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Open House Upstate - 2/28/2016

Feb 28, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to open house upstate when it's time to sit home builder by your dream home we have the information you need with your host Arthur wrote a number of homes Berkshire Hathaway home services seem to enjoy your realtors and county bank mortgage. Each check out open house upstate not come. Welcome to open house upstate we're glad you listen to this today. We got Donna Smith to broker in charge over at Berkshire Hathaway home services Arlington road office. How you doing Don appreciate you being with us thank you for having me Chris absolutely always look forward to it of course we got a cult from art to Rosenberg homes with us today. And done the co housing don't want great. Well we appreciate your you guys coming in to talk real estate with a today got some great. Great topics to talk about. Wanted to kind of kick the show off talking about new construction non. You know we hear in the market out there all the Tom how low inventory is how there's some pressure. You know and I think the last time I checked down on the immature it was under 5000 maybe closer to are you going under yes yeah like 4500 homes and how he does say it's in the low fours it's not right loan gamble we talk about that we're talking about. The greens all the MLS yes absolutely and then when we talk about inventory and we talk about days on market and things of that nature. It's it's competition and of course it impacts whether we're on the seller's market. Our weather worm a buyer's market and right now we would consider this a seller's market because. We have around for four and a half months of inventory. And generally that equilibrium is right around six truss right that's correct if his lessons six that's exactly yes of his less than six is considered the seller's market and if it's over. Six is considered a buyer's market and of course that has impact on pricing and all kinds of other good stuff but it was one of the advantages for our director Bert homelessness. You know people can't found what they want out there's a lot of people are decided to build the go. Yes and I am what we're seeing more and more as people oak insular plans which with. You know what we hear a lot chair is that there just aren't a lot of those here. Right now people are coming in from out of they area and they are finding that type of floor plan a lot. Now we're seeing both. And dean masters and younger family is moving to less formal spaces. And they really won the space at their living in tow work for them. As a unit as opposed to one person gets the space and another person gets the space. Sure so more of open floor plan. More of a sheared space. As vs. You know way a year segment it out. Property and then you know when I was over visiting your model over and Acadia. You know one of the things that I noticed about that the kind of stood up to me is I think it has a a gamer in upstairs. For the kids so it has a key heads entertaining space than it also has an adult. Entertaining space and I think it's the first common along come I've been in my home. The head to separate it. You know space is that we're not downstairs on the ninth floor found a very interest and. Well and I think that that space upstairs does give the separation he sometimes liked to have with the family shore but on the main level it's very livable everything's okay and we don't have you know there is a formal dining room but other than that there's not. Formal spaces that are taking up. You know square footage but not really being utilized sure. And you know I know Donna you have some insight on this because you recently. In the last couple years you've downsized and you you lucky enough to have a husband has is that our office lectern as Atlanta cans. Some of the year. Absolutely and the market but when you were considering doing and that it seems like did you do the same thing did you go to opens for ex. Actually we built our house Doug while we just left 25 years ago OK we weren't hit twenty fast but it was very open decision speaking out sometimes. And has his day Vick has a lot of great vision may be ahead of his time yet but we had that at the space all the time so. I can go back to what you we would call dead in rooms yeah it's still I think so we built this new house we went down from. Almost forty fasteners great seat to 3100. And we've got down Tim green. We love it we asked about the site where we met in junior high school I think that's cool and he's he's got a little love story going to the glass telling us decided that acreage to a lot to custom build hours and then. Custom built another house for another individual downtown commissioner. Director of our public works dance hand but and yes it's very open and that when you come in Chris it son. It said Dan kitchen and I do have a formal area but your look constrain. The formal diner and sit there we need to reduce the icing on Iraq. And the sun rain which is still open to it as well and we live very casually and I opened. Yeah and I think that's what you are talking about it is it seems like more people are trying to get them more casual living than they are very formal setting. You know one of the houses that I went into recently. Did not have a formal dining rained two minutes to edit just had a little bit larger eating kitchens said that you could seat eight or ten now we're seeing now a lot that day formal space is actually leaving. And then their living space where you're gonna regularly eat is going to be more a little larger deaths since I'm a grandmother was and I grandchildren we did banks yeah Mac island if you wanna call it that in the middle of the rain suits. Yet and they always look stay in tune with the former dining room is it is not a formal dying of it has that furniture and then I'm utilizing. Absolutely Willis we're gonna head into our first break of the day we appreciate you listening into the open house upstate we get back we're gonna continue our conversation about features in new construction. And we'll be right back after this. You're listening to open house upstate. You have questions about building your dream home ask our host Bruce tasker Ella from author Rotenberg homes email Bruce at open house upstate dot com. Arthur Rotenberg homes your custom luxury home builder. Are you in the market for a first home a step up and downsize or do you have questions about refinancing. Now's the time to call. The homeowner experts at county bank mortgage will help you through the maze of options to find the best solution for you if you would like to discuss your situation. Would one of our experts. Give us a call at 8664427553. County bank member FDIC. Equal housing lender in MLS number 462088. When it is time to build your dream home either Rothenberg is the only name you need to know from India house architectural and interior design to superiors customers there is an exceptional craftsmanship visit any art agent upstate SC dot com into their show home at two LA it's a little run drive Piedmont South Carolina in the Acadia community. Prepare to be amazed this is they are each upstate SC dot com or call 558006. Saves are threatened bird homes you dreamed. We build. When you're ready to buy or sell your home wouldn't you were work with the leader Berkshire Hathaway seated join a real herself more houses than any other company in the upstate. Since 1964. Of our commitment to quality and integrity has set us apart and earned us the upstage trust what nine offices in nearly 300 real estate professionals. We'll help these sell your current home and find your dream. Check out our look at dreams magazines and TV enjoy Murdoch com search thousands of listings trustee of State's leader to make you real estate dreams come true. Berkshire Hathaway C Cantu and Leo yeah. You're listening to open house upstate. You have questions about building your dream home ask our host Bruce passed gorilla from author Rotenberg homes email Bruce at open house upstate dot com. Arthur Rotenberg homes your custom luxury home builder. Welcome back to open house at stake pledged to be with us today talk a little real estate again Donna Smith. The broker in charge on the Carl integrate office for Berkshire Hathaway home service is seeding and Joyner realtors and we got Nicole here. From Arthur Ryan Burke homes and we're talking about. Features that. Are popular in new construction in the course obviously when you're doing a resell there's some features that could that people look for too but I thought it Libya. Good time to speak about that and you know the first thing we covered was that people seem to be living more casual not as much desire. For the formal spaces in the house need on the formal living room like he's too you know there's that that group houses that were built up. And I don't know when it was maybe in the eighty's that you walked in the door on the left you had to. Leave that form eleven RM and on the right Chad and I grammar vice Versa and then you move back and if so those were the jury engine never used. And then everything else she lived in and I think we're seeing and that goal away. It's kind of an usual now. I think in Donnie you can comment on this page you view a lot of property to really see. Formal living. And a formal dining in in a new construction and on need yes there is there in the older homes absolutely just as you say it's not we're not seeing construction at all. As soil and I thought it was very inch finger in the break there Nicole. You said that you that Arthur Rothenberg is is getting ready to start or has started. They're new model this going up and Acadia which is over in the Piedmont area. Are right there off of 153185. And you guys are taken the clients and not even doing. A formal dining line. We're not doing a formal dining Ahram we're gonna have a basement which we typically don't do on models right Ayman surges a lot of you know there are a lot of lots that are custom home lives in this market that have topography shirt and so that walk out basement that everybody here doesn't really like so much chair a lot of people's only so much chair. I'm is becoming more of her reality for people to work. And and you know one of the things you know we've had a Wayne fromm the Pelham road office on the on the show went into wings from up north into Wayne what always talk about how. Of their you don't buy a house without a based and even if its own flat lie so mesa water tables and yes that's true that's a good point. While on what to what size home is the new motto going to be what is it going to be open. However she's like hey you yeah I don't I'm good I guess I'm that we are going to not have model if it's not okay December 18 and then you have to be out of our current. I'll say that again and it gets and transition to the homeowner. And so we will be out of that model by the end. I'm our goal is to have the new construction done in order to just flip from one to the other. And sometimes sec has real smoothly sometimes as you know weather and events happen that doesn't SS Millie but. Will just be a couple of houses down will be couple latched down from where we're currently located several occasions not changing significantly. I'm indicated they're getting ready to open another Fey used. And so that is just a couple of months out so that's a great opportunity as far as you know having traffic sure. Oh absolutely. And then of course. Some people might not know this but when it you do build a model. It is for sale so if somebody wants to buy it on they can buy it and then yeah I guess you guys would rent it from the young. That we are you're trying to build a national. We have it'll be about 4000 square feet 3800 to 4000 is what our target as were trying to make this a little bit smaller time than what we currently have. And it will be for sale there immediately and we have the going to road alpha so usually it's in Claremont. Yeah if you do that and I think anybody furnished yes they did resolve her models furnish so the designers. Go through and do everything we've sold us on furnished also and when I say furnished every Knick knack that included no matter how. Pitcher on the wall dailies are great Obama was my wife for college golf balls marbles everywhere just a little this little of that so it's completely decorated. And if you warning if you wanna get a feel for that you can. You gave when Nicole does says everything's including the go check out the model listen Acadia now to get some sense of how it was decorated and designed and it is fully decorated this not just a little here they're. Fun I'm really looking forward to having the opportunity acting quit. You know just from not being able to share is that concept to only get the concept drawings and those things sure we're gonna actually. You know advertise those and keep those they'll be up on the web site on the front on the war front as opposed to waned after the month statistically there. Yeah absolutely and you know when you talk about the good design we talk a little bit about how. The design becomes has become more casual. And people seem to be living that way. We also talked about the current model you have even has to entertaining spaces upstairs one for the kids. And one for the adults I found it very interesting week. When I view that property on what other types of features are you seeing that people are looking for when they're talking do you. About building with a Arthur Rotenberg. So typically smaller side is the Republican from the 464805000. Square foot house is anymore. And they're looking for. Can meet insists. You know that second refrigerator they want in the house they don't play in the garage though wine storage that's really you know both condition and none condition combined storage. Is more and more priority to people today don't let you know it has been. Historically. Well no previous united shows we talked about how. People are going smaller but really still. Sticking with the the conveniences like you said but also equality equality is you know they would rather spend a little more prefer for it to get quality that they won't. That have in this big. You know make mention. Actually they don't they want to by the space they're gonna live and they don't wanna by the space that they had for everybody it seems. And that's a transition. I'm from what you know we've seen the last five to ten years I Donahue you recently went through the same thing what were some of the things that you were focused on. Feature wise when it came to the new construction you talked about having no rain for all those grandchildren right. Outlook with shot with us I'm just to as Nicole said I went all the conveniences every one of them I got to mall. And a compact area yeah but that was most important to me and I had to get rid of some of my stuff you know. That I had that I love but I kept the ones I love Messi got rid of the other. But no I and storage is important to you is very very important because I still have things like lots of photos of all the my children growing up in my grandchildren. So we took about a straining completely finished it. Part of the plan but it so walking in the attic storage is all right they and then I have a cedar closet is off another room for other storage so it. This story was really important that bathrooms are important to nature and of greats. I don't like carp but I did all Hardwoods everywhere I don't do carpet at all anti ceramic Hardwoods I guess they have great kitchen one of the special stove. I wanted to special refrigerator. I was gonna have my one cooler at. Yeah. Yeah it did I think ice maker is is a big I thought I had a what kind of had an ice makers holes can't go back kids. Ties yes I get my line and I got. It alerts and then another thing was so important to me that I had not had the privilege of of having before was a huge pantry. And that's where my red wine and then smile and white ones in the wine cooler and then I have the dishes that I used for occasions and I have a place to stack those says that to the features it was important to me in a. Put some there are a lot of people tend to forget about storage. I did the same thing I went from a very large house to very Smart house. And it was amazing. You know in the big house she just had storage everywhere at the wall in addict you know that cannot think. But it's it's more strategic now when you're when you're planning it because. If if you can't customize it which you can over parts around her columns if you have the ability to customize. Then there's sometimes you'll find. Space and how's this not being utilized. You know and that they could make the living better. You know one of the things in the house that I have now has a two story four here I'm not a fan okay. Howard and he used it to put in another bathroom and you know which I think anybody else that would buy the house would have rather had the battering but you know as one of those things were not. House was built those popular. And of course say that's the way they did it but I'm more of a function guy how is this gonna function how am I gonna live and it. Just like leaving out the dying right and you know you can. Still have Thanksgiving dinner your house and not have a formal dining earned. It's about instead of planning that that breakfast area for our round table with four chairs. You plan don't look at how could this he toiled. Yeah how would it work much like you were talking about Ghana to about OK here's the island. No this is the way we live for and Edith island we're gonna have all five Greinke is pushed me in my husband at the island so we need to make sure that Fiat. You have to plan around those key features. That mean that much do you one storage. Ice makers. You know those are. Are I went through gas house. Probably a year ago. And I know he's a one I know eat you know he has a bar. And that was one of the things are said to him I'm like you know you're getting ready to build this 600000 our house. Where's the ice maker go when he so I'm not doing a nice background like gods a big mistake asked. I say how to had wind yes and says you know one of those thinking about this features in the way you live once you get used to that you won't. And that's my favorite parts about what I do from our real estate perspective is that I really get the opportunity. To how people think think about it's thanks in what it is that they love wondered what it came true today it EU do in your gets a life because I know you know. I go to my grandparents' house in Pennsylvania which is not set up necessarily but everyone's in the case and sure play. That's just where everybody kind of hated tennis as it was big it doesn't matter if it's small we're all going to be in the kitchen to get back and so we you know think about how you live your life and how you really functioning your space and if you have the luxury of being able to build a custom home till the custom home. That matches. It matches the way I live look at. That's outs importance yeah I think that she usually important I mean is just like up. When you start looking at the storage thing you know if you're collector. And you swap those things out let's say you collect glass she collect. This that the other you wanna swap there's things out you need a place to put the stuff does not own display. And you have to think through that storage conversation with me I'm one down wind you know just like you said Donna I want yeah absolutely how I have my stuff. You know where I can display it because you know I've. Pastor something I enjoy and I think you're right Nicole you you're really should think through those things and if you're gonna get to and do it custom home those features are. Puerto. Ta what else has seen happening in the market that Colin you've probably combatants set but. The open space is wonderful but outdoor living is important. Absolutely and that's what I did you we did that we did outdoor living as well what we're seeing it in an older homes if they don't come in and renovate when they purchase it. They figure out how to get the view and do some outdoor living and I think that's important. Yeah well I think you know a couple of things you can think about they are two days is I believe over at the model that you had in Claremont. You actually had a porch that can be used this screen into estranged removable blue moon and says guess that's quite an upgrade I'm sure it's not cheap. But if that's the way you want a Leo so when when the winner when you've got this screen. You get that extra light coming in and actually want it to be pride that you could pull it down and pull the strings downing using his screen import. I'm we put those. Big doors on the back of most of our house's and when you put the screens down. It really gives gap or talk to Hannity in the spring in the fall to open those stores and enjoy the outside Ian when you're doing the things you need to do inside. As I live outside of living can be a part of your homes and Puerto I think I. I love it usually popular now on I know it the property over in Acadia. Tremendous group set up there TV outside fireplace outside. And then I think you know buyer can't write off the porch sure you guys are those are all things that if you live outside in you'd like this kind of things. And those are all things that you could customize into the Arthur Ryan Burr project so that you know going into it hey this is what this gonna cost. I think a lot of people get shocked sometimes Donna. If they try to do that after the fact or renovated. How much stuff can call. It's not cheap here but if you about a property knowing what you gonna do engage your estimates you can stay in budget is Nicole said. And get a nice product can get good resell on the property. Visualize this with the snow we had we have announced that fireplace which I had to egg farm but I got. But the snow was coming down instead I was on the ground and we have a guess starter in it and so we had all the neighbors over there and we had a fire going with snow yeah all it was awesome. Yeah and I think you know the once again we've talked about the some appreciation got to have an expert help you to think about there's things that you don't think about because. There are a lot of people that you know when you look at that plan on a flat sheet of paper or even if you look at it pitchers. It's very difficult to visualize. How you're gonna use the space how is it gonna flow and say you need an expert. You know who's who's been through several constructions. And help people plan that I how you can say well here's some things that that are gonna make it look like this and you know. I can do it I mean actually get a flat sheet of paper not a walk through it imam I C three dimensional I can do this in hand but not everybody can and is very hard. When you're when you're looking at a flashy purple with plans. To understand exactly what's gonna look like housing gonna work which way is the door gonna swing and why. How are you gonna get this and and I think you're right the thing that you bring to it Nicole viewing cal on both. Is you've done this many many times and you've seen people do things that work these same people would do things that don't work you can also take the Tom the point now to them. Hey these are things we should think about now not more halfway through the construction. I've slowly keys if you can think through it on the front end. You can get to that number and you can actually stay at that number you don't at the time and thinking about it on the front end. And you really cost yourself both time pumpkins build perspective share and money from a change perspective. Yeah and I think yeah I think is usually important to really sit down and go through that up front that's one of the things that they have talked about constantly about our threat berg is. You know went boom we do construction loans if they don't use Arthur remembered the challenges always this. It's what about the change order is what about the allowances and and of course when you do get in a situation where you know it up front. It doesn't mean you're not gonna change something that doesn't mean that you might make it it's different decision. After you get role in. But it's going to be minor not major again you know one of the biggest challenges is that 30000 dollar change order that 30000 dollar overreach. And he can be very uncomfortable we'll listen we're gonna head into our bottom of the hour right. We appreciate you as an open house upstate if you got a question cheated over to questions at the open house upstate will be right back after this message. You're listening to open how some states. Do you have questions about selling your home and ask the other states number one real estate company Berkshire Hathaway home services seem to enjoy inner realtors email your questions after questions as mobile house upstate. Dot com when it is time to build your dream home either Rothenberg is the only name you need to know from India house architectural and interior design to superiors customers there is an exceptional craftsmanship visit any art agent upstate SC dot com into their shell home at till it's a little run drive Piedmont South Carolina in the Acadia community. Prepared the amazed visit they are each upstate ST dot com or call 558006. Saves are threatened bird homes do you dream. We build. Are you in the market for a first home a step up and downsize or do you have questions about refinancing. Now's the time to call. The home loan experts at county bank mortgage will help you through the maze of options to find the best solution for you if you would like to discuss your situation. With one of our experts. Give us a call at 8664427553. County bank member FDIC. Equal housing lender in MLS number 462088. When you're ready to fire sell your home wouldn't you were working with the leader it's Berkshire Hathaway seated join a real herself more houses than any other company in the upstate. Since 1964. Our commitment to quality and integrity has set us apart and earned us the upstage trust what nine offices in nearly 300 real estate professionals. We'll help you sell your current home and find your dream. Check out our book of dreams magazines and TV enjoy dot com search thousands of listeners trustee of State's leader to make your real estate dreams come true. Berkshire Hathaway seed Angela Leo yeah. You're listening to open house upstate. You have questions about building your dream home ask our host Bruce passed a relic from author Rotenberg homes. Email Bruce at open house upstate dot com Arthur Rotenberg homes your custom luxury home builder. Welcome back to open house at stake glad to have you with us today talk and new construction. And features that people were are looking for work when they're out there are trying to figure out hey what are we Gambill we got low inventory. Just build a custom home do richer way the course one of the important things that we didn't cover in the first segment is you don't have to build 121000 square feet. Nicole we all have plans I think all the way down the 18100. Teen hundred and we can always do accustomed planned so if there was a dozen smaller than that specific for you know your. Piece of property that you sound special we're happy to assist that Tim. Absolutely and of course you don't have to build it and then go how are another contractor. To handle your outside space shall can do all that one time I say I was I would really. Recommend that if you're an outdoor living person. Could you go check out that model there for an Acadia. It is truly amazing how far placed television. Huge drill and then a great patio on fire pit out back. And distance just beautiful I mean I think it's great and I think you know dot he said when you bill that was important he absolutely is important to us. I either in Sadr now the thinly settled for a few you know one of the other things that. You guys are gonna do in the new model which was gonna open fourth quarter of this year is that you guys or are going to put in a basement com I'm assuming that it's going to be a walk out basement yes. It'll be a lock up basement we're gonna put a one bedroom in the lower level. I'm so this house will be three levels on two bedrooms two batters on the second story. Main level have master and then the fourth such room on the on the lower level. So you're gonna finish the basement and of course you know if you're looking to deal. You always have the option to finish it in different levels in the basement like you can do an unfinished basement you can do I've seen houses where the basement is. Framed it but there's no so the ranger laid out but there's this is rough. And I guess you can't do is just resting and I think that you really wanna you know the misconception is that you save a lot of money and I'm not doing the basement George. And that's not actually the tree is wherein the greatest costs comes into a basement is support foundation shore and so. No that's just some than to don't think of that as your opera she just save a tremendous amount amount I'm not saying I do not have finishing it that you can save a little bit but it. You're not gonna save the majority of the costs of the basement by not finished yet one of just that is outside did you think that. Do you recommend if they finish it with the same quality as the abstained yes silly spanky. Yeah I agree a 100% on lap because. We get into that argument a lot of times when somebody did it there ourselves and the appraisal comes in says. You don't have the same quality you don't have. Yeah don't have the same. Finish Sheen you don't have the same carpentry. You don't have the same kind of cabinets. You don't have you you might have a drop ceiling. Much as soon that you probably hear the same thing impressed by. While we hear from appraisers that are doing the appraisals on the construct like prior to construction site and patients as it is that it. This finish it needs to be continuous part of your house totally great you know yeah. Let him walk in to that and feel like you're a completely different play drives totally agree. Yeah makes a huge difference on desire guilty for resale to move. Yeah and then of course when you're talking about basements and they can do block basements or poured basement so while wise what DL. Discuss for have a choice studio generally customer has a choice and he did though with a typically it just depends on what the wall heights going to be OK a lot of times that can be the determining factor whether you're gonna do a block or whether you're gonna do report found deficient and when it comes to pricing or they hugely different price wise. Are pretty close. Pretty close okay so not a huge different and some people it's really important hey you know I recently. Ammann last week praised. It's. Cross based house chair one area of the crawl space is higher than the difference in cost for that house. Was about 101000 hours of care and so not a student you know not a significant when you're pouring the entire foundation as opposed to doing antibiotics while and is well. Now that wouldn't have been mock up that's just set an area where there's a talk crawl I get to fax 20 storage tanks kept. Absolutely not something you did something you would be if I did they tell us. Live Smart customers I got an arsenal late and that's the difference between the block and the port foundation that's just that's what is the difference that has felt no pressure that's changed to when you. Yeah and then of course Donna a lot of people from a from a agent standpoint a lot of if you wanted to think about basements in the south to get concerned and of course you brought it up earlier when you're thinking about a basement. Yeah I think about water got about topography. What is the biggest fear of homeowners have leeway in any form in the washer that. Ice maker on the refrigerator to the ice machine that we love here two basement. And our water table in the south it's higher than in the north right and it does calls to me she's but there's tons. Of ways to fix that basement so there is no water or older homes he might find sustained. If it was not waterproof. Like you should just ban are even if the gravel and preparation was not done properly in the beginning. And have some issues but those things can be corrected by and there are when you're building knew we do put the French and and so you're not apple iPad two yes years you're getting the waterproofing and gravel and the French strained. On the front and that's it's as opposed to having to go back into dealing yet afterwards. And there are you never know water perspective and homeowners thinking about it. There are a lot of devices available. That can protect your home is a whole you know there's alarms there stops switches that can be put then when you have that furnace on the second story. You know Benton and it in the attic there's a lot of technology available to really protect you. From. The damage that can show you this session that's great mood is set to be aware of that in resale proper. Strike and I think that would be another situation where if somebody was doing a basement. Or building they they kid that may not be aware of some of that technology that you're talking about. And it can be peace in some of that stuff I'll look that is really designed to detect as lottery she's you know you can have a sensor in your laundry rain. That will go off if that does happen you can have it wherever the use of how are closing comment. Pat White shirt with a metal wrapped around his said the Lyndon blowout sure I mean there's a lot of different things you can do about that that you should think about. What are some other things people should think about when the building of basement armed. I think you made a very good point that not finishing it is not always gonna save you as much money easy thank you I think there's a very good point because the majority of the expenses in the is in the exterior walls whether they be blocker poured. But what are some other things that vote should think about it think Donna brought up. Use the same finish level please because you don't feel like you're going to a different house the well of the. Things to square footage you know if you. Have a house that's 2600 square feet on the main level and there's ways that it doesn't have to be 2600 square feet underneath of that. But I really wanna think about the entire space. Ry nine. Not segment the space because when you're building it caught the more house you build the more it's gonna cost short. And so if you start with 2600 square feet on the first floor. Then you're gonna have you know of 2000 square feet on the second. Yeah well I think it and I ordered isn't he I understand and it's. Cheaper to go up and down and and is to go side to side when you're building and so when you're trying to plan always features let's talk about like sale why on rim if you wanna wandering. You may not want that on the main floor to save some square footage may wanna do in the basement dependent upon. Are you gonna sit that basement up and so if you can't control the size. Of that main flow or he can help save you money in the basement as well as almost upstairs. Yes and no wind if you think about the wine storage when you put it in the basement. Your ability to heat and cool that space is much different then this is heating and cooling of the space on the main level of the house. I'm and so just plan saying you know you can do some great things for yourself from an energy efficient is please stand point by plant where your putting things. Yeah and we had about a minute and a half left in this segment but I did want to talk a little bit about it from an appraisal standpoint you brought it up and Colin. Think Donny sits on continued but. It it it would. Anything that is below grade the appraiser has to treat differently yeah the stuff that's above grade man just said the listeners understand that is. If any part of that floors below grade so even if it's. Just a front side. And the other three sides are all about he's still gonna have to treat that like is below grade ya all lists that differently in the MLS game and so it's. You know you we have to do that yet. And it's regulations she would say your not that a realtor rule it's. It's a federal regulation mass inaccurate yet let's try it because it's it's a standard that the appraisers have to adhered to you know and so you know using your expertise to Nicole the bar the the person bill in the house needs to understand. That is gonna have an impact it's not. If you get 2002002000. Is really not treated as 6000 square for a house. And when you start going to that her foot thing that we talked about before it doesn't work that it does not grant how that happened. I do it they like but did you not know loop at I 2400. Seat in the basement as well I try to get the same guy. I try I will listen we're gonna head into our final break in the show we appreciate you listening to us reach out to a six questions that's open house at stake dot com. You're listening to open house upstaged you have questions about pre qualifying purchase your dream home past the upstate most knowledgeable mortgage experts at county bank mortgage email account you banks. Bad questions to an open house upstate not come. This is Danny Joyner Berkshire Hathaway CNN Joyner realtors you may have noticed our new cabernet cream signs around town they're replace the old white and blue that you reasons it. I'm here to tell you see enjoyed a realtors hasn't gone anywhere. We're still the same locally run family business that you trust us since 1964. And we remain committed to the quality and integrity that made it sprinkles leading real estate company. And now breathe and stronger and whether you're buying selling or just training we here for you and we always have been. Are you in the market for a first home. A step up and downsize or do you have questions about refinancing. Now's the time to call. The homeowner experts at county bank mortgage will help you through the maze of options to find the best solution for you if you would like to discuss your situation. With one of our experts give us a call. At 8664427553. County bank member FDIC. Equal housing lender in MLS number 462088. When it's time to build your dream home. Arthur rug burn is the only name you need to know from in house architectural and interior design through superior customer service and exceptional craftsmanship visit ARH upstate SC does come and tour either show home actually so little run drive speed but South Carolina in the Canadian community prepare to be amazed visit HRH upstate SC dot com or call 5580066. Arthur number of homes you dream. We build. You're listening to open house upstate new have questions about buying your dream home. Ask the upstate is number one real estate company Berkshire Hathaway home services CNN Joyner realtors email your questions good questions and open house upstate in god come up. Welcome back to open house upstate glad to be Willis today. We've been talking about features that we're seeing out there in new construction and course Nicole over it. Parts are rotten murder homes can help you. Give you some advice about what things she's seeing out there. And then of course. Always enjoy working with a buyer's agent. I had trying to find that home. They will certainly be educated in what's available out there what's popular and even if you're thinking about listing your home. You know sometimes that fresh coat of paint in the new hot color will help you out today. And page chief when he especially they have to sell your house we always say gallon tank makes a world a different set I always absolutely. On any other features that you guys are finding popular we talked a little bit about Tom. Quality people are really looking for quality that they are going a little bit smaller almost size wise. What other things you come and heard you talk about appliance. Packages priced packages high end appliance packages are really important. And we just have to be careful it comes to appraisal standpoint you have to. Potentially be prepared. To take cash out of pocket for the house because if you're 1045000. Dollars in your house of appliances. Each year probably not getting 45000 dollars on the appraisal. Yeah perhaps I get very good point and you two men and it did. Goes back to you know I always get the complaints about the appraisals because that's what I do it our office managed that backhand. And you're right Nicole you're absolutely right if you if you could do it kitchen let's say for 181000 dollars. And you choose to do a 45000 dollar package. On the appraiser is probably not gonna give you beat the hell 45000. And here's why. He would have to go find three other cops. That or or more the had the exact kind of upgrades. And that's really not the way it works it's the same thing if you paid to do. Your entire bathroom and real marble. And the other houses they're comparing forty years. Are not built with real marble it's going to be a cost that you're gonna have to absorb the beauty once again as ever Arthur Edberg you don't know it up front. I think we need look on the resale but as appliances lessons we have people that. Going to upgrade before they put how on the market price and that's and kitchens or teach. You're really need that kitchen to be upgrade that you don't have to put in that 50000 dollar study of right a lot of Whelan airlines go but we got this I'm like it's wonderful. And it'll make your house sale faster and you did it because you love it and won't it but he won't necessarily get that money back for a stove. Another thing Modesto have it just you know kind of off track but I'm gonna make two points about that's. You can't take this to which you and I'm gonna sell your house because that person now has a kitchen remodel they have to do right. As one and continued there's just a lot of things that are very specific when people are building. That I try to cautioned them against us. I am because. You know that green eggs you love when you build the green eggs into your porch gave you can't tell you with his gun can't take you wish you a loan and you in ten years you might not like it is much Jeanne I guess right Mary. Yeah I totally agree I tell you one other feature that that I really liked and now my wife really like who we did that the tour over the model is that. The utility room is not a closet with a washer dryer an end over at the Arthur Rotenberg model it's actually a range. That debt has that next refrigerator. And I don't know what the square foot is on it that is probably 10 X 10 I mean it's it's a nice size shrinks. With tons of that story you were talking. Actually a little bit bigger than that I hit it's like eleven by twelve yeah I'm refrigerators and now there's an island in this that are meant there's you know wash your dryer counter space. And pig farms sayings so it really is agree. You know it's a great drop zone it's a great kind of can put it in and there's a packet Dorsey can close it off for sure guess that they don't have to see what are your masses I don't. DI nations say that I don't that gives it you know indication my housekeeping I just got a. But I think that's a very popular feature that we've seen come along say USA. The place to store all that stuff we're really functions. Aid and you know they don't want the extra refrigerator in the garage and they don't won't the storage. Where they can't get to a you know if you have all that if you have this second set of China you may not want to display it. But you might like to have it in a laundering where you can get it without having that break up fourteen latter's. And well and remember willow getting older and yeah. China comes I don't do pulled down stair whales they may be one in my home and there is but I'll never use it or pull it down. And we we won't the convenience as we age to be able to still shall the last hour property and I stat for you. Yeah I think I think those are all good points is there anything we miss that you're seeing out there. If most of them that works in hiring when they ask is at I would say if they're gonna custom built with Q&A co they probably half. Love furniture or some pieces that are just very important may be even passed down for generations. And you would have the ability to incorporate those pieces. Into that plan so they fit perfectly and not do clam a lot around its hands and our work to Nancy that he Jeff thank down the list for me. Well I wanna changed things we talked a lot about features in new construction and of course if you got a question about her her feud like deceit. The model for our surrender home to check out some of these features that were talking about. We will just about Donna not among some of your house on I just didn't make it employment a try but tell us. Well if I should do is to go visit Nicole and cal. Over and Acadia you can now go to their website just go to the open house upstate dot com there's a wink why they are to either website we invite you to do that. But some exciting news ever Berkshire Hathaway that I wanted to cannot talk about for a minute. Brandi web site. A beautiful I just opened just came became lives. We had our awards the other night and then the next day our. Website went lives again Joyner dot com. Danny has a welcoming section and he's our president seed and son Danny joy are now. President of our company and then you go into the properties that have listed their big they're beautiful there in color and they need to get a different offices. And see that brokers in charge say all the agents large wonderful coach cited as a damper. And they need to do a search of the homes at putting a little bit information that's what you're really adds. Can't tell searching for home you're gonna find homes that are listed and all the analysis not just prior thanks you have that's exactly right I think and one stop shop so if people have just because. You know your own CD and join heard of the website they here. You're not seen gesture listing you see all of them everything available this market and then of course I think you guys also offer feature to were people can get updates they can't we can also put in information says that it's automatically sent Tia. It is it's a beautiful site and I'm very very proud I want air ready go look at it all right of course she's orange. You can go to the seeded donor right sider you can go straight to the open house. Upstate dot com and has a links straight to decide they're but it completely redesigned. Side. In any G we find it to you know to be just so much better than what was out there before because just got that. Great facelift and it and it's friendly it's not hard to maneuver through it and that was huge for us absolutely. Well now let's change to something that nobody likes to talk of also and we gotta we gotta do this so for the listener so. Here's the thing that I hear and I've got we we actually got this question this week is. Inventories left. My house is not selling my house is not show on arm while. Is the only thing the realtors says is that list to a price reduction why can't they do something else and I think up. You know that is a very very different typical conversation. But it all starts at the beginning because so you know when you go to list questioned the question are what I say back to what did you listen. And that the best bet that's exactly has started the beginning if your house is truly. In show ready. Well maintained it shows nicely. And price correctly in this market. It will show and sale if it is not. Remember we can't pick it up then made it to a new location for right Asia is where it is it is where it is we can't change the way you're living in it and sat it's got to be show ready. The only option we have to have. And so we have to look at price reduction. We are soaking go back and look at compared this again because this market changes every day I think that's a great point it does it changes every day so we listed your house 3045 days ago and oh listen look at that market again today and see if that markets changed and maybe we have to just based on a new market. I and we know that auto market so we have to just watching JJ and QD information. Well I think you view bring up an excellent point there you know and you don't just do that market analysis at the beginning right. I'll now turn their needs to be constant ongoing sharing of information. You need to know how many showings as how does that compare to others. And I wanna have that report for you there remember we got all that information he gave. Yeah no one of the other things you do to be you get feedback from the people wish you know absolutely have walked through the house that you kind of know which are hearing but. You know sometimes. There's a price at which any property was so absolutely and so you know that can be somewhat of a hard reality. When you have this high expectation. But it is house by house street by street the end I think your point is very well made that it does change over time because the market change. Does change. The other point to all that is you have to remember. Is much she loved that property right he's gracious faintly they're arrive at specialty youth. We can't put a dollar loan that's right we have to do compared to. Analysis and you have to sell it when we sold our personal common emerald how would price it 91. I raised my girls and chaos after all their friends with where the high school friends were there all those memories and I knew united have the ability to do it I got one of my agents with price on. There again and end this dare there had to say they have a much more objective absolutely. Absolutely here's where we think we are. And here's why. And I think that though why is the important and that sometimes where you can tell the difference. Between having a professional. Berkshire Hathaway home services agent. And having somebody that just says I'm onto which you wanna do it's the why behind them matters. And it just like race changed daily. Market compare most changed daily have split and when you're trying to determine the price of that home you guys have many many tools molecules. And if you try to do it on line. What I would tell you is that information is. Is sometimes. Not accurate writing but it's it's public record so so so as an example I've seen this happen. On it may have been a transfer but it may have been a foreclosure the condition of the property may have been bad which would make it really let it may have been a transfer. Where somebody came in I had this happening king Greenwood. A year again. And this couple moved down from New York this house was on the lake. They are gonna pay cash it was the model in the neighborhood it is being used as. Like a home for morrow who had every bell and whistle when they paid with a builder is asking did not. Get an uprising. A much needed pay cash and didn't pay cash infusion not Indian and a price still should think so here we are a year later. They're trying to sell how the market is better so they're expecting to get more. And then they appraisal comes in 75000 dollar shortened because it's not cold pointed out earlier all those extra bells and whistles did not add to eating valued me. And a flipped out which is their personal enjoyment yes tell us that's exactly right and they were but but they also had this working form. When they saw that house in the Greenwood market on the leg. They were thinking about what the house cost in New York. Different world. And it's completely different world and it can be street Bass Strait area on a deep cut and beyond Shalit cares action or are you gonna slow. And why they don't are lacking a lot of so can you actually put a dock on the merits you know. I don't let's try an angry actually own two of the water because it's not a core lake that's trapped pass there and so hemmings state you do so let me some advantage on the water that dry and so. You know. Once again we'll go back to our fame we only got about a 45 seconds left here but the theme is this. Great information out there but when you get ready to do business to keep thinking about building a home at least consider talking to defense Everett Arthur Ryan berg. Because they'll give it to you straight. They've got a little bit different way of doing it where they'll tell you was gonna cost upfront. If you're looking at buyers say no go with an experienced agent over seating and Joyner realtors. Column Donna over the Garland to Rhode office she'd be happy eating in her DG one of her agents that there is an expert in which are looking at. And of course when you shop in that mortgage or thinking about re fine outing her Jeep. To get a customized mortgage solution from counting bank mortgage even go to open house upstate and found the website for all three of us there. We're here to help and all of us would do that consultation without charge. So well we invite you if you're thinking about getting in the game which we encourage you to do to reach out to this guy have a great weekend and we'll see you next week. Thank you for listening to open house upstate. 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