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Open House Upstate - 3/6/2016

Mar 7, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to open house upstate when it's time to sit home builder by your dream home we have the information you need with your host Arthur wrote a number of homes Berkshire Hathaway home services seem to enjoy your realtors and county bank mortgage check out open house upstate not come. Boy welcome to open house upstate glad to be with us today talking little real estate we're lucky enough to have a new vision domain in the room with us. First time all the radio win this we got Matthew thrift to broker in charge over at Berkshire Hathaway. CD you Joyner realtors the Simpson bill office glad you could be with us right Q how are you know very well thank you how are you today good ready to talk a little real estate. Got a great topic today we're gonna talk a little bit about getting your house ready for cell inspections things like that that you need to be taken out. And of course were also lucky enough to have Nicole in the house from Berkshire Hathaway. Home service isn't she references are there Rosenberg homes over right now I guess. Primarily in the neighborhood over there all I empty my. Right worry I Katie but we do until the entire upstate so even though our model home is located and Acadia Freddie come out and see the quality of the build. Hammond will we have to offer for a process. And please. Will build on the five counties in upstate yen of course Joseph hatton of motto let's open over there. And it's I guess that was and so which got another one this under construction. And then if somebody wants to see something in that mountain home type style U I'll said the availability not mr. remodeled that home that you're allowed to show that you guys put together a in the clips right. Yep it's actually a homeowners home but it's a second residence so. And we do have aches it's accessible to us to be able to take clients to yes so if you're interested in checking out the model or if you wanna see what kind of home Arthur retton Murton B olds and of course to decorating as a one of the things it really makes it stand out to do you can do that I had contact Anna Nicole even go to the web site. Overhead open house upstate dot com that's open house upstate dot com. And we have a link to the Arthur Ryan berg the CD Joyner and of course to CUNY bank mortgage web sites there. We invite you to go visit and not a course give us the times your opening in the coaches or everybody knows nine to five Monday through Saturday and one to five on Sunday and of course were always available via claimants have those hours don't work please don't hesitate to give us call one happily make. I'm accommodations her schedule absolutely well we are welcoming IMAX you to the show and I guess. You know this is your first top moments you read you wanna give the listeners an opportunity get to know the vote that they're listening to you and of course Nicole and I've done this many. Time so why don't you. Tell everybody a little bit about your background. Where your from. Seems like everybody today is not from Maria Moeller from somewhere elsewhere drum what you're doing and how you wound up in real estate bug. Very well I exe and you're right absolutely I'm not from South Carolina arisen I was born and Broward County Florida the the county that accede created the cops television show. This tension needs but he sees that end so and I honestly would it be because of that cops television show what helped me get a no law enforcement okay. The I was up Hemmer pines police officer and a first for several years on the South Florida and then and we moved up here my wife and I yeah. Moved up here in late 2001. And I sort of work him with a Greenville city police department between 20022003. And realize did not want to do that any longer and right figured I would get into real estate Brent but the 2006 range. And started work confirmed for another. Company Darren was there about five and has six years to sort of my own company not too long ago about three years ago and well specialize in foreclosures and distressed properties and and then I decided that I wanted to move up in the career a little bit more and and start working with Berkshire Hathaway Sudan Joyner. Yes a lot of folks don't know there is a difference between being a real estate agent being a broker. Now yeah have certain amount of experience to actually take over their vertical position that's where and when you are breaker broker you used media is the office I guess is the way people would think about that that is correct you actually have to be a real cities are for at least three years in South Carolina. Before you can become a broker in charge and you're right I have about of right now about 2223 agents. At dozens in the office and its instant definitely different my my client is not my agent roughly yeah I try to set it. So the agents are working for the clients in your working with the agents to help them kind of smooth things out tabs and Linda Helton over the bumps in the the hurdles that occur in real estate and that happens from time to time of course the colts. I know you work for going out of the Pelham road office at bank of Berkshire Hathaway jacksons are doing is my broker in charge insidious to do with all your problems that's her. Well I take the you know it is exciting time. I'm in the real estate business. I guess you you went through some some interesting times down in Florida. Holy NS you know that'd be a good topic to talk about some time especially since she got some maybe won't do that next week we'll have don't that foreclosures and things of that nature. But today what we wanted to do is we really wanted to hit on you know what happens when it's time to get ready for sell you know sell your property what are some things. They you really need to be thinking about and of course saying they don't get great build worsen things that you need to think about when you're getting ready to head into that part of the transaction. We're gonna head into our first break of the day we do appreciate you listening to us today if you got a question she never to questions. An open house upstate dot com and ask questions and open house at state dot com we'll be right back. You're listening to open house on the street. Do you have questions about selling your home and ask the other states number one real estate company Berkshire Hathaway home services seem to enjoy inner realtors email your questions to questions as mobile house upstate. Dot com when it is time to build your dream home either Rothenberg is the only name you need to know from India house architectural and interior design to superiors customers there is an exceptional craftsmanship visit any art agent upstate SC dot com into their shell home at 20 wait salute to run drive Piedmont South Carolina in the Acadia community. Prepare to be amazed visit they are each upstate SC dot com or call 5580066. Are threatened bird homes you do leave. We build. Are you in the market for a first home a step up and downsize or do you have questions about refinancing. Now's the time to call. The homeowner experts at county bank mortgage will help you through the maze of options to find the best solution for you if you would like to discuss your situation. Would one of our experts. Give us a call at 8664427553. County bank member FDIC. Equal housing lender in MLS number 462088. When you're ready to fire sell your home wouldn't you were work with the leader it's Berkshire Hathaway C did join a real herself more houses than any other company in the upstate. Since 1964. Our commitment to quality and integrity has set us apart and nervous the upstage trust what nine offices in nearly 300 real estate professionals. We'll help you sell your current home and find your dream. Check out our book of dreams magazines and TV enjoy dot com search thousands of listings trustee of State's leader to make your real estate dreams come true. Berkshire Hathaway's you can join the real. You're listening to open house upstate. You have questions about building your dream home ask our host Bruce castor oil from author Rotenberg homes. Email Bruce an open house upstate dot com Arthur Rotenberg homes your custom luxury home builder. Welcome back to open house upstate pledged to be with us today talk a little real estate we got Matthew thrift. The broker in charge from the Simpson bill office of Berkshire Hathaway don't services with us today. And of course we got Nicole from Arthur Rothenberg homes talk a little real estate and you know we wanted to see who were headed into the listings season. And so while we wanted to hit on some topics today to really. Talk about things you need to think about all. When you're getting ready to put your home on the market the course. We all know that price is very very important picking the right price and listening at the right price is important but of course condition. Is another thing that Celanese to concern themselves will. And Matthew onto. You know there's things that people need to think about when they're getting ready to you put their house on the market and what kind of things do you recommend that they think whether they work on before they start heading down that road and. Of this great question a Maxi gonna go back to about 2007 when I when I started talking about. It's sort of doing pre listing inspections whenever I would go to a listing appointment I would actually discuss what the homeowner slash seller. That it would be a great thing to go and get a free listing inspection. Our from a home inspector to show you this seller anything that may be wrong with the house. That a buyer is going to be asking for to be repaired and so they they have a an upfront knowledge of things that may be wrong. And that that was a great idea tit for first it's a great idea for sellers to do and sitting get a lot of that stuff out of the way you could take well I. You don't a lot of times I think people believe that that's kind of the buyer's. Responsibility. And I think which are recommending is a little bit more forethought. End the pay would you not rather know nice home if you're the seller. And so when you're when you're going through those those pre inspections what type of inspections are you talking about. Debt that you may want to consider as a seller. But you're absolutely right as far as the most is on it is a buyer. However it is with the free thought of doing that knowing that. They structural integrity of the house's is not compromised or everything's okay without. We they look at the electrical systems and look at the plumbing systems. They look at well water waste systems as far as your is that if he had a septic tank. Multiple other things and house of Ruth and is it leaking and a lot of times there's a leak in the roof and sometimes a homeowner doesn't even know it. Because it has not come yet through the ceiling but it's it's leaking and so. They look at a lot of that stuff and so there's a very very high percentage of debt a lot of homes under contract sexy fall through during the inspections face because. A things that the seller may or may not have even known about and so it's a good idea. Yes so when your experience when your when you're trying to with the purpose of doing these inspections. Is to cannot know what you're selling out front it. And I think what it does is it could he could actually lead to a smoother transaction later own totally much smoother transaction. And Nicole I guess you know yelled something similar the entire time that you're building a house for somebody. You do walk throughs at certain stages of the price of the property so that people concede. How it's progressing right and so you know just because your building brainy doesn't mean that you're not gonna inspect the. Kono exactly we do walk throughs with homeowners and if your financing. There's also inspections that cut the bank debts and during the process that typically separate they don't happen together. But there are iron you know two opportunities for inspections throughout the deal process. And sometimes we're building for people that are local and so they may or may not always elects to come for those inspections but there's. There's certain X inspections that we want them to do after frame mainly wanna make sure. That they're coming in they're doing a walk through at that point that gives them an opera she just make sure everything's where they want meant. Come and also make sure terminal before they electrical on the plumbing every. And goes and now when you say every thanks further warning you're talking about the walls doors the windows actually have training stage to make sure that. You know there some people to come walk through planning their head and there's some people that key patents so you know they might stand in the kitchen and go what was this window. It's not I can't see what I thought was an illicit. Absolutely. And if he moves that window before there's any walls there it's a whole lot less expensive than he knew that window after the. All does that exceed absolutely that can save a little money she goes through the process and you know I think a lot of times we talk about the way Joseph bill we talk about the fact that it's all done up front but it doesn't mean that you can't make changes. During the construction a change order if it becomes necessary in the pointed doing that well through indoor inspection by the home bar it's kind of just make sure that everything is what he thought it was going to be. Absolutely they give you the opportunity you know the advantage of building a custom house is it gets to be. Custom house and so if there's things about it that no arm pleasing to you during the construction phases this sooner that you identified them and make changes to them. The last cost there's going to be associated with those changes. So that's that's kind of the time. Sure and in my city is much cheaper to move it before you get the electrical wind and everything in the dry while we and it makes a lot more sense. Tom you know Matthew let's go back over to. You know the pre inspections and you know I at you I can hear a seller listening. To this going well. Maybe I don't wanna. Because I don't wanna have detail and so move from how do you how do you address that I mean I didn't know in the state of South Carolina never takes a little different. The the seller is required. To disclose I guess that Colin seller's disclosure. To anybody whether they're using an agent or not right. That is most of the time that is sure there is some exemptions as far as the seller's disclosure by our whole honored most in a high averaged there's going to be a source is closure. Unease over the sellers responsible to fill up and disclose everything that they know about the proper sure. And and so you know they may be thinking in the back of their mind wait a minute you'll need to spend more money so that I can disclose more. Information that you know if you look at the overall goal put your house on the market. Did the entire reason you're putting it on the market is sell it so the current war upfront and honest you are about the condition and how the property is as it sits today. It certainly can can give an advantage when year you know you're in that process. I totally agree and you know sometimes sellers don't think about what the buyer sinking but if the so we just take just a second to think. Hall this buyers get ready to make that one of the largest investments in their entire life. They want to know when they need to kind of put themselves in the buyer she's the say. Vigorous than this money they wanna know everything they know they can about the property that that that could potentially be up. A problem or. Word very easily fixed yeah absolutely. Did you ever have any experiences that sellers that were resistant to do it prior like when you you introduce until it and they were resistant to it but. In the long run appreciated that they didn't gotten. Yes I did in an end that was to Oakland and a negotiation mark on my side when I was a listing agent but I I did. But then when the report did come back they found it that. It was very very good to know upfront they were able to collar contractors and didn't feel rushed. And things got handled smoothly and a buyer that actually purchased that house was was perfectly fine because they kept the receipts. They had to they were able to put them in touch with a contractor that did the work and so that just put the buyer on es say they ball with confidence is almost like. Buying. Re owns certified used car at that point because. Today we'll go to great great analogy I was sitting here thinking about you know. What did you compare it to you and of course. You know when you look at buying a certified car that's one of the things that tell you say we've done this many checks we've already done this many repairs. And some dealerships though do exactly retirement assay here. Here's the list of items that are service department took care of and so it kind of works the same way and I think you brought up a very good point earlier in the show was that. You know sometimes it can be something they don't even know exist that is. Very correct a lot of times it can be something they have no idea. And you know obviously the seller wants would want to disclose it if they knew but things come up all the time especially and you know crawl space. House is that you know most sellers don't go underneath there. House and to your happen and they they can't disclose exit and Nolan and also they find out and the pre listen inspection that there there is Ron Warner. I ago let's just as several things. The great leader that you talked about exactly have you had some examples when you were. Do I know listing or some success stories that back taken the time to do. This inspection and I think right now you're talking about is what most people would think of is like a general. Especially on the right word for but I mean there's different types of things you can have inspected the how what would you call it if you're gonna you know somebody was thinking about doing it and then can you give some examples of some things that you have discovered in some success stories that have curse each. Yeah eat and you're right it's it's a general generalize home inspection they go over the major components of the house. And you know duty and this is gone except for years ago when I was doing this but I know other other agents are doing pretty listen inspections right now. If for instance. House. I was selling had a heading. Now the wood underneath the house to house a sitting on on the foundation was totally rotten. And they had no idea what this is a major concern shirt and so being that could be a structural issue and it was absolutely and so that was brought forth to them and had no idea. And so they were able again going back to they were able to call in their contractor and to get that done and when we presented everything and disclose everything. It just again but the priorities and there are several several other things like that that some just made everything go so much smoother when we present them with the home inspection report. That we had done and then all of. Repair and you're talking about here you're talking about. Presenting the potential purchaser. Hassle with the home inspection in her pure pork that was completed by the seller that is that's correct you who you and you see it pro who well whatever company that would be used his first home inspectors. I used to make that available at eat on the table when a fire would walk and they would see that total home inspection they would see every repair and every receipt. That the that the sellers so are we disclose everything because obviously as a real estate agent anything that I know about the property are also have to disclose Shiraz. So I just we all want that right out front. And so again it's just made so much more buyers confident to be able to put an at all and you know right now over the last probably two years we have the end in a seller's market. And I think some people may think look at the seller's market we can shortcut here. But you know when you try to you sell your home it's always gonna come down to two things gonna come down to you. The price and it's gonna come down to the condition and city is really not a step only seller side. That they should try to skier died I can't agree more I think it's it's like you said it is a seller's market the our inventory is absolutely lol right now and we're seeing multiple offers on. On properties and we're seeing multiple multiple showings within just a few days of getting on the market I mean. We've had properties got under contract with in the same day that they were listed so this is definitely something in a seller wants a look at. Because you're so much opportunity right out up there right now you don't wanna lose things if you if you can control absolutely numbing cold when it comes to doing that walk through when you're in the framing stage we're doing new construction you know much different situation what we're talking about here but what are the some of the things that that you guys have discovered. They're really save money later on when you were doing that part of the of the walk through. Honestly the one that I know the most about which I am not construction and I'm sure go ahead. I am widows seem to be you know door relocations the window locations. And sometimes everything will be. Kind of scaled out so they'll draw where the island is gonna be right on the floor they'll you'll lower the toilets are gonna be you know where. All the fixtures in the house they're marked up so that you know where they are. And so a lot of times it's small. Changes to your windows tend to be the big change because that's a different location or size and our little of those you know we've had people add. Huge windows where a smaller and it would be an. Ben just because of the light that does not come into the house you know a few of those dark areas of your house that. You obviously teacher see when you're looking at a plane and well when your G and the minute you can see you can't say okay or that big expanse of wall right there we need to take that out yeah. And a court. The other thing is when you get the house cited. And year you're on the property. And you see where the sun is that also has an impact to you because you can say. This this corner is is in you know is going to be darker than what I thought it was going to be because we're assist originally yes and so oftentimes. Like I said that's the town and make that hole bigger yeah. Color back yes that's the time to say oh wait I don't wanna swinging door of one pocket door. You know that's the time to say gosh this this opening needs to be five feet instead of four feet. I think those are all great conversations to have bum one of the things somebody might be concerned about Matthew when it comes to doing inspections. That that they're having to pay for of course is cost around two things I can think just. You know if I was a potential seller the two things as what how in the world are gonna find this person. You know how no one knows who get inspector is an an no relative I know it depends on size of the property but what's it gonna call also. How how do you help a seller with those two issues. I'm most of the time you're you're listening Ager real estate agent is gonna have handful. You know must see two or three many of defies. Home inspectors that they would. They would recommend other not gonna tell you obviously which one used for liability purposes but they're gonna hand you a list of of Oklahoma stretches of so he's losing inspectors that they. Agents actually used in the class that's cracked somebody that they know their reputation they know the quality of the work so they're gonna be getting a recommendation absolutely okay. And then when you get into the expense side of the equation. I know it does vary but what what kind of things with a seller be looking out when it comes to that. Yet they did definitely goes by square foot in the house and and in most of the time if it's a 15100 square foot house I mean roughly your you're looking probably somewhere between 250 to 300 dollars have been inspected it. An obvious is gonna go from there every 500 square foot or so and you know I'll vote for the most part you could probably get a great home inspection for. For roughly 35375. Depending on you know if you're in the high 2000 square foot range or whatever end that inspection. Is going to be. What I've seen when I look at them on the on the lending side as can be very thorough. It's gonna include. They're gonna get on the roof and look at the rays that can get under the cross face a look at the crawl space. They're gonna check. You know electricity is pretty far. Extremely thorough and inspectors gonna take multiple photos is coming multiple notes. And they're gonna break it down exactly if it's plumbing there's electrical and going to break it down whether food safety. Or something that absolutely is it needs to get fixed immediately orbits just something that's a recommendation. That's not really going to be a problem for the new buyer but maybe just some things up they are repair. Later on that that it is on its way out. Yeah and I think that's important to note that. There are gonna put it in different categories mean was let's remember if you buy certified car not number on a brand new car correct it's it's it's a car this. Then you know little dead and reviewed in this is the same thing you're not trying to make. Our brand new house here you're just trying to put it in the best possible condition. And cured any real big issues going into it correct well listen we're gonna head into our bottom of the hour break you've got a question force Tennessee questions. An open house upstate dot com we get back warming to your conversation you're listening to open house upstage do you have questions about the pre qualifying to purchase your dream home and ask the upstate most knowledgeable mortgage experts at county bank mortgage email account banks. Send questions and open house upstate dot com. This is Danny Joyner Berkshire Hathaway CNN Joyner realtors you may have noticed our new cabernet and cream signs around town they're replaced the old white and blue that you reasons it. I'm here to tell you see enjoyed her realtors hasn't gone anywhere. We're still the same locally run family business that you trust us since 1964. And we remain committed to the quality and integrity that made a screen goes leading real estate company. And now we're even stronger and whether you're buying selling or just training we are here for you and we always have been. Are you in the market for a first home. 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Vastly upstage number one real estate company Berkshire Hathaway home services CNN Joyner realtors email your questions good questions and open house. Upstate not come all month. Welcome back to open house us they were talking a little real estate today we got Matthews thrift in brokering charger for Berkshire Hathaway account services. The Simpson bill office and of course we're gonna coal here. From Berkshire Hathaway that works with our third run and burned homes and today we're talking about paint your house for sale. And one of them most important things that we would recommend that you do. Even in the strong. Seller's market is that you would take the time as a seller to give your home inspected. And you know get it looked at a front C cannot know what today here. And I'm purity gays a couple of examples of where people didn't even know there was a briefly and say you can deal with it upfront. You might have a beam or some rotting our water issue underneath the house and Matthew made a great point they're people don't generally crawl under house and look around just for fun. And so you might not even know I was tired and of course water is always the enemy when it comes to real estate. Chesley and rose less is a lake you know with a dot you know that's the only time the water working for yes I think that's on. But we were just talking about the breakdown on the inspections say you go out we have the house inspected. You know any kind of breaks down into a couple of different areas and I know safety is a big one. You know from my standpoint as a lender. Army. Couple that I can think of that come up from time to time is a lot older house of get peeling lead paint. You know the house is there are things before 19727878. Yes you have to deal with that peeling or chipping paint. And that is a very serious thing that (%expletive) to deal with the another thing would be rails can you gotta yeah ports is 45 feet off the ground. When clip with the with a railing on if you're gonna do an FHA loan is gonna have to be their citizens those types of safety issues come up. What other types of safety issues have you seen that are counter hey we've really got to addressed this before we move forward. Cracked glass windows it's a good one. Yeah I think he had on the one of the biggest ones I've always encountered is a railings at. It if there's a porch over certain feet and there's not a rail that's an absolutely. Thirty inches probably yes they got there hey guess there's just build ourselves so well and so drive. Yet that would probably the biggest one and I can see. And of course some older home a lot of times that will come out you have so many US support for five feet off the ground. Nice size. Portion they just never guerrilla or coming down the stairs they don't have Burrell and you know if you're gonna do you FHA financing. It's gonna have to happen and of course one of the things. One of the things that happened with a FHA recently is the FHA appraiser. Is now required to review a lot of those things and forget the home inspector the FHA appraisers held accountable for their review of things like. They can't do head and shoulders of the attic now they got a good look at that it. They can't do head and shoulders and across space they got a good look at the crawl space and there are attesting that they looked at it on when it comes to paint. I don't think people understand especially when they're selling their house if you've got a first time buyer house and the house is before 78. Ian you've got you need type of chipping or peeling paint. Isn't going to have to be dealt with and I'm talking about to that you just degree I'm talking about you're gonna have to have somebody cleans it up. Vacuums the ground gets paint chips often people think that you know they they do that to me when I tell him that they're like really I'm like yes. And so you know what are the types of safety issues have you seen that that you know you say to the statistics now. Ollie is here's a prime example I gonna VA loan they were very very specific about. Some of the deck boards one of one of them had had sort of war being calm and it was a there was a trip hazard and you know it's this is something that. You know that's not really as specific to the homeowner or whatever they just look at and they just gone away but when a new buyer comes in the appraiser does come out that is very very. Specific that's got to be addressed yes so you got the safety issues and those are things we just say look don't fixed up front let's go wrong and they have other things that are recommended. And recommended means hey there's no safety issue here this is something that we would expect either. You know we would recommend that you go ahead and deal with this can you give some examples of what you might find a home inspection that they would recommend. Should ensure one of the things that comes up a whole lot is over grown. Up. Bushes and trees sob because they've been absolutely especially for trees with who branches hanging over Roos. Or or brushing up against a house and what will happen is especially if you have a home with gutters a lot of that will go into that leaves to go into the the gutter system back up the gutter system and water woes are running into it and back in back of the wall and us that creates a water issue. And then it becomes an air quality slash mold issue that a homeowner Amanda and even be aware of. Then of course if you find out about those things up front they and you know about it and then of course I would also imagine that if there is it ED water. Standing or more sure is she did that occurs in the crawl space. There they're gonna want to at least try to address that because water is definitely the devil when it comes in the cross say yes and there's so many crawl spaces in the upstate to do not have vapor barriers. And because of our humidity levels especially in hiring these Summers and it gets hot muggy that humidity just jumps way up and crawl spaces. And so there's just there's numerous things in a homeowner can be told up front hey let's get a vapor barrier down let's put a few minutes that fan that comes on turn certainty levels to keep the moisture down to keep the mold down and then to keep does the yes and we talk about a baby premieres for those listeners that don't know what that is it's some plastic. That's put. All the ground right now Craig keeps the vapor from coming up into the crawl space. Thus keeping it keeping it dry air correct that's it and ran the whole bill there as you do not want any mode you don't want any fungi you don't even growing all the beams in the posed in the crawl space. Because it creates it creates rotten right over time to juries that. The the crawl space in the support structure of the house not know. Overt our direct murder Nicole yelled don't that a little bit different when you all up price of playing for somebody I think do you all have the option or do you include. AK forty call it a seal. No cross face or hands and leg standard level you're building end right I'm his we have three different standard levels and so I am Mittal which is our signature and the higher which is a platinum. Both have a still crawl space and so we do is actually spray the exterior walls of the crawl space. I'm with the wow clues. Club still phone yes. I'm close cell foam and then we have a vapor beard in their two and there's event that goes from the Powell's. Into the cross space so it doesn't return back in your house but it does keep that area condition it. I'm so that it's going to be dry heat and humidity free. Similar to what your house would be cut tire man yeah it prevents you from having the bugs in the Malden mill do and just all the does nasty things that can happen in insurance business. Says Matthew pointed out I would imagine him. You guys bill mostly in the southeast yes to me are the Rosenberg is in the southeast actually we are as far north as Ohio okay Saleh met. You know particularly in the southern state tree and the humidity issue. It's really a big deal to have that condition to crawl space from the standpoint and I would imagine it also has a a very positive impact owned. Energy efficiency did yes it does. Yeah I'm gonna be honest objection nineteen year like I can spout off the numbers we're depends on how another sense you do you do its discount is working for you from both ways. Wind keeps the space you know cleaner made free of water which is a big deal. And then of course the second part of it did if it improves. And has a positive impact on the overall energy efficiency of the house. You know it's just a good thing all the way are under some people that have very Foreman just air quality in those types of things are some people who are very sensitive. To those all those things that will grow. In across space that's not appropriately. You know well any you have say a more Easter issued uniform understand point once again we get an update on that marsh more street she threw what we call a CO 100 or termite letter. And of course you know we're looking to see is there fungi is they're active fungi and it all has to do with what the water. You know who density is in the property what is that moisture reading. When they go out and look at of course that's a snapshot in time. But then as you pointed out you know who the mold and or The Beatles or the other things will curse that's if it's an ongoing long problem problem. And then of course the worst thing there is a complete structural issues I'm sure you've seen some things there there are some who somewhat scary. Yes and get it. If they show 100 is done that the inspectors gonna go on goal and look at. Percentage rate in shirt and that has to be below 20%. Sure if it's anything higher than that. The inspector pastor recommend. Mediation to get that humidity level down and most of the time we see it because there is no. Rivers and yeah absolutely Willis we're gonna head into our final break in the show we appreciate your list and you've got a question does it questions at an open house of staying dot com that's questions. An open house upstate dot com yeah we get back we're gonna have our final segment about getting your house ready to sell we'll be right back after this. You're listening to open house upstate. You have questions about building your dream home ask our host Bruce passed Carell from author Rotenberg homes email Bruce at open house upstate dot com. Arthur Rotenberg homes your custom luxury home builder. Are you in the market for a first home a step up and downsize or do you have questions about refinancing. Now's the time to call. 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Of our commitment to quality and integrity has set us apart and her dress the upstage trust what nine offices in nearly 300 real estate professionals. We'll help you sell your current home and find your dream. Check out our broken dreams magazines and TV enjoy Murdoch can't search thousands of listings trustee of State's leader to make your real estate dreams come true. Berkshire Hathaway's you can join the real. You're listening to open house upstate. You have questions about building your dream home ask our host Bruce tasker Ella from author Rotenberg homes email Bruce at open house upstate dot com. Arthur rug burn homes your custom luxury home builder. Welcome back to open access things like to be with us today talking a little real estate. We got Matthew thrift a brokerage charge from the Simpson bill office at Berkshire Hathaway don't services. And the coal from art to Rosenberg Holmes talked in real estate I'm Chris Robertson county bank. We've been talking a little bit about getting your house ready Purcell and went. Top recommendation is that we make as you do take the time to get in general inspection on the property before you list so that you know. What's out there and you can deal with some of the condition issues and then I think the next question that we're really need to head on to say you get this report back. And you've got you know different levels of things that need to be addressed. Sage. On how do you really make your mind up. Whether you're gonna repair are not repair. And then of course I've gotten this question before so I'll pass this along to is how do you make your mom are you gonna paint not pain or you don't carpet not carpet. I think those are some good discussions to have. For people are thinking about selling their house so Matthew let's use your experience here when it comes in Europe payers and things are listed on the report. What do you recommend and how do you how do you you feel like they should deal with a. I'd I definitely would recommend when you speak with you listing agent of that that the Asian shows. The seller. The section eight where the repair section with Indy. Within the contract of this specialized systems that are are noted and so you're talking about the actual contract that they would beginning if they got a contract on the house when that we're cell correct and I am and so that will help them. After they get that inspection of okay the inspector is saying that this is an issue. This is listed in the contract for seller to do seller. Requirement to to repair so we need to be concentrating on those those particular issues and maybe not necessary concentrating so much on the cosmetic. Although we always love to walk into a beautifully. Up. Wonderful pain at home and brand new carpet Netanyahu are you nationally clean it right. Exactly right but unfortunately. Sometimes that may take precedence over that other issues which could cause a problem. So so what you're saying is if you use in the standard contract. A buyer's gonna present a standard contract to the seller there's already a section in there this gonna deal always. What the sellers responsibilities are with regard for payers so you might as well known Lou how the inspection report that you did relate to that is that it. Absolutely I guess that's right they here's a prime example air conditioning. A lot of times in the summer people don't know that some of the freon has leaked out that has just have no idea and so there's a certain person. A mount of of a differential between what is going into these. Where the air goes out and what is going from the are coming from the events and so there's just again temperature differential and so there's if it's it's too close together. So there's done must Rihanna homeowner doesn't even know it's not producing well in that. Situation is that something that would show end in this Spain entered inspection I guess oh OK see you wouldn't have to actually. Have a specific HB AC inspection because the the person is doing the standard inspection knows enough to take that measurement not. I think we target and as the difference between error one in the return near here. Coming out of the supply that is correct as matter of fact Osce and they can learn certain things from a absolutely that home inspection called and they use a laser and they can actually done measure that temperature and they're gonna look at this temper temperature differentials. Osce and then that would be sent and is specifically listed in the contract that sellers gonna have to deal with the anyway so why not know it and deal with it now that's right. Are there are some other examples there. But there is if it lets say for example. Oh. It's plumbing that you don't plumbing is plumbing issue here and I just happen in my house is a few weeks ago I notice a small little discoloration underneath one of my kid bathroom. A sink vanity is okay and it kept growing and growing and there's no water leaking right to sink. But my wife said OK it's time get a fix and she. She called a local plumber and then she said you are gonna go ahead and cut into that managing cut into the wall. And sure enough there was a very very minor league underneath the water heater that was stripping across the floor and making them Kennedy wet and so I had no idea. But that that's something that can be found absolutely. Our own you know when you're when you're going through that process I think it's important to know that you're really doing this this pre inspection or pre listing inspections. You're doing it to make the entire transaction goes smoother so. Buyer's market seller's market it really doesn't matter it's about. Didn't today yen and selling your house and making a difference camp solemn what are you recommend when it comes to other types of repairs the new. When you get to that recommended list. How do you tend to deal with that. Uncle here's a prime example if you got an older home that as does not have thought. Grounded. Outlets stuff that's a good way and an FHA is gonna call this especially around all indicators by about water areas yeah what you're talking about there are they special outlets that are needed. In in a bathroom and count our highs and things like that that that you might not have been an older home and and that would show up in no one of these inspections were talking about right it happens all the time the house is ever you were built a while but did not have the GS CI switches. In the water areas that if something was just a short out. That it would kill all the outlets on that circuit and so the FHA are other appraiser would come in and say these past to be done. And if the homeowner doesn't know they simply don't know when that can be certain that that can be yes and I think those kind of things do tend to come up a lot. More when you're doing FHA I think you know when you're doing any type of government won't you mention VA earlier FHA VA USDA. There are some sun specific wrinkles in there and I do you think it's always a very good idea and I don't know that many listing agent Steve this that if there's a listing agent after listening. I would always recommend that you have some foresight or idea of what type of financing this property may wind up BM because. The amount of things they're gonna have to be dealt with a and the way they're gonna have to be dealt with are going to be different. Totally and I I always turn around and even when I was in sales like her to run out like a hot sheet of what are FHA inspectors looking at her and these seem to goad coincide with the VA and you're CA and so I would absolutely ask these questions with a with a seller to say listen this is what. As we do is going to be looked at are there any areas that we need to address or on the ship and I. I think you know well we've all dealt with appraisal challenges but I think is very important. For anybody that selling their house through government loan to understand that the appraiser in that situation. Just like in any long today is gonna have to be randomly selected by any government loan to have significantly more power. He and a responsibility. That's the important thing they're responsible to say is there a safety issue here does this house meet. Their standards you know one of the recent things that just changes is a little bit off track but I'll talk about anyway is the paint chipping that we're talking about it used to be just the primary structure was really where it showed up the most but now I don't. The specific in the guy if there's chipping paint on the fans if there's chipping paint. On an exterior building. On those things have to be addressed because you got the same safety issues there with lead paint and so. You really need to know when you're selling your house wolf it is it is it potential but it could be an FHA contract if he does. Militants in that we'll have also that first time home buyer you have to be prepared that that may indeed be the case. That is absolutely the case and and there's news you know as a broker right see so many FHA. Contracts coming through I mean and obviously they're still conventional on their so cash. But does and I think the majority of contracts and I see are FHA and so. Homeowner seller should absolutely be aware of these things to know because what's gonna happen is if we get the homeowner contract. And the requested as a repairs comes in from the buyer and the seller makes us repairs. Then the appraisal comes after that right and then all of a sudden there's a bank to required prepared that's seller wasn't even aware of. Yeah thank you rather know upfront sitting right get an opportunity to fix it and you know I just believe that the more you know up front dismisses the transaction is going to be down the road and of course. If you do make these you know these items and repair items in the give and then in perfect conditions where you're really in a situation. To somebody would won't your house. I think he's just makes for better transaction only you mentioned cosmetics and listen listen don't course. Do you go by house from the cold you get the advantage usenet designed senator so it's going to be the same person. Absolutely they won't help you with all the pretty so yeah that's right I mean enough. Not just anybody that I mean a license designer designed studios the whole nine yards safe so if you if you end up buying and Arthur Bremer homer building an author and Merck home you get. All Latin but if you're selling your home you may not necessarily be an interior designer. And so and that case. How do you deal with the they're cosmetic issues what's your recommendation what do you tell people Matthew when you know you walk in there and SOK we got the murder armed with the browns strike kitchen. You know we got the 1972 cabinet how do you help the homeowner or how your ages helped the home I'll owner navigate. Those type of improvements not necessarily repairs. Very very easy question 121 Nicole may not like I always say there is so much new construction now. If you don't get your house up to date it may cause you problem. Yes and. Actually I a lot of bad here why is very direct praise for. They got. I think that's a very good does a very good point let's not forget you're trying to sell your house even in a seller's market it's a competition absolutely and so you're competing against every other house on the street you're competing against every other. You know property this out there this senior price point you're competing on condition and price. And so it's it's just really important that you take the time to get it right. When you're when you're getting ready to put it on not only market. So if you have that person though that has still has the burnt orange and the browns shirt. I would say I would think and you have generally more general real estate. Experience and I do so I would assume that. Getting that pre inspection report is even more important at that point say you really know what the dollars and cents Sar. Trying to sell your home yes I hit a candid remark you definitely don't wanna spend money on the Jakarta in the paint and then find out that you have a lot of unknown state yeah. I got later why I think it's a lot easier to have a conversation with somebody about. Listen we can replace this carpet if we by the house and this is what it's gonna cost. But a lot of homeowners are home buyers particularly you know if their first time homebuyers. There's going to be okay now explain this water in the cross placed me I really don't wanna deal with that I don't have any expertise within a really wanna knows that that's taking care of before getter I can deal carpet and no I know where to go I know we're take it out. I'm pain. You know most people you know if his pain and please color in the world inside. Most people can say I can imagine this is why yes sure or grave whatever the popular colors today but you've you've got to work he got a work around that the shale Linda in the death I guess the body of the house to make sure that that parts did. You know the pain in the exterior colors in this landscaping and think of those things. Are all cosmetic in the can be dealt with that way. Yeah great great point is does it for first time homebuyers because the first time home buyer wants to go and that new. Slash use house and make it their own church. You know so that the pain is not really damage an issue now that's. It's crazy colors they generate it's it could be a drawback and could be a negative for you John here's a prime example some of these. Crown molding. That we see may have still been that older style brown owner or herb regular style would. Well if you don't know a new house you don't see that he's. Dale you're guessing natural wood. Color. You know crown molding year end licences and you know mountain house or something where it just yet. That's kind of an unusual thing that's right so it may need you may need to consider paying it that's right you know I know if you went and my parents house today and it'll still looks great the that 1972. Handling is still there. Can't really does cause some major issue NASA and iron you know it's been their for forever and it's. You know it's something that my parents are used to. Yes actually purchase an investment home at one time that was all paneling in and one of the things that I would I did was I removed all the paneling and put drywall just to get it up to date it and made a huge difference in the house or listen if you're getting ready to you list your. How soon you got questions about it we encourage you to us reach out of the folks over Berkshire Hathaway home services seem to enjoy her real first. Matthew and his team ever the sense of bill office to be happy to help you get there are going to open house. Upstate dot com that's open house upstate dot com and if you can't find what you're looking for out there Nicole and her team over there Arthur run Merck. Bruce and can all be happy did bill do what you won't you can pick out every single screw if you like earned. Yep you can. Exactly right customs and eons degree and of course we're hearing Kenney bank mortgage. To help you with the mortgage we appreciate you listen listen up if you got a question send it to questions at an open house upstate dot com. We'll see you next week I'll have a great weekend. Thank you for listening to open house upstate. Remember when it's time to sell builder by your dream home we have the information you need brought to you by author wrote a number of homes Berkshire Hathaway home services Sedin joined her realtors and county bank mortgage be sure to check out open house upstate dot com. 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