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On the updates talk to. Tolerance for cowardice. You Rhode tolerance for the team. Couldn T ball. One big utility as head coach the place we're normal people like you come to talk and call around the enemies of god. Radio program on 1063. When you ORG. The broadcast music and minutes after the hour 11 o'clock. And we have comments still coming in on this issue. Benefits Social Security no cost of living increase for Croatia team. Thinking up on the green where someone communique of the fact that. You elderly you're really not values. Venture remembers the Obama administration for wanting to make it. To where you're on Social Security you're mentally incapable. Joy and a firearm. That way we'll have another avenue for moving our guns from law abiding citizens. Justice. They're doing to veterans. Who they states have mental problems. So announcing the agent veterans are burdened government without a return younger people on government assistance are necessity. Luck the end. They're voting for socialist policies. Camp. Not a good situation. Someone else saying here I have two minutes but change from tier one to cheer for. Two dollars 65 cents to 97. Dollars all other men's eleven to 47 dollars. That's Alan in Taylor's. Also this Democratic Party has destroyed the African American race with handouts and now our younger generation are at risk because. They wants. They want they handouts to you they expected this is so disturbing to me because. That's what young people just may vote. Vote in another Democrat. I prayed BC the error of their ways before the election that's who share. Yes we pre show as well against the government overreach is bad enough but it's even worse we're letting it happen we're all at fault. For unfair legislation. And we have ourselves to blame Sherry you are absolutely correct. We can reboot we can remedy this we can absolutely remedy this question is. Do we have what it takes to reduce show. On this subject do we start throwing on the line wanting to talk about says Social Security. Welcome the broadcast Tony. Hey good morning are operated several reports. That's within twenty years are coming ten years won a Tony. That the revenue stream. To cope or all of the hamas'. Social Security being. You know I guess people don't want to call an entitlement that player in. They considered this open title but within ten years I mean. The jump in the something's gotta give mama some money they screwed people aren't they under fifty. You don't understand. The best we can hope Florida maybe food stamp personal media outlets are this bad news. I think it is over apple way. Yeah and again and this has been set I'm sure over and over to the point of you know it's ad nauseam by this point Tony thanks for your call. Truth of the matter is if you had done something like this. In your private business you would have been prosecutor for running a Ponzi scheme the government can do it the government can do whatever the heck he wants. He can light you can steal can take your money. It can cheat. And practiced deception on so many levels. And their fine these are just political paralysis by you on the other hand. You're going to prison. Anyway. Debt ceiling issue. Holy mess congress will make if it doesn't raise the debt ceiling I'm so sick of this socially in this. Somebody had a clue what assault with a Rand Paul about it. When he joins us program. I mean when we get a stop this when are we gonna stop it. The date now I think being reported rather than the fifth of November snow on the third. Of November wind we will not have enough cash to pay all the countries bills. So congress as a few. Weeks just a few to raise the debt ceiling which is the legal limit on federal borrowing doesn't act in time treasury can end of defaulting on roughly a third of its legal obligations November roughly seventy billion dollars. Treasury would then be forced to make chaotic legally questionable and tactically difficult calculations about who gets paid on time and who doesn't. Every month that pays 100 million barrels most of them automated. This is kind of interesting I think this is he in and actually put this up. What race what robbing Paul to pay Peter could look like you're an illustration the choices treasury could make. Between November 10 and November 30. How much will all 218 billion how much clout coming and 147. Billion. Pay these bills and goes into a list bondholders Medicare Medicaid Social Security beneficiaries. Military. Defense contractors threw stands out deployment temporary assistance for needy families housing programs. Delays 71 billion dollars in payments iris tax refunds and goes on a list of all the other scenarios you know it's you know how you fix this. You don't spend more than you take yet. This isn't rocket science folks. And yet this continues staff and having said this I told you have to reading the book creature project grudge or call island. And I'm being I am. I'm being somewhat facetious when I say this heck why don't we just print more money. I mean why not. We do this anyway let's just print some more. Why take any tax dollars why is it necessary to take any of our tax dollars. And in fact I'm in the section now. In the book creature from Jack wiley and more talks about the fact that tax dollars really are necessary to take care of any of these things. It all just simply be printed. In fact that goal. For tax policy. Is the very thing that socialists advocate. Of his income redistribution. You and I are being lied to you. Repeatedly. Let's talk about some campaign news. Donald Trump still. Pulls double digit leads or Ben Carson both South Carolina and Nevada the third and fourth state scheduled to hold nominating contests. In the race for the presidency. With trump widely seen in each day is the best candidate pandora range of hot issues is an uninteresting. Trump told 30% support Nevada Carson in second with 22 South Carolina trump doubles Karstens support. 36 to eighteen no other candidate comes close to diss. Top two in interstate. The third place candidate each case has less than 10%. Trump's backing in both states Al paces his support and most recent national polling Rory tends to draw around a quarter of Republican voters. Kind of intriguing isn't it. So everybody else is down field. Rand Paul who. We joining us a little bit later in the program. How wanna share something with you ends. I guess I have time before the break just to share a brief part of what's Erick Erickson has written two day. Coming up after the break I would share with use some audio. And you can interpret this different ways I wanna get your input on this audio. Here is Eric ericsson's headline Rand Paul it's time to take your campaign out back and shoot it. What is the most enduring moment of senator Paul's. Presidential campaign is also the most embarrassing. Senator live stream this entire day took questions from people on line. Not gonna tell you we said good player. It was is the press called a stunt desperate cry for attention what is worse. Senator Rand Paul did not even like yet I've been saying I don't wanna do this I don't wanna do this. And now we're doing this he told reporter. And many red mean tweets about himself. And that's where. The audio comes in which we will share with you. On the Vince Coakley radio program fifteen after about. I would pay the price has to 90 minutes after 11 o'clock and let me say again. Lest they get anybody to misinterpret my reason for sharing this and what I say here. Because. I you've said repeatedly I won each one of these outsider liberty candidates. You desperately I want one of these folks. At least one of them to prosper. And to get the nomination. Rand Paul remains semi short list having said this and we'll talk about this in just a few minutes old. I'm guessing concerns of what I'm seeing. So I shared with few brief part in you can read the whole thing. From Erick Erickson who said that it's time for a and poltergeist campaign outback can shoot it. He talked about this. Live streaming that took place a couple of days ago. Anne's. These campaign has basically put out there you know it's out there and there were making a joke of which is fine. I get the transparency thing. But sometimes in transparency reveals things that are not necessarily good. This is being called a stunt. So one of the things addressed was the issue of mean things. And I thought this was coming in all on the surface is kind of a funding fine tweets that are mean and addressed them and questions. And then we come to this here is one of those questions that was raised. Third question most popular question from Google is is Rand Paul still running for president and down. I know we'd be doing this dumb ass live streaming. Still am running for president. Get over it. Our lines tell me you're honest opinion you hear that and it really doesn't matter who says it. What what are you feeling when you are. Well I'll tell you and people who have heard me on the air before now I feel about that his dad in him possibly. But to me is as so arrogant it is so arrogant and and whenever he's on stage whenever I hear him talk all ears arrogance but I don't think that you know if you think it's so stupid why you do it. I just don't get it to see in this is back. You know and I ate what I feel is a reluctance. And and IE. I don't know what to make of this I really don't. Any goes on to say by the way if I were to play the longer version of this thing goes on to say. I guess this isn't record that we can't edit and weak well no you can't. And people look at this and say well at least he's being real. Yeah but why is he saying. In this about. Assist someone comes up and talks them and he's saying it about them when they walk away I mean that's he's gonna get bad fielder that's how he feels about a lot of things and and that's not who I want to leave my country. And I and I. And I wanted to be understood I still once you hold out hope for Rand Paul and his campaign which one the reasons why eight he's he's. Coming on programs here shortly. I don't have a conversation about this but the water comes across is they reluctance. I don't really want to be here is what comes across and it's not just this life stream. And those who are. Devoted to him. Frankly in a cult like fashion. They seem to be blind to this. And I'm not sure the people around him have served him well I'm just being honest here. But I appreciate your perspective Alonso and IE welcome yours if you like your call 80347163. The thanks line 71 threes your seventh. Tell me what you honestly thank. And should you know I know people are gonna have different opinions on this so I get it I want to quickly go into. An interview with pres president Barack Obama. And this you know interestingly enough. Is a big problem for the president in U hear me talk about this all the time and let me just say this because I've discussed this before. What I want in the White House next time around is a man who or woman for that matter. Who is walking insecurity. In other words they're secure about who they are. There's no insecurity no fear no before saying mean things about me blah blah blah blah. See these are by products of insecurity. Insecure people do ugly things to other people when they get empower. It's just that simple I don't care the person's grossly on the left and right they are dangerous people with power. Please import. How does Barack Obama thinks of himself. He made comments about how he was received pretty well until. Those awful media agencies like Fox News and conservative media came along. Here is what he had to say about how they're making him seem scary. It serves in terms were talking narrower. People always. Are you were surprised about me connecting with folks in small town Iowa and the reason. I did. Was first of all I benefit bed at the time. Nobody expected me to win them so I wasn't viewed through this prism of Fox News and media and making these carrier. Making these scary. I think we can't make you scary Mr. President you make yourself scary it's called discernment. And this is what tyrants do not like when you can see through them and you can see their souls. And recognize their shortcomings. And frankly recognized. The dangerous policies they may bring. Can of course president wants to grow this on Fox News and conservative media know it's who you are that scary. If your character that scary. If your policies that are scary. And closely right behind it. We have this sound bite. And notice. He refers to people of faith now I would be curious to know does this also apply to Muslims. Because he then it's kind of questioning the questioner. This was an interview I believe with. With Maryland Robinson. And it's like he is questioning her bouts. Why people of faith seem to be suspicious. Of others. And make no mistake about it folks this isn't about others this is about him. People are suspicious of him. How do you reconcile the idea of take me really important to you when you're carrying a lot about. Taking. Faith seriously. Where is the fact good. At least our democracy in Mercer. Discourse and seems deserves. Take care believed in the most seriously sometimes are also. Those who. Are suspicious of no is not quite right. Suspicious of those not like them see in this again this is. This is mr. Obama's paradigm. As soon have to be has to be understated sit here. We're suspicious of people not like us. So this gets into the propaganda that. Republicans. Don't like black people don't like brown people don't like immigrants EC were all of this stems from. This is this is the root right here. I make no mistake about it. I don't think the concern is as much about those people as it is about him. Because when you have a discerning bone in your body. You're going to see a person like Barack Obama coming from a mile away when I first saw this man campaigning I knew we was. It'd have to put out Reverend Wright are all these other people I saw who this guy was I could see it. Make no mistake about it. And I just be blunt about it. A person who has a relationship with god in his deserting on any level can see right through this. Can see right through it. And this is why. When you see totalitarian governments around the world stay about christianity. You have to understand the reason for it this is why. Because they cannot have this information out the understanding of who they are. We can see right through them coming up. Our conversation with senator Rand Paul presidential candidate much more and Vince Coakley radio program. And we can save broadcaster 36 minutes after the hour limit my kids. The author of the book rainfall in taking a stand moving beyond the partisan politics to unite America in the midst of Reading that book now as a matter of fact and we welcome now to microphones for my former home state of Kentucky senator Rand Paul welcome back here. I thank him events. They are one of the aren't the kind of person I like to hit the not so pleasant stuff first and then delve into the other things if you're OK with that. On the ball. And I love it or not and not particular instruction. Oh I'm glad to hear that I want to start with this. They live stream the other day and things they came surprise they're not just in your comments but Pete Cohen and your comments to the media about it war it's kind of indicated she really didn't wanna do this and this kind of currents of not really wanting to be here has come across in a number of venues how do you address that. You know I think some people need to understand sarcasm and we were actually have a little problem with it in fact we just finished reading to and need shall mean tweets stored out which you know they do absolutely comedy shows at night. So little bit light armored more lighthearted than people kind of can understand sometimes I guess sometimes a joke is in the moment both lost on others. But now I mean it's sort of like big dredging having their results film all day and then sort of blasting the process but no we we actually didn't end up generating quite a bit of attention from our alliance seemed today and we. We've now put out T shirts that say that. You know I lost a lot of training at all analysis to amassed he sure. We has got a handle on what that. And ask you honestly are you having a good time on the campaign trail are you enjoying this. You know quite a bit of time yes and sometimes now when I think it be dishonest shall be so they love being in airports all the gondola or their fans like. Com you know I can tell a when I flew from actual most go on under Chicago's. And the site we have personally I'm running to catch your connecting let them and Carolina they shut the door right in front of me and the plane still sitting there and restore hope and those are times when I'll know I'm there might even be in a profanity under the cap quite so it's all gone it's not all glory and it's really I think you do this more because. I don't worry for the general direction of the country. Can you do for any kind of personal glory either during this. I certainly hear that and a lot of people are gonna identify with the F flying especially. I want to ask you about the debates did you watch him what were your impressions. Well I think it's it's it's good to know that socialism. Is alive and well on that wants. And that is not only alive and well one they're leading Canas is a socialist there're there are all trying to outdo each other in their distinct. Four of the economic system of capitalism that made his grace. So you know it amazes me and it actually kind of scares me you know I've been making and spending more time. Going after burning and socialism because. I don't want. America does succumb to the notion that there's anything good about socialism I think it's not an accident. A history that most of conference socialism has been tried tips. I attendants with that has been mass genocide people or any of those who object to it Stalin killed tens of millions of people now killed tens of millions of people called pot kill millions of people. When you have a command economy when everything is dictated more authority that's socialism. But it doesn't come easily to those who resisted it. Yeah plans you know one of the frustrations tonight we've got such a little. And a limited amount of time to address so many issues I wanna go a bit further with this because. Does it concern you not just by the fact that these folks are on the stage but by the fact that they've got people actually cheering them and and I want to go to the broader issue senator Rand Paul because. I believe we've got an electorate that has been trained by our government system. And the Republican Party has not been wise enough to undermine this by destroying this government system of education and other tentacles. That they have created an electorate in my wrong about this. There's certainly a large amount of propaganda going on and dusting that they've created a made almost in True Religion is this so climate change or global warming then. Because if you resist at all or have any kind of doubts about you their data. Well won't add any kind of intellectual debate you're branded as it's not higher in years someone should be castigated. And probably. If they can have their way they would do I'm issue in some way or imprison you for having. That are a paradox talks about some things such as global warming or have been having this debate and it it is kind of amazing and the one question I using abstinence question John Stossel asked. Yes sir that critters he says do you think could be climate. Or the environment is cleaner today than it was in 1960. All these kids have been so propaganda safety code must be terrier now. But everything every measurement we have so that they environments cleaner now than it was in 1960. In 1960s cleaner than 1910. And 1910 was committed to making ninety. So really it's turned a progression and others actually doing a pretty good job at making environment cleaner. In sort of this apocalyptic stuff that's coming out of the government schools saying no no the statue of liberty and drowned in the world and in just a few years because of the terrible damage to the climate. When we obviously opposite. Certainly a lot of nine since being appropriated out there I wanna deal the subject it's just come out today and a lot of seniors are upset about the fact the cost of living increase that will not happen in 2016. Supposedly because gas prices have come way down how do you address this issue as president Paul. So recent seniors are not getting cost of living increases is because big government has sucked up all the money. Social Security money comes and and spent every year and so all the money that was brought in by the baby boomers we spent it on other things sometimes on the war sometimes I'm daughter. Sometimes on late sometimes on good things but. Truth of the matter is it's all gone it's been stand. And so what sense and so security officers a bunch of paper these are treasury bills that there promises to say they're not negotiable. So the treasury bills are not really worth anything their own redeemable by a new generation of taxes. Can the new generation smaller. And smaller assembly got smaller after the baby boomer era. We lost a tax base and yes and so the fact that it's safe scheme in which are one generation pays the next generation. You know worked with the generations six days and some are size and the generations get smaller. Also there's not enough money that's where we are now there is not enough money to pay for all those who retired. And this also ties into discussion that we will have to have here in the next couple weeks at least you have to deal would just the debt ceiling. How do you address this. I think huge mistake to raise the debt ceiling without forming. Our government to. And so what I've offered is what I'll say the last time I cut cap and balance cut spending cap this spending and pass a balanced budget amendment. If congress will pass about balance budget amendment which Marxist key states already agree wit. Then I'll go to raise the debt ceiling sort temporary few years until balanced budget over about five years short of that I'm not liberation their children because these people are not good with money. I've met most of people Washington or not to be trusted with your money they're not true role they're not balanced they don't try to balance anything they just keep. Sending us further and further into debt so I won't vote to raise the debt ceiling unless they actually can pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. And I think a lot of people the saudis would certainly agree with this. We're up against time here obviously would have to continue this conversation again but I want to ask you. You're used to the polls just like everyone else Donald Trump on top then Carson close behind him. And there are very numbers with those polls how does Rand Paul breakthrough. I think ultimately people are gonna have to decide. Commit serious about this who they like. On the nation. But also you have to decide who is a real conservative. I don't think you're real conservative frankly if you're for unlimited spending for the military. So some on the right are part of the problem you have those on the left to refer unlimited spending for defense toward domestic welfare. On the right differ on the understanding of the military and then what happens as they get together and they raised votes and that's why we're really drowning in the status because. Go to right and the left and spending that they want. And usually the compromises they get together and makes spend money on boats and that's kind of where we are. Arm and I'm afraid it's gonna get worse and I think we'll have the only candidate who actually is truly can sort of recessed. Across the board we have to control spending. Got a sneak in one last question what needs to happen with leadership in the house and the senate. I think you know the only position and open is going to be in the house and I think what they ought to do is don't have somebody who's news. You know the largest class and ensure that states was the statutory tidal wave of 2010. ID be nice to have somebody from that class actually run by house. And I think your feet just. Nominate somebody else in the pecking order from leadership yogurt is saying because. They're beaten down by the system on the status quo we inertia. End. This is our house in all likelihood will be over the past. An increase in the debt ceiling but won't PLO to defund 500 million are Planned Parenthood that to me it's a lack of leadership and a lack of where were all black encouraged a lack of will power. It certainly is. We so appreciate you coming on the program again as senator Rand Paul from Kentucky also authored the book taking a stand moved beyond partisan politics. To unite America good to talk to you again and look forward to another conversation soon last year. I. A rich. Senator Rand Paul Jonas and the broadcast 80347163. Text line 713 jurors seven what are your thoughts. Lunch here that we continue 46. All right folks I'm gonna tell you some Joseph promised us. Our race. This is uninteresting story and is now being reported by Huffington Post among other news agencies. All right. They're reporting Ben Carson is suspended his campaign. Four book tour. The sub heading here is running for president is a lucrative. Business. You may remember back during 2008 John McCain he suspended his presidential campaign for financial crisis. What was going on in Washington. In Carson story at four book tour according to ABC news. Carson is what is public campaign events on hold to focus on fund raising events and stuff. He's actually doing stops to promote his new book a more perfect union. Is scheduled to hold book signings next week in Texas Oklahoma Missouri Kansas Nebraska and Iowa. His last public event was say health care town hall meeting in there more in Iowa. October 2. He will not appear to public campaign event again until the next presidential debate in boulder that's October 28. His campaign staff will not travel with him was on the book tour. To avoid the unsavory image he's using his presidential bid to make money. But according to ABC there are legal issues it hands. Federal law prohibits candidates from using campaign resources to profit personally. So this is going to be very interesting. Again. Huffington Post reporting. The campaign is pretty much on hold for two weeks. For a book tour. Kind of intriguing. By the way. You should know all the attacks that have been coming up against Ben Carson. Well there apparently backfiring. Because and at least one poll. In Carson is. Virtually tied virtually tied. With Donald Trump. Yeah I think this extraordinary candidates say even this book tour story. I'm gonna make a prediction there that is not gonna hurt him in the least none at all. I'm convinced of that. We will continue to see Ben Carson doing well see I don't think the establishment Republican Party fully gets this. That we're at a place now people are so sick and tired. Of the establishment of the Republican Party I don't think these other candidates are gonna get traction at all. They're not. Time is reporting this is how they are reporting this particular story. Then cursing catching up to Donald Trump in new poll in you've seen all the attacks you know that. The issues that should have been raised in recent days you remember the comment about Muslims and you know all their throwing yet to try to make him look like some sort of hater. I'm working. I'm reporting. Try obviously Carson by just one point the latest poll Carson catching up to Dow trumpets support for a presidential. Hopeful has almost doubled in the past few months. This is a new Fox News poll trump still believe with 24%. Of identified Republican voters. Saying they'd like to see him get the GOP nomination Carson just behind him with 23%. That's an eleven point climb since August. TI and I think again character matters. Character matters. They still standing strong doesn't matter what they destroyed by the way. In third place. The only Republican candidate would double digit supports Ted crews. Good uninteresting story infected every share refute talks about the slow steady campaign of Ted Cruz. And I think ultimately. He's going to be a very formidable candidate. I think we did not get through today we will tomorrow including faith focus Friday. Stay with us and great degas bush.