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Hello Beautiful - What It Takes To Be The Best - Part 2 - 041716

Apr 17, 2016|

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The best you. Would be if both. I made sure at peace and I'm Cindy Jackson and we're back to thirty rejuvenation foreigners and we hear this talked about tips tricks and celebrity secrets. And financial we've already done this one's been obviously we've got a lot to talk about so we're here candidate talk about. What it takes to be the best. And it's easy for rats to be able to say that we had the best team members and offers the best services because we just have Tripoli. The greatest. Level up practitioners that I've seen in the company and just the best group of people to be around we do. So what are the things that makes us the best this week focused as a company on making sure that we bring the best technology. On an innovation to the upstate hand in doing that we have become the number one provider. In so many countless service or so we'll probably talk a lot about those services and then share with you our wonderful team members that perform those services because. You don't start off by just magically becoming the vast you have to do it by train train and retrain. And spending a lot of time really focusing and learning on. Did you meet displays to do something the newest ways he really do you know one of the things that back attorney we're gonna say. You know we do focus on technology. Says it's it's it's it's the best. And it's gonna work we're gonna happen and if this at our office and doesn't work we would never keep that in and we definitely as a company. Really do is focus on having that great technology. The editing and we higher teen members he really embrace that the core values. Back to thirty and we established and values early on in his British company was who has been formed yes it is in the end. But back to 31 of the things that I can say the teen members have to heart to have the passion. They embrace the change in with technology Enid that Alice did that means change. Ian I can solve it that they really T care all of our practitioners really T care about the results that they get for their clients and it is so often. That Cindy now will get before and after pictures sent to us about look at this client account how updating our look how great they look court. He knew there these classes came leaky gas have we heard about this. He knew where we are always changing as a company because we NAND. That to maintain that sense also being the best that. We always will train and we wanna turn a little more are a lot more and it's cases. And that other people that make you something similar to that scene and we know that thirty for access imported to always have that managed the best training to best math. Exactly. And one of the things that were the best out and I love this treatment in fact I just recently. Had a weekend is all therapy. Because on all therapy if you're looking for an alternative to going into the knife. This was a great way to get out lift on your face your knack or your. Or you get Clinton said yes to your rights in all their Pete is the only FDA cleared device. To lift the scans on the face on the neck about the brown on the Chester tech OK and we can and initially eased that a couple of lines that can be. As some of the other areas and arms sometimes we use that on. But Ellis day in and Cindy unit we are repeat largest provider for art therapy not only instead of South Carolina. That we here at the top six or raced it some context yes we are. Well it's a wonderful treatment for cancer if you think about it we brought all their repeated in upstate about three years ago. Yes I know at that time but you and I had an off therapy treatment yes and I've done maybe a little touch up in between that I actually had my next stop their. Last week. And if it lasts for about two years and actually going on three years it's lost quite a while but I started to noticed. When I looked in the mirror saw my mom and I loved my mom I just don't like action. And so I started noticing the little sagging us. And I actually went to high with fourteen and I had Jan performed the treatment. And what a difference that made. Com I'm still going through the healing stage of it because only describe Oliver the science behind because you're really good at that. Bet it does make a difference and I could start to feel it even though it's been just a short time we alt hippies awesome there be. All stands for ultrasound and they're. And what actually happens when you're having out there be done is we sent ultrasound waves. Initially teach that level up to muscle can the debt that the muscle in will have to ultrasound way it's cross and when they cross that pretty much heat. And they he Contras Connery points and that is what happens in a really candid slipped he news. Except for in a facelift what happens as the doctor. Will use a knife. To cut the skin around the ear on the hairline in Kenya act they will separate the skin from an airline fashion appeal Mac expense and hassle. And take a Connery told to cannabis card partial reversal the muscle. The reason they do that is because that will cause some muscle to tighten. After that stand in light skinned Latino owned. They trim off the extra seller that and it takes months and months for the sperm go weigh in for the skinny reattached to Anaheim action. That beautiful part about the EP as we can get to the muscle and we don't have to take Sharon tonight. K we can actually do it without without happened to any cuts at all. They we can come back into the same team in the scanner percent to ten Islamic layer where the couch and Lance. And conscience our friend content makes it's like yeah and it makes risking and icing unique of Cologne and Munich it's backcourt statistic and it. In what felt beer PP we meet tighten the muscle and the mechanic and tighten skin because Cecil collagen fibers to shorten when they're shorter and like tighter. And then Austin stimulants proper plastic activity. Africa last mate new college and so we've got a way that we can force the scan and really to stay young. And LTP is so beautiful way to. There's no down time. Paris there's some discomfort to all they repeat that past protection for. Can't tackle Saturday. It's one folder has you take that if you if you take a happy pills when you're having it done and then it really not have that. In is definitely worth that and it's fine after two treatment. Say we take care products staff to make it really comfortable. And we've gotten fantastic fantastic fantastic results he can out there be. Is practitioner Jackman absolutely yeah and it is to sell much too little therapy treatment and people don't really realize clinic and went in with a practitioner what it takes to learn how to perform the procedure. The man and gel manners appear on the target managed to keep at hair I mean they should send me needing parts. And we. Control ever to practitioners performance and we can go and pull records and we. Team members really are exceptional in they know and and it's an honor to be at a level to. And to be a pretty even performed a treatments for being selected. Yes right and he can perform the treatments and and I'm just gonna say like highway fourteen. Engine engine. But due to shipments has Wallace Nina yeah has recently been doing Nathan distill a great job. We've got. I think his skin care with tapper back that performs his treatments and Becky is there off saint. They can from the treatments we ought to have those on Mbeki canteen on. They can perform perform the treatments and then. We have Kimberly admirals and absolutely and you Andre we just added the new team members and Andre is going to train right now for that. Absolutely ridiculously houses Leisle. In your right to district practitioner driven hand. On that you wanna make sure that someone knows what they're doing and they're trying to understand what your problem areas what are you saying. Mom but what I also liked is our practitioners even though you express what you're seeing a face is something that can help give you a little extra added I'm. They're gonna go ahead and do that too so that you cam looking fill your past. In this implant CN as a company and Albertine members of racist you. We land as an example with will there be an American at least talk about some things that won't make says initially that. We were trying to clarify. Since for traditional. Are typical. Ultimately treatment we're gonna have two different chains to Acer's new camera snaps of the car for 45. In 73 at the what that really means is what type of energy and how to pick it's. Now back to thirty we've potentially in that city in two election changed teachers of the congress 745 minutes and one point back. What that means is is that we have the ability to customize your treatment Dickie V the best results possible and we're gonna get for that from the start. We do. Business is based on reputation and reputation is based on. You know high level of customer service and a high level patient satisfaction and outcome. And we really do you pride ourselves on having an exceptional competence. And that's where their reasons is because as a company we and that's in providing. Those extra things to you guys that are sneaky Pete that absolutely allow that it is the way out. In what we're talking about all therapy it's again not just. At least he's out there. We have a lot of German man that come in general therapy treatments done as well. That's right we just did aging does not discriminate it hits every one foot foot and it's amazing the Kenji news. The same thing in an and we talked backup Allan whether the distance something similar kind ballot helps with double chins and that helped gaping helps tighten the skin in the lower basin and at the chance. And for men in ailing you put it on tie. And you got on the next skin. To tie them except they difference absolutely even has been unity he just went to the kind ballot treatments and he told me that he shores and makes a huge difference and that that double ten under. It does well and if you put the two together as we do quite often at the back to thirty with cut bella and with all therapy you're getting that whole job lined up lift and looks like you had whenever you were much younger. It really is you know let's look at iMac hasn't again there that weekend he'd had that done and I just got despite some like slick sent cute despite what I can't send you know I just love that scene that John it does. So if you think about it. Looking into maybe lifting anti means the skin or getting rid of that double chin. Again we've got lots of great practitioners all of our upstate clinics and our clinic imprisonment. But give us a call for free consultation you can reach us army be stationed clinic at 6631930. Our highway fourteen location at 24487. Trio. Or skin care which is a division of back to thirty at 2347900. Are you can always find is some and a knack at backed at target.com. That back. T handle the number thirty dot com or I miss her like a song based bank of bagged 32 nations senate. And look for some UT guys without a lot more videos can now yes we do down. So and so let's kind of switch gears have been talking a lot about you know did face and tightening but let's talk about something that's pretty cool. Is that because I'm saying is if you could squeezes the weekend freeze assets and what we mean not that that is. Actually areas of fat. Ugly there is a fat indicate that I'll talk about something that doesn't discriminate announced fast food. It doesn't and it doesn't matter if you're heavy tortures them where few working out or if you don't work out there's probably an area on your body that you really don't like. And says let's just think about this if you Maryann at that she can squeeze in as an example. If you can grab an area on your stomach and it soft and that the chief to squeeze it Cain we can probably help get rid of that or minimize it. If he got in on the flank of the side your love handle Arianna sadness. And wait say that time and abetted it sounds says cute an issue says not cute today Cadillac and now know that handles not cute Nora super a role north. Okay let's talk about Charles. Okay this is when you discover you have a brought all this is just a funny average member went out the little girl signed on for this. Mayor Miller Garland and sitting in church you know and and and you spend stimulus in tension pastor my mind's wandering on alone look and a little plays and they have all these calls on their backs and I always baptists and thought about. You can't ask for boxing him out and that it's funny that is set I thought about the sad that people I had girls and that where. He says who had never it never occurred to me even and we. Also my back you know that Powell's son and just really didn't occur to me. So it's interesting. And that when we articles opinion and they were doing the train mean on the hills cop announced are you asking Murakami. I had no idea you know lack abstinence only weeks. I had not pack Citic ranking and it's. Close call Dean Cain get rid of that this guy is it can get rid of the Brower on the backing TV that that young man sneaked back again absolutely. And doctor. He's real and it's an act as part of it is you know we laugh felt a little bit about his conduct policy an ecologist. You know an insane he he has had a lot of disputes how ever. Do you mean adding things when he was in Miami did a lot. Even surgeries he just liposuction or some other things and that has really helped him at their command if I furcal sculpting it really house. And the sites cool stopped and we also do. Ultra shaped. So we have the alternative because. Cool sculpting definitely works on bet if you're not a candidate for that for some reason then we have ultra shape which most people are candidate for all to shape and that also permanently gets ripped out. And it just as a different way sickle increases that were ultra shape he's as ultrasound technology and we got a lot of ways that we can utilized archer Sam went. I'm this is different than all their Pete said I want to clarify something you noon even just talk and archer Sam. There's just a second anyway seats and use it he Peewee kidneys and at a certain frequency TCU maybe. Yes we can do it in a different frequency and a lot of athletes will deed is our doctors or fiscal their mr. Carr practiced what do Dennis Allen. To help it seize the ultrasound way to change the probability of a cell Loc as in sample to allow for relic of exchange of fluid by dealing Nat. He can encourage he'll lean and faster healing asked muscles and tendons and ligaments and then stacked with things she can help. Get rid of swelling in you can hampering fluid and it just depends on the frequency we can use it for. Ultra saying on on the frequency and the fan base and cause Richard some points across cantonal they epi to cough Connery point says that we get tightening how webpart. We can Costin sat at a certain frequency. That can literally vibrate. Fat cell and only the memory of the fat cells to the point that it will constitute implied. Great analyst Bradley council what does that mean. It means we can little it costs that sell to go away paint to die you know and the life's really and we got the look garbage collectors for the Mac a page as the come hauled off. No fat found in fat in this kind of how that works. It's in all out to shape. Is wonderful it does utilized and ultrasound therapy. It literally shakes the fat cells and solid fats all the everything around it this left intact. At 200000. Times in 12. At super fast S main thing can you imagine how fast I really and it's. And the best part is there's no pain with that at all to it doesn't hurt. You know it and which so excited about a thirty to have that we were the first in the state to bring this and we are so excited the tides. It really doesn't matter if you are if you have extra Spanish stomach if you guessed that on your flank. Or let Hanoi. Can to see ads because of attrition is fantastic for that he can be inner thighs in the Indian Arafat. Ian for allies the cats we have the technology we've got called cocaine. We also have to shape we also have to become fallow which have to tighten skin to talk about a minute. We really have every possible scenario and for you but from my body's coping standpoint. It's not gonna require you to have to again Patrick and I that's so true. He earned as the weather's getting warmer and our clothes are getting shorter. And were wearing bathing suits are we wanna go to that barbecue or be outside or go to the lake. This is the perfect time to come in in at least have a consultation. Talk about your area of concern and we'll tell you how to get there we'll tell you how to go ahead and fixed up and these permanent solutions skies were that bad that reduction is a permanent solution. The ballot as a skin tight there and in his skin tight mean we never stop aging no we don't send of the cousins that you. We teach things tighten skin buried their typically will be sent packets maintenance involved that the same way is. Tying your hair and her themes he never went our haired as a stop growing absolutely. Sense and and it does the ultra shape. As well as Jen over highway fourteen and we've got cool sculpting it all of our other locations but it doesn't matter which location you go to. Our practitioners are trained in all aspects of the body sculpting so that they can go ahead in just tell you what is best for you which would give you the best results. And again we too complimentary consultations at all three of our clinics you can reach us army be stationed clinic at 663. 19 trio are highway fourteen location at 24487. Trio. Or our skin care location which is a division of back to thirtieth 23479. Cirrus owner of are you can always find this on the Internet at act at thirty dot com that's back tee and then number thirty dot com. So part of being the best of the best. And we were just talking about bella I really think bellas one of those best of the best treatments. And especially. The Brazilian but left Seles says grade is. You know in a disk keeper Matt today it's I have heard of remarriage says she have heard rumors that. Be not saying Kim Kardashian and you are obviously people women and their curvy women and their dismay of women and Russia Spacek nice snooze and Kirby don't often get together right very true can. Says that they that have basements like that Helen orders that sent blade newsroom learned that they have does sound like the new ballot the ballot three. In their hands. I've heard the exact same drummer and I believe it is true heavily that tree to which obviously to be able to afford a machine might that unit you have to be a celebrity aches I have the doctor met. Machines are awesome. And they do help to tighten skin which is really important law and they help with a couple of things so we'll talk about the Brazilian bat left she is with Colin. He knew that typically when you have a curb your person and their. It's going to be some level of sunlight. On the back of the legs of about Gary as we age and it and then people can have that T is really. That's why you lie is a problem then is multi accident fitness came this daylight means that we have very superficial fact. And superficial pat does not respond well to liposuction. It doesn't even respond to some of the other fat news. It's procedures that we hat. Send your lie is superficial fat sandwich right under the skin and you don't need that China to shad could secondary thing and it's. That when you see sang and we had set today are banging instead of hold the skin tight and you've got sunny area or bands that are tighter than others. And about 85%. Women have bands that share cyanide the other 15%. We will forgive EU yes parallels will forgive me for the dead at 15%. Don't have it say no. With and then missed about a reverse. About 85% of men don't have the transition so I am I an you know fifteen to you said you know assists anniversary got that issue going on. And then secondarily. When we have an issue when it's with fluid accumulation of minute it's gonna accumulate. In areas that they don't limit circulation said they eat cake we spent a lot of times you know career ends we do came with a lot of pressure in the back of our legs are about it. Meaning that we don't have the circulation there we don't other areas since for that reason and the panic the back of the guys are going to be Ares I can't have accumulation of fluid along with the fat. Emergency and it looks like site and it really can instincts. Sue why it's. This Fella want to use is helped to tighten the skin is gonna help to encourage. Simulations of fluid. In this gonna make dean collagen is gonna heat heat at the skin it's gonna stretch to set ten because there's a vacuum components humid. And it's gonna really help that I draw appearance. At saint yes that well. Knowing it's actually a great great treatment and we also used an on arms. Percent in Seattle is well on and have seen just amazing results on adamant she and the front of the lags we we you can use that on a lot of areas. The biggest. Difference I'm gonna say Guinness when we keep body sculpting. As an example to cool sculpting or. Ultra shape. That fat reduction that the fat cells it's just joint that's permanent pay. With Deval lack you're gonna get a really incredible results so much better than the old ally I was children and Anderson with the different ice I agree with you not a Nicklaus says she says. Infrared technology and bipolar technology along with the backing. And the thing is then with this you're gonna get incredible results and then managed people are gonna commend for maintenance anywhere from warrants. Once a month to every three months. They're gonna have a treatment done because of the space it adds we're not gonna stop aging. The skin is gonna continue to wanna get loose that we would keep what we work for it is that simple treatment and next phils can connect it doesn't just. A warm massage yes whenever I've had it done. Yes and that's one of the things on the united Canas anything that we talk about on the air and on with you we always have tried it out we've tested it we wanna make sure that we have a treatment that works and that's part of again. Going back to the best of the master why we are. On it's our team first and foremost but it's also happening technology that has been proven. And does work. And we offer Fella had two of our clinics all you can do consultations and all three. Becky com and Laura and om and Rebecca had to an awesome job of really. The technique with the bella and a lot of stuff that we talk about essentials mentioned is really. Predominantly. User. Performed so meaning that the practitioners got to have a good hand again die and have done a lot of times. So that's why we train train and you retrain. So moving on one of the things that Tom and we do really well mom is also for the face and a sometimes the body is your favorite treatment Angeles contempt. I love the skin and I know you do it's one of your favorite I teach you that your goatee treatment probably out of every. It is and I really am and Natalie mentioned wanna have another one and instead. And you can't do it not only on your face but you've done it on your hands us will enhance isn't really a big deal you need to do it on armed assert any area had just were invited to stated. The whole body. Skin and cause it's my record needling yes kaine is medical lacquer any blame and in in what happened says we're taking very microscopic needles. In and creating a little channels in the scan now. That sounds a little crazy they really when you know on the scale and it doesn't hurt at the site preparation and our big tech is that if if it hurt that he discipline than anything out long enough because there really Shelton Taylor downtime a second day. Give results very similar to cement that pixelated blazers I think more than name brand lasers at death sentence similar as a trachsel. In US exports five times more expensive to have that done that downtown too much more significant and being me person that had accidents things scent I can tell you a much different skins and two delays are not just because of downtown but the results. And also with this content and the thing that impresses me as you can go all the way apt to act right underneath the RI members with a laser you really can't. You're right in and here's a thing you know one of the things about. Skin and is best (%expletive) in their seat and maybe after skin looks a little older a little creepy can scan an Israeli gift for that. And one of the things that we know and is that as we NH after that twenty years old we quit making a whole lot of growth factors and growth factors helped to make a show on. So we know and then unless we do something to you intentionally stimulate the production on our anger at actors. Then we're not going to be making week we did not make them as quickly as we place them skin tennis something. That will force the body to make great actors faster. There religion and senator that was the key yanks can't. And it's really crates mean we we love next Aaron. We've got several practitioners again and every clinic that. No Saturdays can they were really excited we are just added cash tie and an she's going to be performing some of these treatments and one of the things that I think she's so excited about cheese is. The having darker Peyton herself. You know she really feels like she can make people with dark pavement still very comfortable that she understands the concerns that are session with that Europe's they rate Angela in fact I think. That also you just triggered something that god is another reason it makes us the best of the vast. All of our practitioners have suffered from something. Whether it be acne whether it be browns in your skin whether it be redness in your skin. Whether it be having pockets of fat Willard. Everyone on our team has been married and on mount. And so a lot of that that if things they get excited about are the fact that they saw those issues and themselves. And now they're able to help other people such as everyone listening. So you don't have to sit there and silence and suffer with those things any longer and in this does such a pleasure to be an energy she too Argentine DS ready and and we had to chill come into an opposites and have a free consultation. I think absolutely. So remember we do have read local clinics we got our big east Asian thing. We have our highway fourteen clinic and we have our skin care clinic which is division about the he also happened to go to jail to the beach over the summer you don't have to wait on your treatments you can have a treatment on the Barbara Olson. Thanks so much for listening. Bat beautiful oak.