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Northstar 6-14-15

Jun 14, 2015|

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Welcome to stop worrying you're retired with George busting your northstar financial and retirement planning people have to. Unexpected news and bad things happen I wanna make sure that doesn't happen typically can. And northstar financial and retirement planning and we'll help you accomplish your future financial goals and do you wish you every step of the way. Having to worry about your. You're never just an account number you have entrusted us with your life and retirement savings a responsibility. We take very seriously and having the money. Is something we have to have doesn't change your values of homes and when we get to the so called ambush retirement the second part of your life should be insulation. And now stop worrying you're retired radio. Laying. And may get. Making us some parts of your day here in the Carolinas my name is Christian Karl tier alongside. George fossil of northstar financial and retirement planning. And Iran elegant and this show is all about you know listening to what matters to you and how it could affect your retirement but through some of the strategies out there that you learn about today. It doesn't have to do. You can find out more right now north star 65 dot com and today's show or the get a surprising word from the founder and they aren't about investing and talk about what many of you may not know about Social Security. And also what advice does the international financial world have for Janet Yellen. Concerning interest rates must find out and talk about how it affects you. But George sure why I think today Pablo Kristen doing well we're just unhappy to be here and that's kind of cliche but we are. You are happy to hear because you take a lot of pride in and once you do it George do you yourself far over sixteen years have been helping folks. When it comes to figuring out retirement solutions and that's why you can I got northstar financial retirement planning going. In 2007. And got a team together that she had including Ryan and a here alongside the most but that's. What got some big fake news don't when George. Well it's a bit like going on our own son just is in the marine corps of his in Hong Kong. Having a blast and that's a pitcher sent over so it's his first exposure to. Outside the US so he's going to be at a taste of it but to fully enjoy himself and by voice is completed a selling their bench this past weekend for the Boy Scouts we had a wonderful time. Watching the twelve year old twin boys out there are sailing. A fifty foot duck boats well over flying was system. That's fun days. Those are things fun days and then Ryan I'm sure you can identify with yell at George's son is going through because you yourself firm retired navy. Absolutely. It's been a lot of time on short and quick hits go on a nice long. Crews out there but I thought she has I've I've heard enough this these stories and energized and we have a great time demand hot tubs now on the carriers. Yeah you know they deserve better. Recruiting segment Familia or Nate I think that's the air but for now I'm not. Too much on and it is of Flag Day this week you know we're gonna talk more about that coming out but you wouldn't they guarantee they have a hot tubs and that in the best of the best is they're out they're serving our country fighting for our country don't often times but I'm just surprised if that is. Think they are too good on that. But you know really this show it's just about real life because that's what retirements about if you got any questions for Georgian right you'd like to find out more check northstar 65 dot com or know that there are phone call away you can call actually speak to them and and setup may be a complimentary retirement review at their office in Greenville Asheville or Andersonville. 80518. Is. 09 at 20. Is according to recent retirement confidence survey of those 55 or older to 1% heavy formal written toyland and 43%. Have consulted with a financial professional or advisor. Important is it hasn't written plan. When it comes to retirement what are the advantages there. The first thing Chris and it's peace of mind we need a lot of people out throughout the week in and a year who come in and they just don't have a plan might be working with somebody with the money. Yet to they don't know if have enough there's nowhere to allocate. How they would deal with your income for life and I we've had that we've been blessed with me some wonderful people through the radio program this past week right runs and constitute minutes is the common denominator with people coming and saying hey. I need help it's it's taken the calls are wonderful listeners out there calling in I personally get to that gets talked to a lot of the people that call and you know very quickly after the show or first thing Monday morning. And it is it's just amazing listening to what everybody says about what we do and how we do it and when it comes to planning George. Yet after they've come in after some grocers of Cummins has now in the for the first meaning me undersecretary meaning they really talk about how the plan that you helped them come up with it's it's a work in progress it's Mormon outlined in a written this is what you do steps that step it's an outline its flexible what's happening out there in the world. And I really puts you bodies. Thanks and we had a young woman came in this week can no single and she is George I've met with several people in the past several years and they they cannot manage money but they don't have a plan is the first person is actually a financial advisor you're putting a plan the other four which was nice to hear. Obviously but I have I was doing as Chris my asking some questions listened to listen are you spend your IRS. Are you concerned about taxes if you had an emergency where's the money can come problem. What he's done about longevity do you have longevity in here and your family she goes well I've got and yet he's 98. And the other guy does great and is a 102000. Well yes to many do some place. That has nothing to question that's finance met with other people I cannot answer a question. Doesn't say you know what you talk a couple of things there you know affected you are and it advisor. Ending a fiduciary what's the difference for those listening they may be tuning in for the first time they're not very you know confident in retirement you don't know where to go. Why isn't important to know things like that fiduciary advisor and the difference. Us that's huge people don't understand how they do kind of but they're nice and they don't wanna go down that path. How we get paid in our industry. And if it's commission which can be in ensures product Chris and unless your question directly or second but if it's commission product in my have you wanna put all your money into insurance type product annuity or her life insurance policy can cause the we earn more. These nobody they say don't get out of the market you're okay and if your fee based advisor stockbroker let's say. They might say oh well don't worry about the market so if you go to cash they don't make money and so the fee is not going to be there they don't later phase as we move our. I that's correct and a bigger fiduciary which I am I'm not every advisory does does does not have to be we political responsibility to do what's right for the client first. You know and that's kind of sad that there has to be illegal. And I agree. Glad that there is because it sometimes in the stay NH. Especially with folks and being unsure about the economy and you know we keep hearing analysts saying the the other shoe is gonna drop but anytime you want or of course someone that is a fiduciary. That is watching out for your best interest and just because a that's the right thing to do but beat. That's what they have to do and that's that your going to get in north star financial retirement planning was George tossing in his teen tech north star 65. Dot com right now she'd like to find out more or college you've got questions you can and has set up a complimentary retirement review. And whichever oppresses closest you've Greenville Asheville or Andersonville. 805 point eight. 0920. That's 80518. 0920. And guy that's also the number to call. It's almost like to make a reservation for your next complimentary dinner event and this one is coming up at the Biltmore town center in Nashville. On June 16 or June 18 you've got to ninety coming up there in just a couple of days actually and there's just a couple of seats left on there. Yet we've we've got a few of them left and love to have more money out there with us we're not afraid to say we're gonna bribe people with food. I tried to build more thing but I'm just not pretty enough for people to pick up the phone so I have people come and after notes series it's a great way to come out and not feel obligated or you know I'll push into something command listen and learn enjoy and an educator heart and that that's what will be going. And it's a great evening out was like minded folks just like yourself listening today at the same questions you you. Now retirement some make that reservation. And that the bill Moore county sinner in Asheville June 16 or eighteenth complimentary dinner and presentation from north star financial and retirement planning a 105 point 809920. The news hour around the world really because the national monetary fund is now forecasting that our economy is showing slower growth for the rest of the year. And according to the Associated Press are also weighing in on the wing and the Federal Reserve should make a right adjustments beyond and that's. Predict the US economy will grow 2.4 percent this year. Now summit April forecast of three point 1%. It says the country's momentum was staffed by harsh winter weather and a strong dollar that's hurting exports. Barring unexpected good news the IMF is urging the Fed to hold off until next year on interest rate hike. Many private economists had predicted the Fed will raise rates in September. The Fed's key rate has stayed near zero since December of 2008. Pilot economic month Washington. Senior George Ryan is offended and take the IMS and nice and affect our retirement plans not to conversation having probably five to seven times a week relish in that question yes and very similar reading them and they're asking. And you know it's an opinion and opinions are like noses or Brees got one. Sorrell looking at here though there is a definite correlation to interest rates going up. And the effect will have on the bond more market which shall for a lot of people users save money. If that is the case. Bond values drop insurance cooperative and so there's a correlation you have to be careful of as this on this spot Ferrer he keeps seems to be getting pushed back. But with the state so we just don't know. We're getting a lot of people coming in very concerned about September October for various reasons with with regards to the stock market and and the correction in this might be part of that. Hope part of it but this would be a catalyst for correction. This type of interest rate depends on how much they go up if they do all the changes in the air that's something we are guaranteed to have this is change on a daily basis. So you can't worry yourself to death folks but it is a dialogue should be having should be asking that question how would my portfolio be impacted. If this did go up and went up I have to point 11%. That'll put that much but it now. And George I think that all kind of goes back to creating a plan for somebody's making sure you are are actually. Diversifying not just among stocks and bonds but the broader diversified amongst different types of strategies in different. You respond to be proactive not reactive. That's just saying yes you because you're proactive if you're prepared for what's coming up down the past you know to retirement through retirement and now why that's what you said there Ryan it's it's not only diversifying your portfolio with stocks there's other things and other strategies to look at as well and talk more about that coming up next you can find out more immediately and northstar. 65. Dot com and we're also when he hear from a guy who made a fortune and stocks we'll wait. You hear what he has to say I'm investing in the market. Thanks nonstop pouring you're tired with shortstop in the north star financial and retirement plan. Northstar financial and retirement planning can help you get the most for the social security and help develop a strategy where is getting retirement income based on your unique objectives. Every retirement reviews 805180920. Or visit north star 65. Dot com. A. For joining us today for stop pouring if you're tired with George tossing a northstar financial and retirement plan that is Three Dog Night. Joy to the world. Tiger's biggest hits the hammer and it's been seventeen what. Weeks on the top the charts back in 1971. Cash and talk about being a big hit seventeen weeks on the top of the charts. Open happens anymore not anymore. So Malia and Three Dog Night to what's out there now nine day. Little different little bit different a little bit different you know you have someone else who's had a long term stay at the top that's Jack Bogle. The founder of vanguard and recently on CNBC. The same retirement takes a long term view use the market but cautions. Going to the casino which is what Wall Street is today. Then on the entire stock market. And then get out of the casino on numbers show yourself there again. Just they'll play the game because the game is not worth playing with the losers today it's a buy and hold games I'm not a short term speculation game. Because story here and I made his fortune in the market any given he called it a casino. Use the market you know blood but still stay aways from that risk because it thinking as you know we're thanking hill it's definitely stacked against and goes but this oil Wall Street's got over main street big continent and it's that death wins stack that deck and they're so. If mr. Bogle who's a guru basically. There he is up by common sense and he's right it's definitely. I'm Mormon Vegas mentality out there than the long term investing in certain ways we can protect people actually the government has won banks have one insurance cops tell want. The banks have with these are types of accounts with only two counts. So we all know that CD's aren't paying anything right Chris it's all very little excerpt I mean if you can call it anything it exactly and the word on the street is a stock market's overvalued. And we keep going in at some points from the down south but we don't know. So this is a problematic for a lot of people are conservatives so there or accounts at their folks that are call 12 counts. The government's got them called tips treasury inflation protected securities from. There's about 400 billion dollars in the right now. And with the says it's a year your principles carry tedium with a greater return small. But just adjusted for inflation cost of living index so your dollar will be worth a dollar and you know fifteen years. So that's one banks have a Paul market linked C. d.s FDIC insured. A 250000 dollars users CD's that are linked maybe to an index which is substandard or 500 where she can do zero. You can earn up to 8910% negative to the full market gain because then that insurance companies have the index annuities. An index life insurance index new either very very popular because. You don't have to ground there and I guess if the markets can go up or down this is what mr. but we'll sang think long term. And that's what these products for market goes up you capture some of that market goes down you you lock in your gains. Market drops 45% overnight you have lost to plug nickel. This gives people peace of mind. And people in if you're not hearing about this it hasn't been introduced to you with your advisor can be for several reasons. One is in my book and I want to offer them. And there are situations has now it's not profitable enough for them. I'll and that's the reason that sometimes these strategies are off. How absolutely not. Because they're not a good idea but yeah. We have a company can't make it more my. And as an earlier on the show I think it's all about the money you have to understand everybody's in business to make money we know that aren't just got a fair value if you give me overcharge being taken advantage of that seems to be the role rode out your folks we we we get it so you have to understand the contract work what's available. Page something that you know you get value out of him and and I I know some of these products are just talked about. Opportunities. Are wonderful but yet to understand how they work with the cost far. And once we walk through that with people listen and I ask is who is this good value for your money safe. Upside potential reasonable returns. And if there is a phase for something you wanted nothing. This is thrown on here. And they say absolutely you know Ryan houses or something I really like a ballot you know what I've gotten to know about George and you and the team at north star financial retirement planning is that. You're just trying to put everybody in the in the same box it's not a cookie cutter approach and you're really talking to folks and figuring out what strategy is best for the home. Absolutely and that's where being an independent advisor like George is really comes and apply it to part of just a company than you have only that one company's offerings from some people on the first try a little bit and they might work with a few small groups and that's that George has literally the universe of tools let us and so it's amazing. He comes up with the idea is that to us who work together. To go on shop at a lot of phone calls Lahti Mel's lottery never contracts then prospectuses. Then it's a lot of fun the whole planning process and coming up with the dubbed best ideas and some clients. Some people come in the doors that they really like one thing they don't like another may be just the name of a product worries them. And Jorge placed on educate on what that product or solution really is how it's gonna benefit you and really kind of coaches mentors you on the way and I've been the easy job to Chris and I get to do that part and how Ryan years in the back office doing all the hard work. Now about this as soon as I get down in the meetings and I'm just type Hanoi and everybody looks over I just on the playing solitaire the truth is I'm I'm gonna head I know it George is gonna say aways and asked me to pull up and and sometimes you're right I've got to ready to go immediately. This remember radar for mash I think he's firing aren't powerful thing. Paradox. Yes look at what's great about you know working with these guys are northstar financial and retirement planning you can tell they generally like each other but more than that. You really love what they do land and are here it's a help you when it comes to developing a retirement income plan so you keep your personal goals and retirement because those goals are different for every single one of us listening today and we're just talking about they're independent firm so northstar financial and retirement planning ahead George Ryan the entire team free from strategy constraints in coffee various options. Another financial professionals might have for you to choose from when it comes to retirement. A person speaking I'm offering things let's open up bug the telephones are enough about ten minutes OK then well like to do is let's let's go and put out our complete planning review just as. It's a great program that we put together for people who we just talked about linked products folk on the net and what we call the annuity X ray. If you have an annuity will take a look at that for you as well but I and our complete planning review we want to look at is. Well look at what you have currently what your goals are whether or not you're on track any modifications you might need to make George can make those recommendations for you will use a third party review to look at your actual statements what you have now enough. They're out the September October a lot of people are worried about him about that and what might happen we've got a third party. Non inch sit there just got a look at what you have currently and they can give you an idea what you might be able expected something like 2008 happens. If you wanna take advantage of that it's a complete planning review. Complimentary. It call right now within the next ten minutes George in the team won't get that done for you 805 point 80920. As 8051. Made 0920. And that complete planning review. Give you a total different look at an unbiased approach because these guys are independent endorsed our financial retirement planning an unbiased approach to your retirement looking at things like all of your retirement accounts if you have an annuity looking at an X ray you know incorporating Social Security into the plan takes some time on the part of George Ryan to do that they're willing to do it if you call within the next ten minutes into that complimentary. 80518. 0920. MR online and you can find out more anytime. North star 65 dot com and does or spectrum group study found that slightly more than half the people surveyed. Feel they we have enough money to live comfortably when their retirement it's good news I guess. But those that don't have that confidence and how you guys held them. Half the people on while I don't think just slightly more than half I guess it's good that gets behind there. I don't think worsening down the Sox. Thought. But we need to push it will be fun. We definitely there was some people that I didn't think they could end up opening other the plan they can scarcely rhetoric go by we had a wonderful Kim issues with the agreeable hospital systems and up. In mid fifties and what she can mention I'm just concerned I don't know if I'll enough for retirement I don't know when I'll be able to retire. And it was Armonk she does not want to work forever and these type people coming in just I don't know if you can help or not I said I know you'll walk away feeling better will show you where needed to be. You can guidelines. To show you a little bit about what what you can do today and which we get inch coming back in two. CN and I think you know power to put myself in her shoes if you come and what fed how wanna say fear but you know just overwhelming feeling of calm my gosh this is ever gonna and I am going to you here Alex and the seminal work until one day and see and that's certainly humble lifestyle anyone wants in the new comment and you sit down with someone and you say here's what I'm guy. And what's realistic because this is kind of when I wanna do it or. This is what I wanna spend for a parent knowing you think the guesswork out of it just like you're doing for her and you figure out what's realistically possible. If you can go somewhere you have to have a destination. People don't know where they're going to what is the fascination how they envision your retirement. But no more fearful folks out there and this is proven is if you're running out of money and money too long and that's a real one that should be number one fearing it's gonna happen if you're Italian makes money last. So let's say retire. At age 65. And shall we have to plan for me at least 2030 years retirement. That's twenty or thirty years of being unemployed damp pretty much has a paycheck and a command and towards the end of that one or thirty years it's very hard to gotten another job yeah driving at this parking money to start for purposes don't worry about. And you're sitting ever being worried about it pat is eskolaste. Are you having that dialogue and how to best make this when he last as opposed to don't worry about it look at the markets going up who's this wonderful. Well we all know it doesn't go up forever right they'll all go down. You might get so having health issue at some point has a going to be paid for this year to down cycle of the market unit when they're taken money out. Petroleum and is tied to real estate. Is a liquid these are you have to have a plan you have to separate but it's available for Shepperd thanks to called efficiency. And George I think with the efficiency with those supper pockets you know. If you're all in one place role in the stock bond portfolio mix you don't have a plan you just have a sum of money setting somewhere. In order to stop pouring your retired just like the radio show is called you need to have that play any need to have true diversification you'd be able actually have the steps set up and be able to go to different buckets when he needed it and. Do you recognize that people out there that are all not only insurance license. All these solutions are insurance products. Stocks and bonds stockbrokers that's all they sell holy answers your stocks broke bonds. We need to be worked with people I have all licensed and have all the access to all the tools. And that's what you get with George Ryan and the team at north star financial and retirement planning tickets at north star 65 dot com and if yes you've actually stood out about five minutes last. If you'd like to take advantage of you know really getting that plan together so you figure out where you stand right now with retirement know what's coming up down the road and how you're going to get there and be prepared for that five minutes left and I complimentary complete planning review. From George in the team at north star financial and retirement planning 805. Point 80920. That's 8051809. Excusing. Around all coming up next is only possible to lower your financial risk but still get their reasonable right of return. We'll find out if that is a retirement nest. Next on stop worrying you're retired. When George tossing the US financial and I. Are you looking for answers to important retirement questions like MI financially ready to retire. Yeah like hello my ascent. We are complementary retirement review of congress are financial and retirement planning today. 1805180190. Yeah it starts yeah I don't. As an advisory services doctor. You registered investment advisor Northrop and enjoy your retirement planning help feed and Brookstone capital management part suffered anything from one another. Caroline and today I stop worrying you're retired with Georgia boxing up north star financial and retirement plan. That is Paul McCartney band on the run if he were to a flashback to 1974. That's the song that you are likely listening to on the radio. And Georgia and your Beatles and the first line of that song came from George Harrison you know also former beatle reform bill Paul asked her a long meeting and said quote if we ever again this place. No that's an interesting how the data in a former a lot of interest single fact there but I think about the headline if we ever get out of this place and there's so many people listening today may be driving in their car you're sitting in the house gonna getting ready for work the night if the bell worked out. If I ever get out of this place and retire what am I gonna do. What are we going to do. Because really that's everyone's goal is to figure out a way to get to retirement so they can stop pouring like the show's name because there was talk. I I'm just sitting here John Ing down names of our clients that have said that the first and they ought to that if I can never get out of those plug. What I'm gonna do. And that's something that we all have in common is it really figuring out. Our retirement I don't care if your famous I don't care what tanks Franken here and you're all sitting there thinking are right. How my gonna retire when am I gonna do it. How my gonna make it happen and one of my tennis and that's I'm doing and that's what this show is about that's at George Ryan and the team at north star financial and retirement planning are focused on every single day if you get questions for their phone call Dwayne can sit down with you at the offices in Greeneville Daschle or Andersonville. And here's the number 80518. 0920. It's likely going to be George Ryan but really someone on the team taking your car owners can only get your colleague message they'll get right back what do you. 805. Point 80920. You know as you or your seventieth birthday a wallet after the cake in the ice cream no melts away. You've got started thinking about in taking money health of your tax deferred accounts or. Our Indies but you don't need to know who some of the ways that your clients over the years. Have you used that money that required minimum distribution set maybe help their loved ones are may be their favorite charities. People hate required minimum distribution for being told. Do I think yeah. Okay and or say Canada is actually zap. It's. Did you only defer clinic talk about tax deferral the only defer for so long slap a tax free while this is where the tire hits the pavement right here with record and then distribution every year you get older if you directory 7071. It's a higher percent Uncle Sam wants more what do you do with the money. Because put back into a taxable account for a lot of people don't know what to do. And there's a multitude of things one it's the question is and when asked for recommendations technique and recommendations please find out what's your situation as. On a lot of people have their set up by taking care my kids I'd like police something for the grandkids. And possibly taking that money purchasing life insurance policy which is tax free program trading. Say time to go through Getty trust. Because it's direct lots of different ways to help people this money can go to work I redistribute it maybe not get it back in the market. And put it back no more typically parochial but. Also with folks out there. Now Brian you don't have to be seven you have to you just under remote what did we see this week we saw two wonderful people this week to have a thing called that a fish. Eerie irony on inherited IRA off and what others their parents had passed away that beneficiary rather than. Cashing out like 85%. Of the people out there or do they receive and hire a from a parent. Cash and I'll go by the for John votes then start fishing I guess I don't know. It is if you did you bet you not only have to pay the taxes on the IRA but everything that you may give now jumped into another tax. Who was still a sidebar and entourage and folks is if you wore for May be inheriting and higher rank you need to talk to somebody before you go and take one penny out of that. Otherwise we'll be at tax time bomb that'll blow up and 40% or more Michael don't Sam. They want that now he's. I'll speak for everyone listening now that's not something you want your Uncle Sam he he he bought a pair fair share but he. Thank. Kennedy does if you learn more about strategies like that and how to make sure that you're wearing them in case that's the situation for you your spouse your family your retirement. North star 65 dot com or call northstar. Financial and retirement planning has been around since 2007. And helping folks just like you with real retirement solutions senate complimentary retirement review. 805. Point eight. 09 minutes to zero. You know why you're in retirement of she's still want to grow your money but you probably fill a who uneasy about taking too much rest well Patrick Kelly national bestselling author on the subject to retirement. Chapter in his latest buzz about that in the book is called the fine for retirement nest. Although people are faced with the same question is they think it's an either or either I've got to take no risk can get 1% return. All I have to take significantly big risk put my money in the market to try and get a big return. What they don't know is that there is gonna show you around for well more than a decade. That allows them the opportunity. To still give. A return. That's significant. But guarantees that the market goes down they're not gonna lose money so it's not an either Europe or any more it's a both and in this chapter. Is there to show them and explain to them. How that's possible and that it really does exist. George is really possible I have the best of both worlds they're like Patrick is talking about me I'll lower our risk in instilled if they're reasonable rate of return. Absolutely that the best part of all we get to do is introduce some of these solutions to people when they come in the say we never heard of that. And set them yes it's been after for over twenty years and they awhile. We like to call an option say. Option a.'s stock market stocks bonds B is sitting at the bank earning 1% but there's option C. Which you don't hear a lot of the bank won't introduce this to you. I don't know why because it's not profitable enough for them are there and Atlanta. So give you an idea how this work term between one and 13%. There's not a woman became C after understand what's gonna happen is there isn't the market goes up 30% gonna get 910 maybe 13%. But did you lock in the gains so as the market goes down do you still what you earned distilled here in the account we love that aspect. And does some of these accounts are 100% let with which you can take your money get out anytime he wants its contractual. The contract it's not a hypothetical as you know knowing that that did. At count could be a 100% liquid really helpful because folks are afraid to hide their money up for kids too long without any access to it. If yes and then that the folks who work on going to offer goes into the detail runs gonna just go out in a minute we'll talk about that. But this is that the process will sit down and introduces two during the first meeting talked about it might be right might not before you. But learning about it is always the first step is an. It is if you don't know about it gosh you definitely can't get any saying it didn't do intra. I tell us about this book of five retirement meant by Patrick Kelly absolutely and. It is is agrees a quick read been told by about 2030 minutes are slow reader to rule allowing them. It's gonna go over five myths that than most people. I have heard and they think are true is in there are retirement myths. Touch Kelly. Again it's quick read I've got five copies set aside great now I need those right now for our callers and it's five callers should call and request it then. Again it's just a quick easy read it goes over some very common misconceptions that people have. And kind of put your mind and he's realize that there are other strategies out there that can help take care. If I could grind just one point mr. Kelly makes it more to do with eliminating losses and having big returns can't give you an idea of the flavor of what's inside this book. If the market dropped 50%. You need a 100% to get your money back and that's basically because that's just to you can't go there sure entry retirement can close to retirement in retirement. This bookstores it's a good starting point good reference point to learning more about this. Then George just like you're saying you know when you're looking at long term we looking at your retirement if it's about reducing the volatility in the volatility just killed your return she never an average return. Then you cover this thing and everyone every workshops every time somebody comes and if you and I we average running twenty miles a week but Paul I don't run any any run forty that's an average at one. Nuclear you don't have time. Averaging a return though we wanna have yourself. Really reducing the volatility is it is key to your retirement in this book really kind of helps cover some of that. If you like a copy of that we've actually got five of those. Available today if you're one of the first five callers gives us a call analysts don't Q complimentary. 805. Point eight. 0920. That's 80518009. At 20 and that's book of five retirement messed up like we said it really is about a 1520 minute read and it'll really give you some ideas of other things that are possible in your retirement complimentary if you're one of the first five callers 80518. 0920. And more online at north star 65 dot com George Ryan you know we waited quite a few of Patrick Kelly's books here on the show over the past couple months in a stress free retirement. Five retirement myth he's also got the retirement miracle tax free retirement. When did this book to someone maybe from the radio show or or just someone comes in the office and wants to find out more. What's generally their reaction to learning more about the strategy. That's actually they're a wonderful question prison again I said earlier I'm the one who gets to to call most people back we're not able to catch him as the call comes and after the show the following day I'll give giver by call back that we messed. And there's so many people special and read the book out at the beginning they call and the column for the book well maybe we didn't get him or maybe when I do the follow up call the following day if you know I want the books announcement but frankly I think I just came to sit down with George when you look at the overall plan the books grade they love getting in their reading about it but typically most were people have been coming in. They wanted the book they come in we saw him the book when you get here. And nudge her to give you some homework greed or this chapter take a look at this portion of it but maybe sometimes so just give you different book if you want. Some extra homework so close that we did this week with him and gave a book too can you read it on his duck boat dock Ellis Tillerson. Jordan made it almost always through fell asleep but it picked back up finishing off in delivers the sunburn on on you know I'll. I think that's the thing is you know it idiot here relaxing especially in learning about these retire a myth that does put retirement into perspective. And we'd love to cement seal like he's a five copies of the book available today if you're one of the first five dollars. 805180920. As 80518. Is. 0920. Out what kind of hot topic so full security and one of the most common misconceptions. This new as a couple may have about it. Next we'll clear it up on stop worrying you're retired when Georgetown and north star financial. Norris recently turned 75 years old and to this day I think the only thing that seconds afraid and is. I'm living his money. Unfortunately that's a fear of many Americans just how will you make your money last for life. George tossing of northstar financial and retirement planning to call today at 805180920. Georgia's team will help you get the most from Social Security. As well let's help you develop a strategy for a steady retirement income. George will help create a plan based on your unique objective. Call northstar financial and retirement planning for your complimentary retirement review 80518. 0920. Or visit north star 65 dot com now's a great time to sit down with George to review your retirement goal. All northstar financial and retirement planning and 805180190. If Chuck Norris cancer is the phone. Very very politely asked to speak to George. Okay. Joining us today for stop worrying your retire the west northstar financial and retirement planning. Then is Lee Greenwood god bless the USA and don't forget to show your national pride this week Jim's fourteenth is officially Flag Day. And that's because it wasn't so he's 77 that we adopted these stars and stripes and then not 49 congress set aside a day to honor our flag you know guys people remember veterans day most times and Memorial Day and fourth of July that's why day and that's important wanna uncovered taking time death. Remind everybody about it. Come lifelike out every day very proud to be a citizen of this country absolutely. I I've got a the sticker on my car and I just got a new sun visor for the front and it's the American flag and I pulled a panel cross turner recently pulled up a pop that thing up right away before you got other car of the guys and senior recently said you know what I bet that's Morgan's car. Had my death have been references me. Can you believe Greenwood I'm sorry Kristy Lee green was just intense yeah believe just just recently up that the brand new beautiful trying to question him park hello. You know other emails he used disappear. Playing they had a big Grand Prix which is the big jumping if you never Ben it's amazing I have horses all never ever try to jump up higher up. There's two men too much she's going to put. That college debt for my kids. I'd like to point out Chris we we talked during the break we were able to help a couple small business owners this week they came in. And then putting plan together for them I'd try to tell people should listen on the small business owner to. This is my business what children here are them are in this 12007. 2007 in the industry for many years but yes I won independent 2007 so same struggles. Is nobody else but I guess it's alive and well planned you put together for yourself George. I was able to share that with a couple business owners this week we were amazed. So if you're on your own business. You wanna talk talk walk the walk but probably pretty good contest to have a sit down with all sit down and and to share with you some ideas. And you know I had also say to that you know I am someone who I won't go out of my way I'd go to this local mom and pop pharmacy that has our hours. But it's lovely homes and it's it's independent and instead of going to a big change I just prefer doing business that way and I think a lot of people do and free listening that's what you're gonna get with George and his team at north star financial retirement planning it's an independent retirement strategy firm so. There's no constraints when it comes to a different kinds of you know strategies and options that first and the team can offer you and frankly other financial professionals. They even have these to choose from. That's what doing business with a small businesses will get healed independents and and really an unbiased opinion. I'm more in north star 65 dot com or given the call 805. Point eight. 09 at 20 and you can set up a complimentary of retirement review. Yeah I was one of the challenges that women face in retirement is a small there's Social Security check an investor manager sat across shank said on CNBC. That way she called in but Helm but there's also other game. It's women retire with two thirds. A welcome a man and live 68 years longer to women don't invest in nearly the same degree as men we also have an investment. One place financial advisors can do a better job when her husband dies first which she does. She leaves their joint financial advisor over the next year 70% of the time. And George Ryan how important is it the both spouses are involved to when creating a retirement plan it's huge. I mean it's kind of obviously stand there but it is huge why a lot of times it's just one person coming in initially lamp IPO came at some point people have to commend you agree right not to ask you guys who have. One issue with that too is one's spouse can play a live the other hand you need to be on the same page it's usually the wife. Looks longer. And if if she is not connected with this can you see Ethier possibly prop Melrose. And. Yeah and Georgia have heard so many people say you know George I trust you yes. Did you discuss let's just do it his trusty ol' George doesn't want people just to trust one make sure you understand right and I mean simple spouses need to understand what the plan is. How it's gonna take care of each of you read and really. It's your life that your livelihood you you've got George to fall back on eco myself who we've got. There's just the two of history here in in Greenville Henderson military but we have hundreds of people behind is backing us up with companies that we work with and we're here to take care you but people need to understand this. Serious matter really is particularly this stuff anyway and play I have this is going back many years I've carried this around forever. Good to refer to me. Good friend of mine his own father passed away. And this is 2008. Do you idea friend and his mother was not involved with the money. She opened up for statements 600000 dollars to drop to 330000. Hello just lost her husband. Men in die another loss on that Eminem no money is nothing compared to losing her husband but without her husband just kinda needs as just a fine. Chris so it it was just a scenario is just a wanna see again and as my friend coming Emmys two George welcome we do. And we're able to help now she's doing fine now but it was horrible I just wish that upon anybody. Retirement issues for women can be so different than they are for men their retirement issues. What are some man or woman and single retired minister is whether you're married it just varies. For each one of those listening today there's so many components that could you know really change things and that's the show's about it's about real life things that you could encounter but you wanna watch out for. And you know learning from other folks what they've been through that's another thing that George and Ryan bring to the table lists things and other clients and I have gone through you know they can draw from that experience for you and your family. The more north star 65 dot com. And just know that they can sit down with GM and the offices in and Greenville Asheville and even Andersonville whichever is. Closer for use a college you've got any questions would like to sit down with them. For a complimentary retirement revealed 805. Point 80920. We're looking a little bit about Social Security there a few moments ago and and we know we can be pretty confusing there's so many different rules and ways and I don't even know but that's for you guys got an a blank. Let's a quirky provisions may actually be good news. For some they are out there who happen to be divorced at least you could be eligible for your ex is a benefit it's Augusta about how this works. Well a lot of moving parts is Chris we'll d'or best but give you example if you're confused about Social Security rules for divorced and individuals do not alone. With Claire the model and discover some ways toward the rules to your vantage rides my Social Security guy. He's done a great job we've got the software and I'm just real proud O'Brien working with me because of it is. Ability to work two full security and is Mays. For word and he's model earlier on the model mares oh my goodness so let's give a question on the worsened don't have a ten year work history coming up my Social Security. All right well first off let's start with the tenure work history Social Security is based off of quarters worked so in order to it to actually be able to receive Social Security for most it means a yep there's. A ten year work history and felt especially when you're looking at the mother goto the wife of the household maybe she hasn't. Who worked ten full years because she's been raising the children taking care of the homestead. So when we're looking at somebody who's divorced and you know. They spend most of their life and taking care of the house. There's couple things first for Social Security yet to be at least 62 were older. Your former spouse and or to draw the divorce benefit. Must be at least 62 and have enough work history also qualify for Social Security. Doesn't essar after receiving payments. Already but has Billy 62 and have to have the work history there. You also have been divorced for two years so already we're getting into a lot of different role. Jump off a your marriage from what your doors from hassle plus at least ten years before divorce and we're talking all about divorce. This throughout the monkey wrench there's also a lot of other rules if your window and at the window rules are a little bit different but we're just as simply divorced. If you are a widow. You have insert your Social Security have questions call us about that as well going to help cold grip. You have to be currently unmarried to draw a divorce. Claim on Social Security. Now doesn't mean you couldn't of had other marriages in between. We've we've met with a few people. Maybe they were married for 1015 years there were divorced. They are remarried may be divorced again or maybe something happened to a spouse passed away. As long as you're not currently married you can draw on abortion benefit current if you draw before with a call for retirement age or normal retirement age for most people look canceled security now let's aged 66. Depending on your your birth to my got a little little later than that if you drove before for terminate your benefit will actually be reduce some. So a lot of rules a whole lot of levels that's a lot of requirements are right in the bunch but if you qualify can receive up to up monthly payments of 35 to 50% of your Exel some of the Texas a security plenty of Medicare 65 to crystal. The important question here is my excitement about that because that's all camp arms and wanna get into. You know the the X doesn't know about it it is a little tricky if your divorce you you you have to do little little homework you gonna go into the Social Security Office probably wait in line. And you're gonna have to open up answer a lot of questions that you might feel uncomfortable about but they're not gonna just give you your exes info. Okay so you've you've got to ask questions you've got to prove that you're entitled to it. Exactly exactly so you might have to show marriage to have get. Might have so divorced if it's older homework but. It could be your only chance is Social Security benefits. It might be aim of large increase over what you have maybe you do have the ten years being don't have much more that divorced benefit might be incredibly. Incredibly helpful and actually getting through your retirement thousand dollars behind that to like it just the fun part. We had a divorce he came in he end up by the time we we were outgunned with her planet who has played extra 45000 dollars front lifetime benefit out. Absolutely easily you know there was a big deal. That can make a huge difference for you listening coming gossip something you don't wanna leave on the table and but you may not know about it you may not know strategies because there are so many different ones. Of how you can optimize your social security and and Ryan before I ramp up today you in Georgia wanted to make available complimentary. Some Social Security optimization reports that are personalized for those listening today. Yes and again the Social Security optimization is gonna help you to make sure you received the most of your money back you paid into the system it is your money. Tell it's not an entitlement program it is your money you've been paying into your whole life so if your married if you're single if you're divorced if you're widowed. Call us today wanna get this out the next five callers if we're not able to get another phone's been ringing some leave a message will call you back to either today or the next business day. We'll get back you'll get you scheduled comment if it's one of those tricky situations we may get real little homework might just have become an end over the concept first and then not really figure out the questions need to. Slide the way we do work evenings by appointment. That's important life folks are there working during the day and I can mean to leaving and we get that. And that's something that's good to know and really if you call right now one of the first five callers. George Ryan the team in north star financial and retirement planning all do that Social Security optimization report personalized for you complimentary if you're one of the first five dollars 805180920. That's 805 point 809. At 20. And Chris and I just wanna have also if you are out there if you just filed for Social Security in the last twelve months and years thinking. Oh god I can't believe it and maybe I could get more benefit out of us we we've had people come and they've already filed. If you are in your first twelve months on Social Security as a rules currently stand you can return that money. So you can pay back nobody wants to pay back the government. You can pay back the regional water and do one of these strategies and we sent our folks that have ended up looking at it. And rather than taking early rather than taken immediately utilizing an actual strategy if so security. Come up with a 100000 dollars more over a lifetime wow. That's worth a phone call. I'll call so this is a phone right now those five complimentary Social Security optimization reports personalized for you. 805. Point 80920. Complementary to the first five college today. 805 point 809. And 20. And we're always online at north star 65. Dot com. I'm Christine Romans on. George I'm thinking why Mulligan in the entire eighteen endorsing our financial retirement planning to do so much for making stuff warning you're retired. Your day thank you all for listening of one. George crossing.