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Jul 12, 2015|

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Welcome to stop worrying you'll retire with Jorge font singer northstar financial and retirement planning people have to. Unexpected news and bad things happening I wanna make sure that doesn't have an employee can. And northstar financial and retirement planning we'll help you accomplish your future financial goals. And we wish you every step of the way that should be taken off the table. Having to worry about your money. You're never just an account numbers you have entrusted us with your life and retirement savings a responsibility. We take very seriously having the money. Is something we have to have that doesn't change your values at all and when we get to three. Retirement the second part of your life should be a choice. And down or stop worrying you're retired radio. Laying. And may get. I mean again. And thank you so much for joining us for some boring if you are retired with George Fawcett and Ryan knowledge of north star financial and retirement planning my name is Kristen try. And next hour we're going to talk about you your retirement and I couldn't make sure that you have a plan to achieve the lifestyle that you want in New York. Retirement find out more about George in the entire team at north star 65. Dot com guy doesn't know today. Hello Chris than ever why am I you do excited to be here are known as well get off the phone for a little while talking clients and sit down on the office and and talk on the radio. You've got to go is a pleasure. And this show really is about that it's about hopefully helping you learn more about retirement things you see on the news on read about it online what do they really means for you and your nest egg that's we're going to talk about today specifically if you're losing sleep over retirement yes you're not alone. And also you actually have more common with millionaires than you think animal talk about the ABCs and ease of Medicare all of that is on the way today but George you know this retirement conversation as. Something that you've been sitting down and helping people with fruit for sixteen years. That's right time flies by doesn't it especially when you're having fun because I know how much you love helping your clients and that's really why you started northstar financial and retirement planning back in 2007. One of the best movies ever made was I'm making the F career move over to helping people with their retirement planning and in retirement and folks I went through myself why my parents and if saw the ebbs and flows over retirement plan and it's just. Fantastic that Ryan I get to help people out with their plan and take with great pride and there with. Much respect to the people and trust us and you know what we have fun we diet like our clients and who seems to be. We're both ways. And I like that there's a teen you know you and Ryan and there's other members of the team. There can help with retirement at north star financial retirement planning and thanked if you're listening today and few questions about anything these guys talk about just killed us there a phone call away you could set up a compliment your retirement review of their offices in Greenville Asheville or Andersonville. And here's the number 805. Point 809. At 20 now we have an 800 number here in the Carolinas just because they have so many. Area because they go through it would have time to mention the mall so jot that number down 80518. 0920. You know Rick can really be full of a lot of surprises. Financial journalist who had recently retired. George Ryan and you're experience look surprises people the most about retirement when they come innocent. Gouge you for the first time it's confusing I think. And is and then the article really touched base on some good good points and one and we do always talk values in the forefront is Medicare. For most people is a godsend and that's been around for awhile now it seems to have proven itself. Just understanding it really doesn't cover everything is the hard part people think well we're gonna go on Medicare and it's gonna just be like we didn't work except. RC gaps one of symbol several are you fell. Care. Here you hearing aids right and of course is the big wanna work really be catastrophic is on long term care. You know it's actually very expensive and I know later on the show we're gonna talk a little bit more about that but people aren't expecting those expenses now. No another one is travels. It's not cheap. I think anybody can professed that. The big thing with folks when they retire its if you have two weeks memories and could be tiers of bills from time to get done. Because that's where you really don't wanna cut he cut the they do expenses but you have to learn to do that's a trial can be expensive that's when he wanted to do a lot of people planned there. They're tired around these travel trips and you need to be aware of fun. Steve the cost another one to Iowa where big group we we love having this conversation with her clients is paying off your mortgage. I you know there's it it can personally be rewarding and can be just for non financial reasons we see how people come to us. And they say. Or they asked the question should it pay off a mortgage or not. That's a very personal question. From our financial aspect Melissa tells people. In my job is to show the pros and the cons of paying off that mortgage but there's a there's a moralistic approach which they do you sleep better. I knowing that you don't have that for some people it's just it's awesome self that's the case go for. Taxes. Taxes and I was a big. I guess can get a lot more complicated retirement and we're we help people is with terror keep minimizing their Social Security from being taxed affect. Less damage just crazy that there's over ten billion dollars from Social Security benefits last year went back to the government how we causes tax. We start building a plan and and I would say in these are your qualified accounts in the easier non qualified accounts in these are Roth counts people say when Graham. Well as any of that mean so that does understanding all the different types of accounts that are out there and how they will affect you later. You know what I and then if I was sad because you know I know radio I don't know much else I've learned more if you're working with you guys but. You know is if you have a different profession maybe your doctor or even a lawyer are are now a handyman plumber working a factory. Those terms partial view qualified non qualified an effort to guess what. Almost things can't seem overwhelming but you guys are kind of the answer to badminton to break it down here on the radio and in person of what those things really mean from a. Yes exactly it. It doesn't have to be complicated it might sound a little complicated but you know it's all we do folks out there you did what you do for a living and people say wow your you do that assistance to. Almost effortless wealth if you might have been doing it for 20/20 five years what looks that way center with us. We're talking you know one of the the points I like to discuss two. With the article the two spending doesn't always come easily. Going from a savings mode to spending mode. But an act can be struggle few folks here understand that we have so many. The ball up and make their scheduled to take money out and they call late they ask permission. I think George Ryan isn't it okay if I guess some money out so all I. The best sabres and the other wants to struggle most pleased with folks hurt I've just been savings brother paralyzed they don't have this had to spend with confidence. At. The difficulty people have with that is if you're spending your money. It's someone of a dilemma one is if you don't spend as the like you would like to hang out because you're afraid to how living it can be your policy and implement went from my serve. The other side is if you spend too quickly. The fear of running out down the road so we really get to help people what that side of it that's there's some tools available. Where we can implement. Eight years spending so you can spend with confidential within your means. Go play golf course really kids and grandkids that's where should be our job is to put that plan together. It's fun for should be fun that's what this show is all about why it's called stop worrying you're retired and it's all part of north star financial and retirement planning. Or on line anytime if he'd like to find out more about George Ryan and the entire team. At north star 65. Dot com. Not really is power and the more you know the trick convenient retirement and that's what Georgia and Ryan won a deal. Inform you not your options are on the radio and then help you hopefully developer it's an income planned. So that you achieve your personal goals here's number she's got any questions and the like to come in and sit down with these guys complimentary 805180920. The full recently did a story on fixed annuities ankle is sort of a reverse life insurance contract. And you're trying to do the pros and cons of considering an annuity as part of retirement strategy. One thing Chris you know what I enjoy about them is they're fairly attractive because there are. Somewhat simple by design through their not overly complicated. If you understand how they work with him designed to do it's pretty easy for people to grasp how it can be uses tools. From comparing to life insurance contract really play futures protects you from an early death from the financial implications of an early death and being new he protects you from now living your savings for for you and your if your marriage her spouse of course. So understanding that. Annuities are somewhat these avenues are somewhat of a sister like futures contract okay. So on the other side too we have one person. We like fixed annuities is it's something we can plan on for incumbents instead he's its dependable. It's life time. And you could stop at that Kate you're right it's very pretty easy stuff. There's there's multiple ways of structuring them there's third. Literally hundreds and thousands of different products available out there. And George being independent you're able to actually go out and shop though so you find a way your client's goals are. What the income amounts that they need whether or not we're looking inflation or maybe. Actually lettering annuities for income for inflation for Lleyton. And then you can go on shopper and then you have the tools we knew we are able to find the best possible product for you and your situation. And some of these even have a long term care benefit your. We have to point out to Chris and I was just like any investment ethics and it was come with some risks and back the first which is less the small is that the insurance company and it team to. Policies gone through could go bankrupt. And risk really depends on the state which should he resign from insurance companies are regulated by states. Any news or insured. By varying degrees by state government so you have to understand. The again and small risk but you have to be aware that we have to go after finding highly rated reputable. Insurance company where we can feel very confident when he's going to be there on the next 203040 years if you end up getting a pretty calm. This is though Georgia time there's a lot of different annuities now fairly we hear me amortized align them another different types of what this literally figure out if we happened already have one if someone we have is working well for us or not. Give us a call. I just I'm. Don't do on the island give us a call we have the. Oh wonderful program that's called into duty X ray where we will just like an X or take a look inside a lot of cases side purity have an annuity contractor if you've been talking to somebody about an annuity and all you've heard is that the wonderful stuff about you don't know any of the downside of that you don't know the good and the bad. Give us call today it will take a look at it for the next fifteen minutes give us a ring bull could you set up for the time to come and bring that contract William get on the phone with the insurance company itself we won't call your broker. We're gonna call the insurance company and we're gonna find out exactly if there any fees. What type thing come on mounting a promise if there any writers or anything else they have in cost for you if it's a bearable and all your summit counties are and not just overall. What you have to. Take advantage of that opportunity Ryan's just talking about a complimentary annuity X ray are you listening if you call within the next fifteen minutes. 8051809. At 20 cents 805180920. That annuity X ray complimentary for you listen today if you can give us a call within the next fifteen minutes and when you call it's likely that you'll get Ryan George or someone on the team. A right here in the Carolinas with northstar financial retirement planning to it. Get that set up for you and if we don't get to the phone quickly of course ray answering your calls off Sierra we'll call you right back 80580920. Well coming up next what do you end millionaires have in common in my big surprise. We'll find out on stop worrying you're retired. When George often northstar financial and retirement planning. Norris recently turned 75 years old and to this day and I think the only thing the check is afraid and is. A living his money. Unfortunately that's a fear of many Americans just how will you make your money last for life. Did George Ball I think of northstar financial and retirement planning a call today at 805180920. Georgia's team will help you get the most from Social Security as well as help you develop a strategy for a steady retirement income and George will help create a plan based on your unique objective. All northstar financial and retirement planning for your complimentary retirement review 805180190. Or visit north star 65 dot com. Now's a great time to sit down with George to review your retirement goal. All northstar financial and retirement planning at 805180190. If Chuck Norris cancer is the phone. Very very politely. The fastest speed did you work. Joining us today for sound boring if you're retired was George fox. And the team at north star financial and retirement planning our quiz online at north star 65 dot com. I classics from Bon Jovi living on a prayer what is wishing happy birthday to Richie Sambora. Celebrating. His 56 birthday a rock star celebrates his birthday guys think did I guess. Not quietly not that's probably true. It was really big on the back of the hot. Fireworks the family out there flights I guess some rocks or the Stanley can play this works a. And this you gotta have a feeling involved even when you are. Our backs are on Julie hunt Crist and I like that it's kind of a wake up everybody here so that's fantastic I'm definitely fans. Not a fan always always a classic and you know speaking of living on a prayer. All folks are doing that financially these days that's no secret to you guys I know when you're helping folks with retirement but. I go to Fox Business network's Cheryl can so make a recent survey finds that one in ten millionaires. Say that kind of living on our prayer chill and living paycheck to paycheck and 45%. Worry about not having enough money to get into retirement a big. Piece of it was obviously was she making crisis and the recession is not a portfolios declining. Also they are concerned about the future of a concern about inflation are concerned about property values things like that. And they authors say they may need to work much much longer. Toward trying to get all sorts of people listening today in all sorts of different financial situation some that a save some some of the same very well but custody even millionaires are having this concern how to regular folks wind gusts. Deal with a concern like this that don't have those millions and millions of dollars first off you just can't go with pity party for these millionaires and. Thank you millionaires is learn to live within your budget. I don't wanna hear we should donate money I just OK I was amazed I. Elena my EI payments. And yet there are a lot of similarities there isn't might be next to zero to thrown in there yet the realities are. People who are out there we have word we have money coming in is three Java through investments. We depend on that for a lifestyle you need to maintain that you need to make ample proof. OK if you are subject to use the stock market determining your lifestyle. It might be a good thing to take the time to reevaluate. We all know this will not last forever there's going to be peaks and valleys and where to peak right now so. Maybe the multi millionaires are more exposed to it than somebody who might be a nurse working down at the that the hospital. Yet with a millionaire. Might be able to do less so one of the yachts as opposed to the nurse Angela Emma doesn't carpenter of that group working class folks that are out there sending dinners and listen far retired Intel lone hit in with something bad happens to me. It's a different sacrifice. This you're lucky hats while I'm have to get a second job my need to go back to work. Might need to. Called on my coronation 234 years said the implications are a little more dire look more real. I feel. And muscle folks we work with our middle class Americans site you're the sabres. Can you hear the folks that weren't title to money you've done a good job saving that's a matter of keeping it isn't it really comes down to keeping and maintaining it. And not getting grief that's number one call get greedy that's when you start doubling down Las Vegas to get into trouble. Oh yeah so Vegas and nothing that happens there is ever good so yeah we don't know. Her entire life but the thing is as you know it's hard to imagine millionaires have that concern you know everyday folks like us having that concerned. And certainly very real thing. This something that people are concerned about a Social Security guys and of course in this political. Time right now it's much talked about this but when people are campaigning. It's complex and not surprisingly a big concern especially for baby boomers. Avoid making a. Think Social Security mistake. What I think the first two the biggest thing people live. I think it. Just jump on it too early gas then they don't play and it and George sale the time people spend more time planning their vacation the planning their retirement and and that's so true as people come in and sit down and thus we have we have so many people that just they want it now because they obsess over that breakeven point. All they're not taken into account how long pass that breakeven point they might live based off of their own Finley their health. Better medicine and really evaluating. How long are you can be receiving that Social Security check. I want to put this out their few folks whistle security that it might be on the horizon. Really my one step back his right said that what's the breakeven date when oil get my money back that I put in sort of looking at about when the broke status. That pro day OK when you can't pay your bills. There's going to be some point if you live long basis of security in that whatever else have a lot to my nation knowing our. Is going to be a point your life say nearly broke and I can be able pay your bills have just for cutting back on your lifestyle. So it's more is kind of a paradigm shift for people. Our first off. I do one of Brian and I am still singers look at Ryan we get it. We get about you you're the folks at peninsula security as much money back as you can as quick as you can doesn't seem to work. In line so you have to be what's more important as much back as you can we. Really excel at helping people showing in the different formulas at their kids you know their over 2700. Ways to choose your Social Security. And other options it's it's unbelievable. What's out there and it doesn't need to be that complicated. Because countries in the six or 700. A circumstances but did you have to understand. That. How what is important to you did don't think of it as me vs them. I'm okay and that's simply look at it's a plus if you do for you and your spouse having a lifestyle that the stock and change throughout retirement. And you know Georgie you just brought up your spouse in those point seven underway is I'm gonna name off couple scenarios if you're one of the people on this and Aaron you're trying to look your Social Security options. Give us a call tonight. If you're married if you're single. If you're divorced. Because I went out if your breathing at Kana sounds like if your breathing and in your coming up and so secure your five years out especially if you're ten years out. Numbers might change a little bit but. They know we feel very confident you have been putting into this system your entire working life. And this is your money coming back to you George says that over and over again. And you've earned that money to come back to its non entitlement you have paid into it just like you put away for your 401K you put away in your IRAs. Does the question and to reiterate what Ryan is saying there Christen is is your current advisor having this type of dialogue with him and if your daily money your finances yourself what is your resources how you keep getting this information. We understand that there's risk involves sitting down and people are worried about well they're gonna push into something you know and other taken my best contentious point you have to take that chance with us we understand what people feel like when the pick up the phone as you know we're we're concerned we're that. You might have any hidden agenda I. That's just a natural feeling is. Well resentment it is very human if I call a number and it's a business obviously they want me to do business what famine and that's certainly true with you guys spent. I know you well enough to know that you generally want to help people see is so I folks just need along guidance on Social Security they need like dealt with fast and I think. What we would like Newsweek liked to have the opportunity if there's a match can and if there's a match then thermal looked to see what else happens but the Social Security is a piece of the puzzle. What George can do is church can help you figure out how that piece of the puzzle fits into the overall puzzle which is your overall retirement. So you need to figure out. One of the major basis to your retirement which is your Social Security we we sat down with so many folks that. You know in asking like going to a doctor George has to ask questions and he asked people that income question people who are already retired they might be in there. Late sixties early seventies late seventies who we knew with folks of all different ages and as the income question will they don't talk brother and Social Security holes near seventy. Three and 75 how much are you drive on Social Security only the blesses the area so and then they bring up the number because it's something you can depend on it and let's work together to optimize your Social Security. That word optimize I think. Should mean a lot for every one listening because like you said it's it's our money we put them money in their for so many years we wanna make sure that we optimize it and get the most out of what we put and and these guys are talking about how there's over 2007 under something different ways to us to look at this that's not something you and I are listening can do on our own. A minute SMS Social Security optimization report that you personalized for folks when they come in and sit down with you and and sometimes we often hear on the radio the we have enough time during the weeks and get some of those awaited day. Let's let's go ahead and offer out ten. And reports right now I give us call. And I for the next ten callers will get you set up for the time will review Social Security L a halt. Show you how to pull that earnings statement which is very important because. For those UMI wanna go ahead and retire early. Depending on your earnings statement you may be just fine with the numbers that show up on their earnings report. If you haven't quite worked enough years and you retire early that could be a little bit devastating to the number they are. Perceive and present on top that if if I may we ask the folks can man up last week. And they thought they had a grip on the Social Security we sat down showed them some of the different options and that automatically within about two minutes. They stops and low low Clinton stopped and we we ask you folks stepped up some plans I thought we had this this mess. And said yes but did you know about these choices as well then and just by showing them the there was about a 120000 dollars a lifetime benefits with both spouses receive over our normal lifespan that's huge. That is huge and those are numbers that these guys would know about it they hadn't picked up the phone calls. And take advantage that complimentary Social Security optimization report and you know that could be your story listening today you won't know unless you pick up the phone 80518. 0920. That's complementary if you're one of the next ten callers when you Khalil either speak to Ryan George someone on the team and northstar financial and retirement planning and they'll get that set up for you complementary and if for some reason you do get voicemail because there on the phone with somebody else leave a message they'll get back to you know me answering your call off the air as well. 805. Point 809. At 20 but I complimentary Social Security optimization. Report. And don't forget George Ryan and the team can sit down with you at their offices in Greenville Asheville or Andersonville. More details always at north star 65 dot com. Like keeping you want to die and know what should be your very first sack when he's been a financial strategy or answered those questions for you. Next on stopped worrying you're tired with George Fonseca northstar financial. Explaining. Seems like most families I know. Three uncle in the name. It's much better to have a crazy uncle in the media uncle that once more and more at your money every year of course I'm talking about mean uncles they have. And because of the month of mayhem it's vitally important to be looked at my responsible in retirement. Now would be a great time to contour plus feet of yours are financial and retirement planning tourists can say taxes isn't way to help generate income for life. Cars are financial and retirement planning look into your important retirement questions like my financially ready to retire yeah like Alan my aunt that. This is not include financial drama. Especially for media and they have free compliments every time they. Honduras or financial and retirement planning today at 1805180190. 1805180190. Or visit our start 65 down. And do yourself a favor and don't invite media Uncle Sam to any more of your family functions. As an advisory services suffer through the film capital management LLC. SEC registered investment advisor Northrop and enjoy your retirement planning no feet and Brookstone capital management part suffered any. Anything from one another. For me here today. First outpouring you're tired with George popping up northstar financial annual retirement plan you. And there's a classic summer song pretty choice. California girls and Chris around here we kind of lean more towards the Carolina girl's version. The song like that but this is a classic it's actually in the summer of 1985. That Coca presumes selling the old formula of Coca renaming it Coca-Cola classic thing you know manager probably lost a lot of sleep over that decision that was a huge mess up when they changed the name of the taste and homeland. Remember San heroes like that was a New Coke for awhile there was I remember that. I would hope somebody lost a job over that they should have because I was a bad decision and he does the speaking about the losing some sleep in and boring about a decision like that a recent survey by credit cards dot com. Finds that 62% of Americans admit to literally losing sleep over a financial problem. Georgia tell your clients who are restless about retirement and it is keeping them up at night. All of separate them into two categories let's talk about people that are pre retirement turning to plan for an people lettering retirement. The first would be you folks are looking at your retirement I'll just give you great examples of folks that came and I sat down and that was last week I was in a life late fifties. Sat down said. I had I guess the question what are your concerns are retirement just fresh she just asked and they said there there content so multiples of what concerns we have 401 is do we have enough to retire. While we're not quite sure okay these are retirement dates are we on track. If not ten what do we need to be where we need to be now is for saving for two be on track for retirement. And lastly there is talk about each. Why he's one of their parents had. None of the Paris was in a nursing home at that time. So they saw the devastation financially what occurred and it really kind of a sense sent tried part of that was that. Some of the money that they were depending on it probably would have gone down to them. When their parents best way is now going to the cost of nursing home so it's affected their retirement plan. And on that they're being greedy or anything at all worried about mom and dad but that's just it is 7000 dollars a month going out the door so they had a real line. There retire planning team and they're very very concerned. Can't we started with fiscal. Once the folks a lot of good questions this is gonna take time. Are you willing to put the time into this and we talk relegate pavement. And commitment and worst gonna go listen George were on board we've really addresses and we would like to see where we're at this when discussed so this whole gratitude for quite a microcosm of what we say just and one couple Singapore's folks your retirement. Which is a huge aspect of our practice to hear and we've had for sixteen years doing this and people can cycling through. Now pre retirement a retirement now kind of going down in their mid seventies to such as saying listen we sit down folks in the Saint George. What time in good health I think we might live longer than we just we were planning. Well we're kind asked how worried about the market. And we kind of worried about living some of the money we just wanna make some. We'll look at the choices that they may be due reevaluation we have worked with anybody were to die with. Financial guy but he doesn't do you do. Can you help and this will take a look at what's important and they hadn't addressed health care cost holes sudden. Long term care is a reality is right around oh boy what are we don't do it for him is too late for me a look at options. I saw further should never too late. Long term care planning is never too late insurance is another sidebar to that but long term care planning is a huge. They you know if you wanna stay home folks if you want Qaddafi burns your kids and have that dialogue if I'm having a dialogue with somebody right now you need to. That's where we come and so there's two sides kind of room pre back home pre retirement. We understand that there at the multitude of questions and concerns not quite seeing how the puzzle fits together understanding Social Security will be relevant. When I retire and to do have enough what's with the tax things going on to. We're getting scared to death with Kris firmware that's supposed to be something on the table to worry about pride plot annoyance. Jobs to sit back to make it more personable make it customized to their their goals their concerns we just take it from there. That's the thing is it I think people want that they want someone that they can go to and say okay this is so what I'm concerned about. Now you know you do it helped me out water why do and Ryan sometimes are great first step is just coming and at the meeting EU George in the team and norms are financial and retirement planning CN if you guys are fit. For someone listening today and then kind of start that complete planning review and. Yes definitely and with our complete playing her view it all starts for the phone call here this call will set up a time I'll go over with a view what types of information you should have undermined when he come and sit down and George. Where I can ask you to bring all your statements documents tax returns and come out all that. Have a good idea the number sit down when George C if there's a match. And then move forward from there then what are complete planning review what we're gonna do is we're we're gonna help. Help identify what your goals are George gonna sit down ask a lot of questions like a doctor to help diagnose. If you remove four will be able to go ahead and do that third party reviewing your current accounts if you have any annuities very talk about the new DX right. Well go ahead and take care of that for you as well to see what exactly you have and then we'll start putting all the piece of the puzzle together for. Now that the complete playing reviewers are great value and it's called entry to you because you're listening today and looking at the scheduled you know that's part of it too late George Ryan and the team in north star wanna make sure they have time to really focus on you and your family what does complete planning reveal. If you Collison the next ten minutes of these Cassel sit down and do that with you complimentary. So caller I now speak to it Brian Georgia all clean air. And says that's complementary 800. 5180920. Cents 80518. 09 at 20 what bosses in Greenville Asheville or Henderson hill and you can also check this out. And north star 65. Dot com USA today you're not the only one who struggles what decisions about taxes. Stovall chief equity strategist at Essen. IQ. Tell us many businesses are holding back. Tune can really keep a strong bottom line. I think one reason why there is more than one trillion dollars of cash on the books of companies in the S&P 500. The first is only about 200 million dollars at the beginning. Of this millennium. Is that corporations are saying you know what I really don't wanna be investing in plant and equipment. If I really don't know what my tax consequences are likely to be going forward five to build a plant I'm gonna need twenty years. To write this down I'd like to know if my tax consequence is going to change so. Taxes are very very important. For the consumer for businesses. And I really think that we're gonna need to get additional clarity an additional leadership. Out of Washington and before people start to feel better about it. George Ryan thought and in conversation for us listening to they should really going to trying to add to figure out our tax burden in those retirement years. Well for the last part of that statement a mr. Kristol was. Kind of a oppressing you we need leadership that's gonna kind of shows the path and the 29 years so it's kind of a outlet tore own devices. I am a small business owner. I have a sound setup as say I LLC have I get it we understand. If tailpipe and taxes from a lot of different ways. And the only managed to which we were I think everybody's heard that his style which makes what you keep. They call is is to put more in our pockets a lot less harmful since we where we're proud to pay taxes. On the justice path and pay less taxes. Right and I'm proud to be an American and is so either yours we're sitting in a position where let's bring him back to retirement plan and as opposed to big business. Folks are sitting on aid to tax time bomb. Which is your 401K for a three day yourself. Plans like this that better just being taxed further growing the growing and growing up senseless in the chops they want more of it. If you have a million dollar 41 K how much of that do you think you won't. How much of that is you worse five million dollars folks you know that always got a million dollars in there may be without a so but they've given. Money in your partner is Uncle Sam will know that yet how to do and into the unknown is what our taxes are going to be going up in the future. I feel they are believe they are I believe we're gonna go up significantly I believe they have to do. I believe we can do things now to start minimizing their tax burden. Probably one of the areas that we most in the most satisfaction from his tax reduction strategies. And we excel at that people commend all the time saying no one has talked to us about this and the view what's what's more fun than making money is not losing money at. They're due out at riots surely you don't know one and anything you want us to lose money but especially in a closer to retirement and in retirement. That's slowly and we we ask don't people. And they start in some pleasant conversation with his. With fat people come down there and if they want to all the money and I'm real proud of it not you can also you have to sit down with people tend to listen you know uncle Sam's apartment that's. Rival sit down and we'll start plugging in the numbers and and with software platform we have. It'll take taxes out throughout what are we looking around we do retirement analyzer is certain components in there and they they show. The taxable rate going up also the effect on your Social Security. Effect on Social Security being go ahead and factor into if you have a large income for a few years for some some reason. It's gonna affect your Medicare will bump that up as well. Then once you turn seven and a half you've got those required minimum distributions that have to start coming out of her all fight accounts you've never pay tax on the board. And that is counts as regular income once again puncture tax bracket up. So we will take a good solid look at. And how you stand now some in Georgia's recommendations quit may be paying Uncle Sam now all tax brackets are lower. And and then taken a look at they suffer those recommendations what the outcome looks like later on in life so we're not planning for tomorrow we're playing for your retirement. Which which is something we can do well look at if you don't know what Roth says you need to. And if you have money to 401K and you've never heard of Roth conversion. You need to learn about a Roth conversion start taking some money off table put a backhand everything he earned at that point is 100% tax free for something called a super Roth out there was something I personally participate in which is. Cling tax free money he in my pocket down the road. For life. Some huge wonderful tools out there that people are not aware of and we I'm educator by hard it's in my blood. Taking the time and she'll keep Lee options. Wouldn't give them homework. They'll like homework. Lifetime Christiane I think you might be a little more interested in an energized if it's you know something that helps with the next 2030 maybe even forty years or your life I agree. That's it's unusually bad thing to when it comes and put more money in your pocket for first read serialized and that is pretty awesome yes and George George has an entire library of books do you coupons out just like a library for a while you're either. Yes OK here I want street there's fun when you're done that bring about a guy when videos or we have watched the videos as well. He would talk about this but really when you're informed your more powerfully eight you're more confident in the decisions are making an end this a very serious topic you were talking about are nesting the money that we worked so hard to save over our entire working life and making sure that. We're making the best decisions for that so that we don't run out of money before you run out of life north star's 65 die common venture to log on now find out more about George Ryan and the team. And earlier we offered a complete planning review complimentary. If you call within the next ten minutes you've actually got about four minutes left on that if you want to call a George final take your call off the air and set an app for you complimentary. 8051809190. Cents 805180920. Why shouldn't. Women be more concerned about a specific medical expenses than men and how does that affect our retirement. We'll tell you next on stop pouring if you retired what Georgia boxing and Brian Williams of north storm. Norris recently turned 75 years old and to this day and I think the only thing the check is afraid and is. A living his money. Unfortunately that's a fear of many Americans just how will you make your money last for life. Did George Ball I think of northstar financial and retirement planning to call today at 805180920. Georgia's team will help you get the most from Social Security. As well as help you develop a strategy press standing retirement income. George will help create a plan based on your unique objective. All northstar financial and retirement planning for your complimentary retirement review 805180920. Or visit north star 65 dot com. Now's a great time to sit down with George to review your retirement goal. Call northstar financial and retirement planning at 805180190. If Chuck Norris answers the phone. Very very politely ask Steve did you. Makes you so much for joining us today for some boring if you're. Tired when George fox. And right elegant and the team at north star financial and retirement planning. We're always online and north star 65. Dot com Ann in north star has actually. Been around since 2007. That's when in Georgia started this so with his team. You your retirement planning an and really making sure that you're informed. About different options out there and then you can come up with a solution for what ever it is that you are facing and that retirement if you have any questions for these guys just sell their phone call away they can take your call off the air. And French Open a complimentary retirement review 805. Point 80920. Well this press correspondent Carl lot of friendly tells us that researchers have a lot of questions about why what and get alzheimer's more often than men. And Alzheimer's Association report estimates that at age 65. Women have a one in six chance of developing alzheimer's during the rest of their lives compared with the one in eleven chance for men. The group plans to start funding research this summer to try to find out wine women are more affected than men. George Ryan you know considering the rising cost of medical care you guys talk about each week here on the show. You the best way for couples and single women so planned for this specific possibility and retirement. First off a couple of say these folks lot of money I'm doing the I am for the alzheimer's and women I would say this women live longer. And all you live the more the chance to be developing alzheimer's on making light of the study but I have heard mantras to that. We knew something a little different today not talk about some folks who came in ominous give you some up close and personal. On examples so forth going through our families. One is my mother in law just celebrated her 86 birthday off yes and she's been single for for many years of my father a lot of alzheimer's for twelve years. So there was a a lot going on with that. A lot of for a lot of measures we need to put into place to protect. When mother lost from affecting her. Retirement and the costs are just unbelievable when you're dealing with. Out of pocket for all summer and the emotional cost to I mean I had I ever landless and today has known someone probably affected by this it's really hard on a family especially the stamps. Exactly we're telling when phthalates is a sale like this but the women out there is she ridge is a target on your back. For care. And the real thing to come down to he's going to be the one helping out the nearest your payers we're not talking about being an incurred in nursing home folks were just talk about being able quality life in your home dealing with the realities of living long. And that the realities of having needing some help not just physically but what's with mental decisions as well so. You have to be aware that second is his my my mother she was diagnosed with the disease she was a nurse. For 25 years shorten hospital that diagnosed with the disease which use her mid fifties wow that's really young men they're very young have peripheral neuropathy firfer. Mineralized my father was primary caregiver for her and I he pre deceased her and again my father was in the Marine Corps he saw his very. Kind man but as far as Kerry giving a day did you do what he could do for mom and apple when mom passed away. The game change how my sister's a nurse. As you lose 700 miles away I was 300 miles worth my mother and my other sister who is to have lived two doors away and she became a caregiver. To a degree helping your mom with her stuff so. I get it folks they these things happen. And you have to plan for it. We had a multitude of people came in the last several weeks until it was uncanny that we talk about this today did you amount of single woman came in either no foresees some people who had lost a husband and people just never got married. Women after making her decisions. Some with children some with out. And houses can play out how would you like to play out how do you see this and more so we're dealt with planning. It becomes very personal very close and very family oriented. And the goals says is to maintain equality life. To not be a burden to your children to maintain your dignity. That's right your years. And with having not having to worry about money having enough money to take care of these needs is a huge. Part of the component that is really where we stepped up. George I would think that when someone comes in the office maybe your meeting someone for the first time our biggest decline you've been working with for years because and you're very close your clients and and they are talking about a parent or family member that stresses. I have some symptoms of alzheimer's and things like that that really it does get your attention even more because it hits so close to home. For you but that comes up so all to know is also the point that so many people listening today and then dealing list of what you and your family dealt less than a lot of your clients have dealt with but the prime minister. Let's be honest I've dealt with this and my family people who talk about it. Does that it's it's not fun conversation but it doesn't reveal part of life though. We just want to thank him down the road right weekend it it's just one hits. It's kind of like we say after car accident this is something where is pure blood corrections what tens of thousands every day. And who wakes up morning planning having a car accident right. You have a plan you've got insurers you've got there's there's things to do him. Say not caught off guard and we don't want some to have alzheimer's but that is a big deal right until let's mental capacity that is a huge deal. I'll all the players are involved this is gonna effect the people who love you the most people don't love you they're going to be doing their thing. But when something comes down to you developing need care the purse is gonna stop opposite person loves you the most is that the person you wanna protect I was happy to yeah. George let me ask you this question I guess I I'm putting you in the the client position now with what you've dealt with with your own parents. Does it make you look at and I know you have a retirement and things like that obviously because parents do for a living but doesn't make you look at things like that. Making sure that you have the funding for our great medical care for you and your wife differently since you wanna make your kids are probably not affected in the same way I. I absolutely and the the the big thing for folks as they come in with preconceived ideas or one M I can afford long term care insurance. I can't qualify for it it's too expensive. We're gonna knock nowhere to go one by one walk away through that are saying you have to get something that really show you the choices out there might be Medicaid planning strategies to protect your money convent multitude of different ideas that they are folks get this please take this away today they'll launch from care planning in her two young never too old to start talk about this it's never too late have a dialogue. Choices my to a more limited police still have choices. I am upset with my a game one at. Comes down to long term care plan they'll show people the tools that are available for you folks the government does not want you gone Medicaid which is welfare you don't want to go on welfare. You don't get to choose your roommate. You don't get to choose your facility. You need to be as independent as long as possible we wanna keep you at home. We want to keep you independent wanna keep you from becoming a burden. So if you're forty lewis' burger earlier you file since program reach out if you haven't had this dialogue with your advisor. Chances are they're not aware of this this and don't worry about it they're not familiar with that so they're just refusing to have a dialogue. But seeded Georgia I think a lot of folks think that things like a long term care so expensive then it's not affordable and they're just going to have to rely on the Medicare Medicaid situation is is that true. Yes don't the rules are. You know the game is played that there's private carriers are at their insurance company's financial institutions that have incentivized by the US government called the pension protection act in 2006. Has brought about different means for people to address long term care ashes. We can help it really the multitude of tools Ryan mentioned that earlier on the program some of these financial tools LW ring come. With maybe a private annuity if one of you need to long term care. And there's no health questions right right that it's there's no Obama seems a lot of a beautiful product people come in all the time and this and I was never exposed to this as a choice. Thank you flew into our program thank you for coming in here George. If we have some people say well I put aside this amount of money is it's to decide to help. My family or something or have me in any long term care their plans out there were the only cognitive phone call. And just a phone call to make sure you're not cognitively impaired right now that will double that. We almost like it was like an approved without member of that there was there was just a week ago when two weeks and we we went through that and they were just. They always talk to us three or four other people. And they were never made aware of all we brought to the table from them try not that it's exclusive it's just something that if you every tire implant if you don't have a dialogue. Discussion about long term care it's not a complete plan. The thing is this is something you said earlier really kind of at home for me we hear a lot about long term care and then there are some advisors out there and aren't talking about that because it's not in their wheel house and are you listening it's important Putin now and then as an independent firms and northstar financial and retirement planning really can also use so many different options in their free from strategy constraints they don't report that corporate some written have to do a certain amount of a certain type of plans what they can do is offer you various options and other financial professionals might not even half feet to choose from when it comes to your retirement. Get the guys a call may come and and start that conversation that maybe you listening today. Kind of hemisphere that is difficult you don't wanna talk with your spouse about your kids about it or your parents about it and you've got to have that conversation it's so important I mean George talking about the talent as affected his own life with his family his parents color like Nelson at the time to sit down with George and Ryan and start the conversation when a compliment to retirement revealed. 805. Point 809820. X 8051809. At 20. We're always online at north star 65 dot com. And just reminder that 800 number I know sometimes they don't like hearing those but the reason only and that is because it northstar financial has offices in Greenville Asheville and Andersonville. Does sir Hugh locally whichever is closest to you so give us a call speak to someone on the team right here in the Carolinas and sit back complimentary retirement revealed 805. Point eight. 09820. And like I said always at north star 65 dot com. Christian trials on behalf. George fossil Ryan Mulligan and the entire team at north star financial and retirement planning thank you so much for making stops worrying you're retired. Reynolds and thank you want to. George possible to have a great summer thankful we got our. Because of Uncle Sam it's vitally important for the tax Smart it's possible in retirement now would be a great time to plug George saw a thing of north San financial and retirement planning to Argentine can save tax efficient ways to help generate income for life and answer any important retirement questions like am I financially ready to retire at the end like outlive my ass and miss did not include financial drama. Especially from Uncle Sam congress are financial and retirement planning today at 1805180190. Or visit north star's 65 dot it's so. Security it's your money and feel that might change Social Security blanket preteen and maybe the biggest financial blunder you can make this your first retirement. Did you realize that villiers he's strategy when it comes to electing those security benefits. Can cost you enjoy thousands and thousands upon thousands of dollars in lost retirement income. And people living longer and it's now more important than ever before the make the right decisions about wind and how to begin proceedings of security benefit. That's why it's important to build a complete retirement lifestyle strategy with Norse are financial and retirement planning before you apply for Social Security benefits. George I think can help you craft your retirement income strategy that incorporates Social Security optimization. Take your complimentary Social Security reports today from northstar financial and retirement plan. 800 and I'm 180920. Or visit north starts its live dot com.