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He's Coakley went ahead and who Birdie Putt. A Republican. Both colors no OK okay. I instantly recognizable outstanding for certain values which will. A breath of fresh here. We radio program 11063. WOR DP upstage hockey. Enemy shot a few Mike formerly from Greer. Now living in West Virginia but still faithfully listen so thank you. No club hall as well in West Virginia. Our number two of the broadcast. You've heard me for some time talk about it's. Neat. The issue of Islam. Another two aspects to this very often we're talking about terrorism. And once I mean you've heard probably several times you've heard me make referenced the fact. And other countries have weekly church the Muslim brother to be a terrorist organization I thought wow this is something that ought to happen in this country today. Well it looks like this is on the way to happening House Judiciary Committee. Has approved HR 3892 is called the Muslim Brotherhood terrorism designation act the vote was seventeen to ten. When all Republicans voting in favor. Calls for the US State Department either designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group or formally state their reasons why group cannot be listed. But I just says this is not a good thing. And she gives some very interesting reasons why. Person who is no stranger to this program former CIA officer and vice president for search and analysis. At the Center for Security Policy clear Lopez welcome back to the broadcast. Thank you didn't sound good bwic UN can. Syria let's talk but to stop it can yeah. While it's interesting here because up on the surface and you'd see it's very important Vijay and up front you're no fan. Of the Muslim Brotherhood this is not a good organization. In any form. This is an organization that is doing some nefarious things to explain to a stow. Why this legislation is faulty. Well let me say first that I am not speaking strictly from a personal perspective here. On this is not a media containment here the official position of the critical security policy. No opinion. Com and gut issue parish church what I'm thinking that it won't we need when you look at the DL the law as currently written US law. Armed about designation. To the foreign terrorist organization list. At least just kept by the State Department it alone has the authority to name a group to the list although congress can vote to remove one which cannot put a group on the list so. This bill that would recently passed at the center of the house recommendations. That the State Department do desk. And then when you look at the actual. Requirements to be designated to militia there are three and all three must be met or the group can't. Go on the list number one instead. Organization must speak foreign based okay number two of the organization engages in terrorist activities or terrorism. Are retained the capability and intent to engage in terrorist activity or terrorism. Well not so much not not the United States anyway. And number three does the terrorist activity or terrorism of the organization threatens the security of the United States. A national or national security called the United States well not even remotely with regard to the Muslim Brotherhood. That would just threaten the United States and our more than terrorism ever could. Can harmful. And imaging and her fullest terrorism can be it can never ever threaten the existence of this republic of cars. But the brotherhood guys. Version begala and it is is the Islamic terms forward. Absolutely can undermine the national security United States or not even looking at that that's that's my point. How would you address something like this so this looks like essentially falls aaron's Edna in regards to terrorism designation. How woods. Under our constitutional system clear Lopez how would we address this particular issue. Now congress has the authority to make lost so congress could either amend. This slow all the laws that they they governed the designation to DVD Ford terrorist organization list. I'm or it could capture new legislation. To perhaps create a new list and that list could be something like. I already know are hot style foreign powers or something to Madison square. Groups that are not chipped it. I engaged in violent Jihad. I don't but rather indifferent first of kind of Jihad that the Muslim Brotherhood does. Could also be captured. On a list like that with all the attendant restrictions and and so what that would go with such a list. No one of the things said I know a lot of people immediately when we think civil liberties and our our bill of rights. I'll what kind of concerned would you have as it relates view the First Amendment. For instance. How do we square is some type of designation or some sort of action by congress. With that consideration. Well certainly free speech it's completely protected by the First Amendment. And didn't it is not wrong. Tutu speaks of are your desire. Two. To the changes made in the in the in American law. Or the way that we govern this country. But. Any time that anyone advocate a Tibet's supports. A beat overthrow. Of the US government. And the overthrow. Of the US constitution. And every jihadist organization does because that's the Jihad means. And certainly the brotherhood as a jihadist organizations. That violate our laws on subversion and furthermore. We have another part of the constitution. In addition to the bill of rights and that First Amendment. We have article six of the constitution and that says the supreme law of the land shall be the constitution. A the United States in the lodged Iraq trumped. So one huge departure. From the free speech and of course Steve the free exercise of a religion. Which faith worship devotion fasting diet pilgrimage shown both sort of thing. And you enter into a legal or military arena where you are. Seeking to to overthrow the constitution you're now. You're not in violation of article six of the constitution among other things perhaps the sedition law. Now right along those lines since you've addressed this is there any movement to deal with the Muslim brother brother heard problem in that way. Unfortunately no. It seems exactly the term terrorism has become a catchall epithet to playing. Any adversary. The United States where there would be the term effects. Or not. And there isn't a whole lot of thinking that I can see going on. About war in real threat of the Muslim Brotherhood in in this country given its infiltration of the highest level our national security. Unbeaten brotherhood affiliates & Associates from and then those that connected to a the go to advisors. It's not appointees. For the top level of our national security in in this in our government in this administration for sure that. Going back many decades really just the program of this brotherhood so. But unless we look as good as the subversion the infiltration the influence operations because that's what that is. Unless we look at tomorrow. What we're going to be going after something which really affected can hurt or harm our cause terrible pain and suffering terrorism. But he cannot bring down the Republic's. And and what you're seeing here your aversion can't 880 seems to me and we've discussed this before. There is there's a hyper focused on terrorism but it seems to me that among members of congress. There really knots that conscious of the threat of subversion and all our thing. Not second seat now anyone can go all the way back of course the time of the Cold War and back to the 19203041. Communists. And you know the KGB. Infiltrated our government act sound very highest levels cash and then like now we work. I'm prepared and in the end in large measure unaware of a what was going on at least until. I'm confident manner American activities should got rolling in the 1950s with. The senator Joseph Joseph McCarthy. Who who absolutely would spot on in just about everything he's had about beat the level of infiltration so we were precedent for this where. We were not. Fully aware of of the infiltration occurring at the time and it didn't matter that people were were speaking out then or now about that kind of infiltration influence operations did your intelligence operations. Right around and made him especially attuned to that from my own background that this does not count start up operations that are influenced an intelligence operations. And it's something you would certainly understand very well as a former CIA officer I clear Lopez appreciate you coming on the broadcast in bringing this to our attention again. Good to talk with you. As it can deny it. On the Vince Coakley radio program wanna get your thoughts on this 80347163. That takes like 71 preachers seventh and again it's just. Underscores the point and made repeatedly. The people represent us in the house and senate are really not very Smart at all. And I daresay the same thing for the presidency and the candidates for president what they you. Women's open radio program sixty minutes after eleven. And we continue to broadcast your 21 minutes after the government of clutch you know I I it's I've said this plenty of time. I have warned you people and a and I don't hesitate to say this again. You should not elect anybody. And who's not as Smart as you are. This is one of the big problems that we have we been electing people who are not. Up to the issues like you are. I mean just think this refugee issue. League of the issue of terrorism of Islamic Jihad of civilization Jihad how many members of congress had any clue. What these issues are about nor care team on their radar screens. For most of them it's not. They'll elect anybody in any office who doesn't understand more about these issues than you do. It's very basic folks very basic. And it's got to go a step further in the match because they're in positions of power they should be inclined to do something about it to act on your behalf. That's what this representative republic is about. You're supposed to represent your interest not theirs met very patiently waiting on the phone welcome. Agent anchor leg had access bomb dinner earlier conversation with anything. You made an analogy about immigrant. And and immigration reform and says you beat somebody is being here out spewing your TV. And I don't think that's really. Spirit I reality. I would look at it like like okay. I'll wake up in an organized and somewhat in my account and Terry in my house bickering taking it out the way their under the bed and call. If I. Come home and you're someone that's stealing my PD gonna pull a gun arm and called cop. If in my cap tortured I run into what am I want it totally idiotic. And they're eating apples and sleeping in the newspaper. And tell mean bear Odyssey oh well what they are fleeing from. The senate thank god you made it and I'm gonna take it to Wal-Mart. Kind of bond them through. And then figure out. I can drop a moderate Salvation Army or something deemed indecent cult. I think that's that's that they're. Bet you said the crux of the issue is is do we can't eat citizenship. A caller said do we value law as. I would say do we value value. Be it a bit better Bible says police believe he would do repeal bungling a bit or. Current. And here's where this gets tricky mad because you're you're you're now all mixed seeing. Spiritual values we is. With political in the sense that. Eight what you've just read in which you shared I'm not disagreeing with that what I am saying is that's a function. Of a theocracy. That was a function of a theocracy these were laws put in place for Israel which was a theocracy. We do not have a theocracy. So don't let it appears. It is our country based on everything values. IE some would argue that it is but here's and here's your report that would make from that match. I don't even though. Is it's one thing to have a conversation about OK what do we do what what's our definition of compassion here. There's and then and in fact when you're sharing this and Andy. The end completeness of my analogy I actually got to give a more accurate analogy than stealing a TV. It's actually the analogy of somebody who takes up residence in your house. And says they're not leaving it. You know I've come into your house and I'm going to stay here because. You know this is my home now just as much as it's yours. And and and it's the spirit of that Matt big concerns me is one thing and I'm just speaking a myself. Are going to somebody's house farmers to go into somebody's country I very much see myself as a visit sure. Who needs to treat the place that I'm going to with respect. And approached them out of mercy and out of requests rather than demands. That you agree with that Matt. I think it's. It's not like picking a president and tough and we can we got back import weapons like these well I don't wanna hear a broad standard and there's some some owner career being party. Bomb. Units today I am not gonna take them on board. No visits no no we this is an act of humanity Matt this is where your analogies are starting to fail. Because you have god has ordained and this is a key thing god has ordained civil government to keep order. And the way you do that is through law so in which you're you're mixing here are transactions between human beings. And the way the federal government should function now you as they eat regular citizen. As a human being very things that you should do if you see somebody in need yes you have you absolutely should respond that way. But the government has a responsibility. For protecting it's borders. Because if you don't have borders you don't really have eight country I mean it's. I mean it's it's pretty straightforward there. So not not per rapper can order a number that was it we had let let it certainly agree on that we're we're do you where's our pace disseminated. Wears out your place of disagreement that. Can't ink in the making it a black and white this year. I think I think it's it's it's become a black and white it's viewed at 88 Beers qualifier it here if you're not a bitter and and it's it's really integrated widely. It's a cube Britain where Cuba related they've got according to an asterisk probably skewed. Statistics at a longest life expectancy in the west are much bigger if Cuban Tuesday. We say hey man and year polian dumping. Thank god you're here we're gonna be a total of you now wanna calendar over eighty. Short it's like exec yeah I rubble conditions and we catch implode not peace could rip cord just just begging for life. We send them right back. Black and white. And and in my point is it shouldn't be black and white beat. And EEE here's an here's what I and I and I think you're saying is. EE you're making a comparison to what I've described before what we do in the schools with zero tolerance policies. Where you know where were we apply the same role while that's. You know of that. Fingernail clip you took to school. Is a weapon can be used as a weapon so you're suspended just like the person who brought a gun to school. And and so you'd you'd is. Person who's in a position of leadership you don't even have discretion to say would have purse and accidentally left that fingernail clip or that guy and in the car. And and I don't think about it is mad I agree with you on this issue. Discretion but the problem is. We have got the borders are so wide open now how can you practiced discretion. When you've got so many people overwhelming the system do you don't let me ask you that you agreed that our system has been overwhelmed. I greeted him and overwhelm you and send it bit you you can make it you can make comparisons spirit. And our it has its operation went back. As it was actually called. Back in the state beast but back in the fifty years. Misstate their central and South America where is different than it is now. And so. It's it's it's a moving target that's a complex issue it's a very very complex. I just don't like how everything. And now under immigration but all it is now arguing boiled down to. Black and white say they're illegal. Well you know. Why any guy can understand that return Kevin said that Matt. Column about your own legitimacy as a citizen. Do you wanna be treated. As less than illegal immigrants. I think I should have greater rights to their mom and illegal immigrant I think they're not good out Griese and this is William Bennett knowingly rent. But I I think as they adults placed in the economy. And Jolene illegal immigrants working in America and Australia America need. Did employees investigators. All right it's a good conversation here Matt it's been good talking with you on this issue and I understand some of the points you're making here. And this is why I come back to this issue I would love to see someone. Just let's let's just close up everything everything in the system right now if you're in the system. What process you but we're gonna put a freeze on everything until we get our act together. I think many of you agree with that other ms. Coakley radio program it's 1130. Sorry folks have a confession to me and this is where. And those people I disagree with the other presidential choice. And this personal emails as a really it's something I'm ahead. This is. And this is the challenge. This person whose email said you're an idealist. Who to transform reality the country elected Obama's choice that's reality. Reality is we're not going to get anybody awesome Smart to be president. What's funny about this. Is. There's that there's a grain of truth goodness. I mean let's beyond last year. And this is one of the reasons why I mean I'm telling you folks. That I eight don't agree with a certain politician and I'm not supporting a certain politician. And part of my warning is about idealism. Because I think there's an over promise here that or results in. Kiev there is success in winning. Under deliverance. And yet the same time there is a part of me that still wants to believe not in a perfect candidate. Not in this you know some perfect restoration of the country. But we can't at least move in that direction. That's warm hearted it's. And so along the way unfortunately their reality checks. When we see that so many of these folks just fall far. Far from the standard. Politics like we talked about immigration question for Matt why is it just applicable to certain group of illegals. Why can't other ethnic groups can't get a wiser they can't get in this country if I'm coming. From Zimbabwe. Eventual now be allowed. Into the country better v.s are legal papers let's also open up the airports without asking for paperwork seat in this is a great point that you make. Because what's happened is we've got special privileges for Mexicans who just so happened to be able to step across the border. As a person who visited Haiti three times and and that is a great example to give because Haiti Haitians are treated like crap. Compared to Cubans why is that TVs and some of the issues we're really got to address. If we're gonna talk about justice we're gonna talk about mercy he. And someone correctly points out in the text line which I think is a great point. Vince please scream Matt the Bible dresses private charity only and also ordained government to carry out capital punishment. Both concepts liberals claim to be Christians by an anathema to us from Ted. Ted you're absolutely right this is a problem at the bottom line of immigration is money. We don't have any to keep them up sweeter get labeled as inhumane or go bankrupt. Damned if we do damned if we don't. This is how this happens unfortunately. And 803 for 7163 or text line 713 jurors seven Jim welcomed the broadcast. You can turn haven't been able to listen this morning. You know I just called industry about the aesthetics discussion. And the chamber of commerce has sent out an email to its membership. Went the total numbers of Lucy senators are encouraging people with Colin. As you can just show up there you go filibustered. And work a couple of show up. They knew that over a plug to look out somewhere in earlier. A pool yes it certainly should and there's been some discussion about that here in. You know again we're encouraging people Q to call the text line is CA LL it's that simple so you can contact. Your legislature can you communicate the very opposite you do absolutely do not want it into this filibuster. Because these folks are they're determined there hell bent on raising your gas taxes that simple. That's the way the chamber works unfortunately. How does that strike you receiving. Such a communication. And a surprise to open our co Mike Weir is not their fingers that they entry we shouldn't. And I crawl crawl out and those are getting very warm reception. The lady introduced float have achieved a double right or just say it. Total awesome. It's worth can't afford to move pushed mr. Crowley it. It's a good reminder and I appreciate your call Jim to remind people of this this is an ongoing battle we've encouraged people to stay on top of because. And this is one of those things and unless we stay on top in this. And you know we allowed this to slip by and they won't they will push this through there's no question about it. And are good part of time that this is driven by eight. Crew is basically. Group whose voice is listened to last. That's how this works to make sure that your voice is always listen to do so. Do like Jim is doing and make sure you. Reach out to you your legislature or call. That's all you have to do Tex lines CA LL. Very very simple Bobby welcome to broadcast. I couldn't look at late morning early afternoon then opt to allow its purpose Mike call by using the same opening south that the using. The last seven years let me get better the way liberal tolerance there's America's greatest clubs more. China has said that let me address. Your previous caller Matt she's doing what they were much. And I do blame the media well and our digital a lot of people are not doing their option skating issue. And there's sort of making a local liberal who want to talking Newton hasn't been the shape and they're not making a distinction. Between legal immigrant and illegal immigrants and they're not just shooting were immigrants to encompass all. And that thing is there it'd Egyptian police say 00 or over the organic originated English eventually becomes the truth. Clear distinction between illegal immigrant and illegal immigrants illegal immigrant by definition it or not she more. Because if you came here illegally then you you are illegal lucrative future here illegally you were not in the locker. Well what you gonna debate you know I kept showing on documented increase increase immigrant. There's certainly created because that is an option or an immigrant by definition is not on document. You know do you know why they do that you know why they did it. Until it goes deeper than that it goes deeper than that Bobby you know all and things they've actually done they've changed the Associated Press style book. Yeah and that is actually required. They have basically sanitized. Journalistic books to make sure that so called journalists adhere to all of the same standards. I. Ain't exactly it he did this out works. Let this group think predicated on the assumption of abet. I think every walk out there it is basically walk around with this list of what you can and cannot say. Ultimately it's gonna lead fascism because what made it very America that we don't think that there's sort of an all of us and they don't watch what we can and cannot shake. That would try to hit it elected official source of this but especially conservative movement are our architecture our. They're not articulate they're not intelligent and they walk an actual all the art. And it actually it's it's really frustrating. You know all all Democrat illegal immigrant issue that we are nation alt or not but the true able let doesn't wanna open borders. Pro sports aren't states Mexico the wonderful people wonderful nation wonderful vote. Mexico is should be as prosperous and United States and Canada they're almost unlimited natural resources timber minerals all feel beautiful ocean. Yet it'd be dealt nation because of a cultural eruption this whole prevalence. Why don't we stick out straight talk Phelps think. If there are actual their big chance that well. You know that would be rudin and that we need to do is still telling you are you clear pure acting you improve your country. And maybe you won't see you need to come into arts if we continue to Vince Coakley radio program. It's 1146. I'm not trying to be incensed the fact is illegal it's illegal if you break the law. There should be consequences he should not be allowed. Collect welfare. Freebies tuition child support. Plus the school system. And break an economy in support of this isn't really heart. I get compassion I do. Where we draw the line. Illegals must go back period. I tend to agree with you man. This is one of the frustrating things about this is that you know. Do definitions of words mean anything. And this is where you are I really have from those folks who say you know they they don't like use the word I've got a girlfriend in fact. He thinks it's unfair to use the word amnesty to refer to these folks. Well we've got to pay a class and then they gotta do this they gotta do that but you know what they still get this day. You know it. If you're you're benefiting. From your illegal activity. I don't care what you have to pay. You were able to break in front of the line ahead of others and experienced the benefits of this country. Illegally. In a way that frankly as as he was several others have described. People from other countries who don't have the benefit of being able to walker cries. They border. They're not able to do that how is that fair. And ultimately it's not fair to any citizen who winds up paying the freight for many these folks who have become dependent later. Even though they're not supposed to become dependent. That's another story altogether an issue or something interest in and and this is kind of a good note to Levon. Yeah I'm very excited about what is taking place. In the state if you talk. And there's a couple of reasons and excited about this one the idea. Other states. Essentially asserting it's sovereignty. And it's kind of a novel idea is net. In fact. I'm not sure I want to completely go into this today because I'm afraid I will short change this issue. What's happened here in fact I'm gonna save this audio for tomorrow because I. I think this is really key because that's something I'm sure many of you won't want to talk about the Utah sent it. Has voted to repeal the seventeenth amendment of the US constitution. This is kind of intriguing issue because Ari would bet you if you went out on the streets you get runners Jay walking time segments. You'll find a lot of people who disagree with this because don't we have a democracy. Why I don't wanna I wanna lose my right to vote well what is the seventeenth amendment. The seventeenth amendment. A part of the so called progressive amendments. That takes voting away from the state legislatures. And turns it over directly to voters. Now I did not know this I don't think I learned this in high school. Or whatever grade of school I learned this after getting out of school. You just minutes. Called on congress repeal the seventeenth amendment so the state senators. Could again select US senators. Here's a statement. And then I want you to hear from this guy we're gonna save the Saudi or for tomorrow. Since they senators more beholden to special interest groups than to their states because those interest give them money for reelection. So it's time for senators to come home every weekend take direction from this body and from the house and the governor on how they should vote in the upcoming week. Margaret Dayton. Agreed with this we represented people where the ones who can responding give direction to our senators. Another senator disputed this plans logic US senators now the only lawmakers elected by all voters in the state. Therefore are not affected by redistricting. That she says may have favored Republicans in new top. She's Democrat obviously she said repealing the amendment but also take away power from voters and you know this is going to be the big issue. And I don't know what you think is this. At this stage of history. Are you prepared. To give up your right to vote directly for senators. Do you trust your legislature. CNN. A perfect world. In the perfect world. This is where you have the means to deal with someone like Lindsay Graham. But then again look at what we've got now the legislature. What are they trying to do now they're trying to raise your taxes. About a way these are Republicans. You favor repeal the seventeenth amendment. Or do you think there's other things it probably need to happen first. I think the make for some great discussion and we'll delve into this more tomorrow. Every does a great day. Enjoy Super Tuesday got bush.