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Jun 28, 2015|

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Welcome to stop worrying you'll retire with George busing of northstar financial and retirement planning people have to. Unexpected news and bad things happening I wanna make sure that doesn't happen typically. And northstar financial and retirement planning and we'll help you accomplish your future financial goals and be with you every step of the way. The table having to worry about him. You're never just an account number you have entrusted us with your life and retirement savings a responsibility. We take very seriously and having the money. Is something we have to have it doesn't change your values at all and when we get to the so called ambush retirement the second part of your life should be insulation. And now stop worrying you're retired radio. You laying. And may get. I mean yeah time news. Do you listening here make you so much making us a part of your day you whether you're listening Greeneville Asheville Lauren Henderson though we're so happy that you're with us here for stop pouring your retired. What George tossing and right elegant of northstar financial retirement planning my name is Christopher also I have the pleasure of being alongside these guys each week. Talking about things happening around the globe around the world are around the country. All I could have an affect on you financially but it doesn't have to especially. When it comes your retirement and that's what we're gonna talk about today. But George before we dive into. What's coming up on today's show which is a lot we're going to talk about the rising interest rate is there an outside for those listening and I. I won imported it is with. Exactly how what strategy you used to take money out of your everyone's retirement accounts and those of you listening to her self employed to help you build your retirement savings could just a few things are gonna dive into. But George just isn't a week there was a big 25 wedding anniversary celebration in your household wasn't there that's right. That's my wife and a post three for 25 years and that is to me. He's he's evolved enough blessed. But expert remembering well you don't toy reside here wedding anniversary is some enemy very proud we hear about a lot of folks just I'm making it these days and their marriages so. I think it's a wonderful thing Ryan you're married is on the 25 years now know we just celebrated tend her a few months ago and OK it's not every year a little bit closer George. That's enough you'll get their the national. Yes that's a but you got any questions for Georgian Ryan today in the anyone on the team at north star financial and retirement planning just there a phone call away you can set up a complimentary retirement review at the office isn't as filmed in Greeneville Andersonville whichever one is closest to you and here's number 80518. 0920. Camera always online and north star 65 dot com we'll tell. Sports page a little bit that's also the financial page against San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan stated last week at then missed placed trust in a financial advisor. Call him to lose more than twenty million dollars the NBA star went on to say quote I thought for the most part I was keeping an eye on things. Georgia portage isn't building that trust with your clients because they have stood to trust you in many ways because this is their retirement saving. Next I think we all know that trust is something that's learned from China entitlement and at the worst thing you can ever hear are sitting down somebody says just trust trust me and my message. I laugh. Happy and alive early comes down to the actions behind that individual what they're doing. Well in the world of five Bernie made off with Chris is always funny the last name Madoff and that should have been made Australia migrated there. Did there's home gold Carolina investors terrorists got their stories are all local offense that the people lost millions of of dollars end up I just got asked that question. And I yesterday had a delightful couple came in first meeting. And they'd NSA were very were very upfront it's how we get paid. How were operating. What does checks and balances to ensure their money you say defendant can't beat this is George reliably great guy yet. We have done that dialogue it's absolutely so talk about third party custodians who died not having the checks made out to. An individual or that company that's for these these folks got into trouble. There was never a third party custodians. Such as a vanguard or fidelity or reused TD Ameritrade institutional perk for fun so you have to have these checks and balance you need to verify that the we're very proud it's been up. Point eight plus trade with the Better Business Bureau. National ethics association to check online sites into the background check on any advisors forward for the individual for the clients. And so what it gives them just multitude of of checks and balances you wanna be aware that if you're dealing with an advisor. Having a conversation or is you talk about the good and the bad every solution has some kind of catch right we'll know that there's some things a 100%. Is that dialogue happening before your hearing is the positive. Of something. That's usually a red flag there as well Kristen yeah it was a downside do you agree and that's. There's got to be there's nothing that says kind of you know just a perfect way of doing anything you've you've got to point out all sides of what could happen. Right you know it is you have these nice big pick up trucks out there people like dammit somebody says though what's the downside. It just think fuel economy from him in at the smallest it's thirty miles a gallon really. Thank you speech can you verify that there's nothing wrong with asking these questions unfortunately good people are tentative about asking difficult questions. They don't want to embarrass the person respect because they don't believe that person yet you have to as a consumer folks you have to ask these questions. As far as what's the downside how long have you been doing this do you have references of there's a multitude of ways checks and balances to go through. AARP is a wonderful source northern website the questions to ask the financial advisor. And if you're gonna bring it up folks we are. I'll tell you is that this is what how we operate this is what I do to protect our clients as well as protect myself and my livelihood so there's no misunderstandings. I don't wanna touch your money. Ryan does not want to touch your money. We sent directly to the insurance product correctly to the insurance companies made after the insurance company. If you're doing investments it's may have to TD Ameritrade not to myself oh my company. Well and that's the thing is do you really having dad's transparency so you can see what's happening with your money is something that you wanna know me as someone who's trying to figure out who's gonna help you with this retirement process especially if you get closer to retirement George Ryan and the team at north star financial retirement planning her focus on those of you listening it nearing retirement and already retired and as an independent firm these guys are free from strategy constraints he can offer you various options and other financial professionals that I really have treated choose from when it comes your retirement. North star 65 dot com that's one point you can log on and find out more or apology of questions and sucked up 101 complimentary retirement review 805. Point 809. At 20. You know it just. A little lost when he comes to retirement planning just like you're not alone. They tell what the American college of financial services says sick enough there's obviously an issue for sound. Elson just don't know enough you know we did a survey that looked at their knowledge and retirement planning. High and found that they didn't know enough about Social Security planning for various products that are used in planning. How much you can afford to withdraw and so forth so so they haven't taken the time to really learn what they need to feel. And I think that's maybe the biggest problem. George Ryan how time doesn't really take for us to get the information that we need on issues like this when it comes to planning for retirement it's never too early. That is the big boy were we trying to make with people. It happens quick time flies behind. Time does fly then everybody's cases all the different and some people a little immortal look at just in terms of their lifestyle and family members in May be specific. Things that they have that other people don't have to worry about everyone's a little difference of being able to pinpoint them on time to do planning as the golden couple there. In the area. The big difference treat people in the forties people in the 50s60s and seventies and he said the challenges and issues to deal with and that's our experience knowing. What to address when I'm arises play huge component. With retiring so folks if you're in retirement. If it's a make you have to plan for longevity which we talk about. You know after age 65 Sullivan of life expectancy 12324. Years of your female slightly less of your mail if you're your fifties early fifties. You might be contributing to your 401K. Which will be a 100% tax always Turkey's it's also looking at some. So maybe some buckets that are non taxable for retirement that won't affect your Social Security. Taxation is life different components to us we really enjoy that aspect of it. I absolutely loved playing part and then George we've we've actually had some callers call lend. They love listening to the contents we talked on the show that they that they like hearings you know there's hope out there and we've had people call in and say you know I'm 71 and I'm my parents are still alive in their ninety's and guides is it's too late for me to do anything and no. Never come on in here let's do we can do to help you out just because your your 65 or seven knee or we've had some callers that aren't in the mid seven needs her or even older. There's still steps you can take to help make sure that your retirement lasts longer. That's the thing is you want to take those steps so your retirement does last as long as you need it to an and really get a set of buys on that multiple sets of eyes exits what you can deal with George Ryan and the team at north star financial and retirement planning and and see where you stand and Brian I know a lot of times here on the show we talk about this CPR the complete planning review and with the folks calling in and take advantage of that and it's making a bit of a difference there retirement. It really is and CPR is it's is kind of a medical Akron and the most people are aware of recalled the complete planning review and although yes we've we've had a few people come and they're looking for one specific product may be life insurance maybe a long term care insurance plan or maybe. And income annuity or a mark mark killing CD that there's products out there and George has products. But that's that's not what he does that's not what we do here at north star what we do is we take a look at your retirement goals your plan your future. And I would there CPR complete planning review will do and an overall review will do a third party review what your current investments are. If you have an annuity will take a look fully utilized or nudity X ray to see if there's any fees in the air hub. You know what caps if it's a fixed index annuity participation rates. But things that you might not have even heard about the you have these products you have these sums of money out there and you have Gholston wanna make sure that. Those sums and those those piles of money are helping to work tortured all on the right way we here in. Yes I didn't know that. I just learned that that's amazing why didn't somebody tell me this earlier we put that together for people and that's the value a response we get. We really enjoyed that put looking at the full picture. We put it toward database MacArthur put on the big screen TV that we've got here and show them what their numbers look like with the retirement looks like and he's just. Makes some modifications right or just some slight modifications. And adjustments I come on track for a worry for your retirement more in the beginning of the show let's start the show. Lawful law offer next five callers. Completely free complimentary complete planning or you give us cult that I. They won the first five callers take it manages and see what a difference it could make in New York retirement. 805. Point 809. At 20. That's 805. Point 809. At 20. And you can always find out more about George Ryan and the team and north star 65 dot com. The next. Truly best for you a traditional 41 K are often are you making. The best decisions about those accounts well diamonds and then next and have some fun flashing back in time. Stop pouring your tired with George. To Manhattan. Northstar financial and retirement planning can help you get the most from social security and help develop a strategy for us getting retirement income based on your unique objectives called for a complimentary retirement review. 805180920. Or visit north star 65. Dot com. Thank you so much for joining us today for stop pouring your retired with George fox nor our financial and retirement planning check us out at north star 65 dot com minister Paul Simon. Big hit from him. Kodachrome do you believe it's been six years since Eastman Kodak the company announced that it was discontinuing. The sales of Kodachrome color film I remember that was such a big deal and I damn as a photographer growing up and after. Desperate sentiment evenly take a real pitchers anymore but he felt. That's your front because the public as we have it on our phones proof and any drop the pounds to lose is that. Never discussed that secondhand as a kid pitchers are gone forever so that you have kids down the road with the pictures of me my. I went out and see you on our clients the other day just needed a little bit info from moment and they had three picture frames over the digital frames. Israel isn't even a national print pictures as I kept looking thinking I I think the picture changed over there. Yet if you never you never know I and then just shows how much things change over time who would've ever thought. Then we don't need actual film very much anymore because of where all professional photographers. Other Smartphones now but you retired as a lot of changes to the you have to be aware outfits keep up for someone like you mean listening today and that's why you've. Turn to a team like Georgia and Ryan and everyone in north star financial and retirement planning to keep up with those things if you've got any questions for these guys just know that they are a phone call away and you can set up a complimentary retirement review. That number is 8051809. At 208058. 09 at 20. Well yeah gallon and the Federal Reserve last week and decided to leave interest rates near zero while some believe a rate increase may come in September since Stovall chief equity strategist at S&P capital IQ he says there is a silver lining actually to the story. Would just right now else having aids dividend yield on the S&P 500 that is very close to the yield on the ten year note. That actually is still relatively positive. Historically whenever that has happened the market has gone up an average of 13%. In the coming twelve month period. Of course that's not a guarantee that that'll happen this time around. Awarded implies is that interest rates are so low that it's still make stops very attractive relative to bonds. George Ryan how do you guys help your clients is this kind of market noises is really kind of bothering them keeping them off at night. We had a couple came in got a couple days ago and he's retired lieutenant colonel. Asking the question when rates go up what's gonna happen. And opinions are like noses are where he's got one so I'm going to. Reading about which went up this souls talk about it is that is actually true or if I read about that as well yet to as you said there's no guarantee. In the future so we can were cells to death with these type of things were when we talk about the Fed increasing each record points how many times have we heard that. How are you conscious have been delayed yet. Right a lot anyway hearing now that every time I talk credit an array is it mean everyone's kind of on the edge of their seats but it's sometimes they'll think folks really know how this could affect them you know at home and said the for a while their house well the it's heads could point. Or talk about why should it affect him. That's a choice we make future heavily invest in the stock or if it's gonna while bubble at some point why you play that game market timing is awful. More people are awful lot of professionals are awful at market timing trying to think we have inside information that other people don't have we're competing against Wall Street. Let's put that way and for Wall Street to make money they have to self right and if they hadn't and thereafter giving information out to. Make money for them not for you. And we have to understand how the rules are played. This information comes out daily there's a huge amount of noise out there creates a lot of volatility. Right now we are in low volatility we're blessed for a little bit period of time but once the starts kicking and we're hearing a lot of people talk about September October. And then. For various reasons and six seniors are doing is Kristen I've been through every cycle there Israel I think you've seen a lot of things happened the us and it's it's about having a plan. Worry about your finances it is a choice. You can go ahead and play a riverboat gambler. Or you can go ahead and put a plan together and say this is a way I picture my retirement and execute that plan. Thank you know George we we just brought on on inclined great wonderful wonderful gentleman. And he's very Smart very business savvy and he's he's done very well for himself and he came any man would George because of the radio program I believe and is that you know last I heard you say noise effort you say volatility and I'm just I'm over it I don't wanna be a part of that anymore you've talked about these other tools that are out there. George helped them come up with a plan went over educated him again it's not just trust but it's it's educating and helping people understand what they have. And we're we were finalizing up along parts of the plan last week in these that he Nora and I like this. I feel like I can now sit on the sideline and watch everything else that's going on I'm no longer in the game and I don't wanna be in the game I can just sit back and watch it as. The man who sits on the dock and reads books. So that is again the choices he's made to say listen. I wanna protect what I have wanna protect my livelihood and my my standard living a quality life I don't need more money to do that I just need to maintain what I half. Less drama. More fun I like that less drama more fun and being able to just maintain that lifestyle that you have. If not even make it better you know through the right planning that's possible but you take that first app you have you're listening today to stop pouring your retired and it's all part of north star financial and retirement planning the next step is to call and cumin and talk about these things for you your family and your retirement accounts are nest eggs. 80518. 0920. You can set up play complementary review and our offices in either in Greenville Asheville or Henderson bill. 805. Eighths. 0920. And more details at north star 65 dot com. You know that's what the unknowns we face when planning for retirement is what taxes are going to look like in the future. Patrick Kelley author of quite a few best selling a retirement books including tax free retirement says our national dad believes very few. Options there's two ways we can fix what can you noticed we can spend the last or we can tax more bringing more income. Well not only are we not spent enough for spending more than we've ever spend. So if that's not working the only way to do it is raise taxes so. Is it better to pay tax to day on 101000 dollars or 40%. Or the way and pay tax on a 100000 dollars at 506070%. George Ryan and talked folks your clients every day at north star financial and retirement planning about being tax Smart and their retirement. First let's address this whole security side of the I had those folks came in yesterday and a wonderful couple nurse. The general businessman came in and she goes George Social Security is not gonna be they're forming I'm planning to retire with Social Security. That's a while. I come from. We talk a bit further who and I agree with some of her concerns for. I don't agree with her think it's a screen won't be there and we had a good conversation and then came back to this. Yes is underfunded. And the there are challenges Social Security. Yet the changes will not come to Social Security. Purse say it will come around to taxes. Having to increase to fund social security and so if you agree with that zealous must like a missile security unless I'm gonna happen. In other politicians again the second that would just be Armageddon than that from the White House so we're looking at is. That little nuances that are going to increase taxes down the road so you have to do proper planning for that get some money. Off the radar of the IRS. We believe in that. Planning is okay did you know you can do it it's a choice we sit down folks you have paid enough into the system. He should get as much back as possible you don't go to the IRS for tax advice to you now. Ellie golf and yeah you can call them back. And if you talk to each other CPA or tax you have to ask a question or tax planner. Or tax prepare. And tax preparer will go ahead and say here ego and the doctor give you any real insight to had to save money. It's gonna get taxed for pick a player is somebody we worked together with sit down with. So you folks can tell what you make it's what you keep we all know that. And if you have a half million dollar IRA he said I've got a half million dollar IRA I say no you know. You do not have happened directly by government owns a third. I says are just saying we're looking at the accounts for sing a dollar amount but we forget about Uncle Sam taking his current with all alone but the numbers are due to statements look at all the money I have. The anyway from that that's not true. It's a change your mindset and people have their 401 k's out there in the company's matching their contributing and if it's all going into the tax qualified portion of the 401K. You can't see what your cost basis keep you can't look up. At least not very easily how much you have actually put into your growth. So not only do you not know how much you put in there how much your companies put in there it's very difficult to find those numbers. How much of that is yours because you might be getting a little bit of a tax break right now I'm not paying taxes on it for right now where when her lowest tax breaks we've ever had. We ask this is your tax advisor currently talking about tax reduction strategies and usually comes to this say no we don't just look at all the money we're making. You have to do that and just if you think taxes are going acquire not having the style. Why your visor and I talked about it. What are you currently doing gossip that the more time you have to retire before you retire more time you have to make these changes. Contributions to Roth came up. That's when I guess people just don't utilize that it's crazy. We did a presentation last week Brian Brenda I think there were two hands so once you hand over two nights has two nights a silent over 5050 people two hands when ups and we have brought the chance for people staring at me. What's Roth account. As is so you don't even even. Of the people who had won didn't really understand exactly what it was or what the farmers are doing it. So with that there's there's always broadcast George there's no strategy there's not a CPA out their George absolutely loves it introduced to to his clients and slot. If you've not heard events like we needed to them now we know you're listening doesn't know or she to it. And there's another show edgy out there and we just heard from Patrick Kelly we just heard we've we've heard from him quite frequently his partner of the show. I he has a book it's a national best seller it's called tax free retirement and we have five of those standing by right now so enjoy the next five callers call up request the book we've got one of those we'll get right up where it. Manager then we'll Cynthia complementary it really puts a lot of these strategies that George and Ryan talk about. It's even more real life easier to understand scenarios of what it could mean for you if you'd like a copy of a bumpy one of the first five call course Wilson if you complimentary 80518. 0920. That's 805 foreign aid. 0920. The first fight callers forget that complementary and you can always get more details at north star 65 dot com all coming up why Melissa Gilbert possibly losing her specific Little House on the Prairie we'll find out annual check can on the market and talk about what it means for you here on stop worrying if you're tired with George tossing of northstar financial and retirement planning. Seems like most families I know it's crazy uncle in the name. It's much better to have a crazy uncle in the media uncle that once more and more of your money every year of course I'm talking about me Uncle Sam. Because the month of mayhem it's vitally important to be looked at my responsible in retirement. Now would be a great time to contour plus eight a nicer financial and retirement planning and storage fees paid taxes isn't ways to help generate income for life. Cars are financial and retirement planning look into your important retirement questions like am I financially ready to retire yeah like Alan my aunt that. Should not include financial drama. Especially for media and fans for your compliment to your retirement review. On ours our financial and retirement planning today. 1805180190. Cents or 1805180190. Or. North star's 55 die. And do yourself a favor and don't invite media Uncle Sam to any more of your family function. As an advisory services suffer through the film capital management LLC as easy registered investment advisor nor. Northrop and enjoy your retirement living hell feet and Brookstone capital management are separate entity from one another. Thank you so much for joining us today for us now pouring your retired with George boxing and northstar financial retirement planning on. The line north star's sixty minded dot com that is not one turnover driver and take care of business. You know it was one of the rock and roll's most recognized songs and it actually never made it to number one on the tracks but. That's what we do here on the show George just held on folks take care of business when it comes to retirement every day you on the team at north star financial retirement planning all day long. All day every day even weekends so I just know of the Georgia in the team a phone call away if you've got any questions we'll like to comment and sit down with them. For a compliment your retirement review 805. Point 809. At 20. Yeah your own business you're savings might be a little slim and in Georgia bring this up because you yourself really are a small business owner you started northstar financial retirement planning and what 2007. Yes I'm sure it is different for folks that own their own business we're seeing a lot of. Callers coming in that are self employed and they get it they're saying hey George I just I need to step it up don't wanna work forever. Plumbers electricians coming in young professionals getting started and that they don't have the benefit of going to company having hey we're gonna match your 401K here you have to know go it alone so. Understanding that. You were in charge your destiny. And there is it's a double edged sword a sitting down and taking the time and I can talk the talk walk the walk us with folks on herself and play I am one I'll share my personal strategy with you what am I doing. Most people are very surprised when the sea pen that's what George doing so what he does for a living and that's pretty amazing. I love to share that with both of yourself employed takes the time. Sit down if not talking to a financial advisor currently you need to do this you need to start planning for retirement we're not gonna work forever why people like to do part time work so retirement you can build a plane around that city beach kind of just done gradually step away over a period of time so. Got I listened very well folks I. I'd like to listen and understand your concerns and dreams and putting a plan together or Ryan is my right hand man and how we take the time gather the information show you a different as a class is you can choose from. Based on your. Risk tolerance your your values. What's important to you what you believe and think taxes are going up we're gonna dress that. If you don't want to pay less in taxes retirement. We'll show you strategies how to get there if you think that's stock market is not your best friend. That there is so some huge downside and you don't want that to affect your retirement we'll share with you know uncorrelated strategies strategy is that don't. Depend on the stock market going up for you to have a a worry for your retirement. Very down not having to be dependent on the stock market and every little move that it makes affecting your nest eggs north star's 65 dot com log on now find out more than a whale word you don't keep listening and then give us a call coming in for the compliment your retirement review if you do have money in market based accounts what can you expect over the next few years. Be nice if we had a crystal halted though that it but this masters the chief investment officer at eighty Bernstein recently made this prediction on Bloomberg surveillance. Yes returns will be much more modest and I think I think that this is a good guess by 67% as is our forecast. And there's going to be a lot more volatility. And that's not a bold forecast and cousins on volatility for the last years has been unusually low and no not a lot because of Central Bank action especially the Fed. Essentially suppressing risk when they're quantitative easing programs now and there's nothing back. We're see volatility returned to normal which is a lot higher than most people are used to. George Ryan let's talk about you know ways that we can approach this type of return with Al Oliver volatility because when it comes our overall retirement income plan we have to think about any money we've got based in the market along with taxes and an even Social Security. Volatility is a misunderstood word and what we're looking at is basically emotions. Fearing Greek kicking and people are thinking it's gonna create up or down. A lot of speculation a lot of emotion you're getting involved that's that this gentleman is saying that creates Havoc on the retirement plan. It and give you an idea that 2% drop down continue to do you know the stock market. 20082009. For seventeen months months dropped 55%. While 55% it took a takes over a 100% return just to get your money back up that. We're very fortunate with the market coming back the way it did not the timeline when you retire as you get older. This recovery time is not as acceptable as a was when you were in your thirties. So addressing this volatility you have a choice folks who is at times maybe dial back some of the risk put into a safe account where you still have a correlation to the gains. People with downside protection. We're seeing more and more of that benefactor Ryan just got a email from her for clients and George. We're ready to reposition some of our assets from a risk world to. Not rest just give us a reasonable return were good to go we're gonna go play now. We love those conversations owner and. Who we sure do any of volatility is that it's so funny as everybody wants to base how well they're doing up the S&P 500. Yet 55%. In just over a year nobody wants that Cold War all willing to say why didn't do as well as the S&P this year. And really sitting down and George can can kind of help educate you where is your your wrist school where were you most comfortable. And if your most comfortable without having that 55% risk then. A lot of people did very well last year they might not a done that people what this included 13% of Turkey about 13% last year we had a lot of people come Encino. I think quite get the full 13%. All. We had folks that were in safe money alternatives we had folks that weren't investments would downside protection and if you're a downside protection might not get that 13% gain last year but you're also not gonna get that 55% down over here. There's a saying stole forty years ago to one sleep better three better. And yet a look at that wins the serious kind of questioned say what's more important here and I'm going to need more money. If you do need more money they have take more risk for so you're playing catch up. It timeline is different for most people are entry return getting close it's on the horizon here with you more concerned about I wanna be able sleep better retirements which means now worry about money. Now we're about living long a nice long life running out though. And just kind of kicking back and we put those plans together both went to actually goes right back down to another saying they utilities charge and that's. You don't build a roof on a training. No doughnuts on the sunny start making the changes don't let that house. Become because the birth these particular what happens you trying to save you go and actually your choice any money on the roof and you wait too long it destroys the home. And if you wanna save a little bit of money and the cost you a lot. So just be careful. That we really sit down people and say what what's important to you let's take a look do you think you have enough money is the first question is safety we ask that they don't know so it's him. The target yet it says think that that is the big question is folks you know we've seen the commercials what's our number you know as figuring out that number. Everyone does really wanna know the answer format as. Says that was great we actually used to use the ING commercial for what you number who used to show it to people or people see what what Wall Street says your numbers should be unfortunately when boy have bought out I NG that commercial on that website is good. There's fun there's a baker walked around his number and it was over three million dollars that's a lot of pastries folks. It's a lot and I 4% roles now 3% or less and actually two point eight what they mean by that he can safely withdraw 4% per year. Without fear of Al living your money I think every million dollars you draw down 42 currently that million dollars safely be withdrawn twenty. 8000 that's not a lot. Right now that's up. It's got a lot. So there's other methods other ways to go ahead and get you like higher return of your money. Safely. Well and Social Security is part of that you know retirement income plan you guys weren't conned because you know we've got a factor and inflation and endure a little increase in what she did every year because of that with Social Security isn't there yes yes that's a. Oh there's there's cost of living increases. A lot of people a lot of people have heard that there's an 8% increase creature you to life. What most people don't realize that there's also cost of living increases have fallen that as well so I it if you're able to maybe not work for another year to your third or maybe even if you retire if you can still cover your bills you utilizing other funds were allowed us Social Security just build up a little bit more. Some of the calculators so we use we actually take into account if CD interest rates rest 678% or more. Just CD fix money's safe money alternatives. Then they might make a little bit more sense that. To keep investing their money that if you're looking at your overall portfolio though and hearsay quail Turner's your other alternatives out there and you're looking at the volatility was we just talked about or you're looking at earning. We have a client came in from Laredo the turning point 1% and what is endearing. Blowing all one that's not gonna do much for you at all. Point one she's coming due for renewal and she called in other areas they said I don't know what I should do and I'm pretty sure it's not renewing this. You're absolutely right places 3% surge is losing money safely each year. Safely losing money so Social Security plays a major part in any in the optimization report we do for folks it's sort a look at your situation it's not maximizing what our callers recently just said I love the fact the all use. Optimization. Because she said we're worship me meeting where their next week said my situation a little bit different. Then a lot of other people situation and for me the idea of maximizing is probably. Maximizing for me which is optimizations are just when I have people call me and say they'll come to my dinner on Social Security or come do this for got to maximize your returns that doesn't make sense for her. So in our Social Security optimization report we're gonna discuss. Not only how you can optimize for you view your life your lifestyle. But how you can utilize your other investments other funds other tools to be able to make you say you get the most Social Security. And along with that we've been talking about volatility Social Security. It's not affected by the stock market. That volatility does not does not bother so. We've got an inflation adjusted income its tax preferred income. And Georgia very mentioned you know it's going to be they're free folks there's going to be some minor modifications to it but. If you're in that group 5055 and above that's going to be going on Social Security you over the next ten years you should feel very confident that's going to be there for a. We've got a unique strategy we put together and people command they've never seen this before they met with four or five other advisors is an ever since you like this this makes much sense I get it. So when they finish up they say something like that right and I just file but looking at some of these strategies that are out there at the tools we have available for our clients. Is there is just it's just universe of files from a products and solutions that we have and so what are we don't we take the time education. Really single time we go over go to the white board and the walk through it this is how works these this is the benefits personally catches you gotta be OK with us. But we put a strategy that really addresses longevity so if you've got a grandmother who's in her nineties you're probably a 1000. And prolong life don't say it's not me tell you grandmother she would. She was Huckabee ran to BAC 9495. In their shares that's our round even driving so you've got to plan for the us well we take into account. That's the thing is you know someone really thinking about that you might be thinking how I began my grandmother does little long time plus great and wonderful but you likely going to live now along as well and making sure you have the money to be able to do that. You don't want to you know outlive your money don't run out of money before you run out of time I heard somebody say and and that really makes a lot of sense it's all about planning that's why is the name of the company George started back in 2007. Right here in the Carolinas is northstar financial and retirement planning. Because it is about planning to visit north for 65 dot com to find out more or call maybe you have questions about that maybe you would like to find out more about Social Security a Georgian Ryan can do a complimentary Social Security optimization report for you if you give us a call 800. 518. 09 at 20 that's 805480920. Am are always at north star 65 dot com coming up next where you talk about some changes put your money and she isn't retirement you might not be aware of next on stop worrying you're retired with George Thompson and iStar Financial and retirement planning. Norris recently turned 75 years old and to this day and I think the only thing the check is afraid and is. A living his money. Unfortunately that's a fear of many Americans just how will you make your money last for life. Did George pausing at northstar financial and retirement planning to call today. And 805180920. Georgia's team will help you get the most from Social Security. As well as help you develop a strategy porous getting retirement income. George will help create a plan based on your unique objective. All northstar financial and retirement planning for your complimentary retirement review 805180920. Or visit north star 65 dot com. Now's a great time to sit down with George to review your retirement goal. All northstar financial and retirement planning and 805180190. If Chuck Norris answers the phone. Very very politely. Did you work. I guess we call. Sam nonstop touring you're retired I was in Georgia Foss thing and Ryan Hollins and a north starved financial and retirement plan online northstar 65 dot com. You know we've been hearing that song. For the last 43 years since on the radio was actually hit the airwaves back in June of 1974. And it's now famous cover song and any show you go to book and then the sell something that we're all singing along. TO you know the funny thing and Kristin what fast they ban does not from Alabama exact Florida. And did you does tribute trial like this it's kind of neat with letters Skinner you know the name were came from. I actually did know I know you do. Today. But tell our listeners are going Harry it's named after their gym teacher who in school high school and threes they kind of use that. Because she's always against long year. Those things the you want your guys is I got a clever yeah. Then. Teacher Leonard Skinner had to be very proud student for find out there was. He was being paid tribute in such a way that goes on now let 43 years are still talking about it. Thank you so much for being a part of today's show on us. We like to do have a little fun flashing back in time and and celebrate retirement that's what you should be doing as well with the right planning you cannot. Do that any questions you have for George Ryan and the team at north star financial retirement planning. They're call waiting can sit down with you at the offices in Greeneville Andersonville or national. 805180920. You know it each week we talk about financially planning for retirement and of course that involves your money which Treasury Secretary Jake blues says is now getting a new look. Thanks today and I'm still undergoing a redesign it and these and 800 per announcement. The new content will be the current bell it wasn't centuries because Parker alone. You know guys and to win this change happens is take us a little. Don't have time to get used to the new look I remember when they came out was not the new quarters on too long ago everyone was collecting one of all the different states and everything but there's a lot of changes that happen when we retire George what changes in lifestyle or even retirement planning have you seen your clients go through or help them. It's scary it's irritating when the net now it's content not working so now you're officially unemployed. Good luck yeah her figure out there it's a occasional security. Great is that enough. Rarely is it enough so all the rules changed now. And you're out there how my gonna make this when he last had awake and I keep my standard of living going. What we do with my time that's the big one for you men out there. Extra extra time to become annoying to Europe. To your wife so he really kind of they've got to fight hobbies he's got to find some passions out there is cattle here money differently. Which is where we step them. Just sitting down your what your goals you wanna travel you want to hear your grand kids do wanna buy that boat pillaging the kids out and show. Show morale when we come visit it's it's a multitude he wanted to help save for their college put plans together so you can accomplish what you need to meanwhile. Do you go about life you know sits there looking at your monitor every day your statements online. And also naive decent watching the market crash. And you become almost numb not oh my goodness what happened. I didn't plan for this who plans for that kind of stuff I yell but you don't want to think that way though nobody has a plan that life yes. And that's where we help help people and we'll sit down say listen here's what's happened in the past. I'll share with you what happier retirees look like. Sixteen years of doing this. I know I have to retired couple individual looks like I think we have a whole room full of those Hillary isn't vitamins yes we. Happy happy all in all I insurance by the way yes I. I had a little software client event where a lot of people are we had a blast and every wearing their Hawaiian shirts and listen to a Jimmy buffet music and is he happy as we are happy. Sit around and imagine alliance shirts with the other folks that. God this planning and don't have that concern anymore the F and of course Jimmy Buffett and the background that helps too as does her. It's all of without that you know not having to worry yet being retired and just being able to appreciate that north star 65 dot com is one way you can find out more. Im really knowledge is power when you think about it Georgian Ryan they're here to help you. Learn about different options you might not be aware of on the radio and then hopefully ultimately helping develop on a personalized retirement income plans for the you can achieve those goals that you've always wanted to you. 8051. Made 0920. Fridge. Income dairy market or sharp ski recently compare the benefits of retirees using an immediate annuities vs simply withdrawing a certain percentage of money. From their savings each year and concluded that and then chases the annuity actually works better. It does talk about that is that something that you see it is true with her car. It's absolutely. It's kind of a controversial word. But you know annuity but people like what they do. So it's kind of a if you got to take the time and and educate folks there's a out. Marketing guru out there and does some names Fisher and he has this I hated new he's issued to. So also you see this guy all over the place he looks like he makes lots of money and and he does say you have to kind of get this believability sizable there's got to be something to it. And police sell stocks and bonds folks so the news or is competition so that's put that aside but when people start. Looking at may say why like conservative growth alike to access some of my money I like the thought of lifetime income. What's thought a reason worry returned. I'd like to safety principle I like the low cost if she's if our are any. And also need talent would you like some of your money in this bucket they are absolutely. George you just made a big point would you like some of money again when George's licensees of fiduciary which means he has to do what is in the best. Best interest of his clients and new of these there's so many people that they hear the word annuity in the cringe. They've set I was somebody who's not a fiduciary who maybe is only entrance lessons. And suddenly the annuity is the cure for all and they need to put a 100% of their money in their and that's just not right. So for a portion of your money and I. Had to jump in there George yeah. So Warsaw Huskies said. The slump some culture. Which is what we're trained give us clear money but your visor. And they say we'll just put this big basket and you will just draw from it that long some culture is really got to beef and it's there's some problems with that. Also he goes on about the overconfidence we have and are investing ability. And they're less likely to go for guaranteed income because of that this bomb making lots of money. I know until we're brokers really fit well guess what folks the party you apple and at some point and then you gonna be prepared to your not. Taken care of your income. They pocket strategy is this first to pursue you have is liquidity. You have money available for emergencies because things happen you've got to have enough at least six months set aside I like one year's worth. Then you saw for income what you need to put aside just couldn't give you a lifetime return of your money that you can't outlive all spouses and guess why. At some point if you wanna take your money back with what's left my pocket you can do that. Ten not locked into these lifetime contract but yet you'll receive a lifetime income taking the time to learn about these strategies folks is huge. It's huge and we really can't stress that enough we are too much dependent on the stock market for our quality life I've got to proms and that. You know George you've been over and I think we've had a great show today I really do so we've talked about volatility. Talk about social security and the cost of living increases for talks about tax free in other strategies out there to take some. Some money off the radar the IRS. Withdrawal percentages you mentioned earlier the new money car volunteers are all saying two point 8%. And then. We just out talking about annuities for income. Annuities are based off your age of certain ones have better withdrawal percentages than others every you know he's built all the different link it somehow fees some don't. But two point 8% and then nobody. In beauties can can absolutely glow which folks and we'll have somebody in Ryan it's Clyde came and we show them they don't need the money right now the senate side in a deferred annuity. And when they they retire they're gonna have an 11%. Return of their money per year thrust of their lives prescilla trust your playlist. And they have longevity they have parents that are in their ninety's that frees up other money. And then you know and do other thing I always enjoy. Take the time that we are tied back George mentioned the volatility buffer if you have a safe pile of money out there that's going to work for you that's earning but it's not related to the stock market. When the market does go down you don't take any other money from that you have a somewhere else to pull money from. You have an annuity that's creating a lifetime income and as a matter how old you are. And some of these plans have additional benefits for long term care Bolton and funds to stay at home. And you learn about this and I did not know these were available yes there are folks just because your advisor has not talked to about it doesn't mean they're not there. You know earlier I think we started the show with Al held. How much time as it takes current plan. So when when George is a dinner presentation he's taking what used to be a three day three hour day course that you would teach at Furman in north Greeneville and tourist community college. And he's consolidating that down into about an hour and ten minutes now. It's tough. He says this it's like window shopping on the back from motorcycle. And and the truth is you know George will he's gonna ask a lot of questions when he come and sit down on them as he's gonna ask questions like the doctors got a figure out kind of what what the scenario is for the situation has. And then he's going to start going over some concepts into a concept you like. Conceptually a lot of people like a lot of things if we told you all the wonderful things that certain products can do. You might love the concept of it than yours called annuity. Hand and people cringe and they fall back but the concepts there and they love the concept is is that there's so many thoughts out there about annuities you'll hear people say well there expense of those variables. Well they're here revoke all those are media nobody's we do I think I've had two of those my six years experience. And yet takes time to learn to understand do your homework and don't dismiss things some very powerful tools that are available for. It's dangerous but be costly. They could be costly but hey you know I know what's gonna wrap of the show here in just a few moments but there are so many different types of enemies out there and there's a lot of paperwork that goes with and really figuring out if one that you've already have. Is a good one and in working well for you can do. Call us. And we are taught through one to open up what we call the annuity X ray and now will be standing by after the show we're gonna try to keep this home for about fifteen minutes after the show ends. If you have an annuity currently. Fixed and variable fixed index it doesn't matter if you have an nudie currently. Or if you just wanna learn about annuities there's no pressure you're seeing now what George crossing. Hi Chris you guys if you wanna learn about them jeweler and what you currently have and if you earning good spot you'll failure and and it's thought that. But we're gonna open up the call for fifteen minutes past the show ends the call when we're into the annuity X ray for we're gonna go over annuities how they work and George really gonna help. Help make sure that you understand what's available out there. Take advantage of that being complementary calm within the next would you say 1015 minutes from fifteen minute it'll. There's other funds for fifteen minutes or should that I. I call right now you'll get George Ryan someone on the team. And northstar financial and retirement planning to get going with that. Complimentary annually X ray and engineering center for you and if if we don't get your called and you do get what selling the message we'll get right back with you 805. Point eight. 0920. That's 8058. 0920. And were always at north star 65 dot com I'm Christen Charles on behalf of Brian Mullen didn't George crossing in the entire team. At northstar financial and retirement planning thank you so much for making stop pouring you're retired part of your day. Thank you all so much Phyllis. George Fazio thanks we'll see.