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Mar 4, 2016|

Debate recap; Trump; Romney

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I'll be back. And just like that. He's back. LL holiday greetings welcome salutation rooms. Friday free for all aloha studio as we get under way our number one the bombing Mac show TGI definition that means it is. The Friday free for all ours we like to college they all skate. This is the other one day of the week war. It even if it's that a subject that I have not raised for whatever unfathomable. Reason. During the course of the week you are free to whatever you wanna talk about is fair game. For today here's value join me NBA part of the program just grabbed the phone usually Ingles advantage hotline number. 803471063. Text align number if you like to send me a text message seven a 1307. And my email address Bob. And 1063. WL RD. Dot com great to be back with you today my thanks to the legendary Jim Bohannon for filling in forming yesterday. Now I understand that it was an interesting programs say the least. That's a good thing as good I like that and and thanks two at a gym for filling in forming in my baby doll Brenda had to have it. A surgical procedure yesterday and so that's what prompted my answers she's fine. And I everybody is doing fine now make in the west you as a the most concerned you. Alternate well another hour my mom say. Alan all out west and gets concerned. And mommy. It's not there aren't as CJ is back on today everybody is this fine and and doing well and the weekend is right around the corner. It's going to be a biggie a whole lot going on. Now one of the things are in a sense it is Friday and Friday's event though looser. Gives me an opportunity again to I thank my friend back Colin Cunningham. He is a president of OD. Products. In Simpson bill. And he made up for me a bunch of very attractive bumper stickers for your car they are black. Add background with white lettering. These text of which says Hillary. For prison stands. Sixteen. And these will come into play as AM program proceeds not only today but on Monday. Because little Lanny back in the news center you may remember when we had the big storm that went through. Week or so ago and all the trees came down one of them came down on any scar. And I guess totaled an out and requiring of course her to get a new vehicle which she is now done. Are you back there any. She's back and in the newsroom hey I'm here and so they eat your your previous. Many. And go to. Many haven't. I guess and they go to under the big garage in the sky. Yes apple and now and and big ol' oak trees tell landed right on and I mean fortune and all things considered it could hit the house right. Oh my gosh it was it ticked awning off my kitchen window and I was standing there watcher washing your copy and wow. Now a sensational Jerry that's a little too close and recovered so anyone shopping. Foray out a new. Mode of transportation and a new vehicle and you found a lot. Peak cutest little mini. After turning thirteen convertible Mini Cooper. And and and collar it would be jet black on coal. And pretty pretty neat looking a little vehicle but. There has been an impediment in this process and that is that. Any is one of those and another going to be payable out there and letting Henry shaken hazardous at you name your car really. You really well I do the they have jet black as you read and I drive is named. The Dark Knight. But any star does not have a name yet. So and what the wants what's the name of your vehicle money thing. Month names siavii. Sumi. Why Sunni. Well the color on the car is volcanic Korea and it's a small issue miso a meanie Mount Vesuvius could assume. Jack works or may. As so we got to the dark night we got Sunni bad debt and A needs a name for her new darker. Black Mini Cooper and racked up. As so we're going to open the floor not on the airline usually it takes him on the air when want to. But we're gonna make it a FaceBook. Contest. And had to be winning name giver that is whoever comes up with a name that we choose. Now for the vehicle we will we will give. One of and Collins Hillary for president six prison stand sixteen bumper stickers and AM oh so desirable. 1063 WOR DT shirt. OK so you can post your suggestions on our FaceBook page. FaceBook dot com slash 1063. WORD money penny is in the process well now posted she just got it up. Money many penny has posted a picture event and each car coo and the new vehicle. And I I've I and I made a few suggestions and I suggested maybe I'd Jack Black. Would be no one suggests and the other one. I've met in thinking about that would didn't make sense because a Mini Cooper is a British origin right right now I had suggested. She's two oh. Although Bon Jovi. Well BMW making him now so it kind of makes sense does yell back at work on a black Betty was suggest a that's right black Bennington so those those three RI haven't any any ideas that you have go and post them on our FaceBook page. And then me a triumvirate. Here of money Fannie and Annie and myself on Monday on the show will announce the winner. And then and then and you'll have a name for her vehicle out thanks Banja he's going to be it's it's a really nice little. Our jail while that. Does a manager but I just need more space and now I getting in my golf clubs. Dozen minutes after three here on the Bobby Max you know. The the debate. Last night I didn't get an opportunity to watch all that much element. Because a Karzai was to some extent. Tending to him my baby don't Brenda who Louis. Now recovering from her surgery yesterday dollar tree you know typically after surgery in Maine and you wonder asleep. Now and that's the best thing for in any event the debate last night got rowdy as as has been the recent history. Here is the Donald he's. Hit my hands nobody is ever hit my hands are never heard of this work. Look at those hands are they small. And he referred to my hands of this ball something else must baseball I guarantee you there's no problem my guarantee. Great news. You say that. You are the true concern. Now that I was a part maybe the L lowest point. Last night although I boot and the Donald has not been pleased with rubio camp and essentially adopting. Well like issues they adopting Trump's own tactics and how. Saying insulting things and citing things and get a rise out of the other guy is some reaction from a mound maybe. Get him angry. Move them off their mark as they say get them get them off their game so he had he used every opportunity that's right you're referred to. To rubio as little guy. This little guy has lied so much to go. My record. I'm not policy question for you start let's see the answers that. You're well don't worry about it. And Marco I would I would hear yeah. You are on the or not allowed Michael Bennet and mark you know gentlemen let me you know I don't know if you wanted children and yeah. CNN's answer it's always the same thing in the Bruins have talent none of ointment mark you know the product people out of things and I'm just not just by the way. On the issue and occurs in other. Big story and yesterday was on Mitt Romney. Coming out of retirement I guess coming I don't know where he's big and no way he came out of wherever it is banned. I'm for the explicit purpose again. Of attempting to. Ex post facto Ozzie attorneys would say after the fact I've described what Romney did yesterday as Mick McCarthy ism. Anyway here's a guy here's met at menace is he's working. Closer and closer towards a future we don't you can where he will continue to be described as the sun. I'm a former governor of shouldn't present a former presidential candidate here's Romney talking about drop. Let me put it very plainly if we Republicans choose Donald Trump is our nominee. The prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminish. It Donald Trump's plans were ever implemented. The country would sink into prolonged recession but they're great great great it is that he is huge business. Doesn't know what he's talking about. No he isn't. And no we dozens. I. I guess his bankruptcy have a crush small businesses. And the men and women who work for them he inherited his business he didn't create it. A business genius he is not. Oh wait a second wait a center amid did you have a number of business is. Then you I shot down putting people out of work. And down. I guess. The reaction of Donald Trump was predictable pretty much and now I am it's a loser. Much of that kind of reminded me of I'm John McCain when he said death cannot hear you know life's problems like at seventeen after three we go to the phones are on the Friday free for all I'll catch up with a text messages as well. Free for all is on and rowing. TGI out. Yeah. Welcome back Connie Mack show Friday free for all radio's still clean it has a little paper ribbon over the seats. How Hilton's health and safety and sanitation first that's Obama. 22 after three here on the body Mac show to the phones we go for the for all and now before get a couple of suggestions in already. On our name and he's new many Cooper contest. Mrs. Veronica knack. On FaceBook have around onyx oh my dad. I went hopes that it will be hard enough to resist anything including a big oak tree falling on it. When that keep my fingers crossed on that one and David Sawyer ready I like this. I here's a name Korea. Black plus Mini Cooper. Blooper. That's not bad how we get some more here to view six more comments thank you believe I will do that. How about Sheldon. From Big Bang theory for sure the tree falling on a made a Big Bang us from David. And Eric said Dana Alston. Get a Austin Powers. Darth Vader. Dark star. And Jill suggested adamant. I'm mad. I'm Melinda suggested Motley. I'm Michael suggested the black stallion. And I'm not bad either. Michael. Suggested. Many me. Also Austin Powers to the phones go I'm beginning this afternoon on the Friday free for all the governor. Uneasily South Carolina the one they only. Governor Jimmy from easily know governor and welcome to the show. Hey big show where they were thank you get. As they could never built well but it's. I. Well we'll see you wouldn't get a double time on my show between now and Monday. So remote port Libya's bloody. You could ever sat trojans you can never has Viagra and now let's don't have a problem with pain. I try to pick they'd say get this. Yelling when you consider that you have to consider the and the environment. I'm out about it personally and reunited and they are doing all that advertising you know here on. On a a radio program of up somewhat to disrepute to the people sort of expect that's about it. When your have a good debate Jimmy for the presidency of the United States come ought. Well comedy we know it's so big issue to some help make but here's the legal and if you don't like about Hillary (%expletive) that at the this little you know I'm just I can get its output now you know what if but absolutely it it look he's not only black troubled. So you need to rest that we don't lack Republican Party equity. Did nothing true sure. That's definitely right here pulling out all the way to Cuba now prior military yeah. Okay that woman and in their radar as it hit yet generals has said he wouldn't like order commute. I got you straight McCarthy tried data accumulation bottles sat. Well that would put it into a commentator up more argue from the United States if you military you'd better not could not cycle order. Just there's nothing Jimmy did they are making the assumption. That. They the order that would be given would be illegal not trumpet said something about he would go beyond. Waterboarding. When it came to getting information and in interrogations of terrorist. It is within the uniform code of military justice and you don't have to Obey. An illegal order. And and I guess they were trying to stretch it out and saying that you know well he goes on oral like I'm I'm not going to a diet. An ex military big hit Null. Waterboarding is neck and they'll plot. What do you actually do and they watered the war outcrop ratio won't go into what both important is that you know what those military. Called the most you don't do cinema aspects that they ample water to promote. And yes you know in enough over the sand box they've they've brought out the policy of major or maybe. Colonel because he he shot off his own personal firearms is handgun. Next in the head. On an individual they renteria he ensured Ayman and he just had a gun near resentment you know. For example Bidwell ball but it didn't think it until the list that they they're telling you this piece or haven't sank. Aunt and my guess what -- lack problem lady he'll do that lately he won't do it has bulked up fire with fire started here about. Archie got seven or hate it's got all that. All the steps did they do open their we have to the world palmtop but Vietnam. Andre tattered can't account in this state don't give them that well always they'll dramatic nick you couldn't do thank you couldn't (%expletive) to deal with delayed and shot cheap you must know. Well under rules of engagement and in place now in places like cat backer ridiculous here thank you demand I appreciate the call. In my estimation. Very is no debate about who has the moral high ground between us and ice just are you kidding me. With the out horrific. Seven century kind of tactics but they're using on civilians. Not on. Terrorists not on. Uniformed military personnel on civilians. I don't talk to me about the moral high ground in the war on Islamic terrorists. Tiara as my next up and Keith is next up here on the body Maxiell allocate them welcome to the show. Able yeah exactly yeah I got a name are you don't mind the car Alex Alice Cooper are out. As a bad. They had put an apple faced militant Islam and we'll consider however I don't have FaceBook thank but anyway you don't usually and I go in there and just you know broad cabinet. Look at not think government to gut golden opportunity last night that thank Mitt Romney for a for the and that. I guess you can say an endorsement. After the out for the backhanded endorsement and an endorsement. Solid premise side and you were a winner wind. Say this is this is this is the thing. A key to stay with me for this on them for just a second here okay we have gotten and and I include myself in this category. You you know the old saying even paranoid San real and surprise you. We have gotten to such a stage of paranoia that the somebody suggested today that trump had gotten together. With Romney and gotten Romney persuaded Romney to make that. Villa flying statement about it in an effort to drum up sympathy and engender more support. For truck and I found if if trump is that Smart each paper hasn't had. I think he might have something there medication that bank in the country just got it got in the incoming enemy and more voters. Yeah outlook and Limbaugh touched on this and it kind of looked around the periphery Abbott today than I think he was right. You know you we hear about. Brand loyalty and all the marketing that goes on and let me see that. All the big companies advertising to five and six girls to try and get them to use their product early on manulife. Think you Villa then stay away that if if you like well case in point do you drink Coke or do you drink Pepsi gave. Well generally kind of. The game so if somebody offers you perhaps say you're you're gonna prefer Coke. Bring it up. Well I'm not an waters and are gonna let you get my point do you know if if you have brand loyalty he always drive Fords. You you're not getting probably run out and buy Shani and vice Versa. Or whatever maybe people do have brand loyalties now think that extends to political candidates as well. And and so what Mitt Romney. Now with his meant McCarthy is from yesterday. May have done is just to drive more people into the truck cab. I think Iran and that dread and opted page you read from taking in and the other day against senator rambled out I don't pay a great piece yeah I mean I'm a southern white male. Sorry you got that Dick and it could tell me six months ago I'll be voting for rich Eric hanging with the silver spoon in his left. Yeah you'd go somewhere. Yeah right now well we're constantly tell we should be ashamed of our iron into cars even the governor wants tell us we should be ashamed out of bed. Now look digging in and hit the nail right on the head because it's what many others have been saying there's two classes of people in this country there's the elites and then there's us. And and she described them as the protected class and the unprotected. The protected class better remember there's a lot more from us other than their. Well I can create a pedicure you lack there now because you got to carry him clubs which is better. Somebody's got to do better than they get an automatic tagging keep aberration at 331 here on the bombing mansion right back on the other side of the news here on the Friday for referral. How to welcome back Friday free for all rolls on here on the upcoming Mac show. Disgusted and it is they word I would use after hearing me a president today. Crowing about the unemployment numbers and now the number of jobs created. Manufacturing jobs were down 161000. In February. According to the latest employment data from the Labor Department they goods trade deficit with China. 31 point one billion. Dollars. One reason driving the job losses. Overall goods and services deficit hit 45 point seven billion. So. Not for the president to stand up there in crow about these numbers while working people. In states all over America. Now feel the pain of the policies that that he has implemented. And to me as a discussing. In on the tax line 71307. Toning it too far behind on that Bob is there anymore are there any more planned Republican debates in the future. I sure the hell hope not. After last night at the end I can see you understand. Bob last censor any scar was smashed in a wind storm how about total. And Bob since you were in South Carolina may be an issue namely a car little pot hole. Is that they're all big ones. And Bob the next time the hands insult is bandied about now what hasn't Megyn Kelly just. Get out her ruler now no now we're not going there. Bobby either carnal got in trouble for firing a pistol during an interrogation was a lieutenant colonel I believe his name was Alan west. At least Arab call he was involved in similar and say you know now that you mention it and I believe it was colonel past. I'm fired a pistol near the head of a captured Iraqi. NM and interrogation. Bob generals don't have dual mail lawful order but they don't have to have a career retirement rank or honor. Either. Bob how about duct shift like on Knight Rider. The cock. I'm Bob you're not being fair to trump viola playing his clips wattage of flight attendants didn't second clip from Marco Rubio. Just prior to Trump's Collette he's a one that started all that stuff yep well I tried played. Trump going after. Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob any scar can be named midge short for midget. No no I meant that's not politically correct can't have that. My way I had an all station wagon once its name was a possum bumper. I think Diana cantor dressed telephones we go let's bring him canned who is in Greenville wants talked about Mitt Romney LO. Guess and welcome to the show. If tiger or you're currently Islam is surrounded Yasser. Back in turn it back in her leg injury that would probably no other rational. Your pillows down and we have got over it alive tonight. And I did for Russia and Iran take out now while I was born. Like we're pretty honest. And it can't. Little to try and he's an antique shouldn't. And other. I don't I wish I still remember. The dismay. And I felt and I think a lot of other people there's a you have the first debate and Obama where Romney really went after him and then in the second debate. Apparently his advisors and Tom well this is the first black president of the United States you can't. Go after the guy and attacking that's partially one thing in the other and then not candy Crowell a crow when he whatever name has. The CNN moderator jumped in to help Obama when they were talking about the Middle East. And and Ronnie just stood there and took kidney. And I'm Simon and and anybody can you imagine Donald Trump's reaction of the moderator done that and that debate when you look. You're a moderator here or shut up I'm debating this guy. Oh well I don't like him personally as much as side pure ideas. The problem Formby that thing he's saying the things. That whole year but I'm just worried that are just beat our true that's solved if that could not be enough Obama's side or they endure another. Yeah and I think got a number of people have that question in their minds thank you cannot appreciate the call. I I frankly had a home I noticed him vote for Mitt Romney tube and I think even a Mitt Romney presidency would have been better than the last four years with a Obama. But I think a lot of people are somewhat confused after the debate last night after the Donald appeared to flip flop. On non immigration H one B visas will talk a bit more about that as the show goes on. Michael is next CSN Greeneville also wants to chime in about the debate last night I'm Mike and welcomed the show. About the and all of their gamers. I think that's appropriate because especially with the deal touchy debate. She Mr. President thank you. It's ridiculous and these guys would have the audacity. To put the risk of their constituent who risked the lives of their constituents by holding the highways hostage just because they want more harmonic cell. It's a good thing they came to their senses. Yet just issued the money that he had a drought such an option and then even audit yourself that's what effect that yeah. Yeah a step in the right direction. I'm that. Preferences so I'm not a military. My spot assert Vietnam we're talking situations where he's outpost which has struck by. BA content at night. And then nom coaching minute lull you. You know irregulars and everything else and in the end they weren't. They were not allowed to. You know just they were returned fire into a delicious predominately. Because the civilian casualties. And I am at the end of the day you know there is chased flawed gets what Donald Trump to replicating I'm talking about killing civilians the Stanley up. Terrorists are and that's the part that concerns me you Trace flawed instead. There's also the 1996 actor war crimes and there's has been and are cheating curses United States. Also it the president at first case all that suggest that an officer. Or any inoculation person each chipper and order that's not waffle. You know. Well let's go live that's finally tonight William Calley miles was brought up on charges after me a line that would any anybody leave if you're gonna fight a war. Sadly you must fight a war did we bomb civilians. In Europe and in Japan during World War II absolutely we did end and end and our opponents in dissent. There's a difference between targeting an accidentally killing billions. And then it purposely each saying I'm gonna kill Sam now I'll bet there's a little bit the difference their chair I just wanna make it you know any nation that pre dinner. About thank you thank you Montoya yet and and I understand the the difference you're trying to draw here 346 it's forcing before four here on the bombing action OJ nine catch up with some of the emails and am more of your comments after tax line as well still to come on the Bobby Mack showed a day Friday addition of bone heads in the news as well stay right there. That yes the Mac rather 519. B 44 here on me about a match on my email this afternoon hey Bob. Just back from PIO. Don Clark air force base happy to be back in May US and name only need to discuss your non streaming station. The rules were killing me. Enjoying my first show back saying you know what you need to do go to your wraps door. And download the tune in app just like it sounds too and and radio app. I take that anywhere in the planet waiting who's not your Smartphone. And did you sometimes if you try and stream through the web site Tuesday and some not a some kind of restriction. Something and it will be attending and radio ad be lessened now anywhere on the face of the planet met is on next is an easily hi Matt and welcome to the Friday free for all. How much ultimately let and I call I think crude component they game. And. I thought they aren't I funny had a good night to what did you what did you think of Casey got. Trying to be the adult on the stage. Well you know it it it it analogous could hold going to get banged. It admirable. But it doesn't work yeah. I mean you know and it doesn't work my money in all work within hours an eighth grade I had to take them. Civics class and the and in particular you written urging government or some trucks are glad we would be a current glut like beat. Yeah it's just. I head into you know I hadn't considered that aspect down a good man. Yeah and it reminds me of the old you know Chris Rock hear about your river mayor area that he's being yes. Anybody that anybody who would ever beat you running up load tanker. Truck. Soccer and it. Don't you drilled you mean thank you can be there. I mean in that in being teachers and any and track I think I'll. For. Crap behavior. And and enacting date given assignment. Coveted create a Smart Aleck kid that would have been less covered in the next. Now that that that could lead to embarrassing consequences within the confines of the classroom. Allocate your kids grow up. I think substantially faster today than they did when I was one so it's not as if they're not getting what these what these guys are alluding to here. Yeah it it directly at an expert Brazilian and being in it could spark the Internet remember the work. Put. Standard. And are being. Yeah you're picker to pick a presidential at eight cheat sheet to really be reference in the side. Yeah. It's I mean. This is. I guess and easily Demps. And we have diploma. To get through a presidential primary in the 21 century in this country but. Now I would I would what I prefer to be an on a higher plane you bet I mean it it. It's not as if we don't have so this ensures that may discussion other than this stuff c'mon that's. Don't think it was partly because it got down by. You know and and look you know the moderator is they're gonna they they may sit there and express umbrage and outrage all all let's let's get off this topic. Come on one a bunch of hypocrites. They you know they encourage it because they wanna drive the ratings. Yeah exactly thanks man I appreciate to tone down about a minute before went to break the news let's get done in my body Ira. In here this afternoon what say you about the debate Ira. I don't hysterical laughing out some. I don't think I don't think that the end of the entire debate tropical liar trumped up they try to be a lot. And then Chris or outcomes aren't look at what you say is what airline or anything we'll back. W back is OK I got. Booed at the end. Episode. It it it reminds me there was not an old movie. With Charles Lawton as a British barrister called witness for the prosecution. Annie B had done Marlene Dietrich on the stand and shield Sheehan perjure herself. I'm trying get her husband off a murder charge a lot and sister or. Are you lying that move them all to you live in now isn't it true jurors hidden jewel and chronic. Eye off. And I these I I guess I guess Ira were back to you know there'll wires that they are our liars is. But I Arab. You update operation in the going to break the news or the top of the hour second hour of the bombing Mac show is on tap stare Idec.