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Vince Coakley 7-20-15 Hour 1

Jul 20, 2015|

Guest hosted by Bill Frady #blacklivesmatter Trump's truth

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's Coakley went ahead and new first. A Republican. All colors no hailed as bill. Instantly recognizable of Fannie for certain values which will. A breath of fresh air. We radio program on 1063 WOR DP update. Bill Brady. All right all right. It's not a party till something is broke morning were able. My name is bill Freddy I am not Vince Coakley for all of you cope fans out there and do not despair he will be this is all about him claims follies take him this week off found. So Vince he will be here a lot large and in charge. During the Bobby Mac show and this week you have to me. And that's a good thing that's a good thing there's this whole. Back come to you with words of encouragement. To kick off with this is kick off this week we've made. Come on give you the moral of the tale I'm about to tell him. Well life is still good. And the United States is still the greatest country on the planet. I'm gonna tell you why. When I was eighteen years old lament this guy who has a record Spinner. He was smooth he's big he's tall he is about. It was about 67 years older than I was and he was my he was my neighbor. In this duplex right off a north wind column road or north Franklin court rather in Maria on a cat named rose castle. And Russ was just he was just smooth and it was Ku and everything and I didn't think that much of it. Then rest grew up and moved way Boehner how's everything and moved on I joined the military when I came back rested segued. Into being a conservative talker. And the best interest to me a great deal on course I discovered the ORD and at that time I was in the route delivery business so I listened to a lot of talk radio a lot of talk radio and I listened to a lot of rust Kessel. And I always thought how cool it would be to get into that sort of a forum. Then you know I've. Somebody and somebody made a mistake you actually a liberal are Colombia's completely messed up and decide to put a microphone in front of my face. And I quickly became the the bullet you can't pull back into the gun. I was at the former home of air America in Columbia, South Carolina it was hilarious. And over the course of time I had called in to rest castle show and I I had you know if it was snowing or something I would let him know story out on the road or something. And I just wanted to talk to rest and thanked Kim. And in October. Rest password. And by that time I had segue of my radio career was moving along here there everywhere. And I thought how how tragic and for those he did don't pay attention and a lot of radio hosts have been passing away you. And it was quite annoying to me for that one of them would be the guy to inspired me to get into the business to get into that. Until the genre. If you will to begin with. Then. In January. I had the same heart attack the rest castle. And the only difference between me and Russ Cassel is that Russ was didn't make you a hospital in time. I made it to the hospital on time I had the same kind of blockage I had the same kind of pairing event and I you know. Given you know 66 minutes one way or the other it says the whole story changes and it ends. The whole story ends. But I woke up. I came to an icu. Now I'm on the mend. Now why now wire I rehab. And now wire I've my life has changed in six months cigarette free. Lift five days a week. Great Livan erupt sort of you know all the crazy stuff that you don't do. And still. As I sat out there and every morning when I would get in front remarked I would think about rust ask. So the confluence of events that happens you know here I am today. Sitting. Where rest castle used to sit. Talking into a microphone rose Cassel he's talking to. Talking to an audience that I have listened to do I have listened to the audience as well. As everybody that does does the talking here WORD. And I have always wanted to get involved in it and now I get to. That's that's really that's really too bad because now there's going to be changes come not that you know WRD is taken care business or problem that I have no problem about. It's just that tad now we're going to run things get amplified a little bit be never to give them the Eagles advantage talk line is 803471063. Beat text line 71307. The angels live image text line 71307. Anything that you've got to talk about you want to although I've got plenty of stuff to talk to you about. Now first thing that I wanna talk to you about. I'm I'm 54 years old very soon I will be approaching that Social Security age. And by trade one of the things that I do resign may Second Amendment advocate. And of course our president. President Barack. Obama. If the gift that keeps on Jim because Barack Obama wants him some gun control the heart skim some gun control. So he announced this push. And this is going to emulate something may Bender with VA area in the B day. If you are you a listen this is all of our our disabled in the VA and you have a fiduciary taking care of your money your VA benefit. You automatically get. Put on the NI CS system which prohibits you from buying a gun and he wants to do that now he will stay the same program and bring it to the Social Security system. When all of you folks. Out there. Are a better and the Social Security system and maybe you can't keep the checkbook. Maybe you don't need the Social Security. Money may be may be your well off and you've already got everything you need and you take yourself security money. And you're buying slim Jim's a Lotto tickets whether or whatever you wanna do you free will know Laura comes into play because now you obviously are crazy. So how's he gonna reward you for being crazy he's gonna star wrote in your rights. Now this is not plugging holes in the background check system a background check system is a failure. I tell you that. Unequivocally it is a failure every one of your headline grabbing. Mass shootings that you see out there with a all the names and all the places that become synonymous with violence. Everybody passed a background check. Everybody. Passed a background check that got involved about us some background check system is a snapshot. It's simply a snapshot. And president Barack Obama wants to do is add everybody to that Polaroid camera. After after after after after after so. There comes another thing to fight. When we get back we're gonna talk about the apologists and how they backed down from the absolute number liberals. This is that 1063 WORD. On Monday. Will be right back. All right welcome back. Once again. It is me from the public programs out there yes he will be here later today keep your brains open you'll be able to get your fix. Eagles advantage shall try to get an 803471063. Text line 7130 Missouri settlement and as some of the Texas. To read gentlemen the things I remind him of rest boys you are really blame it on me. It really nice thank you very very much I appreciate that not trying to be like Russ. It's hard that's a hard act to follow I'm not even gonna try to policy issues much less try to be gross but. And of course yes the Obama socialist agendas about the guy grabs or anywhere in there's this there's this thing they do. Has this thing it's it's a concept they get to Gibbons called net roots nation. Which is a gathering of all of the uber liberal activists out there it's got to sound like the wailing of the caps. That's got to be one of the more depressing. Things to get together we have. And of course say everybody but Hillary is there there was a run for the L presidential nomination as a Democrat. Because Hillary's the presumptive I haven't done anything but I still get coordinated. You know candidate for the democratic nomination to be president her queen nor diversion and she's got hundred. O'Malley former governor O'Malley of Maryland to his claim to fame is he's the one that put the regime in place to turn Baltimore and to be smoking crater that it is today. And senator Bernie Sanders socialists. You know he he does and you make any bones about his not others saying I'm a Democrat. But he actually access the Caesar salad saying I'm a socialist. Who had who who is sort of for guns which is a very interest in doing demanding they went to the net roots nation conference and there were there were a lot of black Americans there because this year this year demean. Is hands that don't shoot and can't breathe black lives matter. That's the main. And there are and a lot of demonstrators. There that were screaming black lives matter and governor O'Malley responded black lives matter white lives matter all lives matter. Him throw India platter the beige lives or any of those other lives miles and I think they all matter because I just do. At at at at and they have registered. Now the demonstrators were not having any of that they shouted governor O'Malley off the stage because he said all lives matter. Now O'Malley instead of getting out there and saying you know I really don't understand why we are obese or is divisive here and everything I mean. I if I am elected president the United States I have to be president of the entirety of the United States which is more than black lives. Because so that you got away with that in my opinion I'm OK so the net roots conference as white comedian get to speak anyway. What's the loss. Bernie Sanders sort aware that way too although he didn't get shouted down near his memory is O'Malley can get shouted down women want to weigh in. How would be Hispanics the U you know won't be complete and total open border that we actually are they have. O'Malley apologized for. Is that I meant no disrespect that was a mistake on my part I meant no disrespect I did not mean to be insensitive and anyway. Or communicate that I do not understand. Good tremendous passion commitment and feeling and depth of feeling that all of us should be attaching to this issue. June Butler. So bottom she's a philosopher of the University of California Berkeley. She said when some people would join with all lives matter they misunderstand the problem now because their messages and true. It is true that all lives matter but it is equally true that not all lives are listed commander which is priced precisely. Why it's most important Amanda lives that have not mattered and are struggling to matter in the way they deserve. I've got just a small word of advice. For anybody out there walking around claiming to be an American no matter what color you are no matter what shape you are nipping at. It's I know the law OK I know why I walk around in society should correct date I am my own first responder. I know the law I know how everything works if a police officer comes up. And tells me to put my hands behind my back my hands are going behind my back I'm going to dislocated my shoulder is getting him back there simply because. Most of the time. It's five minutes and I'm going to be on my way. I know I am a Caucasian. But. If you look at the percentage is out there which are Black America does on a 12% of black mayor of America's black. Of the people of when police killed far more caucasians they do black people let's just a fact I know it's inconvenient. I know it's not much fun at all to have that fact. But it's out there. It's out there so. You know we if then that's the first thing the second thing the second thing and I don't know why net roots nation does not bring this out and just pounded into the sand. Why isn't net roots nation what can get O'Malley and Bernie Sanders and everybody in the Democratic Party and saying you guys led to the dissolution of the black family structure. Did you guys led to the absolute. You know I'd just snatching of anything that might be in my future. You leave my education is horrible most of us who live in the inner city we can't get an education. You know as and the kids they don't have a family sort of the go we're still a place they can get some acceptance the crips. Or the bloods. Will accept them. And pat pat pat pat pat pat pat. That part of it they never bring up they never bring up I sit back on a constant basis. Looking at places like Chicago. Where they won't reelect a liberal. Regime. Time and time and time again. And exists in a crossfire all the time children getting killed but why why don't the black lives matter. People also box in the middle of gang land in Chicago say stop the violence Brothers and sisters please you gotta go where the crime list. If you wanna stop the violence that's where the climates as for the violence is. Remember this keep just keep dismissal leadership in EnerNOC did you go about today and everybody tells you how bad you are. If you're a gun owner how bad you are through this so bad how bad your soda percent of all violent crime. Takes place and 3% of the counties here in the United States today. That is a fact they another inconvenient fact. Another inconvenient little morsel. For them to chew on. And those 3% of the counties that's where you find your big city should Baltimore your New York City here you know and I don't really know exactly what they're going to expect anyway. What is likewise matters thing because cops have become a target. Their badge is not so much an identifier now as a place to put your across yours. I don't know the cops I I didn't do it's I'm I'm glad I'm not a police officer. I'm whether or not a police officer IE. I. Admire them and I respect him and I won't back the cops is if something were to happen M there was a mom moving on the top slammed into the and I'll be coming to play. I'll be coming to play. And what I do come to play will be playing Purdue hurt but time let's all decide point. Just bear that in mind. It's interesting to watch the liberals consumed each other. That is like whenever I hear about that happening I buy a big gulp soda and a big thing of popcorn and doused it in Bonner. Because I got this new replant heart so I can take a little bit of extreme dieting here in the air and that part of it doesn't bother me. I love to watch it because that's exactly what you saw here. Hillary Clinton did governor she went last time. And you know. Hillary Clinton said recently I think it was in a gym all lives matter. Which is true and cut back when did it stop when do we start having. Well it's a perfectly okay to kill these folks if your police officers in the such heal them all lives matter. Ellis talk about you know there's there's a stat that very inconvenient stat that I hate to bring out. But you know as a Second Amendment and can I get lump this all time about the murders happened against. The murders that happened when guns are with the complete disenfranchised. Young black youth. That are gang members killing other young disenfranchise black youth. In the inner cities if you take that way do you know how many homicides we have in the United States which we are all wash in guns here in the United States. We got more guns and we have people in the United States. And you know what the problem 99.9 percent of us we're just good people so we don't you don't against not coming and talking to us for the full assists. So. Barrel that reminders as you go about your day and everything when you look at this stuff like instead like just a good. There's still going to be an answer here somewhere. As we go along passed a bit. I did this is simply no way. For this to continue unabated. And one of the reasons I do what I do a lot. On the Second Amendment after the easy part is I don't see how the country brings itself back from this precipice. I don't see how. I don't see how we gradually. Become more constitutional go back to being. What we used to be what we think. We should be. I think at some point we're going to but I have to snatched that bag. And any event. We'll take a step back just for a second if we may have. On Monday this is the Vince Coakley show and right here at 1063 WOR news. Is the central radio program of course it's this takes hold delayed thing and you catch him on the Bob McClain show later on the day. My name is bill Brady and you can catch me at the Eagles fans talk client. Hold free wherever you're sitting wherever you're an 803471063. By the text line which we're gonna talk to the Texas you're just minutes 71307. But first we're gonna go Ralph in. Yeah. Yeah. He's back rounds and the come back and combat an ever I'm I'm listening to party candidate and new fines and they. Okay content. That can go back all of our social media about preemption. When you look like it. To third biggest joke I've ever. And it could look good and come home video bloody well. Personally I have never seen this on the beach I mean I'm sorry mom dodge enemy in Arenas and I are announcing Venus is really good night. There is no way no. Haven't come to America and they attacked a certain. Amount to actually I don't pull up the car. We got a look at the blue whatever they don't have. Oh well you know. I look at this whole self determination thing and I don't really know how I feel about that that lady that was with the NAACP the blacks and whites. I believe I believe you can get out there and do work against racial discrimination and be Caucasian or all they won't I believe you can do that I mean. Well I mean image no thank you Mississippi in the they made a whole mill a movie about an industry burn those three white kids got killed there were doing racial sort of you know any racial discrimination will soak. Well I don't I don't know why the whole self determination thing I mean does this mean that I can be I don't know fire truck around I've always will be a. It's yeah. The Google car black and you're related. To the tree rare and every parent because of the complexity of their lives the life there's there's been little black. I do think it's weird you know we're we were very involved in where I get out there I'm I am who I am. By the grace of god and the yeah combination and I can. Sentiment got a big round up a bit you know yeah that's ever that's always round you'll see what I try to do I just quit smoking it's. No that's double whammy you're really read it to local yeah. See my jaw muscles I'm Regis I mean I'm pleased to introduce to. It's. Never you're very big guys certain. Appreciate it calls they say. Yeah that whole self determination they just make me scratch my Pollack we challenged head. Now I'm looking at some of the I'm looking at some of the and and Vince Coakley says he's enjoying the show Vince you are to kind of Maicer. A look at some of the Tex in here let's move off the raced up I understand okay looks like I'm beat a dead horse I've only been on for two segments of their give me just to chancellor can just look. It's a little bit of patience with him. And and you know restart it was our rob McCain and trump and I guess my bills calling. Lindsay lap dog Lindsay. And here's the thing and Libya dresses to the whole broad spectrum of political. The political look. I don't like any of it. I don't like the way they operate. I don't like it the way everybody's their friends. I don't like the way we just elected a Republican congress in there out there warning to reach across when did elect them to reach across that I'll we will. Elected them to slap them across the aisle. We elected them to stop an agenda dead in his tracks. Lindsey Graham look. I'll tell you one thing I know about Lindsey Graham and his last election that he just blew rightward. And some of you are not going to like this. But your state GOP. Never got out there and back to one single solitary Republican they wanted to primary him. Not one. They knew all along and and this is this is whether to play happens the more people that are involved in this thing and if it registered one guy won a primary and Jimmy get higher percentage of the vote. If they're sixth in nobody gets a percentage high enough. To automatically put in a runoff where there and then that changed the whole dynamic of the game Graham's got a lot of money. Nobody can get any money. And the GOP the state our state GOP. Okay. Our state GOP. They are committing malfeasance. Of office every day they exist. They abdicate their role they don't get out there and take any sort of a standard is any thing. If you're the state GOP and you're in charge of the Republican Party within this state don't you think he'd be running around and you know sitting in on. County meetings and men precinct meetings and all of these other things and just watching and taking part in it now has elevated. That's elevated. Occasionally they they they thought a press release. They throw out to you know you Bill Bennett quoted here there and anything else but our state GOP for those who didn't like or don't like senator Lindsey Graham and believe me when I tell another audience that he's my senior senator. I feel Mike Loomis Maximus. Come tracks compact and go into a painful spasm. Just considering that. Lindsey Graham's part of machine and the on the way to big part of machine everybody's a look at the Mitt mauled by any what was meant gym rat race. Moulds maybe. Had no chance of winning their race and everybody got out on the Graham homes. As started knocking on doors the weekend before the election when he got elected for at first spratt was what 26 year incumbent. Had all my him when he didn't have anything. More maybe beat the money. If that is too much and good of good note for example OK let's look at Colorado Colorado was a grassroots effort. Everybody knew you know they they pass some really bad gun legislation that makes no difference in the grants you reflects. And the grand scheme of things none at all. Two guys Tim Knight Victor hit it got out there and sort of a grassroots movement. To recall. Two state senators where their eye on a third. They got outspent twenty to 21 in the final count 221. But it wasn't about the money. You can you can get out there mild air time so Mikey come in here right now by every drop of air time WORD. Has. And if they did he get out there and say to somebody will you don't there there media they're media onslaught was relentless does that mean that if you hear something that you don't agree with a just imagining snatch you. Into a whole different way of thought. Is is that what you tell me. So it's it's it's. Grassroots. Real grassroots can do something in Colorado we. They took down the sitting senate president. They took down another sitting senator and another one was forced to resign. And now they're sort of move him back although that's a whole different story. Here in South Carolina mauled by any is still in the US house representatives. It has happened here it happens anywhere they can you know there's actually coalesce and to get out there. The problem mob buddies from my seat is that there's a lot of people would get out there MA. They. They they feel like it doesn't matter. They feel like it doesn't matter. But I tell you what we've got a guy who's got the same name as me William out of my home city of Columbia. If you hang on through the break Huckabee straight away. We're going to be right back this is the Vince Coakley show. Right here is 1063 WORD. Leave radio program all right welcome back this is indeed the Vince Scully radio program. 1063 WORG. It's the only differences and Susan here and I am. Managed dog lie and 803471063. Text line 71307. Let's go to the phones William in Colombia yes. There are more do well. Speed strength geography. You did a good job Lola UT XP pro or why I'm so it you're still in Columbia yeah. They feel out there we're pure or from where a lot of big bird celebrity in the world did but. Golf Tokyo at this morning and other. What did I hit it if you can thank god it anywhere without trial there's doubt prop eight ER. I OK now what what. Donald Trump Donald Trump is saying good things without a filter. He's you know everybody's out there and most people their fourth morning contact is always a war if somebody says the wrong thing in the wrong way. And I'm sorry I've you know when I was in the military nobody cared about how I felt I I've been called a bunch of different things were very derogatory wearing a nice little hat. That would always be the cap off what you're nice happened. And you know what that was that was part and parcel alive and in this part and parcel life and he's out there are safe tell the truth domain what he said about immigration. I don't necessarily bit as far as McCain is concerned. I look at a bunch of different things it's you know certainly. Being a Prisoner of War is has got to be a harrowing experience where he was where he was among Hanoi Hilton. That that has is quite the infamous place to bin. And all that does it make him. And and trump his right being captured. Does not make you I mean Jessica is Jessica Lynch a war hero she got captured and I think the guys went in got her probably war heroes I don't know Jessica Lynch. Is a war hero simply by being captured and surviving the ordeal I'm please he's. Are you sound so good and I don't know what you're yeah well and it didn't matter of public record he overshot his target didn't draw well. Say hello we circled back at a effort to have him why he's still go. And they shot me down this question as to whether it is an angry look all we landed on the ground while they haven't. Well I'm already get it yeah yeah but. But American people forgot about OK thank John McDaniel SNL yeah. But I. And Arizona Arizona apparently has the same problem that. South Carolina has as far as John McCain is concerned because south Carolina's own JD Hayworth who's out there and JD Hayworth who's out there. He came in during the first initial way when Newt Gingrich and the contract with America. And he tried to primary McCain and nobody wanted anything to do it I don't know what JD's I have I've. Been a guest on JB show now and who's nice couple times JD and I sort of thing glide so you know I don't have a problem way thanks. But they've obviously don't have the the will or the taste in their mouth epidemic there palate is not set to remove him. Well liked Yahoo! group are well president it probably helps but it nor does it really it is so you wait American people so stupid. But you don't have to look at what John McCain says. Pit crews in the jail but when they they're start looking into. So vote you don't brought a loaded up filtration and parliament passed they don't stick to call. Traders probably let Fiat and the my technique cannot make it go by your lack of bird yeah well that's what's gonna you know it could well. But yeah I what did they call roller ride straight us. Those can shout but created I don't know what they I don't like something created there we'll laugh. But today network we're criticized the Muslim Brotherhood and good when you look at Barbara you don't. So it just always good radio station in the last couple days. And it I heard this morning but play a lot of bring it out and shoot that she knows the whole deal Bob looked really going to love brotherhood. This Saturday and then all of the well if you look back didn't change medal and the right angle right they what Hillary happy girl remote. It was jail while Woodcrest. Are apparently. It is our society president so that all present and eat your moral leader what are out. I against John Kenny I. Okay I'm losing you there. Tonight we just lost and I you know McCain any of these politicians let me explain to you about the way I feel about politicians. Politicians relic and a politician I don't care how they got an office I don't care. I don't care what they do an office. I only I I only applies. The old Janet Jackson Acxiom what have you done for me lately. That's where I applied to them what are they doing today. I don't care how conservative they word in the old days I don't care how liberal they were in the old days because those guys are pass and we can sit back and lament what they did well there were. Our life but you know that's that's all beside the point. Trump pilot could trump sort of like you know H. Ross Perot when he was running he's pretty blunt everything politicians get in there and they they. We know why they talk of their their vernacular and everything very user rhetoric this is all a learned behavior. It's it's it's not something they go in the office with dating and in giving some nestled there in the beltway. That sense of power and entitlement and this belief. In governance that they think they themselves wield at the seat becomes and Ayers and that that powerful that powerful allure of the mistress. I'm the beltway that they just takes them all over. Trump. You know the media is gonna the media is going to be media. The media's going to be immediate you can look at the media all you like. I don't know why any I don't even have TV anymore because of the media. I just watch Netflix because I didn't think what I want I don't need anybody tell me out of think. But you know. There's been so many things out there about the media and how that's the biggest threat to democracy and everything else I don't know why we're concerned with. If I believe it and if you believe it. When it's let's talk about something besides what we agreed on we need to talk about the stuff that we need to work on. Although like I said. I just said this always. There's always. Comes back for one thing or make and you are correct the text there in the air as is saying that we need to close the primaries. That is a big problem here in South Carolina I do stand corrected to a slight degree. So. Despite great I still well I know what I know about the GOP and. Matter McCain. Why years vs what used to be cancels out what used to be you and my opinion let's take let's let's go ahead and flip and our number two. I mean your check my blood pressure. On Monday this is the Vince Coakley show right here at their views well Tuesday 1063. WORD.