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Northstar 6-21-15

Jun 21, 2015|

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Welcome to stop worrying you're retired with Jorge font thing of northstar financial and retirement planning people have to. Unexpected news and bad things happening I wanna make sure that doesn't happen in clinical. And northstar financial and retirement planning and we'll help you accomplish your future financial goals and be with you every step of the way. The table having to worry about your life. You're never just an account number you have entrusted us with your life and retirement savings a responsibility. We take very seriously. Having money. Is something we have to have doesn't change your values at all and when we get to the so called them with the retirement the second part of your life should be insulation. And down stop worrying you're retired radio. The main at all. Joining us first stop worrying. You're tired with George busting of northstar financial and retirement planning or online at any time at north star 65 and dot com money his Christian trolls here each week alongside George tossing and rock solid and talking about what's happening around the world around the Carolinas. Hello all have an impact on your personal economy but it doesn't have to. Have that great of an impact on your retirement and that's what shall learn about today guys. Fund today show we're gonna talk about preparing now. The next market downturn everyone's talking about and why Greece could have an impact on our time and savings isn't thought. Probably advise as we honor danced this weekend and for Father's Day weekends I hope George there's some big plans and your family because. You know the kids again it is. And for your. We'll Hector socialists could affect. Those something -- always something. We just got the are new puppy were very happy it's a very busy household now we've kind of and we called yellow lab running around creating Havoc. FFF. We have a cats Bell's and bell was not happy. With daisies didn't dog that's generally how Legos and you bring the yes I mean I only got yeah three days a cap finally reappeared and it is for establishing. Territories and quite entertaining. Well that's how it goes yes I get a mark your territory so that no one takes it over right and really kind of sort of would you guys do at north star financial and retirement planning you know. Tell people what's there issue you wanna make sure that it stays there isn't as beneficial as possible for them their family and the Uncle Sam doesn't sing too big of a shock. That is definitely what we do Georgia. Set this up as independent or crippled go out and can find the best solutions for clients help protect what they have helped protect our lifestyle. Then. How a whole lot of fun educating our our clients and taking care of himself in during world we live on. And that's the key to having some fun because China should be celebrated and actually do here on the show and that's what it George Ryan and the team do in their offices in Greenville Asheville and Henderson bill which was closest to you if you've got questions you can calling Saddam a compliment your retirement review 80518. 0920. Am are always a door star 65 dot com well magazine has an article listing the six incredibly common mistakes that people tend to make when it comes to their finances. Well these don't appear to be especially technical mistakes making anyone of them could have a significant impact your retirement nest egg George trying mistakes that you guys have seen people make. Or maybe help them avoid throughout the years and helping folks with retirement. When the out earliest his people in the thirties or forties early fifties the access to some of their hopes some money some kind of emergency or or need. And so they go to their retirement account so you might use that money to pay a flown some of it was fun purchase us something they might need. And all the sudden. They they realize it's his pack attacked penalties should decrease of two and a half 320 I was holding. They can be a catastrophic event if you do this correctly and I seen it happen persons not a pretty sight. Also. When you're not doing your rollovers correctly so let's say stop working you change employer you're you're done. Can you do me the whole roll over was taken from one account to another. And they go outside the sixty day realm you've got to do this and if there's one hiccup. You end up going back and everything is tax of 100%. Theory come to that also it's it's a time bomb there as well. You really wanted to do a trustee to trustee transfer we can help people with that are looking to roll over some funds into another count. They won we run to him in Bryant doesn't a great job with this which is checking beneficiary designations. And I think costly need to be updated and review. Then we we we've had funny and plain folks come in and and they haven't looked at their beneficiaries in twenty years what under the same employer same for a long okay. Twenty plus years they have not looked at the beneficiaries so much can change in twenty years you can get a little friend. The place and why he might even you know and on the mayor of the same person anymore. We we've also seen people comment in this well I thought that I was gonna get some money my husband passed away. And come to find out the ex wife is the one who were perceived. The name itself and very important very important. We're also looking and not having a well. Another error won't do it next week Tampa kicked the can down the road. And that could be catastrophic we see some situations with that and more I'm not planning on buying. Yes Liz and does not take care less side of the can be earlier you I'm quite a I unpleasant situation improves things nicely to the entire family having to deal with the distribution of other assets. Again just as important as not having the power of attorney and I like plans to Christen. We see people all we call one full year sixteen years of of helping people. And not having a power attorney. Somebody to watch and cheer fares if you were not capable of doing it. It's just lock everything down and needs to be and really needs to be addressed folks especially if you lost a spouse. Yes and these are things that you know here on the show George and Brian are going to bring to light he should not thinking about and plans that. Is fairly fun to make but necessary and that doesn't have to be very overwhelming it doesn't have to be something that she dread in the conversation now planning for your retirement and all these other issues that come along with that can easily be taking care of by sitting there with someone that's in tune. What these things say it's George himself for sixteen years have been helping folks. With her retirement and since 2007 specifically northstar financial retire her planning has been here to help you listening with the retirement solutions more details at north star 65 dot com you guys when it comes to making the decision of locking in some of your games for retirement. Bestselling author and for our show Petra Kelly talks about this specific quote from his books stress free retirement it wasn't raining when Noah built the arc. Think about if no will was trying to scramble and put the pieces of wood and get the animals on the arc. Daring the downpour that would have been a little hair raising and we'll difficult fiscal volatility but when you have time to build a before the rain starts coming. You're okay and really fast or talk about it volatility. What it really means is this. Wild swings great changes in something in this case were talking about the market but really I think who way it plays out her people's emotions people freak out people do crazy things they do things backward. So just like that quote it's important for people to plan. While the rain isn't pouring down what they're gonna do when they next storm comes. George Ryan you know there's a lot of analysts who say the storm clouds are gathering now advice on how to prepare kind of like what Patrick is talking about from his book. Who shot Kennedy had the had a quote and I've found is is often put the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining Patrick Kelly just said though Noah's Ark. If you don't wait firm you don't be reactive you learn to be proactive we're not kids anymore. We're not just how to respond to what's going on out there were sitting down people every day right every day right now. That kill there's something ominous out there or September or October whatever that's something is out there and three major correction and were planning today. We're taking some of the gains off the table put into a safe environment safe money account facility in the original operating return Christen. But it's protected from that downside. And that is people going home and you're sleeping better that's what they're telling us. No it we even have clients that you've prepared these years ago and trying to make sure that they don't have a downturn urges. You know being OK with reasonable growth not trying to get those immense. No marquee games in trying to get the 30% every year. Nobody knows what the market's gonna do and if you can get a reasonable rate of return. That's safe that does not have the volatility does not have the losses we've done a lot of our clients are very happy with that. We literally have a client came in has about 30000 dollars under the mattress wow sorry thugs try to be that address some well yeah. Dress up. And it's just because if he wants to be safe but. This person is also realized that is becoming worth less and less each year because of that the purchasing power inflation goes up yet there's a certain amount of peace of mind knowing that it is certainly who has said he and so we get it. Yet on the other side the person was very open saying listen the guy and I know it's a little overly dramatic George but I really and that scares or anything any place like I put this money. Where it's going to be safe. I can earn a receiver return at least to attract inflation plus a little extra. And we say absolutely and that which we profess to talk about we are educators at heart. It's not a sales environment that's why one of the best compliments we can every gap we're here to educate our client supposed to just wanna learn and sure we want the opportunity help you out until we get paid for content can help to steer you in the right direction. It's all about empowerment spent helping our listeners. Our friends who are our clients. Learn about the choices out there so they feel a lot they have asserted that control and understanding what their money where it is what it's doing. Can point to be useful for Keller. And that's the thing about you know listening to the show here today and then you know taking action coming in and sitting down with Georgian Ryan felt just they do want inform you educate you about those options so you can make the best decisions for you what you want out of retirement. What is you've always imagined and what you want for your family. North star 65 dot com that's one way to find out more and you give us a call. In fact you know Ryan we talked about Patrick Kelly's book stressed her retirement and I was gonna a couple of books. We have to give away to our listeners today. I fascia five of them sitting right here beside me and just looking at the book is it's again Patrick Kelly. Bright so well they're very easy to read very easy to understand that and not so much about what he talks on on the books are earth. Things that you'll learn more by saying now when George. And stress for retirement he talks are taking your life savings against loss creating an income stream you can never I'll live receive unlimited upside gain potential is there a risk of loss stop paying the annual. Stockbrokers and money managers. If you can't get these. They're looking at income streams you can never outlive we have so many people that come in and their biggest fear is Ayman run out of money. But I run out of incoming they have this pile of money has and that's what they have they don't know what it is they just know they have this pile of money somewhere. And how do you spend how do you use it with confidence how do you take the worry out of what's gonna happen the next time the stock market. Because that's well that's all things that I'm Patrick does cover on the ball and we've got five copies are here and give us a call. You know Hillary feedback on. They won the first five callers will send an -- do you complimentary. Today for listening to northstar financial and retirement planning this America's best suited for those of you listening to the save for retirement Europe the age of fifty in your serious about retirement. 80518. At 0920. That's 805. Point 80920. The first fight collars. We'll send an LT complementary and there's always more details and northstar 65 dot com coming up next will celebrate dad and for this Father's Day weekend. And so yeah in Europe effectively can save. Nonstop pouring you. Northstar financial and retirement planning can help you get the most from social security and help develop a strategy for us getting retirement income based on your unique objectives called for a tie. Entering retirement review 805180920. Or visit north star 65. Dot com the. Thank you so much for making stop pouring if you're tired with north star's financial and retirement planning a part of your day as always we dads for this Father's Day weekend. That's in the morning remember what's important and then. You just put everything else where you can't but the important thing is being an Olympic in the Q school and your loved them. Gonna basketball games and that's important stuff you know the job takes me away from them. Do you like this taking me away from any concern right there. Like as the next big family related but I always know what's important and what's important for me as being with my family all the other stuff allows me to be left and we love we deliver great live. Want to thank him personally anymore. Was Grammy Award winning artist areas throughout her hanging our Carolina boy as well giving us a look into his family life and talking about his parenting skills and his kids as we is celebrate dad today in and talk about Father's Day weekend here on stop boring you're retired with George fox think of -- -- financial and retirement planning you can always find out more at north star 65 dot com you know George for almost listening today we've heard had a dad or a father figure in her life there really was influential in making us so we are today. Our father passed away from going on five years now it's just a crazy time gets away from us. And Christine my father serve tonight US Marine Corps and create more kids to tour Shia. Cluster sergeant and he was a man of few words and that was my dad. At Olympic that within as far as values are really is always say it's a C actions that you do. But to find New York so I learned very early excuses don't cut it didn't make up stories he really nothing can just kinda. I looked down he should really and left. Ryan had the pleasure are my father's well and it's just quiet man yet to who he was is defined by his actions and we're just so proud we mr. pup. That's the thing to you know thinking about the day and paralyzed that have not gone on and they huge influence they had. On us so for all of delisting don't forget Father's Day weekend make that call homer to make some time for dad. Are you know I'd better yet just celebrate dad every single day mom for eleven and hammer and that we're gonna do that here on the show. Am I gonna do them more coming up throughout today's show. This show is about you it's about real life and our retirement and how you're going to get there. And get to that point every stop boring because your retired north star's 65 dot com we'll give you more details about George Ryan and the entire team work. He's got any questions you can set up complementary review. And our offices in either Greenville Anderson Dallara ash spill 80518. The 09 at 20 and as 805180920. Well USANA Greece has led to some of the market volatility and we start friend Sam Stovall. Chief equity strategist at essence decaf like Q what happens if Greece does leave the Euro. I think if Greece does leave the Euro then we end up with a short term spike downward. It ends up being sort of a shock to confidence. But once we find out that it's really not gonna have that much of an impact. On overall economic growth because let's face it a country would. Very little economic growth and being dead has just left the hero we might find that if the other countries remained steadfast. Members of the Euro then I think investors will get their footing once again and we move higher. George is this something that those of us saving for retirement should be concerned about. George grange first off with Korea so this is going to show you what entitlement. Programs running amok can happen. Everybody wants to collect very few people wanna work. And when we see that this is what happens and it's really problematic to rest of Europe and as soon as they has a a little bit of a wave effect. To us as well something's gonna happen will be hiccup. In the markets. Like there always is with some kind of news good or bad. Yet overall Kris is small country really knows how much of an impact in Europe at all so over the world's scope. It's really not not an issue so. Be careful what you hear out there it's always today's river say virtually Saber rattling. And that's going on and you didn't scare tactic to get people to know. Going to something cell something's going to something else and brokers in between are making money. George talked about all the time we have so many people like come in and they're worried about all this noise out there all this volatility things that. In the long run they don't make that big of a difference what about people are so worried they want a rush out and buy gold they wanna rush out and make these drastic changes in their life and it its noisy when you're trying to make a long term plan need to have a plan that. Get through that volatility gets rid of that noise looks long term. And really has downside protection and income in mind and that's that's what George talks about. We as a guest. We had a the gentleman he's a climbers came in last week he is George can you help me I'm investigating putting money into gold. I was on line pandemic palatial my IRA into gold which is true. He says can do little homework for me it's an absolutely. The spurs who is a gold broker and I can add he's making 25% commissioned by selling the gold he also makes it so this person classic. Automatically taken twenty Carson hit based on the comic gold price that's that's how much the cut he's getting a by the way when he's ready to sell. It's got to pay 25% commission to allow is that good for Kristen yeah. Since you guys had some real extreme measures to open down. I suppose I can help you with that will push over here and to address your concerns. But be careful what she's getting out there that are raising alarm bells getting people act. It going in without doing the due diligence not doing their homework. And the people were really making the money or the people and three wood to scare tactics. And that's the thing is another scare tactics that you don't want to you know really to gain attention to that aren't there things to be concerned about yeah there are. But you know what if you're working with the right team and you've you've got the right plan that's best suited for you listening and your personal retirement. You don't have to really think that way you know diversification as well and that's what you're gonna get with George Ryan and the team. And northstar financial and retirement planning because as an independent firm and northstar financial retirement planning is free from strategy constraints these guys can argue various options. The other financial professionals might not even half feet to choose from when it comes to your retirement. Why would you say would be a good first step for someone listening today to take if they really want to you know get started with that planning look at all the options and figure out their retirement income plan. Pick up the phone and it's the really the first step pick up the phone give us call would like to offer. Tend. A full week color CPR everybody's in my were CPR on the medical term. You know helps keep you alive helps make sure that if your back up and breathing again Paul RC cars called a complete. Planning review and in our complete planning review will utilize a third party analysis. Take a look at your current holdings what you have what could happen if we have another downturn. Give you an idea what what would have happened in 2000 they had you've been in the same situation. What type of growth. You've had over that time period. Along with that George full we'll take a look at the different types of taxable accounts that there are explain those to you how they're all there will help affect. Your retirement later we'll also take a look at income planning for the future so. In the complete playing review George is gonna look at everything for he's gonna look at health care is gonna look at long term health care so long term care costs are in planning and and really help the together planned for you your family the future. Your retirement help you stop ordering. Stop boring and because you're retired that's the goal let's plan the show is called Lotus if you call what's in the next ten minutes and George Ryan the entire team won't get together and and work my complete planning review and for you complimentary it's a great value including all the things that Ryan has talked about in making sure that you've got a plan that it's ready to go and so the UK just how boring because you're retired. Call right now he called them the next fifteen minutes it's complementary 805. Point 809. At 20. That's 80518. 09 to use your health and you can find out more details before you make that call and north star 65 dot com you know as we all love to be rich but a recent Motley full column said that you know if your baby boomer and you're not rich by now you know might as well except the fact that it's probably not gonna happen you know that's my tongue in cheek article there and comment to make yeah I'm getting ridge says that's. I guess wishful thinking at this point if you're definitely not there but isn't ever too late to really improve our retirement plans or at least more confident. Yes there's there's ways to do this December to late real dirty shirts with the first step. This past week cut through the radio through our listeners we've been able to help start some planning for these folks people coming in saying George should. I need help. I know I don't have a lot of money yet I'm concerned. If retirement is now 1520 years on the horizon. Can you help is a sense of desperation out there's a Motley fools not to awful lot of people out there are saying you know boy toy store. He's going to be enough why even bother mom and that's a defeatist attitude to it we understand that. Yet it seems so this is there's no eating and health and have you studied elephant one bite at a time prices sitting down there and showing them. How if you contribute to us and we keep your volatility flow with a nice growth. Over time compound interesting if interest and if you contribute. In a couple hundred dollars a month over time you'll have 75 to 250000. Dollars set aside your retirement to help. Maintain your quality of life striker your your retirement that's huge we should all agree till satisfaction with people coming in here taking the time. The thing entrusting us to putting a plan together. It's a responsibility. We don't take lightly and here. We don't build a plan around the hopes and dreams is more about certain realities. And hopes and dreams before you have the money. Felt. Like we can't get jazz 60%. Annual compound returned. It doesn't happen and there's an article we like to share with people retirement planning unit is not a lottery ticket. And I you can't do that we sit down people. A working class people every day and help put a plan together side we really do you want right now we're right we're helping people or clients and their children. As early deserve an early thirties when you play any movie sort of with their kids. And they think taxes are going up too worried about Social Security. So early we don't buy into the plan. That's the thing building and into the plan and then you don't have to be concerned about it you know start early that's the best thing you can do but if you haven't gotten started early and you have save for retirement your over the age of fifty and you're serious about retirement and really kind of getting these things in order he still about ten minutes last. To take advantage of that complete planning review from north star financial and retirement planning complimentary. 805180920. That's 805. Point 80920. And more also online at north star 65 dot com. How much would go for lunch with Warren Buffett we'll tell you how much one interface necks and also talk more about you enjoy retirement here on. Stop worrying you're retired which shortfalls in the what's our financial and. Are you looking for answers to important retirement questions like am I financially ready to retire. And Willie Allen my Allen sent the we are complementary retirement review colors are financial and retirement planning today 1805180190. They are stars I don't. That's an advisory services suffer through Brazil's capital management LLC. He registered investment advisor Northrop and enjoy your retirement planning help seed and Brookstone capital management are suffering any. Yeah he's from one another. You so much for joining us today first I'm sorry you're tired with Jorge font sings of northstar financial and retirement planning check design northstar sixty fine dot com. That is James Taylor's how sweet it is love that song you know for the past forty years we've been hearing that as a head on the radio. Intel should know does that song was originally released by a margin day back in 1964. But really the camera angle I had no idea. Did he say man himself forwarded it to sell booze phone now you really sit in the yelling yeah. That's fun just put a smile on my face it does take you out of bed moved quickly. President. That's right that's right now and hopefully what you're doing today you know listening to the show and celebrating retirement being happy about it as opposed to what a lot of people are feeling right now concerned about it maybe Europe. Feelings overwhelmed and you're not really sure where the star Miley took the first step you're listening today and it's all part of north star financial and retirement planning and we're gonna talk about how you can't have that smile on your face when you're thinking about retirement more details always northstar. 65 dot com you know the old saying goes there is no such thing as a free lunch and boy is that ever true in today's society and certainly the case this month when the owners of a Chinese Data Co. Paid over 2.4. Million dollars yes 2.3 million dollars. During its auction to have lunch with Warren Buffett now I know you not exactly Warren Buffett George but it is sitting down with you and Ryan and the team. At north star and really starting that process of of the. No retirement plan well first offer that was a deal can be yours goes three and a half million dollar relative and the funny part even though they pay to have lunch Warren Buffett makes them pick up the tab. I'm not surprised by the I'm getting I. Sitting down and going over plan and they have obviously you're up 2.3 million dollars so so I want the people now out there. There's no cost to sit down. And have a dialogue. That is probably. One of them. Better ask flexible we're doing with people come and everybody's center waiting to be sold. Well it's pressure what's the deal why it is so nervous whereas Al are now Ross is gonna cost six years doing USA I used to indie world strangers until we shake hands. We have a very open dialogue I lead the way for people this is how we get I get paid. This is sworn carpenter and meeting you tell me what you like to talk about. If things sound good and he'd like it to follow the second meeting that's a Kia the golden rule Kristin can have to treat people the way you retreated. And I hate to be sold I will run out of a car a lot to somebody's first pressuring me but a summons an air said listen I may help you what you're looking for and there are more of a coach. Yeah towards finding what you're trying to find and it becomes a pleasant experience as a should be. And that's the thing though what you're saying is so true and I'm glad we're talking about that people don't wanna be sold and there is no such thing as a free lunch. Any time someone says it common do this it's absolutely free app you might not pay out of the pocket knife. The acid but there is something that you know people are looking for in the end and you wanna help folks they're returned if that works out great. But I charged in the sit down and give them some perspective and and talk about what's possible. And now if we're gonna start doing an evaluation. And get further it's always by permission and and we wells takes time. Tell them this forward though to accomplish if this sounds good and what would jointly with the next step. And we talk about the fees if it's I just do a sidebar if you will. I am a little bit different than most of his advisors out there I carried two licenses I have the insurance licenses as well as. To securities licenses which allows me to have all the tools in the tool box. And she got to deal with. You're investment advisor they do stocks and bonds they're going to be pushing stocks and bonds when you deal with insurance person with just insurance slices. Everything's going to be insurance products. So you know getting pigeonholed with these products are available so you know becoming uses only half. Well Paula I have that's what they say coming to sit down with us. Many independent having the tools insurance and securities licenses Lasme adolescent. Problem solved that a plan together and we got the universal solutions that are disposal. I don't think this just doesn't the number of tools are you have to know when it's at the amount of training and education and learning how to properly use the tools. There are products out there on the insurance side there are investments out there on the investment side that are. Are really kind of focused on doing one thing but they can actually do multiple things they do multiple things well and George has spent a lot of time. You know working people on income planning he's he's one of only a few I looked this up every month see if there's any others out there. One of only a few what they called retirement income certified professional and RSVP. And a lot of people don't know what that is it's relatively no I think it's enough for about five years mr. the American college dislike the CFP certified financial planner and many other designations. Oh what they concentrates on is income in retirement. And that's not what your your common stock broker out there does that sound way your big brokerage houses do they are money managers they're gonna take your lump sum of money and try to make it bigger. If you just have a lump sum of money yet you have an income plan do you have a plan at all you just have a lump sum of money. As I say that's a great probably for certain period of life but you know as we get closer retirement you know kind of fifty and over. We need more than just a lump sum of money we need that plan like you're talking about and and. It's never too late people go out there we have a lot of clients coming in. Mid seventies late sixties we have couples that were early eighties movies that come inside and they will be around this long. And this or any concern elements so in good health and still golf things still golf. All my life and they have to plan for maybe know twenty years. So all of a sudden the rules change our window of opportunity to help people really really happy expanded. People we know we're dealing with our clients' children all wait to sixteen years in the business I've got clients and their mid ninety's now. And so march forward yet they're sleeping well they've got a plan in place its adjustable. Its flexible. The money that's left over the not locked into these accounts for ever. They feel empowered they're happy in their living life. The grandmothers are hanging out the grandkids doing theirs having a blast. Grandparents are taken out kids and grandkids and teaching an efficient play sports and it's. And our jobs to sit back and monitor. The money. And address issues as they come about how much funding we have Ryan I think that's a lot. Lot of fun as as a matter fact this is being done with the show up word got out a couple of clients that we have to call coming in for a review. George will let you know if journey good spot he's got the training he's got the education he's got the desire to help coach people and we've got some great client you're going to be calling. They miss their view. But they were OK we melt there find that in really need a whole lot they knew that they had but I get their back in town they've been in town for ten days. They're going to be leaving again they probably spent a total of three weeks at their house over the last I think five months off it's OK bush. We've we've got a couple calls for them to make just double another double checking on a few things but. When you have a plan. You can live the life if you want a lift you can set the budget you know your income stream you know you can do George can help you get there. Once or like share. It's just it's resonating right away with what you just said I had that helped husband wife came in several years ago. This if you look at our plan as it surely Kim and I looked everything or that a couple good products in place and I think what this whole what do you think I sit here advisors did a great job. There's nothing I can do. To make to better use it to stone was supposed to be doing if you're a good place this is really a suggests that this will brief the grave we shall bad. We feel great that that's the case or bad to waste your time this had nothing to how wasting my time just don't keep me secret. If you go back and tell your friends that that's great but your great shape so anyway later that day I got a phone call. And I don't recognize the number I pick it up in this and I mr. Fossum and suggests this is such and such he's governor of Vermont. He is I do what you do my financial advisor to retirement plan. I couldn't believe. I had to call the let you know. And to say thank you. I heard that my clients were gonna go CU and the duration units and I'm waiting for them to try to move all the money say this that. They came back they called me up after the meeting may say thank you. To me and we had a review this and keep things that the person we spoke to which was make. Send your great place we just wanted to call you up and let you know so this advisor calls you back because that was refreshing. I'll you know I'll waiting for you go add to my class gonna get beat up on their plan you came back and say it was great thank you. Say I don't think everyone would find that in most places they go when it comes to talking about retirement I mean that's unbiased opinion. If someone's on the right track you're gonna let them know that and then that's refreshing to hear and for you listening and that's something you wanna find out more about you know maybe just kind of get a second set of eyes on what it is that you're doing in retirement you may be already on the right track committee are working with someone who's. In doing you know great things for your retirement accounts or make some better options out there for you. You won't know unless you pick up the phone and get in touch with George Ryan and the team at north star financial and retirement planning. 8051809. At 20 that's 80518. 0920. You know guys we talked about the fear of running out of money in retirement age you just and world report posted a list of fourth things you can do it'd take some of that stress away and are looking at this before the show to list it must find your income plan for health care and time your Social Security benefits and maximize your retirement accounts what you guys think of that list. Right on target file your income all roads or retirement and then they can't take care of your income first. And foremost keep that paycheck coming you can hear you retire you might have 25 years of unemployment. Which is you're not working anymore folks you're depending on social security and your nest egg get that sack put it in place but just for inflation health care. People leave the back door of the barn open with this right Ryan we see it all the time as if you don't have a dialogue on your Medicare on your long term care what's covered and what's not covered. The tigers -- security benefits. My right hand man Ryan Mulligan here. Excels at this folks if you're coming up on that. Social Security out choice you need to kind of talked to a professional to not give away money you put into a maximize your retirement accounts absolutely if you currently working and you're not getting take advantage of the free money. Which the money that's the money into your company's contributing to the plan. You're giving away cash don't you that. Also if if your company is contributing you wanna hit that Max you wanna hit what the companies contributing. However much you can to get the most out of it. Dollar for dollar match 100% return folks hundred sever turn and then it if you have the ability to put more away come talk to George come see George. I have George take a look at weigh your options are in the 401K you know a lot of people think that they just throw money in the 401K in some ways they're watching in managing and taking care reform and the there's really not somebody doing that your 41 K. Some of the other ones I just time back in Social Security benefits are huge we have so many callers call in about Social Security benefits are actually gonna talk more about Social Security coming up till. Yeah it Social Security is a huge part its inflation adjusted its tax preferred it's there it is your money you paid into it. Plan for health care folks if there's anybody listening right now that is about turn 65 and on Medicare for the first time. Give us a call so we don't talk a whole lot about Medicare on the show but you are healthy you are in an open enrollment stage. And you have a lot of options out there if you wanna up unbiased. Review what Medicare really is hustling trying to sell you twenty products. Give us a call we can help go over that and find your income again just talked about George being retirement income certified professional it's a mouthful to say it's an RI CP. Give us a call today. Call and then I can't really urge you enough through we've got so many great holes out there and not just sitting Allen George coach you teach human Torino on the ways such a great idea. So take advantage of doing that and how when it's someone like that on your side in the team and northstar financial and retirement planning to do that 805 point 80920. That's 8051809. At 20. And we're also a north star 65 dot com. Well I mentioned Social Security there are coming up next and. And a diving more into that in one politician wants to wave the Social Security gains will tell you know. You coming up next on some scoring you're retired was George Ponce and northstar financial and retirement planning. Social Security it's your money and did you know that I change Social Security like it's preteen. Maybe the biggest financial blunder you can make this your first retirement did you realize that villiers he's strategy when it comes to electing those security benefits. Can cost you endorsed house thousands upon thousands of dollars in lost retirement income. And people living longer and it's now more important than ever before the make the right decisions about wind and how to begin receiving Social Security benefit. That's why it's important to build a complete retirement lifestyle strategy with Norse are financial and retirement planning before you apply for Social Security benefits. George I think can help you craft your retirement income strategy that incorporates Social Security optimization. If you are complementary Social Security reports today from northstar financial and retirement plan. 800 518. 0920. Or visit north starts 65 dot com. Nonstop pouring you're tired with George fossil northstar financial and retirement plan where online and northstar 65 dot com. Hey don't forget which has offices in Greenville. Asheville Anderson bill to sit down with few locally and wherever his closest for you and here's our number if you've got any questions than anything George and Ryan are talking about today about. Your retirement. 805. Foreign aid is. 09. At 20 that's 800. 5180920. Well you know as Father's Day weekend an and a father son combination that most folks are aware of this former president George H. W. Bush and former Florida governor. Bush and the bush recently discussed a hot topic social security and re think the age and that was on CBS's face the nation and. I think needs to be phased in over an extended period of time I've seen ideas that are 68 for example some people that are already had house. The supplemental retirement system which is contract I don't think we violate that. For people who are already assumed. Be beneficiaries of of their supplemental retirement I don't like we change that we need to look over the horizon and begin the phase. End over on an extended period of time going from 65 or six gators sent me an ad myself will help sustain the retirement system for anybody under the age of forty. George why do I see is the pros and cons of raising the Social Security age and I asked that because at north star financial and retirement planning Social Security is a large part of what you do or. Winced jab at saying that the downside is that my hurt because. People don't want to hear that they don't hear bad news today yeah. Yet that's reality this is a a big boy big girl compensation the money's being trained not enough money going in. To a funny coming out this got to be changes. And doing a soft move back towards the need for a living longer I've just had a quote Chris and I rents that the person. It's Calista be 150. Is alive right now. We're we're living longer and there's a cut there's a consequence of that and that is that the cash flow in and then the bank called the US government Mr. Bush is on these he's talking about things and if you talked about. This is not something you just keep pushing away so hats off to him. For bring up a dialogue that's unpleasant. That we'd rather say well we will do with the next she can't keep doing this canyon. Right this is this I like this being on the radar this should be a dialogue until we had an ex president. About these difficult issues. I don't know what every else's thoughts or folks but this is sort of problematic we've got to do something about this we need a leader who's going to address this. And I put some stock caps put a play any other so we just don't keep spending and build up this this gravel blow up at some point. You wanna see a mass we're gonna have amassed. Let's these are taking action now. George just said no the person who's going to Libya 150 years old is alive today. If you're thinking about for our younger folks out there listening if you're thinking about you know your retirement has 62 taking early Social Security. Not getting those gains that Social Security system offers to you. You might be around and have to find ways of paying the bills and clear age 100. 120. Who knows we don't know where the medical systems gonna go people last month. How long do I need to plan the live fourth asked George all the time what's gonna happen the stock market. What's gonna happen here what's gonna happen there that there are a lot of unknowns out there in the world things that we do know is medical system has been getting better and finding better ways of curing and keeping us healthy longer. I've been in the industry for eight years like stroke rally Georgian catching up on the halfway to him now and to me is my opinion is the people who were turning 658 years ago compared to the people turning 65 now. The people turn 65 now are. A little bit more vibrant still there's still out there are doing things and George has clients whose their parents are in their 104 now I think wow. Our shuttered 405. Years and it should they still go walking they still play tennis with their son and daughter in law. I think it's amazing you have to plan for the longevity and the other Social Security's pushing other says for people under the age of forty maybe not being able to get a clear 68. I still wanna be able to work at least part time when I'm 68 I feel that. I well I don't know about other folks yeah he's sued for that you know hopefully just like you said with a win Aniston's going it's likely that you'll be able to us. Or as long as you want medically speaking yet you have to plan you've got to start saving today until we that's the issue. The pros with what must Mr. Bush just said our. We're a better situation for keeping Social Security around. If we make these choices. The cons are is pushing back the retirement date for folks and more than ever you've got to say if you got to put away. And when I look at this if you're just depending on your wages. To get you there. There will be a problem you'll have to go ahead and get your money working for you now. Your money's got to have a job it's got to grow you need another employee not just you if you take the money out put into an account that's gonna grow safely over time. What compound interest. That when he's got a job there will be there for you when you retire you will have it in place. So you can spend with confidence so you're not 100% dependent on Social Security. You've got to do this. And you know Georgian really makes me think of a great client they came in recently single never been married. Had a lot of questions about Social Security she's not quite up to the aid to drawing yet in his mid fifties and now. It really won it in ninety is whether or not that's going to be there she has other account she doesn't want you the volatility of just the stock market which really wanted to plan put together. And we looked at the overall. Income planned. And really. With Social Security being such an important part because it is inflation adjusted it is tax preferred. Georges they won't put together playing for her that. Looking at the numbers looking though she has she can go ahead in and do a semi retirement she wanted to go part time she loves her job. So she can work part time for awhile utilized some of those investment assets be able to delay out Social Security some. And really understanding yet there's going to be changes Social Security system. But who is that gonna effect just like Jeb Bush said the people who are younger the people who are not quite in that realm of looking forward and seeing it. You're looking at people out there when they don't know where the goal line is where the finish line as. There's stuff theme park to fees helped Phoenix then it not knowing where the finish line this. Yet this phone we're able to show her tent here you go there's plenty site. And she's focused is she is fighting just. I can make this happen yes you can't she when she left who she just not she wasn't in her thought was you know if I go part time is 62 or 63. I guess I'll have to take Social Security tax and no I can't touch my NSA and then people say I can't touch it and got the sum of money there it all goes back to I've got this some and I don't know what to do with a given the job put in separate bucket several different jobs. And George can help out with that plan and by looking at. We can allot this portion of money to help you get from young age 62 or 63 and reassigned to go part time. Two whenever you feel you need to turn that Social Security on you know by seven you need you need to there's no benefit in holding out any longer. So she's an you know I feel comfortable may be a fight go part time at age 63. Utilizing some of my funds may be 6768. Actually turning on the rest of my as my Social Security NL have all those 8% increases and and I think Castro to I think it was about a 271000. Dollars worth a lifetime benefit now. And we're different agendas ever use different where using real numbers we're using. Very easy to understand numbers I was asked people looking at a 2% or two and a half percent cost of living increase over time with Social Security. Really looking at if you protect everything right and meanwhile some of these strategies that George can help educate about that's a lot of money come back in your pocket. Then there's a lot of my. And going back in your pocket can make a huge difference you know after singles and there's different strategies to really be thinking about if you're married if you're divorced there's so many different things when it comes to Social Security that's you know folks like you and I listening today. This is an an hour wheel house we're not aware of this but we know there is something the know about it and that's why you turned to a team like north star financial and retirement planning to help you with this part of your retirement. And George Ryan I know you guys do that Social Security optimization report. Complimentary for your clients and sometimes we offer a complementary here on the radio show do you guys have time in the schedule and a fresh off of that today. Yeah let's let's open up the phone lines for ten minutes the Social Security optimization report. If you're single. If you're married you're divorced if you're widow. Was. This will help you doesn't matter who you are if you're getting ready to go on social security and maybe even 51015. Years out it doesn't really matter. It infuriates looking at Social Security Nino that's going to be a part of your income stream and retirement and who will be. I think give us a call ten minutes to a Hindu that free Social Security optimization report why become an if you don't know how to pull statements. We do in each earning statement. Social Security stopped sending those out for awhile they started sending them back out again and wing pull them right off of the Internet at SSA dot gov. We future earnings statement and take a really really good close look Jewish Social Security will be later. Help show you how to optimize the amount you're gonna perceive that we're not saying maximize. And to optimize a big difference there is no maximizing is you're waiting till seven. You waiting till seven in that's going to be the Max if you live past seven meter 79 it's about you your livelihood your lifetime. Whether or not you can bridging gap after gonna continue working there's a lot that goes into it it takes all the time on our part takes an effort on your part. But we have so many people that really appreciate. I think. So many of our callers call in to find out about Social Security. Cannot George has his hands on a book for our first two callers that call up. He's got something as important. Check out what's yours is secrets and actually racial securities. It's an amazing book I found this book who's in the Wall Street Journal as one of the two best reach those over the past five years for understand Social Security it's amazing. It's say there's a creamy I ordered this myself were there about 27 dollars and I too much there worth it every plug nickel. Then again I've got where he of these two clients when their end for their reading these are established clients but for today. I do have two copies of gets there what you were Sissy for some actually operational security easy to read these understand. Could be worth tens of thousands of dollars you your family. So if you're listening today and Europe over the age of fifty you're serious about retirement you safer retirement. If you're one of the first ten callers that George Ryan and the team at north star financial and retirement planning will do that complimentary Social Security optimization report for you. And that number is 805. Point eight. 0920. And don't forget if you happen to be one of the first two callers not only what they do that optimization report free complimentary. They'll also give you this book the Georges talking about complimentary as well. 805. Point eight. 0920. That's 805180920. -- wasn't northstar 65 dot com. My name is Christian Chara also on behalf of George costing Ryan Mulligan and the entire team at north star financial and retirement planning thank you so much for making stop worrying you're retired apart. Of your day. This is Romo again thank you all for listening. This is George fonts and god bless him he can give dad a hug today. Norris recently turned 75 years old and to this day I think the only thing the check is afraid and is a living his money. Unfortunately that's a fear of many Americans just how will you make your money last for life yeah. Did George tossing of northstar financial and retirement planning to call today. And 805180920. Georgia's team will help you get the most from Social Security. As well as help you develop a strategy press getting retirement income. George will help create a plan based on your unique objective. All northstar financial and retirement planning for your complimentary retirement review 805180920. Or visit north star 65 dot com. Now's a great time to sit down with George to review your retirement goal. All northstar financial and retirement planning and 805180190. If Chuck Norris cancer is the phone. Very very politely ask Steve DiGiorgio. And you expressed by George fox ignores our financial and get some pretty good show on their own and billions of the radio station also millions and millions express your based upon information considered reliable Honda should not be relied upon as such. Big return big losers but did you change without notice. Involve risk and a month otherwise you're not guaranteed. Can be used as an indicator determine future results strategies Benjamin that is suitable for everyone information expressed to not take into account your specific situation and objectives and not intended as recommendations appropriate for you before acting on any information mentioned it's a with a qualified tax and legal or investment advisor. It's suitable for your specific situation this program designed to provide accurate and authoritative for me. Artist undercover not affiliated with the war endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any other government agency.