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Open House Upstate - 4/17/2016

Apr 17, 2016|

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Welcome to open house upstate when it's time to sit home builder by your dream home we have the information you need with your host Arthur wrote a number of homes Berkshire Hathaway home services seem to enjoy your realtors and county bank mortgage check out open house upstate not come. Welcome to open house of state pledge to be with us today talking a little real estate. And if you've got a question about anything to do the real estate or building. Please remember that you can reach is sick questions at open house upstate dot com ask questions. Had open house upstate dot com get a special show today we're gonna talk about trends that are going on in the building business. And if you're thinking about selling your house especially has been on the market for awhile. This would be. Good for you to know what the folks that are building you're out there looking for what kind of materials are they looking for cannot style are they looking for what. What's popular. And then of course you know obviously if you replicate that when you're trying to sell your house. It might make your house so we win the contest because every time we trying to so it is a contest. And help us with that today we'll get to Nicole in the house from Arthur Rotenberg homes are you Nicole great Harry today Chris doing fantastic glad to be with us today young. Before we get into these. Trends that we're gonna talk about as far as what's going on in building. Tell me a little bit about. You know who you work for viewing my have a first time listener out there. And just give us give us around about an art to run in Bergen New York where you are and how they can get in touch we used to and earmarks. OK I am I may actually and a real estate agent with CD enjoying her Pelham road. So I exclusively represented Arthur and her homes which is first tasker Allah. I'm our model home is located in Acadia which. Time is at Piedmont address just off of 85 at exit forty. 153 C a super easy to get to can also would take 185 to get there. 7 AMP must one of those best kept secrets actually live out there. And one of the attractive things about living in that area is that I think people forget it. I'm wind fantastic schools Anderson school district one as well as the school district this on the green bull side are both great school districts that then. It's so easy to get downtown my wife works downtown and in Michigan be downtown in about twelve or thirteen minutes and people just don't realize if you're in. The end you have that opportunity. Right in the traffic Q I mean it's just a great situation RR round if you wanna go to you know. Then stripped. That all is stores have moved to ride her ability to get there from T mind is much greater than almost any place else just contrast. Absolutely and from you know we've talked about this before on the show but if you look fat. They area Acadia where the home was built we often refer to a more of the community vs a neighborhood because how big it is. And you know I think one of the things that developers done a good job over there is they have. But townhouses. They had zero lot guns they have very small lives. With a rear entrances if that's what you're looking for and then they move all the way up to I guess like a state lives in the Hudson River lies. It's obsolete and you stabilize in the river relaxed again I'm getting ready in the process of introducing a new phase or phase three are their currently taking my reservations for. Amend that phase they each have some estate lots that are larger. So right now the assailants are about half an acre. And but he's transitioning that that there will be larger lots offered with in the neighborhood and so to an acre or even bigger even bigger wow gas so it's really an opportunity to neighborhood has a lot of different types of housing. I'm and it kinda ended you know great amenities. Ten Allah or ask you to. About that they do have tennis court. They have a huge does he know or covered patio area yeah where you can do Vance when you're walking trails. That the the community is quite large. And I guess you know I don't know what percentage I guess we call the developer and asking but. This plea hearing to continue to develop out there because it is a really big project. Yes it is so we're moving into they're getting ready yet attack I am moving into phase three. 85 or six phase neighbor so. Great job opportunity to go see what's going on over there and I would invite you go out see Nicole. Or callow men of course they'd be happy to give you a tour of the model over there. And also to you know explain the difference in the way that Arthur Rotenberg runs their process which you'll find to be. Just a lot better in my opinion especially from underside just because of the way they get all the pricing out of the way. Prior to breaking ground C cannot know which again is the end and seldom if ever do you have an overrun. You know I and that's the advantage of having I am you know fixed bid. At the front of the process verses a lot of allowances. You know I think you bring up a good point we. You know I don't know that we've ever talk about that but when you when you're going to get construction. A lot of times you'll have. Cost plus. Or you'll have. You know these other types of fixed fee and then we you guys what you say is hey here's the number. And if we stay in these guys this is what's gonna happen. And so if the market news one way or the other you're not imperil it's already been decided what you gonna pay for the lumber. And the labor and all like kind of good stuff factly gavel listen we're gonna head into our first break of the day we appreciate you being with us. Got a question isn't it questions and open house upstate got. Com we'll be right back you're listening to open house upstate. You have questions about building your dream home ask our host Bruce tasker Ella from author Rotenberg homes email Bruce at open house upstate dot com. Arthur Rotenberg homes your custom luxury home builder. Are you in the market for a first home a step up and downsize or do you have questions about refinancing. Now's the time to call. The homeowner experts at county bank mortgage will help you through the maze of options to find the best solution for you if you would like to discuss your situation. With one of our experts. Give us a call. At 8664427553. County bank member FDIC. Equal housing lender in MLS number 462088. When it is time to build your dream home either Rothenberg is the only name you need to know from India house architectural and interior design to superior customers there is an exceptional craftsmanship visit any art H upstate SC dot com into their show home until late salute to run drive Piedmont South Carolina in the Acadia community. Prepare to be amazed visit they are each upstate SC dot com or call 558006. Saves are threatened bird homes you've dreamed. We build. When you ready to buy or sell your home wouldn't you were work with the leader Berkshire Hathaway seated join a real herself more houses than any other company in the upstate. Since 1964. Of our commitment to quality and integrity has set us apart and her dress the upstage trust what nine offices in nearly 300 real estate professionals. We'll help you sell your current home and find your dream. Check out our look at dreams magazines and he'd enjoy a dot com search thousands of listings trustee of State's leader to make your real estate dreams come true. Berkshire Hathaway C did join the real. You're listening to open house upstate. You have questions about building your dream home ask our host Bruce passed gorilla from author Rotenberg homes email Bruce at open house upstate dot com. Arthur rug burn homes your custom luxury home builder. Welcome back to open house at stake claims he witnessed today we got a call in the house she's an agent over Berkshire Hathaway home services CD into Warner realtors. Which she exclusively. Represents. Arthur rut Merck homes. Now working out of Acadia which is over in the Piedmont area. And we certainly invite you if you wanted to check out their model they have a great model player and a course of your interest to Dawson in not. Looking at a retirement home or something up in the clips they do have a property it's not a model if you have a property there you can show as well. Yes we do with the homeowners homes that we don't that they don't live there is to full time residents so we do have regular access to it. Nine gives an opportunity to be able to see what are platinum standard is. You know our process we have three different levels that we build out the kinda you're talking about the finishes this up finishes yeah it's what allows us to have a price last time for the plans that we have been our library. I meant so that just gives an opportunity to show you know two different finish levels yes I did you have the what is it up in the clears this up platinum platinum platinum finished and then if you go look at the house and Acadia. It's what is signature signature shoe and then you have a executive executive finish and so. Each one of those comes with a package of materials and I'm sure mold beings and things of that nature. And I'm happy to give you there's DTL but that's not now that oh yeah gutless if you get a match traditional Moulton Al 380 but. You know it does it does allow. You guys to well everything is still customizable we wanna make sure people. Don't think they're just doing uptick in got to build this. Everything that you guys do is customizable. But it's also designed around what we were mentioning earlier which is a fixed beard for construction. Which is a little bit different than what you'll find and other places. You know I know when I've built my house. This coming usual I did it you know win in the downturn. Mom because I wanted to save a little money but and that particular situation what I did when I built my house was cost plus a fixed city. And so I agree with the builder. Load you know you keep track of what this cost based on what my wife picks out allowing it to counties on and then I'll pay you X feet a flat feet. To manage this process. And you know he's very happy to do it and did a great job I really enjoyed working with those guys. But I think one of the things that you'll find that is is a little more common. But can also be a little. A little difficult the mean age from a lender side is a claw back cost. Plus a percentage. You've been in that particular case. You may agree and I don't know what standard do you know what standard is this appointee in her 15%. I would probably between ten to fifteen to test somewhere in the air so what you're agreeing to do at that point in time you just say look the builders gonna keep. Track of every morning cults. And and then they're gonna and a percentage on top of that so course the more cost the more they may now. You know a lot of people say well gosh wouldn't that encourage the young. To make it more expensive well known because you're making the choices. You're picking out what you won't but every time you pick out something that goes over an allowance and I think that's something that's different. When you do and that you're trying to put a contract together. The builder has to give you allowances for sure and things they have to say look we're gonna give you a a 6000 dollar allowance for granite in this house or 3000 dollar. Allowance for flooring Norah. 20000 dollar allowance for windows. And having been through this process before and obviously you you know what it's like because you were with customers day by day. Sometimes. When you start looking at options. It's easy to get outside of that absolutely and the reason is easy to get outside that is because most of us. Don't have a feel for what our taste costs. And that's a great way to put it all like that I agree with that under percent. And cannot use the example of light lights. Who you know you can put lights and house for 3000 dollars or you could put lights in the house for 30000. Yeah. It it really does make a difference and says if you're not educated. I love the way you put them Nicole if you're not educated on what your takes cost. And it's going to be very very difficult. To stay inside of that that allow wants. And in oftentimes you get sideways now I know when I went through my process there were some things. Like. Because of the price a lumber at the Tom. That. That came in less than cost but when you get to something like the granite. And you're out looking at a granite supplier and you have an infinite number of options. The the ones that are the most expensive always seem to be the most appealing in granite can really blow a budget. Yes it can come and now there's other materials he knows who want more common to go into courts product sore right I'm marble and so when you're getting when your. Transitioning out of granite in into some of the other products that are. I'm popular right now. The. Was I had no idea. Way to. Hi Ian plumbing for extra cost. You know I always used to walking down the root it in a home improvement scoring going there's a fifty dollar Fossett there's an eighty dollar Fossett there's. There's a hundred dollar faucet it never occurred to me that you could have a 600 dollar faucet on why are you kidding me or are right 2000 dollar sink. Or that freestanding tub is so popular right now that there you know it. To get the water into the tub is gonna cost you about 2000 dollars yet as the last three times yes and you know there's just a lot of variables and now here. So when you're when you're working only cost plus. And you're working on allowance if if you don't have. A very good grasp. Of what you're you're paced cults. Then the actual bid that you give it can be you know way out of whack just because the builder doesn't know either. And says he can say look I can do this for 5000 American is this for you know 45000. But it's gonna depend on what you pick. And you know I think that's important. That when you're doing a situation like that the course. You know you're moving the ball. Owned how much the deconstruction is gonna cost which is also moving the ball when was she doing cash. Owned how your loans can work. And that can be quite. Surprising is the best toward our keys I think for the bar when you get down to the end they go hey who went 35000 over just throw that Omar alone. And you know I have to tell him we've already determined the loan amount we tried to throw that don't have checking account. And you know that that can be somewhat of a surprise if you don't educate them as they go along because. Oftentimes the lender is not involved with the choices that they make is they get. You know we may get one big change order Ian and that that moves the numbers that you decided to loan amount up front. Right and says you know that can be you know that can be quite concerning at a course now over dark threaten our homes. You guys do it different ya all operate instead of a cost plus or cult with a fixed fee you guys were only fixed B and and so what do you tell the listeners what the difference is why why that matters to think. So I fixed and it is that we are going to have a number for the complete cost of construction prior construction starting. I'm and that's base for us it's based on what's in our model home. And that if you think about it's a selection an opportunity of selections and so there are some selection parameters. And what we try to do is identify all the selection parameters that are gonna news outside. At the beginning of the process and so the weekend news that number so if we have the you know if we buy standard price granite but we know that you won marble in your kitchen. Don't we're gonna price that prior signing W cream and now one of the things I had to do when I. You know build my custom home was I had to go to all these vendors around tiny owned and pick those things out. How are ya I'll go about that says that it's it's a it's just different. Am so we do dead. Quoting process so we pull everything together that you're looking for a prior to signing bills and agreement once you sign a building you can do we have to act today color sessions when it's calm and that's with. No license interior designers that work with our surrender homes there on staff with us and then they help you pick out all the colors that fits the fittings finishing finish levels. I am with the exception of our lighting. When need to pretty light it's not itemized right right right I'm gonna visit Carmen Ferguson and get where we is sue we deal went through those sure. And so that's a local meeting and then the day. Got severe cabinet so to speak not that orange or styles you do those of interior designers like and they are actually had a cabinet meeting. So that you can. You know customize the inside of the cabinet are what you wanted to. Spice rack curve or the lazy Susan or something like that you'll make that decision with the cabinet maker yes captain button. Other then you know those two meanings and the landscape planning which is obviously not done at the sons actor I. We don't have we're not sending you all have for talent sure try to get all of those things tightened up prior to the construction starts. I'm so way. Makes the process easier for everyone involved and I think. Go you know one of the things Bruce and told me is that they use. Some technology on your phone I don't remember which that was that they can. Create colors and stuff and selections that you made siege cannot see them all together. Well they used towels and interest the designers use 1010 terrorists a run that allows them to do. This kind of see what years style sense is right prior to EU showing up. You know with them to Europe earlier today your time with them so that they're prepared. Yeah you sit down the island they're bringing you things you're not standing in front of. You're not like Canada thousand selections they cannot know narrowly. Are you going four for each country are you going for contemporary what are you going for. And then let's look at things that are in that that that tie yes exactly OK and so and of course that's included. That that two day designed sinner. Consultation is included in what you're doing it's not a gift to pay extra for that. And I think I heard you say they're also licensed yes there are licensing and I'm just dealing with some Yahoo! sitting in a building these people have gone to school and they do I. They are actually interior designer you guys and they are included in the price yes some of you know the Intel contract. And then they do offer size services so that's not going to be your furniture that's not going to be your window treatments just how it's the house. But they do offer services poor furnishings store window treatments so. Now much like we have a model home that is sold as a fully furnished home right and that's how we saw her models they'll be more than happy to Foley's create but that's an additional but that's an additional. Sure it's an outside of the house built. Yeah but you know I think in in the result of that at the end. Is that you Wanda knowing what the majority of your selections are you know with the majority of those selections are gonna cost. And then you have an opportunity at that point to understand where you're at. And then of course I know that before you go through that you always talk to folks about you know what is your budget what is this that the other seats seat it's gonna figure it. As you know if you get a 300000 dollar budget to keep your rundown of 500000 dollar road. And then of course you know from a lending perspective. Having the majority of that stuff. Nailed down at the beginning. Creates a much more pleasurable experience during the construction loan when you do a onetime close or to come close. It just makes the entire thing easier and it's always a pleasure to get to the EU and and and not have that big 35000. Or that you know that that overrun. This time common if you if you do the cost plus. Freedom B 5%. Off phenomenon is a lot of money. You know if you build a 700000 our house and you wind up trees in the united 35000 dollars off with a yen that that these. Not a happy day well and even from India you know a dollar perspective. I've heard her say many times that it's this is a much easier process sure 'cause you're setting expectations up front. Right and ultimately if we can all be at the same sitting in the same table have the same expectations as we begin moving into the processing of your building a home. It makes for better experience for everybody involved. Well and and it also news. I know what is life decisions to stand in the granite place ago. You know the wife say I really want this in your life or us about 9200 dollars over with the budget is she's like yeah that's what I won't. And say you gotta say OK and we're gonna fight or we discuss say OK in the Obama and and the other thing about it is it's easy. It's easy when you're going to different places to look at different things and you're not doing it all at once. To be a little over here in little over here in little over here with three little letters adds up to a lot. And so you know I experienced that you are really. I had sticker shock every two things two things that blew my mind one cabinet hardware. How can that not cost twelve dollars and fifty cents. It costs about about to make. Seriously twelve dollars and fifty cents and then lie and you need ninety have a guest and can not yes and you do the math for quick you know I totally missed the and like handle for a refrigerator that hasn't wood panel on it. You know the handle might be a 120 dollars in you're sitting there going how can that they had sticker shock over that. And then also has sticker shock Pakistan earlier about the plumbing fixtures I just did not realize. When you get into. Different like delta even if your pick and delta. There's a difference between what you buy at the home improvement store. And they just like you all have different levels of product and then there's just a huge difference. When you go you know what these nine and shower heads sprays and all this and think what what are they hundred appeasement or maybe 300 paste. And so I had sticker shock ever both days and I think. You know had if I can go back and do whatever again and if I was sitting. In a designed senator looking at it all at one time. Would somebody go win this is your style this is where your headed this is what you like this is what you you know I think. The experience would have been better and I would have been sweat until my. But I do we sheared and achieved things that I hear a lot. And we filled with a lot of people that had previously dealt so. Yeah we do have some people that first time other people. Have had a lot of experience and you are really good feedback on both ends of that sure because the people that haven't done it before. Come men and you're like well that was really simple I was feeling like an expected yes and then. The people on the other end that have gone through what you've gone through an. There is saying wow that was better than what we've experienced a Fuller I had some of this to bill later well we're gonna go on term bottom of the hour break we'll be right back after this. You're listening to open house on Tuesday. Do you have questions about selling your home and ask the other states number one real estate company Berkshire Hathaway home services seem to enjoy inner realtors email your questions after questions as open house upstate. Dot com when it is time to build your dream home either Rothenberg is the only name you need to know from in house architectural and interior design to superior customers there is an exceptional craftsmanship. Visit any art agent upstate SC dot com into their shell home until late salute their run drive Piedmont South Carolina in the Acadia community. Prepare to be amazed visit they are each upstate SC dot com or call 558006. Saves are threatened bird homes do you dream. We build. Are you in the market for a first home a step up and downsize or do you have questions about refinancing. Now's the time to call. The home loan experts at county bank mortgage will help you through the maze of options to find the best solution for you if you would like to discuss your situation with one of our experts. Give us a call. At 8664427553. County bank member FDIC. Equal housing lender in MLS number. 462088. When you're ready to buy or sell your home wouldn't you were work with the leader it's Berkshire Hathaway seated Joyner realtor sales more houses than any other company in the upstate. Since 1964. Our commitment to quality and integrity has set us apart and earned us the upstage trust what nine offices in nearly 300 real estate professionals. We'll help you sell your current home and find your dream. Check out our look at dreams magazines and he'd enjoy a dot com search thousands of listings trustee of State's leader to make your real estate dreams come true. Berkshire Hathaway's you can join the real. You're listening to open house upstate. You have questions about building your dream home ask our host Bruce passed gorilla from author Rotenberg homes email Bruce at open house upstate dot com Arthur Rotenberg homes your custom luxury home builder. Welcome back to open house upstate pledge to be with us today talk a little real estate. And not construction today we got Nicole in the house from Arthur Rotenberg. And we've been talking about now. The different ways that you could Dell did out construction I guess though that way can be priced. And I of course over Arthur Rotenberg to have a little special way to get that number. Saddled up front these affixed to bid process. And I think you know from the lenders first victim we like it a lot better because it it provides a lot more certainty into the deal when we're trying to main needs to loan because. The loan is generally not as flexible as people think you. You just like you write your contract up front as to what you're gonna do and there can be change orders the loan is not easy change. From the standpoint of loan to value and things of that nature. It's not the same can't be changed you can certainly say whoa when I get down to the end wanna do affixed instead of and armor wanna do an arm instead of fixed or wanna do this or that but that the generally they'll loan amount. That you're gonna end up with a that you in this predetermined. Unless she wind up under that won't amount so it's almost like you determine a maximum amount front. And then of course if you don't have a fixed bid process sometimes there's a tendency to run over which can cause if she's. So can you explain to me because we have that we. Have people at this can moot. I think it's a misconception that I may be wrong pocket and that they command and they say well I'm gonna get alone floor. Backs rice and I have all this brand to make decisions throughout the process he doesn't really work like that it can. It it really is a function of two things. We won we're determining loan to value only construction loan whether it be a Jumbo or whether it be a conventional. Bomb we're gonna basis alone. One of two things the lower. Of the appraised value. Or the cost to construct. But once we determine that number so let's say that must try to use an example house. Is gonna eat ya all have a fixed bid of 675. But when we do the appraisal the appraisal comes in at 700 no okay. We're gonna base are along the value on this 675. And says. A lot of people do have the misconception that they can borrow based awarded a praises for. And you you can do that later but you can't do it at the time that you doing construction. So you can you can take advantage of that. If you do it to town that you can't take advantage of that if you do one time it just doesn't work that way. That's one of the advantages to June of two top. And the reverse of that. Let's say it is you're not spoken before and and Bruce as well you're in a situation where. You kind of pick the top end of everything you go with the top in windows you go with a top in appliance packaging deal with the top in granite. You with the top in for covering in everything you seem to pick is on the topping him. It it it's likely. That it would be the reverse of that it would cost you 700000. To be old. But it may only appraise force 675. Once again I'm gonna use the 675. And that difference that 25000 dollar difference in their. You're gonna have to bring to the table and you're gonna have to put your money in first before I. Ever start draw an awful mob money and you know and a lot of people don't understand that. But it is true that we've had this happen where somebody will come along to say okay. A built in 650. Only one alone for 500. And then will be halfway through the process and though guy listen our other house sold. So we're just gonna put another hundred in nine holes moved and you know we're not gonna draw on the loan we're gonna we're gonna do to draw to the builder. And so in that case less than the 500 a spot. You know you can always do that and of course that would impact. When you roll it out at the end if your converting it or if you're refinancing it you know it we just to gesture loan to value down to make our free and opting for rate improvement. And so I know that we frequently or with people that are planning. To do. Another product at the end this planet because they wanna stay in their house through construction yes. And their take it planned taking the equity out of their house right when it's time. To flip the switch to show or when it's time to it says. To do the permanent financing on the new house and so in that circumstance. Is it always better to do one time word to time our own it depends on the circumstance like how am. There to. My recommendation I like the two time so many people have an arm and it's cheaper. To do the one time but I think if you look at. The overall rate market could you gotta consider that because the difference trying to once common to town. Israeli who's carrying net interest rate risk and so. If I'm gonna give you a twelve month construction loan on onetime close I'm gonna have to charge you. A little bit more in interest. Just in case the rate moves against me senior you're asking made a promise you what Rachel going to be twelve months from now. And as we don't know when people predict rates. You got 5050 chance you know we right eagle we Rohm and so we have to heads to the house side not just us but ED lender. Has the heads to the high side and then what they won't say edu is. We if rates are better we will allow you to float down. And that gives the customer a lot of confidence that while I'm gonna go to market rating anyway not true you can't float down which are not gonna float down the true market. Because they have taken that re ask they want to be paid for that risk you know so even if you're your loan has a free float down option. It's not gonna float all the way to true market and it is because today the lender has been carrying the risk. If you do it to town close. There's a lot of different ways to structure but. You can obviously fixed the interest rates you're gonna pay during construction. And then his and and based on how worried you are about operates. You may do a twelve month flock and I'm not flock a six month block and I need a lot but the closer you get and the shorter the law. The more likely you already get to the true market rate number one. And the leader of the dump this less expensive to do that so if you're in a in a very good market are you an example somebody who started a house. Twelve months and it a go from now. Okay. They would have been in a situation where if you look at what the Federal Reserve Hussein in the Federer vs Lou we're gonna raise interest rates four times next year. We're gonna do exist we're gonna do that and every indication a year again. Was it interest rates would be moving up fairly quickly on the short end of the curve. Which over twelve month period should make rates go up on the long end of the curve which is we're talking about that thirty year fixed. That didn't happen. So actually Rachel less now than they were twelve month today. So if you were floating down my own. You would be floating down which you wouldn't be floating down the true market you might be floating down the true market plus a quirk bonus 600000 are on a quarter percent interest rates a lot of money. And yes you decided well I'm not gonna convert that loan because I do want true market. I'm gonna refinance that loan we wound up with a two time closing anyway and so you know now how will tell you this if you are an eight truly. Increasing rate market in other words you get inflation in the market the economy is overheated. And the Fed is actively increasing rates and it makes sense that they're increasing rate. A onetime close or an extended Locke period may be exactly what you need to do but you really have to look at market conditions and in any flat for the declining rate market. You're always better off to do with the two templates. He's just always worked out but he's really get. True market when you get to the buying construction products you are only playing paying interest through that period of construction correct that's right well it can be structured a whole lot of different ways but typically you're right. You will agree on prime or prime plus one and everybody goes different some people do prom honest I have from announcing now counts a crazy things out there. And in that case. It can that rate can either be fixed or floating near in the twelve months so if you were only if floater tied to prime. When the Fed raise rates recently. Your interest rates under construction loan went up a quarter to eight news now. You're not generally because all that money to do you know 500000 our construction loan. All that money is not outstanding the whole time so the interest is not as much as people think the interest is is. Out minimal is not the right word but that's not where your expense is getting the loans for the expenses because. That interest only that you're paying near in the period is generally not significant. I ended she's got a decent. Re time. As money is paid by the bank yet via a Mel did yes you just droughts are fresh loans. Your interest goes that's exactly right well listen we're gonna head into our last break of the day we appreciate you listening you listening to open house at stake. We got Nicole him from Arthur rotten berg homes. We're talking about trends in construction. And of course I'm Chris Roberts with Kerry bank mortgage if you have a question about building. Or if you're looking for a real estate agent or if you have a question about alone reach out to basic questions that open house upstate dot com that's questions at an open house. Upstate dot com will be right back after this break. 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No subsidy god come all month. Welcome back to open house and take sides can we win this we got Nicole PM from Arturo Rosenberg homes today and I'm Chris Roberts. Just county bank mortgage we're talking construction nutrients in construction. You know the first part of our show we spent some time. Talking about the types. Of loans that you idea what makes our direct burn different. And then we also talked about how you can set up your construction contract. And of course if you have additional questions about any of this you welcome to go visit Nicole over at the model. In Acadia which is over in the Piedmont area right off of 185. And 153. And then of course you can always issued a question to me. At questions that open house at state dot com if you have a question about alone. I will say this Rachel really great right now. And if you look in every five or if you're looking to buy please give us a Kolb because the rates are really phenomenal at this point in time. And you know we're just talking Nicole about how rates have moved to. Course they didn't do people expected we expected for increases from the Fed this year and it's likely they'll do only one or maybe two. And says the economy is you know they're being very careful about what they do. And says its offer some great opportunity rate wise for folks that are built in home or buying a home. It's it's been a tremendous market I'm sure you guys have remained busy we have remained busy. Well listen I know you guys I guess coming up in the fourth quarter this year your planning and you model. Yeah this going to be O burn Acadia. And while we're talking about these trends in constructions I thought it would be a good time the kind of hit on. How you're gonna decorate it what kind of colors are going home what's what's the hot saying what kind of finishes are you seeing. Some wanted to take the last part of the shooter really hit own those. You know I know not built I guess it was five or six years ago now. That. It was the mocha that chocolates the the greens were popular. And I had an opportune year recently to get through it through a flip out. And that's not the paint colors that I Solso let's talk a little about about the paint colors and what you're seeing that hot out there right. Now I don't know what are models going to be because we haven't done the design part of a right we've only done the house design it'll be whatever those is soda designers haven't told us yet where we should known we could tip. I am but what we're seeing from people choosing is making selections or. Are more Grady is blues. You know less stained cabinets more pain and cabinets are campaigning cabinets are going. And there's about 800 different light paints available tee for your cabinets that he'd be amazed how many selections there are. And even a lot of were seen a lot of blues and greens for cabinets. I'll really mom in the of kitchen as well as the bathrooms and wondering sore. Is it primarily why they're and then watch the white in the kitchens and can do lots of more bold colors in your laundry for himself from a general somebody's gonna paint the whole house of color. Interior walls. It tends to be more and that gray for namely great family yeah definitely cooler colors in our cars that's a good way to describe it cooler colors. Seem to be very popular. And then of course from a cabinet standpoint I was surprised. I'm on kennel fashion I'm always like staying cabinet. To hear that that the majority of what you are doing and what the post that you were built in force electing as they are selecting pain. There are selecting pain and cows at a price issue or is it to just ask what's popular. Paints actually more expensive dostam and yes I'm so it's not an end it's not a prices issue you Ted. And realize a savings if you did not select painted continents. I think that it's a design mean. You know. It's changed sure we get through phases of things chair and if you ask the interior designers they will tell you that the most. Trend of stable. You know and your ability to avoid a trend to relative to cabinets. I evident by average ten years your house doesn't look dated right is to go with some type of why eight cabinet got that is now you can change the the knob handle handled us and then of course like you said. Why not just why there's 78 cans or why can have a warm light you can have a clue why and he didn't have. Trial offer flights there's just. A huge selection. Of opportunities for colors and a lot of grace a lot of cabinets are Craig these days wow. You know that's not something that I would expect but I guess it does tie and if you use in this cooler colors. You know in the in the house itself for paint that would certainly lend itself to. To a great feel lobby interest did it to hear from you when the designer does decide. Where unity because you know the have to be somewhat forward looking as well to know okay a year from now. Or six months from now what is what's going to be hot what's going to be. And sometimes her you know for those of us this in the model home and you people say things sometimes what we hear L with the designers wanted to do. Don't always line up right you know and green hills or grade egg you know. Example of where weeds in this market seen the oil rubbed bronze for a long time away has it not been there what you're talking about. Is those cabinet hardware. As well as the up plumbing hardware. You know and the door. Hardware and tore her seems to be did that that has been very popular. And are starting to head in another direction now oh nickel and Nick Gold satin chrome. And even use some and I wish I can remember the name as it but it's more of a gold town it's a lighter gold town right on back to the you know 96 your -- But you know it's a later Goldstone but even plumbing fixtures that are that you know have. And different issues and Maurice sure. Well of course that's come along way I mean they can make it just about any color they won't I was surprised. One of the fixtures that that that I had in my house you know it looked like you said it looked like it was all road bronze and it was. It was painted plastic. I mean that's what it was a mean that. The it was in one of the other side bathrooms yeah and it was I think it was a delta product and the actual you know the spout they came out into the bathtub. Was plastic but it looked bronze in the course she didn't know it because it was very. You know these various job the way it styles since she did not know that. And I found out because when my kids stepped on broken. How are sick and they didn't realize was that like as a PRI but I would imagine if it was all the lines it would have been expensive. Mama what about. I think that that color shape easier Thomas let that slide to nickel and and that type of cut ties to the paint colors as well and I want I've always wondered if that oh rubbed bronze was always the most expensive because it was the most popular her. Or if it was really cost more remain so I think it'll be inching to see if the prices on that get down in the prices on the nickel and stuff go up to stay tuned we'll find out next five years I. Actually rise. Talk about. Four selections. You know assure you your offer you know anything you won't carpet all the way up to probably engineered Indian troops or would. What what are you seeing folks select out there when they're making their select. Since four for the flooring on the new construction that you guys are too. And we do a lot of engineers hardwood this okay we are finding that people really like them because there it's harder surface product cheers and you're talking about a product the sort of get stain on it. It's it's completely ready delay. And when you get it ladies it's very very durable desk is as a factory finish whereas a finished a site finish floor is a softer product typically. And doesn't. Hold up to where quite the same way just a factory finished as Kenneth incarcerate folks don't know a bit like on the floor like that it is softer. And then it's count. Designed based on the thickness of it that you know every five TN seven years whatever the the life is you have completely sanded. Completely re stained. And it would be brain need whereas the the factory. Finished slower. Is going to be much more durable. Than the expected life what they say the lifespan right VS twenty years but after that period of time right. You're you're placing on the floor you're not in recent yeah absolutely and now what about carpet or you seem carpets and bedrooms are you seeing. The difference between upstairs and downstairs. What what kind of trends are you seeing there. Lots of carpet upstairs lots a cart and in lower levels main floor of the house with the exception of the master bedroom is. Hardwoods almost all of our word yes towel in the kitchens and bass. No no real tile in the bats. Run but in kitchens. Almost always hardwood and then in launcher news seals CAA definite. You know people have strong opinions about what goes no launch her cubs. Sure we have Hardwoods in our model in all went through and it's an engineer for other things you have paint cabinets too yes yes I can do and I'm so that's what our staff level is at this point. And which is a transition from only airing Claremont. And you have people that love it there are so happy to tile is gone and you have people that wanna know what's gonna happen in the washing machine leaks via and so they really just sleep well I say other experiences are more often than not. Engineered flooring pool war handled that water better than. True Hardwoods that anytime you get would wed at the problem yes and says that you know I would pick tile. But a tea and other things come along way in the last ten years. Is you get these these Pio products now that are porcelain. That look. Lie. They're they're they're rock I mean they look like there's so much more expensive than they are. And they have very sophisticated ways to paint these so that they don't all look the same that they do have a but they they look very natural when they're not the two of considerably less expensive yes that was one of the things that surprised me when I built my house is not found a title. That looks like rock. And it wasn't it was significantly. More but less expensive. And what I expected and we ended up using it in different shapes and sizes all throughout the house because we liked. But and I think it what people don't realize is that there's also porcelain products and different how products now that look like hardwood floors oh yeah are just save our Aussie and a CNET. I don't see if people pick that you for the entire downstairs. And of course that's even more durable Jack's now of course and also it's it's harder. Not come expensive yes it is and colts. What about. Cork do you do you see any trim here other than maybe a winery in Mora. Especially reindeer. I don't know all easily see Obama are rarely we don't see a lot of cork flooring. And I think for Donnelly also a lot of cork flooring because depending upon what you're picking its. Easily damaged I gotcha and so because it is very soft you just come and tiles generally or rolls. It's I could see how that will be a problem. On how well the features that you're seeing out there. What are thing means that people were lie how this is that this I gotta have this. One thing that comes to mind when I visited your model over there and in Acadia is just how great the outdoor living space is. Both a patio with a grill set and our place but also lose. I guess that stone patio that you can sit out itself in the sun I'm people. Are really needing to want that outdoor space I know willing to give up those formal spaces that we used to have that we never used. I think we've volcanic come down to that point where were OK having a formal dining hermit dummy need other final days don't need a formal living earned and now we're seeing people managed that they don't even need the formal dining Miranda they'd rather have. Outdoor listening and their second eating spaces and that outdoor area verses having in the front of the house and used once a year. Yet or did exactly I mean I've always wondered. How that would be my in laws actually built a house that did not have a formal dining earned and I thought it was one of the smartest things that are same because that use the space much more efficiently. And they had a situation where if you needed to get to twelve seater table when they're you could mean you know but. You didn't have a formal ran that you only used once or twice a year. And I would imagine your plans are reflecting that to where you have some plans that don't even have this form and they are and because we have complete modification services we see a lot of people even with our houses that do have the formal space taking it out. Yeah and Dayton you know transition that space to be something else at their families gonna utilized absolutely will listen enough. Great show we appreciate everybody being winners today. We we invite you. Two highly recommend that you take a ticket drive over to Acadia. Which is off of 185 and 153. And go find that the model for our direct Merck homes. In view what they have and of course the call will be happy to sit chip an appointment to do with property in the clips as well. The Fed interest do you but do got to see alma overt our threaten our homes our check this out. That's open house upstate dot com don't have a great weekend and we'll see you next week. Thank you for listening to open house upstate. Remember when it's time to sell builder by your dream home we have the information unique brought to you by author wrote a number of homes Berkshire Hathaway home services Sedin joined her realtors and county bank mortgage be sure to check out open house upstate dot com. An email you questions to questions and open house upstate dot com county bank member FDIC equal housing lender in MLS number 462088. 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