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Focus on the Upstate 27 - 3/6/2016

Mar 6, 2016|

Miracle Hill Volunteer Opportunities

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Welcome to focus on the upstate a program dedicated to informing you about organizations that serve our community. How you can get involved with him. Here's your host Chris Evans. Good morning welcome to focus on the upstate my name is Chris Evans today I'm joined by three lovely ladies from miracle hill welcome ladies. I am thank you for being here we have Jacqueline pink helmet the volunteer administrator. We have Chris black men who volunteer coordinator for the children's home miracle hill children's hound yes. And Janice Rogers who's been mentored coordinator and I'm interested to find out what's the difference between mentoring coordination and volunteer Cornish and told we'll talk about that. Thank you ladies for being here it is a great pleasure to have you in the studio today for adding yes it's it's my pleasure. Idea I was contacted by Ian Johnson slaughter you're leader. President I guess CEOs as our marketing manager marketing manager Andre fracking and so so exactly the kind of person that would reach out to us into the hands. And and she ended the thing that sparked off me having you here is that dead Jacqueline you have recently. One and there. An award for volunteer administrator of the year I did that congratulations thank Kia tell us you tell us or tell us what it is and we talk on this program a lot about. About not only donating your money but donating your time some people. Maybe they don't have it in their budget to give in of this month or or or even this year inundated their their budgets are tight. But they have time they can come in and day and help. Now with the kinds of things that she needs to tell us a bounce the the volunteer opportunities because miracle hill really provides a lot of services I. So tell us and other volunteer opportunities that that miracle he'll hats. You know we have so many we have so many different shelters and thrift stores lots of different programs so there's. Tons of opportunities for people to get involved. I'm what we've really focus on him while we've been tried to portray is the importance of I'm commitment and building relationships. So we want volunteers who are committed that you want to get to know our clients and build relationships with them. Because that is how we see a change happening and I'm our people grow lean and so. Really the best way if you're interested at all is is to go to our website which is miracle health dot org. I'm under the get involved tab we have a list of all of our shelters as well as all of our current volunteer opportunities. Because we have so many different shelters examining programs opportunities change on a regular basis so we try to keep that web sites outdated. With all of our current opportunities sound. That's a really great opportunity to do that but really focusing I'm I'm building relationships what we stress and. And I like that she say that because one of the things that we talk about on the on this show is is kind of doing it yourself you're not initially doing it alone our fight. Not just a relying on handout you know but they're really kind of creating that relationship and helping. In your community. That you had to make it all a better place and and I know that that there are a lot of of like he said shelters. That the Merrill hope provides. Where people can get. Held. Because they've fallen on hard times. So when. What is it walk us through let's say let's say that I come and and set I want to volunteer what is what was involved in the. Yeah I'm actually think that our process is why the easiest process is to become a volunteer to imagine you learned something you deal with yes yes so the first step is really to fill out an application and that is on our website as well it's a two page application and the purpose of it is for us to learn about a year so what are your skills what you're in stress what's your background. Have you volunteered before it's so what did he die and because we like to pair volunteers with an opportunity that they. Resonate when it says that they are gonna stay in their in the continue volunteer ain't. And they get something out of that as well right that's a first that filling out application and he's admitted and then the second step is attending a volunteer orientation. So we have three orientation the month we have to ingrained kill someone in Spartanburg OK and we have lunchtime session so it here on your lunch hour during words you can pop over the ten at a orientation and then head back to work. And we have an after work at 6 PM session imposing Greenville and Spartanburg. So it's pretty easy to get to after work OK and a orientation can last between hours tear it just depends on the size of the group and how much is going on says that. The group is asking questions. That they can go a little bit longer. But that is really it's a general orientation for me to tell. That volunteer about who miracle hill is. So not only what are you interested in doing about who what or it was our organization might we stand for what do we believe. What we wanna see out of our volunteers. What do our shelters do what happened to our clients look like what have they gone through T get them. To our organization and we've still it's really important for the volunteered to be as invested it and our organization as possible so they eat. They're become partners and they become advocates for us and that's really what Barnes orientation yes that's a big learning session. Four year and that's the end of orientation I sit down with ever on individually. And go through that application goes here interests and really care you went. Hopefully the perfect fit. Four year volunteer right sure. And I noticed that you mentioned Greenville and Spartanburg counties yes. Are any other carries a miracle hill serves can live our our program is heard. It was two counties and and we have fringes and nut taken Sanderson who horrendous genome to. Are there other volunteer opportunities and in other counties sure. You know we have we nearby hill serves four different counties can Greenberg how many Spartanburg county Pickens count me and Cherokee county and so. They say here here's a picture. Guys so if you are and cherry pierce armor he can attend a Spartanburg orientation change if you're in green dollar pick and she can attend an orientation angry about. I got you in half within their volunteer opportunities and taken to charity canister spectacle yeah it's okay there are at. Chris Blackmon. So presumably she's your boss has a wonderful loss yes. And and and we can that was planned at SF. But the children's home is it is a specific. Service and end a wing of a miracle hill. I'm tell us what the children Tom does its share. I'm their children's home in contempt. Is actually one branch one arm miracle hill ministries at the children's ministries Capresso. Under children's ministries for a miracle hill we have the children's home. In against. We have our Foster parenting program. Whenever voice sheltering Greeneville and also our homes for life and don't readiness program in Spartanburg. I'm so those children's ministries is bigger than just the children's home. I got you sick and you mentioned in Pickens admitted this is one of those volunteer opportunities in Pickens Kessler doctor yes so. If you're in Pickens County you can now you can you know there's an opportunity here cheering for for volunteer work. I'm sitting children's home what what what is it. Tell us what you do and we do for sure. Animals we care for children that have been removed from their homes by the department of social services because of some kind of abuse or neglect. Okay common we care for them in cottages based on their agent their gender so we have five cottages on our 120 acre campus near table rock. Our youngest resident is high and our oldest guy just turned eighteen. Okay so really kind of a gamut of yes of kids coming in did you who. We all generally range of anywhere from 38 to 42 into every bed blissful we have to 48 okay. Since we're talking about voluntary what our idea what is it that the volunteers do you for these kids now while there while they're staying in children's sir I think one of the greatest things that are volunteers do is they. They strengthen our hands for the work of ministry okay. On ministry is it's very eloquently put the couple they give lots practice. That but it's true it's not just phrase you're it is true. We can't do what we do in any of our nine facilities without our volunteers. So for the children's home that can look like bringing a meal to the cottage because a cottage functions as a family. Any busy mom would love to have dinner made the right on the bus and sell having a volunteer bring a mile and not only helps our food budget but it gives our step half a few extra minutes to spend time with the kids that they love and serve. And it also gives a volunteer opportunities that meal around kitchen table. And really get a sense of of what we do and how we do it because we care for our kids again in cottages. But each cottage is a family they're reading their meals around their kitchen table right like insanely. That's me you know it's interesting because. I guess. You know that may dimly most people only think of volunteering you think of going and spending a certain amount of time and then knew even go home almost like going to a job except in the nuggets trade. But this is something simple that you can do I mean obviously we like to have some interaction with that with the folks but but even just bringing the mile dropping it off. Dropping in on closer to our volunteers eat the meal is that the around the kitchen table of one come and we invite people into our homes to get to know them over a meal the same works in reverse is somebody brings that meal. Unto us. You know I've got some other volunteers that did you grow sure shopping and bring grow shrink right to our campus on my volunteers that make birthday cakes. You know help with homework I mean there's there's a lot of different opportunities to reach out and administers your kids against strengthening the hands of our staff. What are some of the other children's ministries. Eat mentioned in addition the children's hounds. Well our boys shelter. That's in Greeneville and that is it programs specifically Ford junior high. And senior high got ice okay again there there there again place with us by the department of social services. Homes for life our program in Spartanburg that as an adult readiness program for older teen boys a lot of people don't realize that in South Carolina. Kids can staying care and receive support and services Ali ugly up to these two point one. Com's so it's not an AT and email and have a nice life there are right they want that help. We have a program for that's so then we have our Foster parenting program which is. Individuals becoming licensed to be Foster parents and caring for those children in their home. And sound so we've got abouts. I hung over a 130 Foster homes license lets us and that sounds like a big number and it is. But there's between 8500. Children in the Foster care system in South Carolina. So he's great and. And you're really making a commitment to health and salute to help these kids absolutely should be you know and on hand parent serve. And we've lost volunteers are coming fast this is a wonderful problem to have Portland or volunteers to becoming men source frank getting even involved at another level than just volunteering. And that that segue nicely thank you Chris. Into you Janice Rogers he mentored coordinator. Now tell us what with the men church should program it. It's Cher we partner I am with an. Outside nonprofit called fostering an eighty SOK together we'd provide meant tourists. And to all the children in our hands and narrow lead then. Just when he Latin so we have boys I can yet end in our hands up to the age of 21 and when they have to be remain from Foster care I got to say you are or how note is several pro right each child living in an. Any of the three group homes actress mansion and I mentor. That's a one on one relationship that you will be their friend ET the mosque camp says. And you hit suggest investment UN in your best friend into into them and said these children and how did your image from their homes and they need. Positive male or female. Role model in their lives and go to our mantra is get to provide that to them. So kind of like I didn't know it's different organization but like Big Brother big sister sort of but on different levels OK because the goal is is long term my mansion so we asked our mantras hey commit to the long term so. However along the child is and Foster care yeah you will be their man chart. If they live location as you will be their mentor whether it's by a scene MM per Sana or are spending time with them. On the phone and through he mouths it just depends because children in care Cammie may have frowned. They can email from that sale all the way to anywhere else in South Carolina so. And we ask that you really met and you commit for however long they need GO. So this really isn't it kind of a larger commitment like Kelly fostering a like and even adopting that that's I mean that's he's been and and years potentially with with this with the person. You Teddy could potentially stand. The rest of their life begin their mentor and that the wonderful magic greatly my husband had a mentor and Holliday has mantra paso way and at the difference he made in my husband's life was. Tremendous so. EU as a mentor he and let me. Of the biggest difference and you may not CA email us see it every day of the week it to CNN's that's been so exciting is. Our children that have mentors. Who love their mentors tell us. One of those stories about about it that it did. Blues relationship between the child in the mantra that you really just clicked. Sure it's it's kind of hard because we have confidentiality. And yet we Sharon won a million any names now really we've had and multiple. Relationships that we've just seen them blossom into an easy thing so. We've had it. Children that one even talk these children these are teenagers they wouldn't you know talk to their mentor. In the first his day and now they ask me he when I see them which I don't see them as frequently as are ready to receive them that they asking when's he coming back school are. DC until he meets had sections sites and read can I go to his house swayed so we have rules about going to house's should I imagine. But. It's such and personalized relationship that these children really get attached to their mentors and their mentors get it very attached to that. So we always. And we we determine interest at our their hearts because a child may go back home button and that's a possibility or they need you may be with them. Rather nurse were. We've had mentors have. Helped find adoptive parents we've had. It's meant tourists that have gotten the teen into college should be you know it that it varies so. Depending on whether you have an eleven year old are at twenty year old. The early after the original writer yeah you you really are there to. Just love them. Yeah I don't. No that's a gentler. That's a wonderful way to put it. Tell me real quick food and this is do almost like a lightning round hats and how did you get started Janice with miracle hill I have no degree in social work OK diet. Worked at a bank. And I wasn't a keen in my whole life. And I was on the we're database highway Hampton and I prayed one day. And I just had please lord give me a job that makes a difference and a week later I had this job and I you know what I is the same day and the lawyer knew and so. That that's mean I didn't I have no background and that's bad I can't whites and rest my life doing and that's. Clouds it sounds like a good fit for east and really really excited about it Chris tell us tell us your history. Well my stories a little funny and I hustling trying to actually started working add our voice shelter. The he was going to school going to college and needed a job where he could. Work second shift in go to school during the day and sounds. Cancer and at a newspaper career hill. Through that so ended up and we we've gotten married ring. Gauge at the time I'm done after there was an opening at the children's home for house parents so a year into our marriage we were parenting ten kids. So that was a joke that we've been married a year and had ten kids. Did now for five years. And sell our son was born and then I was looking for kind of a part time job or can be mom and work at the same time. And that position to open up to be to volunteer coordinator at the children's home and I've been there for since for thirteen years so this similarly serendipity is says story to. To Genesis. Almost. Wasn't exactly part of my plan the ability to see god please step by step in. The Jacqueline tells her story. Yeah actually started as a volunteer for me Erica hill that seems appropriate reaction. So I was aware keen for a for profit organization and and just want attempting to do in my free time as meaningful that. Really am. It was something that I believed then and miracle hill came across my path I started on T gain. At shepherd's feet which is our homeless shelter for women and children who did that every Thursday for Eaton to three hours to help in whatever capacity they really need it. And doing child care putting packaged together answering the phones administrative work whatever they needed I'd I did. And it and I did that for four years. And then again it kept Connelly dean has really started train thinking I love this organization I love what I'm deal lean I would love to work. For Mir a house to start train about it and that a person who was in my position before me she was here for 1516. Years and retired. And when I found that out I gave. Jumped at the opportunity applied and now I'm here to. Climbed the latter is a work. And I and and I I like. Did all that that each of your stories really it's kind of different but but there are similarities an inner I really hope that it speaks to our audience. Because a lot of them might be in similar positions they're looking for that sort of an opportunity. And you can find that opportunity miracle hill even if it just starts Jacqueline is it didn't he would volunteer. Yeah you wouldn't believe how many volunteers have turned into employees for miracle health it's it's really incredible to see how people he start volunteer rain and follow mud with miracle health far mud that with a place that they're volunteering for and join our team and there are part of our team. But then we start paying them couldn't breath and I think you're into that but it's also really need how many of our clients are adult clients are now employees with us right. That's that's really. Unique and special too and well I imagine that that would that would did you see some of that do you have. People that you've helped make needed to and stating your shoulders or aura come up in the in the children's ministries that leader come back to volunteer. Absolutely. The cat because they've been their hands GAAP. We actually have last year I worked with a group from a local Christian school. And the leader of the group why is actually at past employees daughter. Sushi a bank was almost raised at the children's Tylenol because her parents browse parents right and so is she. Was essentially raise their further portion of her life and went off to college graduated. Became a teacher. And I wanted to work with a group of her high school students doing something meaningful ever there. January break and says she came to means and what coming deal and they actually helped us. Remodeling construction whenever transitional house's while it was really cool to see that. Become a full circle. One of the former residents of the children's home has actually served on their Oracle's board really yes wow how her story is on our website. Oh that's good and tell us the web site against the people who were interest they can go look at miracle Hilltop pork miracle held up weren't. And and I'm sure that there are phone numbers social media you know will all kinds of ways to get ads touch. Through the website we haven't faced up can't you can I just on FaceBook and follow us. Every day we have sign that pose something in the about what we're dealing and what's going on our shelters. Amy's story about whenever crying handsets are really great way to stay tuned to what it's gone on. Guys. And do we were talking before the show that is there a couple of events coming out there are. And imagine those would be you information about those be on the website as well but let's talk about a real quick as a true we don't have much time left. But we got a banquet coming up. We deal it's a fundraising banquet for Greenville and Pickens counties. And it is going to be on March 15 the stand at 6:30 PM or 6 o'clock. PM and we're gonna have to dinners but yeah he's on the website at a green have a dinner and a speaker come and it's really didn't. The purpose of it is a fund raising banquet because we are nonprofit. All of our funds come from donors or for our fundraising events. Right to registration required do we need to Ku a sign of werder did show up look after register online America held dot org fashion and yes I need to the table cell. So limited seating limited seating go did I get registered now if you'd like to help out if you like to participate in the banquet please do hill not weren't. And does something else not a challenge. Yeah we have a challenge meet this is going to be air eleven here are doing in our challenge. And it is a cycle lean event as well as a five K okay the first Saturday in June. Can be honest it's the hot I think it is on Furman university's campus. But we have cyclist that bike to anywhere from twenty miles 200 miles. And we have our five K and that's another fundraising event it's outdoors it's during the summer and it is very very fun. Can I didn't junior Jim thank. I guess it's so tough who would fail landlocked city to make it a triathlon but but he's at least got the cycling in the running should exit yes the ones that cycle of Caesar sets feel like they have gone to a triathlon spot. I imagine so that says this and you know it's interesting visited the geography of Greeneville is just it is really diverse enough video called Piedmont and so. Thank you ladies for being here today to my guest today Janice Rogers the mantra coordinator. Chris Blackmon volunteer coordinator for the children's home and jot a Jacqueline paint him. Volunteer administrator and again congratulations. On being recognized as a volunteer administrator of the year I think he'll. It's been my pleasure having you ladies thank you ask. I'm Chris Evans and this has been. Focus on the upstate. You've been listening to focus on the yet state with Chris Evans if you would like more information on today's topic email Chris. At C Evans @entercom.com.