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Vince Coakley went ahead and new version. A Republican. All colors no OK okay. And I instantly recognizable look standing for certain values which will not be compromised a breath of fresh air. A program 11063. WORG yeah. I guess you seven minutes after the hour 11 o'clock. Me today is a. Preamble he started his broadcast. And I don't think I can overstate this forcing this to many times because this opens up the order so many misunderstandings. My purpose in these segments is frankly to be provocative. To get to the core and to their church. How things. And along the way there are some things figure to be offensive to some people. My contention is much of what we will be contentious about. Are things that are frankly issues of idolatry for us I'm speaking from my own experience. Let me just say as a preamble before I introduce our guest. If you're in a place where you're enjoying what you're doing from a spiritual perspective. Great wonderful. If you're at a place where you're not enjoying yourself and you're wondering what's going on these segments will probably be most helpful for year. So I just put this out there this is not an attack on you not an attack on anything. This is just an idea of putting out something. That's use. Our first off has been helpful to meet. And I believe will be helpful to many of you. With that said. I came across an article why we crave religious systems and why I'm not leading churches for a wild written by different minus it was rob walkers and rob. We have quite a history that Markota bore you with all of us but. IE immediately was attracted to what he shared here and I got to be great to have him on the broadcast. And let me just read this first line before he introduced him. I gotta love hate relationship with christianity for many years since eleven years old as a matter fact here's the product loved the Jesus I Sheehan scripture. Here's the part of eight conformity QA system or structure that I could not see in scripture. So I've come to call the thing I've loved christianity and the thing I hated church she entity. If you understand nothing else that paragraph really sums it up. Welcome back to the broadcast rob good to talk with you man. Step expense singer. We'll tell you about this. Particular post and I warn you it is flinty for those viewer I encourage you to read it. How what motivated you to write this about craving religious systems in and it seems to me this is almost like a drug. Air and say hello I was just dramatic strike. Team along the lines aren't loose. Probably I would say they converted to a topology you know around Olympic all ready and her. Understand who's pastor of my pastor and my father which we think urgent call. Prior to him I think we're discovering or Greeks is about patients who all was a product out. When I called institutional church which. It's funny you know and energy molecule or longer cooperate. And and you just referenced it as a machine that to his word. There and well he he didn't know any better. Aired in Atlantic City he didn't know how to raise speaking better than he did and so we don't you wish. Grew in his ministry experience I grew large birds of following this under this being that he called a machine can control church. And yeah drug because it creates a model. That attracts you to want to Carson polish. Can explore what your behavior to what circumstance standards are principles god who rules regulations and we have all kind of other church you know coerced or about contraction pinched or don't staying. Under conference non greets you can't ever attain to those editors. And it really interest to achieve often started. What you think that because that's when you don't want you to do you keep trying and so during. A cycle of trying to marry her some drinking and Palin and try to figure out what to do all the emotional baggage and psychological frustration guilt. And get back going to try to get and again and again. Spectator from eleven years old book or four years old are our group preached a government control. Two great speech just sort of talking. Sort of help where Guerrero and what I told O instant background I started looking at it would really wanted to realign the deal didn't India's drug. That you know you're addicted to and you get out. You know what's so significant about this as we talk a drug war Christian. A lot of flooding is is so challenging here this is further complicated it's interesting you mention your dad being in pastoral ministry. Is you eat there are things that towards starts to show you that are in you. How we can talk about how were things that are in a system but the truth of the matter is the system only has appeal. Because of our broken this and and you kind of get to the heart of this what have you found when you've stepped away because you were in leadership in a number of roles. What did you find when she stepped away ends started to detox from that. As well I'm turning right so aren't I think Taj and talked to your account about a million a year ago this month the federal tracked and talked in August churning it out all our culture's traditional church without all its all I don't claim to have miniatures I. And got to go to guy horror you know hey we do just that I'm still trying to get our legs up under it. At at a news right now don't alike and we're here is trying to figure out what's next. Saw presidential I'm listening you know I'm I'm not only a majority and Allen also beware of anyone. Should be encouraged. To us Biggio cursor to pitch well after about why don't solve. There's. You know I. Am here I did not understand grace and and by the way institutional church read only. I'd adjust main chance and gear stringent disagree with Jonas but I just you know hopefully probably disagree with their institutional church. Is not chaebol bowl of communicating. Surely the idea of the grace of god in just did it because. It's you put grace inside of this machine. And it gets squelched it didn't actually capable force a bit and so tell me I saw inside of me. Was unleashed its finger on tour winner which is an inherent desire to shore. And so on the institution attracts people want to perform. And sir Richard jump on it mirrored Guerrero and you panel to push its strategic air and and ratcheting it attractive if I wanted to make bureau ordinary people happy. I wanted to gross pastor early you know Dick disciple or return I want to read those guys. And so not good challenge for guys like you install altered the history of the time vocational ministry. News that you yourself like you have to conform to those things in order to get a chance to be able to nest or somewhere. And so you you dude you don't quite pick up on it. What are you Richard Childress all. Attraction. June oh era or repressed people in order to please them make them happy so they can get a shot to do something you feel like got a Spoelstra knew. The institution provide the environment or the current checks written matching their captain it is very Arctic national poll which during much. It is an Irish open recently got. And so you end you don't even realize this would drive that's what's driving you in this goes on for years. Any you have this sense that you know I'm just trying to do what's right but the reality is. It's it's really appealing to something that's broken inside view and it's just part of where your dressing we've got to take a quick break here which are could draw more Christian and discussing. He is blog we're gonna post this on the east diplomacy three W board deep FaceBook page as well. And we'll continue our discussion here this coping radio program fifteen minutes after eleven. We continue to broadcast. In the articles on why he praised religious systems and why I'm not leading churches for a wild by. Rob Walters she's talking with the now by the way just give you sample from what up pretty much what I expected on the sex life. I mean it's. Total opposites. But as I miss some or rob a some what he's saying is what I feel don't have the ability to put into words. We also have this wild sounds like he's reading my life story Brian says this exactly what I was like thanks for sharing Vince but we also have this. And I want you to pick up from here rob. Vince I have no idea of what this guy's trying to say he sounds very lost and confused maybe try reading the gospels again that's from Houston. How do you respond and and it's not necessarily this person's going to understand. Why is it that this is so. You have people and such polar opposites or something like this how how do you explain this to someone like Susan. I don't in my heart racing post I put out as we go blogger rob Wilkerson dot net of the articles called him Chordiant. The institutional and I'm not currently out. We're. I actually what I would say agencies are jitters the problem of generational pictures. So if we'd been doing strange saying we're explorer went straight PG a hundred years which helps our region traits in church street. Around chief JD 300 or so when changed began to shift for the community of Jesus the early act which you have. I've been doing during that long the same way. There and we should we should ask ourselves. That's our question I had to ask myself is it possible that the way I viewed Jeter's. And the gospels and the Bible and church as bench or to. By this staying at that has embraced me and that's a really hard question perhaps because you have to change the facts that. Maybe not everything you taught has been legit maybe not everything you've been talk from the Bible has been much yet. And it's stare to step back and escort questions and our trial but in the middle of asking her questions it does make me appear. As someone who has lost what way you're has a printer setup all the deep there and I'll you know what the people have said you know you're up early. Often work now and that's OK I think what I've stared back to your first question best. About what this is done for me personally. I've since narrow the presence of Jesus. And the holy spirit Whitney weight I never read or enters almost personal quiche. Current comptroller under YouTube were nurses this deep level of shallow grip no who's got it strapped it. I'm okay he loves me. I was doing a run Tuesday night in really struggling that post things to cheers and said we're going through my mind ought to run on Tuesday night and I just. Well the holy spirit saying to me here minding your solo entered in that you are spiritually and won virtually made. Short Q and your mother's well I knit you together at least play entry you at catcher you're okay. We had to wait listed but don't like you know I was running twice distressed. They cannot and I cannot think culture week after week at such as travel this road so that's that's a decision you know beat. There're others without their TB patient this. You know what I think is wonderful about this and it's important understand. Is that we have to to be conscious of and respect for of other people's journey east and this there was this works both ways. There are people who are as I've said the people perfectly comfortable in this institutional context. And I'm not you know I'm not here to judge you work and Jim you for that I respect you in the place where you feel call it's you know stay there enjoyed that. By the same time where the danger very often comes and and and I both sides can do this. Is we can project under other people what we believe they out to do based on what we think god is leading us to do. And so it's very important here that we we keep that in mind. You know reduce something better than that I think is so important here do you find a cure your returning to basics rob a focusing on money. Loving your family for instance because I have a very often. Pastors families are casualties. Of this entire ministry thing. Turkish yeah I would say. Yes to that and that source yes they are casualties are believed that you know purity interview my brother as well vote to close up captures kids. And well well well on the debt you know you you wouldn't quit here. There are extremely close in many respects it casualty votes institutional church ministry. And to answer the question about what spoke some extremely trying it together to your previous remarks. About super imposing our own journey and other people. I'm I am working on that I was having. They an interchange for the white jacket so the mutual friend of our so leagues don't show or we were chatting. I think yesterday or today or yesterday. And and he encouraged me he said you know you you mean you want to chair told you communicate your journey rob said. You know don't communicate your journey you know whether it be that that that presents an us vs them mentality. And so I am desperately trying to do that I don't want to make other people feel through my communication. That there are situations somehow socks and or not right with gut. So yeah what I've what I'm trying to correct that as well as well as like just that I am focusing almost say well I've seen. A tremendous increase the depth of our relationship with my kids. A mild side just went out last week chair and and there are some great things grow and they're. By early shoot a low lights is growing and wait I probably could never. Measured before we had a very honest deep conversation Monday night about this sheet. There's probably not exactly don't think they can I am. And so we have to talk about that wreck early warning to pipes there was an article what do mystical journey surge. Your wife circuit chips you know to achieve this display your lights down. So yes trying to crawl out of the angst and some of the confusion so they don't have clarity some dates are confusing but the main thing if they rob. Take your eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our trade and so that it's helped me choke to sample try to. Relationships at this point output outlook view. And Serbia to be in pastoral ministry. Oh look you know and you can tell you what do you think I had to do two things going I think got Washington. Out of all that is just page. How can I understand better how can we just relate together and grow our friendship and join you debate amongst each other. You know I love the way you describe this rod because a lot of and and this was done and I've been there I've done it. You don't do this intentionally. But your point there's this. Obligation that you put on people that part of your service to god has to be it requires you to serve me and to serve this system. That I'm running. It and and you know attention if you look at. The new account to know what really. I've got an insurance can often times and conspiracies was that how did that and and you want to know that we hadn't Toro right which is chances due to our economy. And conspiracies or mr. Malone got that are retiring between the Babylonian and Carl and the challenging interest. You know try to do here detached in these charities and added layers upon layers of interpretation and gums law. Basically saying god Washington this they are so we think are the best ways you to do that train. And get over 400 curse those lawyers themselves. Replaced the command of god. And so all of the people live on this parched and stretched and strained. Are trying to oh they ought legal nurse and I totally missed a god originally and so we do attitude in the institutional church I don't think we realized. Yeah you're absolutely right in and these. We and what's so difficult we can't separate what god said. From watch the church said. And this is where the confusion sets in and and frankly where a lot of bondage sets in that sense very very challenging. I would encourage you to read this why we crave religious systems why am not leading churches for a while longer it's from Rob Walker sent. We're in a post this on 163 W or don't you or he page. Thanks a lot for coming on the broadcast Robin that we continue to wish you well man. Check your brother could talk to get in particular much. Rob workers and and again I put this out there. Ford those who view for some argue this is an MBA a glass of cold water for others. It is a glass of cold water thrown on the face. That's not the intent or just wanna put that out there plus of course we can take you've been broken radio program including your talk about the with the White House is engaged and I mean look at these you know we just had a shooting out the origin. And we've got this crisis developing in Syria what's the white White House focused on. Well this outreach to transgender community will blow your mind we'll talk about it we can see it stay with us. And as expected GM makes. Rob is hitting the bull's eye and deceptive he institutional church has for the most part probably missed it I'm part of the church I teach these streets every week in the church. He's just visiting living by Greece dot org I've gained a lot of help from this particular author great. I certainly hope you're just helps you somehow or. Load balance. Men's graces the essence of spirituality great support Greece rules are by Steve. McVeigh. Sent it out for us he's a pastor affirms what was said. And I encourage. All three the book backs asking God's revelation and how to early Christians leave lives and believes. Also consider the sometimes god draws this increase spiritual fast this is meant to Clint art from false doctrine. An impure affections Paul regulations once speaks of this for three years she was part of god in Arabia. In god used to powerfully compete preach Christ. You get it you understand this has to be something that he's done from the inside and I just let me just put this up because this. Is something that I've been thinking a lot about just the past few days. For one because I was listening to a particular radio program not on the station. Where I agree with most of what the person has to say. How always where I disagree with him. If you take nothing away from this broadcast today. True christianity is about what guide through the holy spirit does on the inside of people. That's where it originates and that's where the majority of God's work takes place. Not the outside. It's the outside influence. To the outside influence in if that's where most of your alleged Christian life is coming from there's a problem. And this is why. I think our society in our churches are where they are today because there's not a lot going on in the inside. There's much more going on on the outside. It's imposed. It is regulated it is so called accountability. These things that are driven from the outside or not the essence. Of spirituality. And I loved the point the person was making about Paul. Going away. And learning. In seclusion for a season. She's Wharton much or what we can't do today. Because we've got to be around all of the artificial stimulation of music. And sermons and all of the other things that frankly are used to good part of the time. Not intentionally. But their forms a manipulation and their artificial you take those away. And most people have nothing. Nothing. I know this. Because I observe it all the time. I I'm I'm just gonna say this one more thing. Wasn't intending to you but it's a good time sick. Something is wrong. When you've got people who were in the same neighborhood. Walk right nearby each other have no. Supposedly Christians. Have no interest in one another zero. See once I walk out of that building at twelve noon. I'm not not conscious at all of my neighbor. This is the way most of us live if we're honest. If we are honest truth matter is most the time we're not. Thank you call from Renee welcome to the broadcast. And other brands are great stick figure against a couple of quick points. I think there many outlook our traditional churches. Helicopters the American way of going thinks everything is experienced it's all business is probably triggered. And its leader attacked because. This biblical principles. Are very open up. The second thing is I believe it's it's all or none is as we always go out and our traditional churches. We are all these appear out manned and and that's a fear of yeah it is until we gear over the older and we start. You know ourselves and an end up wanting to understanding. Strip churned out. There are ice and hurled at it and we start to understand though so what are your thoughts and. You really touched on something important in and you correct me if I miss reading what you said but I think part of what you're communicating his. There are a lot of the motivation behind what we're doing is not because of guys. If the cause of perceptions how people we will be perceived if we don't perform a certain way. And that's where you're saying it's the fear of command rather than the fear of god it's it's I don't want people to think of me is certain way. And this is. 00. It's also time bears in their traditional churches and they're in the area. Teach more than appear altered countless brave men of god and everybody all of a great man apart. And and and thinner and I was about and that I attend her tennis it's temple university and in the eighties I order same mentality. Higher standard up our own this. Bunny ears actually it was all over there mentality is this year. Couple other man that is our and it's that the principles that features that fear of god. And then empire the first of a concept. I'm talking about. What and the other churches looked out there in a matter experience mentality. It's everything is business here's what happened here in the church everything is good. You know unfortunately the church both people never topped it against you. Don't. I'm Latino people they keep compute because they are they get and partly I mean I try and under current pop over the church also read that my friends. Tendency that I went pretty important that we will have been killed there. You can you like chocolate spirit outs or anything until triple member com. So it was never a French it's even knew it was going the same church that you just mentioned at all I believe and and and we don't know what would I can tell what that person has any Albert I would gently took at least. I hope it's. Renee you if you fit right on the head exactly what's gone on not going to hold on the line if you can be as I'd love to have. To engage further on and on some of these things at some point and in this is where where. As you know again this is not a divine creation. In a win win when we're doing this to people. You know it's it's called out. Love bombing you know we hear somebody new and we surround them and we hate your you're coming through our thing. Once a person doesn't come on there's a flip side this that I know leaders have talked about because I know leaders that have experienced this. If that leader. If you're no longer giving that leader your money and attending his facility. Are you still and his heart is that person still a pastor. Of yours. And these these are tough questions we have to ask because these are about economics. If we're honest about it a lot of miserable by economics. And consumerism on our part. I and that's what I want us to do let's just be honest. Much more if we continue rated talk about this. This outreach to trans jet leaders this one really put your mind but then again maybe not maybe what you expect as we continue 45 after eleven. On the text line Vince I saw Simon say keep the word it will keep the world out that's good. So let's singer Michael teaches what you stated Vince fire on wet woods defense. John out of Greenville. Also. I see you remember the 103 year old woman that was booted out of her church she's back now. And the preacher has gotten booted out I know that went up. It's kind of funny. Missed my husband and I commend change for the good by the teaching the scripture right grace is sufficient you Christ we have received from the bridge church and since ago. We are so relieved to know god loves unconditionally Christ. And find in our love and worship. Him. Has increased greatly thanks for sharing brought to Greece for Christ it's Kathy out of Simpson bill thanks so much for sharing. It's time for very quick call here from captain and fish before we are good too important story one out we promised to deliver a welcome sir. Thank you read sir appreciate accurate are afraid to talk about spirituality it's. I just won't make you come or not I don't frankly have a certain problem in the church won't affect Israel and identity crowd is. We don't know who we are we don't know who aren't crush you know and most people like them Tim feather their game a bit with disparate. The bank could really get more get our Dutch beer or spiritual brilliant slip and everybody. If all of a spirit that comes says you know that let those spared the slogan god and that's what the world is why don't reveal most sons of god. Man that is an awesome thing that you are shared and so glad that I took your call because. Unfortunately where we've gotten in trouble is when we allow all the physical to override the spiritual. And how much are we driven from dated today and again. Even if it's religiously motivated if it's not out of the spirit of God's leadership in us where does that come from comes from the flash. And that's. That's death no matter how you stack it up thanks for your call captain fish always good talking with you. And this is at the heart of attacking materialism if you're if you're an opponent materialism. We've got to recognize that and and I was thinking this video developed this another time. I've become convinced that many of us Christians are Ian in reality we're material us. We are and it's not money it's not that stuff. We figured out ways to carry out religious materialism. I know it's kind of keep dog left to develop and another time. Not enough time for that right now let's talk about the White House and what they're promoting. I mean it's amazing with all the things that are going on in our world. How screwed up. Things are right now. What do we have in terms of leadership out of the White House. Well the White House is reaching out according to bright Burch to the trans transgender community for a list of things its members one. As they follow their lifestyle choices. So now we have. A safe place to peak. That's what this initiative is called. It was launch and help of White House chief data scientists. G shape until. Or should press concern that there's very little thing over the transgender community needs from the government oh my goodness. And the transgender space there exists no date. Until told fortune magazine there's not. Until helped launch the initiative in order to qualify. The desires from the trans gender community. So the federal government could reach out with assistance jobs health care housing a safe place to peak in short time to be heard. Share your hash tag trends and needs reads a message on the Twitter account. Calling for everyone to wait again. Until praised the lunch the movement on Twitter. I I have man. And we need a lot of help. I mean that I'm serious you've talked about and screwed. Of people. Riordan so much trouble folks. Also. Regarding heard the news record 94094. Million actually 6101000. Americans died and the labor force. Participation rates labor participation rate lowest since 1977. Refer to is a payrolls. Disaster. And who was it they came on this program Peter Schiff. This headline is affirming what he said the Fed is never going to raise rates it's ugly. Never. Going to raise rates. And I'm not surprised. I I affirmed what Peter Schiff tennis Schiff has communicated. Because this thing isn't turning around it just isn't. I told you we were Chara perspective for make more Beatty who had a little bit of eighty an online town hall. On the issue of who should be the next speaker I eat. Posted this question. As to whether he's made a decision as to who should be the speaker. McCauley says I am not the house freedom carcass will meet with all the candidates next Tuesday that said. I'm more interest in in what the next speaker will do not who the next speaker is. Here's what I that was really interesting is you know the next speaker does not have to nor any speaker does not have to be a member of congress. He added this we thought about it Bobby Jindal. He politely declined I. Think when you become a cool. To have Bobby Jindal. As speaker of the house. The blast to watch. When to be cold watched those negotiations and watch him talking with the president about the budget and other issues. Yeah. Don't hold your breath folks think about. The jays have yourself a great we can please be safe out there. God bless you figure.