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Hello Beautiful - More Tips And Tricks - 040316

Apr 3, 2016|

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The best you. A beautiful hope. I made sure Nazis and I'm Cindy Jackson had were from back to thirty rejuvenation sinners and we here to talk about tips tricks and celebrity secrets. Peninsula today is great because we're sharing more tips. And each. Did these last favorite at the says I love love slot they answer questions because I can remember beans some of these people. That would demand the answers to some of these questions. I agree with you in fact. You know there isn't a lot of places out there to really understand some of the treatments. And know that you're getting good information because let's face that the Internet has got a ton of information out there. Not all is good men and it is not always tree and what great things about cabinet I sat back to thirty. It's one we're gonna have to step marks. Eighteen you know you don't have to be a celebrity. Or super rich to you. Improved the way you look in pretty easily feel and it's really off some men and we got a place on that right here and absolutely. So let's start into our first question this comes from Jim it is lives and found not fat is a great place stand out like you are ready to hit. Senate I've just said that he gained twenty pounds over the winter. And he was told that we offer a weight loss program and wants to know about the program and how to get started. That cajun the first. Saying Mattel had to get started it he gained twenty pounds over the winner of the first thing I would. Well it's kind of fun we're talking about ice cream because our weight loss plan a section called the melts away when it lost planned park say it's so sweet to leave them. If we did leave biggest amount they would just now to let Catholic says cub teens you know the person Wheeler says Jim we feel he. You know weight is something as special. You most of us as we age tend to struggle at. I can say that is something in that Cindy and I. Probably think about everyday we do this we you know every time I eat I think about this assist in any question in my dollar further from my golf. You know ascend guys that is ignore the voice could affect yes but am in new week great plains and at that at thirty Ian. There's a couple of options for he is and that's the one thing that we really like about the program because we're gonna to be some very sound nutritional advice. And it has some parts of blues and Leonard are really common sense that we really still needs someone to be accountable team. So that would make better choices to snow into one's paying attention makes a difference. On that additionally. We have things that helped to megabyte las. And path. There are easier pain we have I'm inject votes. The injectable RB twelve or like to place injections. Love the B twelve like perplexed that shot is a wonderful shot. It's also in that case it's got beach while they had to be sick senator B complex since and what a lot people don't realize is when you do in a B twelve injection. If you don't additional me and young. And be six or so of the complex issue conviction deficient and that is vitamins the day he even major defining be twelfth. A lot of plays injections additionally parents amino last insist she would typically find in something how to make injection. As the Sinai an announcer told polling long. But there's Armenian land since the helped to facilitate that metallic from to deliver so here's what that means okay and and am in that asylum talks remain vigilant there. Here's what it means. If you do accept and to lose weight and you add those amino last since then it's gonna make the process of eliminating the fat to deliver an easier process. Take their very quick easy you can pop and we're the opposite pop Alley op that's usually had dinner last. You know that it and you can't get any program precast absolutely damp. And with our weight loss program the great thing too is we have a step by step guide that we spent a lot of time creating one of our doctors doctor Connie rocks that I too was absolutely wonderful really did give her proposal was Adam's. And says that's in your chain and we just a bit left after kind Egypt and Ian. She teach her pearls are in the year and we to having technicals we have different types that supplements available certain types of pills. There will help to facilitate weight loss again have to controlled diet. For days that are and and a great candidate for it. And his desire and we also has prescription appetite suppressants. Because sometimes just getting on the right path. MacArthur little extermination and gas really went past a sign two days. We have other supplements as well we have certain types ET in nineteen that is great Tuesday and ninety is also. And what things so good about the 1090 that we use. One helps it helps to use rid the body toxins. It also tonight by our production low end. Buy out production will help us to have more frequent bowel statements came as we diet and we ET increasing amount of food that we take and sometimes that's an issue for people and constipation can mean and she'd. Sin EP supplement properly he adds Daniel nineteen now only eight and it. T be hearing more frequently but assassin and help with bowel movements and so are for tuchman this on the sunny morning guys. But that you know the reality is we're we're and a diet and there are. Body functions that are super important for us to stay healthy difference a token efforts to continue to lose weight. And as bad a thirty week are able to incorporate holidays things to help he'd be successful. Exactly and it back to thirty we truly have someone work with cutesy pop up partner with it. And I think with any type of weight loss program that's probably the most difficult thing is finding someone to partner with. Because as an example recently in January I decided that I wanted to get a little more fit. And the I knew the only way I can be successful. Not only doing in our back to thirty Milt what plan that was to have my partner to that and that was my husband. So for thirty days kicking and screaming. That they can't. Did the right supplements and he was able to lose nine pounds and one month which that's awesome I didn't lose more than him. But Arafat then yeah it is deepens guarded by keeping school so the bottom. Kind of weight loss I do agree with you actually it is a very personal sensitive on the topic. And as we age it does become harder and harder because when we're younger we have this metabolism into see mr. Rourke. And were active and not spoon or non active when we get older we're generally less active all the sudden those things become more apparent. And so without about where Pratt and it is sad mood customizable it can be something as simple as you know lack Alec Hammond just getting injections. That's Hassan AKA the reality generations and supplement Arlen injections to supplement the weekly weigh in. But we can initially and an appetite and suppression which is prescription but we all have had a natural alternatives to prescription apt expressed sent. So this gem from fountain and the best seat created team is gonna be kind of in a kind of free consultation. And my society where you get started it's as simple as that is the plan calls. It's a quick conversation. And let's. Just make that Erstad in U with great success with that evening in fact. Every one of our make ever Ers are the the charter like every second so our latest one has had to go through to not went program. The rest of our nanny they make Evers. Have not to describe grant and it haven't initially had training with app for my sadness yes it's for the fitness and have done just awesome they have Russia deep in debt to our website and look at look at the before and after so. Are night and make every she got to be shocked absolutely. So Jimmy first step is to give us a call and you can reach a some are highly fourteen location at 2448730. Or outer skin care location which is a division of back to thirty at 2347900. Or at comic be stationed location at 6631930. He can always on its on the Internet at the back to Atari dot com. That back tee and left the number thirty dot com. So our next question is actually a really good question. The weather's getting nicer some more people are going outside junior golf thing in your walking near running warrior Thomas player. And Kimberly from Spartanburg is a tennis player and she said that. I missed tennis player and I just noticed that I have sagging skin above findings. What to ideal a better. Says it's day you know you bring the set Kimberly because a couple of things one and two pretty big in this area it's very Benin and we've got a lot is at people you hit play tenants that underwent tennis scars settled shores. And I've seen a sagging knees aren't tackling or talking amount. And you that very often times like this cute little figure. Unit and ran around and Q and apple in black she and hate each. In. The beautiful part is about a thirty we have an excellent solution for and is pretty quick and he's it is says it's called a therapy. Which listen titans the skins. Do you think is the only non invasive designs this anti make clear down to linked to skin on the phone summoned knack about the brown and on the deck repair chest. We additionally he sell their peak. About the needs and Elena arms and then some other places to you that about fifteen. Is one of the most popular. Tribal sites for all therapy that we perform. We are the marginal their peak in fact we're the largest provider for their pre about 8 states and this eastern highest. I mean we do a lot. We do in fact we were the first to bring a therapy to Greenville or. It'll therapy has been around for about ten years down and one thing that's great about that company has again so much Allergan. They have a huge R&D department so they do a lot of research and development. And were able to really see if something works or not and I remember when we first part of therapy and the results were incredible we saw incredible results on the face and now it's so wonderful because we're doing what they consider an off slightly area without me area. But we've had a lot of tennis players command and do all therapy. And it just looks so good guys seen ad after about technology how awesome it is because this is another way that ultrasound. If I were to be east in its that it world so let's first about this for just a minute Yunnan. Turn the ultrasound. Salsa mentioned as a part of lectures and we typically are gonna think about it for easing into C a baby right when it came out pregnant. Says that it's when you when that ultrasound is at one frequency. OK then we're going to be really use it to see pictures of things RCC a baby. And we additionally senator offense for a ultra shape because if he can senator added another frequency designed specifically for assay for fat cell. He came back at the fat self to the point that it implied to me we can he said he killed fat cells can change a check of a person's body painless eight. He and others as being ranked arch an ultrasound is a lot of athletes who use ultrasound. Teed at a certain frequency to change the Karmi ability to sell law. Mean that she can exchange flu it's more easily and you can use that to help T have and have tendon or ligament or muscle healing at a more rapid pace Lotta people deep that. Now we've got another company has so dare be they ease its ultrasound technology to get into an aerial except forgot to me we can get to the muscle. You sit at arch sanity different frequency. Cause ultrasound went to cross and calls little card put some muscle. Connie puts on a muscle or Anna Costa T get firmer and tighter. We can come back and did the same paint. In them as such detainees tissue work collagen Lance and content to cut staff the next tight and you earned. And we can do it their team and we did that we're gonna cause content Bonser shortened and are gonna counsel Robert Black stacked. Beaver rural active. And making new collagen so what what does that look like it looks like tighter younger skin. Without without the tag team without a lady needs absolutely feel mall lady needs and concedes trial therapy. Absolutely. So Kimberly yes there is a solution out there in fact I would bet that some of your tennis player. Partners have already done not because it is a very common problem especially for women as we age and really you're talk about an hour and a half procedure. You know outcome means we will often have people do that twice. And we're gonna get about 48 weeks apart and that is different results there and really significant and it's funny. How much of a difference that makes some people who happen stunned. Everyone has an area on the bodies and they not necessarily Lama. So there's great things that we can go ahead and do for every area of the body just to make up a little bit. But are looking in your mind. If so again we do a lot of stuff it back to thirty I think cancel one of the things you know that we have done really well is since we've opened as a company. We've done mate comforts twice a year. Well it's as we know how important an industry he banks see what can be to learn without surgery and very short period Tarrant. Yeah that technology is here for acts. In and we live and in beautiful day and age when it's and technology and that does it. Is not just for our deal the elite super early is not just for the super rich is not just for the super payments. There is ten million a noble for ask. They can change her appearance Vegas for much younger matched fresher Mac is still a lot better. And it's affordable it is and is we always say ninety days neck surgery a real results. It's an analytical guy is Stan local and Uganda if you count our office and no one is gonna change around the ninth. Out of LA and no night fresher hit it right we like I said that cheese and it got ninety days. No surgery we're salts and we have. No knife no surgery. No I don't times. So it one of our first makeovers that we did was iris and iris was fifty years old. She had gained some weight. Do you really eyes filled lovely Tyrus just knowing her 'cause the first story. She's just a wonderful person do you unfortunately lost her mom to a heart attack. A couple months after that she had a heart attack. Gained weight went into work one day and she was a server at a restaurant in Greeneville and the doors were locked. And so now she's out of a job she'd been looking for jobs for about a year and a half when she and Jeremy cover contest. And really said the reason she felt she could not get employed was because she was old. And that's mostly stabbed. It was really sad the government pursue when we met her here and Cindy and I only did these MPs cannot always have this thing were we looking each other and we just magnet like that still line. Why Arabs were as the wind and consumer US can cheat her energy wishes they Erie down energy. And would simulate their her and we saw herb PD absolutely weekend. She just needed to have a little fresh or not and she needed to have some companionship from the standpoint. Working out so we have her work on it personal or with a personal trainer at ha ha excuse me everyone. Personal trainer at four election us and then we put her on a program and the program was designed specifically for her. Says she had all fair BE Botox. Fail Lar I PL star suite chemical counts. You know she went your weight loss program with RB twelve injections and you know working now. We had seen her hair dying. She had an outfit from monkeys com bits she was given at the and and we actually do that before and after being greedy on your Carolina. But what a difference that confidence. When he just watching her wish you into the rain. You could just see it in the way she walked in when she sat and when she talked to people you know the way she held her head and I. In that was very emotional for a Ecstasy. In it in and really get away because week we saw her BD that it helped her to see your PD again. And to share that with other people. And guys at and we her pitcher. On our web site he can achieve back to thirty dot com that back tee as the number thirty dot com and look under united name whatever her pitcher is there she is she's the very first make over that region and the great thing about it is. She wanted to change and then she used every tool that was given to her so that she can do that change and the best part is that was done in ninety days. So when you think about makeovers and you're talking about I wanna change myself it doesn't necessarily take a year. Or two years or five years you can actually make significant change in a shorter period of time. As long as you follow the plan and you talked to the people who can help get it there and as we we would like to talk about what that attorney is really. Back to thirty. That thirty is a really. And realistic age where we don't know lycra twelve Keno or sixteen. Wheat a lot of us have made. Some are bad decisions firmer younger and Ritter really good point in life. Firm and will we say back to thirty what we're really saying is we wanna take a person that tent near east we don't wanna take. This is snack and they miss this man. Look like mrs. Edwards he now and we would like to take mrs. Smith that to a younger may assist men and impact thirty. We really specialize in and we can look at a person can't. Look you know pitcher or even just now and the aging process and help do that mr. Smith looked like she continues again or twenty years again. Very natural. You know comma shaped characters. Good at coming out of that that parity in the NOW. Richard we'd guess that for us is not what's attractive. So what our goal is and help and we got the best team members and sand highly trained. You know we set out the time we train train and retrain guys and we really team we've got great practitioners. You're able to looking EUMR. Smith maybe. And this is that the say you know what happens when you were younger he had higher achievement when you were younger he didn't hand these mines let's right these lines let's. Let's in his cheek and let's take the China Internet sagging on risky be a little bit of fullness to the list that not turning in Angelina Jolie. Mean there's an art events. And it matters that you really won't train and arm practitioners. Are experts and understanding how to. They are. And as you're talking canceled I'm thinking about back to thirty as well because it really is truly a feeling as well. It's not a match appealing and so if you feel good on the inside. Then you can radiate out on the outside faster you really artist Thomas like. You know you can just watch people's light shine once they start to take care of themselves you can since beacon of light shining not reminds me of our second make up for how there. Heather Heather when we meant she was one of those that you and I looked at each other knew she was going on and Heather has. Given up herself some match she actually married her college sweetheart. Had some commands. Marriage goes on and you're taking care of the kids the family you're working hard you're gaining weight. Not thinking of yourself hands and not paid attention to you your friend his page in addition to tear rats as. Exam parade and so unfortunately Heather how that circumstance happened to her and went through a divorce and during the divorce. Spend even more time trying to keep the families strong and stable and getting along. And really did nothing for herself. Says she ended up gaining about sixty pounds. On when we met her she'd already been on her way to weight loss and lost about half of that. And she also was a sun worshippers she laid out in the sun Manson over to hand. And really did take care of her skin so the first thing that we did with her was say consultation process and talked about sun damage and then talked about products that we carry such as like terror things that can get rid of that some damage. And in putter on a really good regiment plan which included diet pills and around Botox and filler. And we did not their appeal on her and we did dual therapy on her and that first treatment of all therapy on her that lifted her going was beautiful instrument she. She says pretty anyway just pretty and sighed and hepatitis out I'll never forget talking about her story on your Carolina with meg and meg and guys. All as she'd last added. Had again as read I guess he's kind of found out about this the hard way that he hit it themselves it's that we all like. He's you know women pulling for her in exit to really find that light and. Oh she fan and such a beautiful way she she's just. Quartets she is gorgeous and that revealed that we did on your Carolina thank you could just see her confidence and once again we come back to these things all build confidence. Go from zero confidence to the shining star. It's just take as deep guess say we have the best job in the world because we date we know we dale. We also have Victoria I'm really did as a make over and then we have Carly actually use our newsmaker over and I think we should touch on that can she is completely different on the rest. Carly is in her early thirties com Carly is a very successful. On professional she is also an actress. On locally and Carly suffers from adult acne. And really task guy issue when you're not sixteen. Then domestic your peers are gonna suffer with acne silly it's particularly embarrassing. It is an if you have acting as a hobby. On being on stage wearing stage make up that of course is clogging your pores. And then you're also trying to figure out how to Wear normal make up and covered up. And acne is something that adults do get but the good news says a back to thirty we can correct it. And she's been going through several different pains and a she's had since as specialized chemical pills for acne she's on specialized products tracked me. I'm she's been awesome dharma sweeps unit for that me and skin patents also to help or scarring absolutely skin pen which is one of your favorite treatment man our Internet. And it it it did it really helped his you know the acne scars that you get words like the big dividends in the cheeks are neck area or forehead. She has some of those other gone. Say isn't that just so excited and here's to entertain. You are the more college you have the more quickly respond to treatments. Says the moral to back. Bitch information is this. You know. Going hitting it started soon as you start to notice that there's an issue because he PG that you'll be amazed that she can maintain for maintained for your lifetime. Absolutely and you. Products matter we talked about that potential that several times am. That medical great products. Are worth the money there are a lot of products that are not medical grade products we hear volatile and there are a lot of yet 'cause her gut it. They would wait which actually say goods and integrate our way it is because if it's good it's gonna kinda work is his greatest generally work Ian. If you don't have a medical great product I don't care if Fisher never his son Ennis were of those. He had plans and and they think it teenagers cure their cancer and her male little silly about that you know and everybody I think is really good intention to. But they just don't nag and it if you have a product. Even at hand at this non medical grade even has some of the same ingredients and your medical great product. There's just simply not going to be enough at the F back to danced to make a difference. And says that you have to have enough of the effect of diet to change the scan. Several things on matters that much that. They really don't and you bring up a good point so if you aren't let's talk about if you aren't about to. If you aren't a budget you can still energy use of medical grade product like a game changer product in your regiment. So likely you're proud of choice in the is what the teen essential ceramic content has human growth factors it is I love the tennis essential Sarah and I am also one of those individuals who's a little lazy especially when my skin. Somebody can't Taloqan at a speed of soft. Well and that's because I used he announced that it is a one stop products so it's gut growth factors that Scott antioxidants it's got peptides it's got everything I need and that one product so literally one pumped. And I can put down my face and it has a slip value to it so it actually considerably down my neck my duck tank. And if you do that morning and night that's great I happen to only do it in the morning because once again. A little lazy at night I should be clear just like Miami just run anti pass out exactly. Sent it and your favorite product he uses. Black couple that how loud and check thigh. Oh the HA fives so great and the TER the Tenet TER didn't. And see that's another great product both all these products that we're talking about her from scan medica which is an Allergan company and again as innocent dollar and they do a lot of our NG. With everything and it says about a thirty we'd we really appreciate. Technology in and we care about having the best products and we happen to think that that skin Medicaid is one updates. And the other being. Just it just a few things summer point now like eighteen is essential serum has human growth factors he wants Rick twenty some odd years old. We believe is great actors faster than we make its initial couple way to change that. We can inner gave some Pappas controlled. Trauma which is what chemical pillows are scanned and are term scrapes are in. And and we can initially and then back to an external links which is what we get Mateen is essential Sarah. Says it just awesome it the stuff that's available to us guys that can we just kick tennis enough that got the best shot on the planet we do you don't have to be rationed payments nanny to you can live in Greenville, South Carolina and or any surrounding area. And deep aims to really make a change for the better he can look better still matter. And it's really as short as ninety days that you can do that. So we do consultations as we mentioned all of our clinic as a free and those are absolutely free C can reach us that are highly fourteen clinic at 244873. Out. Our skin care clinic which is a division of back to thirty at 23479. C. 00. Or that army he station clinic at 66319. Real or you can always find some Internet head back to thirty got firm that's back tee and number thirty dot com. Did I need to focus.