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Northstar Financial 7-5-15

Jul 5, 2015|

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Welcome to stop worrying you'll retire with George fun thing of northstar financial and retirement planning people have to. Unexpected news and bad things happening I wanna make sure that doesn't happen. And northstar financial and retirement planning we'll help you accomplish your future financial goals and be with you every step of the way. Can be taken off the table. Having to worry about your luck you're never just an account number you have entrusted us with your life and retirement savings a responsibility. We take very seriously. Having the money is something we have to have that doesn't change your values at all and when we get to. The so called ambush of retirement the second part of your life should be of choice shouldn't. And now stop worrying you're retired radio. Laying. Sometimes you're making sound boring if you're tired when George Boston a part of your day. Along with Brian Mullen get my name is Christian Charles here alongside these guys each week for the retirement conversation. This show is all about you what it is it is now there's a good affect your retirement what you want average parent and ultimately how you're going to give their. In the name of the show says it's stopped worrying you're retired and that's the goal in north star financial retirement planning if you've got any questions amount that you can check a sound mind. And north star 65. Dot com coming in today's show organ talk more about some different options that are out there for your clients those listening today and also take America to 2008 financial crisis and what it means for every one listening. Coming up later on how you guys do today it's going wonderful and great Christen her youth. Feeling fine Killen wonderful as my dad says and before we really get started with today's show we cannot lose sight of what an important holiday it is this weekend. George Ryan and fourth of July weekend there's a lot of fun Harrison barbecues and folks heading into the lane to the beach. In the mountains and I'd pull our boy for this but we folks don't really forget about what you know fourth of July is all of that now because it's a bit. Holiday for sure. Well we know we've got enough fish is going on with our country our politicians but my goodness. Where else would you wanna be Christian ethic that's right I think absolutely you know I have a list of pro about forty friends that made drama navy career and just friends from high school college and fourth of July special time. Either I call them they called maple wind up talking a text message or phone call something. What every one of my friends that I've made throughout my years is for the military and then just thankful for being American and I'm a veteran hug today to. There's no doubt that that's really cool and also you know I don't forget what this holiday as a about it and if you are traveling this weekend for the fourth of July holiday with the family to make sure that you are safe out there on the roads and excited about today show because George I think a lot of folks. Are intimidated by this retirement conversations sometimes and human Ryan make it so easy to understand at north star financial. Well thank just quite a compliment we try to do that and trying to accomplish it sometimes it's just not as easy as we'd like it to be there's a lot of moving parts for a lot of moving parts that. Frankly George I think the overall consensus is you're doing a pretty good job. If I get familiar with us the funds are coming up for a is a prisoner. Flattery obituary room where Ryan thank you very often so. If you many questions about anything George Ryan talk about today you wanna find out more there's phone call away and you can set up a complimentary retirement review. And their offices in Greenville Asheville or Henderson bill here's phone number. 805180920. That's 80580920. But guys it diving into what folks are talking about when it comes to retirement oak. To a new study from Northwestern Mutual many Americans are worried about having enough money for retirement but only a fraction are seeking any health. To do something a ballot just. The process that you go through ahead northstar financial and retirement planning when it comes to create a plan that could put someone's mind that he. East but we start with Crist then is it's I guess just to can you should know which other. What your values are we trying to accomplish. A little bit about your family and what's important to you. And with that mumbled will take that down and kind of digest it you talk a little bit and then we'll start planning now any a sequence of five file priorities. Somebody might say you know George I I've probably an emphasis pension. They're not quite sure with the dollar amounts going to be I'm not really sure muscle security's going to be in the I have this concern. I think the stock market might might drop and I'm. And if that happens on him it's going to be tough tough Paul. So we address these one by one and we really have to do who put her her peers out there just panelists and then I just what they're sank without mindful go ahead and start putting this you know her up platform upon retirement analyzer took great software program. And we start to building this. With folks that. Really care about. Brescia one to see what they're good retirement always look. Look like it's for planning for it it say Brian I find a high degree of the very rewarding experience I should safer for everybody in mind. Yeah George say it's it's a lot of fun the clients they love it that there's always a little bit of I'm not really sure what's gonna happen next and we're we're getting all the info together but. As you start put it out and you start to see the original maybe not exactly planned it. Your original input. And then we start putting different solutions and and building that planned and building inflexibility is always a big thing they they you try to do is make sure. There we're gonna plan right now what we have right now but we're gonna use solutions that we can modify over time if they don't change that's the point Ryan we'll go ahead and you know. I the first thing is people don't. Really know where to start and that's our job. Kind of force an end and say oh this is how we work we've got to look at your income for your retirement can look look look at longevity. If you be married had a second player if you were to produce future your spouse. A lot of different moving parts but it's not that complicated. It's where we are kind of that Sherpa and that person off the mound and Alan Alan I think it's all we do it's all we do and that but as your journey. Are simply there to give you that guidance and help people that planned so it's a it's a really if you wanna look at it from my perspective. It's coaching. I was just gonna say what a great part is is it you know I know you says uncomplicated it it's complicated for me everyone listening button. What year are also saying is this what should do all day every day you know the teen Ryan everybody in north star financial retirement planning so leaning on you guys are makes the most sense of someone that is focused on the needs of someone nearing retirement are already retired and that's what George has been doing for over sixteen years if questions for these guys and I'd like death come in for a compliment your retire review. 805180920. And you can also check out north star 65 dot com is talking about retirement for someone who's gonna tension here on the money is managed for you. And it results in a monthly check in retirement now look for a one tell me on the other hand has managed behind you and doesn't generate that check. Quite the same way Brooke Hamilton helps design retirement plans for businesses and recently had this comment on sixty minutes. Practiced that thing typical for a one K investor is a financial office they don't know sock from wrong and we get on my list of corny or thirty mutual funds. What's really very powerful legs you know they've found my kid that's where I have my money where that generally the quality of the mutual funds and 401K plans mediocre. George goes along with what you're saying folks don't really know. I navigate this on their own but what do we need to know about our 401K plan they could maybe give us the maximum benefit and retirement. The first thing at that they comment this gentleman is right and run in the money right across that loop of the board runners carry each others smiling plug and excelsior yeah they have these great names and people who you've come enamored with these names and that's by design it's a marketing yet the seriousness of for your 401K and the performance. And understanding your risk tolerance is huge. It is gigantic I can't put a stress on that folks you're the one this is your money your you've been one saving. Over these years and to not pay attention and understand. What you have and how can benefit you and how it might hurt you depending on your risk tolerance and and your timeline. Is this just I can't emphasize. Enough how that applies and we have people coming in to. 678 times a week with their 401K isn't safe to take a look at this we'll do away risk analysis. Pointing out some good some observations on some of the funds. And it is CO wow factor we get to us awhile I didn't know about that. And we could show you have to go ahead and three apply some of the funds into something it's more in line with your your your values in any timeline. And it's it's not always just the type of fun it is it. George you're huge on taxes and whether or not something vote most people up there. They've got the 401K that they do the old school thought which is just Max out the qualified to pre tax dollar melt. And they they pump as much funny and that is they could not understanding how that could affect them later on it actually in retirement this empire and we do the the visual is this if you were a were just talking percent and taxes your cause and a within your 401K Gary retire how we spend this you're almost afraid to it because that is a tax burden. The tax liability. So what we do ask people less acidity or farmer Christen. And you're going to be taxed would you rather have the government tax your seater attacks a harvest. Probably the seed. Right why is that because you know an artist is going to be hopefully more plentiful. Affluence all your sweat. Equity that you rid you view the one who could put up the risks for this and the government is by design and pushing back you saying listen a bit of a fatter this harvest gets some more money we we have so going back. Looking at these different variables within your we close tax torpedo which is your 401K. And have a I have to minimize that it have you heard this before it's how what you make it's what you keep. Yeah actually do you guys have said they hear on the show and a friend of yours Patrick Kelly we giveaways cook sometimes she hasn't sent it absolutely. This former police we pay enough in taxes and our goals or cause a few well. Is to minimize that you're in the community and does something that you guys offer from time to time here on the radio and then do for your clients your office at. Northstar financial retirement planning. Is Europe's CPR process as a complementary portfolio review and I would think he you know really taking advantage of of one of those you know into. I think those are available here today on the show could help close at the bottom line of those tax questions about 401 k.s and figuring out of their 401K is in a good spot where it is or they're better options out there. Absolutely we can modify a little over time it's it's the complete planning her view it's looking at everything that you have everything that you're putting together for your retirement for looking forward in life. Maybe having legacy for children or for charity. It's a lot of fun it takes into affect our retirement analyzer George talked about earlier looking at your Social Security options looking at tax ramifications later. And if it's it's a lot of fun we get to sit down do brain storming really kinda get up a plan together that the overall plan for your retirement utilizing solutions that many people don't even know about. Different recommendations George might have it in what really educating you on on the different ways and Chris and we let go ahead for the next ten callers like to offer full complimentary are CPR program and what we hear from me and sit down as who we knew. Well we just want that this is there are goals. Is put more money in your pocket with less risk. Tell us taxes that's sounds like a goal but everyone of us listening today has to put more money in our pockets. Oh with less risk and less taxes and really finding out how to do that the first census taking on the phone getting in touch with George Ryan the team in north star financial retirement planning and those first ten callers taking it managed that complementary portfolio review and digging into what it is that you have set up for your retirement so far he might feel right trek there might be some better options out there for you the first skin color that is complimentary 8051. Made. 09 at 20 complementary portfolio review for the next ten dollars 805 point 80920. We've always got more details any time I checked south and north star 65 dot com. Coming up how much do you need to retire and how you make the we'll find out the answers for you next on stop worrying you're tired. George Foster northstar financial and retirement planning. You know they're treating Social Security legacy routine may be the biggest financial planner you can make is you approach retirement. Com north star financial for your complimentary Social Security. 805180920. North star 65 dot com. Yeah. Thank you so much for joining us today of course scoring you're tired with George Fazio who northstar financial and retirement planning an Iraq elegant part of the team as well fun. More north star 65 dot com. Monkeys guys can you believe that filming began for the Monkees TV show 49 years ago and got time. Why this perhaps crazy I was reading there's little love blurb in the news about the monkeys and they had their albums. I think mid sixties one of their albums. Sold more than The Beatles and The Rolling Stones from the aren't really that just doesn't seem okay. It's just see okay does that. Plenty Asia and how it goes by and I think I believe it's been 49 years ago they started filming that TV show it's on reruns on some stations. But we're just flies and next thing you know time flies just in your normal everyday left life and your. And as safe for your very close to being retired or you're already retired. There's different options different strategies that you need to be paying attention to and that point in life than and that's why it George in the team just radio show. Each week if you got any questions about that. Call you can setup a complimentary retirement review and in our offices whether it's in Greenville Asheville or Henderson bill. 805180920. Yeah George we see many ups and downs of the stock market very clearly this year and volatility can only a lot of folks a little uneasy from all the twists and turns out caverns financial's Susan Kaplan tells Fox Business that when you're planning for retirement. Your course should be steady not rocky. When people make their allocations for their life. It really has nothing to do without the markets are doing currently it has to do is. The percentage that they have to keep absolutely safe or generate their retirement income live. And the percentage that they need in the market to protect them from inflation and you really can't change that allocation. With the market noise or you'll be jerking the money in another in this you know ultimately hurting yourself. George what do you think about her assessment. Right on every point 100%. Mrs. life experiences professional experiences I've had over the past sixteen years Christen and we get pulled into though the Wall Street and Montrae just. Buy and hold gives you money don't worry about it and everything will be OK and we get put to sleep with that. And this Kaplan is making some profound Saban spoke she really need to pay attention since that option Danza volatility. Over the long term will actually devastate your portfolio you've got to keep risk down to a minimum of volatility. And pilot back. He's funny growth you need inflation lead to nothing wrong with mark that you need to do more tactical. As opposed to way by an open. As we say. She is sort of my take care of your income and he'd do that that's where we help. If you think you're hearing come over your lifetime and you let me just back style as well she was talking I was just thinking one thing our programs called stop where he retired. Bulk of our clients are not retired. That's where they want to be okay and starting to set yourself up where we can put a plan together and give you that glide path for retirement. It is just kind of what are our whole world is very Ryan I think this kind of we look at we should tells people people want help the city and our office and say I'm not sure where to start George. But I'm reading a lot. I'm getting a lot of misinformation as was capitals have a lot of noise out there. So people getting in now the markets are worried about this for about tapped what should I do so here you are huge save for your retirement you don't appear NASDAQ and what do you do. Leaders worry about it that's a real problem when I guess yeah. Either I think you save your whole life and you are trying to do the right thing and he does have this big thing out there where your what why do with this how to handle this beast in Georgia I think that's one of those the grace Tracy your client say values you educate them on how to create that plan in through education through understanding what you have what your options are the qualities you're just stop worrying. Yeah that and win employee is and we had a supposed to last week this and number we're gonna do business with you George and I said that's fantastic and I was Esquire. This it's you've taken the time to educate us you haven't talked down to us. That is a relationship that's a partnership. A lot of times people walk again people wearing their fancy suits they act like they know more than you do and you feel a little bit put aside. That is the last thing we wanted to write in theory if you're taking the time I meet your week to come and sit down and talk learned. That's 90% of it. Is showing up at that point we wanna go ahead and show how who we help is OK if we take the time and teach you about the pros and cons of forward thinking about here. And you know George we've got a great couple and usher if you're aware this we've got a great couple coming back in this week and George has actually been invited to comment and speaking to each concern room best thing. A couple local colleges she's been at Furman bluish community college or three million adversity and felt a lot of people who attended his conservative investing course when he complaining courses so they're not retired yet they still got some years ago and they come to his classes and Kiki doesn't go out there's preaching come in and sit down on me he he's there to educate and teach. And then if those attendees wanna come enemy would George then he offers a free College Station firms come and answer questions and we have. A fantastic couple we met almost two years ago yes it and and they're coming in they're going to be coming in this week sit down Kenneth Starr going over stuff they they just got where they're retired they had enacted a lot of the things that Georgia taught them. And then sitting down in the closet and meanings and they're ready now there's the on the trigger their retiring and it's exciting I think are they confident and it concerns. Well then the class the day that Todd is about ten hours. Lost over three consecutive Thursday night's my wife Meredith said Georgia this is where you shine. They really just get up there and can become a professor in the and the empower people so they start having the building blocks we have time to go over certain basic. Investing. Building blocks a few well that you need to be aware of first towers how that works when they come interest and we're almost on the same page as far as wanna start talking conceptually they got it so there's a great time in a very it's a very robust meeting right out of the gate. Because the police are the same. And I think an underlying common understanding of what volatility can do your retirement. How taxes wolf actually eat away. At your performance over time fees at the same way. So with that said we don't have to go over that again yet if if you haven't been through that class with social features a night. Wolf takes time go through those building blocks of the very least you'll be knowledgeable when we get done is as far as the the risks sending the minefields folks have. Planning for retirement and being in retirement. As well what they can do about it. And it's great how many people come in here and they're almost asking for homework well can I read but I'll definitely write a good point. And George George Tenet turning into a library. Looks like he he hands out and makes them in a week or two later in the come back in the bring about quick notes all over it and I'm always really now. I was trying to. Fun coming haven't a few minutes we're gonna give you listening opportunity to get one of those books that Ryan and George are talking about but. If you questions you know how about the things that you know George and Brian are discussing it you know and clearly they believe that knowledge is power and at north star financial retirement planning and these guys wanna help you develop or retirement income plans that they you achieve your. Personal goals in retirement because that goal is going to be different. For every one of us listening today as a north star 65 dot com to find out more argue a call if you've got questions about that so that's a compliment your retirement review. But George in the team in Greenville Asheville or Henderson bella any of those offices 805. Point 80920. That's 805 point 80920. You guys we've talked about the importance of having a good Social Security strategy. Yet a new Gallup survey says that almost 785% of people are receiving a reduced benefit. You best set ourselves not to get the most out of social security. And to learn how works. I don't and that's why does nor and a half hour. I feel good I think this season city obvious there. It didn't seem so complicated I don't think I could really wrap my hand around all the strategy he doesn't talk to how many their are immensely. Having surgery I think it is if if they can use the if I don't professional right yes he does this and they do so often it's it's not that big a deal to it to somebody who is hasn't done it before it's a huge undertaking I understand that yet that's where the professional picked up and he comes and which we just capsule I think the and they added value we bring to these meetings at that at no cost would be showing some of the strategies that people have available. I hand the ball over to Ryan who is just absolutely. Actually 1% become. Probably the community pro here Social Security planning I've yet to find somebody here. The vacuum left out shine him when it comes to knowledge whistle security plan. Pretty at a spreadsheet stiff. When a gentleman came in he's a out portion experience finance. These entitlement in the room. One of the larger companies here and he says. Tale I can aspiration your highness and you can't figure out. Spreadsheet I Africa if I know they. The guy you want on your side of it figuring out the numbers ended. You can't help spread sheet and that's a good thing but that you know spreadsheet process is what you guys do a lot of times in your office they complimentary Social Security optimization report absolutely in it it's. It's a. Great way to look at numbers. That there's a MarketWatch article out and I believe it's threat for retirees receiving producer of security benefits I believe is the name on it. And just give an idea a person to receive the benefit of a thousand dollars a full retirement age for for most people take 66. You're younger it's going to be 66 and two months 67. Just depending on what year you were born. But 1000 dollars a full retirement age if they were to actually take Social Security at 62 growing and received 7750. Dollars per month. 62 is their earliest stage and it's a very common age for people go ahead and start taking Social Security. However if that same person with a thousand dollars at full retirement age were wait till age seventy. There receive thirteen 120 dollars a month big difference to a lot of numbers out their ideas and the big part when that's your. I am is we're not telling people to push back the retirement age it's very it's just fell porn you really look at these strategies we're not recommending here. Yet when we do this. Optimization optimization is the word non matches and right we have last week there's a caller came he's younger late fifties. He called Venice is I think I know I'm too early for us and for Wright Patterson and you're not. This really helps for planning strategies is you understand where you need to be this cycle I passed it's a plane coming in. The longer the glide path to smooth as the landing and if you're trying to take a plane down one mile out to be pretty steepen pretty. Pretty dramatic a so we wanna go ahead don't protect yourself short folks by sang along too early if I think about the assessing correct. And and I'm looking forward here answering caller Schiavo. The next ten callers that call and ask for our free complimentary so security optimization report. Like to offer this to you will will take a look at your earnings statements. Your timeline for you're tired you're. Your health your your life expectancy. And really find a way to optimize your Social Security so of the next thing callers give us call look to continue hearing over the differences 151000. And up as far as like wow income and that's your money coming back to. And that's your money coming back anti that's been the key phrase I'm taking away from that and also if you're one of the first and callers. You know you can get that taking care of complementary entered or start financial and retirement planning 805 point 809. At 20 that complimentary Social Security. Optimization report personalized for you. For the first ten callers 805 point eight. 0920. And you can also check this out northstar 65. Dot com coming up we'll talk about wine now maybe these. It's time to plan for your retirement. And we'll tell you who's next and how they can affect your retirement accounts next nonstop touring and you're tired with George tossing the north star's financial retirement plan. Are you looking for answers to important retirement pensions like MI financially ready to retire. And well Alan my ascent and we are complementary retirement review of congress are financial and retirement planning today 1805180190. It's our 65 times. That's an advisory services suffer through. And hello C. He registered investment advisor northstar financial and retirement planning no feet and Brookstone capital management and our separate entity from one another. For being here for sound boring here. Iron was. George fox of north star financial and retirement planning or online any time and north star's 65 dot com. As the beach boys and help me Rhonda as we flash back in music history was in May of 1965. Than the Beach Boys appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. And perform at kids help me Rhonda if this show is all about you listening to your retirement it's real life and and we're so glad you're here when us and voice that's a no real life you know it's crazy to think that we spend more time planning our vacations the majority government. However according national best selling retirement author Patrick Kelly. And his books stress free retirement fine retirement nest and tax free retirement now may actually be the perfect time for you to plan your personal retirement. If there was a way that you knew that you could protect. Everything that you made back. Never to lose a penny but to know that was your low water mark going forward. Would you be excited about that knowing that you wouldn't have to give up growth has an option and really right now. That is the message of this book that there is a way to take the money off the table if you will figuratively speaking. Protective. Grow it from here and not have to go back through the pain and the fake any. That those 20089. Put people through. People do what Patrick is talking about. That is. One over hidden secrets we have it say most people look at their retirement stores or money let's put this by the money. They have to save money then which is what CDs. Yeah Bryant. Fans some people think bonds on us early so that Tony getting in CD's right now and next to nothing if not laughable 1% or less right to you being punished for being conservative and and try to keep your cash and then say so on the sides now it's pushing people into the stock market. And closed markets going up every urban is fine the second continue forever is Suzanne that's forever part on through we we know the answer that. Market goes up market goes down there on these accounts of how we know we just love and their link to cancer which gives you the protection of your principal. Take your money safe yet you do get some of the upside if markets do go up an opportunity to. Have these gains and as Patrick cut Kelli said not only do you get the upside of these teams whenever locks in entry anniversary date you can't give up you do not portion. Those games. So you don't have these paper gains or paper losses that that people talk about. Which is when he's only worth what it's worth is when you cash and out if you're in the stock market true true but when you look at your statement you made so much more news desk and tell what you happened and there's a thousand paper and these accounts are designed to give protection principles are number one golf. So it's it's safe money yet TVs on the upside without the markets these are called into camps the US government has these. And the banks have these insurance companies have these. And yet these are one of the most under utilized fools. Out there reason being. It is the banks are rather have you don't want to out below return CDs or profitable for them. The stock brokers. This is that these type of products are low commission lo fi. Direct competitor of our competitors so they're very quiet about those so it's usually left up to the independence. Such as song of myself and Ryan here that bring this to the attention so part people struggle with is I haven't heard about them. So we have to take the time and education A vis a veteran these type of product program for Perth dozens of years. Give you the results return show you how these products work the pros and the cons there's no free lunch obviously Kristen. So showing them that to the government has some products like this. There's actually market linked CDs that are out there we have some upside if market fears insurance company products with the colts fixed indexed annuities. Which some people so while stay away or you have to be educated on them but if you're looking for save money and you're tired of getting point one. Percent return. And you like some of the upside. Whichever index on PS and 500 such but and to give you visual an example I was works Christen. The market went up. Now 13% 14% last year in the S&P 500. And you would've realized gain of probably about half of that. Anyone you when you were participated. But looking at a safe money opportunities last year and getting 84207%. Return. When you're TV was paying 1%. Without any risk. It's a big difference in my play a part and I think it's right for everybody yet there are certain. I can ways that this can actually. Make you rest a little bit easier during market downturns and so give you some of the upsides. You know these are things that Patrick talks abound in his books and and guys these are all things and Patrick Kelly talks about in his book stress free retirement do we have a need to you know give away from listeners thank. We've especially 55 copies set aside great now so up for the next five callers great wonderful easy read stress free retirement by Patrick Kelly. And none next five callers will get one right up until we we had to bring down five freak anyway so many different the last couple weeks we had three orders they haven't come in yet so. On the need listening wanna take advantage of that I have read this book is to be about an hour hour and a half to get through and it's in Britain you know real life terms so that folks like you and I listening today today can really understand. These strategies is basically just tells a real life stories folks they've used these strategies. To achieve what Patrick also spoke a stress free retirement. Some of the first five callers will get that Al Q complimentary for listening today could make a big difference in your retirement 805 funny. 09. 20 cent to 805 point 80920. The first five callers we'll send you that but complementary you can always find out more at north star 65. Dot com you know what the big questions we all face is a win to retire guys this week money why should. Posted two articles once said boomers' biggest regret they didn't want longer and the others said. Boomers say retire as soon as you can't. A lot of different approaches there think about what really is the best way to approach the decision of when to retire. Well George I'll tell you what you don't wanna decide that. You should work longer twenty years after you've retired that's for. There we see got a little too often. I have sixteen years of carrying the real life stories and our communities and you have to take us with some. Which is this the real world experience is people telling me to send and more often than not it's session works on the year two and resistant. And puzzle less stress on everything mural portfolio and builds up by an extra 8% per year and Social Security benefits of a lifetime benefits for for you and your spouse. Hey there's a lot of different variables that now I don't want to atheist who retires Susie Q&A fee if you wanna get out your job. That's one thing the other part of that is when should you retire. So it's usually compromise and it it's not for me to tell you folks if when to retire just your point out. Usually your using a plan showing here's the benefits these rewards of working next two years. Portray your one and whatever and knows. And here's a benefit to retire right now which is might be your health you might be. I'm position with your job we just need to get out wouldn't take that stress off of you and just learn how to manage your your money better since I hope I'm not here to tell people went. Is here to show them. And here's the pros here's the cons this is some rewards for her pushing accurate term little bit. Damage you know that's many many people assess talent then there's folks have their sank. I really should have waited a couple of years especially with my Social Security guarantee you see action money. Now if your health this pork and there's other circumstances I've been applied this. Which we run into all the time. The rules change. And in Social Security you can't take this money with you folks can spend with confidence put. So I would carefully over the radio want to communicate to people some very personal decision. Mary and I can hear from me what should you do well simply help guide you maybe give you some clarity on the decision. You really really coaching and mentor and along you know you don't have the buyer's remorse from Iran exactly and it's not just commend since that would George talked for all day he makes recommendations you leave nurse him again. A few weeks ago we had a wonderful client event we get silver clients will mixer though got a mean each other and talk to each other and see how really every one of them in there was a planner every one. Wanted to learn educate themselves on playing and in George helped everybody in that room to do that then we sit down with their clients and quarterly if they want quarterly semi annually at least annually. And really monitor and and make sure the plan is still working. It'll be ram with our Clint appreciation event we were all strangers at some point we didn't complete you'll strangers until we shake hands. Each one of these folks who came in and we became friends with and become just. Really like each other. Yeah we all started as a little know they they kind of come and understandably with a little bit maybe distrust him I hearing that well he's gonna take complete his interest before mine we get that. Not everybody's like that though. Both people are not like that so but looking at. These choices you have in taking the time and again I think we XL one thing. That's all different father folks out there there's pros yes but there's there's always a catch is always trump kind of downside INS and something had to give up. To get that upside to people are very disenfranchised out there and sit down with people in whatever profession where all the years a good. That's could easily be a Bellwether for. This person's withholding information because it sounds too good to be true. Probably something yes. We really idolize Phyllis and here here you here's the pros here's the cons this is why I think this might play a part here if you're okay with this side over here. Okay does that make sense with that said they become empowered. Our clients command there aren't you know we had this during the climb event which we want to go back to because it was just such a wonderful comment on why garrison Georgia just blessed with. If you just inclined she's just wonderful people and Ryan said what does it take. It takes time you have to take the time to command sometimes it's after hours we we work for many evenings because so far or listeners are working during the day. Worked occasional Saturday's life as we have to do this when they're off so we're we're not afraid to put the time and if you are as well. This is your world sure lecture retirement we take very seriously. And that we owe it to our clients to go ahead and say listen this is a process. Non event your broker saying don't worry we'll take care of you were not here to threaten your broker if you're happy with the growth. But if you I think he can come planning. Long term care planning Social Security strategizing. Your missing a huge component a retirement. Which is what all these programs prior we're talking about Chris when we do these radio quote she's professionals come on these experts when they talk about it's I'm a risk management. Right optimization I'm sort. No I was just gonna say out wanting to figure out a way that you know that risk doesn't have to have a great impact on in our retirement and listening today that that's what I know you're in tune once as well and what this show is about the you know it's all about you in your retirement what are you comfortable with what are you looking for. Where you stand now ultimately how are you going to get to your goal and we mentioned we had five copies of Patrick Kelly's book stress free retirement available to you complementary today from listening to the show. What messing had two of those left so if you're one of the first two callers will send that Al do you complimentary. 805. Point 809. At 20 cents 805180. Online to use zero. More details always at north star 65 dot com don't forget we've got offices in Greenville Asheville N Andersonville to meet with you locally eagle whichever is closest to you 805 point eight. 09 is your mouth. Is aren't you your spouse to have had this argument. We'll tell you what it is and how you really solve but next here on stopped worrying you're retired. What did George tossing a northstar financial and retirement. Planning. Northstar financial and retirement planning can help you get the most from social security and help develop a strategy and we're just getting retirement income based on your unique objectives called for a every retirement review 80518. 0920. Or visit north star 65. Dot com who. He's so much for making stop pouring if you're tired with George crossing the northstar financial and retirement planning a part of your day northstar 65 dot com to find out more all handle a song we first heard back in 1988. From her opposites attract well what happens when financial opposites attract a degree video thinking about it back in the day with a little animated cat but they weren't totally opposites if you're opposite financially is not a problem I think because at time money Paul. Finds that 70% of couples argue about money. So if what else is a saver and the other is a spender and can you guys helped give them on the same page. When it comes to their retirement strategy could you've got to be on the same page for that right. OK listen for XP psychiatry part comes in. I would say one thing I'd like format I don't see arguments. I see some differences ahead of opinion such so wound peavy is spending too much on the fur was purchases. Which one person might find it as it's not needed. But the other since we do need it so you can defining that one might be frugal in the other ones major trigger is. They're more conservative. And that's always in the top five as far as an argument is starting to part with people not knowing. Now having a talk prior similar support what you wanna accomplish so we'll sit down and say listen. Give each other surround picture we need to take care of and Paul put a plan together words you Paul's kitchen needs met. Do you do you sum up I think monthly or quarterly check in see make sure you're on budget we had some folks in your christened and goes to become for example. The line which is up we sat down we're during the planning and we're allocating. Money for their retirement. And there was I want that pull. It is with us for his wife I think this young a couple. And I pulled I think you'll get the full. And then he said why I want this and it was really key was actually normal how they they went there and that he talked about it we built it into their budget. Up took care of that. In what I think about the first of all that's great bend that we can comment and the like OK while the count I want his kennel he wants how do we get there and and as an unbiased you know Al cited you're just looking at the numbers and what's realistic you can help folks you know through that conversation that's good to know but you know another thing that's really common among couples with being an issue sometimes is social security and I say because. There's so many options out there especially for married couples when it comes to win and how to draw their benefits their most beneficial but now. Yeah it's it's really funny I've had people comment and maybe they've done there and researcher or something and they're asking the question so how many how many different strategies are there I don't know. Many of them account who we know some of the ones that actually work well for clients in the people we sit down with then. Like we always say it's about optimizing for your personal situation and then looking at your numbers when you plan on retiring. Nobody knows how long they're gonna live but usually most people can look back at their family. And come up with a pretty good idea I need to make sure that I planned toe lease this age and and then we can take a look at you know breakeven points begin take a look at if one spouse really thinks you're all of much longer or. Maybe says if either spouse has a long life expectancy. And is healthy then then let's take a look at maximizing any survivor benefit. And that's part of optimizing their plant is not so much what's the most absolute most we need us or security of this for a lot of people. If you plan on retiring early you have built a bridge that gap that's where George really shines as he helps people bridge that gap and we run the numbers we help people see how can you optimize and then. Here are some strategies to help you be able to do that X. We always had people sit Dan rice an excellent job whistled security. A sign of it really taken taken by Marines. And understanding it and so we spend experiment a time having a dialogue. Quick overview here's how work seizes some options and and it's all about the money isn't Chris and I about the money and number one goal fuselage back for clients is possible but your money we wanna give back to that is that are huge focus with the with our practice. If it's after the fact to your potential security. Global deal with apple or come down people's you prairie tires out there or you'll miss fifty GB to start looking at this. And so how this works how we can plan. And I backlight have come a little bit slower in two and the airport as opposed to having a that's steep dive. Less 41 year before he retired have to come up with a plan for a little bit harder to work with some yes I definitely. The more challenging force but the Social Security element it's a huge component as say a part of the three legged stool if you well of retirement. They own being private pension of serving your savings and investments so optimizing that. Do you think it's important. Absolutely. Yeah and Chris and George duke we sit down people and and so many times the first thing is I don't think it's going to be there for me or. I it's as I'm not gonna have whatever we talked about right now because this is just gonna change. Well I think one thing that really puts you qualities as you have to think about this for the generation that's looking at Social Security right now they have the most wealth and our country. They have the most voting power in our country and and as though the people with the most wealth and our country who are aging who have paid the most in a Social Security to feel that it's not gonna be there for us. It just doesn't make sense if they gonna change yet cost of living thirty changed a little bit. The time at which you can go on to some of these strategies that help optimize and maximize different types of benefits. That's already being kicked out a little bit maybe a month depending on what your your born maybe a full year. But these are all answers that we can answer for your comments sit down. Most people wanna be put Eddie is that this is going to be something they depend on it and frankly we we can help you understand where your Social Security can actually get. We we don't want people to be overly alarmed there's a lot of noise out there. Where people are saying it's gonna go away from the root and I don't know who I doubt it is just have to go ahead and move on with life and you worry yourself torn early grave Kristen. Plan understand is going to be changes from mindset and we don't we understand how that's working it's coming together and something were to west we've got to make. So we're here put charities. I show you how to optimize. And George have something in your head what you think it's going to be retirement. We'll just may be optimize with your thing easy comparison the comparison. Again it's to explain this to educate it's to make you aware. Of what you have available and not to give away tens of thousands of dollars for your retirement it's your money folks. That's the thing is it is your money then you've paid into Social Security for so long. You make sure that you optimize those benefits and something you guys at north star financial retirement planning offer. As they complimentary Social Security optimization report Ryan's amount that report if someone were to call right now 805. Point 80920. And take advantage of that being complementary. How does that happen how does it go about it and what do you do for them in that report well. One thing to. We wanna do is we wanna sit down just talking over the phone people are really sure what to say or hurt her how to how to really answer the question. George doesn't buy I don't play were pretty friendly people are both single likenesses and you know. Come and we're gonna ask you if you know how to pull on your earnings statement if you can get a recent one if not we know that they stop sending them out a few years back. Then not they are going to be again depending on what your age is sending out your earnings statement again but you can easily pull that up it's SSA dot gov my Social Security there's all travel on the left inside. And you can log and it takes a little log and it's all the effort but he'll pull up their earnings statement or. Find when your older ones spring and then we take a look we we wanted to know that you have an idea when you might retire again nothing's in stone. But an idea when you think you might retire and think about before you come in what what do I think they saw my family based on my health what what type life expectancy should we look at. And wall will do from there is. Or on the numbers are so many calculators out there that they can help to do narrowed down so you have an idea what you. Where you should be able to feel confident and for Social Security. And then. If you wanna take a step further won't go further will take a look at how you can make sure that you can get there if you wanted to retire early maybe to lay some of those benefits taught them grow up towards full won't really go over some ideas in some ways that you can do that. And that's something the U wanna take advantage of listening today Collison the next ten minutes George Ryan and the team at north star financial and retirement planning will perform that complimentary Social Security optimization report for you you when your spouse and figure out what the best plan is for you when it comes to Social Security is complimentary if you call when in the next ten minutes 80518. 09 at 20 that's 8051809. It's 20. You know we talk about planning for inflation and retirement that is your retirement future ready it's against all the extra expenses that we have this come about in the last twenty years you get the Internet cellphones all the taking gadgets out there. If the next twenty years brings even more on how we build that into our retirement plan the rising cost of everything. Our parents and grandparents they know about Wi-Fi it. And cellphones just. Cable TV. Technology is an area double edged sword up obviously have. And it's up most of us are not fighting it tooth too bad but we have to understand there's a cost involved and you need to plan for list. Basically what we're trying to say years there's unknowns and it's better to have a little bit too much income. Then come under the under the element of being prepared for this don't be scared I was reading there's a robo made that's coming out there's pretty intense. I like that like the Jetsons yes. I don't like this takes the budget that George so work or working on it. Yet technology is is not something run away from the can't anyway but you do need to budget in the announced and applied at accordingly. So we'll go ahead and pool lectured though in that paycheck for him by optimizing your comes as honeydew. It's getting more money from your money so you're not gonna be having to sit on the sideline with technology and how by the way I do have to brag folks I've I've cut my cable. I'm going cable less my wife and I are very proud and we're excited or you reverse embrace that technology we move forward from cable TV. So hey get until now moving toward folks is it's just. For all of us you know maybe there are certain things they eat you wanna cut out of the budget to do other things because he you're not really using those items as mine charge. Maybe there's more you'd like to take advantage of its planning and things do change with time but you have to have a plan and then that way you know. Where you're going to beach when it comes to your retirement maybe ten years from now 203040. Years down the road. As your retired 805 point 80920. Call right now. If you going to come in for a compliment your retirement reveal and sit down with Georgian Ryan of the offices in Greenville Asheville or Henderson hill. 805180920. More details online as well at north star 65 dot com. I'm Kristen crawls hoping that you have a wonderful fourth of in July weekend and this is so much on behalf of Brian Mullen endorse Boston in the entire thirteenth I'm northstar financially. For making style find your retirement. Have a wonderful fourth of July jump was America. Happy fourth folks. Social Security it's your money and you know in the nineteen Social Security blanket pre teen. Maybe the biggest financial blunder you can make this your first retirement. Did you realize that villiers he's strategy when he comes to a legend goes to charity benefit. Can cost you enjoy thousands and thousands upon thousands of dollars in lost retirement income. And people living longer and it's now more important than ever before to make the right decisions about wind and how to begin proceedings before. Security benefit. That's why it's important to build a complete retirement myself strategy with north our financial and retirement planning before you apply for Social Security benefits. Sure I think can help you craft your retirement income strategy they incorporate Social Security optimization. Are complementary Social Security report today from northstar financial and retirement plan. 805180920. Or visit north starts 65 dot com. The opinions expressed by George Foster Northrop financial and get some pretty good job on their own and you know. Billions of the radio station all statements and opinions expressed are based upon information considered reliable mother would you not be relied upon as such anything bigger venues are subject to change without notice. Involve risk and a month otherwise you're not guaranteed. Cannot be used as an indicator determine future results or strategies mentioned may not be suitable for everyone information expresses not take into account your specific situation objectives and the intended as recommendations appropriate for you will be. Information mentioned it's a would have qualified technically your investment advisor. 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