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Do you pay the pro yeah Dave's talk station putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism and progressively as the Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children. It's a dangerous and it's got to stop boldly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation government is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by getting more. Our power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing weed the people to reclaim our republic you make America great again. By recovering a constitutional republic or Washington has populated by people. George servant leaders who won a return power to the people into the community say this is my new criticism Nike as this is my grandkids this is my country again. My country they end up and fight for it together. We radio program on 1063. WORT. Though. Our number accused of our commutes daily broadcasts. And why do they don't have the slighted this on the road in the way. But some of the things we talked about here I think. Jeff I would say here's him to go City Council met and voted on grounds so NC. True because it was a matter of municipal security up ahead sarcasm. The stars Bruce Springsteen goes what is bus spelled backwards. I think you cannot figure that announces take up one S. Also this conservatives will sit back and watch the country be turned into a hell hole. And wait for a lord you're correct things well he is. A all right that's a very interesting perspective. As we continue to broadcast here at seven minutes after the hour 11 o'clock show as you know there's been a lot of talk since the weekend about. What happened in Colorado you saw the big headlines about people being disenfranchised. And a certain politician complaining because he's completely shut out one absolutely zero. Zero delegates. Or at what really happened there. And the best way to find that out is not to listen to. Much of the mainstream media and frankly a lot of so called conservative media sites and political hacks because they are all washed up on this issue. One of the best things that I read on this subject. Was written by our next guest is James Ari Armstrong who joins us out of Colorado this morning and welcome to the broadcaster. Thank you army on. Well let's start from the very beginning here. Tell me how did you get involved in and I explained here you were not any. Party official or in the like that you're just a regular citizen right. Yeah I've been an unaffiliated voter for many years. Last year I decided that the way. Two to go forward Serge basically want to join the Republican Party. And to try to work within that party for the reforms that I think are important so are actually registered late last year. And in part it registered then because I knew that men like to participate in the upcoming caucus system here in Colorado. And so I came into the party fresh I was never a good party many years ago. And then and not the preferred party in the end unaffiliated and so I came into the party trash so I can produce great this year and then. I plan to remain a Republican moving forward screeners are public and party in this year's. Peculiar elections cycle. And so you know I had you know it I began researching how do you get involved talk system. I looked up where to go to the meeting and you know going to the top participating in the pocket and not really that hard earned well first you have to be registered to vote Republican. To participate in the Republican side. The number two we have to shot at a meeting which was pretty well publicized its elegant solution took a mystery you look up online you go to the meeting. And then you go to your precinct caucus task the first stage that happened in early march. And what a precinct and is just a neighborhood. So my precinct I could only walk a Serb Parliament precinct and now. So it's literally people use CEO Carly around or walking around on a database so they neighbors. Getting together to talk with their neighbors weren't affiliated in the same party. Talking about their party than in the direction of the party. And so and that's since a truly years as grassroots as that gets in politics. I mean honestly in there's no more grassroots. Thing happening in politics and I think in terms of people actually talking to other people. And you know debating having discussions and soft. Sound analysis that was a really interesting process in fact in in my precinct. Nobody who attended. There is maybe a dozen or fifteen or so almost no one had protesting in the caucuses before so we'll get in there and order a little bit confused at first it was what was. Well doing on June there was nobody there looking skirt and so we got we actually asked one of the organizers a minute opus triggered it you know get our parents. So let me get this straight all of the people you're dealing with our new. Yeah and my particular precinct and I this statistic I've heard is that something like 40%. But the people who participated in the Republican caucus this year had never before protests gonna talk. You know and what's interesting to me about this Ari is if this intriguing. That's the impression that's been put out there in the in the in in the news media in certain quarters is that somehow. People within been disenfranchised because they didn't know how to get involved. How old do all of these new people find out how to get involved. I mean that's that's kind of intriguing to me. Yeah what can you do have to makes it some effort not just opening her mailbox and guarding an excellent peacemaker. Right you have to but you know there's this medical invention called the Internet. If you happen this other medical engine called Google. It could you know to me I don't know towards agreement to figure out how to online how to figure out you know where this meeting. You have to go to the meeting. And in slow ceremony happens this weekend because this is where the country she really starts to pick up. Because this is a point where their decisions made about who supports on the presidential side how that's how does that unfold. Let me back up and so reduce the spread between the pre game toxins in the state convention which is what was his last Saturday which I attended. And so in other than a lot of misinformation about this even employee was that we can you don't have a caucus or precinct. And so I'm thinking geez I ordered it through day to violate go I mean do I met in the whole thing because group according to some people didn't even happen right encircled. But yeah we definitely had a target estimate polio. Just like in previous years were selected national delegates just like previous years. So really there was no difference and help Colorado what to national delegates this here. Relative to previous years. There was an important change we're told all the scar got a few minutes. So but here's what happens between preaching to panic and mentioned. At the precinct some people are nominated. Or chosen to be delegates to count me and under the state conventions so I went to my increasing local precincts than you then I would like Carrie convention. And the middle of march. And then from there you. You'll want to stay pension. Now what I say you I mean the people selected by their fellow Republican voters to be delegates to these conventions. So I would actually an alternate to an accounting misstatements. So that means Omar can vote if the the regular delegates didn't it didn't attend. So what can actually go to county but it didn't stay register. I'm and so that's what happened then the people of this state convention. Actually vote on a national delegates. So it as a process and you know there's multiple stated. And it's true I went twelve meeting Troy precincts and then another meeting draconian punishment that bit the state dimension. So but that's that's generally the process. And what's remarkable about this is. Nothing this year because it is exactly how it happened last time I got exactly the problem I just described is exactly the process in place last time. And and in terms of how the national delegates are selected. Now here's the difference that that hardly anyone understand and that has cut such motion. In the reality is almost meaningless. We increase could be a non binding straw poll at decreasing twelve. Which means the people who attended just say well look I I would say were candidate. That's so non binding which meant it had no effect on the outcome to. Well really mattered was voting for the delegates and and you know shooting the key person you want to represent you. That the state convention that's what really matters in the past and this year. So in effect there was exactly zero change in how national delegates were like that. Because this straw poll was dropped into an arena has dropped this year. I mean the rule change will laster but it came into effect this year. It is basically the national party and I'm just give you this from what I've heard from typical. So look you cannot have a non binding. Straw poll. You just can't have it you had a stroke or has to be binding. The difference righty religion I think her talent all importantly retreat but to be super expensive and out. You know a very technical binding poll. On the state party to support and a new look older state but the talk a system. Sorry this is a good stopping place for us because we're up against sort of break we're talking with our Armstrong and he's talking about what took place. In Colorado and she's basically set the stage over the past few months leading up to the weekend we're gonna continue our discussion. Right here the Vince Coakley radio programs there was. It's. And we can do the broadcaster 20 minutes after 11 o'clock department Ari Armstrong. And who is sharing his story about what happened in Colorado and he's told us about the really the runup to the weekend because it's important to no end and I've told you this before they're in the process that has to be followed. Ends these. These events that's are now. I'm very pivotal in deciding our next president they don't just happen overnight they don't just happen suddenly. It's all part of an important process that begins months ago. Arianna and bring yourself through this weekend and what actually took place because you've already set the table here in describing. The fact that you were involved from the very beginning so take it from there. I shut the state convention of course all the delegates selected national delegates who will go to people. And make this simple fact of the child had a great round grounding issue because category grounded contact no remnant. Crews showed up and gave a nice speech trunk was nowhere to be county canceled this speech Colorado ironically that he can you complain and he didn't couldn't give a speech in Colorado. When you the one who candle the beach in Colorado. Com. So you know it's not surprising the once called they wouldn't had cruised does a great job reaching out to delegates she comes in this state makes a case. And you know we don't live in the interior west well what happened and you talk Donald Trump didn't do too well in engineering student you talk I. And I think that that just were like sort of the mentality of this part of low this part of the country course sugary. We or kind of independent minded. We don't necessarily like no matter the sort of New York startle politics. The Donald Trump I think are present to some degree. And so I think it serves. Very understandable reasons why you told to not do very well here in Colorado. In terms of getting national delegates. And but a couple points here first of all it's really damaging for Donald Trump to come out and claimed there was some kind of impropriety. During the state. Miss the practical result of that. And that means and that state chair and many other. Could Republican but I know I received death threats in the last couple days and a series of tests it's. Oh yeah oh yeah people you know we're going to be shot in the head. Steve Howe said he received if you look stage there he said that he received hundreds of the very nasty phone called including some death threats that house. You know one guy for the identified my neighborhood and said he would be to be on the launch from Utah assault me publicly. Bone. You know just all kind of thing like this and so this board is really I think destructive about. Trunk inflaming an issue. Based on misinformation. Especially when he had a history of drumming up his followers. To her and me arguably incite violence. I ask you are most of RE one of these I'm curious about is just one of the stories assigned the headline on Drudge for instance talked about how that you know millions of Colorado voters are disenfranchised didn't get the opportunity to vote blah blah blah blah. Are you familiar with any people in Colorado are you lived there do you see any evidence. Are people complaining about being disenfranchised. Forty will order there are controlled supporters in Colorado like everyone else. And as you know so they say well because we are and how could not mining straw poll they didn't devote all four Donald Trump directly. And debt artistry it and pocketed her daughter is not a group of non binding straw. Nor did people get to vote cruise or anybody else. Yet but but here's what a bit. Noted that sense this is why that's totally bogus then precinct caucuses are open to every single register Republican in the state. Everyone can show open vote. Your vote count if he shall be your precinct caucus so it doesn't really it kind of rubs me the wrong way when people don't even show up at a precinct caucuses devote. And they say well I would disenfranchised. You disenfranchise yourself trend by not showing up your precinct caucus if you sort of your precinct talk pitcher had every opportunity to hopefully delegate stripper and a new. And wanted to get you know how hard it's a run as a delegate to say to mention. Saddam is he stayed up when you say I would like to be a delegate to the state convention that's it you can persuade your fellow Republican motor. That you would do a good job of presenting them then you can go and in fact they're what you know no there you go off and only a traction people who really want to go to anyway so typically if you want me to delegate and very often you can become a dominant. I said simple enough in its sound I don't know enough fury I'm kind of curious it may seem like an un related question how old you by the way. I reloaded Ortiz OK I was just curious and dozens of a viewer or your political experience that sort of thing. And and I'm I'm I'm sure this has to be offensive to you as a person in Colorado because this is getting national attention and kind of a black tie the past few days. You guys you've just been hammered. Well you know here's tow horse with the media a lot of people in the media. They like to take a story that draws I agent or two to their TV ads to their stations or to a pay to sort out the so what's better than been promoting Donald trumps sensationalist inflammatory remarks. Which are based on complete fabrication. And then you can run he's called balanced stories where you print don't trust wise and then somebody else like me in the background saying what actually happened. I mean you can you can see what the dynamic is in terms of the media. And then of course you know some conserve signed simply aren't. Are pushing doll on twin and so they don't mind distorting the facts mr. Blair faxed to try to make that happen. There have been fortunate because the result is that these people these 40% of precinct. Delegate numbers were bred into the system including me. They've been demeaned and maliciously attacked threatened and been told and over the past couple days. Or participating in the caucuses in the wee pads for over a hundred years in the state. And it's just you know it's just. Did try to trading so what you have is Donald Trump claiming to be the outskirts. Attacking true outsiders in my state toward daring to participate in the system. And that just yeah doesn't it doesn't since we know and I have to admit it makes me irritated when when people. Make an effort to make a difference and for that figured. You know advocates slandered. Been in effect may get players threatened. That's what happened what do you hope these people my neighbors are good people and I don't appreciate that sort of treatment attendant called and some ultra source. What what what do you hope happens. Out of all of this week is all over with in July beyond the outcome of the race itself. How do you feel about our prospects of all of coming together the conservative base. Everybody coming together over values and principles and putting all this nonsense behind are you encouraged will be able to do that. And I have to be real honest with you but it seemed like Q that's going to be around for this particular cycle. But here's something relate. Obscure religion. We made our list OK now we've got you back related sorry I got about a minute by the way. But general or cut out but here's where I boiler to talk a system regardless of what happened this cycle. It is being told to get together with your neighbors. And actually talked about the direction of the country the direction of the Republican Party your Democrats are you a swagger and and it's been it's those kind of personal relationships that networking and iPod belonged at the caucus is the convention. That gives me a lot of hope not episode for this year. But for the future. Years in terms of building. You know a real Republican establishment. And advocates free markets and individual rights which is. Those are the things that are important meet. And so yeah I think there is some hope until this year is going to be I think a rocky ride. Well it certainly has been so far and I so appreciate your candor in this story that she shares here because I just wanted to put a personal face on this. I read which you posted which were also pushed and 163 demurred you FaceBook page. And we look forward perhaps part with you again Ari Armstrong thinks club for c'mon broadcasts or be safe out there. Thank you. On the Vince Coakley radio program 803% and one is extreme sex line 713 here are seven. I don't hear your thoughts. On what has been communicated here and I know it's. Tough for some of you here. But this story is just being repeated way way too much. I'm gonna here's a body which you're just a moment that I think. Has been. Largely ignored the past few months you're gonna hear it coming up after the break statements. And she's the broadcast you're 37 minutes after. Leo look like your calls welcome 803471063. As you mentioned their excellent 713 here's seven real Nancy on the line now and Nancy what are your thoughts. I'm wrong time including antenna an issue than my camera back. I would think Colorado and and I don't they just paying them safe system in the 1980. Election. And they are now primary in 1980 I remember. We don't get the pocket there have been convention I remembered it looking at in fact a lot of the very first primary in South Carolina in 1980. Can't believe it happened at the convention in port then and again that would be great because with the Reagan primary here it was just that I went back. Point she can go. He would empty your pockets and can he would sign up to get it I'm. I convention and I had the chance people who aren't enough people to look at a nineteen. Kennedy departed or you can get there at the so that they can mention and then come back I pay check he and I bet. Our crap kinda dependent 1980 the first primary with the 1980. But we don't have you get your pocket they ear bit work. Copyright that you think Eric Beatty presidential election wrapped superior large. And it happened it's generally have a problem Hancock. And you can sign that. And you get unhappy got to play Miami I think it was ten dollars Connecticut county she was twenty dollars to get to the match. Can deduct that conventions. That the targets. Are connected to can now remember we have a Republican form of government representative. Form of government in America. And I don't. I had a chance yesterday and we are blocking your team up at eight that we have a representative former governor Mitch and even. I'm the competition level they're spending that base and a chairs. Are corrected I could be individual state. Let's just like anybody who can there was an amendment said that the senators can be directly elect the bad of people money. I'm content. You what I eat it can get an out guy who had been Tandy chairman. Can't get a check out our convention that gender she can hit that when you went to the national. Contention he would edit content it should panic you re they're bound and competent. That epidemic it's very steady diet. What I meant is calling your state you know like David welcomed you that's what. Do you act in an anti. Position that the content and take it together and help them. If he had been. And can't quit if you if you were. Not a I'm gonna let her cat and I were unbound. And ended challenger candidate either but rightfully. Confident. Your adapter. Can promise stock as a paying them off the dock and saying that the Connecticut didn't take. What I wanna ask you initiated get to drew got to limit amount of time amid were you OK with this process did it seem to work well from your perspective. I think Brad and I went out that got try having a primary quick that was the first primary about Carolina in 1980. Every have a common patient and kind of running against Jim. I'm absolutely disagree with the fact that because it already gently there aren't many delegates that element now. Japan candidate that they had not won even have a primary car I think that is that political opponent of the public and credit is due patent cover. Here's my question here's here's my question though I just start to Ari he's a Republican voter chief Khaled from Colorado he has no problem with what's happened. And by my question is who is ultimately disenfranchised. In this process. And yeah everybody has the same possibility of being involved. An engaged what what am I missing here. I got a public that that's trying to maybe I do well at a that they with the primary. And I don't even have a certain number of I've kind of dancing Garrett at bat talk about it and that there are perhaps the panic gripped. The candidate that's what I think you know like I really didn't spend any try and get so many. Cryptic and any impact on Rex that's the way primary ballot and then they'd have to bet that we can you had epidemic at. I didn't have a big party establishment. Right and everything and the end if you understand this that the party itself is a private party. And the state can set whatever rules they want and I don't necessarily agree with the rules for this Stater that's state. But you recognize their right to do that I assume. Com. I found that I'm gonna be a member of that party unpalatable for that part H and I ended. Q I am sure a lot Nancy and it sounds like you're prisoners already engaged involved which is certainly a good thing I do appreciate your call and I again I eat. I'm not sure I understand the outrage about this I just don't. And part of the reason here is this is a private entity before we go to break I share something. That I came across that I don't know how this got missed several months ago at least I didn't see it. This was the conversation that took place in the fall Chris Cuomo having a conversation. Where Donald Trump I want you to listen closely. Though everything's supposed to be OK with fox in the New York Post which is of course one of their properties. One of the top columnists are who are Rich Lowry says that you are of the most fabulous Weiner. I in the world and that you've shown. That if you were to sit across from a potent. Our from Mexico or from the Middle East leaders. That is unless they said something you know like you become a Weiner you become snipe beat all with them and that you wouldn't get anything done what do you say that. Well I think he's probably right I am the most fabulous Weiner I do whine because I wanna win. And I'm not happy are whiners when I am a wider animal why they're nice people whining and whining until I win. And I'm gonna wind for the country and I'm gonna make our country great again. I just don't know it saved that. I'd love to hear and again those B Donald Trump supporters. Who continually. Troll the text line. Is this what you call leadership whining. This is our hurt since Sunday and in the social media post. Got a fresh one just after this dinner this interview. With our Armstrong. Complaining and name calling and derogatory remarks. It just sends me folks it just sends me. This is not leadership whining is not leadership. If you think otherwise call and explain it to me. I'll be glad to listen to 803 foot 7163. Tire techs point 71307. Wait just to balance things out and give US contrast. From. Because we've heard so much complaining out of the trump campaign past few days about unfairness blah blah blah blah blah. Have you heard any complaining by the priest campaign. About Michigan and. News reporting. Trump's campaign claimed a win Michigan after getting five supporters elected to a handful of key national convention committee spots. And along with Ohio governor John Kasay campaign. They shut out Ted Cruz. Patient amount of the committees in Michigan entirely. Shut him out. The delegation the Republican National Convention chose there representatives. On the rules platform credentials and permanent organization committees the convention. Trump delegates. Elected to both slots on the credentials committee. One slot each on a rules platform and permanent organization committees. Our governor Jon K six delegates take remaining three slots. Shut out. Shut out for occurs and you're in any complaining. Just curious. Again this is not about promoting any candidate this is about talking about the kind of character. There were looking for. I've got four children. And I'll tell you what whining is not acceptable. I just cannot imagine. And I just wanna tell you this story before you go to a call. Actually. Was telling my wife this story yesterday about Colorado. I did not mention the name. My eleven year old daughter. She said who is that Donald Trump. Folks. We're really need to do some serious examination. And this goes beyond personalities. I've said from the very beginning. This is not about personalities or political parties. It can't be Fran welcome to the broadcast. Opportunity aren't the you know I know that about the ballot now that people are I don't. He's required to vote for the person that. But they're both the ballpark but what happens to the people and figure out how I'm not. I'm past. And they they earned delegates before they got out. I don't know I get a lot of good ballclub in whatever they want to unep. I think there and my understanding is they air balance and and here's my here's their standings stay answered that question one is. I think they're bound on the first ballot the the other thing years. It's it's it's it all depends on the rules that are set for the convention. And there's the possibility too that these candidates don't come along and say hey are releasing my delegates to vote a vote their conscience. They can appeal for this rule change that would allow that. So there are several things that can happen. So they could smoke or. Whoever they want to what they do net. If their released. My understanding is they would be bound on the first broached. Q vote getters around. Are no real guy there are no telling yet. Hot and he's not on the and they go down a hole to let me know if they're not really. That's my understanding that they are still bouncing him and this gives him some. Bit of leverage because I mean there it's enough. Ed if I remember correctly he could be enough to put somebody over the top. So I mean this is one reason why they rubio is not. And any statements he's certainly not endorsed anybody who by the way did you hear Donald Trump had to say about a possible vice presidential. I candidates. Yeah I did hear that. That rubio is on the list. Interesting isn't it. I mean what are you what are you looking for in this half a year because you're obviously concerned about the disposition of those delegates. Well I can come. I actually went yeah he would either come or crude. I just don't want you ever let it go then somebody out in the act that all nobody voted I think he did you go to one of those who. And the home. You know I it. I just wondered if those guys that network committed if you'd like. Token though document say hey look you know walk on Monday rubio isn't running anymore I'm not for me or are there. Rubio can't okay all right I'm I want you to vote your center touch. Yeah in all of those things can happen I do appreciate your call their friend I mean they are with you I I think. Whatever I think of any of the candidates. I think this needs to come down to a choice between. If neither candidate reaches that importance. 1237. Then I think. If they should not be a situation where we've got these people thrown in and I heard the name Paul Ryan burn around as a possibility. Four presidential candidate that's a non starter. Ants I. Call me naive. But I happen to believe. They even these folks are not dumb enough well then again maybe they are. You have to take you have to consider something these delegates. And especially the ones that are being elected you heard Ari do you think Ari. Is going to go all the way from Colorado over to Cleveland to vote for Paul Ryan. And we everyday asking that question I don't think it's gonna happen. I really dealt. And you have to consider too and I didn't think about this or heard someone talking about this just the other day. If there is a critical mass of cruise and trump supporters. Her on these committees and then they're on these committees making this this decisions and setting the rules. It's a new ball game. And there are certain things he establishment may not be able to do even if they want you. So I want to encourage you this but there's another thing in this because I've said this before. Much of this comes back to your involvement now in most cases I think it's too late. But it's certainly a lesson for next time. For being involved that a grassroots level. And folks never making excuses for why. There's no place for that. We put all of our hearts and lives into this what is that about our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor. So we can't look back with regret there's no reason do we can say we were all live in we did everything. Everything we could have possibly done. That's who were looking for what you say. We're back tomorrow have a great day folks got bush.

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