and how some of the products to corrected. But really what that's doing is drying up scant. Since then when you dry out your skin and you get rid of the natural oils what's gonna happen and you're gonna age at an accelerated rate. To maybe you don't see the acne but now you're gonna have the other issues that come with dry skin and that's not make a trade off. It really doesn't. So without me when it's if an adult acne. Adult acne can be as simple as a couple break outs and generally you break up because of stress you break out because of hormones he break out because of environmental factors. Let's face it our lives are busy so who hasn't done a drive through at a place that publish entity that extra double double cheeseburger. There at this event that will end up on your face cut and have a double cheeseburger. So we read as well as a few other places those the second call that out exactly exactly so what we did it back to thirty with. I'm Carly. Thumb and her was wonderful 'cause her story actually Carly is the mom had rodent traps and says she is so proud of her daughter her daughter's gone through college is working in the hospital system. Gives back to the community and actually as a budding little actress arms she was recently in the Addams Family. Did she play Wednesday she Adams family she did and done now she's actually working on a production that will be at the Spartanburg. I'm sometime before the end of the year. At her that she's really great she really is and and good person all the way around it. For wanting to be an actress and to be out in the public. Acne was really the one thing holding her back and she talked about the fact that. When you're doing auditions whether there on TV years there on the stage your skin and you Wear your skin and that's what people see first and foremost. And let's face it with Peter acting or theater work that make it that you're using is really thick and that also contributes towards acne. It doesn't acting doesn't it is not just acted that goes away after acne. In many people are left with the redness discoloration many people are left with the pain scars or some type of scar from the acne. To there's a lot against into it and we did quite a bit for her and her skin like amazing. The F fifteen day we did with her is so we did work on her relative to body because she works out at me she's a small person. And super cute she did have some not to not to she did not simply dress clothes and she accurate results there eighteenth we did. So let's. Talk about the regiment on acting and then we can focus on the body because we I do you think have the best setup for body contour and Mercury. So first thing with our make over on she came in and we did a skin analysis so we looked at what products using several which were drying out scanned. Which put her on a product Frenchman and then the very first thing we did was a term sweet. And personally feel you know that's my go to treat I say you love that his idea of federal a lot of pilots are ours and they do in fact it's out of California and German sweep is better than micro term operation because of microchip preparation you actually can break vessels in the scanned. German sweep has patented head which is a vacuum. That basically ex formally it's the top surface of the skin and then you come back in with an infusion. And so because she picks violated that infusion is allowed to them penetrate into the scant. So for our Hollywood people they do what's called brick carpet ready or new cell. And that gives them real hydration college and pumps up skin a little bit you can literally glow can't make up and go to a huge event. And then with the aptly side of it. They actually have a Celso accounts isn't there on that will help control that acne and clean out those ports. And I've seen the results of people have on did that and I just can't tell you how much different they are scanned lots. And that people won't necessarily know the pats have been dying but they're gonna think that she's look really resting all adorable ease. Then in the Sar. And or something absolutely. And with during the sweeps you could start at any age in fact we have several moms who have brought their sons to us. On to start them on the retina specialist prom season coming up and all of that who doesn't wanna look at in your prom dress for the winter prom date. And wedding season coming up as well so. Dervis it was one of those great treatments and then the next thing we did is your favorite treatment and that's got to be skin and and has found. Well we just we love skinhead about a thirty. I personally love it this is one of my all time favorite treatments and here's the way skin pen marks. Well let me start with saying what can commit skin and can be used for. And we you can you skin pin for just intact eighteen maintenance means to maintain where you are which you're scanned. So that you don't go further shows signs of eighteen boards you can use them really close together to help to. What do you what we cop anti aging are back got the clot to really keep your skin nice collagen in get rid of a lot of the crate beast. Or we can do it a little bit different way and help with scarring in such as an acne scarring and discoloration and the acne and even discoloration and Malin cells. Spencer called. Freckles or some other things and I'm got a funny story about freckles and a lot of that we'll talk about. But the skimpy and works in in theory similar way to use something comment at the CNT pixel lasers can. What pixel later Steve is. They will take a laser and do little time hanging me and holds. 181000 skin and it's burned with a laser. And then healthy skin a college are the healthy skin that's left behind will make new content villainous little holes and they do it that way instead of taking what they each city and I think some people probably still gave CO2 you should just take up the whole layer to scan. Yeah and it did downtime was it's significant that potential for scarring discoloration is significant. Says with a CH a pixel they famine they can do it in that. And a much less aggressive way and still get phenomenal results. Here's the thing with the with the any type of place today he cannot get clutch it. In where a lot of people Shane Basinger had it she says app at the last line. Here comes skin and skin pins wonderful. Because what we've seen around it is with skin and we can literally do something very similar to a laser bit incentive journeyman. Like they do with the laser we can indeed. Micro needles and create these tiny little chain also this doesn't hurt we nanny who renowned ski and com and Ian he can you can just physically mechanically at that is little channels are holes in this scan you can take that the lash line. And the recovery time is what lesson today yes it's just amazing and the results are phenomenal I love love. Love skin pen and you can use it on the face on the neck. On the arms from the deck it really any part of the body absolutely. No we have had great results this content and it's used on all skin types male and female. And again you can started any excuses of something that you wanna start and Wheaton to nearly forty or fifty. Start taking care of your skin now because your skin will thank you later. On you'll look a lot younger you'll feel a lot better. On the next thing that we did with her as we did a VIP and VI is also one in my favor appeals we were the first to bring it to the upstate. You actually do appeal from the house. And in fact the first in my hadn't done like kill you starter Roger knows with the appeal and I look like I have little whiskers. And that's what I was told from my husband have a luncheon for. And he couldn't believe that I wanted to gone public with whiskers. This is actually with appeal at the end results your skin glows it's got an even tone even texture. And it helps with acne scarring as well in fact you haven't yet killed recently. Eat it in it was my first BI peel and I am hunt I can not believe how incredible this Scanlon underneath appeal and not had a couple of an appeals in the past. But not seen that gave me results from a soft amnesty appeal. In fat mom mother also had a line. In. Her skin look amazing and I just I can't say enough about it and the combination between two and BI peels and do in skin and it's really the combination and we offer that the party can make such dramatic difference that's true. Because there is processing EG when I have complementary treatments in order to get that overall full correction and that's what we're working for and if anyone wants to see it it was on your Carolina and that we did the big green field. And that was on April 20 that we did the big reveal so you can go online and take a look at Carly and see how great she since you say key and then. Conan Conan did. And donate our dress her for the it and then it was such cute dress that she was ranked it was really cute and we also partnered with urban Nirvana. On and they did her hair and make happen and it looked awesome oh what did they did on brown her which is lighter at the bottom on and then at our current hot and it looked really connect. But if you're interested in terms sweep if you have acne if you interest since content. We always do complimentary consultations on our clinics and we have our three convenient clinics may be station. Highway fourteen and then our skin care which is a division of back to thirty. And all of those can be reached now by one convenient number and that's 244873. But he can always reach is on the Internet at back to thirty dot com that back tee the number thirty dot com or. Find us some like a silent thanks that or menace all social media and look for our ET channel guys. And if you're interested in doing Emeka offer. Make sure you do go on to FaceBook and like the page and send us a message because we will be doing another make over in the fall. And it's something where we choose to people's widget twice a year and it's heads a task so with our make over. Basically used Telus that you give us carte Blanche to go ahead and take care of your skin your body. We worked with a personal trainer. We work with the local boutique. That Woody Allen fans and then if you are guy or gal we take care of your hair and fair gala take care and makeup. And usher I wanted to make your checks it what better place to have all of the best local experts together helping Jeanne. Look at failure asked absolutely. So let's talk about the body because your rate currently works out in like a lot of people and if you work out it's very frustrating. Where in you have that little. Teachable fat. On that you just cannot get rid of and we actually did two treatments on her the first one was to get rid of that fat. And we used politician I pray that we did in fact we're the first to bring notch shape tuned to upstate we were I think we're the first in South Carolina I think your right. And ship is awesome we talk about colts got penalized to coastal being an ultra shaped our bags similar in that day will permanently. Get rid of and one in pockets fat. They work differently in this case with currently we decided to get lit up to shake. Ultra shape literally years as an artist seeing on TV and vibrates at a frequency. That affects only fat cell and it's really gotten in brain of this that Celtic suspected. We will collaborate that membrane of the fat cell. 200000. Times in 12. I think how fast that is if you could imagine. Like putting your hand on the topic you're back to water and then shaking it 200000 times in a second that's kinda what happens in the membrane. And that that cell and it will call for memory to break and it bent or lice. And it allows the fact that the checklists rats that finance is to leaking out and then that little garbage collectors or Mac or I just kind of hobbled a way. And the best part of all lands it is painless. Is that very thing fast. Am I don't know and I means India and Pakistan and I just results and Michael week. And they say you know two to four weeks would be the standard time and met people are vanity three treatments but achievements like about an hour they're not very long. It's just amazing and it's amazing and its parent it is. Well and in fact. One of our employees she lost up to three and just what she did Britain when she took dance she Lawson it's every time. In it and here's your rain we've had some really tiny people who work. The border on an even have enough fat to be treated that have done you know like three quarters of an inch. But I know and with Britain and many people in the office they lost one to three inches and that three treatment absolutely insane. Now it's it's a great treatment and it all the clinics we'll talk to about whether cool sculpting or ultra shape is best for you. But just others multiple things out there that we have that we can do it without the great thing about that at 38 in age you have to imagine what it is Jeannie you had to nanny teenage. Cool Scott Gaynor if he needs help shape forth he need ought to show it because it back at thirty. We have at all. Sit with you tend to see asked they we're going to be able to keep you. What is best for your situation. Not just what we have because we had a house. Exactly. Exactly. And you mentioned bella and they'll I think is wonderful. So we have bella at a couple of our clinics and with now we've been able to do you are famous Brazilian butt lift this kind of and get rid of cellular life. And Judy arms get rid of silent on the arms as well. Yes and it's unit and same people who think all the time you know well a lot of people they've seen that same night as a fat problem. Say it's really not just a fat problem. He knew if he'll think about it and there are people you are larger than others TT not have cyanide. There's people who really really send it to you have to and I say life is simply the way that that slate scanner and a way to underline fascia. Holds the ever line scan. Says it lists let's think about it like this you know men. Cain about 85%. Of men will never have to say like because the passion testing late game on a particular way aren't they lucky. Yeah will forgive them for that yes could have ended descending. That with the women it's reversed about 85% of women do you have fashion that will later on in a way that class a site like. Where the other 15%. Down since this is definitely more of a female issues and achieve. And that Ian said that bell can be Houston man for tightening the skin and that is not be used to soften foresight. And in the other thing to consider was saying why is it's a very superficially lakes back. See even a thin person can have that this very superficial. And lots surgeries and liposuction just do not work on that that is that superficial. Which is their reason why. Liposuction is an example will not help send it right in fact it can often make it worse because his skin is looser afterwards that's very true. The military lobbied Bobby's so when Dell as it sees as a combination. The few things kaine is scan used ready frequency. Radio frequency. I mean this is a bipolar meaning parents from one poll to another. And in the process of going it will heat. The flu litter the water in the skin which when he collagen. And it also uses infrared. Infrared rays which were also he can scan the other thing that we dean is who there is a special. Aaron relation to pretend that we used to accelerate that loss Tammany area as well as a suction that actually draws skin canisters just set day so a few things are going almost all of the stuff going on. We're gonna heat the caution. To report leaned that it will cost the content however to shorten. We're going to stretch of cassette tape they're holding his skin being out allowing for the pac green. We're gonna increase metabolism or any heat that that sell high enough which is 4245. Degrees Celsius. That it will release some of the trackerless writes that the cat into the surrounding tissues to the macro pitch is good Pollock off salary increases circulation an appearance in the fluid accumulation. We're gonna tighten skin stress is set to emit the skin and overall looks meter and the results are really amazing. And at present about leftists typically can be about six treatments at a time of his skin tightening will be three. So much it is however guy's is something that you TU maintained she gonna do likes extra clicks together. And then you'll come in every month to three months depending on. What level you are out to chiefs and I absolutely. And this something that a lot of the movie stars to close spaces I mean. Beat what is supreme. In their house. And malicious Spacek ice he can't have those curbs. And beat that made that they just don't get together they don't they don't you get the fell three unless you have a film history. So if you're interested in China Villa board. Talking to us about those in those pockets of fat whether he was cool sculpture out of shape or just letting us know. You wanna lose the fat we always do complimentary consultations are clinics and we've got three convenient locations we have nick B station. We have highway fourteen. And we have skin care which is a division of back to thirty and you can reach all three at one convenient phone number and that's 244873. Up. A guy she can find this on the Internet add back to thirty dot com that's back tee and then number 38 dot com. Or send this message in him that Pakistani dot com or on ice bath. And remember we will be doing a make over again in the fall so if you like us on FaceBook can Massa just. Will read your stories are just put down why you think you would like to be the next make up for person because you never know it could be Yale. So yes Carly was our last one and we did showing your twenties and she was thrilled with the skin products that she used saying. And the confidence that she had in fact I remember her saying that all her friends were jealous of her. And now this she did she looked really really. And one of the things I love about. This make ever is that we shared the rebel and measure before and after pitchers. And for those of EU debt narrative for rebel manager as you know a cycle from talking Manny. Image and it disk and we can see what the skin looks like a normal why we can see. The discoloration. And things that are underneath the skin happy yet surfaced. Since the great seeing about this is at back to thirty what used. No I was coming to us have to tape that came we have solutions to. Prepare for that and to get rid of that. Says the other thing is we can look at. Grill before and after pictures to show you really objective change not just subject to change. So we've with a lot that we do you have a rebel and adjournment be sanctioned campaign known in it so really awesome tool. To see what you really dying three good for yourself absolutely and on the machine itself it does show fine lines and wrinkles as well so you're right Angela. I mean there's a lot that you can do that other class about the machine. Which can sometimes be scary as it will also show you if you do not do anything. What you look like ten years from now. SA but let's say what I don't wanna David okay I don't wanna Atlanta 99 your own near that machine out. That's right he shared a funny story about faculty. Set and Hughes is 799 year old's name is stored in Jordan has that at. Just a huge personality and she's cute as can be and I always say he looks like and be Tyler says. His name around house's MP Taylor. So just precious and as personalities in a marcher. When he addition our like a week again he would drag in the towel and he's not again and he wanted kitchen and he said mom I need to T. And he says now I need to be Syrians and Bassett Jordan okay that what's going on. And he said I need to Khan to back to pretty. Sick. What you're not I needed to counter that disparity he said adding to be serious mom yes I need to Canada authority. He said I've got these crackles a map that case. But now they're taken never my body and I now that guitar he can get rid of my party tells someone before at the isn't it shortened. Honey your records are set cute. One day you gonna meet someone and she's gonna dated excuse back she's ever seen and he gets out like permanent taken over. And that's it well you gotta be eighteen. Honey but boy can rig and met a thirty minute that any age your current that we can get right up front. Politically that is key. Precious it's really funny because you do start to notice things on your body you know even at a young age that chance and it. You wanna get over that as you wanna be confident and these rallies throughout lessons. That's whenever your confidence is apparently tested the feds say it history they carry eight justices to say it's funny that they'd. Other three boys who really don't have freckles or entity in many on them in their sport in the house says they all can I tease him a little bit and I think that's where that's coming from. Out another key to mom yeah I absolutely freckles candy cute. And so that's Haas. They we do a lot of stuff with this. Age group with a twenty year olds as well and so that was really important for us to get that out on the sparse or makeovers concerns cage imagination it's we have now and at twenty years old. What we now in the name all. The difference in our skin. And then you really gray skin and that Pamela Tony you got theory and scanned for your age Vicki you imagine if he had now and how to take care but it twenty I know one of the things that I would've started doing his Botox. Back tot Ian did prospects absolutely. If you start with the products and using medical group products that's giving you the first lift endeavor sweep and their house to keep the skin prepped for the product exactly. While most people don't realize they're wasting a ton of money on products because they're not penetrating the skin infection all of our clinics. We have got beat boxes that are called broken promises fifth it and if you come in for consultation and bring your products. We will go over with you what those products are actually doing for your skin or not during fierce and and we're not going to Sony decide you work and actually talked about game changer products or products that would help you improve your skin condition. And that's an important piece of it. It's really important. You know I'm just talk. Think about vitamin C as an example I see vitamin C elections all I ever you know drugstores and and things in here here's what we know about vitamin C. Vitamin CL lying cannot penetrate and let the player to skin Kate needs some type of your tent. That's why in medical great products often you'll see vitamin C with some pattern for real asset or app hydroxy asset. Our sense than this irritating enough to allow it to penetrate one of the things that. We really love about many of the products that we carry it back at thirty and they're all medical grade we only some medical grade project. Is that a lot of the vitamin CR at containing products that we have have they special type of vitamin C. And it stature. You know data that had to discover Catholic sister really long name because what it means. It means that there were some extra carbon and that on the that idea that it allowance of vitamin C to penetrate them let the player and the fat layer of the skin without damaging it without having to have an irritant. And we get to determine its for the caramel layer where we want it to carbon. And break off famine and the vitamin C three needed now we are carbon says that's not harmful to ask. And it's a really great delivery system this non irritating and the results are incredible and that's just one small. Difference. Having the medical grade all right type of products and vitamin C for declared his skin it's hard to be absolutely. Well and your craft especially in curing hackney. The next thing you when it usually to brighten up your skin yes so it is a layering process and it does start with he's in the right things at home. So again we Q complimentary consultations at all of our clinics we've got three convenient locations in the upstate we have may be stationed. Which is on the corner of may be raped by a merry best restaurant. We've got highway fourteen were right across from Bubba and his we always say that because everyone. Of them did this. And we're at skin care which is a division about the thirty and that's on Pelham road near Boiling Springs and it can happen daily offensive line we've also opened up admirals. So if you would like to make it consultation. Can read just one easy on number and that's 24487. Austria or reach us on FaceBook and remember he could be the next makeovers person. And I beautiful.