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Aug 9, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to stop worrying you're retired with George busting of northstar financial and retirement planning and people have to. For the unexpected. I wanna make sure that the snap. And northstar financial and retirement planning we'll help you accomplish your future financial goals and we wish you every step of the way. She's taken off the table. Having to worry about your money you're never just an account numbers you have entrusted us with your life and retirement savings a responsibility. We take very seriously. Having the money. Is something we have to have it doesn't change your values at all and when we get to retirement the second part of your life should be situation. And now to stop worrying Joseph retired radio. And. Let me get at all. Thank you so much for being here today for stop worrying and you're tired with the George fox singing and Ryan knowledge and of course our financial and retirement planning my name is Christian Charles. Here alongside these guys each week talking about there is things happening around. The world around the country around the Carolinas how they all could have an impact on you when your family financially. But we're focusing on how they could have an impact on the your retirement. And how they don't always pack two and that's your going to learn today if he join us. The rest of this hour we'll learn more about that we're also gonna talk about why Americans aren't actually saving more what are they doing with that money a new survey finding it boo Ers actually have too much money in the market we'll find out why that might not be a good idea for you listening today Marty tells about these guys and the entire team. At north star 65 of the dot com George Bryant yeah seems a very busy because you know you've got offices in green don't national and a Andersonville soak. Pretty much office near anyone listening to it. That's kind of the understatement I think the girls are moving offices to just moved into our you locations in the downtown Greenville. And one liberty square so we're we're just settling in so up there was a slower out. Kind of putting the pieces of the puzzle together with our with our office so we've been busy and that we him bluster as well the single lots of folks that are. When you call after hours after 10 o'clock club working folks that were being after appear to works has been wonderful I think that's the best we print three she. Point deceiving aren't they coming home late yes there's a firmer. Why is our allies understand. The nature of her her business so we solve somehow managed to play around a little bit a little bit of fun so. Very gangs that then I'm. Yes some fun and then the thing is an editor or denigrate your show with you guys and to the way your team operates in north star financial retirement planning that. He is passionate about what you do a Georgia yourself former sixteen years you've been helping folks of retirement and that in 2007. To you kind of gathered a team together and started northstar financial retirement planning because this is fun to you helping people and and really bonding with your clients. I'll remind folks came from very modest means so that it was in the military was in the Marine Corps and my mother was a nurse and where basically our rays blue collar wonderful family life had a great time growing up yet. Yeah a dollar every dollar matters stretching and Alice was Paramount to. Having AM. You know just having a nice lifestyle and it's funny how what priest who has to normal race with. So I remember mom and dad that we had the milk. And half who is a regular milk bill was patterns mixed with water so that's kind of what we had a certain parts for life and really pay attention to it until later and I kind of felt like kind of a music. So just that I just. A slow what I do because we we work with whole Lotta people choose to be this chemistry we brought together with people are very much like yourself. Very real down to earth opened could communicators. In various verses here than not looking to get rich they're just looking to maintain. A nice lifestyle and not get hurt retirement seems to just draw that type of people that tore world. I loved ice and not looking to get rich because it you know there's some things. We see on TV her on the radio you know I've read about online where it's like OK you know you're gonna be okay no matter what and this is what you do and there's get rich and get it when it comes to retirement and learned from you that you've got a safe and then what you have saved you've got to make the best decisions with and that's what really you and the team and Arthur 65 are now and also. What you talk about here on the radio. Then that's right in the big fees to pay attention to as well is the solution hours a week you can work. And if you have to have your money go to work free as well if you think that we need to be in retirement and our job we would like she's sort optimize. Just below the smarter with your investments with your decision making sure you have ample protection. So when there's a market correction or if you live a long life they don't get hurt I'm the son penalty. So we knew we take fees it's a step by step process who walks through that process we implement I think what separates us from a lot of other folks out here that the to say they do what we do. Is there really don't have a conversation with Social Security I don't really talk about taxes where it should be I believe taxes are going up I'm doing everything within our Paris. 22. Keep taxes to a minimum we we pay enough in taxes already donated double hit retirement. So with these planning strategies really come to think. All sizes and of course health care when we talk about Medicare when we talk about that you know what you're going to be facing with health care cost in all matters folks. Pin George your you bring up questions and most people don't wanna talk about you know we it it is a process every client though walks into your body comes in just to sit down when George and they're they're gonna go through some questions and when the process just last night we met with three great couples. And we George asked them the questions that nobody else had asked time and really started just a wonderful discussion and truly took quite a few more meetings and really drilling down on their goals and and helping set up that stress free retirement. It's and onto that I ask a toss requests were until bacillus and we're not doing anything until you can. Tell people what you're doing in your own words. But indiscernible. In the mrs. Smith when a when he what is your plan for what you have want people I have this I have income set for life I've got inflation protection vehicles and there. Reducing my taxes right now what taxes are low and I feel very good about retirement in the future and very few people can say that. And by the time we're done usually. Takes a couple of meetings seemed to kind of war Kuwait through this one of education going on during this process. No we go to the chalkboard quite often yes it's very enjoyable and it's very down to earth that's feedback we get and that's those sworn we want to date so we understand. The folks who are listening to as per women's met before and maybe a little skeptical. Little tentative. On the same way. You all strangers until we shake hands everything occurs is that a risk is taking the time out of your your week coming in and discuss what's going on and and what your concerns are. We're very down earth I believe we're very real and it's a really does come down to it like or used up there but we just enjoy helping people. And I think a really bleeds through when we should tell folks because for reform for it kind of passionate about or trying to accomplish people just want to. It's just a retire. Ever did it being retirements keep what you have right. Your head in the sand which is what most people do. It is very dangerous day and the ones that won't initial listen you know this happened to my friend I don't want to have been made. I you know church I knew nothing about long term care until in my all pointed out he had a stroke can ruin my aunt was dealing with things she's she's. Out 60000 dollars a year now. So these stories start coming through as we get old I can't believe I'm 54 is just crazy. And it's just sneaks up on it. And you know retirement is in my radar looking at a power with Ryan's both a good decade younger he's he's starting to plans for this. Folks that are in retirement. It's not too late to optimize winners they know what I think I need to do little tweaking my planned but I think 2008. Sort of feel comfortable I think this might who might be staring down another turndown I'm not sure. If unprotected where you need to they know them. I'm not eight years older and so silly having these conversations with folks who Christian is as enjoyable feels like you're just looking go to work its. George Ryan and the entire team at north star 65 dot com or if you got questions just none of these guys are phone call away can take your call off the air. They show up with a complimentary personal retirement review to see a third fit for you. 805. Point 80920. Cent to 805 point 80920. America isn't quite frankly the rest of the world continued say keep our eyes on the Fed to see when they're going to raise interest rates and aggressively on Bloomberg Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein says it's gonna be jarring once we do see an interest rate hike because we haven't seen one in so long. It's a funny set of circumstances that makes interest rates so low long growth is so embedded. And that's because of the uncertainty that that growth is really truly indebted and the Fed would rather take a risk on having me too soft. For longer than run the risk all giving up all the they've accomplished. In getting the economy to where it is now and so they will keep things easier for a long time. Georgia thanks folks are most worried about having our retirement nest eggs jolted bind that rate hike when it does happen but what we do to kind of protect ourselves from that. If be proactive for kind of simple isn't it. Just you can't wait for this to happen and then make the adjustment you too late so dialing back some of the import what's gonna happen of course when this does. Interest rates this kind of kind of it just spreads out one and something goes up of course affects the building trades palm by trade things like that any time where your borrowing money also this affects everybody that loses it's harder to qualify. So there's so many areas where this kind of just bleeds out. So when this does happen is gonna have an impact in the markets no doubt I think personally I think it'll be a small incremental change maybe a quarter percent to star with at least they're not they give up. What they've accomplished and it is very delicate for sensitive environment right now so it's gonna happen and happen very very small. A little bit and a time. And and but a player like does a good chance of stock gonna happen just because they keep talking about it this is going on three years. Well he did have fun on the other side what's what's wrong with that answer your question Chris and 22 getting become a little more concern was your investments and let's wait and see we've had a good run to. And I do indeed good time to look at some safe money alternatives which is what we're doing with a lot of our clients right now let's not decrease let's protect what we earned. And when there is this interest rate check. Who knows where which structure it's gonna go but we certainly don't want to get her way not to get to do we don't look good together. Double digit gains right now we're just looking to avoid double digit losses that makes any sense. Yeah in Georgetown the first way that our listeners can actually start has to work on the start the plan is to give us call right now are complete planning review we've talked about a so much and it's it's really Georgia's way of educating you letting you know where you are currently a third party review all of your current holdings education on what's available out there. And really just getting their retirement plan started in that discussion opened up so Chris and I if you let let's go ahead and open up phone line so I for the next. Next fifteen minutes anybody calls then we'll do complimentary complete planning her view. And Guyanese people starter on the way to a worry for your retirement. That take advantage of that dead Collison the next fifteen minutes and then just know that George Ryan and the team and northstar financial and retirement planning a Lal a certain amount of time each week. For those complimentary complete planning their reviews it's at a great value to you in your family 8051. Need to 0920. He Collison the next fifteen minutes that's complementary. 805180920. And were always at north star's 65 dot com. Next is possible to own too much stock and what is his current bull market going again. I mean for you. Find out next here nonstop touring you're tired. Umpire of course our financial and. Seems like most families I know have. Crazy uncle in the name. It's much better to have a crazy uncle in the media uncle that once more and more of your money every year of course I'm talking about me uncle and because the month of mayhem it's vitally important to be and act like responsible in retirement. Now would be a great time to contour plus they have nicer financially retirement planning and storage fees paid taxes physically to help generate income for life. There's a financial retirement planning look into your important. Questions like my financially ready to retire handle Alan's math. This should not include financial. Actually had me until they have weird compliment to your retirement. You're certain financial and retirement planning today at 180518. 0190. Cents or 1805180190. Or visit horse start things I've done. And do yourself. The Mariners don't invite needy uncle CM it anymore and your family function did you. You know that I trick Social Security like it's routine may be the biggest financial planner you can make as. As you approach retirement did you relay that billion new strategy when it comes to collecting Social Security benefits. Custom view endorsed thousands and thousands upon thousands of dollars in Los retirement and sometimes yeah you apply for Social Security benefits. Com source tossing and his team at north star financial for your complimentary Social Security report at 805180920. Or visited north star 65 dot com. They're singing this song with less swiftly first turn Iranians back in 1960 here on some worry you're tired of what George Foster and Ryan Mulligan. Check this out and north star 65 dot com George you wife Meredith do you guys know how to do the twister does one of you a I don't I'm Ron. Came back from an annual conference in they had an eighty spin up there are no it's not exactly the twists that there was a lot of dancing going on both for the next. If something was twisted but it wasn't the dancing. How's this for 250. Or so advisors different offices there. And I got a letter from one person puts a program together for a for the offense make sense does George by far you have the most fun office between not all by myself for my wife and endgame is the other guys are open a financial. Because you just run with his father a great time so while we're not bashful when I think. Next time very talented but I'm more. Maybe he'll look. Learned the class before I finally got to perform forgive my dad was my knees and I'd days to do that than I don't know if we can do movement is take a beating of that yeah right it's clear that. I don't look very graceful variants I'll say that but you know that song the twisted really sometimes can remind a lot of most of those twists and turns of the stock market and won it seems to go through and we all do wonder when we might be due for another correction and Stovall is the chief equity strategist at Essen IQ. He points out that weird now in the seventh year of a bull market. Serve only been two times since World War II that we celebrated our seventh birthday. So what I'm trying to say is don't go too far out on the wrist. Hurt don't go too far out on the risk curve in Georgia is it possible to defend our savings from the market downturn everyone's concerned about I mean and and we can I guess Kelly cash everything Elton. Just hold it but we still see some groups to tell. It should take some possibly take some Samir gains off the table from from the risk and so has been a wonderful run since 2000 improved. Gotten back. What we lost to end. Plus a fair amount as well so what people out there are pretty good position thing is he's clearly do this roller coaster thing again an analyst we not learned anything. The most dangerous worsened investors this time is different. This will repeat it will to drop to natural. Phenomenal with the with the stock work it through scratch no matter how bad it's gonna go down south. All we're doing a lot of clients is for protecting the Porsche and used to be protective. We have monies in these linked accounts or we dialed back the risk. So the market goes up let's say a 10% there won't get the full ten might get five or 6%. But they're gonna enjoy some of the upside but the market does swing down 10203040%. None of their principles or risk so that this that this is a I believe I have this is protected money can't sit your checking account that's for sure. But inflation running 3% you're gonna we've seen what we've seen a huge amounts of money to see their cash because I didn't know there was other safe money alternatives. There were showing folks facility and you can enjoy. Some of the up market ups swings without the downside risk means that this is good for portion of for folks money and they have to be educated on this itself. There's a lot of different choices. Banks offer. Market linked CD's pretty neat but a lot of people listening so I've never heard of those we share those with people big major banks. Insurance companies have a fixed index annuities which are. To be a very good portion a good idea for some folks I specific need for income down the road you know we isn't duties for safety in an income so again a very powerful bull. So there there are there's certain type of bonds out there of government funds that are linked to up to the price index. Papers 400 billion dollars in these type of bonds people have no idea if they've never been. Educated comment and it's very frustrating or else present it to people so I never heard of these since you only think there are real. Hell they slam and heard them all what times are not profitable for for the people are so we don't. And also the companies that they might work for. Won't allow them to offer this product I think that's that's simple so yes to answer the question we are dialing back some of the risk putting some of these say for money accounts. But so giving them a fair reasonable rate to return it. Questions about that George Ryan the team in north star financial retirement planning there a phone call away and can take your call off the air and even says shuffled a complimentary retirement review. 8051. Aide is. 0920. And they got this 800 number because they've got offices in Greeneville Daschle and Henderson belt too yeah I'll be there for you in whichever location is closest to you 800. 5180920. I recently released quarterly analysis from fidelity yelled at this headline. Baby boomers' own too much stock now to this Yahoo! fight as article 1% of boomers between ages fifty and sixty have their entire 401K invested in stocks. And you're trying to determine how much if any of our nest eggs. Should be in the market in that way. That's some pretty big question two it's a contact all really depends on the a lot of different variables and there's not a blanket answer. No there is not evidence that we have to be careful. What's your read what you hear. Everybody is the same and everybody's unique from what I mean by that is a lot of us are scared about losing money what we have but we're also like his have the upside some of these games. Yet if you don't have a lot saved the impact of a downturn. Could be catastrophic attack just huge after we feel more assets as your poly little more diverse. And you can possibly put upload the more wind with some of the risk that's out there so we really sit down his old rule 100. Wishes she takes the number one hundreds of track your age and should be at the percentage ever risks of your eighty. Two at 20% risk. If your twenties the 80% or risk the whole side of it is you have more time for younger. Less time if you're older tell you which means you don't if there is a major setback. The recovery time. It when you're seventy. You've covered times ten years that's a huge impact. Four people. I mean really what country affects lifestyle so we have to do with respect that question really comes and a lifestyle. If the mark was two cracked by 40% of search how that affected and that most of us think that's very greatly. Well yes and some people now. So you really have to take a look at that. And say in most it would be scary if you put into it presents don't scare people but dollars do somebody has asked billion dollar portfolio. And I trust 200000 dollars. You see that stay and watch you go become less and less. And less. That keeps you open them there's only one reason. Why are letting that affect you it it is is just getting a little too greedy you think your being sold on the market will mean Errol recover once you that's not the case. Money does not love you too long list of Columbia back home yeah I'd. But also true when you really just think about that logically that's why you have to that's what my sharpest. That is two to wrestle the emotion away from. Your portfolio and said listen this a cold this is something you're gonna hear it dip into. To maintain your quality life to be able to travel. To be able to spoil your grandchildren and you be able to program pot up. Possibly by by that my Slobodan be able take grand kids out and if you wanna be able to do that if the market presents you wanna stop traveling north most sorry kids we can't come visit. Now that that is ridiculous. You don't want I have to be in that situation. And I know that that's something that you and then Ryan and the entire team at arms are financial and retirement planning really believe events and the national bestselling retirement author Patrick Kelly who's also a good friend or show he believes the same thing and recently asked a friend an interesting question about retirement I. I remember asking an executive who retired and I'm very well have a long career is and what about retirement surprised. And he said you know what country it's really interest and people actually helped me plan pretty well for my money but what they didn't help me plan for was my time part of the reason that he had a lecture. I'm having the ability to feel he had all this time but because he. Hadn't planned well now someone who hasn't done that they're gonna have a double whammy. Because not only will they have this time that they need to fill but they were also made me feel much the same way and the money side of things like man. I wish someone would have told me this I wish I would have known this enough one of the nice things about today's. Marketplace. There are a lot of tools a lot of financial vehicles that really can help people put their money. On auto pilot Elise as much as possible and do so without the fearful loss. They're also I think one of the key components and that is making sure that they do you work with someone who has their best interest in my. George you're talking about how if you wanted folks to be able to make sure they could. Have the means to visit the grand kids say the vacations whenever it is that's important to them and retirement. Account your plans to that focus on the fun aspects of retirement and not worry about the money I mean they've got to worry about the money as some point it's a process Patrick Kelly just. I just love this guy he just makes so much sense it breaks it down it's not a big sales they say you might hear. From a lot of programs it really does he need time to need a planning to do need a process that's who we bring to the table folks at their listening that you might not have a pension less and less of us do. Forcing you to do is start planning for income when you retire so Oscar is not going to be enough. And you have to have a castle street part two. He's actual money to come in and we always take care that seems to be becomes a way where people start relaxing me see the big picture. And grind is as is fantastic with sub putting me out there we will have a retirement analyzer the process of pop up on the screen. People get to see they visualize. There retirement and we showed them the numbers. And they start becoming more and more relaxes a process we have let's take a look at Social Security let's look at your here's NASDAQ. Let's say what he's trying to accomplish your retirement give longevity and we are putting the pieces of the puzzle it would take a puzzle just dumping on the table let's use our. You come along might even start over you start with the border trade my voice above restored voice that kind of process and it comes all sun starts. Becoming easier and easier and easier. And people become more and more relaxed they felt better in my passing catching up to do. That might be okay but this allows people to visualize and we've had a number. Free Olaf was yours in come see us and say that's what we wanna do that's what we're missing we're not getting that with the people with right now. The end George a great way to to kind of get a head start is Patrick Kelly's got a great book stress free retirement that the basis of retirement starts during compass and I if you can secure your income keep yourself safe protected. And had L lifestyle really taking care aero dependent. You will have a stretcher retirement and that's the name of the book stress for retirement by Patrick Kelly it's a great read he's. Is so good with the words. Really helps educate through stories and guys are pretty quick creed so we have five copies of Patrick Kelly stressed for your retirement standing by right now through the next five callers that call and request a copy you'll die and get that right out Tia. 805. Point eight. 0920. The first five callers that George Ryan and the team at north star financial and retirement planning our boys kissing the spoke complimentary. It's a Palin and how I have to read and it's it's a simple read because it tells real life stories of folks like you and I are listening today. And how they used some of the strategies that George Ryan talk about to achieve what Patrick also smoke. A stress free retirement. 805 point 80920. As and. Chris and I'm I just got to jump then for all of you listeners out there. I've had people call up and they said. I'm afraid to call because I don't why it treasury in my credit card for the ship saying I don't wanna follow me on an email list right get five emails every day for the next two months ago. Colin if you wanna copy of the book will get a copy of SNL. I'm in a follow up with the N about a weaker to make sure you perceive that you credit and if you like to move forward me was George or if you have him by Elsa my pension copier to talk to George so that's it that's it. Selling something you definitely need to take advantage of today 8051. Made the 09 at 20 is complimentary for the first of five college more details at north star 65 dot com coming next should you panic about Social Security right now will dive into that really clears things up for you animal talking. How about an interesting inheritance conversation it. You don't want us here on suffering you're retired. All part of northstar financial and are you planning. Now living your money and unfortunately that's the fear many Americans who get. How will you make your money last for life. George tossing any team in north star financial and retirement planning we'll help you get the most from social security and help you develop a strategy for a steady retirement income. George will help create a plan based on your unique objectives call for your complimentary retirement review. 805180190. It's 805180920. Or visit the north star 65 dot com. Social Security it's your money and still in the nineteen Social Security like it's preteen. May be the biggest financial wonder you can make this your first retirement. Did you realize it's villiers he's strategy when he comes to a legend goes to charity benefits. Can cost you endorse thousands and thousands upon thousands of dollars in lost retirement income. And people living longer and it's now more important than ever before the make the right decisions about wind and how to begin receiving Social Security benefits. That's why it's important to build a complete retirement lifestyle strategy with Norse are financial and retirement planning before you apply for Social Security benefits. Sure I think can help you craft your retirement income strategy they incorporate Social Security optimization. Are complementary Social Security report today from northstar financial and retirement plan. On 805180920. Or visit north starts 65 dot com. Advisory services suffer for. If you registered investment advisor Northrop financially. No feet and roads don't capital management part suffered anything from one another. You first turn on the radio back in August of 1970. Critics Clearwater or not. Doesn't look announce my back door thank you so much for joining us today for stop pouring if your retired. With George Foster and Enron only enough northstar financial and retirement planning or online any time check it sounded northstar 65 dot com but it. Georgia is a little. Here in the studio today I leave we've got some going to studio law. It's almost forty to have a patch can quit and wonderful us funds twin identical twin boys. Getting ready for its last two weeks this summer league going off to Fisher middle school. Richard Green bill and I just want to want to standing up here and they're getting bigger by the minute. So more voice of the morning good morning. And that's enough for since your radio side of it so we're here to talk about financial but we just wanted to get him on there they're just wonderful that singer so so patiently and quietly for imports difficult cycle and that's hard for me doing and I. Sinus and tell him yes shall have family other I think you know my my son all the sons. Just turned 23. And he's a Marine Corps he's gotten at least right now so every say a prayer for. Hello I'm serving and my daughter's getting ready to have backed Clemson University so it's a busy household. It's a busy household you and your wife Meredith who make it happen with the kids and then so many different stances and stages of life and therein and that you know when you think about it your children a lot of times and is part of the retirement planning for you listening because he wanted to sometimes make some moves to termites for them later on or help the mound or help the grand kids outlaw often here on the show. We discuss a state planning and how important it is. But it. Neil Cavuto from Fox Business it's like this Manhattan real estate millionaire dad has taken that parenting and am planning to the extreme when it comes to what he's leaving his daughters they. The guys guys write the laws of god there's two daughters and he wants only needs ten million dollars to one and in between the two of them I thought I mean anything. They've got to marry right had children while wedded and that's just for starters. These are the stipulation currencies and Lazard and get this one it. Now his daughters aren't 21 and seventeen so. Stand license stipulations might need to be in place. But in short try a little looking at this article before the show and some of requirements seem not. Quote crazy and extreme but the clients who really do a lot of work on their state plan to provide for their children or grandchildren. There's not a fact it is we have and it's to our our office we now have they estate planning attorney okay working directly with us here in the office association carrier great streak. I individual and so yes this is a big part we just had to this past week to women. It's divorced and they're going through that it was on can't even the what does your life and their concerns were with their children inheriting money. And at the very critical that this a listen you know they'll go get something but I'm afraid my daughter will suspend it. I don't just disappear and they don't create Havoc and being a negative. As opposed to positive self. I started talking to her about time some of the different different vehicles such trusts that are available to put together so they don't get hurt. And age becomes something that's beneficial secret plan that's in this. These two up in ladies and heard of that money for bad. Beyond the grave. His wishes are coming true having to marry had to use the money things like this study input into the into the planet is kind of funny but the whole. Goal with us. Is really just for peace of mind once again not not spoiling the kids but just giving them financial security. And you have to do this switcher. Bill passed away. How are these goals which is gonna be taking care of the only way to accomplish this through the legal process of putting together. The right type of trust. And you can. Put your kids a better situation and folks if you listen think there might be a son in law and daughter in law you're really not too fond of we see this around for awhile. As if you pass away and me he tore Earl say it's finally not fond of your daughter gets my guess life gets half. And the son in law and I can get a divorce and and it can be beat create I'd seen it happen folks. It's diabolical so workers' comp tickets so I seen this whole thing unfold. Think it is not too often but with the process taking the legal processor and city California attorney who specializes in mass. Well worth the money. Because it sounds like it because there's so many different things that could crop up and you're right every family as a different dynamic out there and you wanna make sure whatever your wishes are whatever you want to make sure happens for your children and gave grandchildren does occur and that's her estate planning comes in the play and that's part of the overall retirement plan that they George Ryan and the team at north star financial retirement planning focus on for you listening today north star 65 dot com check this out they are or college you've got questions about that. The Georgian I'll take your call off the area consensual with a complimentary retirement review if you have more questions 80518. 0920. That's 80518. 09 net to zero if he's. A headline about Social Security running out of money next year. Just calm down don't panic if they're talking about the disability insurance trust fund now still. This is going to be an interesting test to see what our politicians. Dude to further this benefit as well as to the Mano a retirement benefit that's supposed to be depleted in 2034. And you're trying to some of the ideas that and you know you have maybe about Social Security can help us listening today and and what are your clients and talking about concerned about. Well we we have a lot of people like comment know a lot of folks very concerned about whether or not Social Security's going to be there in the future and Social Security is definitely gonna change. I'm quite a bit younger than most do we sit down with the and I know for a fact it's not mean the same program when I finally reached. Whatever age that might be more Social Security but we really wanna make sure that our clients are also at peace there are changes certainly made however if you're currently on Social Security has we've already seen the cost of living increases that we've been receiving have Horry started that down a little bit more and it's now law all linked to type of cost of living increase. And and there's been differences in ages when you can actually start receiving your full retirement benefits that handles security just breached its 5050 anniversary. That's when I first started were not able to take Social Security until age 65. Now folks are able to go ahead and take it as early as age sixty to pull back when I first came out your life expectancy is only 66. Trip we look at life expectancy is now there's just there's an immense difference but at the same time. Our nation we are going to take care for seniors know we're got to modify benefits that they're going to be modified out there but we really wanna make sure. I will lead to this to Christen is the social support what does this mean Social Security disability. Knowing with Fiat stress on these these accounts are huge. Taxes will be going up right to stay home. Things will change you will we will all be paying more in taxes down or we can't keep doing that's. So you can plan you can start now we have. More classic could shake a stick at that or now doing tax reduction strategies. For their retirement we're starting to take money off the table and from the IRS from being able access of folks. Or con conservative folks with with our investment strategies and how I feel about what's going on with our government. And we've got to learn to do to grow up. And do the right thing and we just can't keep passing this on toward kids I think everybody agrees about that but the wasted job there's just incredible. And I read it daily Harry multiple sources and start putting piece of the puzzle again together. And I look at just Kristen and I said you know what Social Security is going to be to sow mistrust on it and all these other entitlement programs that middle class America. It's gonna get the brunt of this. I think Palin always go ends and I tell you people if you are having that discussion with cure your visor. You need to ask why. That's the thing is is asking why if really information is power when it comes down to a and that life is so valuable I think to people listening today yes the Social Security system is not perfect weather this earlier in the installation performed going to can still be here but Ryan this something you focus on with the clients at northstar financial and retirement planning you kind of are. Social Security guru if you will and you'll help folks a lot with that Social Security optimization making sure that they get the most out of it because it's their market. We sure do and we add on we call our Social Security optimization report is part of Lou the complete planning her view that we do we have some folks that. Re now they just really contrary on Social Security they wanna understand it better in the wanna know kind of what they could expect so. We'll take a look at possible changes that might happen we'll take a look at your actual earnings statements. Straight from Social Security. And will be able to sit down help you get an idea for what you can expect in retirement a retirement is all by incoming if you wanna have a safe and secure retirement then you need to plan for you need to know what to expect him we can really sit down and help optimize our you can get the most for your particular situation now Social Security ties so for the next fifteen minutes like to open up our Social Security optimization report give us call will scheduled time I'll go over with you what we need to go ahead and accommodate get the full report for -- I'll come in sit down when George. And myself and will will explain Social Security how worse how you can get the most for yourself and your family and really optimize. And it's a strategy so it's not just walking in Social Security Office they can't give you. Any recommendations. Bobo we can really help Saddam make sure you understand what your options are and how it's gonna affect yourself Stanley you're surviving spouse and really optimize it for you take. Fan and so that's complementary Social Security optimization report. 805. Point 809. At 20 best complimentary if you call within the next ten minutes and Georgian Ryan we'll take your call off the air and set them up. For you complimentary X is fifteen minutes president. Yes okay 805180920. That's 80518. 09 twos hero and we're always online at north star 65 dot com. The next British keep talking more about you and your retirement and the word that insurance. What does it mean for you probably think of something that covers your life health car maybe even your home school. There's another type out there that matters when it comes to your retirement we'll talk about that in the long term care making sure you're prepared for. You retired that's on the way and stop worrying you're retired. With George fox in the final again. All part of north for financial and retirement. Norris recently turned 75 years old and to this day I think the only thing the thing is afraid and is. A living his money. Unfortunately that's a fear of many Americans just how will you make your money last for life. Give George pausing of northstar financial and retirement planning to call today at 80518. 0920. Georgia's team will help you get the most from Social Security. As well as help you develop a strategy to rest any retirement income. George will help create a plan based on your unique objective. All northstar financial and retirement planning for your complimentary retirement revealed 80518. 0190. Or visit north star 65 dot com now's a great time to sit down with George to review your retirement goal. All northstar financial and retirement planning at 80518. 0190. In China north answers the phone. Very very politely. Speak to George. He's so much for joining us today for some pouring your retired with George phosphate Brian Mulligan entertainment northstar financial and retirement plan. Check out northstar 65 dot com and August of 1969. Sly and the big stone released this it hot fun in the summertime here in the Carolinas. And all abound that kindness and the summertime it's it's it's human it's hot. We just Dylan and we're used to it is still way of life now nothing like and introduce fiesta. While his conditioning our air gals is that with CNN CF option I don't quite have that. Listening today when you. Our insurance you probably like me think of something that covers your life your health and your car your home but George Ryan there was an article in money Wannstedt talked about how you can insure your retirement. Did we go about doing something like that. That's that's that's a good article it's good. We talk blood vessels securities with a tools are available for me worry free retirement and with the talked about is really just kind of locking down your income. And for the money less thrust of your life no matter how long do you or spouse live that's a big deal right can. Penalized through for living a long life. How to survive the stock market crash not having to go to peanut butter jelly sandwich is turning down cycle. You know being able to. Just for inflation over time things get more expensive as we look. And have this checked command automatically. And without. Any outside influence so basically three things that meets your criteria. It's one is you're. And or provide penchant now there's less than 10% of us out there have have a pension we can look forward to just crazy social security and the bedrock for many people. And and duties which we look at as possibly using towards a private pension. Same thing these are just going to pay for lights up fees a three tools. They you can utilized again unfortunately pension seem to be going by the wayside so. Look canceled securities' Brian just said earlier. You and optimizing understanding how Social Security works and how to get the most out of what you put into this account you wanna back camp and lastly is is new lease sometimes a controversial word. But understanding the different types how they play apart from many people must just take a private pension but I and I think you'll feel more comfortable without word as opposed to a newly. And so these are three things we we look at. And these are things that I think a lot of folks listening don't really know about sometimes there are really understand and if that's you listening today if you wanna find out more about different ways to find that insurance that there were talking about this article check northstar 65 dot com or or call the Georgian Ryan and the team at northstar financial retirement planning they've got offices in Greenville Asheville and Henderson hill to sit down with you whichever areas closest for you that's how we got this 800 number 8051809. At 20 they'll take your call all year and setup that complimentary retirement review complimentary 80580920. And high cost of long term care which is something we talk about a lot here on the show and I know your clients discussed in the office every day Georgian Ryan a lot. Elderly Americans are receiving free in home care from a family member now if you put any weight on those hours AA ARP says that figure is now. 470. Billion dollars a year now of course anonymous wanna be a burden to our children her or anyone else. Queen you know makes a moves to plan for Madden and and kind of cover these costs when nighttime. Comes if it comes in retirement and we do need that long term care. What can dole program on us so long term care we furniture and a lot this past week with folks telling us their stories I think we just spent two hours aboard couple last night is they really wanted them both parents were not facility that such Senna was just stuff horrifying here's the details and yet it's a topic you don't want to discuss usually lasts on the radar again usually the man chair Mel was hard what's on the interior and on Iran. Stahl do something. Analyze series kind of go really and it's. Look at this up pretty standard as far as how people the behavior when we talk about this topic but digging into this there is some sunshine. And there is the government's gotten more pro active on centralizing financial service companies. As well as use taxpayer. Through tax breaks looking at long term care solutions. Listens to this if this sounds good he's put money into this account. Let's say put a 100000 dollars both style pac 101000 auction tent. And that will give you 40000 dollars for long term care protection automatically. Are you feeling your spouse take and kind build it around whatever you want to do so but if you don't need it. The money goes back first ever spent no use it up if you want your money back and any time. You can take your money into something else with that. But there are some solutions out there Christen that are just fantastic people go oh really I knew nothing about this the standard thing was long term care insurance for many view graph carelessly. Have these products. Unfortunately. The previews have been going up on a lot of folks out there. So for planning and kind of dangerous orders because if you're paying 200 dollars month and also because of the 400 or 600 dollars. That's not good so there's new solutions out there Christian which for a look at. These are very tax efficient for folks if you do need to coverage it protects its here are some incentives the government is giving. Folks go ahead and put these plans in place. Didn't we I think the couple we're talking joy went through the four different ways you can find a long term care. And I think killing of one thing you want any of this and we had no idea George. They were so excited. To look at this say so what he's telling me George is. I'm not locked into a lifetime contract now you take your money anytime you want that he's. You think highly leveraged at ill pay cash. So which means you can have your son or daughter featured a quote whoever come and take care of you compare them directly but. So important because most plans out there you have to go through an accredited group to do that got us into the having a friend from church her on son or daughter or another family member come in and help you out you have to go through. A business out there are descendants. As certified. Personnel in your house and that's her type person start receiving the full amount that your insurance paying for your insurance maybe paying 25 dollars an hour you have some lay in your house that you don't know. He's you don't have relationship with and they might only get beginning paid eleven dollars an hour he's hiding. Hillary's. Yeah we do think it is dangerous dance like that so any that pitcher so looking at from that standpoint blowout that's just that's amazing we can we can do that and look at it this way folks. Colin nursing home avoidance plan. The goal we have is to keep you out of nursing home keep you at home keep you independent it takes money to do that. The risk Israel seven out of ten of us are gonna need some type a long term care fortunately most us will not go to a nursing home. Yet understanding how the government pays for this a few on Medicaid which is spending down which means your welfare or right you don't choose you remain as. Just think what that way. You can. An apology dead. Yeah I'm not where he wanted to ask for a lot of people penned up so this is a big boy big girl conversation we talked about long term care something we don't want Deuce Lutui no one discussed again it. But you're leaving the back then to the barn door open area you're you're saying you're setting yourself up for possible. Catastrophic event. It only needs do police and long term care plan to right Ryan we think who called a plane and that long term care insurance understanding how the government steps and what they're what they're gonna do for you had to keep yourself home an independent. Good news is a lot of these products christened there is no health questions thank. So you can qualify for it and they go up to age eighty some of these plans to so yes people listening answers are like certainly I can't get it. Don't do that yourself. There's so many options and some interest out there that that so many of our listeners just haven't heard long term care planning it's all part of retirement planning and it's all part of the complete planning review that first Percy other crawl our listeners all her clients are your interest in coming in getting started on your overall retirement plan interest free you're not going to be charged. It's going to be education first and ask a lot of questions for your your goals third party review of aimed at current holdings your 401K your IRA. And really looking at all those pieces of your puzzle like we talked about earlier and starting to put the puzzle together from all the small jigsaw pieces so it can call up the next twenty minutes we'll stick around all that after the show and can give us call. Well scheduled time mortgage set up to commence Saddam would George sir your your free complimentary complete planning or did. He's in the next twenty minutes OK for you listening you know that's a little wild but that just about to wrap up here in a few minutes so make sure you call now allowance top of mind. 805. Point 809. At 20 if you call within the next twenty minutes that complete planning reviews from George in the Tina northstar financial and retirement planning is complimentary. 8058. 0920. Always online at north star 65 dot com and guys we know a lot of different things here on the show but I think. I know I love hearing good news you love good news and I was responded to what they resent the good news story out of north star financial and retirement planning may closer. She is now retired cheese what school teacher for twenty years and sorry kids but she couldn't wait to get out can you tell. I think you want as a Brit I was retirement comes a grandchild almost within. This the same month so she's so excited. To become a grandmother is awesome and retire from teaching and just take that next chapter when she came into the office. He was happy of course sees as very quiet means to good good good band there chooses glowing as I'm done and I'm meridia from. The par grandma 'cause Hassan had Sosa and have a plan in place and they're just sat ready to go out and they just so we're looking at their retirement and suddenly they're gonna plenty of money. They'll be able to do I said earlier in the show as well bring kids and just enjoy retirement and that is because they did the homework they did the studies is the steps. The plan and and really ran whether. That's the thing is you do have to deal hallmark yourself and and take the steps so that you've got them plans together but really the heavy lifting that's what George Ryan and the team at north star financial retirement planning are going to do for you so that you can have those feel good happy stories in retirement. 805180920. Still sometimes treated call and take advantage of that complimentary complete planning review 805 point 80920. Camera always at north star 65 dot com. My name's Christian trials on behalf of George fox Ryan Mulligan in the entire team at north star financial retirement planning just so much for making stopped wearing you're retired part of your day. Is Brian polian thank you all for listening. Towards us and thanks for listening up. Because of Uncle Sam it's vitally important city is tax Smart as possible and meantime. Now would be a great time to plug George causing a nor'easter financial and retirement planning to Argentine can save tax efficient ways to help generate income for life and answer any important retirement questions like am I financially ready to retire soon. And like outlive my ass and this did not include financial drama. Especially from Uncle Sam owners are financial and retirement planning today at 1805180190. Or visit north star's 65 dot com. The opinions expressed by George Foster Northrop financial and get some pretty good job on their own and do not reflect the opinion. Billions of the radio station all the billions and billions of pressure based upon information considered reliable putter which cannot be relied upon as side. They prefer big loser of the day without notice. Involve risk and a much for the white did not guaranteed. 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